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mamamoo - marriage not dating ost part.2

This drama is so sweet. So the title just means they were by implication strong human beings and descendants of the old Asian empires. In one of the reports of Entertainment Weekly, artists who are to enter the military training were asked who among the Girl Groups gives them strength He is still seeing his gf while his wife shed tears.


DOTS is literally a piece of art. I have to agree with the others this is not the best drama of all time but worth watching. If anyone tells you that Dots is bad and blablabla never believe him.. There were really good ones, but this one has become an all-time favorite. I really love the storyline,cast Blackpearl May 04 5:

They received eight wins in total for the single. Mamamoo announced the release of their fifth mini album Purple on June 22, , with the title track "Yes I Am".

Mamamoo released their sixth mini album, Yellow Flower on March 7, From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Mamamoo Mamamoo in July From left to right: Moonbyul, Solar, Wheein and Hwasa. Mamamoo discography and List of songs recorded by Mamamoo. List of awards and nominations received by Mamamoo. Retrieved January 26, Retrieved December 18, Retrieved January 31, Retrieved March 17, Retrieved July 17, Will on "Music Bank " ". Retrieved June 18, Archived from the original on June 23, Retrieved June 23, Archived from the original on July 14, Retrieved June 27, Retrieved July 10, Retrieved July 18, Retrieved November 19, Retrieved October 12, Gaon Chart in Korean.

Archived from the original on December 31, Retrieved December 29, Retrieved January 11, Retrieved June 14, Retrieved August 26, Busan Ilbo in Korean. Retrieved June 8, Retrieved February 15, Retrieved February 27, The guys are smoking hot!! Meg Flateau Jul 13 2: Hope to see descandants of the sun 2!! I watch it daily!!!

Luk Luk Jul 12 1: I also love this couple, hopes they become a real couple, lately feels so happy for their marriage announcement. Lalala Jul 09 Yet they keep hating and writing non-sense words, that doesn't even make sense, just a bias thing.

First of all, DTOS is not your everyday typical korean drama, it's deffrent even the concept is totally unique. I've been watching kdramas since Full house in , and i've all the right to say i've never watched such a unique romantic plot like this one. But, this one is totally different, both of them are equal, both have important roles and incredibly unlike each other.

She is strong enough to role the drama, and same goes for him. A doctor and a soldier romantic love story!! Second, DTOS isn't only about love and its hardships, it is way more than that. They gave it the title of Descendants of the Sun for a specific reason, if you paid enough attention on every episodes especially the 1st and the final one, you'll understand that this drama is not only about love but more importantly, about accepting each other as humans, no matter how we're different from each other, because we live under the same sun.

They gave us those two couple and their love as an example for this message. This drama's message is beyond love, romantic scenes You should start reading btw the lines, and be more wise. Don't just talk, be unique and have some good-eye! If you don't like it, it's up to you, just don't talk nonsense, and leave some good reasons. Menci Jul 05 Learned a lot about both careers: Congrats both of you Jul 05 1: SongSongCouple will be married: Evelyn Ward Jul 01 9: I would like information about the mural behind the Generals desk.

Any information will be appreciated. Usually females watch the majority of Korean dramas but a military drama brought a lot of male viewers in to this one and that's why the ratings were so high. For someone who asked what the title means the "sun" empires were Asian empires in general as opposed to Western nation empires. So the title just means they were by implication strong human beings and descendants of the old Asian empires.

Their love story is more complex and the chemistry was unbelievable! Zeidy Jun 19 5: MoNiKa Jun 17 Kaikai Jun 15 3: Kudos to all who made this drama possible. Muskan ganotra Jun 08 I really love this show specially the relation of shijin and moyeon and i really love shijin now he is my favourite actor i really want to meet him and i really want to watch this show again even with the same characters. Kaikai Jun 07 Kudos to all who contributed in order for this drama to be possible.

Doctor Jun 07 Kristine Jun 05 Been watching this drama several times. Hope there will be DOTS season 2. Riska Jun 04 6: I rewatching until now.. Still exciting from first time until now.. I love song hae kyo since she act in full house.. Song hae kyo is beautiful from inside and outside.. I love songsong couple. Kdrama adix Jun 04 I didn't finish the whole series. I was expecting a very good story plot because of the raves and the ratings.

