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My self-esteem was on the floor and I had no idea what to do about it: Also sells off its' Subaru Industrial Products previously known as Robin to Yamaha effective this coming September I've been selling Subarus since

The features you want are here!

I have now been a member for about six months and have loved every bit of it. Subaru sales in North America marked an all-time record for the 8th consecutive year. Two have "overweight" ratings. After the Impreza lets us experience the Subaru Global Platform later this year, the company already has other models with it under development. For other uses, see Double date disambiguation.

Residents in the greater Puget Sound urban areas of Pierce, King, and Snohomish counties will see a major jump in yearly license fees due to the Sound Transit 3 bill that was voted on and passed last November.

License plate and registration fees for new cars, as well as late model yearly renewal fees, will almost double. Fees will be based on the original MSRP value of the car regardless of actual price paid or where the vehicle was purchased. And also due to Sound Transit 3, starting on April 1st , sales tax in the same Puget Sound urban areas in Pierce, King, and Snohomish counties will increase by.

Add the current sales tax, plus the statewide Washington State. Note- the sales tax on leases is based on the buyer's address, not where the car is purchased. The 18 Crosstrek is a raised up version of the Impreza so there a number of similarities and, like the Impreza, is based on the new global platform. Here are other new features on the European one New colors An electric parking with the CVT Tighter steering ratio It's available at bookstores and news stands, and online now.

The best companies- to come up with a list of top car brands overall, they combined a mix of road test scoring, reliability, owner satisfaction, and the percent of a company's models they recommend.

And the 1 car brand for the second year in a row is The list continues on to 31 plus there are comments and explanations for the rankings. In the very useful specific model reliability ratings, Subaru does ok but some models suffer from an average repair rating as they age. There are some oddities in the magazine- some top cars are barely mentioned, others mentioned frequently etc, but overall CR, and especially this April issue, is always a handy guide when you're considering a new car.

February by model Outback and Forester remain the top sellers, with the Outback slightly ahead by cars. The Crosstrek again holds its own with a minimal gain. Perhaps teasing the model so early has hurt current sales as people hold out for a redesigned Crosstrek with a power seat, upgraded audio with Android Auto and Apple Carplay etc due this Fall The BRZ Limited with very nice optional Performance Package, and the Limited Series.

Yellow models are now available and should help sales in March. While only of the Series. Yellow bumbleBRZs will be made, any volume helps when only cars were sold in February.

The Impreza is doing well, despite some 8' audio system issues. This is the ;last month for low rates on models but there are probably none left. Subaru wagons start aiming at campers, dog owners Subarus are bigger and have AWD now, but the targeted demographic hasn't changed much The idea of a non-truckish four-wheel-drive station wagon was still a radical one in , though American Motors was gearing up to release the Eagle for the following model year.

Subaru started selling four-wheel-drive Leone wagons for the American market in the model year, and they found a devoted niche following in places with lots of snow and outdoorsy behavior. Here's a magazine ad for the Subaru 4WD wagon from April, Like the four-wheel-drive Toyota Tercels and Honda Civics that came a few years later but unlike the true all-wheel-drive Eagle , this Subaru had to be switched between front-wheel-drive and four-wheel-drive using a lever, and the lack of a center differential meant that drivers couldn't run four-wheel-drive on dry pavement without risk of tearing up the tires or worse.

This proved to be too confusing for many American drivers, but enough dog-owning camping aficionados purchased these cars to lay the groundwork for the big-selling all-wheel-drive Subarus of our current century. Vehicle Dependability StudySM VDS are the original owners of 3-year-old vehicles and they report problems related to design and defects. By analyzing this data, J. Power identifies what has gone right and what has gone wrong with these cars, trucks, SUVs, and vans.

To provide consumers with an easily understood, visual representation of the findings, J. Consumers can then make smarter decisions about the used vehicles they buy. Another spot focuses on another key brand selling point and advertising staple: Alan Bethke, National Advertising Manager: Brian Cavallucci, Advertising Production Specialist: Yellow will be made and Limited with Performance Package 02 now arriving at dealers.

As part of the celebration, some models will have a 50th Anniversary special edition models and details to be announced later. The once small part of Fuji now claims the corporate title. Most people never heard of Fuji Heavy Industries and would have assumed Subaru was always made by Subaru anyway, so this change makes some sense. Subaru brand home pressure washers are even currently still for sale at Costco I saw them today. They made small engines for Polaris ATVs from FHI announced in November at the L.

