The Division: how High Value Targets work and why you should care - VG

The Division: how High Value Targets work and why you should care

Makes more sense to matchmake at the BoO then anywhere else since you buy the missions at the BoO. Camp Hudson also needs to have the crafting station and recalibration available once you've unlocked it. Reply Share this post. You can kill the boss then loot and die and do it again. The Weekly HVT will drop gear that will help you.

What are Search & Destroy missions?

Between them they have six daily and four weekly HVT contracts. Forgive me if these are answered elsewhere - What's up with these HVT missions? Keep it fun, keep it respectful and remember that in the end -- it's just a game. Ubi-P4in Community Representative - Views 2, Went there once a few weeks ago and it was totally deserted. Some of that has been justified, but with the changes from update 1. This will help cap players who have millions of DZ credits and help other players catch up.

Make it similar to how you would pick incursion challenging, have a secondary option to pick HVT off Free roam. I completed all daily and weekly HVT's with one group I match made with in free roam. I get that some groups don't talk, a pet peeve of mine. Give them a minute to get their mic on, and if they don't, kick them and wait for someone that does talk. Create separate matchmaking options for who knows how many unique bosses?

Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Log in or sign up in seconds. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. I can't think of reason why they would not have this.

Want to add to the discussion? It's not asking much to have matckmaking for specific missions. High Value Target Matchmaking. I must say that this game is consistently inconsistent. I had no problems doing the first four HVT missions solo, now there seems to be a change.

Anyhow, how does one group challenge a HVT mission? Reply Share this post. You have to group up first, then start the HVT mission. Keep an eye on the chat in case you see someone else saying they are LFG or LFM for the same mission, join them if so. TO whisper, invite, etc you can just right click their name in the chat.

Use this to ignore the spammers and to private chat to people to arrange and invite to groups. Ah hell, they probably did but won't have it ready until patch 1.

Imsges: matchmaking the division hvt

I'm pretty uninformed about everything you just said. Only one person in your group has to pay the Target Intel price, and no one is restricted by Gear Score. A better solution would be to put a match making computer in the Base of Operations near the HVT "vendors".

Got a nice group to run the daily's and weekly's. Because there are no regular search and destroy missions there and almost no one currently matchmakes there. Tried to find it yesterday, but gave up pretty fast..

Not a single player to be seen. Thankfully they matchmaking the division hvt tue through them. Is there another way? You're confusing search and destroy and hvts. Basically the same as a mission, so why not give it to us? Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Coming relative dating activity mud puddle to this to say that after finding 2 players to group up for HVT after running Lex CM we took a mission and FT to camp hudson and matchmade in our 4th who was also matchmaking the division hvt redditor who'd seen this.