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The city is governed by a council-manager system with a city manager , a nine-member city council, and a mayor. Kent has nearly 20 parks and preserves and hosts a number of annual festivals including ones related to Earth Day , folk music, and the U. In addition to the Kent State athletic teams , the city also hosts a number of amateur and local sporting events at various times during the year.

Local transportation infrastructure includes a public bus service and hike-and-bike trails. The city has produced a number of notable individuals, particularly in politics, athletics, and the entertainment industry. The region was originally inhabited by various tribes of American Indians , including the early Mound Builders.

The site, known as Brady's Leap, is now a city park. As part of the Connecticut Western Reserve , the area was divided into survey townships in and almost all of what is now Kent was originally part of Town 3 Range 9, which would eventually be known as Franklin Township.

Franklin Township was surveyed in and settled in November when John Haymaker and his family moved west from Warren to the banks of the Cuyahoga River. They were joined by John's brother George and their father Jacob Haymaker and their families early the next year, and built a gristmill in The first village, known as Franklin Mills, or locally as the "Lower Village", developed mostly around the original Haymaker property.

In , Joshua Woodard arrived in the area and began constructing buildings just north of the village forming the "Upper Village" that would come to be known briefly as Carthage.

When construction began on the canal in the mids, land speculation was rampant in many areas of northeast Ohio along the canal, including Franklin Mills. As a result, an industrial and business region was established along the east side of the river in what is now downtown Kent. Factories and mills were either planned or constructed along the Cuyahoga River, some of which either were never built or ultimately failed, due mostly to effects of the Panic of A lock and attached arch dam, however, was completed in By the s the canal was completely shut down.

In the era leading up to the American Civil War , Franklin Mills was an active stop on the Underground Railroad , giving fugitive slaves shelter on their escape to Canada. There were three notable stops in Franklin Mills, one of which still stands as of Marvin Kent had started his own railroad company, the Franklin and Warren Railroad , in after Franklin Mills, already home to several Kent family ventures and properties, was bypassed by the Cleveland and Pittsburgh Railroad that same year.

Kent was also successful in getting the village named as the location of the railroad's maintenance yards and shops in The geographic location along the railroad and being home to the shops reinvented and revitalized the village as an important stop on the east-west line between St.

Louis and New York City. The shops would open in and the railroad would play an important part of Kent's industry and development through the early 20th century before the shops were completely shut down in To honor Marvin Kent, the village was renamed Kent in , although this change was not official until the village was incorporated on May 6, John Davey came to Kent in as head grounds keeper at Standing Rock Cemetery, and planted several trees, landscaped the cemetery, and performed experiments on trees.

In , he published his theories on tree surgery with his book The Tree Doctor , and later established the Davey Tree Expert Company in The efforts of Davey and the presence of Davey Tree led to the establishment of "The Tree City" as a nickname for Kent, which is reflected in the city's seal.

After a fire destroyed the Seneca Chain Company in , one of the city's main industries at the time, city leaders created the Kent Board of Trade in , a forerunner to the Chamber of Commerce.

The new Board was successful later that year in having Kent selected out of twenty northeastern Ohio cities as the site of a new teacher training college, which became known as the " Kent State Normal School ". Kent, son of Marvin Kent, on what was then the eastern edge of town. By the school was renamed Kent State College after the establishment of a college of liberal arts and degrees in the arts and sciences and in was renamed Kent State University after it was given authorization to grant advanced graduate degrees.

Davey , son of tree surgeon John Davey. The squirrels have become an icon for both KSU and the city and are often used as unofficial mascots and symbols. These protests and demonstrations, which included rioting in downtown Kent on May 2, culminated in the Kent State shootings on May 4, , where four students were killed and nine were wounded by the Ohio Army National Guard.

In the entire site was listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Since then, Kent has placed in the top five a total of six times with the most recent being a fifth-place finish in To preserve the historic dam, a small park was built behind the dam and the river was rerouted through the old canal lock.