Mika Jun 03 2: No chemistry between the two leads. Didn't care about the second leads either. And where did they get all those non-Korean actors? After watching dis shown I m a fan of Song joong ki shijin. Mantasha May 30 The dram is so interesting. I m a Indian and 1st time I see that show in Zindagi. And I love it! I m so happy the show is the topest show. Yey May 29 9: I know people would hate me for this lol.

But this is my opinion. There are a LOT of way better dramas than this one. I mean a LOT. The only thing great about this drama are the OSTs. I did finish it because of the hype, but sorry, nothing really special for me. Good drama but not worth the hype. Alifina May 20 7: I never get bored though I watch again and again.. Jinna May 19 I don't understand how this drama is so popular: The ratings are so high and it's all over the internet so I tried to watch it and I forced myself to watch at least the first episode, the actors and actresses are good at acting Yoon ae May 15 6: Mj May 14 7: I was not disappointed From the start up to its end I laugh as much as I could because of bromance between Song Joong-Ki and Jin Goo They add more color to the beauty of every episode.

I love also how frank and tactless our dear Song hye-Kho thumbs up on her axting skills Waya May 03 I admire Kim Eun Suk writer nim, she's a genius, but seriously couldn't relate to characters and the location, what's why I dropped at ep 6 although I try too hard to get to this EP lol, but I failed after all. Haven't watched this compeletly that's why I have no idea why this was so popular. Even tho I trust the writer so much, it must had been a great drama, I suppose Jazztine Bautista May 01 6: Good cast but this kseries was a total bore.

I don't count how many times I've been watching this drama. Descendant of the Sun is the only drama that I never get bored to watch over and over again. Selle Apr 21 3: Jessie Apr 20 4: Even better than the ones on the international! Migthy Thor Mar 22 4: Kenzo Mar 20 2: Seo and Yoon's sub plot is better than main couple's story which is dragging and slow with some sub stories like disaster, trafficking and so on.

Oliveoyl Mar 18 6: No need to deal with pedophile issue, no need to deal with impossible alien-human relationship issue. Just sweet love, no hate, no love triangle. Miracle always happens in love story, so what? All of us human existence are proof that love and miracle are inseparable.

I think sijin is the reason for global warming. I have not seen better acting. Most of all now I know that people all over the world are the same. Have the same hopes and dreams of peace and caring throughout the world. I told my daughter we could be Ambassadors we love the South Koreans so much now that we know them better. It took me longer to watch on NetFlix because I had to watch with English subtitles, and pause to make sure I did not miss anything. The only things I would change is to take out the swearing.

I liked that the actors were dressed modest, and were morally clean with respect to each other to show true Love and Sacrifice. Mar 07 8: Throughout the series i didn't feel bore.. Jestine29 Mar 06 1: There are a lot of dramas better than this. People have watched this drama and were pulled in instantly the moment Song Hye-Kyo was casted. It's too cheesy and honestly, I did not watch the last episode because it was already boring. Expected a lot because people has been raving about this drama for months but damn so disappointed.

It seemed to me that the story is dull.. Seemed to me that the story revolves around them and them only as a couple. The only scene that made me feel that ahh indeed they are descendants of the sun.. The falling from the cliff scene seems impossible to survive in reality without having to be confined for a week. N waiting for the serias. My most favourite couple is song joong ki and song hye kyu. Love u both of u. I m ur die heart fan from India. Song joong ki ur blush make me crazy..

Love u song joong ki n song hye kyu. KDrama Feb 28 Kang she is so gergous. Ansari Feb 26 2: Rene Feb 22 8: It my favourite serial to watch till now.. Me n my family watch Avery apisode 3 time in day.. Keep it up guys Ashiya sultana Feb 21 7: Adorable expressions as shin jin!

I love 'descent of sun' show. Acting skills are truly natural. Deeya Feb 20 1: Feb 19 Sarkar Feb 18 3: Heena Feb 15 I love Song Joong Ki.. Wonderful story line wonderful acting great team work. Ritika yadav Feb 13 7: Both r looking awesome n lovely. This is d bst drama. Bt i want that another season will start of descendant of th sun.

