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Marines reprimand two fighter pilots for flight mistakes, amid Miramar neighbor noise complaints

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I told them that was gross but they say it was a keepsake of that day. His name was Roger 48 and he left 6 children then aged 10 and a wife. I saw a mushroom cload that was enormous. Being the upright dude he was he turned that all over to the police. How could anyone forget that horrible day.

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Was I really there? No one said a word. I am 44 now and just thinking about this brings it all back. And this page has photos of the dead. I spent the next 7 or 8 years living there and watched that very location heal itself as I grew up.

But they bad back then, lifting rings and watched and that right off of severed arms and what not. He gave one ring they had left over to his woman over there in Chula I think she was and she and him they got into it over that saying she was going to call the Po and that. He used to tell that story and laugh. Yeah, but that was then. David said on Thursday, April 10, , Pisses me off reading about punks scrounging for souvenirs from members of loved ones.

Harlon Buckwalter said on Tuesday, April 15, , It is true that items were removed from victims remains. In one case, a young man actually had an entire severed arm in hand and was trying to wrench off a ring. He was arrested after a brief chase. People were grabbing many items, virtually anything they could get their hands on, even bloodied or worse, soiled clothing. Vasili said on Sunday, April 20, , Her full name is Nikki June St. I knew one of the passengers on board the flight,,,Charles Bren son of Clare Trevor-movie actress He was a wonderful young man..

He had invited a photographer that I knew to accompany him on the flight…fortunately that person had to cancel at the last minute…What a tragedy! Franz Liepenwicz said on Tuesday, April 29, , One of the interesting outcomes of this tragedy was that, nearly 30 years later, Donald St. Tim Hobson said on Wednesday, April 30, , She was at a little in and out grocery market down the street. She had just gotten into her car when she saw and heard the impact. She described the private plane as plummeting like a stone.

Twiggy said there was a lot of paper, plastic, and luggage strewn about and blowing in the air at her end of the alley but saw just one body, a middle-aged man she said had the back of his head missing and a mostly severed arm dangling.

He had landed in the alley, still attached to his seat, which landed upright,his legs badly broken underneath it. She literally got in her car and left just an hour later, shaken, but refusing medical assistance, vomiting twice on the way home. Twiggy went on to live O. She talked about this terrible day many times in the years we were all friends in the surfing community around O. How could anyone forget that horrible day.

I had an antique shop at ohio and adams which is very close to 32 and polk. I felt I just had to get my nosy butt to the site of the cessna crash site.

Vasili said on Sunday, May 4, , Before the crash occurred in , there is one famous person in the PSA. Flip Schattinger said on Tuesday, May 6, , My Aunt Sheila lost part of her backyard fence to debris from the crash. A section of wing sliced through the fence and took out about 10 foot of it. The wing piece, about six feet long and three feet wide, ended up slicing through the back yard and impacted a small, cinderblock wall about waist high that sectioned off her garden from the rest of the yard.

The piece had to have hit that cinder block wall hard, because it broke all the way through the cinder block, and into the soil behind it. Her best friend across the street and about five or six houses closer to Ground Zero had three whole bodies and several smaller remains on the roof, one side, and in both yards of her house. As it was pointed out in a couple of the messages here, those poor souls had to know what was happening even if it was quickly, because one female body in her backyard had very wet slacks where it was clear the poor woman had urinated in fear.

Otherwise, her body had only minor scratches. Lou said on Monday, May 19, , The plane crashed just three blocks from our house. But I was at the grocery store. When I rushed back to the house I barely made it as the police was in the process of shutting down the street. I found finger fragments and some internal organs on the side of our house that aftenoon and had the authorities come to pick them up.

They took lots of photos first. My next door neighbor had a severed head and part of the back fall into his gazebo. Teh facial expression on that head I will never forget…a look of terror,mouth agape as if in a scream. Nobody should ever have to see such a thing.

Virginia said on Sunday, June 1, , 7: My apartment, on Nile, was about two blocks from the PSA crash site. The initial impact sounded like a sonic boom. I went out on the balcony to inquire of neighbors. We were puzzled — until a man parked his car and informed us that a plane had just crashed down the street.

At the same time, we saw a large mushroom cloud of smoke rising over the roof, so I went downstairs to look down the street to see what was happening. Across my street was a two-story high wall of fire! People were running toward the fire from all directions and fire trucks began responding.

