Samick Sage Takedown Recurve Bow

Samick Sage Takedown Recurve Bow

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But it does the job well and is good enough to hunt with. I have now put some fur silencers on it and can't wait to see what it sounds like. Overall it ranks at the top of it's class as far as low cost, entry level bows go. Bowfishing Compound Packages Recurve Packages. The string that came with it was crap, but a new flemish string is working great I just have to fine tune the brace height Get a durable arrow rest i'm using the soft side of velcro.

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I heard about socket problems. I bought this bow based on the great reviews, but My 35 Sage is as good as they get for a new traditional archer like me. You won't regret it. The wood could have been smoother Lots of divets Pocks The brass Inserts could have been done a little better.

I bought this bow based on the great reviews, but After receiving 3 sets of limbs and trying 2 separate risers, the limbs are not fitting on properly Namely the top limb. In fact, I have a hand full of blisters to prove it. At first, I thought it was the setup, then I thought it was me.

Then after great customer service and a few other tries, I decided to return the whole thing and start from scratch. Perhaps there was a delivery of product that was just a bit off when I ordered, but from what I have seen, I would not recommend this product at this time, to anyone who wants a reliable, easy to takedown bow.

I bought mine with light draw weight limbs then a 40 set. I've had it for years and other than inspecting the string zero issues at all. I've never seen the need to buy a more expensive bow. I likely will but not yet. Lancaster is a premier dealer and will shop with Lancaster again! Best in the business.

Good quality ,easy to use ,assemble,60lbs draw ,the only thing was it didn't have any arrows with it so bout a week after I got it before I used it well worth the money if you don't want to splash out for a grizzly which would of been my first choice but glad I bought this instead may eventually buy the grizzly this will do nicely for now. I'm a beginner, and decided to buy the Sage bow.

Despite the problem that I had with the first riser, it is a very good bow. Lancaster customer service is outstanding. This bow arrived completely as expected. It is a great bow, can accomodate fast flight strings, it looks elegant.

Kudos to this bow and Lancaster Archery for being so helpful in advising me on the bow and accesories. I Got this bow a few years ago and have found it to be a great shooter. It was purchased in a local archery store and to be honest, price was THE factor in this purchase. Though truthfully, It is easily as good as any bow I've ever owned and my last one was a major name brand.

I also plan on buying a set of 45 limbs for the sage just for target shooting. I am new to this. My only comment is that the bow as stringed upon arrival had a brace height of 6 inches. I have been turning the string for several days. Now at about 7. I will let you know. What's not to like? Looks, performance, price, all in one nice package. The only thing missing is another mount point for additional target gizmos.

If you might tend towards Olympic target shooting, consider an entry level Olympic riser and some value limbs instead for about the same price. Don't let the price of this bow mislead you. As other reviews state this bow is excellent quality, its light weight, yet sturdy. The grip is comfortable and very easy to handle. If you prefer the classic look of a recurve, as I do, get this bow. I'm 15 and I've been shooting Recurve bows since I was about 8.

This is by far my favorite and is superior to any bow I have ever shot in terms of Power, accuracy and arrow flight. I got the 45 pound limbs which work very well. I had no problems with the shipping and the bow was easy to assemble. I would definitely recommend this bow to an archer of any skill level.

When these bows first came out buyers were mostly new to archery and posted that "it's a good bow for the price". As more experienced archers became acquainted with them they became " an excellent bow for the price". These days most of us just say "it's an excellent bow". If you want to criticize it you will always go to the finish on the bow, it is not a custom hand made wood riser. It is however a fast smooth shooting bow that is comfortable and right up there with my more expensive ones.

A couple few years ago I decided to buy a bow. I' started out with a re curve bow in my youth. But the last bow I had was a very nice PSE compound. Anyway after years away I decided I wanted a new re curve bow. The Samick Sage fir the ticket for me. I wanted a bow light enough to do a lot of target shooting with yet strong enough to do some hunting with. My other considerations were that I wanted a take down bow and it had to be inexpensive enough for a retired budget.

I have no regrets regarding that purchase and though I am currently making my next bow I will not give up my Samick Sage. Great bow, good price, easy to mount and lightweight for a low-price takedown bow.

There are some details that could be better, principally about the quality, but still being a very good equipment. Bought this bow in 30 for my wife.