Parag Jyoti Phangchong Feb 10 3: I like this one the best. Very cute couples, and really you guys did a great role. And I hope We will see this couples soon again in a beautiful drama again. Hopeless Romantic Feb 09 I love how the romance is juxtaposed with the action scenes, and how the show focuses on two difficult romances with strong-willed characters who - at first - place duty above love before realizing that they can be intertwined successfully.

It touches upon a real issue in today's world where couples endure hardships because of participation in the military, and I really like how each of the four main characters pulled through and wouldn't give up fighting for what they believed in. Such an amazing story, and I will continue to watch it again and again because of how beautiful the storyline is. Deeznutz Feb 07 Stopped half way through. As others have said, no chemistry between the leads or should I say, song-song?

Predictable and cheesy storyline. Jw Jan 26 3: Even my daughters love it too. K-hambie Jan 23 2: I feel no chemistry between the two leads. I've seen better love stories than this. They could work more on making their love believable. The setting is really commendable and the courage displayed by both. Dream Hight Jan 22 8: Pyo Bum Jan 21 9: Yes they are great actors but it really lacks chemistry.

Wouldn't miss a thing even if you forgot to watch some episodes. This is an overrated drama. This is a mellowdrama with some action and medical scenes that "seasoning" this drama and affect the character's emotion.

And i think Kim Eun Sook writer-nim more focus on character development. It's really fun to watch the process of the two lead couples become together. Ja Jan 18 It has a very light and easy to grasp story Just love the chemistry of the two lead couples Heeral Jan 13 4: Sera Jan 04 2: Priyanka Jan 04 I like the all character of the descendant of sun specially the smile and caring nature of yoo shi jin..

I m falling in love with him.. I m dying to see another part of descendant of sun.. Dramas need more strong female leads and not just immature,annoying damsel in distress like the main female in this drama Kang Mo-Yeon.

Rashi Jan 01 2: I love the love story of main couple, love story between a soldier and doctor is so realistic bcoz it's so complicated for them make in reIationship in dangerous zone. They're far away then they're focused about their work and their profession to each other, until the end they were happy ending with their love story. But i dont know why i hated so much for second couple bcoz they're just wasting time to making romance and nothing to do beside making intimate.

I though the role of yoon myungjoo is not important in this drama. She is just busy to pursue her love than helping people in dangerous zone, its so annoying huhhh i wonder why are so many fans love her role.

I thought the role is important the most in dot is yoo sijin with alpha team and kang mooyoen with hyesung hospital team. They always be dream team for people in uruk. They already caring,helping to any human who needed their help.

I respected so much for them. I just hope if dots will be produce in season 2, please focuses to alpha team and hyesung team. There were conflicts there and there, but it's not as important, I think. However I did enjoy it. It was light and breezy. I watched it for the character interactions and the lines. Chong Shiau Mui Dec 28 3: Red Dec 25 5: Waiting for sjk and shk new drama or movie!

Kai Dec 23 2: Thank u for helping. Lucero Dec 19 9: I recently got hooked on Korean drama and this is by far the best drama I've ever seen. On my 3rd time watching this season: Hope a second season is made!! Marta Dec 11 This is the best drama that i've ever watch, really love it. They are very perfect couple in drama and they have a chemistry?

Krisan Dec 03 7: The message is amazing, it is about humanity not just any other kdrama which only tell about cinderella story. Sha Nov 30 8: This is my second time attempting to watch it. I don't think Im going to continue watching. Donna Nov 27 1: Ilove the chemistry of bigboss and beauty because this couple is real. Look at the ratings of descendants of the sun no one can beat this. I recommend you to watched this.

Nana Nov 24 Ayen Nov 23 I cant keep watching this drama. The female lead is too annoying ugh. I don't like the plot. Miss 96 Nov 21 7: I'm korean fan from Malaysia. Korean is the best. Hanita Oct 31 7: Diamond man almost slap Kim Ji Won's cheek but she still helped him. She is really kind. Diamond man also asked Song Joong Ki to find his diamonds in the rubble but sjk keep save him although he must get hurt on his shoulder.