Lookie-loos were coming off the freeway to get a closer view and impeding emergency response units. Our cul-de-sac was quickly filled with lookie-loos. I went back to my apartment and got a call from my co-worker, who wanted to know if I was alright. Jacque said on Tuesday, June 3, , I have a friend who was in the SD fire department at the time. He said the roads to the site were already clogged up when they were arriving.

At times the trucks had to ram the cars aside in order to get through. Earl said on Wednesday, June 11, , 9: My sister Ruthie lived in the apartments acorss the street from the impact site. She worked overnights for UPS back then and was alseep in bed when that crash happened.

The impact literally bounced her out of bed. She thought it was an earthquake. Then she saw lots of little pieces of paper and debris fluttering past the kitchen window which faced I She then thought the apartments had exploded.

It took her years to get over the shock of the crash. She left the area and moved to Scripps Ranch. A nurse was in our class room demonstrating how to properly brush our teeth. All of a suddent I saw her mouth drop open. I turned around to see the the PSA plane going down and then a huge cloud of smoke. Even then my heart hurt for the people on the plane and their families. They are forever on my mind and in my prayers. Man ,wont ever forget that shit,was 15 years old and saw the little cessna come burning down with the pilot hanging out of it, thinking fuck is this a dream?

A huge fire ball rose up immediately and i ran down dwight street to see if anybody could be helped, and soon realised that it was hopeless. It was a day i will never forget and i didnt sleep for 4 nights afterwards. I refuse to fly and the smell of kerosene will make me vomit, total nightmare that devastated so many people. My family was friends with Robert Osby , from fire department. Kat said on Tuesday, June 17, , My Step-Dad owned a house on Nile that he rented out. He was at home in Point Loma working in his wood shop when the tenant came up all shocked and weird acting and said most of the house was destroyed in a plane crash.

Pops thought he was joking. This was about 2 PM. He thought the smoke was from some regular fire. Pops was allowed in there on Wednesday and found the house was about half burned out.

That night he discovered a few small pieces of luggage contents and eye glasses in the spa. He said the man had a high-pitched scream like a pig sreech, He could actually hear that amongst the concussion and explosion. That sound and the sight put him in the hospital for almost six weeks due to mental issues. The flying man ended up impacting a car a couple houses down. The man next door lived there for many years after and still had bad dreams even in when I saw him last.

David said on Tuesday, June 17, , There is a post that mentions victims observed with incontinence of feces and urine. This may indeed have been an effect of psychological trauma, however other factors must be considered, the g-forces of a fall of feet at mph could certainly have an effect on sphincter control as well as the sudden impact.

At impact, any brain activity would stop when hitting the ground where g-forces and physics essentially add tons of weight to ones own body. Regarding the body going past at a high-pitched volume.

This is quite true. The man witnessing it was not alone, just the only one there I personally knew. A pedestrian also observed it as well as a neighbor acorss the street who actually suffered minor injuries in the incident, inflicted by flying debris.

It is documented as all were interviewed. When the plane struck it exploded to the left, or South in a manner that several passengers were thrown, if you will, down the alleyway and Nile. And sound was heard coming from the person. Sheri said on Tuesday, June 17, , I was dating Chuck Bren, who tragically lost his life along with others in this incident.

He was an amazing guy, who will forever remain in our thoughts and prayers, as will all of the passengers and crew members. Irish said on Wednesday, June 18, , I think poster David is simply disturbed at the notion of the human suffering associated with this tragic incident and reasoning away, albeit logically, the reports of incontinence and screaming.

And such an impact is instantly fatal 99 percent of the time, thus little if any reaction post-impact from the victims. However, PSA was eerily differnt on many levels. As a former NTSB investigator assisting in the disaster, albeit early in my career, we discovered a number of extraordinary occurences on several levels. The aircraft impacted at a near 60 degree angle, nose to the right if you will, approximatley 30 feet to the left of Dwight Street, striking a house roof top.

Passengers on that side of the airframe were distributed outward and upward across a 60 degree field of dispersion in excess of miles per hours. Most were dismembered in the initial outward trajectory, some still attached to their seats. Neighbors did, in fact, report a high-pitched screech. David said on Wednesday, June 18, , I need to clarify my pervious remarks, and thank you Irish, for doing this for me in your post as well. I was in no way implying that people were not thrown from the plane or that witnesses did not hear high pitched screams.