She has never even seen a bow up close before! The first thing out of her mouth, was "that's so pretty! She hates when we have to take it down for storage, because she " can't see it" anything that gets my wife to shoot with me, gets high marks!

Also, Lancaster ships super freaking quick! I bought this bow for my daughter as a birthday gift. As luck would have it, we had a few small issues with the setup. The folks at Lancaster Archery went over and above anything I ever expected in order to make things right and ensure a satisfied customer. My daughter is happy with her bow, and we are both more than pleased with the service we received from the folks at LAS.

Looks and feels great. Would highly recommend this to anyone beginner or professional!! My first bow was a Red Stag takedown, and I have to say it's a nicer feeling bow than the Sage. That said, my eventual goal is to be able to shoot the lb war bow that a late uncle left me. Obviously a monster like that would leave me and just about everybody else seriously over-bowed. Therefore I needed something that I could use to gradually progress through the available draw weights, until I was strong enough to try the WB.

I'm now into my 3rd set of sage limbs, and have been pleasantly surprised by the feel of the bow at all 3 weights. At least I was after I upgraded the string. I just purchased this bow Saturday i wanted something with more power and a little more traditional than my little compound bow genesis pro which is a youth bow but great for starters and this is it it's light weight and affordable for a beginner or more advanced archer it has mounts for a sight and other items if you so choose to add them what I like most about this bow is that if i feel the weight is to high or low I can always purchase new limbs for it i'd say if your little for something traditional and priced perfectly i'd recommend this bow.

I just got into Traditional archery so I ordered this bow with 45 limbs and a standard string, along with a stringer. It arrived in the time given, packaging in good shape UPS. The bow is a very nice looking bow. It may not have the best shiny finish and may look a little plain but it has been a blast to shoot and I cant hit well with it. Will need to add string silencers before hunting with it as even though brace height set it's still a tad loud when firing.

My 35 Sage is as good as they get for a new traditional archer like me. I can not stress enough how much arrow selection will affect your impression of the bow right from the start and you will likely get misleading and confusing advice from most compound shops and traditional forums. Now back to the bow. This item will gladly accept all the accessories you may want and does fine if left bare as well.

The Sage was certainly the right way to be introduced to the recurve bow. My wife bought it for me for Christmas, didn't get to shoot it until yesterday, so I had time to make a few tweaks, but my first instinctive shot at thirty yards was in the red. The second was right on the edge. I was kind of shocked really, I hadn't shot a recurve in 15 years, but even then I didn't have one like this. The tweaks I made are rubber washers in between the bolt and limbs and also between the riser and limbs.

I also heat tapped the string at the top and bottom where the track is in the limb. I just used velcro on the rest, that's all I did, I am impressed Bought this bow about a year ago, and have probably put about k arrows through it. Bow has worked without a single problem since ive owned it. Reason im reviewing this bow a year later, is because i brought it out for some target practice at thanksgiving, and the kids and ladies wanted to try it, but had difficulties with the 50lb draw. Thats when i decided to get some 35lb limbs on this site, but the best part about this bow is, the quality to price ratio is awesome, so i just bought a whole new bow.

This bow is perfect for the beginner like i was, its not crazy expensive, so if you decide you dont like it, you're not out a lot, but if you decide you really like it, this bow is competent enough to shoot as well as bows times its price.

Extremely good bow, I have the 40 and it is fantastic. Shoots like a dream when all my form is good and has a very nice color and finish. Only thing I wasn't too fond of was that my bottom limb isn't aligned perfectly and is on a little angle. But hey, that's only being really picky, and even then I cant really argue if I'm still getting great shots. I purchased a 30 Samick Sage bow to get back into Traditional archery. After a month I ordered a 40 limb. The 30 limb really helped me develop those muscles needed to hold the draw.

I got into bow fishing and wanted a stronger limb, so I ordered the 40 limb. The bow with the 40 limb shoots flat out 20 yards.

I use my fish hook rest to even shoot the target I have and I have tied a peep into my fast flight string that replaced the string that came with thy bow I now am able to group my arrows to within 6" 35 yds. I now upgraded to a 45 limb and planning on getting another Riser to shoot the 45 with.

That way I can now have another bow to practice my instinctive shooting. It's so much easier to bow fish without any sights, but with the sights I have taken a lot of pigs and a bunch of Axis Deer here in Hawaii. That's why I just love this Bow. It's so much less complicated than shooting a Compound. I hooked on This Recurve.

