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22nd Anniversary Update! January 21, 2018

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Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you. The series connects faith with real life in areas such as current events, contemporary moral issues, evangelization, faith and science, marriage and family, church history, scripture and prayer. His enthusiasm and his generosity in financing new research on the Shroud are known to all. This update also brings you nine more issues of Rex Morgan's Shroud News, word of a special youth Shroud exhibition approved by Pope Francis in August , memorials for several departed Shroud scholars and much more. Again the STAR team has done all the edits on this album, and they did an excellent job again , with lots of excellent edits, and surprises.

08 Feb 2018 20:34 pm

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In commemoration of that historic event, we will be celebrating the anniversary year with some special materials in each of our regular updates and culminating with a Special STURP Update on October 8, , 40 years to the day that we began our examination of the Shroud in This update also brings you nine more issues of Rex Morgan's Shroud News, word of a special youth Shroud exhibition approved by Pope Francis in August , memorials for several departed Shroud scholars and much more.

However, we experienced a major computer crash just a few days ago, so many of the materials books, papers, articles and videos that I had hoped to include in this update will have to wait until a later update after our computer issues are resolved.

Your patience is appreciated. It is hard for me to believe that 40 years have gone by since our team was given the unprecedented privilege to perform an in-depth scientific examination of the Shroud of Turin in Of course, it also brings with it the sadness of knowing that so many of our team members have passed away in the ensuing years. In fact, ten years ago, to celebrate our 30th anniversary, I created a special tribute video that was shown at the Columbus, Ohio Shroud Conference.

Even sadder, since I produced that video, several more team members have passed, so their names are not included in the memorial at the end of the tribute. I thought a good way to start this 40th anniversary year would be to re-release the video and share it with our current viewers. On November 21, , it was announced that Pope Francis approved the suggestion by Archbishop Cesare Nosiglia , the Archbishop of Turin, to allow a special exhibition of the Shroud exclusively for the pilgrimage of young people in August On August 9 and 10, young people from the 17 dioceses of Piedmont and Valle d'Aosta will arrive in Turin.

In the afternoon and evening of the 10th they will have the opportunity to visit the Shroud and then continue on to Rome. The exhibition will not be open to the general public.

For more details, read the article in Italian at the above link. You can use an online translation service to translate the page into your native language. It is with the deepest sadness that I must report the passing of our dear friend and colleague, Diana Andry Fulbright , 75, on November 24, , peacefully in her sleep at her home near Richmond, Virginia. Our sincerest thanks to Bryan Walsh for informing us the next morning.

Since then, I have relied on her good judgment and valuable input on a regular basis. She was my resident Biblical expert and advised me whenever I had questions about either Old or New Testament issues, all of which were far from my own areas of expertise.

More than that however, she was a dear friend and supporter of our work. Her passing leaves a void that will not be easily filled and she will be sorely missed by all that knew her.

Our sincerest condolences to Diana's family, friends and colleagues for their loss. Rest in peace dear friend. At the news of Diana's passing, we received an outpouring of comments and condolences from many noted Shroud scholars and researchers around the world who knew Diana and wanted to share their stories and comments with us.

There were so many that we have compiled them all into a separate document which we are including here: I must also sadly report the passing of long time Shroud scholar and researcher Dr. He is survived by Mary Whanger, his wife of 63 years and a noted Shroud scholar in her own right.

He was best known for applying a polarized light overlay technique to compare the Shroud image to images on ancient artworks and coins. He was a true gentleman and held his colleagues in high regard, even when they disagreed with some of his more controversial conclusions.

Our deepest condolences to his family, friends and colleagues. Here is a link to his Official Obituary. Rest in peace my friend. I visited Alan's home in Durham on a number of occasions where we discussed and studied his Shroud related research in his impressive basement studio filled with Shroud materials. On one occasion when I was in Jerusalem with the ESSJ expedition Alan tracked me down and asked me to conduct botanical experiments on his behalf with flowers in a tomb complex.

I also sourced for him the mighty botanical encyclopaedia of the Middle East. Alan was always a popular personality at the many international Shroud conferences we attended and addressed over the years in many different countries. I always thought of Alan as a Boy Scout as he carried in his breast pocket every conceivable item for emergency use such as a flashlight, laser pointer, tweezers, cutters and numerous writing instruments. On one occasion in France the power went off in the middle of an important address and quick as a flash Alan was on the stage beside the speaker illuminating the notes with his boy scout torch.

Some of Alan's work was subject to criticism from the cynics but he made an enormous contribution to Shroud studies so ably assisted by his wife Mary. His work with photographic overlays which he invented contributed considerably to some of my own research on portraits of Christ. Alan was of the generation of researchers now difficult to replace.

