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Choose a nearest date for your interview and go for it bro…. Drop your comment here Cancel reply. Some part of it applies BUT you will also need police report backing us your assertion that your passport is lost.


Sunny on December 8, at Private accomodation in Croatia, apartments near the beach Savudrija and Umag, holiday houses with swimmingpool and wifi connection in Istria, Dalmatia all Adriatic coast, bungalows for families with garden in Croatia, private rooms with bathroom, villas with pool, hotels in Croatia, agroturism, travels, cruises, skiing in Italy, Austria, Slovenia. Ochy Blue on July 18, at Also how long will it take since I cannot leave my job for so long here. Vivian on September 20, at 8: Lucien, I am not sure about being able to change your name by deed poll at Naija house, all the change of name info seem to be skewed to wards single women changing their name after getting married… I strongly suggest you make inquiries on the phone first before going to Nigerian High Commission, most of the time, they will not let you in if you do not have appointment with evidence to show the specific person or service you are there for. Zaza, First of all, thanks for sharing the info about how long to expiry before you can apply to renew a passport.

Is it possible to avoid them collecting you old passport? Abby, Unfortunately they usually insist on seeing and keeping your old passport.

Mine was not lost, it was given back to me with the new passport. You just have to keep your fingers crossed and hope they do not lose your old one when you give it to them. I have heard stories similar to the one about your sister…. Do u think renewing my passport this december is too early and approximately how long does it take to get a new passport. Amina, If all you are doing is renewing your passport rather than having it re-issued, its very quick, I thinks they seem to get that done in a day, if its a re-issue you need to be issued with a completely new passport, that tends to take up to week, maybe more at this time of the year when loads of people travel back to Naija.

Perhaps you should wait till after the December rush is over and get it done in early January, just in time before you need to renew your work visa.

I have no first hand experience with the Nigerian embassy in Russia but I will do some research and update this post by Friday. As per your reply to Amina, what is the difference between renewing and reissuing, can you give use examples please? Hello Loma, I hope this clears it up for you: Passport Renewal or Extension.

This is what you do to a passport that is 5 years old. In other words, you can renew or extend your passport for another 5 years, if you have had it for 5 years. The high commission usually just stamp the passport you have now and its good for another 5 years. Passport Reissue — This is what is done to passport you have had for 10 years. You are given a completely new and different passport to the one you have that has served its 10 years lifespan.

I can imagine the frustration for those of you who do not live in or near London. The High Commission is to London centric. They really should arrange perhaps a postal service for those of you who live in say Scotland. Its a very long journey from Scotland to London.

Do I still need to book a slot? And if so can I book it for the same day as my interview date? Hi Jules, Yes, you still need to book an slot, yes again, the slot you book needs to be on your interview date. The so called slots are basically to book a time of the day for your interview.

Its confusing now because there is no slot left on the date i have as interview date after booking a slot for a later date. Abi, When you get the so called interview date. Tayo, Pleased know you got your renewal sorted and coming back to give feedback on how long it took to get the passport after your interview. The info should help others know roughly how long it will take to get the passport after the interview.

I have been trying to renew my passport since September. Im not sure if my situation is similar to any others. It has been 8 weeks today. I called the main passport office and spoke to a nice man who always redirects me to extension Thing is ext have never picked up, and I have dialled at least 50 times over the past weeks.

Dee, this is highly unusual, in the first instance I wonder why the need to contact Abuja office in the first instance….

You may be able to get things sorted if you actually go over there and speak to someone and get to the bottom of things.

If anyone else encounters something like this please please let me know. I think if you behave like a typical Naija and talk your way in, you may be able to achieve a lot more than waiting for them… they are not the most efficient or most organised High Commission in UK.

Do I apply for an e passport in my married name? Any advise would be great. Hi Temi, a slightly different question. Is this a feasible timeline do you think? And can they process a postal application? Sorry for the delayed response. I am really not an expert on this matter, your best best is to find out from the High Commission directly. I think you may just be able to get the passport for your child in time before you travel if you get the process started ASAP. Ozo, I think you may have to jump through quite a few hoops go get your passport regularised, I am not sure which one you should do first but if you visit this page http: This just shows that bribery and corruption will never end in nigeria.

I have tried to pay online for passport for my new born baby with my visa card but all proved abortive. The application was successful, I have application ID and reference number but the issue is to pay online.

