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Amazing Australian language (Aussie lingo)

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Put this banner on your site that links to our Aussie - German dictionary!! Knocked up - Made pregnant he knocked her up. Julian got in the shit with the Yanks thanks to his Wikileaks website and appeared regularly on the idiot box.

Aussie Lingo Exam

Spag bol - spaghetti bolognese, according to research by Dr. Maybe she works on a rubber plantation or rice plantation, maybe she works in an industrial area where everyone has a factory job. As the story made headlines in Russia, where they were both heavily followed in the media as celebrities, Bure and Kournikova both denied any engagement. Sign up for emails Receive new and helpful articles weekly. Ambo - someone who works on an ambulance.

In , she started playing under a new coach, Ed Nagel. Her six-year tenure with Ed would produce terrific results. At 15, she made her Grand Slam debut, when she reached the fourth round of the US Open , only to be stopped by then-top ranked player Steffi Graf , the eventual champion. After this tournament, Kournikova's ranking jumped from No. Kournikova entered the Australian Open as world No.

At the French Open , Kournikova made it to the third round before losing to world No. She also reached the third round in doubles with Likhovtseva. At the Wimbledon Championships , Kournikova became only the second woman in the open era to reach the semifinals in her Wimbledon debut, the first being Chris Evert in Partnering with Likhovtseva, she reached the third round of the women's doubles event.

She broke into the top 50 on 19 May, and was ranked No. At the Australian Open , Kournikova lost in the third round to world No. They lost to Sabine Appelmans and Miriam Oremans. Kournikova then reached two consecutive quarterfinals, at Amelia Island and the Italian Open, losing respectively to Lindsay Davenport and Martina Hingis. At the German Open, she reached the semi-finals in both singles and doubles, partnering with Larisa Neiland. During her quarterfinals match at the grass-court Eastbourne Open versus Steffi Graf , Kournikova injured her thumb, which would eventually force her to withdraw from the Wimbledon Championships.

At the end of the season, she was ranked No. At the start of the season, Kournikova advanced to the fourth round in singles before losing to Mary Pierce. The two defeated Lindsay Davenport and Natasha Zvereva in the final. At Wimbledon, Kournikova lost to Venus Williams in the fourth round. While Kournikova had a successful singles season, she was even more successful in doubles. Partnering with Elena Likhovtseva, Kournikova also reached the final in Stanford.

On 22 November she reached the world No. Kournikova opened her season winning the Gold Coast Open doubles tournament partnering with Julie Halard. She then reached the singles semifinals at the Medibank International Sydney , losing to Lindsay Davenport. At the Australian Open , she reached the fourth round in singles and the semi-finals in doubles. On 20 November she broke into top 10 for the first time, reaching No.

Her season was dominated by injury, including a left foot stress fracture which forced her withdrawal from twelve tournaments, including the French Open and Wimbledon.

Kournikova then withdrew from several events due to continuing problems with her left foot and did not return until Leipzig.

With Barbara Schett , she won the doubles title in Sydney. Hingis and Kournikova also won the Kremlin Cup. Kournikova was quite successful in This was Kournikova's last singles final.

They also lost in the quarterfinals of the US Open. Partnering Janet Lee , she won the Shanghai title. At the end of season, she was ranked No. She withdrew from Tokyo due to a sprained back suffered at the Australian Open and did not return to Tour until Miami. On 9 April, in what would be the final WTA match of her career, Kournikova retired in the 1st round of the Family Circle Cup in Charleston, due to a left adductor strain.

Her singles world ranking was She reached the semifinals at the ITF tournament in Sea Island , before withdrawing from a match versus Maria Sharapova due to the adductor injury. She lost in the 1st round of the ITF tournament in Charlottesville. She did not compete for the rest of the season due to a continuing back injury.

At the end of the season and her professional career, she was ranked No. Kournikova's two Grand Slam doubles titles came in and , both at the Australian Open in the Women's Doubles event with partner Martina Hingis.

Kournikova proved a successful doubles player on the professional circuit, winning 16 tournament doubles titles, including two Australian Opens and being a finalist in mixed doubles at the US Open and at Wimbledon, and reaching the No.

Her pro career doubles record was — However, her singles career plateaued after For the most part, she managed to retain her ranking between 10 and 15 her career high singles ranking was No. Her singles record is — Her final playing years were marred by a string of injuries, especially back injuries, which caused her ranking to erode gradually. This word is NOT politically correct, you should not use it but at least now you know what it means in case you hear it.

