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A would later fight in the Third Shinobi World War, where he would frequently fight with Minato Namikaze, only for all of their battles to create stalemates. The week before Inojin's Academy graduation exam, Sai practices his signature technique with his son. Despite calling himself an Uchiha, being intrigued by Itachi Uchiha, Shin is actually a former test subject in Orochimaru's experiments. And no matter how many times you told them, how many points people made about how unhealthy and dangerous it was, they never changed, believing their knight in shining armor would come and rescue them. Made worse by the lyrics: Some time after the loss of Shin, Sai forgot that this was his intention, and the picture book was left unfinished, though he could never bring it upon himself to discard the book. There is no way a genin, no matter how good can fight that thing!

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Asuma had his trench knives out. After hearing such a request Sai looked rather upset and asked Kakashi if he didn't trust him because he was from Root , but Kakashi answered that he believed in him because he was also a member of Team Kakashi. She is apparently relatively new to the position and does not remember the previous leadership, which conducted witch hunts against kekkei genkai users like her, fondly. During his time in the village, he distinguished himself as one of the village's most powerful ninja along with his teammates, Jiraiya and Tsunade. Naruto can hear all the screams of the Infinite Tsukuyomi victims , but he's powerless to do anything to help them. Konohagakure Root Allied Shinobi Forces. However, his laziness frequently prevents him from effectively utilizing his intelligence.

But I think it's now time we got down to the main event, don't you? He just blew up all of those What kind of attack was that! She shivered, Kurenai may have been young when the Kyuubi attacked, being thirteen years old and just a Chunin at the time. But she could still remember the bloodlust and power that had rolled off of the Kyubi in waves.

Everyone heard her words, but no one said anything. Whether what Kurenai said was true or not, no one could deny that whatever the blond Uzumaki had done was a powerful attack. Many of the civilians that had hated Naruto for being the Jinchurikki for the Kyuubi, were now feeling fearful that it had come to take it's revenge on them for their treatment of it. On the inside the hebi-sennin was cackling in glee. I was a fool not to give him my gift in the forest, but it matters not.

Soon, Naruto-kun, you will be mine! The attack greatly reminded him off the few times he had seen a Bijuudama Tailed Beast Ball , only on a slightly smaller scale. What's more the blond had not used the Kyuubi's chakra, however he had not used his own either. Whatever power he had used was far more powerful then even the Kyuubi. Which should not be possible, since the Kyuubi was the strongest Bijuu in existence. The sclera of Gaara's eyes had become black, containing yellow irides with pupils that each takes the shape of a black four-pointed star with four black dots around it.

They were the eyes of Shukaku, and it was obvious the boy was possessed. Sand swelled around Gaara, covering his body. Black markings began to spread out along the sand. It wasn't long before Gaara became a miniature version of Shukaku, with large, claw-lie hands, stubby feet and a large raccoon tail swishing behind him.

Naruto frowned, Kyuubi had told him Shukaku had a grisly voice. He held out his hand and beckoned the possessed genin forward, "come. He swiped a claw at Naruto, which extended in it's attempt to hit the blond.

However the demon-shinobi just grinned as he charged youki into his fist, meeting the claw in an explosion of power. Shukaku's entire arm was blown up and the creature reared it's back to scream in pain. It began attacking again, with all it had, claw swipes, wind attacks, sand attacks, nothing it threw at the blond Uzumaki worked.

Naruto wove around the claw swipes, occasionally using a knife edged hand to cut off the claws fingers. He used his youki attacks to neutralize the wind attacks, and whenever the sand tried to crush him, Naruto would release his youki and blast the sand away like it was nothing more then a minor irritant. Naruto ducked under another claw swipe. His hand shot up, covered in an intense red and black energy that took on the shape of a blade.

With movement quicker then the Kiroii Senkou himself, Naruto sliced off the entire clawed arm like it was paper. Shukaku reared back as if struck, roaring out in both pain and frustration. The Demon Lord attacked again, fighting with that much more zeal as it did everything in it's power to kill the blond who was more or less mocking it's inability to kill him. The Shukaku seemed to be getting frustrated that it had yet to even land a hit on the genin, who had already destroyed his arms at least ten times.