Each time I tried to pay it keeps showing payment cannot be processed now. I think may be because am using my own visa card for my son, different name compare to what Is on my card. Is there anything wrong in that if I scan the mentioned them and send to them. Hello Sunny, Sorry to hear you are having this difficulties. I cannot see anything wrong in you scanning and sending the required documents to SW Global LLC other than the fact that it delays you payment process by a few more days….

Thanks for your quick response. Hello Tayo, did you experience same problem as mine for the three days before you finally got through? I was asked to cover the 8 digits out of all the 16 digits before I scan for security reason. What is your take on this? Hi sunny ,I would advise that you try and fill it again and start the process again and only send your details and stuff as a last resort , which is what I would do as I was tempted to register too initially.

Good luck this time. So basically only use Firefox Mozilla nothing else. Am going for my interview tomorrow so fingers cross, I have never had a Nigerian passport before but going there with my mothers passport copy and my British passport and all my application documentations. Thanks for sharing you experience with us Richard, good luck and I hope you are not kept waiting for too long at the interview tomorrow.

Thanks a million for your wonderful post, you really are a life saver, God bless you real good!!! I am A Nigerian and I already have a residence permit but my Nigerian passport will expire on January 9th.

Please when can I renew it? I live far away from London and considering travelling and other costs, I cant afford to do it in January. If I chose a day in next month or 2 months would this be too bad? Abi, The time you renew your passport is not very important, you can renew it before or after expiry.

Its just that you are not able to travel till you have a valid passport so if you are not planning to travel, you can renew it when its convenient for you. Yinkus, Yes you can change a name. You will need to provide the necessary documents associated with the change of name to the Nigerian High Commission.

If you go too this page http: Requirements for Change of name by Marriage Download the PDF document there, it tells you what the High Commission require from you to process change of name. Can I do that in London. Hello please could you let me know how much postal order I have to go to Nigeria House with? Please try as much as possible to reply. Please, Could you double check this for me? Here is the requirements, I have just copy and pasted this from the High Commission website:.

Passport, which has not yet served the normal ten years lifespan: Please Temi, do you have any ideal how i can renew my passport in with new details, which is different from the details i have used before when i first scan back in nigeria, is the old biometriic details going to reflect when i go for new scan in europe, i heard some guys said is only possible back in nigeria,.

Tictac, The story I have heard is quite similar to yours. It appears you can old change biometric details in Naija. The High Commission and Embassies in Europe are not equipped for such changes.

Thanks Temi, for being there for us in this forum, please my cousin will be going for renewal he owns the old MRP passport but has expired and want to renew it to the new e. Tictac, I think both thing may be possible, the first one given that the home office has it so a copy and the receipt home office gave to acknowledge they have the original may be adequate.

Regarding someone collecting it on his behalf, with appropriate letter of authority, it should be no problem BUT its best to confirm this from the High Commission staff. Hello Mart, I believe the high commission will give you back the same passport. Its usually just a matter of stamping your existing e-passport so your indefinite stamp from the home office will not be affected. I think you will get it back the same day. I was just thinking about my application.

It still has the interview date as 2nd of January when I have already rescheduled it to 31st of March, and I have also printed the confirmation email sent to my email.

I hope this will not cause a problem when I go to Nigeria House? Grateful if you could help. I have read conflicting information on how to go about this and how long it will take. Am I required to apply online for a new passport?

What you need is renewal which they tend to do quite easily and I think on the same day. We have covered this topic on this thread several times.

I suggest you first visit here http: Read the item under this topic on the page: Passport Renewal and Extension After 5 years from the date of issue and you can set the ball rolling from there. Hello Temi, is it possible to do a change of name as a male at the Nigerian house in the uk with a deed poll. How do I go about booking an appointment. Will I be attended to if I just go there to make enquiries without an appointment.

Lucien, I am not sure about being able to change your name by deed poll at Naija house, all the change of name info seem to be skewed to wards single women changing their name after getting married… I strongly suggest you make inquiries on the phone first before going to Nigerian High Commission, most of the time, they will not let you in if you do not have appointment with evidence to show the specific person or service you are there for.

But if you persist with the phone calls, someone may answer the phone. That way you can get a definitive answer to your question. Thanks Temi for your response. I actually went to Nigerian house today before I got your response.

