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In recent years, some territories have been merged with different districts. Rainy days are not uncommon, but the summer rainfall often comes in brief, heavy downpours and thunderstorms. The area is the only spot in downtown Moscow that can accommodate a project of this magnitude. Visitors can even see rare originals by early 15th-century iconographer Andrei Rublev.

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Within it are many factories and the principal railway stations and freight yards. There are still visible tributaries, however—i. Moscow was stable and prosperous for many years and attracted a large number of refugees from across Russia. Internal additional non-constitutional divisions by different institutions. In April longtime editor-in-chief Andrew McChesney stepped down and was replaced by Nabi Abdullaev, a former Moscow Times reporter, news editor, managing editor, and deputy editor-in-chief who had left in to head RIA Novosti 's foreign-language news service. Moscow is one of Hero Cities.

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Many new business centers and office buildings have been built in recent years, but Moscow still experiences shortages in office space. As a result, many former industrial and research facilities are being reconstructed to become suitable for office use.

Overall, economic stability has improved in recent years; nonetheless, crime and corruption continue still hinder business development.

The Cherkizovskiy marketplace was the largest marketplace in Europe, with a daily turnover of about thirty million dollars and about ten thousand venders [] from different countries including China , Turkey , Azerbaijan and India.

It was administratively divided into twelve parts and covers a wide sector of the city. Since July it has been closed. However, as of [update] , there were 27 billionaires in Moscow compared with New York's 55 billionaires. Overall, Russia lost 52 billionaires during the recession. He also owns Chelsea F. Based on Forbes ' list of the world's billionaires, Moscow is the city with the most billionaires in the world, with 79 from in all of Russia.

The nouveau riche , also called the "New Russians", often in a derogatory sense, have a reputation for flaunting their wealth; the avenues for doing so have also increased in recent times at the many haute couture and haute cuisine spots in Moscow.

Primary industries in Moscow include the chemical , metallurgy , food , textile , furniture , energy production , software development and machinery industries. The Mil Moscow Helicopter Plant is one of the leading producers of military and civil helicopters in the world. NPO Energomash , producing the rocket engines for Russian and American space programs, as well as Lavochkin design bureau, which built fighter planes during WWII, but switched to space probes since the Space Race , are in nearby Khimki , an independent city in Moscow Oblast that have largely been enclosed by Moscow from its sides.

The Poljot Moscow watch factory produces military, professional and sport watches well known in Russia and abroad. Yuri Gagarin in his trip into space used "Shturmanskie" produced by this factory. The Electrozavod factory was the first transformer factory in Russia. The Kristall distillery [] is the oldest distillery in Russia producing vodka types, including " Stolichnaya " while wines are produced at Moscow wine plants, including the Moscow Interrepublican Vinery.

There are other industries located just outside the city of Moscow, as well as microelectronic industries in Zelenograd, including Ruselectronics companies. Gazprom, the largest extractor of natural gas in the world and the largest Russian company , has head offices also in Moscow, as well as other oil, gas and electricity companies.

During Soviet times, apartments were lent to people by the government according to the square meters-per-person norm some groups, including people's artists, heroes and prominent scientists had bonuses according to their honors. Private ownership of apartments was limited until the s, when people were permitted to secure property rights to the places they inhabited. Since the Soviet era, estate owners have had to pay the service charge for their residences, a fixed amount based on persons per living area.

The price of real estate in Moscow continues to rise. A typical one-bedroom apartment is about thirty square metres square feet , a typical two-bedroom apartment is forty-five square metres square feet , and a typical three-bedroom apartment is seventy square metres square feet.

Many cannot move out of their apartments, especially if a family lives in a two-room apartment originally granted by the state during the Soviet era. Some city residents have attempted to cope with the cost of living by renting their apartments while staying in dachas country houses outside the city.

In , Mercer Human Resources Consulting named Moscow the world's most expensive city for expatriate employees , ahead of perennial winner Tokyo, due to the stable Russian ruble as well as increasing housing prices within the city.

