Bill And Sookie To Get Hitched In Real Life! |

Sookie & Bill Marry Over The Weekend… In Real Life!

is sookie dating bill in real life

There's long been tension between Sookie and werewolf Alcide. Okay, I thought that was funny. Dawn, yes it was previously announced that she was having twins. Julianna on September 11th,

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But it had all begun for him in his local theater in Brentwood. He'd played parts in staple British dramas, like Casualty and The Bill, before crossing the Atlantic to appear in shows like Waking the Dead. This is going to make the show x better now. Stupid as hell to continue this crap. Karen on September 12th, Congratulations, Anna and Stephen!

Jan 24, Me too somebody brought that up awhile back. Bill looks like a real nice guy. They must be having so much fun. They are a cute couple. Of course, he was married to someone else when they started working together on True Blood. Then they fell in love and he got a divorce. Not really important, just a little gossip.

He really seems like a nice guy in interviews and stuff. I love Anna Paquin. She just seems like a cool girl. I love the couple I heard that Bill's doggie will be the ringbearer.

Jan 27, I hear they were engaged to I wonder if that is why the show is the way it is. My best friend lives out in LA and went to an event that they hosted for some animal organization and got some great shots of them Jan 28, Gap or not, I think she's beautiful in a very unique way, and as small as he is, he just goes with her.

Kandice, I will be sure to let my friend who took those know your opinion You know I think it's great that she doesn't fix that gap! I have one - and was considering it but changed my mind recently.

Both my father and sister closed theirs. Lauren Bacall and Madonna do too. Goes to show how comfortable she is in her own skin.

I have plenty of other things to fix on my body! Lauren Hutton has a gap she's proud of as well. She's worn a "filler" for certain roles, but never in life. That's who I meant Lauren Hutton My gap is smaller than Sookies but it wasn't until my sister and Dad did theirs that I considered closing mine. Jan 30, What I would have given to be a doggie with a huge toung there Feb 01, Here are some more she took of Steven and Anna at the Golden Globes Feb 09, Anna Paquin was only nine years old, when she accompanied her sister Katya to the film's auditions.

She hadn't planned to try for the role herself, but kind of got swept up in the mood. It was so good. She was so good. On a global scale, audiences talked about nothing else for weeks! I remember it happening. I bought the film in ! He'd been asked his opinion of Edward Cullen as a vampire. Stephen responded that Cullen was a bit of a 'pussy'. To make things worse, he added, ' Edward Cullen is the slim-fast, diet Coke of vampires.

The Twilight fandom over- reacted instantly, internationally and viciously. Not only did blogs, social media and forums fill with shrieking indignation, but Stephen still receives some pretty full on hate mail. Naturally not actively so, now that she's married! But since when did that ever change a sexual orientation? Anna roundly disdains anyone who claims that bisexuality is some kind of compromise, for those too scared to admit that they're gay.

Stephen Moyer is a stage name. The name on his birth certificate and legal documentation is Stephen John Emery. Until he came to join the actor's union Equity, it was also the name by which he'd been billed in all those plays for LAMDA. In Britain, professional actors have to be registered with Equity. But there was already another Stephen Emery on the books. This is why our actor scrambled about for a new moniker and came up with Moyer. It was worth it though. His Equity card made him eligible to work for three years at the world famous Royal Shakespeare Company!

Anna Paquin hadn't done any television roles before True Blood. But she'd read the Sookie Stackhouse books and she wanted this part really badly. Despite the fact that Anna was, in her own words, 'the palest brunette on the planet', she turned up to audition.

She convinced them that she'd look great with blonde hair and a tan! Meanwhile Stephen Moyer wasn't nearly so enthusiastic. He'd initially turned his nose up at the concept. He wasn't really interested in paranormal stuff and vampires just made him think of Twilight. Then it was pointed out that Alan Ball was behind True Blood. He read the script and rushed to audition.

But even then wasn't at all certain he'd accept the part. He was living in London at the time, feeling depressed because he'd just been burgled. Thieves had cleared him out, even taking irreplaceable items of sentimental value, like photographs.

What swung it were two major factors - the fact that this was an Alan Ball script ; and he'd bumped into Anna Paquin at the auditions. He'd been keeping in touch with her via Skype.

Even though she was in New York and he was in London, they'd still managed to meet up for a date. Things had already become quite intimate, before they were both given the roles and called back to film the first season of True Blood. He decided to go for it. Because, you know, It would give him chance to get to know Anna better Stephen Moyer said in an interview that there's a reason why so many actors get together.

They are the people who they meet. Day in day out, on film sets, for months on end. Being recognized in the street doesn't do wonders for your love life. But chatting with people in the same boat does. Had no idea about any of them. Being together as a couple in real life is one thing. Many actors do that to a certain degree I would assume it could also be part of advertisement, hype, giving people a reason to chat and gossip but having four children?

I didn't expect that: I think you'd really like this particular show. Have you ever watched anything by Alan Ball before? Very dark, but presented quite lightly.

More complex than you at first suppose. Must admit it's not my genre when it comes to viewing - but incredibly informative and well presented! You and me both! Glad you liked it. What was your favourite fact? I'm still in shock over Bill Compton with an Essex accent!

Hosting a vampire themed party to watch True Blood? There are loads of costum The legends go back even further than you may think. They are one of the most A very real attraction was buzzing between Sookie and Bill, and it spilled out into real life. By the end of the first season, they were dating. By the second, they were engaged.

Though he does give us a quick blast of his Southern Gentleman accent too. She was just eleven years old.

Imsges: is sookie dating bill in real life

is sookie dating bill in real life

At least it's not United!

is sookie dating bill in real life

Wendy on September 12th, Congratulations to Anna and Stephen! I know twins usually come early…congratulations to everyone!

is sookie dating bill in real life

I am so pleased to see this is sookie dating bill in real life, dark and sexy as sookoe character homo the homo guy too. Watch this video in full HERE: The legends go back even muslim matchmaking agency singapore than you may think. I was guessing perhaps up to 8 weeks early. Is this Britain's biggest sex abuse cover-up of all? The names must be really bad because it is already October and they still have not provided details. Eyewitnesses relive the horror of Miami bridge collapse