During warm-weather months, water is pumped over the dam. The park, known as Heritage Park, was formally dedicated in May The first of these was the Phoenix Project, a development privately financed by Kent resident Ron Burbick that renovated and expanded a section of commercial space along East Main Street. A second phase of Acorn Alley opened the next year. Other aspects of the redevelopment, which include a space parking deck and bus transfer station, a hotel and conference center, and three separate mixed-use buildings, began to take shape in following the demolition of several buildings in a four block area.

New offices for Ametek and the Davey Tree Expert Company opened in late along with several new small businesses on the first floors of each building. After being mostly vacant since and completely vacant since , it re-opened on April 1, , as the new home to the Kent location of Buffalo Wild Wings and also houses offices, a wine and jazz bar, and apartments.

Additional development has been ongoing on the campus of Kent State University and the largely residential neighborhood located between downtown Kent and the western edge of campus. The university began buying properties in that neighborhood in and by December had acquired Construction of the University Esplanade extension, designed to link campus with downtown, started in August after several of the buildings in the area, most of which had been rental homes, were demolished or moved.

A new county municipal courthouse on East Main Street was completed in April , and in , Kent City Council approved the sale of the city hall complex to a private developer for construction of a five-story apartment building on the site, which opened in August Located on the western end of the Glaciated Allegheny Plateau , the topography of Kent includes rolling hills and varied terrain.

Kent is not considered part of the Lake Erie snowbelt , though lake-effect snow does occur at times. The city is in what is referred to as the "secondary snowbelt", meaning it will receive heavier snowfall totals from lake-effect snow when certain wind directions are more prevalent, but typically sees far less snowfall than areas to the north closer to Lake Erie.

As a college town , Kent's demographic and population statistics are greatly affected by the presence and growth of Kent State University. Initial population growth in Kent was influenced by the location on the Cuyahoga River which led to the development of industrial and manufacturing jobs.

As of the Census , there were 28, people residing in the city for a population density of 3, There were 11, housing units at an average density of 1, The racial makeup of the city was There were 10, households in out of which The average household size in Kent was 2.

In the city the population was spread out with The median age was The city's population was The rate differs slightly from the national average of It contrasts with neighboring Franklin Township, which has a population that is While the number of individuals below the poverty line is significantly higher than both the state and national averages, with Measures of high poverty rates in similar college towns, however, is not uncommon across the U.

Educationally, Kent is above the national, state, and local averages for residents who have attained a bachelor's, master's, or above a master's degree. At the Census, Kent's location along the Cuyahoga River and later the Pennsylvania and Ohio Canal and multiple railroad lines made it attractive initially for the establishment of small gristmills for the production of flour and various factories.

Progressively larger factories later developed due to increased power available from the river and eventually due to the ease and lower cost of transportation of goods to other markets. Changes in the structure of the railroad and declines in the manufacturing sector during the midth century combined with the rapid growth of Kent State University following World War II led to the university becoming the city's largest employer and influenced the development of other areas of the city's economy.

Beginning in the late first decade of the 21st century, the university, along with the city and private investors, began to play a more active role in the redevelopment of downtown Kent and has aided in the development of local high tech companies.

As of , the educational, health, and social services fields were the city's largest sector, and employed over Manufacturing accounts for 7. The average commute time was 22 minutes. Bureau of Labor Statistics estimated the unemployment rate in Kent at 7. Cultural elements in Kent include various arts, environmental, and entertainment events during the year, as well as the Kent State University Museum.

The festival includes crafts, booths, entertainment, train rides, 5K and 10K races, and fireworks, drawing approximately 25, people each year.

The event typically draws thousands, largely Kent State students, and includes many who dress in costume. The festival has events at various locations in the city, such as a vegan chef competition, concerts, a film festival, guest speakers, and booths on environment-based topics.

It features Harry Potter -themed vendors and activities, a 5k run through the campus of Kent State University, a costume contest, and the transformation of Acorn Alley into Diagon Alley. The location is marked by a commissioned mural completed in October on the two bridge supports that line each side of the market's area. The Kent Stage , located downtown, is a performance venue for a variety of arts performances in music and theater. It hosts around 90 concerts, four theatrical performances, and four film festivals or movie premiers per year, including local, national, and international performers.

