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The reason behind Yoona-Donghae scandal

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They look cute together. I do wish them well in maintaining the relationship, though. I approve this couple Congrats, I was shocked not gonna lie Yoona and Lee Seungi are scandal free, it seemed so random Taeyeon's so popular too, something just seems.. I think she would still be fine unless the actor was super A list like kang dong won or jo in sung. It was "pan acting academy" or something.

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Kim Heechul, "I like drinking so I got rid of my car 2 years ago in case I made any mistakes" Source: But who you pick aside, I don't think so. SNSD has already more than 5 years in Korea but it seems than for Korean public the one is truly important to them is Yoona. Congratulations Yoona for being the first one with public relationship. I dont have any problems for them both.. Congrats to the both of them! Len January 1, at 2:

It's unacceptable to me. Taeyeon's two oreos, what does it mean? Ilgan Sports via Nate 1. Taeyeon Baekhyun, a post from two months ago "Baekhyun Kyahing scandal" Source: TV Daily via Nate Baekhyun posted on their homepage for their 2 year anniversary spamming 'kyahing kyahing' for hours. Then Taeyeon wrote 'kyahing' on her Instagram. Good riddance that you're both dating each other.

It's not the right time yet. Any fan figured it out by now. Reading that Baekhyun interview really makes me mad. Shouldn't have lied to begin with. TV Report via Naver 1. Taeyeon and Baekhyun's dating proofs 'couple items' Source: TV Report via Nate 1. Didn't even greet his senior singers and went straight to Taeyeon tsk. Share to Twitter Share to Facebook.

Newer Post Older Post Home. Popular Tags Blog Archives. I approve this couple Aouuuuwww yoona you are lucky girl Seunggi is such a gentlemen guy Meanwhile, the LSG and Suzy shippers be like Just look at the proportion of thumbs up vs thumbs down!

I guess that's why they aren't afraid to confirm this I like this couple. The fact that SM confirmed it is more surprising than the fact that these 2 are dating. Thank you SM for letting me date my boy Seunggi. I have been shipping this couple since the Goguma story in strong heart, took them long enough This is like the Idol Couple that idols won't be able to climb over: SM's first scandal to not even deny.

Knets imediately have approved of this relationship. When I woke up this morning.. Congrats and I hope they last long Wow not a single negative comment. I thought LSG is on the another level. As loyal and long time SONE, i sincerely happy for them.

LSG such a smart, diligent, polite, and gentleman. Really rare guys in this scary world. Both parties directly admit it. Handle it like a pro.. Congratssss our goddess Yong.

It would be stupid to deny it. It's because both of them are so picture perfect there's literally nothing you can say. Yoona has a good positive image.

Rain does not and has had tons of scandals that's why they got that reaction. Seunggi and Yoona match each other well. I'm not surprised at all by the positive reaction. They instantly replied to the scandal like they were waiting for it. Lee Seung Gi got his ideal girl he mentioned on strong heart long time ago!! Wait, so was this rumour mill on them? C was known for dating Hallyu girl group member E for a brief period but has since focused solely on his work in fear of getting caught by paparazzi.

D finally managed to capture his heart, however, and she's quite the trend of the industry herself. Once their scandal comes out, it will be a true shock to the industry! I feel like everyone has been waiting for that day when Lee Seung Gi would drop the bombshell to nuke us all. Congrats, I was shocked not gonna lie Yoona and Lee Seungi are scandal free, it seemed so random Dispatch is on a roll. I don't think this is the only people they caught. I wish them luck: There is nothing negative you can say about either one of them tbh.

I love that Seunggi's first scandal is looked on positively. Going public isn't healthy for a relationship. I wish them all the best though. Great couple in my eyes. I'm happy for both. Meanwhile, did you guys hear what i heard? The sound of a million hearts breaking. They both hold nation status in korea yoona nation girl group and seung gi for nation little brother.

No idol vs actor bcus Seungi was an idol too xD he was a idol who turned into an actor. SM's not even denying it.. The reaction of the public is probably a reflection of their image. And it's great to see Seung Gi end up with his actual ideal type. All the best to the happy couple. Lovely start to Hope to see you together in the show hahaha. Dispatch is amazing lol. I honestly thought LSG's ahjumma fans would be upset but they seem to be really happy for them.