But for me and likely others, I want to find logic in something that was so horrible. But this aircraft, for some reason hits me in the gut at a visceral level. But what I think affects me so deeply is the photograph.

I liken this tragedy to The Titanic. Allen Simpson said on Thursday, June 19, , 9: The man called Irish is correct. Back then many we were tasked, in most crashes, with sort of an extra-duty of tagging remains locations as we went about our work. At least I and my partner were on several investigations. Sounds like Irish was too. That place was a mess. The impact site was small in all actuality.

But the remains were scattered about over a much larger distance. There was a great deal of mutiliation and comingling so to find three whole remains was noteworthy and memorable. It has to be true as these neighbors were clearly disturbed and at least one I recall was transported for medical evaluation. This was not reported to the media at the time as the whole thought of the matter was deemed too disturbing for an already excessively disturbing day in San Diego.

I do recall conversation about this. I had trouble with that investigationto the extent that I took a one month vacation in October to recover mentally. There was no CISM briefing in that era. And yes, incontinence was the rule of the day on board that aircraft, in the neighborhood, and even for some emergency responders.

It was that bad. No shame in that. Virginia said on Thursday, June 19, , 9: According to Rumsfield, Flight 93 was shot down, which explains the fact that there was no wreckage only a large hole in the ground. Allen said on Thursday, June 19, , Virginia said on Thursday, June 19, , In a candid moment in front of U. Joe Crawford said on Thursday, June 19, , As such, any new posts that are merely conspiracy claims and arguments against them will be deleted.

Allison said on Sunday, June 22, , 9: God bless all the innocents who perished as a result of this terrible crash. When folks pass, it is common to soil themselves. My feeling is that most of these people had no idea that they were going to die.

They are now angels in Heaven, enjoying the Lord. I hope that the man who is making a documentary of this incident focuses on the lives of the deceased, and the possible causes as opposed to just detailing the graphic gore. May the souls of these people rest in peace. Sorry to all of those who had to witness this sad event. I was skipping class in the naighborhood when the crash happened. I ran to the site even befor the police did and so did many others I was on Bancroft street in a house that was not hit but the house next to it was and many others around the naighborhood.

The liqor store down the street had bodys all over it and holes it houses from the impact. All I remember too is that I was running away back towards home and wanting to be safe and not get busted for skipping school.

I felt like I was in a dream; the horror of it all still haunts me in my dreams. Lisa V said on Saturday, June 28, , I remember being out at gym class at wilson jr high we could see the plane on fire going down, my friend jim lived on boundary street, he left the school and ran home, his home was ok. I lived in Golden hills and the planes always flew over our house, after that I always thought it could happen again, sometimes I still dream that it does.

I used to work at teledyne aeronautical and when the planes would be landing next to us I always thought of PSA flight , wondering if they would crash. Mike said on Monday, June 30, , Lisa, have you ever heard of a Phil Kinney while working at Teledyne Ryan? I was in 9th grade at Mt. Carmel when I heard about the crash—it was surreal at the time.

Even though I was not directly involved in the crash, I find myself continually checking this site. Ronnie Simpson said on Tuesday, July 1, , I am 40 years old now. I used to write good bye letters to my kids, would spend weeks before a trip crying and never really could enjoy being where I was if I had to return by air.

Today, I live in North Park. My friend lives in the new house where the wing destroyed the old house. It changed my life and the life of many others as well as my home, San Diego. Peace to all those who suffered through the terrible crash, both the victims and their loved ones. Steven Dietz said on Wednesday, July 2, , I was home sick from 5th grade the day it happened.

I remember I was watching Laverne and Shirley in bed when the news hit. There are two aspects of this terrible day that stick in my mind. We lived in Loma Portal and I truly remember hearing the impact. Like a muffled boom and then the windows shook in my room. This would also happen at times when the Marines at Pedleton would fire their big artillery. Does anyone know if this could be possible at that distance?

He claimed to have been on site at the time of impact. He told me something I found very disturbing and a bit hard to believe. Does anyone have any recollection of this? I posted once before about this crash. About a month after it happened my partner and I took a flight to San Francisco. We were on an identical PSAplane and jittery as hell about flying.