Auto Show that it is changing its name to Subaru Corporation. The name change will occur in April. The California Department of Motor Vehicles, which issues autonomous vehicle permits, recently added Subaru to the growing list of companies testing self-driving cars on its public roads, an addition first reported by TechCrunch. There are now 22 automakers, suppliers, and tech companies with autonomous vehicle testing permits. The common platform, which will help FHI reduce manufacturing and engineering costs, is designed to improve stability and comfort while reducing noise and vibration.

At the time, FHI said these kinds of performance and handling improvements will be necessary to achieve the enhanced straight line stability required in autonomous vehicles. Lets hope this is a one year aberration. The show demographics is really perfect for Subaru buyers. It's very well attended and Subarus displays were fun and got a lot of attention. But this year Toyota is the auto sponsor. Maybe Toyota paid more or maybe Subaru is so focused on the Impreza TV ads that they just forgot to sign up who knows.

So if you want to see some great gardens, assorted plants, yard art, gardens tools and ephemera, and a very large selection of exotic plants and bulbs for sale, and yes, a Toyota or two but not me, the show is Feb.

President Donald Trump demanding that even Japanese automakers put "America first," Mazda Motor and Subaru maker Fuji Heavy Industries are growing concerned over the potential impact of tariffs and other trade protections that could limit access to the world's largest car market.

Mazda expects to sell 1. Exchange rates have a huge impact on sales. For an automaker of Mazda's size, building a new plant in the U. It could face a tough decision depending on what Trump's policies shape up to be. Fuji Heavy's only overseas factory is located in Indiana. The automaker just doubled annual output capacity there in December to around , vehicles, hiring an additional 1, or so workers and bringing the total to about 5, It plans to ramp up capacity to , units by fiscal Fuji Heavy has doubled annual sales in the U.

Its exports from Japan were hit hard by the strong yen earlier this fiscal year, but the recent softness in the currency is expected to mitigate the expected drop in profits. The company is hoping to sell up to , vehicles in the U. It will be affected significantly by any tariffs or movements in the exchange rate The new sticker is less colorful, and the right side is devoted to the specific car and features.

With a goal of , cars, that means there are only , cars to go. First showing at the Geneva auto show starting March 7.

One of the things about the cult of Subaru is that the new cars have always been a bit hard to get, dealers don't have lots of unsold inventory sitting on lots.

It is good, and it felt good, to get that new car. You can expect that to change as Subaru produces and pushes more and more and more cars to dealers in their race for yearly growth. At what point are bragging rights simply that? Here's an article from Automotive News "Subaru is targeting a 9 percent sales surge in for a ninth straight year of record U. And then comes the real big jump. The arrival of a long-awaited three-row SUV in could add as many as 60, units annually, pushing the brand well above , units.

The runaway sales are putting Subaru on pace to hit U. The likely arrival of a redesigned Crosstrek this year will further bolster sales, as will the overhauled Impreza, the ad campaign for which begins in late February.

The biggest risk, Doll said, is the threat of dealership service capacity falling behind the rampant expansion. So far, about half of U. Subaru dealers have opted in, Doll said. Participation rates are highest in markets where Subaru has a historical presence and still sees robust growth, including around Philadelphia, Washington, Denver, Seattle and Portland.

So far, about 15 percent of the service facility expansions have been completed. The build-out should be finished in , Doll predicted. That's the number of cars Subaru beat their goal of , for the year by. Their best year ever. Crossovers are very popular and that's what Subaru is known for- Outback, Forester, Crosstrek, and 5 door Imprezas.

December sales total 63,, a new one month record, and the 6th month in a row over 50, Outback 20, cars, a new single month record for any model. The Forester might have sold more but with so many models, Option Packages, and colors choices , inventory is a problem. Coming in behind the Outback and Forester is the Crosstrek. Look for increased sales when the upgraded model is available late this Summer or early Fall.

The redesigned Impreza is now available with Android Auto and Apple Carplay audio systems look for that on many, but not all, models. The automaker has been on a long streak of sales success with consecutive sales increases dating back to The acquisition is a result of an agreement between parent companies Yamaha Motor Co.