However, Tokyo has overtaken Moscow as the most expensive city in the world, placing Moscow at third behind Osaka in second place. In , Moscow ranked top on the list of most expensive cities for the third year in a row. In , according to Forbes , Moscow was ranked the 9th most expensive city in the world. Forbes ranked Moscow the 2nd most expensive city the year prior.

There are 1, high schools in Moscow, as well as 91 colleges. Additionally, approximately 10, high school students take courses at the university, while over two thousand researchers work. The Moscow State University library contains over nine million books, making it one of the largest libraries in all of Russia.

Its acclaim throughout the international academic community has meant that over 11, international students have graduated from the university, with many coming to Moscow to become fluent in the Russian language. It was founded in as the faculty of the Moscow state University. It is one of the largest medical universities in Russia and Europe. More than students are enrolled in academic departments.

It offers courses for post-graduate studies. Moscow is one of the financial centers of the Russian Federation and CIS countries and is known for its business schools. They offer undergraduate degrees in management, finance, accounting, marketing, real estate and economic theory, as well as Masters programs and MBAs.

Most of them have branches in other regions of Russia and countries around the world. Bauman Moscow State Technical University , founded in , is located in the center of Moscow and provides 18, undergraduate and 1, postgraduate students with an education in science and engineering, offering technical degrees. Moscow State Institute of International Relations , founded in , remains Russia's best- known school of international relations and diplomacy, with six schools focused on international relations.

Approximately 4, students make up the university's student body and over , Russian and foreign-language books — of which 20, are considered rare — can be found in the library of the Moscow State Institute of International Relations. Although Moscow has a number of famous Soviet-era higher educational institutions, most of which are more oriented towards engineering or the fundamental sciences, in recent years Moscow has seen a growth in the number of commercial and private institutions that offer classes in business and management.

Many state institutions have expanded their education scope and introduced new courses or departments. Institutions in Moscow, as well as the rest of post-Soviet Russia, have begun to offer new international certificates and postgraduate degrees, including the Master of Business Administration.

Student exchange programs with different especially, European countries have also become widespread in Moscow's universities, while schools within the Russian capital also offer seminars, lectures and courses for corporate employees and businessmen.

Moscow is one of the largest science centers in Russia. The headquarters of the Russian Academy of Sciences are located in Moscow as well as research and applied science institutions. The Kurchatov Institute , Russia's leading research and development institution in the fields of nuclear energy, where the first nuclear reactor in Europe was built, the Landau Institute for Theoretical Physics , Institute for Theoretical and Experimental Physics , Kapitza Institute for Physical Problems and Steklov Institute of Mathematics are all situated in Moscow.

There are libraries in the city, including for children. The State Public Historical Library, founded in , is the largest library specialising in Russian history. Its collection contains four million items in languages including 47 languages of the former USSR , mostly on Russian and world history, heraldry , numismatics , and the history of science.

In regard to primary and secondary education, in , Clifford J. Levy of The New York Times wrote, "Moscow has some strong public schools, but the system as a whole is dispiriting, in part because it is being corroded by the corruption that is a post-Soviet scourge.

Parents often pay bribes to get their children admitted to better public schools. There are additional payoffs for good grades. Domodedovo International Airport is the leading airport in Russia in terms of passenger throughput, and is the primary gateway to long-haul domestic and CIS destinations and its international traffic rivals Sheremetyevo.

Most of Star Alliance members use Domodedovo as their international hub. Ostafyevo International Airport caters primarily to business aviation. Moscow's airports vary in distances from the MKAD beltway: There are a number of smaller airports close to Moscow 19 in Moscow Oblast such as Myachkovo Airport , that are intended for private aircraft, helicopters and charters. Moscow has two passenger terminals, South River Terminal and North River Terminal or Rechnoy vokzal , on the river and regular ship routes and cruises along the Moskva and Oka rivers, which are used mostly for entertainment.