Over Oceanside all the lights went out except for the aisle lights and the cabin was bathed in a red glow. The plane made a sharp pitch to the right just like te famous picture There was ding-ding-ding in the cabin. We all were scared s—tless.

Turns out an engine had flamed out and we were getting back to the airport. They cleared the runway and we landed from the opposite end. When we de-planed there were tv cameras all over the place. I have some idea of the terror those poor souls felt.

Anyone else here who was on that plane? The Boe said on Thursday, July 3, , I am pleased this comment board exsists. The only reoccuring dream I ever have is a plane crash dream. I loved airplanes as they represented to gateway to summer fun as my family would travel to Maine every year since I was born. The day the plane crashed it was so hot school was cancelled. My dad was listening to KSDO radio which was broadcast from the highrise building in Northpark which is now the Bank of California building the announcer was looking out the window shitting his pants watching the plane crash and cusing and crying about what he was seeing before his eyes…giving the listeners a play by play.

I was so little and so sad and scared. But the plane crash was so major and important. I became obsessed with airplanes after that. Now I live not too far from there. I hope we can continue to honor all of those people who were killed and injured, their families, and all of the San Diegans and others who effected by this.

Northpark has got soul. Ron Fleming said on Saturday, July 5, , 0: I was in the navy at the time. I found body parts and a soft fly coverd corpes buried in the rubble. I tell this story and people think Im bullshitting. Was I really there? Does the navy have records? Time is a funny thing. Maybe it was a dream.

I know it was not. Kevin Smith said on Tuesday, July 8, , My father was on that fateful flight. Ironically he had been bumped from his scheduled flight the night before and the airline comped him with an upgrade on PSA His name was Roger 48 and he left 6 children then aged 10 and a wife. Our loss was worsend by the fact that we never recieved a body to bury or memorialize.

In I finally visited the site of the disaster. No other family member of mine ever wish to visit the site. As I stood there I spoke with a number of residents walking dogs, etc. When I heard that some victime were actually looted, I was saddened to think that someone may have grabbed a physical piece of my fathers last moments before meeting his maker.

If anyone knows of plans for a memorial this September marking the 30th anniversary of this tragedy, please leave a note and I will check back to this site often. Clemson Grad said on Tuesday, July 8, , I was off that day because school was to be cancelled at Noon due to the heat wave.

So, being the way I was back then, I cut class. I was with a buddy on University when the two planes hit. The little plane dropped right away and we could see arms and legs dangling out as described in earlier posts.

I mean it was a really loud explosion. There was a huge ball of flame. My buddy threw up and was close to passing out and a neighbor laid him down on the grass and gave him water.

She had clearly wet her pants, so those accounts are true as well. We saw one young black male maybe 16 to 18 going through a purse. We left too and were never the same. Steven Dietz said on Tuesday, July 8, , So sorry to hear about your father. As for a memorial service on the 30th anniversary I am not sure.

I do know that I will be at the crash site at 8: Perhaps I will see you there. Pete said on Wednesday, July 9, , 8: IAs for the alleged Police Officer who claimed to be on-site, that is nonesense.

It was well-known that day and not reported due to the horrific shock value of such a thing. Remember, this was Even the local media had the taste not to report about a screaming, defecating man flying through the air at speed. So, that did happen. The actual first responder was a US Navy Fire engine and a SDPD motorcycle officer who was the one to call in the incident literally seconds after impact.

He was near Balboa Park at the time, working a four-way stop for violaters. When I got there it was pure mayhem. Debris and fire, body parts everywhere, screaming neighbors, the thick, acrid smell of jet fuel and burning plastic, and flesh. The little Navy engine was fighting fire furiously and those guys were heroes. SDFD had just arrived when I pulled up and one of their Captains was sick to his stomach on the spot.

I rendered assistance to him and then when he gathered himself, we just started fighting fire and herding neighbors away from danger.

I was there until 10 PM that evening. I had nightmares periodically for a decade or more. I distinctly recall the crunching sound of bone fragment under my boots during the day and never could quite get that out of my mind.