Fuji Heavy Industries is ceasing the production and sale of multi-purpose engines, etc. YMUS will continue after-sales service for Fuji Heavy Industries' multi-purpose engine business in North America The press release from earlier this year "Fuji Heavy Industries recently announced a name change to Subaru Corporation along with an operational change that will focus all engineering and financial resources on the quickly growing automobile division.

The Industrial Power Products division will close after fulfilling all order commitments for Product parts and support will remain available indefinitely. With more demands for resources, the company will focus on the automobile division — in efforts to continue leading the industry in a number of automotive categories around the globe. To make the transition as smooth as possible for its customers, Subaru intends to continue to supply spare parts for a reasonable period to meet market requirements.

Additionally, customers will see no change in quality assurance of products. Effective immediately, FHI suspends all new development projects of the industrial business. This includes not only newly received inquiries but current on-going projects as well. FHI will temporarily maintain the production, supply and servicing of existing models It's good to see your column back again in a South Florida publication.

Two years ago, we bought a Subaru Outback crossover. We liked it so much that we bought a Subaru Forester as a second car late last year. I'd like to buy Subaru stock, but I can't find it listed anywhere. Where can I find it? And please tell me whether you think the stock is worth buying. You're looking in all the wrong places.

Though you probably know that the demand for Subaru's Outback and Forester models is so strong that Subaru is in the process of expanding its American plant to produce another , vehicles by the spring of , you probably didn't know that when spelled backward, "Subaru" is pronounced "you are a bus. The company is the 18th-largest automaker by production in the world.

Subaru is different from its Japanese competitors in that 75 percent of its cars and parts are still made in Japan. Its only overseas manufacturing facility — which is in Lafayette, Indiana — is currently in the process of trying to handle record demand. Owning shares of parent Fuji Heavy Industries is the only way to own shares of Subaru.

Though Subaru is earning record revenues in the U. Sales in Japan are off 3 percent from a year ago, and revenues from China and Europe remain flat. Whereas Ford and GM will probably post lower revenues in , the consensus is that Subaru could have an eighth consecutive record sales year in the U.

And helping next year to be another record year will be the Subaru Impreza, a compact sedan to be built at the expanded Lafayette plant on a new global platform. Nine have "buy" ratings.

Two have "overweight" ratings. But my gut tells me not to buy the stock. Something doesn't feel right to me. That's 5 years of improved monthly sales! November sales Outback is the top seller for the month and for the year with , YTD The Forester is 2 for the month and for the year with , YTD Crosstreks continues to gain fans as a good urban sized car though its rounded rear and tight cargo space make it too small for families, big dog owners, and active users The Impreza is pretty much sold out, with the all new, US assembled Lafayette s due this month and expected to sell around per month once production is up to speed.

The BRZ limps along with almost no availability. The Performance Package available March will help sustain the model for another 6 months. Subaru confirms that the production of the pure red or crystal black Premium Pkg 15 Special Edition has ended and no more will be produced. They are available at dealers. Reportedly it was only cars total of the red and black colors. Last year it was , all pure red. This is a new Sport 5 door model and not to be confused with the and previous Sports, and does not come with roof rails.

And is the first 4 door Sport model. And for some reason its not valid on the Impreza but is valid on all other models. When you enter your info, check the 'do not contact' box or you'll get emails. And there is a Impreza available to test drive at the auto show, so if you're considering getting one here's an opportunity to drive one a month before they arrive at dealers. The person who sent me the top of their coupon the lower coupon part is not shown here is interested in a Crosstrek, but it would be for the model you selected except the 17 Impreza.

Be sure to print and bring entire coupon to the dealer when you get your car. Note that CR is using a new scoring system with graphics and colors which are a bit harder to decipher and see compared to the old ones. The December issue also reviews a whole lot of Christmas gift ideas, and kitchen, house, tech tools and electronic gadgets.

Its always good information for shoppers and researchers and you can buy the magazine at your local bookstore, or subscribe online at consumerreports. Forester is 2 and has been in tight supply since their huge August sales of 19, Crosstreks continue to pretty much sell out Subaru is counting on the Impreza to do well next year. The 5 door will be popular but they're hoping the sedan gains ground.

Subaru has never had a high volume sedan. For now, the supply of Imprezas is very low. YTD total is ,, which leaves the goal of , within reach. There are many changes and new features including standard Android Auto and Apple Carplay on all models, a completely redone Sport hatchback and sedan model with manual transmission short throw shifter, 18" wheels, and upgraded suspension available in February.