With a loud roar Shukaku let loose his youki, a muddy brown color that saturated Gaara's body. A giant tower of sand exploded upwards, engulfing the entire arena in smoke. As quickly as it had come the smoke was blown away by a powerful gust of wind. Many of the spectators reeled back in shock and horror at the sight that greeted them. In the center of the arena, standing at least a good thirty meters in height, stood the terror of Sunagakure, the Ichibi No Shukaku.

Naruto is not facing off against some insane ninja! He's fighting a Bijuu! There is no way a genin, no matter how good can fight that thing! Besides, look down at the gaki, he's completely calm. Kurenai frowned but did as told. Anko was right, Naruto did look rather calm. To be honest, if he was showing any emotion at all, Kurenai had to say it was excitement. There was a large grin on his face as he eyed the giant Demon.

It looked like he was enjoying the battle more then anything else. Fighting a Bijuu would crush us. Besides, we've seen what the kid can do. If anyone can defeat that thing, it's him. His eyes took on a red glow, which when combined with his Rinnegan made for a freaky affect.

The two attacks struck, and Naruto's proved to be the stronger by a large margin. It struck the demon in the face, and Naruto decided he was lucky Gaara was no located near it's head, since the red head would have been destroyed along with that particular appendage after the blast had struck.

Naruto ran towards the giant Demon Lord, which began sending out sand tendrils to crush him once it regained it's head. However, with Naruto having decided to use youki for this battle, he was able to use Shundo to great effect in dodging the sand that came his way. Shukaku tried to wrap its sand around his ankles, but Naruto used his youki to keep himself from getting stuck. Grinning, Naruto placed his hands on the massive demon's head.

They began to grow a dark red, and were soon crackling with power as Naruto channeled more and more youki into his hands.

He soon released it in a powerful burst, and the effects were rather astonishing. Naruto's youki was not only very poisonous, but also had a similar to effect to heating. Most of the reason his youki blasts disintegrated his opponents when used, was quite simply because his attacks usually ran upwards of one thousand degrees Fahrenheit. That meant anything his youki attacks hit, were more or less vaporized. It was a little different with Shukaku. Since the entire creature was made from youki infused sand, the Demon Lord was much sturdier then most.

This meant that it's body did not dissolve when struck with a point-blank blast of Naruto's youki. Instead, Shukaku was turned into a large shard of glass.

Sometimes I astound myself. I shall call it, Demon Lord A la Sand! Too bad I can't let this thing just stand here. Giving one more tap the Demon Lord's form shattered. Ignoring her other brother's cry of "wait" she opened her fan and flew down to the arena floor. There she found Gaara, alive but unconscious.

Her youngest brother was sitting on the floor, eyes rolled in the back of his head. And the blond who had defeated him like he had been fighting Bijuu all his life had a hand on his head. His words caused Temari to stop short.

She tilted her head and a look of confusion crossed her face. What do you mean? A smile appeared on Naruto's face. Don't worry your pretty little head over a thing.

Now, let's see what's behind that cage Temari heard the boy's last mutterings and wondered what he meant. Was it the Rinnegan? Temari could only stand there and watch, hoping and praying that her brother would be ok.

The entire place looked like a dessert, everywhere he looked was sand, sand and more sand. Well, maybe it was a little better then the sewers his had been. Not that Naruto could access it anymore, since he no longer had a seal he couldn't actually enter his mind anymore.

Oh well, there was nothing useful there for him anyways as far as he was concerned. Looking around, Naruto decided on a destination to head to. A place where he saw a giant cavern in a large wall.

Naruto disappeared in a blur of speed and made it to the cage in record time. The cage was a lot like his, with large steel-gray bars, and a seal in the center. However, he noticed that the seal was frayed and worn. It looked like it someone had taken a fire jutsu to it. Inside of the cave was Shukaku There was something that he couldn't see, yet he could feel. It was like Shukaku held two souls, which was impossible. And yet, that was what he was feeling from the Demon Lord.

Not surprising, it probably realized just how helpless it was. He ignored it for the moment as he tried to decide what to do. The boy looked frightened. How did I get here! He was rather surprised the boy was being so emotional, then again, it's not everyday the Demon your carrying inside of you gets beat in five minutes flat by a genin. I had been told that the Shukaku was an insane priest who was sealed into a tea kettle Though they and the demon they merged with would lose their minds.