I know that sounds like a cliche, but it is true. It was a day that I will never, ever forget. Leanne said on Wednesday, July 9, , I recall the car with the prone body sticking out the back. It did look as though it was Superman, arms outstretched and all. They covered the whole car by 2 PM or so. The police and media wanted to talk to us all day it seemed.

I missed the crash as I was asleep. But it woke me up. Our house was not damaged and we were maybe three or four houses to the south of the flying man. We did have paper debris and stuff blow around the yard but that as it. The guy across the street, he was a UPS driver, he rushed home to check on his wife.

She was at the store when it happened. I recall how relieved he was to see her pull up wondering what the hell had happened. That couple had a femur and a pair of high heels in their back yard and some insulation in their big tree back there.

The femur had been charred clean of the flesh in a blast like pattern. He spent half the day trying to get someone back there to pick it up. We all had nightmares for years I think. I know I did. That was all the talk on that side of the street. Steve Kyle said on Monday, July 14, , I was stationed at NAS Miramar, instructing pilots of TopGun and Fightertown USA in the physiological aspects of flight, and manned the flightline ambulance at the time this crash occured.

Due to the limited availability of crash ambulances for the Fightertown area runways, we were instructed to maintain an on-call status for the PSA crash, but were not authorized to respond to the tragedy. In an eerie coincidence, the same year yeilded two crashes at NAS Miramar: Larry Feldman said on Monday, July 14, , He parked on Nile, near the corner, to see his girlfriend. They jumped in her car to go to the beach.

It was crushed by one of the wings. His girlfriends neighbor was less fortunate. She lost her life, struck by flying debris, which literally impaled her by force onto a street sign. Matt said on Tuesday, July 15, , Kevin said on Tuesday, July 15, , I wanted to post a note with those of you who read this blog and share a personal story of what occurred to me. My father died on this flight. I was 19 at the time and like many rebellious teenagers had a strained relationship with my Dad at the time.

My fault to be certain. I was enlisted in the air force and had just obtained a private pilots license. The saturday before the accident I logged 3. My father was proud of my obtaining a pilot license. He was also proud that I had volunteered to serve in the armed forces. When I received word of the accident and that my father had been on the plane I immediately left base and returned to be with my family in Ohio. We organized a memorial service to remember him and his life.

He was gregarious, creative, and humble. I stayed in Ohio for a week before returning to my duty station. I had an apartment off base.

It was a small one bedroom studio above a garage. As I climbed the stairs to my apartment I noticed the mailman had left a box at my door. It was from my father. Mailed Sep 23, the box was lovingly filled with individually wrapped items. There were socks, candy, food, toiletries, sundries and books all neatly wrapped like it was Christmas. More than 60 items in all.

It took me over three weeks before I had everything unwrapped. Each item I opened would send me into another bout of tears and remorse at having been so rebellious toward the man who gave me life and whose own was now gone.

It was so special that my father would take the time to send such a thoughtful, carefully prepared package for me. It was as though he was still telling me how proud he was of me and that he loved me even after death. The next morning I forced myself to climb into a Cessna and head out to punch holes in the sky.

I believe it is what my father would have wanted. Marshall said on Wednesday, July 16, , 3: To hear all of your stories almost brings tears to my eyes but at the same time this further educates on a part of San Diego history. I have aquirred the news paper from back then, the one that shows the coner house on fire looking up Dwight street from in front of the first house in which the roof was demolished on Nile street looking to the west.

I have heard various stories from family members and friend who were around that time and as it was described to me by many the cessna was climbing in altitude out of ft while the flight was gaining on the cessna at the rate of a mile a minute and was decsending out of ft as the crew of flight lost sight of the small cessna that could easily blend in with the homes below. My Father 18 at the time saw both planes glance off each other he saw a fireball rain down as if it was napalm while the right wing of the PSA caught fire followed by a trail of smoke banking to the right and losing altitude, just before he saw the jetliner disappear behind some trees the planes wings banked into a 60 to 70 degree angle and went sraight down.

He felt the shock and heard the explosion from National ave. If anyone has any video footage, pictures, radio recordings that could further help me with information for the documentary please let me know. To hear all of your stories almost brings tears to my eyes but at the same time this further educates me on a part of San Diego history. I have heard various stories from family members and friends who were around that time and as it was described to me by many the cessna was climbing in altitude out of ft while the flight was gaining on the cessna at the rate of a mile a minute and was decsending out of ft as the crew of flight lost sight of the small cessna that could easily blend in with the homes below.