Other new features include power drivers seat on Limiteds, a power window off-delay function so the power windows work briefly after the engine is turned off, new 8" audio system with new Starlink smartphone app that has a navigation function, Yelp and more. Full details and mechanical specs aren't available yet but here's the page with early information Impreza page and if you're in the Seattle area and want to order one, please call The sprint is on to go to reach the stated , goal.

The final 3 months of the year are typically very strong for Subaru fall and winter weather , and , cars for the year is within reach. Subaru would be pleased with the bragging rights that comes when they break , barrier, and that should be easy.

Online researchers have even been getting website popup offers for a free Starbucks mug if they go for a test drive not sure how that translates to sales though. In August, the upgraded Forester exploded all previous single model monthly totals with a stunning 19, The BRZ is a big improvement over the the LED lights and the new rear spoiler are good looking and standard on all models, the new steering wheel audio and bluetooth controls are long overdue, the Limited's digital gauge is fun and has good info ok, so maybe gimmicky but I like it and the big draw will be the Performance Package which can now be ordered on the Limiteds.

Yes its still a rear wheel drive Subaru. No changes for the models except a few minor features added to the Premium Package 15 Special Edition Hybrid models have been dropped they were dropped mid model Premium Special Edition SE is now fully available. Its now available in Black as well as Pure Red.

The version was limited to only models. Its available on the Limited with manual transmission only, model code HZE pkg Its not available on the Premium or Limited automatic.

The Performance Package is standard on the Limited Series. Apparently brilliant brown was always planned as a short run of only cars. This was also true of the original brilliant brown Outback Special Appearance package which was also a limited production run. There is a still a good selection of the brilliant brown Outback Tourings available nationally and some are still being shipped, but they wont be available for long Due to unspecified production issues, wheel arch moldings are no longer available.

I'm not sure they were ever actually available or put on a Forester. Its probably related to adhesion, to them staying on the car. This also happened on the Foresters - wheel arch molding were presumably available but were dropped before they were ever put on cars. What a month August was It was when Subaru sold 80, in a year.

The previous best month was December with 56, sold. The new Forester with blind spot detection, reverse auto braking, and Eyesight v3 is basically selling as fast it rolls off the delivery trucks.

With a model best record of 19, sold in August, the Forester should be the first model to break the 20, in a month. The Crosstrek continues to move quickly, and with better supply expected as Impreza production moves to Lafayette, its numbers should increase. Imprezas are in very short supply as the sell down continues.

There are still some s coming in not many , and the 16s can no longer be ordered ended August 31 , and the anticipated, redesigned s are ETA late November. There are a few of the upgraded BRZs starting to arrive nationally, but the desirable Performance Package is due in December winter and yes, worth waiting for. Using the Tokyo Stock Exchange's off-hours trading platform, the Subaru maker divested its 1. Fuji Heavy will book 9 billion yen in profit from the sale in results for its April-September first half.

No changes will be made to projections for the fiscal year ending in March. The two companies began a cross-shareholding relationship in , but reasons for the arrangement appear to have diminished. Fuji Heavy explained the sale as a way to "respect the underlying purpose of the corporate governance code applied last year.

Meanwhile, Suzuki sold its 1. Fuji Heavy plans to retire all shares bought back at the end of this month. Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka; Representative director and president: Toshihiro Suzuki on August 9, In December , FHI and Suzuki announced the formation of a strategic relationship and agreed to hold shares in each other as a symbol of the alliance. FHI acquired 5,, shares in Suzuki, which were held until the sale which took place yesterday.

In November , FHI established Corporate Governance Guidelines with the aim of the Group achieving sustainable growth and increasing its corporate value in the medium and long term.

The FHI Group will continue to work on the enhancement of corporate governance as one of the top priorities of management in order to gain the satisfaction and trust of all its stakeholders.

Details of Sale 1 Securities sold: Common stock in Suzuki Motor Corporation 2 Number of shares sold: Looking at July numbers, the top volume Outback and Forester are doing well.

The Outback is up substantially and the Forester is steady though down for the month. As more upgraded Foresters with the new Eyesight and Blind spot detection etc become available, its numbers should increase.