This story so interesting and teach about values of life. Chisomo Oct 31 Always risking one's life for others? Is this patriotism or self-sacrifice? Anyway, congratulations for inspiring some of us Fan Oct 27 9: Not just another boring cinderella story like other korean drama. Song Joong ki acting is great and he has killer smile Actually, the reason why the second couple is exist is to make the story balance. The first lead couple is too realistic, so they need to put a dramatic couple.

That's why they add GooWon couple in the story. Beside, i think YMJ did a great job in helping people also. Did you remember the earthquake scene? In that messy situation, she's still manage to help the doctor team to get out from Medicube also help the workers at power plant building. And she's infected by M3 virus because of Jin Yeung Soo. Well, she has more love scene rather than rescuing scene. Many international fans loved it.

So don't judge another people's like. Youbi Ravelo Oct 19 6: The situation over Big Boss and our sweet surgeon's meeting is crazy cute that I didn't want to go further but until now I'm still watching and I really hope that there will be no plot. DOTSun team, great job! Laila Oct 15 7: Lelia Oct 14 I love the love story of main couple. Love story between a soldier and doctor is so realistic because it's so complicated for them make in reIationship in dangerous zone.

They are far away then they're focused about their work and their profession to each other. Until the end they were happy ending with their love story. But i dont know why i hated so much for second couple because they are just wasting time to making romance and nothing to do beside making intimate. She is just busy to pursue her love than helping people in dangerous zone.

Pamela Mayer Oct 12 My congratulations to all the cast, the writers, film crew everyone. I watched this with English captions which were sometimes too fast and sometimes too slow and not always easy to determine who said which line.

So I watched at least four times the whole series on Netflix. Even with English captions the pure genius of the story and the actors just touched my heart. I am not one to give praise for movies or dramatic series, but, even though this work has been out for a while, I just wanted you to know how much I appreciated it's excellence. SIMA Sep 22 7: Beatrix Sep 19 1: I think this is a good drama, but they could do so much more I don't know what that something is but I just felt a bit thrown off.

Because of such a huge hype the drama got, my expectations were way too high. However, the drama was still very enjoyable. It was really cliche with the whole love at first sight thing so I was really disappointed with the beginning. I know it's normal for couples to argue especially at the beginning stage of learning and accepting each other. But the main couple argued every three seconds in the first several episodes, it was very annoying.

However, I enjoyed watching the couple when they reached that stage of trusting and understanding one another. Still, I loved the second couple and enjoyed their story more. The first few episodes were boring but thankfully, the earthquake saved the drama. I had some good cries and laughs from this drama. The cast was great. I wish Kim Minseok had more screen time though. He appeared for like 2 seconds every episode. Overall, this drama was nice. It's not up to my insanely high expectations and I wouldn't say it's my all time favorite drama but it's definitely one of my favorite dramas.

Aem Sep 16 2: Everything was so well done - story, dialogues, conflicts, morals, feels I've never seen such good chemistry between the leads in like forever! There were minor stuff that I wish were done better, but there's just an abundance of goodness that the tiny slips were negligible. The story felt real, with a good amount of fiction in it and the same goes for the characters. It's just that excellent balance of fantasy and reality that keeps you playing episode after episode.

Every character had their relevant role, and not one person was wasted! I've honestly watched it for 4 times and I can attest that all episodes were of superb quality and importance. This was such a well done drama that I simply am stuck as to what to watch next. I feel like nothing can compare.. Thank you for the whole team! Thank you for giving us DOTS. Nasha Sep 06 9: Thanks for all the team to serve this drama to us.

Especially to Jong ki, you success to make me smiles all the time with your character. I never stop thinking about you haha. This is my first time being crazy after watching a drama. The filming took 7 months, but the two leads got together after 4 months? But those two had too much scenes together. Jung Eun Ra Sep 03 6: Mita Aug 25 7: I watched it more than 15 times but never get bored Every episode is full of excitement I just love it I have nothing to say about Song Joong Ki..

He is so perfect that whenever I see his pic or drama I fall in love over and over again. Marinet Canceran Aug 24 7: I truly love it.