In a country full of ambos, avos, garbos, milkos, lilos, journos, biros, musos, servos, salvos, regos, thingos and preggo sheilas, it is a somewhat understandable abbreviation but be aware that it is an offensive word and we do not encourage its use, but at least now you know what it means if you hear it.

Amber fluid - beer. Ambo - someone who works on an ambulance. Ankle biter - small child. Aussie - resident of Australia, Australia itself or to describe something as Australian: Aussie salute - waving away flies with your hand. These blokes on a bender in the big smoke watch some blotto boofhead having a beaut bingle.

Bail someone up - to corner somebody physically Bananabender - resident of Queensland. Barrack - to cheer on football team etc. In other countries the equivalent is 'rooting' for your team, do not say this in Australia or people will think you're a bit strange, as rooting in Australia means having sex!

Bathers - swimming costume. Beanie - woollen hat. Beer O'Clock - Time for a beer Bender - prolonged heavy drinking session. Beaut - really great result. Big bikkies - lots of money. Big smoke - the city. Billy - large tin can used to boil water over a campfire for tea. Bingle - car accident. Biro - pen, ballpoint.

Bities - biting insects. Bizzo - business Blackfella - another word for Aborigine. Some Aborigines refer to people as blackfellas and whitefellas, while they use these words it is not usually appreciated if white people use these terms, so avoid the use of this one.

Blast from the past - when you unexpectedly get a phonecall from an ex-lover you have not heard from for ages. Blimey, Charlie - Stone the Crows! Blind mullett - turd, what you find floating in the ocean near a sewerage outfall. Blotto - very drunk.

Bludger - lazy person. Someone with red hair. Boardies - board shorts for surfing. Boatie - person that likes boating. Bog - mud cars that get stuck in the mud are 'bogged' - bog is also filler that you use to hide dents and scratches on your car or gyprock walls.

Bogroll - Roll of toilet paper. Bogan - scary member of the underclass who wears a black t-shirt, a mullett hairdo and drives a V-8 Bondi cigar - floating turd, this term dates back from times before Sydney improved its sewerage management. Bonza - really good! Boong - If you find yourself in the company of rednecks you may hear the words 'coon' or 'boong', these are very derogatory terms, even worse than calling an Afro-American a nigger, and you should definitely not use them, but at least now you know what they mean now in case you hear them, and you can move on to find better company.

Bored shitless - very bored. Boss - the wife. When an Aussie bloke has to consult his wife before making a decision he'll say; I'll go and ask the boss.

The Aussie Budgie Smuggler. Bottle shop - liquor shop. Bottle-o - liquor shop. Bottler - as in "you beauty bottler" - really great result. Breatho - police set up by roadside to check on drink drivers.

Brick shit house , built like a - big strong bloke. Brickie - brick layer. Brumby - a wild horse. Buckley's, Buckley's chance - no chance "New Zealand stands Buckley's of beating Australia at football". Budgie smugglers - speedos.

Bugger - originally used to refer to two men having sexual intercourse and was the B word instead of the modern day F word. Something that is broken can be 'buggered' and someone can tell you to 'bugger off' and a person who has bad luck can be described as 'a poor bugger'.

Bull bar - strong steel bar or frame fixed to the front of a vehicle to protect it from the impact of hitting kangaroos. Only bullbars on road trains actually protect against bulls. Bundy - short for Bundaberg in Queensland, and for the rum that is made there. Bundy'nCoke is a popular drink.

Bunyip - mythical Australian creature with a piercing cry Burl - attempt, try. Bush bashing - four wheel driving, off roading, driving where there are no roads. More recently this term has also started to mean critisizing the US president George W. Bush, which has become internationally popular, and not without reason.

Bushie - someone who lives in the bush. Bushpig - very unattractive adult female. Bushranger - highwayman eg. Bush telegraph - 'grapevine', word-of-mouth. Bushtucker - food gathered from nature, in the outback.

Bushwalking - hiking in the bush. This cobber has carked it after too many ciggies and coldies. Cancer stick - a cigarette. Cark it - to die, stop functioning. Cask - boxed wine in a bladder. Choof off - leave, depart. Chrissie - Christmas Chrissy pressies - christmas presents. Clayton's - fake, substitute. Click - kilometre - "it's 10 clicks down the road". Clucky - feeling broody or maternal. Cockie - farmer, cockatoo or cockroach.