And Subaru is planning to make more Outbacks and Legacys that ever, so dealers should have a supply. Subaru has been talking up the massively all new 17 Impreza due later this fall with Carplay and Android Auto , and that's not helping current 16 model sales. But the supply of 16s is already a bit low and that's according to Subaru's plans. As for the BRZ, the 17 model should motivate some people who aren't excited by the current version. And the WRX and STI are low production cars- one month sales are up, the next down, but there is always strong interest.

There was no advance warning. Boom- no more orders accepted. There is still a good supply available nationally so if you're looking for a Crosstrek Hybrid, now is the time.

Rambling thoughts on the Crosstrek Hybrid The Crosstrek is one of Subaru's recent success stores, with June sales of While Subaru doesn't separate 2. The Hybrid was a successful car when you consider that it was Subaru's first US hybrid. It got a lot of attention, was new technology, an all wheel drive mini SUV with good ground clearance, and it fit Subaru's practical, and very green, demographics.

So what went wrong? One reason the car didn't sell was price. The hybrids were better equipped, but still Yes the Hybrid was zippier with it's secondary battery powered 15hp motor but most Crosstrek buyers weren't expecting a performance car, and yes the Hybrids did ride quieter than the 2. What the hybrid shoppers looked at was the fuel economy rating and they didn't get past that.

They came to see a HYBRID with high fuel economy, an all wheel drive, practical, utility oriented, decent riding Subaru for their family, dog, camping, skiing, gardening, and commute lifestyle. The real issue, or at least one of the issues, was that Hybrid fell victim to what I think of as the Tribeca Effect.

Back in 06 when the Tribeca was introduced, people came to see Subaru's first 7 seater expecting something similar to a minivan or at least Explorer, Pilot, or 4Runner etc, and they left disappointed with the lack of functional 3rd row access and space.

They would have known what to expect when they came in. And yes the first Tribeca 3. Does anyone miss the BlueConnect bluetooth system? Think Subaru Baja mini truck with a tailgate width of 47" when a sheet of plywood is 48". While Subaru has always made high quality, if somewhat 'different' cars, the Tribeca was just mis-marketed, and the Baja wouldn't sell as a truck with a 47" tailgate width.

In hindsight, so was the Hybrid. It was rated at 1mpg combined more than the Crosstrek 2. Why would I spend that much more to get so little. Subaru said it was "hybrid assisted" but that didn't go far enough to change expectations.

Perhaps if Subaru had named it the Crosstrek 15 for the useful 15 additional hp , or the Crosstrek Plus plus mpg, plus quiet, plus extra features etc , or just the Crosstrek Green people would have more receptive.

But naming it the Hybrid and Hybrid Touring led first time viewers down the wrong path expecting to find high MPG, and they didn't look a 2nd time because right next to it on car lots was the less expensive, equally capable all wheel drive Crosstrek 2. Disclosure- I have had 2 Crosstreks, a 13 and now a 16 and like them. Dropping the Hybrid means Subaru can focus on, and make more, 2. Thats a good thing. Another good thing is that if you want a Crosstrek Hybrid, its a great car, well equipped, has a roof rack and ground clearance, and it's green, and is still available.

Subaru has something planned to replace it a plug in? And when Subaru comes out with their new 7 passenger in a few years, hopefully there won't be a Tribeca Effect. Gearing has been changed to 4. The stability control system has been revised, and the 'sport' setting has been renamed 'track'. Stiffer chassis and strut tower braces. Limited models get gloss black interior trim, redesigned instrument panel gauges with 4.

Available March, only made. Limited, manual transmission, with Performance Package. Subaru continues its roll but at the midpoint through the year isn't quite halfway to the goal of , cars. Thats good, but Subaru corporate will need to restrain themselves so not to flood the market with cars because part of the Subaru allure has been that they're popular, can be hard to get, and they sell quickly. Once every dealer has a lot of unsold inventory sitting on the lots, will Subaru become just another company where the dealer needs to hard sell the cars to varying degrees to move the constant incoming stream of inventory the company requires them to take and sell?

Subaru already has low finance rates starting at 1. The all new top of the line fully equipped Outback Touring is now available, with brown leather, low profile standard roof rails, and chrome trim and badging. With a stated goal of , cars, Subaru would like to be closer to , cars at this mid point. The busy winter cold weather selling season is ahead however and Subaru needs over cars per month to break , cars for the year that's the minimum "we did it" goal.

