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lee seung gi yoona dating reaction

How he could made a sound like that? Please continue them both love and support. YoonA is on the top of the list for her to die for looks and well rounded talent. And I want to say it here: How to become a k-pop idol. This song is very appropriate for the Miho theme song Miho. January 11, at 5:

ADORABLE: Lee Seung Gi and Yoona are dating!

January 7, at 4: The pairing sparked alot of laughs, but the start was him singing the famous song from the drama Memories of Bali — My Love. Is this their first encounter? It did not stop at looks. When Seung Gi was still doing X-man, he sang for his on-screen crush at the time, Chaeyeon, and started the kind of famous noona love-line on X-man.

Yura cutely answered, " I will do my best ," but when Park Seul Gi followed up with, " Then what are you going to do if there was a bed scene? It depends on how he confesses. How it was revived from the dead. People were asking, 'What are you going to do? That was my intention. Yura said, " It's my first time receiving this question. I was like what! Subs for the whole interview: I found it cute and funny eventhough I am not their fan lol.

Lee Seunggi and Yoona are one of the rare celebrity couple that was shipped so much by fans. Why would they want to against their relationship? Haha and two days later her relationship was reveal can't wait to see her reaction for this week show. Do you think she knew at the time that her relationship would also be revealed? I think she did and she must have been nervous Yasssss ahh this was not what I expected when I decided to take a quickie break from studying! SHINee's Key has shocked fans by suddenly shaving his head.

On March 16, Key posted the video on Instagram below along with the message, "Guess w…. For a famous star, the best way to protect his girlfriend is to be diligent about his work.

If he falls into a slump after opening relationship with his girlfriend, people would deliver concentrated fire on the girlfriend. He said "I try to concentrate harder than at any time in my acting life. I throw more energies at the filming spot and try to read the script over and over again. I'm trying hard to find a way to transmit my feelings well. Kpop Romance Based on a True Story.

The King of K-pop. The K-pop Pioneer "Love yourself! G-Dragon is doing very well in the military. The director of "The princess and the matchmaker" says Lee Seung Gi is very polite and smart. Stories behind Suzy and Lee Dong Wook's romantic relationship.

Imsges: lee seung gi yoona dating reaction

lee seung gi yoona dating reaction

The PD ask why, he said it was last year.

lee seung gi yoona dating reaction

Then Yoona praised his acting, especially his crying scene when going to the army.

lee seung gi yoona dating reaction

Notify me of new posts via email. Email required Address never made public. I think her laughs ok. A perfect package if there is ever one. Load More Trending Articles.