However, your guess is as good as mine. I was not even allowed in. I was told to go to Abuja. I tried asking one or two officials that I saw outside how I will be able to enter the UK on the newly reissued passport when I travel to Nigeria since my Work permit card will still have my old name.

I am sure by then, they would have stamped the old passport void. Also my return ticket will also still have the old name. Do you have an idea of the cost at Abuja. I hear some people say naira. Also, I heard someone tell me here that someone can help here if I pay about pounds.

I feel funny about that. The few officials I spoke to today at the Nigerian house could not even tell me the documents I need to to take to Abuja, all they kept on saying was go and ask them in Abuja or send someone down to help you ask. It was so annoying. I really just need to know what will happen at the point of entry when the name has been changed.

Also how long will it take since I cannot leave my job for so long here. I will really appreciate a comprehensive response. Lucien, Sorry to hear you had a wasted journey to Nigerian house in West End. I have absolutely no knowledge of how things work in Abuja. Perhaps you want to ring Abuja directly to find out if you can get a much clearer procedure and time it will take you to get your new passport. Hi Temi, Your site has been very useful! Also, what document s would he need to take to the NHC?

I am having a panic attack over all these comments. I need to be certain that renewal of the e-passport exceeding the 5 yr limit would be done in a day with just a stamp. I need my passport urgently in 10 days. My appointment is on the 22nd. I also live far. Hello Dan, You should visit this page http: Just provide all the stuff required and your brother should have his first Nigerian passport within a few months.

Instead of having a panic attack, just get the process started. And it looks like you have done that already, fingers crossed, on the 22nds you will hopefully have your passport extend on the day.

You could also ring the High Commission to confirm it will be done for you on the same day. I changed my interview date to March cause I couldnt make it in January.

Unfortunately, It didnt still change on my application form, but there was an email sent to me that I have not been booked for March.

Does this mean anything? I hope that I will get answered to in March as long as I go there with the confirmation email? And do I need to go with any passport photographs? Why must we book an appointment to get our passports renew? Please Nigerian government, we your citizens are not happy about the pains we go through just for passport renewal.

I think we are having the same problem. Although, I successfully changed my month and I chose a slot. If you looked properly on your application form, You will see that there is no slot on it. This was the same for me and I went to the appointment booking website http: I got a message in my email that I have successfully changed my month, date and picked a slot. All these details will be sent to the email you provided when filling your details to change or book your appointment.

It was still the same as it was the first time I did it. So, what I did was print off the email sent to me and attach it to all the documents I will be taking to Nigeria House. That at least will serve as a proof of Truth. However, this may not be conclusive. I would advise you to look out for the reply to your thread from the Author. Thanks for your post, it was very helpful. My concern, after going through the application process and booking an appointment, is that the change of name deed poll is not acceptable.

I have just changed to my married name, and swapped my first name with my middle name. Do you think I stand a chance of getting it? Or will I most definitely be turned down. Also can I book an appointment different from the date on the acknowledgement slip? The fact that Naija High Commission does not seem to have a clearly defined procedure for change of name other than by marriage makes it difficult to answer your question, you may have to wait and see how it goes on the day of you interview.

Yes, you can book appointment for a day other than the day on your acknowledgement slip. I am not sure what they will say to that. You may have to tell them that the dog eat your passport or something like that. Please have a look at this page http: Requirements for Change of name by Marriage. Naija embassy seem not to be well equipped with male changing their name just yet. Hi Timi, your post has been too helpful, God bless you.

To save us the stress of registering our card and waiting for days…. Thanks a lot Temi,I thought as much that it will be possible.. I will definitely keep the house informed with my experience as I intend to go the Nigerian house by Gods grace this week. Hello Temi, thanks for your prompt response. I came to the uk on a student visa, but my Nigerian passport expired on Jan 19, I have finished my course and planning to go back to Nigeria in March, will I be able to travel back to Nigeria without renewing my passport though I still have my student visa on it.

It may be a very good idea to renew your passport in UK before you head back to Nigeria. Someone told me replacement of lost e-passport can only be done in Abuja, is this correct?? I think lost e-passport can be replaced at the London High Commission, you just need to provide all the info they as of people who lost their passport, details can be found here: Hi Temi, thanks once small….

Hi Temi, many thanks for replying. Another thing is about procuring some of their requirements documents; a letter from the home office stating evidence of stay, and police report. Could you please give any idea on how to satisfy these requirements? Ahhh, now I see the problem. I think you should have a chat with them at the Nigerian High Commission as to how to proceed in the absence of those two document.

