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Unfortunately, aside from a ground installation, a large buggy, an advanced looking spaceship, and the monorail, the theme was underdeveloped. May Learn how and when to remove this template message. Martians in the Life on Mars theme were unique in that they were named after real-life stars and constellations: The UFO theme is often considered the first Space theme to heavily rely on large pieces meant to provide effects such as curvature that would be difficult to achieve with traditional Lego pieces, something that became common for the next decade. Emerald Knights Green Lantern: So the Drama Kim Possible:

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In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Defenders of the Crown. Insectoids are unusual in that Lego had never before in Lego Space released two "bad guy" factions in a row. Featured Video No featured videos are found for this game. Joe Sigma Six — G.

Tron took over the "civilian" role of the Futuron faction. Vehicles in this set, distinctive for their red hulls, gray and black trim and transparent neon green canopies, are devoted primarily to exploration or mining and was the only civilian Space theme to not include any bases. They often featured crane -like attachments with magnets for picking up small cargo and storage boxes. These boxes, unfortunately, were generally not interchangeable. The figures wore white trousers, a red shirt with an "M" logo in the middle, and a black helmet with transparent neon green visor.

This theme also extensively used brick-built robot figures to assist the M: These were the last sets produced under the "Legoland" banner before Lego began branding their sets as Lego System. Sets color designs were featured around black with white trim and transparent neon green canopies and the minifigures were redesigned with new uniforms and logo. It also replaced the creative but haphazard interchangeability of Blacktron I with mostly-uniform cockpit globes, which could be switched unimpeded between ships in other sets within the theme.

Some fans were also disappointed that, aside from a proliferation of small element-or-less vehicles, Blacktron II seemed to be mostly a rehash of Blacktron I on a set-by-set basis. The set designs featured black and grey with transparent green canopies and red trim.

The standardized jail cells from the original were retained, though only three vehicles could accept them. However, it was the first Space theme to replace the standard Lego smiley face minifigure head with a more complex print in this case, the face augmented by a fringe of hair and an ear-mounted microphone.

Finally, Space Police II ships were known for being under-armed; several vehicles sported no overt weapons such as the Galactic Chief , whose epaulet-wearing pilot is armed with only a hand-held blaster that might actually be a megaphone , and the others featured only two small cockpit-mounted weapons including the theme's heavyweight multi-module spaceship, the Galactic Mediator.

In , Ice Planet took over the civilian role from M: Based around exploration on an ice planet, sets were designed with skis both on vehicles and personnel , a blue and white color scheme with transparent neon orange canopies, and transparent neon orange chainsaws. As befitting an icebound theme, most of its vehicles were ground-based and many of its smaller vehicles also carried satellite dishes , seemingly to track or communicate with the rockets launched by the larger vehicles or its base.

This was also the first Space theme to have a named character Commander Cold and a female minifigure. In , Spyrius replaced Blacktron as the "bad" faction and were apparently designed around spying and infiltration. The set designs were mostly red and black with transparent blue canopies. Most spaceships in this theme were shaped like flying saucers and the ground vehicles were designed like giant robots. The faction was often marketed as stealing technology from Unitron.

This nine-set theme was the first to feature robot minifigures. Unitron took over the "good guy" role from the Space Police II. The Unitron theme revolved around a large monorail system powered by a 9V battery and the four sets were designed in blue and grey with transparent blue canopies and transparent neon green highlights. It also retained Lego interchangeability in the form of small cockpits which could dock on the front or top of its vehicles. Unfortunately, aside from a ground installation, a large buggy, an advanced looking spaceship, and the monorail, the theme was underdeveloped.

In Lego returning to the white and transparent blue canopies of Futuron with the Exploriens Theme. Sets are known for their use of large, open sometimes rickety structures and special image elements e. The Exploriens were searching, evidently, for fossils and certain flat plates contained triple images: It was the second space theme to include a robot minifigure, some also considered this the second Space theme to include a female minifigure, however this minifigure was actually a feminine robot named Ann Droid.

