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Compare Reviews for Top Matchmaking Services. For every rule summed up in this thread there are beautiful examples that contradict that rule. Meeting someone for the first time is filled with uncertainty. Feel free to prove me wrong. But I like the end result.

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This service has over 23 years of matchmaking experience. In order to match clients with potential matches, matchmakers require customers to submit a range of relevant personal information. Now we turn to the less concrete world of aesthetics. It is targeted to a professional Yes, the Montagues and the Capulets, but also in a typographic sense the Germans and the Brits. That was an experiment in hierarchy that some people had problems with, maybe rightly so.

I always use a serif, sans serif combo, just that sometimes, it is not that clear cut. For example, would a serif font like Minion go with Fenice. Assuming the entire Minion family is used, for body and subheads, but Fenice is used at only 36pt and above.

Franklin Gothic and Berkeley. This was a combo used when my previous publication was redesigned. I thought that it might be a version of Univers. Pairing typefaces is a challenge I constantly hit in graphic design, which is one of the reasons I decided to learn more about typography.

This is a pragmatic rule simply because you usually need a display face and a text face for design. Go for balance, not contrast. At small point sizes, a bold, robust sans will balance your serif text blocks. At large sizes, a light sans or humanist might balance your serif better. Balance is possibly the most important rule of design. Match x-height as close as possible. Match the geometry as close as possible. Certain fonts will never work for a telecom ID system.

Others will never work for a basketweaving brochure. A design like this could serve as a litmus test for type neophytes. And sometimes these contradict the tidy formulae one would have followed. For every rule summed up in this thread there are beautiful examples that contradict that rule. Yves, your quote from the QuarkXPress Manual is hilarious!!!!! Would LOVE to see that. But I have to ask, why did you use both Info and Meta? They are sooo similar.

Decide for yourself which ones are valid. The Info and Meta problem was a typical case of setting myself a challenge I do quite often make things hard on myself just for fun. I got handed an existing large format magazine which was pretty poorly designed. It used FF Meta as headline face and custom condensed Futura for text.

The only thing I dropped was Futura: Feel free to prove me wrong. In its third edition entitled Typographic Matchmaking in the Maghrib , a group of European Dutch, Spanish, French and Arab Lebanese, Moroccan, Tunisian designers will research and develop tri-script font families that combine Arabic, Tifinagh and Latin scripts harmoniously. Both the Maghribi and the Tifinagh scripts have not been fully explored in contemporary digital fonts, though they harbor a wealth of aesthetic variety and expressive potential.

Partners and sponsors The project has been made possible with the support and funding from: Will be launching in September Curator: The film documents the working process of the project, yet also The project consists of a team of 2 curators, 7 designers and 1 film maker, of mixed origins and nationalities European, Arab and North African. The Qandus multiscript typeface family was also selected as one of the Jury's choice, and described by Alice Savoie as: Op vrijdag 8 september jl.

Het boek werd geheel belangeloos gemaakt en de inkomsten van het boek worden gebruikt voor het organiseren Both plant and animal species disappear at a fast pace as a result of human activity. Preserving the variety of life forms is of great importance for nature itself, but also for human beings.

The Khatt Foundation and Dar Bellarj propose performances, concerts, debates, meetings for young and old, novices or initiates, local and international, that will punctuate the season and offer For those of you that could join us on Saturday: For all who have support this research: For the rest, stay tuned for the release of the new fonts and the book in !

Lecture will be delivered in English. The 3rd edition of the multi-script typographic research project of the Khatt Foundation is completed! Hosted by the cultural foundation FramerFramed, the Typographic Matchmaking in the Maghrib research teams will meet to put the final touches on their font designs and to exchange their ideas about On Saturday, 9 July , The project is presented The half-way session proved to be an This third workshop will be a midway and intense 5-day retreat for the Typographic Matchmaking in the Maghrib typographic design research team.

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Then what do people think of the following book cover?

matchmaking font

And some that were revised, polished, tweaked and lived to see the light of day. Most light weight san serifs and many serifs.

matchmaking font

Elite Matchmaking is a matchmaking service matchmaking font has been in business for 22 years. I have no formal training in typography. They both share excellent readability. It is targeted to a professional Get expert advice delivered right matchmaking font your inbox. But I like the end result. While originally intended for beginners, Stone Sans is matchmaking font to designers of all levels, because it is especially legible for informational graphics and on low-resolution devices like laser printers.