They may suggest an alternative way which is not listed on their website. Thanks again for your reply. These guys will have the perfect opportunity to exploit and extort me of my already scarce funds. Many thanks for your help on this forum. I have a Nigerian Passport that will expire in September , however I still have about 7 blank pages left on the passport. Is it possible to renew the passport now or I will have to wait till September when the passport expires?

So this is really affecting my job. So my question is can I apply for a renewal now or will have to wait till September ? Bishop, You do not need to wait till September before you can renew you passport. You could also give the High Commission a call to confirm this. Please give us some feedback on what they say to you. Do you know how long it takes to get a new passport renewal in London? I am actually thinking of flying to naija to get it within two days if it will take forever in London?

Any idea of how long it can take in London? After you have paid online, book appointment etc, it takes a day or so to do the renewals. But please differentiate between renewal passport of 5 years and re-issue passport that is 10 years old. Renewal takes a few days, re-issue take much longer. You mean I will have the new passport within a day or so?

This is incredible, Nigerian High Commission must have stepped up oh. No need to travel to naija to do it then now …abi? Hi Temi, finally I was at the Nigerian high commission yesterday in London, to make a new passport for my son and re issue for myself……Hmmmm i left from Edinburgh down to London. In summary pls be well prepared and well informed when making a passport application just like Temi highlighted earlier in his previous post.

Am glad it all went well for me. Many thanks Temi for this blog. When I wanted to re-register for another application it keeps saying that the name has been registered with then. Please what do I do to be able to access my account. All i later did was to use my second email address and re-registered and made sure I had a printer ready to print out the form etc….

Hello house, am in dilemma, I did my application and made payment. Got an interview date for next week. I have only got the receipt and acknowledgement documents. Will I be granted an interview without d application form or how can I get generate my application form back on d website. Temi, many many thanks for this article, the thought of going through the process of renewing my passport gave me anxiety attacks until I came across your very helpful blog.

Have you heard anything to support what Ms Bim Labi said? Thanks in advance for your reply. So for you, I think that would be any time from April. Best of luck to everyone, in our passport adventures! Zaza, First of all, thanks for sharing the info about how long to expiry before you can apply to renew a passport. On the two occasions that I have had to renew my passport, the passport was stamped and a scribe on it saying its now good for another 5 years BUT they were the so call MRP not e-passport, and it was many years ago.

Perhaps its now done the way Bim Labi said i. I think your main concern is the visa in your expiring passport… even if they issue you a new passport, they give you back your expired passport. What people tend to do in this kind of situation is sticking the two passports together so that at border crossings you can show the valid visa in the expired passport as well as the valid passport. A more elegant but time consuming and probably expensive solution will be to have the visa transferred to the new passport by the issuing authority.

Hi, i just want to give a summary of my experience at the Nigeria High Commission yesterday March 7, This blog helped me through the process and i think it would help others if they know what to expect when they go. I got to the door and they ask to see your payment confirmed slip first before letting you in.

They tell you to switch off your phone which i find unnecessary, i just put mine on silent and then you go to the waiting room downstairs where someone hands you a number. The biometrics area is on a separate floor and someone behind a computer confirms all your details name, where you were born, state of origin and local govt, what you do for a living etc. They take your picture and finger prints and they ask you to confirm the details and sign that the data they have collected is ok.

After i had my biometrics done, i was directed to a rather angry lady lol sitting behind the door to hand my special delivery envelope to her. You have to sign a disclaimer form which states that if your passport gets lost in the post, NHC will not be held responsible quite silly yea but i had no choice. All in all, i spent about three hours. I will give an update when i receive my passport hopefully in 11days as they said. Top 10 Headlines This Week Impossible: Politics — Latest Headlines Buzzing Today: If you had the opportunity to address the Nigerian senate on an issue, what would it be???

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naija dating application

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You may have to tell them that the dog eat your passport or something like that. The guard checked our documents were complete and then let us in. Thanks while i await your response.

naija dating application

Hi Fola, I did not have that problem when I use the site but looking at the internet dating barcelona left by others it seem naija dating application need to try again. Thanks for your time. Thanks for your well structured post; I noticed the date on the acknowledgement slip is different from the date i picked naija dating application i went to the appointment booking page. Abi, When you get the so called interview date. Daring reply here when I do.