Looking forward to season 2. The main Characters are perfect and amazing. I am a big and die hard fan of them and of DOTS. To God be the Glory Coolchuchu Aug 18 2: I fell in love with the caracter of soong joong-ki as captain yoo. The first time I watched this, my mind made up saying that I'll continue this drama because I think this is beautiful, until it ended up, I realize that this is the most beautiful kdrama in the whole Universe.

I'm a Filipino, and in the Philippines this makes us "kilig" filipino word.. The millions or billions fans of KiKyo or SongSong couple will be disappointed if the main lead is not them.. Do you think that's a happily ever after? To make it easier, just focus on the story of the two main couples.. Many fans that are hoping so please. Mili Aug 16 5: The main characters are awesome. If they can't get them all for a second season they should not make one or wait until all actors have completed there next projects to start a new descendants of the sun project together.

Coolchuchu Aug 12 Never had a dull moment for the whole series. I just felt excitement, love, sadness and happiness! Salute to everyone who made this Kdrama possile! Oppa Aug 12 9: I love big boss and beauty. This Kdrama is super awesome, i mean from the main cast down to support cast acting is superberb. They really made great drama. I've been watching it for one week now, as if I don't have a job. I love the story its so different. I am a proud Filipino watching the melodrama or should I say, a blockbuster!

Catherine Aug 08 5: I already finish the whole episode.. But I used to watch it over and over again.. I love the story itself.. I hope it has a season 2 especially the ending is open ended.. I want to see what will happen to yoo so jin and kang mo yeon.. Shaira Aug 07 2: It was very new and fresh.

I love the whole cast and every scene was documented perfectly. The chemistry of the two couples were so great. I'm sure I'm not only gonna watch it once. As a caucasian, seriously asians, this is the kind of drama you like??.. Ok fine, jumping to lessons learned is a cheat way to like it Obviously, there's lessons to learned, but we're talking about a drama A drama should have a plot, and this is not an essay or writing a journal, geez Anyway, very disappointed watching this..

Jo jo Aug 06 1: Mpham Aug 05 2: It is not about the Cinderella love story that we see in most dramas. Beside the love between lovers, there's also love and caring for friendship, comrade, and humanity I love every single beat of it. Kampung Inggris Aug 04 2: I really love this drama, This drama is the best drama this year. Thinzar Aug 04 1: Main actor, Song Joong Ki is a manly guy and looks smart. But there is one thing that i can't believe in this drama?

Is Joong Ki an alien? I can't trust he is a man because he had shot by a rocket but he didn't die in that drama. However, this is my favorite drama and the only drama i watched when i am bored. I love Joong Ki very much. I watch all of his drama. But in this drama there is one part that is impossible. You know that Joong Ki serve as a bodyguard at that ep he got a lot of shot. When he arrive at hospital he is almost die. But soon later he can even stand.

You know that thing is really crazy. But all episodes are really lovely and funny. And it is different from any other drama. This is my favorite drama. Love it very much DJT Aug 03 I think most people here that are saying good things about the drama are just Joong Ki fans because he is cute.

Liliqe Jul 31 5: Hell, this was filmed abroad for the majority of the series. I'll bet you that you'll like almost each and every single one of them. More than half, for sure. Every time I recall the series, it just never seems to blend in with the rest that I've watched.

Give it a shot; it's not as average as you think it is. There were really good ones, but this one has become an all-time favorite. It's so hard to move on after watching the series. Yoo smiles, my knees feel like jelly. I watch it again and again. This drama is the best korean drama I ever saw. Changkhe Jul 29 6: Rin Jul 28 7: Miki Jul 28 6: Guatzu Jul 28 This is highly recommended drama!

Got hooked with this. There's so many sweet moments. However, it's not because of the two that I watched this. I thought the plot is really good. But it started to decline as the episode goes on. Actually, I never finished this.

I think I stopped watching up to episode I felt I was deceived. I thought that they should have just ended it in that episode. The next episodes are just seemingly, to me, an addition to prolong the series. I also just can't believe that the love story of the main coupe was overshadowed by the other pair who are just supporting characters.