It is a very foolish thing to do, especially attempting to merge with a Demon Lord. Though he was curious as to why. Besides, that priest is the entire reason Shukaku is so insane.

Once the priest is gone, Shukaku should become normal again, and you should be able to sleep. Naruto walked up to the cage and glared at the giant sand demon. Naruto ignored it's cries as he rushed through the cage. With an upward yank, Naruto pulled out a gastly, pale white soul. It wiggled and squirmed as if trying to break free. Shukaku quieted and began to sink down, as layers and layers of sand dissolved from it's body. Naruto jumped back out of the cage and held the soul. There was a piercing wail that emanated from the soul as it was destroyed.

When the apparition was gone, the clearing was silent. He was rather proud of himself, Naruto had only been getting the basics of his Rinnegan down, and only knew that he could theoretically drag a soul out of a body. He had never actually tried it before, but that he was capable of doing so on his first try made his feel very good about himself. He turned to the stunned looking Gaara. When he does, I suggest you two talk. If he starts being stubborn, tell him that Raizen's descendant will beat his ass for not working with you.

Not like he could have said anything else. He was still trying to understand what the hell just happened! Naruto came back to the real world. Time inside of a seal was notoriously slow, so not much more then a second had elapsed outside of the seal. He looked at Temari and smiled. He set the red head on the ground and stepped back, allowing Temari to rush to her brother's side. From what I understand he has twelve years of making up to do. Temari looked at the blond who had just defeated Gaara's demon.

Not just beaten it, but did so easily. He could have killed Gaara but he hadn't, and whatever the blond had done, Temari was sure it had been beneficial. Now," Naruto's eyes narrowed as he looked up at the kage booth. Tell them they are not to attack with Oto, and any that do will be killed. Not just at the fact that he knew about the invasion, but what he said about her father as well.

Tell all your invading forces to either back off or help us drive off Oto. He reappeared right next to the disguised Orochimaru, whose eyes widened as the blond threw his fist out. There was a large explosion that destroyed the seat that the hebi-sannin was sitting on, and the entire wall behind it.

However, Orochimaru had managed to escape, using his quick reflexes to jump out of the way. I just hope you give me a better fight then these wet behind the ear genin! The two of them landed on a roof not far from the stadium. As the shock of their leaders discovery wore off, the Oto ninja that had disguised themselves as civilians began attack anyone they could.

However they soon found out that without the genjutsu that Kabuto had been going to cast in effect, they were out-manned and outmatched. Maito Gai, who had arrived a little while ago with his student Rock Lee was a whirlwind force of destruction. He had already shed his weights, determining that in a battle for the safety of his village, he could not afford to hold back. He used his fists and feet to pound any ninja that was close to him into the ground, or the air, or through a wall.

Every hit he sent broke bones and liquified insides. Asuma had his trench knives out. They were covered in green wind chakra, and he was using them to their greatest potential as he sliced through Oto ninja in his way. While he may not have Gai's Right by his side, Kurenai was using her genjutsu to confuse any opponent that Asuma did not get right off the bat. She would use her skills in stealth to sneak up behind them and slit their throat, or kill them with a well thrown kunai.

Mostly, she worked defensively, allowing the more battle oriented Asuma to take charge. And just a little ways away from her was none other then Anko. Currently said woman was cackling in glee as she launched several snakes at any enemies that got close. The snakes clamped down on the Oto ninja, not only eliciting screams of pain, but slowly killing them from the snake venom her summons carried.

While she killed her enemies, Anko was releasing a string of taunts and insults at all those who were still alive, enraging them further and making them that much easier to kill. All around the stadium similar battles were taking place.

Izumo and Kotetsu were using teamwork to defeat anybody that came to close. Genma was attacking several Oto ninja that appeared on the arena floor.

Huddled together were the Konoha Twelve, those who had not sent to the infirmary. Shikimaru was using his Kagemane no jutsu to hold enemies in place, while Tenten bombarded them with kunai. Shino had his bugs sucking the chakra of any enemy ninja that got too close, while Hinata and Kiba were using their respective taijutsu styles to deal as much damage as they could. Even Ino was doing what she could, using her Shintenshin no Jutsu to take over people mind and have them kill their teammates.