The North River Terminal , built in , is the main hub for long-range river routes. There are three freight ports serving Moscow. The terminals are located close to the city center, along the metro ringline 5 or close to it, and connect to a metroline to the centre of town. Each station handles trains from different parts of Europe and Asia. As train tickets are cheap, they are the preferred mode of travelling for Russians, especially when departing to Saint Petersburg, Russia's second-largest city.

Suburbs and satellite cities are connected by commuter elektrichka electric rail network. During the s, the Little Ring of the Moscow Railway was converted to be used for frequent passenger service; it is fully integrated with Moscow Metro; the passenger service started on September 10, There is a connecting railway line on the North side of the town that connects Belorussky terminal with other railway lines.

This is used by some suburban trains. Moscow metro system is famous for its art, murals , mosaics , and ornate chandeliers. It started operation in and immediately became the centrepiece of the transportation system. More than that it was a Stalinist device to awe and reward the populace, and give them an appreciation of Soviet realist art.

It became the prototype for future Soviet large-scale technologies. Lazar Kaganovich was in charge; he designed the subway so that citizens would absorb the values and ethos of Stalinist civilisation as they rode. The artwork of the 13 original stations became nationally and internationally famous. For example, the Sverdlov Square subway station featured porcelain bas-reliefs depicting the daily life of the Soviet peoples, and the bas-reliefs at the Dynamo Stadium sports complex glorified sports and the physical prowess of the powerful new "Homo Sovieticus.

The metro was touted as the symbol of the new social order—a sort of Communist cathedral of engineering modernity. The Britons called for tunnelling instead of the "cut-and-cover" technique, the use of escalators instead of lifts, and designed the routes and the rolling stock. Today, the Moscow Metro comprises twelve lines, mostly underground with a total of stations. The Moscow Metro is one of the world's busiest metro systems, serving about ten million passengers daily.

In , the authorities launched a new circle metro railway that contributed to solving transportation issues. It was built alongside of Little Ring of the Moscow Railway , taking some of its tracks into itself as well.

The track infrastructure and most platforms are owned by Russian Railways, while most station buildings are owned by MKZD. As Metro stations outside the city center are far apart in comparison to other cities, up to 4 kilometres 2. Every major street in the city is served by at least one bus route.

Many of these routes are doubled by a trolleybus route and have trolley wires over them. With the total line length of almost kilometres miles of single wire, 8 depots, routes and vehicles, the Moscow trolleybus system is the largest in the world. Opened on November 15, it is also the world's 6th oldest operating trolleybus system.

The Moscow Metro operates a short monorail line. The line opened in No additional fare is needed first metro-monorail transfer in 90 minutes does not charge. Moscow has an extensive tram system, which first opened in The newest line was built in Trams still remain important in some districts as feeders to Metro stations. The trams also provide important cross links between metro lines, for example between Universitet station of Sokolnicheskaya Line 1 red line and Profsoyuznaya station of Kaluzhsko-Rizhskaya Line 6 orange line or between Voykovskaya and Strogino.

In addition, tram advocates have suggested that the new rapid transit services metro to City, Butovo light metro, Monorail would be more effective as at-grade tram lines and that the current problems with trams are only due to poor management and operation, not the technical properties of trams. New tram models have been developed for the Moscow network despite the lack of expansion. The taxi service market in Moscow has changed dramatically over the years — New technology and service platforms Yandex.

Taxi , Uber and Gett ex-GetTaxi displaced many private drivers and small service providers. Commercial taxi services are available.

In addition, route taxis are in widespread use. There are over 2. Recent years have seen growth in the number of cars, which have caused traffic jams and lack of parking space to become major problems.

There are several other roadway systems that form concentric circles around the city. The goal of MIBC is to create a zone, the first in Russia, and in all of Eastern Europe, [] that will combine business activity, living space and entertainment. The project was conceived by the Moscow government in The construction of Moscow-City takes place on the Krasnopresnenskaya embankment.