Thank you Lancaster Archery. Got this bow for Christmas last year after deciding it was time to get serious about shooting traditional equipment. Shot a recurve off and on over the years but never seriously. After some research I decided on a sage and man I don't know if I would want to spend the money on a pricier bow now.

I went with the 50 limbs and calve hair rest off the shelf , FF string, yarn silencers, and some brush buttons. Also a six arrow limb bolt quiver by thunderhorn to complete my setup. Shoots great, very quiet. I would not hesitate to try one for the money it's hard to beat. No it don't have a dollar finish but still looks darn good. Mine has a fee very minor imperfections in the finish but you need to look close to see them.

I bought two Samick Sage Bows with 30 and 40 pound limbs. After the first shoot I am very happy with the bows. I did buy "out of the box" models, however, I would not do this again.

Lancaster replaced the riser with the bent pocket as it was very difficult to fit the limbs - tight and hard to lock-in. So, despite some minor issues I can only say great things about the bows and most importantly about Lancaster Archery. Ordering from outside US is always a risk - not with Lancaster - I will be back again and again for bows and accessories.

This is my first now. I've had long-time shooters comment that it shoots great and is well made. I've been shooting about a year and a half now and absolutely love it, only drawback was that the string wasn't great, so I bought a new one hey, it can't be absolutely perfect, right? I'm looking to getting higher poundage limbs now, since 25 feel like a toy to me now Ordered the samick sage for my first recurve bow, out of the box, the string didn't allow the bow to reach its proper brace height; measuring in at only 5 in.

Recommend order a new string along with the bow to reach maximum potential. Hey all this may be a little premature and I will update I am an old bower I found out last weekend after being coached by Rod Jenkins I really knew very little After much research I bought this bow knowing that I can start of with 30 Pound Limbs but as i get better i have the option to get much stronger ones.

I am very happy with the quality of the bow. The riser has a great feel and look to it and the limbs feel smooth to draw. A little bit about he riser it is pre-drilled and ready for all extras like clickers,sights and more.

It's not a large grip just a nice medium one. So if your looking to get started this is a great all around bow that you will sure in joy for years to come. Got a 15 strand Flemmish string right off the bat and with the strategic placement of moleskin and string leeches it shoots straight, fast and silent.

Just ordered some 55 limbs and a whack of arrows and plan to keep this bow for target and hunting even if I do upgrade at some point. I order this bow in I found that it has a smooth draw compared to similarly priced bows and the overall quality is pretty good.

It shoots well and is fairly quiet once you install string silencers. Overall it ranks at the top of it's class as far as low cost, entry level bows go. This bow is one of the best bows I have bought. Altough I would like to suggest replacing the string as soon as you can. Mine just snapped after 3 months of use. But all in all, no doubt in my mind. The Samick sage is no dissapointment.

This is my first bow. Took it out of the box, had it put together in about three minutes ready to go. Super smooth, very comfortable, great value for money. Very happy all around.

I have already told friends about this site and this bow. I received the Sage 30 and found that it drew very hard and stacked. After only a few days from getting the Sage, the upper limb delaminated.

Called LAS customer service and they sent out new limbs. Got them today and they are fantastic, they pull very smooth and are quiet.

Just got a bad pair to start. I absolutely love the bow now. Thanks for the awesome customer service, and great price. Jim and Josh get a shout out for their help with the order and replacement limbs. I live in Quebec and received my Samick Sage within 6 business days after my order was shipped and have since then purchased a couple of other accessories from the exceptional customer service at Lancaster Archery.

I've been traditional bows since , longbows, recurves and the last one was a hybrid reflex-deflex 60 inch longbow. Once the Sage is set up properly, I've found it to be just as enjoyable to shoot as any of the much higher priced ones I've had in the past.

Considering the price I paid for it, i simply can't find fault with it and I am just as satisfied as can be. I did however replace the Dacron string the Sage comes with and installed a Flemish twist. My new Samick Sage will accompany me to all the 3-D shoots I will participate in over the Summer months. I live in Australia, and at times it is very hard to find a value for money bow. I did a fair bit of research on this bow, and all novice through to experienced shooters agreed it is excellent value and shoots well.

I cannot recommend this bow strongly enough. Lancaster Archery sales and shipping were awesome, I received my bow in 5 days from ordering, not bad considering I live in Queensland Australia. Purchased this bow while wintering in South Carolina. After a few minor adjustments the bow was shooting great. Used it for 3 D tournaments, a little rusty from shooting only compound for last 20 yrs. I still shoot the Sage for carp shooting and to introduce family and friends into trad archery.