Que Jul 27 6: I love how the story goes.. Of course it wont be perfect. But it is good to watch. Ice Cream Jul 25 I love to watch it again and again. I love song song couple. They have a good chemistry. Nau Jul 19 6: If anyone tells you that Dots is bad and blablabla never believe him..

Haikilah Jul 15 5: And I think there are many minds in this world, it's almost imposible if everyhuman in this world will agree with one side. So, there are also many type of drama that each person have. For me, it's a good drama. And, for who don't like Hye Kyo play the role as Mo Yeon, what you can do about it? It's imposible if you want Hye Kyo's role changed by other actress, right? And for who don't like the story, Kim Eun Sook already write this story with a wish that make the viewers like it, you can't just change the story line, right?

Also, if you say rhus drama is boring, why you watch it? Well what i want to say is Oob Jul 13 I bet none drama can beat it, especially uncontrollaby fond, lol they think they can beat descendants of the sun, unfortunately uncontrollaby fond even cant beat doctors. Cheng Jul 13 5: I'm so sad that it only has 16 episodes.

I love all the casts. I will watch it again. I'm just so inlove with you all. More to come, song-song couple! Lisa Jul 12 Jin Goo oppa I love you. Jayaru Jul 12 2: Song hye kyo's acting is not that powerful compared to other actors. I really like kim ji won and jingoo couple goowon. Son naeun Jul 11 I Jul 08 P Jul 08 Aliah Laut Jul 07 6: Gray Jul 06 This is the best drama I ever watch.

DOTS deserve many appreciation. Joey Jul 06 Mary queen Jul 06 8: Descendants of the sun. The best Korean drama for me, I love the character. Miao Jul 06 1: Song jong ki acting is sooooo lame boring. I dont know why people like this drama so much. Mimi Jul 01 9: The 16 episodes are all worth it. I do love the chemistry between all of the others cast. Smarty Jun 28 4: As in my opinion, the leads has a very good chemistry among others kdrama.

Dince Jun 26 I don't know why it was such a big hit. Suzuki Jun 26 4: I don't know why there are still haters that so consistent say no chemistry between the leader Everything in this drama is daebak Sanaak Jun 23 SJK have to do it perfectly. The soundtrack is also very supportive. Zane Araki Jun 23 Actually, I rarely ever had this problem with drama. It's probably the way they manage the couple interaction that failed to build the chemistry..

It's just too bad, I love both Joong Ki and Hye Kyo but they simply don't live up to the hype in this drama. Dami Michael Jun 22 3: Wondergirl Jun 22 6: Best cinematography in drama so far: Jamie Jun 21 Bad chemistry between the leads.

No story development, and romance is very weird. The only reason why this drama was a "success" was because they casted Song joong ki and song hye kyo, and filmed at a foreign country. I don't know what people found in this drama that's so amazing.

It's a shame people's standard's have dropped so low. I am hoping for a better drama to sweep this drama out of existence. Thank you for reading my rant. ArZeL Jun 15 8: Fortunately there was SJK who attracted lots of little girls and teenagers. I tried to watch this drama but stopped in the middle of 3rd episode. Song hye kyo 's acting is weird. She should have done some researches on real doctors before acting one. I have never seen a doctor with so much make-up.

Other actresses did not use so much make-up in their doctor's role like shk. And she has a hoarse voice. Clarky Jun 15 3: But then, despite the reviews, I gave it a try.

I was so wrong. This is a really good drama. Their missions and overall was really outstanding. Well, Yes, I recommend it.

It was not a perfect drama but a really good series overall. Cacha Jun 14 8: I love the plot, the story made me cried and laughed so much. But its still good, excellent.. Ria Jun 14 2:

Imsges: mamamoo - marriage not dating ost part.2

mamamoo - marriage not dating ost part.2

She is really kind. Gracie Jun 02 5:

mamamoo - marriage not dating ost part.2

If you wanna watch a similar story but better watch "Our girl".

mamamoo - marriage not dating ost part.2

It was very different. I want to see what will happen to yoo so jin and kang mo yeon. I like this one the best. Ritika yadav Feb 13 7: Their love is tested and mature. It is Sooooo good.