Its a Premium with Option Package Last year there was a yellow Special Edition, This year, the Crosstrek Special Edition is Pure Red, with black cloth, and red stitching on the seats, door panels, leather wrapped steering wheel, console armrest, shift knob and boot.

It has sharp looking red and gloss black dash trim. Amazing what you can do with a bit of plastic. All have standard Blind spot detection with rear cross traffic alert, turn signals in the outside mirrors, power moonroof, modular cupholder in the center console with retractable cover like the STI , 6.

Crosstrek pages June 24 Forester brochures now available June model rates and leases announced for Forester, Outback and Legacy. WRX rates were announced late May Outback 1. This new remote start replaces the current factory installed optional remote start available on pushbutton start cars that never has worked well extremely short range, weak signal.

The new system uses a 2nd fob with an excellent signal and around a ft range. This is similar to the remote start system that has been available on models with standard keyed ignition. This new system can be installed on Foresters and Outbacks and Legacys with pushbutton start. Not many companies even make manuals anymore. But its the best May ever, and the 54th consecutive month of sales increases. The Outback, Legacy and Forester are all still expected to start arriving in July.

June sales start with the same interest rates as the May, so Subaru is not concerned at this time about clearing the s before the 17s arrive. So if you do not want a moonroof, get a Outback Limited now. Ordering in Wa State?

NW area, at least through May 31st. June rates will be announced on June 1st The cars are expected soon. Are you in Wa? Usually there's a little more time than that between info release and order availability. The recall is getting widespread attention, as well as slowing down sales at the dealers and even production of those models in Lafayette. Anyway, since the Forester is made in Japan, it won't be affected by the recall, and the availability should bring people in to dealers who have been holding back waiting for the new upgraded Forester.

Subaru is slowing down new car production in order to ship correct replacement steering columns to dealers. They know people are driving a rental while their new car has been towed to a dealer. We'll have to wait and see if this affects people's opinions of their new car and purchase experience, and also how it affects the arrival of the models.

The car-maker has to fix a steering problem in more than 50, new Legacies and Outbacks made in Lafayette. Subaru has more than 4, workers in Lafayette, its only factory in North America. Thanks to this recall, as many as 3, of them may miss out on daily and Saturday overtime for the next few weeks. That means less production and lower inventory until mid-June, which could affect sales. Subaru's parent company Fuji Heavy Industries steps behind the curtain and with a wave of the magician's wand, will reappear on April 1, next year as Subaru!

With Subaru's recent growth, many new Subaru car owners are not familiar with the company, they don't know and never heard of Fuji Heavy Industries.

In the past few years, Subaru brand pressure washers, generators, and lawn mowers with Subaru engines previously known as Robin America have been sold at Costco, Home Depot etc. Subaru would like their other divisions to benefit form their reputation.

Fuji, not to be confused with Fuji the film company, makes small engines, car parts, industrial machinery, parts for Boeing, helicopters for the Japanese Self Defense Force, Raytheon Hawker, and Eclipse Aviation business jets but they're best known for Subaru cars.

That explains Subaru's use of the aircraft heritage boxer engine in their cars. On a side note, another part of Nakajima evolved into Prince Motor Company which in merged with, and is now known as, Nissan and was the minority stockholder in Fuji. When Isuzu sold their part to Subaru in , it was renamed Subaru Indiana Automotive and is still where all Outbacks and Legacys are assembled. All Bajas were also assembled there with Isuzu's unused capacity.

Then Toyota assembled Camry there until last year. Current SIA expansion plans will have the plant producing Imprezas by the end of this year. After going through a number of reorganizations, FHI was established under its current name in Since then, the Company has expanded its businesses ranging from aerospace and industrial products segments to its primary business of Subaru automobiles which began with the introduction of the Subaru minicar in Today, the Subaru automotive business operates in more than 90 countries worldwide and continues to achieve strong growth thanks to the support of its customers around the globe.

For the fiscal year ending March , Subaru projects its global vehicle sales to exceed one million units 1,, units on a consolidated basis for the first time in its history. To this end, the Company is focusing on two initiatives: FHI is taking the opportunity of the th anniversary of the founding of Nakajima Aircraft to change its long-familiar company name and unify it with its brand name.