I will be ordering a set of lighter limbs as my wifes PSE impala limb just delaminated. Over all you can't go wrong with this one. This bow is a very nice bow for entry level shooters. It is very inexpensive and great for someone who wants to get into archery.

I only recommend that when you get it get a better string to replace the one that comes with it. Originally bought the Sage as my first bow.

Let me add to the praise - for the price, this is a very smooth and competent bow. The finish is okay. The riser is kind of large and relatively heavy. Definitely plan on adding string silencers and dampers to control the vibration.

But it does the job well and is good enough to hunt with. If you want to try archery without spending much money, and especially if you want to try different limbs until you figure out a good draw weight, this bow is the way to go.

However, I did get a bit bored with it after a few months and moved up to a better bow also a Samick.

I'm keeping the Sage and 3 different sets of limbs - it's still great for introducing friends to the sport. I decided last year I would give archery a try and started off with a PSE Snake to be sure it would be something I would enjoy.

A better string, a little moleskin, adjusting the brace height and some beaver balls and it is very quiet, I have a hard time hearing it especially when I am concentrating on my form.

I of course have no experience with more expensive bows so I do not know what they have to offer over the Sage, but the Sage is a great starter bow and so far I see no reason to upgrade to any thing more expensive. Lancaster's service was great and I will be using them to continue with my new found passion. Bought this bow for the price and after reading the reviews i was glad.

It took some time to find a good arrow to fly correct, but I did. I killed my first deer with it, a big 8 at 10 yards and it was a complete pass thru. There is very little hand shock and it stacks well at 28 inch. Love the bow thinking about ordering 50 lb limbs for it for turkey season.

I have told my dad about it and he bought one. Make sure that you mark your string so you know what is top when taken apart. The only issue I had was with the poor manufacturing of the screws themselves that fix the limbs to the riser. One of the screws had a large burr too significant to be from shipping , making it very difficult to fasten. I fixed it myself with a thread cleaner and silicone lube, but this is something that shouldn't have been missed by quality control during assembly.

It was a very visible defect and made fastening almost impossible by hand. Even for a budget bow, one should expect that all parts won't be damaged right out of the box. Other than that, I love my Samick. The bow itself is wonderful. A great starting bow and even for those with more experience in archery. I have not let this experience deter me from buying another. You just can't go past this Bow for the Money.

And she Shoots just fine. Quite enough with a Fast string and home made Silencers. Not much Shock to make any Complaints here. Simply a Great bow All round. I'll be Looking at more Samicks that's for Sure. I think the Sage is the best return on investment available for entry level archers. I recently bought one for my son. Even after reading all of the positive reviews, the quality and versatility were far beyond my expectations. I would have no qualms about hunting with this bow.

I couldn't be happier with this purchase. If I had a third thumb, it would be up too. The bow is great, especially for the price.

It shoots great, it's durable, and comes in a variety of weights. The only problem I had was that it did not come with the "stick-on arrow rest", so i sent their customer service an email and they sent it with no hassle. I plan on buying many other things from Lancaster Archery. I have been shooting this bow for just over a month at about arrows a day, and it's great!

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lancaster ohio hook up

Ordered the samick sage for my first recurve bow, out of the box, the string didn't allow the bow to reach its proper brace height; measuring in at only 5 in. My Account Wishlist 0 Log In.

lancaster ohio hook up

Lancaster is a premier dealer and will shop with Lancaster again! The finish was good quality and looks great. In fact, I have a hand full of blisters to prove it.

lancaster ohio hook up

I use silencer felt at the ends of the limbs to silence the bow and some brush buttons to keep from ripping lancaster ohio hook up out of the bushes adjacent to the flight path. Nicely built, very little hand shock. On disassembly, I looked at the heads of the screws holding the pockets to the limbs themselves, and the heads of two of the four were mildly butchered, leaving metal sticking up, and one was lancaster ohio hook up slightly and protruding above the surface. I am very happy that this is my first bow and I can see why it has been reviewed so positively. The only issue M.text dating had was with the poor manufacturing of the screws themselves that fix the lancaster ohio hook up to the riser. The riser is kind of large and relatively heavy. Lancastr a quality flemish twist string and add some silencers and it is ready to hunt.