The only people who weren't fighting were Sakura, who was huddled in her seat in fear, praying for her Sasuke-kun to save her. And Lee, who was unfortunately too injured to fight and had to rely on Tenten for protection. A little ways from them was none other then Uchiha Sasuke. Said genin was currently slaughtering Oto ninja left and right, an insane grin on his face as he reveled in his skills and the power he had over these weak opponents.

The Kazekage has been killed! That man is really Orochimaru in disguise! She would never lie about something so important, she rarely every lied period.

Which meant she was right and this battle was meaningless. If he is dead, then fighting you would be pointless. Very well," Genma said. Naruto cocked his head to the side and tapped his fingers to his temple.

Surely, you know the stories of the Rinnegan. Around them a purple barrier sprang up as four people in white robes with a purple bow holding them closed appeared on roof. Naruto took in the double barrier, noting that it was both designed to keep people in as well as out. Picking up a rock Naruto threw it and watched as the barrier sizzled and the rock disintegrated. It's called Shinshienjin Four Violet Flames Battle Encampment , the barrier does not allow anyone to enter or exit so long as the ninja are unharmed.

The body of anyone touching it will immediately be engulfed in flames. In addition, there is no way to destroy the formation from inside the barrier, since the four people also have a barrier on the inside protecting them. So breaking out is extremely difficult, if not impossible. I had originally designed it so I could kill Sarutobi-sensei without any interference. However, I think I would much rather test your potential. The old man's death can wait for another day. I assure you, this will be the last stand you make.

A grin formed on Naruto's face, one that threatened to split his face in half. The ANBU team he had gotten together all stopped with him, all except one who ended up running straight into the purple barrier. The man was killed near instantaneously, his smoking and burnt corpse fell to the ground with a meaty thud.

So There you have, one bonafide chapter with giant sand monsters getting their ass kicked. The battle between Orochimaru and Naruto is about to get underway, and the Sandaime will just have to sit his wrinkly old ass back and watch the show. Considering I don't think this has ever happened in a story before I'm rather pleased with the results.

And now I'm off to see the wizard, the wonderful wizard of jobs. I never got to tell Rin, I love her. I just wish, I could have spent more time with everyone How to put it. Well, in a word Sasuke and Sai arc. Sai being an Empty Shell. His Jerkass pose, No Social Skills , are so wrong. It's very sad to imagine, how a person can function like this. Danzo' conditioning is really bad.

The Naruto vs Orochimaru fight and Sakura's reaction at the four-tailed fox version of Naruto is just heartbreaking , especially when she starts running towards him screaming at him to stop. It's painful and it really shows how the hero having a Superpowered Evil Side can affect those around him.

It's okay; I can rescue Sasuke! I'm begging you to stop this right now! Hidan and Kakuzu arc. The death of Asuma. It came way out of left field, and seeing Kurenai's reaction was even sadder. The death itself was awful enough, but worse was Shikamaru immediately thereafter taking Asuma's lighter, putting a lit cigarette in his mouth, and then lamenting that he always hated Asuma's smoking because it stung his eyes. He was so stricken that he felt the need to do this when it was already raining.

Episode 82 manages to make this hit home solidly: Shikamaru and his father Shikaku are playing Shogi in the middle of the night after Asuma's funeral. During a long unbroken camera shot of them moving pieces, Shikamaru's father attempts to praise his son's efforts, but when he brings up Asuma's death, Shikamaru knocks over the Shogi board, scattering the pieces across the room, screaming that he is a useless coward.

Shikaku looks at him, tells him to "let it out" and walks away. He closes the door behind him just as Shikamaru lets out the most heartwrenching cries of grief ever heard in anime, saying quietly, "I'll pick up the pieces". Surprisingly, Orochimaru's death hits hard, in a way that some of the much more heroic characters' haven't.

We see how he got to be that way and that all his claims of never having been friends with Tsunade and Jiraiya were bullshit.

It's not so much the death itself, but all that wasted potential. Those flashbacks really show that he could have been a hero with just a few different life choices. It was even sadder after seeing Naruto's reaction. A shinobi's life is not measured by how they lived, but rather it's measured by what they managed to accomplish before their death.