The purpose of this shift is to further accelerate our efforts to enhance the Subaru brand and achieve even greater growth for Subaru as a distinctive global brand in the automotive and aerospace industries. Chikuhei Nakajima establishes the Aircraft Research Laboratory. FHI acquires and merges with the five companies in Origin of the Subaru Name: Subaru is a Japanese name for the Pleiades star cluster.

Subaru was the first brand to use a Japanese name for its vehicles. The name symbolizes the unity of the six companies related to Nakajima Aircraft that merged to form Fuji Heavy Industries.

Vehicles assembled within the production dates and VIN range have to be visually inspected by a Subaru dealer. Subaru is first working to inspect cars already purchased and being driven. The problem was discovered May 3 when the owner of a Outback reported trouble. Subaru says there have been no crashes or injuries. If necessary, dealers will make arrangements to send a technicians to a customer's location to inspect the steering column. If they weren't manufactured properly, they will be replaced starting in mid-May.

The company will offer loaner cars until parts are available but some people whose cars aren't driveable haven't even gotten their license plates or their new car purchase experience survey yet. Subaru of America spokesman Mike McHale said. Subaru does not know how exactly many cars will have the problem.

The problem affects cars worldwide, but McHale said he did not know the number. The vehicles to inspect include models made Feb. These s are early fleet and corporate cars.

No s are available for sale and no 17 prices or specs have been announced yet. To remedy this condition, it is necessary to inspect the lot number of the steering column.

If the vehicle contains a steering column with one of the. Cars expected in June. Model and transmission line-up remains the same as Lots of much needed safety technology upgrades.

Mild front end freshening. Quieter ride this is early info and will be changed and corrected as more details are released The cars are expected to arrive early July. Prices and orders are expected soon. Quieter ride- thicker door glass, redesigned door seals, acoustic windshield, more underfloor insulation Steering wheel - redesigned new alloy wheels, machined black and silver 2. The Reverse Automatic Braking uses 4 ultrasonic sensors in the rear bumper.

Exact details of what models get what features are to be announced. Standard on Touring models new Memory front driver's seat - all new on Forester Forester 2. You better order it now Some models or colors are already no longer available, such as some Forester manual transmission models. No model changes have been announced or confirmed yet though there are many rumors. Subaru is extremely proud that this is the 52nd month of sales increases and the 25th month with sales over 40, March by model Outback saved the month.

The Forester is starting to wind down and the popular Eyesight is hard to keep in stock, and the Legacy is a great car that can't grab a big market share. But watching these numbers go up or down every month is like watching a boat Subaru makes a great car, and likes the big lead-in "best month ever" story line, the monthly growth is what makes data crunching marketers and big desks happy, but the real story unfolds at the end of the book, on the last day and page of the year The auto industry analysts and survey companies only like sales increases, ie they'd bet on the hare.

But not every month or year has to have growth be better for it to have been a success, ie growth is good but is not the only measure of success.

Crosstrek buyers have bought everything available. That's not much advance warning! No changes for models have been announced. Renamed Dwayne Lane's Skagit Subaru. His son Tom Lane is running the company. Warming up a car takes miles of driving and there is no reason to wait or let a car idle for that long, but you should always let a cold car idle for seconds, more if its cold outside, to let the oil circulate.

Then drive calmly for the first mile or so. I would recommend that always always always.. I have a Subaru Impreza. I have to wait until the blue thermostat light on the dash goes off before I drive the car.

Do you think this is necessary? It seems like a waste of gas. It is a waste. What to look for in a new Impreza? Slightly larger Longer wheelbase for a smoother ride and bigger back seat More practical 5 door cargo door and body design. It's tight in the current the Impreza 5door and Crosstreks due to the aerodynamically focused slope of the rear gate. More integration of the safety technologies- Eyesight and Starlink internet connectivity. And hopefully with scheduled US production and other benefits described below, Subarus will keep the same price points.

This new platform represents the culmination of the know-how we have developed over many years, and we are confident that it will allow us to produce vehicles that live up to our proud traditions and meet the high expectations customers have of Subaru. We continue to work on designing ever-more attractive vehicles that offer the customer both enjoyment and peace of mind. The main features include: The eradication of unnecessary movement in handling makes the car seem to grip the road surface, achieving a traveling performance that looks ahead to the need for enhanced straight line stability in the autonomous vehicles of the future.