The theme shares many similarities with the popular Star Trek TV Series, with the faction's main focus being with exploration, their robot figure's name being a play on "android", and their race's insignia resembling Starfleet's insignia. In , taking over the "good guy" role was another four-set theme, Roboforce. The sets featured various large robots in varying color schemes, run by similarly uniformed pilots.

Neon Orange Class features humanoid robots equipped with a buzz saw or a chainsaw. The "head" of each robot was also a small space ship that could be used as an escape pod or secondary vehicle. Neon Green Class featured animal shaped robots. The Robo Raptor was the only set not to feature a space craft, while the Robo Master's small starcraft strongly resembled the Unitron Star Hawk II as a tribute to the fan favorite set.

Roboforce "Robos" were powered by "secret" "robo disks" which were oddly enough rectangle -shaped power sources. UFO was the first Lego Space theme to feature aliens instead of humans. All of UFO's minifigures were cybernetic in nature, and featured two wholly robot figures the red one was said to be "Andy Droid", Ann Droid's brother stolen from the Exploriens, according to the Lego Company , and as befitting its name, many of its spaceships used saucers or half-saucers as elements.

It has the smallest proportion of wheeled ground vehicles to ships two to nine of any Lego Space theme before or since. The UFO theme is often considered the first Space theme to heavily rely on large pieces meant to provide effects such as curvature that would be difficult to achieve with traditional Lego pieces, something that became common for the next decade. The second alien race to actually look alien, the Insectoids were insect-like humanoid cyborgs especially interested in "energy orbs" which included magnetic stickers so that magnets attached to cranes could lift them.

Insectoids are unusual in that Lego had never before in Lego Space released two "bad guy" factions in a row. According to the LEGO Group, the Insectoids had crash-landed on an alien planet filled with enormous bugs, and in order to steal their giant egg orbs to refuel their spaceships and escape, they were forced to disguise themselves and their spaceships as bugs. After escaping the planet, the Insectoid went out into the galaxy to make life miserable for the other races with their mischievous and pest-like nature, while looking for more "energy orbs" to power their technology.

This is usually considered to be the last Space subtheme in which the entire theme is "good", "bad", or "civilian".

Life on Mars is a space theme released in , around a time of increased curiosity about the red planet. This was the first Space theme to feature two types of minifigures: The sets denote peaceful coexistence between the two species on the planet Mars. The Life on Mars theme pioneered several unique aspects in Lego in general. It was the first Lego theme to utilize a pneumatic pump system that was capable of sending Martian minifigures through tubes in the Aero Tube Hangar set.

This system would later be seen in the Mars Mission theme to shoot missiles. Sets were designed to separate into segments easily to encourage children to mix and create their own unique vehicles out of both human and alien sets.

Martians in the Life on Mars theme were unique in that they were named after real-life stars and constellations: Mars Mission is the second space theme [2] to feature both humans and aliens and is a reboot of Life on Mars. Unlike Life on Mars , the aliens a different breed of Martians and humans were pitted against each other as children had been fond of doing with the original line. This is the first time the Space Police have been pitted against monstrous looking aliens instead of human looking villains, like Blacktron or Spyrius.

It is also the first Space Police theme to include enemy ships instead of just prisoners and is the first Space Police theme in 16 years. However, Rench bears the old Blacktron Future Generation logo on his uniform which is an updated original Blacktron uniform , hinting that he may have a connection with the old Blacktron faction, as well as hinting that the Space Police are in the same continuity as their older versions.

Alien Conquest was released in May , and is the first Lego Space subtheme [3] to take place on Earth. A new wave of aliens begins attacking Earth. Multiple cities around the globe report massive abductions and UFOs in the night sky. The UFOs are finally identified as aliens in saucer-shaped space-craft, who are abducting humans for brainpower to power their spaceships, which bear resemblance to the Classic UFO line of space.

Panic breaks out worldwide, and the Alien Defense Unit takes up the cause. Season 13 American Dad! Season 14 Full Episodes American Dragon: Mansion of the Gods Astro Boy Astroblast!

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