My Father 18 at the time saw both planes glance off each other he saw a fireball rain down as if it was napalm while the right wing of the PSA caught fire followed by a trail of smoke banking to the right and losing altitude, just before he saw the jetliner disappear behind some trees the plane banked into a 60 to 70 degree angle and went sraight down.

My heart goes out to all lost or affected in any way. Klemm said on Wednesday, July 16, , The story on the block over the the next few years was that his flying body, stretched out prone, arms extended, was accompanied by a high-pitched scream or squeal sound, and that was what put one poor man into counseling and mental health care all the way to !

A few years later we brought it up with the woman across the street who confirmed it and told us the rest of the story. She mentioned that particular man was identified as an off-duty PSA employee and mentioned the name but I have long since forgotten it. Yes, I have no reason to doubt this as fact.

It has come up too often in conversations in the neighborhood and even on this website. Thus, he was conscience and alert upon ejection, and would have, unless he passed out, about three seconds of awareness before impacting the car.

In her opinion, that would be substantial enough time to produce the scream people allegedly heard, as well as the defecation in the trousers unless that had already all been underway and it was merely a continuum until impacting the car. I used to hear about it all the time and even met the man who was most disturbed by it. Melanie Glenn said on Wednesday, July 16, , We lived in Sacramento at the time. Our next door neighbor lost he husband on that flight. I was attending American River College at the time and had come home that morning when my class was cancelled.

We heard a blood-curtling scream from the house and both my mother and I and the man in the house on the other side came running thinking there had been an attacker. We found her on the living room floor, tv coverage on the crash, and she was sobbing uncontrollably borderline hysterics. She KNEW he was on that flight as she had taken him to the airport and then flipped on the tv later that morning to learn of the crash, a few minutes later the report there were no survivors.

Edgar Delahuerta said on Thursday, July 17, , He was a chef at the time. He met a girl in Kentucky and they became quite serious in Summer He brought her out here for the Bicentennial celebration in Lakeside that year. They were engaged in January Sadly, she lost her life in Beverly Hills Supper Club Fire in May of , just four months before their wedding date.

She had gone there to attend a bridal shower of another woman and died of smoke inhalation. My brother was devastated and soon returned to San Diego. In December of he returned to his original restaurant in Chula Vista and began to rebuild his life, still reeling from the tragedy. He seemed to be recovering and was happy with this new girl. At least it was headed that way. He ended up off work for several weeks and began drinking.

Thank goodness he stopped and he did recover to continue on with his profession but it was a long time before he was happy again. In , June, he went on a weekend getaway with friends to the Colorado River for rafting. The girl he was to be set up with as a sort of blind date was killed in a traffic accident on US 95 on the way to the trip. He never even got to meet her. He remained single until June and was finally married to a beautiful single madre of two, and they now live in Imperial Beach.

He knows of this website but is too hurt to post. Allison said on Thursday, July 17, , Edgar, I am so sorry to hear of the tragedies that have befallen your brother. May God bless him and bless the victims of flight Congrats to your brother on his new marriage, and he will be in my prayers.

Trey said on Sunday, July 20, , I just read all the comments on the site. When I first looked at those comments it made me sick to my stomach. And it has stuck with me, just the thought of what that person had to not only experience on the way down, but then also being ejected alive.

I cannot imagine what that would be like. Blanca said on Monday, July 21, , She was not home when this crash take place but did see this however when she rush home a few hours later. This man they talk of, he was stuck in back of car and very broken around the head. Her neighbor, this very nice man of always pleasure to talk to when we visit, he was crying and shaking these hours later becuase he see the man and heard him screaming just before he strike car. So did the woman across the street and they try to comfort each other and so did my sister but she was scared and upset and could not help.

This man and woman across street and the others whom we do not know at time, they say he scream high scream until hitting car and they were all very upset. So I have heard of this sad happening. Always I feel for the man and the others who died. This was when I was young teenage girl but I have never forgotten hearing of this tragedy and the man who was flyign throughthe air and screaming and the ones hurt by this witness.

