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August 2, November 28, I am a very caring, honest person, with a bit of a cheeky side and I am looking for someone like minded. Someone who is beautiful inside out, adventurous and ready to try new things. What I am looking for: I enjoy holidaying to the south pacific When i can.

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I would avoid oasis like the plague, their systems and policies are a joke and their customer service is non-existent. I work five days at week and Saturday-Sunday are free. If they likes you too or if they contact you back, you will able to chat with them on the site. Family MUST be very important to her and she must love kids. Oasis also limit their features now and you have to pay to get what was once free, typical business plan, make it free to get a membership base then try and milk the membership base for money. Swimming and Camping is no exception and wish to learn more about my interest then hit me up then we take it from there. Im willing to reveal myself to the right man.

There are also many members from other countries of the world on the site. The site is almost complately free. It helps you to meet people from your country. You can also search people from any country you want. August 2, November 28, Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email.

Pros Oasis Active is one of the best sites for getting an Australian match. The site is fine, but because its free there are loads of guys on there just after sex, don't mind if they admit it straightaway so you can delete them but its when they pull the wool over your eyes and pretend they want a relationship just to get you into bed after five or six dates. I met a guy last year, he came to my home met my family and friends, got on really really well.

But he was just a game player and he hurt me quite badly, I won't use the site again personally, I'm no mug but I was caught out. Oasis is great for getting laid , not totally free I might ad, usually half hours phone credit and a couple of rounds of drinks and the price if some condoms should do it. Works out cheaper than a whore and you get more than an hour with your Oasis date. Lads try the 38 aged women. Some feel on the shelf, desperate for male company , deluded and gullible.

Hope to find a wealthy one nearby as sort of a pension fund. This site is unsafe and load of perverts. Having met and dated girls off this site initially a couple of years ago, I used it regularly, when I was involved with someone I would delete my account, and when that fizzled out after a few months I would rejoin under a new username and kind of repeat the process.

However, for whatever reason recently I set up a new account and was told it was under review more or less straightaway. On the site they tell you that they will not tell you why the account was under review and it just hangs there. Eventually after I complained they sent me an email saying it was under review as my location didn't match where I was logging on from which was nonsense as it was my home postcode and I only log on from home.

I checked the postcode I had put in was correct, and input it again as they said this would mean my account was up and running within a few minutes, I did that, 2 days later account still under review, and no reply to my email, so I deleted it yesterday and set up another one.

The new account was working ok yesterday and this morning, hey presto - account under review again. What really annoys me is it takes time to write a profile, time I have wasted on oasis, and the fact they have the gall to review me for being a potential scammer, when I get requests on a daily basis from womene claiming to be in the USA, but living with their grandmother in Ghana - that old scam, something oasis have never addressed, as this has been going on ever since I first joined.

Oasis is clearly not what it once was, their systems are obviously faulty in some way suggesting I am logging in from a different location to my profile, and think about it, if you travel a lot, does that mean everytime you log in in a different town your account will be under review?

Oasis also limit their features now and you have to pay to get what was once free, typical business plan, make it free to get a membership base then try and milk the membership base for money. I would avoid oasis like the plague, their systems and policies are a joke and their customer service is non-existent. They also ask instantly for mobile or skype. It is FREE so dont undertand comments that say it is not! As a site is better than most I have tried but That said been on the site for 10 months on and off and although had 4 dates I am picky admittedly I have wasted hours and hours having to open conversations with men who in the majority think it is ok to talk to you as a porn queen or simular or worse!

Have not got a clue,im still under that now,being trying to get back on there but not a clue. The other thing is that if you subscribe to a service where you can change your I. Putting you under review immediately. Maybe they think we are all terrorists! Oh Dear what is happening to Australia??? Write a Review Ask a Question Share. Was this review helpful? Helpful answer 0 Votes Thanks for voting! What doe account under review mean?

See all answers 1. I made an account was active for about 2 hours then could not search any members or sign back in. It was saying my account is under review and to wait 24 hours. I have waited over that and tried to sign in now it is saying my account been deleted. I have not done anything wrong. So why is this? Whenever a lady looks at my profile on Oasis, and I follow up by looking at hers, I get the message "this member does not want to be contacted": If someone "closed" their acc would it read "member no longer active" OR "this account has been deactivated"?

How long it takes for a profile to be approve when is under review? You may be surprised what one conversation can turn into. The Oasis Active dating site invites people age 18 and over to sign up and start connecting. Signing up on the site takes less than a minute and is completely free of charge! Becoming a member of Oasis Active dating allows you to meet new, exciting people right in your neighborhood or across the world.

All you have to do is adjust your criteria while searching for people to meet. This involves specifying which city, state, country, or continent you want to meet people from. Although Oasis Active offers free services, you do not have to worry about the quality or relevance of your matches. The site proactively works to get you the very best matches based on your search criteria, location, and designated age range.

Additionally, you do not have to wait a long time to receive your matches. Shortly after signing up with the site, you can view an instant list of matches with just one click. With the option to upload over 30 photos of yourself, Oasis Active dating service gives you plenty of opportunity to show people not only how you look, but also what interests you and what you like to do for fun.

Allowing people to see who you are and what kinds of things you enjoy will improve your matches that much more.

Imsges: oasis active dating website

oasis active dating website

I am a normal everyday person.

oasis active dating website

I'm kinda tall, dyed red hair, firm and fit.

oasis active dating website

I'd like to meet someone who actually activr care of them selves because that proves they'll take care of me too. You cant trust this site where everything is freely available and criminal or sick minded males are on oasis active dating website. I like going to the cinemas, although there is none at the cinemas that interests me at this current point in time. I also dont mind going out every now and then. Cooking is something that when I was younger I hated but I have somehow found a passion oasis active dating website it! Looking for a genuine, well mannered considerate,thoughtful and intelligent guy.