My condolences are expressed to Mary and Alan's family as we give thanks for a full life the influence of which has affected a large number of people. His enthusiasm and his generosity in financing new research on the Shroud are known to all. He also cultivated a sincere friendship with those who, like me, did not share all his conclusions. His disappearance is a great loss for Sindonology.

He will follow us from heaven! Phil Dayvault was a long time friend and colleague of Alan's and he wrote an extensive obituary for his friend. As it is several pages long, I have included it as a separate document at this link: Alan Whanger - Scholar, Friend, Teacher.

Finally, I must sadly report the passing of my good friend, noted educator, lecturer and Shroud scholar, Remi G. Dubuque , 82, of Southington, Connecticut, on December 14, Our thanks to Remi's friend, Daniel Valente, for kindly letting us know of Remi's passing.

An ardent student of the Shroud for many years, Remi and I became good friends by telephone and e-mail although we never met in person. His name may not be as well known as some other Shroud scholars, but his influence on those who knew him or heard his lectures was very moving and powerful.

Here is a link to his Official Obituary in the Hartford Courant. We extend our deepest condolences to his family, friends and colleagues.

Rest in peace Remi. Remi Dubuque and I were good friends for many years. Remi passed away last Thursday. He was a dear friend and mentor who had given me almost his entire library of Shroud books. What a help those are! He spoke very highly and affectionately of you.

Remi loved sharing new information about the Shroud. Not only did he open my eyes to the Shroud's authenticity, he emulated what it means to be a true disciple of the man on the Shroud. Tomorrow I will serve at his funeral Mass. He was a great supporter of my studies for the priesthood and pursuing religious life. My prayers will be for him, for his lovely wife Mary, and all of us who were blessed to call Remi our friend.

Your generosity, friendship and continued support are truly needed and deeply appreciated! Due to the holiday season, the meeting was limited to just one important topic. Because of the sudden and unexpected passing of our fellow Board member, Diana Fulbright , the Board had to approve someone as her replacement. I proposed Kelly Kearse as an excellent candidate for this position, as he has a superb background in science, particularly in blood and DNA analyses, and is also a thoughtful and careful researcher whose work has appeared on this website numerous times.

We look forward to a long and fruitful relationship. With this update we add nine more issues to Rex Morgan's Shroud News archive, which will total issues when complete. Our sincerest thanks as always to Stephen Jones for his extraordinary effort in scanning and optical character recognition of every page, Ian Wilson for providing the original issues and valuable input and of course, to Rex Morgan for his gracious permission to reprint them here on Shroud.

David's intention, subject to maintaining subscription levels, is to continue with the printed edition of the Newsletter, which will remain available to its subscribers who will also have access to a new BSTS online forum. This will feature comments from subscribers who may wish to take up any particular issue with the Newsletters's authors, contributors and reviewers.

Each new edition will continue to be archived here on Shroud. You can take out or renew your subscription at this link: New subscribers joining from January 1st to February 28th will receive the December issue free of charge. The first edition includes, among other things, the first published fruits of Ian Wilson's extended research into the de Charney family and the first expositions in Lirey.

He believes it will lead to some revisions to some long established assumptions. There is also a review by Hugh Farey of the new comprehensive publication from John Jackson , a new article from Paolo di Lazzaro and also an article from Arif Khan , who has curated the Ahmadiyya Community's Shroud exhibition and conference in the UK for the last three years and brings an Islamic perspective to the subject.

The BSTS has a proud history and we hope as many of you as possible will continue to support it. Due to our computer crash before the January 21st update, I inadvertantly failed to include the following information: David Rolfe is giving our viewers a special opportunity to view the current issue for free by using this generic password: This will remain available until the June issue is published, so take this opportunity to check out David's first issue as Editor.

Definitely worth a subscription! A Face to Face Encounter with Jesus? Ignatius Breen Center, W. Click on the above image to see a larger version of the poster with additional details. Due to the crash of our main computer last week, I do not have access to the new books that I had planned to include in this update. Of course, we will include them all in our next update. However, word of one new book came in after our data loss and coincidentally and appropriately timed for the 40th anniversary of the STURP team examination , it is the latest book by fellow STURP team member, Ken Stevenson.

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news articles on dating

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The discovery of waterlogged minerals and a growing ice wall suggests that the dwarf planet could harbor underground liquid water or slushy brine, which has escaped through cracks and craters in the recent past and may still be seeping out today. That case was dismissed Feb. Our deepest condolences to his family, friends and colleagues.

news articles on dating

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