Cockroach - a person from New South Wales. Coldie - a beer. Compo - Workers Compensation pay. Cook up a storm - Cook up a really nice or elaborate dinner. Cooee - a call used to find someone lost in the bush, a place can be 'within cooee of.. The Coon cheese you may see in the shop is named after American doctor Edward William Coon who patented a process for the accelerated ripening of natural, unprocessed cheese in and has absolutely nothing to do with Australian Aborigines.

Cop - police officer. Copshop - police station. Corker - something that is real beaut. Counter lunch - pub lunch. Country cousins - euphemistic term for Aboriginals. Cozzie - swimming costume. Crack onto someone - to hit on someone, pursue someone romantically. Cranky - in a bad mood, angry, grumpy. Crash - Go to sleep, often at someone else's house! Crook - can mean criminal he is a crook or indicate someone not feeling well I'm a bit crook, mate.

Croweater - resident of South Australia. Cuppa - cup of tea. Cushie - to have it easy, a cushie job. Cut lunch - sandwiches. This Dinky Di dero is driving the porcelain bus in this Down Under dunny. Dag - a funny person, nerd, goof. Damper - bread made from flour and water. Dead as a dodo - very dead or boring. Deadset - true, the truth. Defrosting the fridge - foreplay. Dero - tramp, hobo, homeless person from "derelict". Dickhead - an idiot. Digger - an Australian soldier.

Dill - an idiot. Ding - a wog in Western Australia. Dinkum, fair dinkum -: Dinkie-di - the real thing, genuine. Dipstick - a loser, idiot. Dingo girl - Refers to waking up after a drunken night with your arms around a particularly ugly female and rather than wake her up by pulling your arm out from underneath her you chew your arm off like trapped dingoes do and quietly disappear. Dishpig - person that washes the dishes in a restaurant. Ditch - "The ditch' is the water that separates Australia from New Zealand.

Ditch the bitch - break up with your girlfriend. Dizzy - the distributor in your car. Dob somebody in - inform on somebody. Docket - a bill, receipt. Dog - unattractive woman. Dog's balls, stands out like - bloody obvious. Dole - social security. Dole bludger - somebody lazy voluntarily on social security. Donk - car engine. Doona - duvet, quilt. Down Under - Australia and New Zealand. Drink with the flies - to drink alone. Driving the porcelain bus - to vomit into the toiletbowl while holding the bowl with both hands, similar to a steering wheel.

Drongo - a dopey, stupid person. Dropkick - a dipstick. Dummy, spit the - get very angry about something. Dunny - outhouse or toilet. That last trip to the Ekka turned out a bit exy. Earbashing - nagging, non-stop chatter. Ekka - the Brisbane Exhibition, an annual show. These fair dinkum fruitloops in Freo are pretty full after a fortnight flatout drinking like a lizard. Fair dinkum - true, genuine. Fair go - a chance "give a bloke a fair go". Fairy floss - candy floss, cotton candy.

Fantastic plastic - credit card. Feral - a hairy, unclean looking hippie. Firie - member of the fire brigade. Five-finger discount - act of shoplifting. Flat out as a lizard drinking - very busy. Foodie - person interested in fine foods. Fossick - to prospect, e. Fortnight - two week period. Fremantle Doctor - the cooling afternoon breeze that arrives in Perth from the direction of Freo. Freo - Fremantle in Western Australia. Frog - resident of France.

Fruit loop - fool. Garbo - garbage collector. I asked her to explain the pros and cons of this strange culture. The cons center on the issues of gender inequity. View all New York Times newsletters. So why is there an increase in hooking up? Tell us what you think. Please upgrade your browser.

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Imsges: internet dating lingo

internet dating lingo

Unless you're into it, never ever engage a ladyboy in the club, others will take this that you're into that.

internet dating lingo

The Solution By Fred Barnes. She continued to be the most searched athlete on the Internet through even though she had retired from the professional tennis circuit years earlier.

internet dating lingo

Poofter - internet dating lingo man. Ripper - great, fantastic - "it was a ripper party" Ripper, you little! Humpie - internet dating lingo or temporary home in the bush. Icy pole, ice block - popsicle, lollypop. Microsoft has announced that it linyo include quintessential Aussie words, including g'day, sickie, jackaroo, dag, dinky-di, ute, irish dating online free, wuss and cooee, in its version dqting Microsoft Office System. Strine - Australian slang and pronunciation. After my work shift, then-boyfriend's best friend stopped me on my way to class to tell me how very sad then-boyfriend was feeling.