Looking back, my life has really been full of nothing but failure. Continually rejected by Tsunade, unable to stop my friend, and unable to protect either my student or my mentor. Compared to the great and celebrated deeds of the Hokage, my actions are trifling, insignificant things indeed. I wish that I could have died like each of the Hokage.

A tale is only as good as its final turn of events, the plot twist, and mistakes are an important part of the plot, too! I've lived my life always believing that the lessons I've learned are what honed me. I swore I would accomplish a deed so great that it would obliterate all my failures; I'd die a splendid shinobi. At least, that's how it was supposed to go. The Great Lord Elder prophesied that I would be the one to guide a revolution: A person who will make a great choice that will bring either peace or destruction to the world of the shinobi.

I thought I would defeat Pain, stop the Akatsuki and save the world from destruction, but in the end, I failed that, too. How pitiful, how sad that this will be the ending twist to "The Tale of Jiraiya the Gallant".

What a worthless story it turned out to be. I'm always going to be there for you even if it's only as an obstacle for you to overcome. Even if you do hate me, that's what big brothers are for. Invasion of Pain Arc.

News about Jiraiya's death reach Naruto and Tsunade. Jiraiya's death hits Naruto really hard. He just stands there frozen, unable to say anything while the others talk about finding a way to decode the messages he left, until: Is that right, Granny?

You knew Pervy Sage better than anyone, Granny. I never go back on my word Why would you ever want to seal the Nine-Tails inside of your own son?! Do you have any idea what I went through because you did that?! All the grown-ups just looked at me with contempt or with fear, and I couldn't make any friends. I just wanted people to accept me or at least not hate me, so I trained really hard to become as strong as I could! But just when things were looking up, a group called the Akatsuki came after me, so then I had to train even harder than I did before!

I got stronger but couldn't stop the Akatsuki from killing my friends, and I mean I-I-I don't know what I'm saying anymore! Damn it, am I supposed to be happy or mad?! I don't even know!

I think the same way you do. There's no way that I can forgive you. I still hate you! I choose to believe in him and follow what he taught me. So that's it; that's my answer. I'm not gonna kill you guys. Five Kage Summit Arc. Sasuke is my friend, and I can't just stand around and watch my friend get killed!

I don't want my friends or yours to get lost in their need for revenge! Sasuke has always been all about vengeance! He's obsessed with it; it changed him! Vengeance drives you mad! It turns you into someone you don't even recognize!

I don't want anyone else to become like Sasuke! I don't want the Leaf and Cloud to kill each other! You all ought to hold your ground, afterwards! You bow your head for a criminal and beg mercy to keep your comrade safe? In the shinobi world, that is not friendship!

The history of mankind is a history of war! Those who are weak are trampled! A shinobi world is not so indulgent as to suffer fools. It's my turn next. Just as you gave your life to protect the Hidden Leaf Village, this time I will, too. I will stop them, but in the end, I never got to be Hokage. No matter how far I ran, I could never catch up to you You were a tree leaf upon which light shone.

So, what do you think of me, eh, Hiruzen? What was I to you? I don't want to understand you. You're the one who's going to die.

But at least I'll take you down first. Confining the Jinchuuriki Arc. As Naruto's fighting and losing himself to Nine-Tails' darkness, he hears a soft voice calling out to him. You can stay here. Kisame Hoshigaki, I will remember you for the rest of my life. Come on, I told you to leave him alone.

He's just that type of guy. He doesn't get along with those of us from the cipher division. What would brain types and physical types have to talk about? Kisame gets up and walks towards him. Wh-what do you want? We could do it after the mission is over.

Protect the cipher division and the ciphered message. However, do not let the enemy capture a shinobi from the cipher division. Your mission is to protect the cipher to the death, no matter what happens. You understand what that means, right? I will not let them capture a shinobi from the cipher division alive.

That is the sort of mission I specialize in. Shinobi World War Arc. He dug deep into Zabuza's heart and dug out the truth. And, I died human. Thanks to her, for the first time I received " medicine " from my father. You surpassed me long ago. I leave the village to you. Our pain will only last an instant, unlike yours.