The whole project takes up to one square kilometre acres. The area is the only spot in downtown Moscow that can accommodate a project of this magnitude. Today, most of the buildings there are old factories and industrial complexes. The Federation Tower , completed in , is the tallest building in Europe. Also to be included in the project are a water park and other recreational facilities; business and entertainment complexes, office and residential buildings, the transport network and the new site of the Moscow government.

The construction of four new metro stations in the territory has been completed, two of which have opened and two others are reserved for future metro lines crossing MIBC , some additional stations were planned. Three metro stations were initially planned for the Filyovskaya Line. The station Delovoi Tsentr opened in , and was later renamed Vystavochnaya in The branch extended to the Mezhdunarodnaya station in , and all work on third station, Dorogomilovskaya between Kiyevskaya and Delovoi Tsentr , has been postponed.

There are plans to extend the branch as far as the Savyolovskaya station, on the Serpukhovsko-Timiryazevskaya Line. In March the Russian business newspaper Kommersant [] [] [] [] reported that because of the worldwide economic crisis, which started in and spread globally, many of the construction projects in Moscow especially in the Moscow International Business Center are frozen and may be cancelled altogether—like the ambitious "Russia Tower" in "Moscow-city".

Moscow is home to nearly all of Russia's nationwide television networks , radio stations , newspapers and magazines. English-language media include The Moscow Times and Moscow News , which are, respectively, the largest [] and oldest English-language weekly newspapers in all of Russia.

Kommersant and Vedomosti are among the country's leading and oldest Russian-language business newspapers. Other media in Moscow include the Echo of Moscow , the first Soviet and Russian private news radio and information agency, and NTV , one of the first privately owned Russian television stations. The total number of radio stations in Moscow in the FM band is near From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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Archived from the original on September 27, Retrieved July 10, Retrieved August 4, The Moscow Times is an English-language weekly newspaper published in Moscow , with a circulation of 55, copies.

The newspaper is popular among foreign citizens residing in Moscow and English-speaking Russians. The newspaper regularly publishes articles by prominent Russian journalists such as Yulia Latynina and Ivan Nechepurenko. It has served as a 'training ground' for foreign correspondents , including Ellen Barry , who later became New York Times Moscow bureau chief and won a Pulitzer Prize.

Derk Sauer, a Dutch publisher who came to Moscow in , made plans to turn his small, twice-weekly paper called the Moscow Guardian into a world-class daily newspaper. Sauer brought in Meg Bortin as its first editor in May , and the team used a room at the Radisson Slavyanskaya Hotel as its headquarters. The first edition of The Moscow Times was published in March It "played an important role by giving space to Russian commentators".

For example, in the fall of , it was able to play a role in defeating the censors: Russian newspapers came out with large blank spaces on their front pages where articles critical of the authorities had been suppressed. The writers of those articles came to see us. Published the next day in English in The Moscow Times , their articles were quickly picked up and beamed back in Russian by the BBC and other foreign radios, defeating the censors.

From the mid s until , it was based in the old headquarters of Pravda. The annual Moscow Dining Guide was also launched in Until , the paper was owned by Independent Media, a Moscow-registered publishing house that also prints a Russian-language daily newspaper, Vedomosti , The St. In , the paper began its alliance with the International Herald Tribune , while saw the launch of the themoscowtimes.

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Today, the Moscow Metro comprises twelve lines, mostly underground with a total of stations.

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He took control of the ancient " Novgorod Chronicle " and made it a propaganda vehicle for his regime. Moscow largest online photo directory. The Moscow Times is an English-language weekly newspaper published in Moscow , with a circulation of 55, copies.

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Today, most of the buildings there are old factories and industrial complexes. Ready to start meeting Mocsow women? Among more imaginative examples moscow free dating site later architecture are the Taganka Theatre and the Gazprom and Lukoil office buildings s. The park stretches along the banks of the Moscow River, and is divided into 46 dating 21 parts. Sport in Moscow and Football in Moscow. Archived from the original on February 20,