Trey said on Monday, July 21, , Sad stuff Blanca, that confirms the story even further. Tristin Burkholdt said on Tuesday, July 22, , My father was an investigator in this crash. He was about mid-career when this happened and told me once that it was the worst accident investigation he had ever conducted and almost thought about leaving NTSB in the months following. Father worked on a small team that more or less sequenced the events on the ground.

He had many nightmares over that. He went on to conduct other investigations, mostly small aircraft, and one moe big one, Cerritos in , but never forgot PSA Flight and considered it his worst job. Eric Barnes said on Tuesday, July 22, , My old bro from the Air Force, Sig Sturdivant, his mom and pop lived on a street right near there. We were at Misawa Air Base Japan when this crash happened so we missed it but in November we took leave together so we could get back to the states and see the Chargers and Rams back-to back weekends.

Anyhow, Sturdy and I stayed at his parents house and we walked over to that site. It was little compared to what I thought it might look like. That one street is pretty small, short. Being the upright dude he was he turned that all over to the police. Told is it sounded like a nuke. They thought San Dog was getting pounded by the Soviets!

Anton said on Tuesday, July 22, , North Park was here I came out of the closet and embraced my life. Being a gay male back then was much differnt than today. And I was only 27 at the time. Still, I felt an acceptance there and really started getting comfortable. The neighborhood had such great vibes. When that crash happened I was at work in Old Town.

I lived near therem off of Texas, but not close enough to be allowed home. When I finally did get off shift, I rushed over there for some reason, bypassing the apartment altogether and going staight to the scene of the crash.

Many people were milling about and I will be honest, it had a bit of the carnival atmosphere on those streets west of Boundary. The police were quite busy trying to keep people back and away and seemed focused on making sure residents who actually lived in the area could get about.

Liz Pacini said on Tuesday, July 22, , I just learned that last weekend. I knew she was dead, just not why or how. She worked for PSA. Epps said on Tuesday, July 22, , Back then we banged in the gangs. Way lower key than today but we banged around anyhow.

My best friend Shaun punked on some rings and wallets and the like and then felt real bad about it. I thought it was sick and took no part. But some of my boys were down there stealing. I stepped aside on that one. They capped on me pretty hard for not punking with them that day, but you have to draw the line on something like that. Kelli Andersen said on Wednesday, July 23, , There were only a couple people on Nile still living there that we knew of at least who were around when this crash took place.

One of them told us about this guy as she actually saw it happen. Nice lady, forget her name. She lived on Nile facing West, about four or five houses down from Dwight.

She said she was tending to her plants in the front yard when this crash happened. She actually saw the whole event start to finish. She said when the plane impacted she threw herself to the grass instinctively. Yes, she said Superman.

She used to describe it as like throwing hamburger meat down on the counter. And yes, she told us she peed her pants but why is that such a big deal to everyone here? What would you expect seeing something like that and nearly dying in the process. Phillip Van Vleet said on Thursday, July 24, , 8: A couple years ago my brother showed me a small twisted piece of airframe about the size of a piece of 8. He lifted it from the scene when he was 13 years old.

I was only two when this happend. We lived on Boundary. He kept it hidden and a secret for years and then one day just blurted out he had it. I started researching this crash a couple weeks ago and found this blog. You have to wonder how much material is out there with all the looting that took place and the kids and adults running around. You have to question what he was thinking that day but he was a kid. Also, there was a post in this blog about a PSA flight attendant on another flight who had her feet molested by an errant foot fetish passenger.

I guess he freaked out and pulled her shoes off and tickled her toes midflight. My mother would never let me go to that dentist again afterthis happened and amazingly he was still in practice or back in practice anyhow, a few years later when I graduated college with his daughter in my graduating class.

Those are my two PSA stories. Oh, and we used to live on Mt. Blackburn Avenue, down the street from a PSA mechanic who knew people on that flight, and threw up in his front yard and went to his knees when he was on his way to his car to rush down to Lindbergh when this story hit the news that morning.

Mnay people suffered that day. Greg said on Saturday, July 26, , Memorial observance this September? Thank you very much. John said on Saturday, July 26, , Although I did not live in San Diego, I lived up in the bay area at the time I can still remember that picture on the news and the newspaper at the age of 12…it was haunting. That picture and the 79 crash in Chicago terrifed me of flying for years.