I hope they last a long time. Oh wow, this time round k-netizens didn't mention anything about them being on same or different 'levels'. Well Yoona also has her reputation among Korean public individually. He probably has the worst image of any celeb in korea because of the military stuff. This is what you called determination! I hope both idols don't get harmed by each other's fans though. Sadly, SHINee fans were too immature at the time to be accepting.

Too early for the fandom to deal with dating rumors and shit. Not to mention that neither Jonghyun nor Shin Sekyung has the kind of transcending popularity that Yoona and Lee Seunggi. I'm quite surprised because LSG is so big in Korea. Look what happened to WB and Sooyung scandal. Sooyung received lots of hates. It's freaking Lee Seunggi. If you deny dating him there is something wrong with you. I guess it shows how popular these two are and how supportive people are of them dating.

I think they suit each other and I hope everything goes well for them! I just wish the response could be the same towards other idol relationships.. When i woke up this morning and read allkpop's title about yoona and lee seung gi, i thought both of them just dating in their new drama. But when i read the articles, its really shocking me! Yeah, I think they both are household names and generally have the respect of the public is a big part of it.

And as others said, they're both good looking. YoonGoddess deserves all the love she gets imo. And she's always had a clean image and being part of the nation's girl group helps too: LSG was an idol too.. Gosh I've been shipping them since and now not only Seunggi's but also my dream comes true. This sadly ends the shipping btw LSG and Suzy. This Reminds me of Myo mi scandal like in PM hahaha. It's amazing how the reporters disguise or hide to click their pictures clearly: P Very Random indeed.

Congrates to both anyway: JW is not on his level. SM is like the disapproving parent who refuses to acknowledge boys they don't approve of but shows off those that they do like. Have a happy relationship both of u!!! She got a boy, Kangchi! She got a boy, Daewoong! She got a boy, handsome boy who will pay for her food Yo, LSG, you take care of shikshin 2, m'kay?! Shows how important it is in korea to pick someone of the same level.

Like Hyoyeon and her hot, rich non-celeb boyfriend. Soshi fans know all about it yet SM hasn't said a word. They both have a clean image, both are really at the top with popularity. It's good match, SM and the public knows it. He was literally shut down today even thought he is happy for the couple. Nothing bad to say to this couple. They both are well loved and have a positive image. Congrats to the both of them! Happy New Year everyone! LSG has a strong reputation of a genuinely kind gentleman and he also repeatedly said that Yoona was his ideal type, so I'm glad his loyalty really paid off all these years.

I do wish them well in maintaining the relationship, though. Especially since will be a much busier year for SoShi and his impending army enlistment Also, I pray and hope that the remaining 8 girls find guys as great as LSG!!! A delulu lurking in NB. Pretty much since his side admitted to it first, they couldn't go and deny it. Better to admit it and move on. Luckily both of them have really clean images.

I'm just shocked at SM confirming a dating scandal lol. All their best to their blossoming love. I have been seeing Lee Seung Gi acting in drama ever since when he was just And now he is finally dating Guess all those years of saying Yoona was his ideal type finally paid off lol No really, happy to see such a positive response.

I thought maybe because LSG is an idol. The reaction would be different if she's getting linked with the A list actor. Been publicly crushing on her since , boy finally makes his move.

SM is like the king of denial. They'll say no even when the proof is right there. Normally I hate calling anyone "delulu", but it actually seems appropriate in this case. Did NOT expect news like this on the first day of the year. Seung Gi was so adorably shy whenever Yoona guested on Strong Heart. I'm blown away SM confirmed it. They probably wanted to kill whoever confirmed the news at his agency lol.

There's this thing called 'the power of SM'. So I'm pretty sure SM very willing admit it, only because it's the clean-image and down-to-earth Lee Seunggi. Do they really need to? Maybe SM is respecting their right to privacy and not announcing every boyfriend that the girls have. I think she would still be fine unless the actor was super A list like kang dong won or jo in sung.

She could probably still get away with it if they were close in age. It's so weird to see the netizens so nice.

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netizenbuzz yoona dating

TV Report via Nate 1.

netizenbuzz yoona dating

YoonGoddess deserves all the love she gets imo. Tiffany was the one who uploaded that. Sadly, SHINee fans were too immature at the time to be accepting.

netizenbuzz yoona dating

More than likely they are, there's just no proof yet lol. Sign In Create Account. Shows how important it is in korea to pick someone of the same level. Wow not a single negative comment. Netizenbuzz yoona dating sound of a million hearts breaking.