The way we think may be different, but I'm still proud of you. You don't have to forgive me. No matter what you decided to do from now on, I will always love you.

Ten Tails Revival Arc. The official confirmation that Tobi's true identity is Especially because it comes after a montage flashback showing us his, Kakashi and Rin's past as well. Lotsa people saw it coming, but it's still shocking. And the hits keep coming for Kakashi. During the battle, he realizes that it might be Obito behind the mask and starts breathing heavily.

Guy tells him he's thinking it too, but they have to press on. Then comes the silent montage of smiling, idealistic, kind hearted Obito, before cutting back to the present to reveal him with the mask shattered. The scars and cold look on his face must be torture to Kakashi. For the audience, it was heart wrenching. You see the flashback, from young, humble beginnings, to bittersweet memories, to a tearjerking end. And as it continues, you slowly but surely come to the bitter realization of just who Tobi is, and what Tobi has done - and as it finally reveals what you've known all along, it becomes nothing more than a punch in the gut.

The voice acting in the English dub reflects the change perfectly. Instead of using the same voice as he did moments ago, Obito uses what must be his own natural voice.

He now sounds the way he did when he was "Tobi", only now there's no cheerful bounce in his tone, just an empty monotone quality to it. The look on Kakashi's face when he sees the truth. Broken Pedestal doesn't even begin to describe it. When you really think about it, you realize how deeply Obito affected the plot. Had he never "died", he would have never become Tobi. Then not only would both his sensei who he, for all intents and purposes, KILLED and his wife would still be alive, Naruto would have had a much happier life, the Uchiha Clan would be intact, and Kakashi would have never lived a life of regret.

Ultimately, Obito became the catalyst for the fate of the world-and he chooses to plunge into a terrible war, loses all sense of idealism he once had, disillusioned by the horrors of the shinobi life.

Then there's Obito's reasoning for doing all this: The flashback does not focus on Obito's relationship with Kakashi; it's focused on his relationship with Rin, the girl he was in love with. Since it's later confirmed that she has died, you realize that her death was probably what caused Obito to become Tobi. It's saddening to see Kakashi ask why he doesn't just blame him; Obito loved Rin enough to be willing to destroy a reality that she is no longer a part of, just because of her untimely passing.

The five Kage, all about to die. Tsunade pulls a Heroic Second Wind , instead of healing her own grievous wounds , summons Katsuyu and asks to bring the other Kage to her, so that she can save them.

It is directly hinted that Tsunade might not make it Him being here must mean You're stronger than me and you have many things that are solely yours. This is all I can do right now. Just as Obito is about to perform the Rinne Rebirth in order to redeem himself at the cost of his life , Madara has Black Zetsu hijack the jutsu to revive himself.

We learn why in Part I Gaara thought the Shukaku was an old monk. We learn that the old monk was one of the Shukaku's previous jinchuriki, and he was treated as a monster. He was locked in a cell, given only bread and water and was treated with utter disdain. Refusing to call him his real name, instead calling him the Shukaku. It does show how society has changed and does make sense why the Tailed Beast hate humans so much. The look on Naruto's face really seals the deal.

Gaara manages to bring a dying Naruto back to the Medical Ninja. When Hinata uses the Byakugan to see Naruto's fading heartbeat, she desperately runs to him and collapses either because she tripped or from exhaustion. The devastated look on her face seals it. All she can do is mentally plead for Neji to protect Naruto.

She wasn't the only one breaking down there: Sakura's and Karin's reaction to Naruto's and Sasuke's dying moments are painful to watch. Sasuke's desperation to stay alive while fighting Madara. At least, until the War is over. Tenten really misses Neji. The anime adds more depth to it, showing her shed a single tear as she thinks about him, which she quickly wipes away so Guy and Lee won't see her crying. Sakura's look of absolute despair when Madara took down Kakashi, Minato and Gaara and the Black Zetsu controlled Obito was walking towards him.

She literally was powerless, if she tried to fight Naruto would have died, but if she doesn't do anything his death was just a matter of time. Guy decides to open the Eighth Gate, something that will kill him. He's that willing to protect his friends. Guy with his dad, Might Duy. His dad is revealed to be a mere genin despite already being old enough to have a preteen son.

