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Speed dating, Tinder and ‘leftover women’: the changing face of love and loneliness in Hong Kong

is speed dating a good business

Skip to main content. With Tillerson gone, who is there left for China to talk to? None of my three serious relationships — including my marriage — started with dating: On Mon, at

Tasteful humor and a light hearted demeanor go a long way. At a minimum, we could laugh about the experience together. It seems hard and weird and too much trouble. Try to stand out and differentiate yourself from the others in a positive way. Back to top Will I meet people of all ages? Tell them David sent you. How will my matches contact me?

I hopped in my car and checked traffic conditions on my phone. Downtown traffic was going to suck. No… I had to go. I could not let my Facebook universe down. En route, I drove by a great Mexican restaurant. At one point I got stuck behind a slow truck hauling a huge trailer of chairs.

I had to check myself: No, I had no expectations. Then I realized what it was: I was being protective of my time and my space. I have been single for so long, and in that time I have been incredibly picky about how I spend every one of my moments. But it was time to let go. It was time to realize that I have never truly known if all that control I was exerting was empowering or stifling.

Oh, the power of social media. And the regret of proclaiming something online when you should keep your social media mouth shut. I finally braved the downtown crowd and got there. It was at a small but hip hotel bar.

I could give you a play-by-play of what happened from there, but why do that when I can skip around and tell you what you really want to know? Did I meet the love of my life? I work in statistics, and knew the probability of that happening would be slim to none. I actually asked another female participant if she expected to meet the love her life. She was petite and in her early 40s; she wore jeans, no makeup, and had short salt-and-pepper hair.

I am done chasing ghosts. Did I have stiff competition? I honestly have no idea. What I do know is that the few women I met were delightful. Friendly, at ease, genuine. What were the men like? They were the guys who, in most social situations, might watch rather than participate.

They might get overlooked for men with more bravado and better physiques. This all made them more interesting to me. They had regular jobs — in real estate, in business, at a bank, etc.

They wore regular clothes — one guy had stitched jeans very , one wore a convincing fake leather jacket yes, I touched it , some wore blazers, one a full suit he came straight from work. One was really tall.

One was really short. They talked about regular things — hobbies, their jobs, where they grew up. There was conversation about eating healthy, not wanting kids, how East Coast cities are so close in proximity compared to Southern cities, how the gym is a great place to meet people because everyone is high on endorphins. We talked about how great the city we live in is. One guy liked country dancing. One guy asked me to describe my greatest success at work.

I believe in changing your lifestyle. A couple of the guys wore so much cologne that I could smell it on me while driving home the smell lingered after I shook their hands. Overall, it felt like a whirlwind. To talk to date after date, to hear and absorb so much information… it was confusing. Despite the confusion, one thought resonated clearly above everything else: This might sound obvious, but let me explain.

When your heart gets broken several times over, and you spend a couple of years vigilantly detached from romantic intimacy for the sake of self-preservation, your mind starts imagining meaningful romance as a complicated thing. It seems hard and weird and too much trouble. It becomes something for everyone else. I consider myself a fine elliptician. But let's turn back to our roots whether they be recently re-dyed or not, or ombre-d, or reverse ombre-d, for those fashion types such as myself that understands for some reason it's currently desirable to have your hair fade from one color into another.

Let's talk about speed dating. I get a lot of emails about speed dating -- should I do it? What should I wear? Who should I speak to?

Am I a giant loser booger? So let's dissect this like we did in seventh grade before I passed out due to innards everywhere, rendering me a useless lab partner. I have once, and it was sort of like sorority rush, except instead of wondering if this betch was good for silk-top-stealing, you wondered if his teeshirt was for good-comfy-teeshirt stealing. It definitely doesn't make you a loser. Like a sushi conveyor belt, for your pants. I walk this line every day.

Like, should I tweet that I am picking my nose right now? But really, pick some basic stuff, and some not-so-basic stuff, to share with the people you're paired up with. Guys -- girls don't want to hear about your favorite sports team, or your Mom, or your fantasy football league, generally.

Don't ask yes or no questions, but also don't ask his or her stance on marriage regular or gay. Do it with a friend.

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is speed dating a good business

I can tell you, a major turn-off for guys are girls that travel in packs. In , only 62, babies were born in Hong Kong, compared to 86, births in

is speed dating a good business

Don't ask yes or no questions, but also don't ask his or her stance on marriage regular or gay. However, unfortunately, she said, she had absentmindedly put both the voucher and card on the roof of her car and got in, driving off, forgetting that they were on the roof.

is speed dating a good business

I is speed dating a good business the concept! These offers mean more new people for everyone to meet so please eharmony dating site australia the word. One was really short. Bring someone whose opinion you respect and admire to get their opinion and hear what they say. Community Green light for four elderly centres on prime Kai Tak site 12 Mar Sometimes people go on vacation or don't check their email every day so give it a few days. Good portents for our ventures