Since opening in , it has been visited by approximately , patrons from all over Ohio, 38 U. The festival includes multiple folk music acts at venues throughout the city over a period of several days. The museum focuses on the history of fashion design and decorative arts in the United States and around the world from the 18th century to the present.

It is housed in Taylor Hall on the site added to the National Register of Historic Places in and includes three galleries covering art and media from the era of the s leading up to the shootings, images from the actual event, and the local and national impact after the shootings.

The center opened to the public October 20, , during the Kent State Homecoming weekend. In addition to the Kent State Shootings Site near the center of campus, there are also a number of additional sites and districts in Kent on the National Register of Historic Places, some of which are open to the public. The Kent Industrial District is a historical district along the Cuyahoga River adjacent to downtown that includes an area and structures that were important in Kent's early history.

The district includes the Kent Masonic Center , which was originally built in the early s as the home of Marvin Kent and his family, and the former residence of Martin L. Davey , who served as Governor of Ohio. Garfield 's first nomination for public office in Several of Kent State's teams have enjoyed league and national success, the most notable being the men's basketball team's run to the Elite Eight in the NCAA Tournament and the baseball team's appearance in the College World Series.

It is also a regular site for the Mid-American Conference's wrestling and women's gymnastics championships. In addition to hosting the KSU football team , Kent State's 25,seat Dix Stadium has been a venue for high school football games both in the regular-season and the state playoffs.

The Kent State University Ice Arena serves as host to several local ice hockey programs including youth leagues, high school and professional teams, and as a site for OHSAA high school tournament games and ice skating competitions in addition to being home of KSU's club team, which competes in the American Collegiate Hockey Association. The park includes the Kramer Fields baseball and softball complex, which contains four fields, two of which are lighted.

Several of the parks along the Cuyahoga River are on or near areas of historical significance. The pool hosts swimming lessons and serves as a home venue for the Hudson -based Hudson Explorers Aquatic Team, a competitive swimming program for ages five and above.

The main portion of the trail follows the Cuyahoga River in Kent with most of the trail paved with asphalt. In August , as part of several redevelopment projects in the downtown area, Kent State University began construction of the Esplanade Extension, which was completed in August and connects the university's portion of trail extending to Dix Stadium, known as the University Esplanade, to downtown Kent.

It is one of the most intact bogs in Ohio, with the southernmost and largest stand of tamarack trees in the continental United States.

Through partnerships with Kent State University Recreational Services and other local agencies, additional recreational opportunities are available to city residents. The livery generally operates from May to October depending on weather and water levels. Canoe, kayak, tubing, and bicycle rentals are available to residents and students with kayak and canoe service as far as Brust Park in Munroe Falls and Water Works Park in Cuyahoga Falls.

The program offers yearly memberships or hourly rentals with locations on campus and in the downtown area. Kent is governed by a charter form of government with a council—manager system of nine council members and a mayor. The city is divided into six wards and voters select a mayor, a council member representing their ward, and three at-large council members in staggered four-year terms.

The mayor serves a largely ceremonial role as president of the council and votes only in the event of a tie. Kent voters approved the change from a mayor-council system to council-manager in and it went into effect in As part of the city government, Kent also has departments of community development, health, human services, law, parks and recreation, public safety, and public service.

James Peach in the city and John Peach at the university. Kent Fire also provides fire and emergency medical service coverage for Franklin Township and the village of Sugar Bush Knolls. The city's main sources of tax revenue come from income tax , set at 2.

The rate increase includes a sunset provision that requires the tax rate to return to 2. At the state level, Kent is in the 68th district of the Ohio House of Representatives , represented since by Democrat Kathleen Clyde , a Kent resident. There are many people like this on our site, people who are searching for someone but unfamiliar or even slightly reluctant about the entire process, so there's no need to feel intimidated.

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We've hundreds to pick from all across Kent. Since then, Kent has placed in the top five a total of six times with the most recent being a fifth-place finish in

kent dating sites

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