The Pilots of had a greater responsibity to all those passengers and by being so careless basically let them all die. The bottom line on this accident…the pilots were busy talking to off duty employees and not paying attention to what the hell was going on. My heart goes out to the families of victims that were murdered by a few …. Dave said on Sunday, July 27, , This blog is filled with many compelling stories about that tragic day. If you would like to contact me to learn more about my film or if you would like to talk more about your memories from the crash, please email me at specwrite aol.

What I wish to share is this: I have never had an experience like this before. I immediately did a Google search on my computer, read about the facts on Wikipedia, and then discovered this website. I have no idea why I had this strange experience this morning, or what it could possibly mean.

I lived in San Diego at the time of the crash. I did not know anyone on the plane but like alot of people it affected me. I lived in O. In I left San Diego and returned to my native state of Ohio. I now reside in Michigan.

On July 25, I parked my rental car and walked down Dwight St. If you look hard enough you can see some signs of the crash, mostly the homes are a little newer than those of a block or two away. I said a prayer as I walked not only for the victums of the crash but for everyone affected by it including some of the people who have posted on this site. I guess for me after 30 years it was time to finally put it to rest. Rey Lopez said on Tuesday, July 29, , Lived on Nile back then. Just a kid, really.

I worked part-time at Taco Bell and went to the beach a lot. I was home the day of the crash. I was playing my new KISS record on my little record player in my room when all of a sudden bam! Huge explosion sound and the house shook violently, windows rattling, stuff fell off the shelf all that. What a shock wave! So I jumped up and threw on some jeans and a T because I thought we were getting bombed or something and ran out to look.

Looking north, up Nile, just a huge column of black smoke was shooting into the air and all manner of paper and debris was fluttering through the air, you could smell this awful jet fuel smell and even feel the heat from that roaring ball of flame down there, and I mean screaming, awful screaming as people ran outside their houses and all around in circles almost.

The guy that was called the flying man here, he was the first of two bodies I saw. He was up the street about five houses on the west side of Nile. He flew right into the back of a car and his legs were sticking out the back window, his arms and head were all torn up and bloodied up bad. Most of the top of his head was crushed inward but you could make out his face and see his eyes wide open and mouth open, so yeah, I think he was screaming.

Also, this one woman, a pedestrian with a baby stroller, she was decapitated. Looked liek she was leaning into a car and got hit by another flying body. Halh her body was in the car, the other half was outside it. That was it for me. My mom grabbed me and my grandmother and we got out of there, drove down to San Ysidro to hang with my Uncle the rest of the day and the next day until about 4 PM. I hated going home it was so scary and sad. I ended up going to Southwest a couple years and then started driving truck.

Now I am back over in Chula and I drive my truck past there on I a couple days a week on my current run, which takes me right by there on the way to National. I think about it often. It really was the worst day in SD. Sherri said on Tuesday, July 29, , Pre-Dating then emails each guest a list of participants who would like to hear from them again! Odds are you'll have one or more matches more than two-thirds of Pre-Daters match with at least one person.

Remember, now there's a better way. After a successful "match" and quick exchange of e-mails, I asked Theresa to a local concert. Likely due to the successful "first-vibes" of our pre-date, we hit it off instantly and have been a couple ever since Saturday, Apr 7 Time: Ellen at Wednesday, April 11 Who: April 11, Wednesday Time: April 16, Monday Time: Jacksonville , FL When: April 25, Wednesday Time: May 8, Tuesday Time: Click here to learn more about bring a friend program Tuesday, May 8 Who: Click here to learn more about bring a friend program Monday, May 14 Who: May 14, Monday Time: Click here to learn more about bring a friend program Tuesday, May 22 Who: May 22, Tuesday Time: The Wine Bar 1st St.

Saturday, Jun 2 Time:

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She used to describe it as like throwing hamburger meat down on the counter.

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You'll get our twice-monthly event notification emails, monthly newsletter and invites to any special interest niche events you tell us you are interested in. I do recall being close by that week to pay respects but could not go down the street. A classmate of mine from Patrick Henry H. It novel dating with the dark wattpad not supposed to be her flight that day but her roomie caught a bug so Gail took north county san diego speed dating flight. It diegl so quiet. I have aquirred the news paper from back then, the one that shows the coner house on fire looking up Dwight street from in front of the first house in which the roof was demolished on Nile street looking north county san diego speed dating the west.