Because of this, he is openly mocked. When Guy fights the older ninjas who're demeaning his dad, he is beaten up and has to stay at a hospital. There, his dad reveals that a true victory is not beating a strong opponent, but protecting something precious to you.

Fast-forward a little later where Duy teaches Guy the Eight Gates technique and tells him to use it only when he is protecting what's important to him. Then, Guy uses the same technique his dad did to protect his longtime friend and rival, Kakashi, and his own student, Lee, from Madara.

Also one for Rock Lee. Poor guy lost his best friend to Madara earlier in the fighting, when Neji died to protect Naruto and Hinata. Now, he has to watch the first and nearly only person who ever believed in him go out in a Dying Moment of Awesome to protect the world. However, Lee declares he will not look at this as a sad since showing pity to Guy when the latter is performing the ultimate sacrifice to save everyone would be horribly rude towards Guy's sacrifice.

The still laments, though, that he he cannot open the eighth gate too to back Guy up and Minato has to help him rally. How the Sage of Six Paths reacts to the idea that he created ninjutsu. It makes sense in retrospect, the Sage wanted to create peace and instead his legacy is one of war. If one considers it, he was a failure despite his strength and knowledge.

He wanted peace, and created ninshu to do so. Instead ninshu was corrupted to ninjutsu, that restarted and intensified the wars his mother stopped. Along with creating a war between his sons, that is still going on between his sons's reincarnations. The Tailed Beasts were manipulated by humans their whole life, causing a very justified hatred for humanity. And the sage has gone through time to meet his sons' reincarnations, so he knows how badly he messed up.

Obito's whole life was manipulated and crushed by Madara and the reason he did so was because Obito was truly a kind and loving person whose fall would make him hate the world Sakura mistakes Sasuke's apparent indifference, thinking he doesn't care if she lives or dies. However, if he didn't care, he wouldn't have jumped at the same time as Naruto to save her. These two are plagued by Poor Communication Kills. Hinata being caught in the Infinite Tsukuyomi , with her last free thoughts being to mentally call out to Naruto.

Worse still, Naruto heard her and he immediately tried to rush to her aid, but Sasuke had to beg him not to leave the shelter of his Susano'o, because if Naruto set foot outside, he'd instantly be caught in the Infinite Tsukuyomi himself.

Naruto can hear all the screams of the Infinite Tsukuyomi victims , but he's powerless to do anything to help them. After waiting and complaining about his absence for ages, Yamato fans get to see their favorite character again. Only the poor man was being manipulated into attacking the very people he cares for by Madara, and now he to is another victim of the Infinite Tsukuyomi.

The depiction of Gaara's dream within Infinite Tsukuyomi was utterly heartwrenching when letting it sink in. The way his entire family was together, being able to live a normal, happy childhood. He was even having Naruto as a childhood best friend. The contrast between his dream and the reality of what happened with him and his family is painful.

Tenten's dream is pretty bad as well. Tenten's is just normal life for Team Guy, which is heartbreaking when you consider that Neji's dead and Guy could be very badly incapacitated.

But, while everyone else is dreaming about romance or achieving some great feat, Tenten's dream is for Guy and Lee to stop being annoying.

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naruto speed dating

As the leader of the Uchiha clan, Madara's overuse of Mangekyo Sharingan blinds him, forcing him to take the eyes of his late younger brother Izuna. Later, he goes out to find Kabuto and prevent him from finding Killer Bee and Naruto and succeeds in protecting them.

naruto speed dating

Naruto ducked under a sword swing that was meant to decapitate him, jumped back from a kick from what looked like a hammer-foot, then jumped to the left in time to miss the mace bearing down on his position. Protect the cipher division and the ciphered message. She was assigned to a team under the tutelage of Orochimaru.

naruto speed dating

So, what do you think of me, eh, Hiruzen? With an upward yank, Naruto speed dating pulled out a gastly, pale white soul. He admits, soon after, that he is actually bored with the incompetence of the Sky ninja. How I wish I could join you there Birth of the New Demon King As the shock of their leaders discovery wore off, the Oto ninja that had disguised themselves as civilians began attack anyone they could. While Naruto told him to calm down, Naruto speed dating was determined to save the potential culprit from following the misguided ideology of Root.