This distributes the resonance and distortion throughout the body, greatly reducing vibrations from the steering wheel, floor, and seats. It achieves a quietness that goes beyond vehicle class. Together with the major improvements in rigidity and the evolution of the suspension system, this lower center of gravity makes possible a more stable driving experience than ever before, and offers outstanding danger avoidance capabilities on a level with a high-performance sports car.

The new unified design concept will also make it easier for our two factories in Japan and the Subaru of Indiana Automotive plant in the United States to carry out bridge production of multiple different models on a single line, making our global production system more flexible.

The Subaru Global Platform that offers these benefits will be used in the development of all Subaru vehicles from now on, beginning with the next-generation Impreza, due to hit the market in We'll see it first on the new Impreza, which will go on sale in the second half of Subaru claims its new platform offers percent greater rigidity compared to the company's current models, and the stiffer chassis means less vibration travels through the vehicle to the steering wheel and seats, which results in an easier time for the driver.

A percent increase in impact energy absorption should also mean improved safety. Customers might experience a more exciting drive from the future Subarus, too. The company claims the new platform lowers the center gravity by 0. The engineers now mount the rear stabilizer directly to the body, which is said to reduce body roll by 50 percent over current models.

It also supports hybrid, plug-in, and EV drivetrains to adapt to the future. After the Impreza lets us experience the Subaru Global Platform later this year, the company already has other models with it under development. For example, the XV Concept from Geneva hints at a sharper look for the next-gen compact crossover.

The new WRX reportedly joins the range in and possibly gets an extra boost from hybrid power. So much new product on the way could let Subaru keep up its brisk sales pace for years to come.

The first two changes will debut in the next-generation Impreza small car arriving in the second half of the year: After those moves, Subaru will roll out new automated-driving technologies beginning with a traffic-jam autopilot. The new platform aims to cut costs while improving safety and dynamics. Executives repeatedly said they benchmarked top European brands and compared the new platform's high-speed emergency evasive handling to that of German sports cars.

At the same time the number of bookstores has shrunk considerably, depriving customers of the ability to browse or ask staff members for guidance. For a long time Amazon, the largest online bookseller, dominated the digital discovery zone through its book reviews, recommendations and displays on its home page. But Amazon has lost some trust among readers recently amid concerns that its reviews and recommendations can contain hidden agendas. The theory behind Goodreads and its two main — albeit much smaller — competitors, Shelfari and LibraryThing , is that people will put more faith in book recommendations from a social network they build themselves.

Amazon was convinced enough by the concept that it bought Shelfari in It also owns a portion of LibraryThing as a result of purchasing companies that already owned a stake in the site. Goodreads members represent a small portion of all book buyers, and it is not immune from some of the politicking that goes on elsewhere — authors are not prevented from reviewing their own books, for instance. But advocates consider this acceptable because readers can choose their own reviewers.

Hettler, who trains employees at a T. Maxx warehouse, started her own group on Goodreads, the Next Best Book Club, which now has more than 10, members. She has become so well known that not only does she never run out of book recommendations, but she is also courted directly by small publishers like Graywolf Press and Artistically Declined to promote their authors. They met after graduating from Stanford University.

View all New York Times newsletters. Trained as an engineer, Mr. Chandler was always interested in starting his own social media company, and his first job included working on a dating site. Chandler trained as a dancer and worked as a writer and editor.

But what they shared was a passionate love of books, and they quickly realized that books bound others as well. The couple began creating Goodreads in from Mr. As the site grew, they added features: Slowly the site became the largest source of independent reviews on the Web, with 21 million and counting. The collective power of the membership model began to be felt across publishing as groups like Ms.

Goodreads has been particularly crucial for self-published authors, many of whom would never have had success without it.

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As the site grew, they added features: No model changes have been announced or confirmed yet though there are many rumors. What Is a Healthy Relationship?

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The 4 minute video includes news of my presentations and a view of one of our lifesize replicas on display in the Cathedral. Another good thing is that if you want a Crosstrek Hybrid, its a great car, well equipped, has a roof rack and ground clearance, and it's green, and is still available.

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This was new dating site 2013 true of the original brilliant brown Outback Special Appearance package which was also a limited production run. All models have Android Auto and Apple Carplay. On Monday, March datung I will be making two presentations to the students at St. We're already seeing some late model, almost new Outbacks and Crosstreks traded in for the new 18s. Until the vehicle has been inspected, owners are advised not to drive their vehicle.