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Earth Killraven joined the Guardians of the Galaxy, then participated in the Council of the Guardians of All Galaxies to try to mend events in the past. Days of Then and Now 1. It even has Courtney too, all is right with the world. Summoning the Don just to give a point, no girls can resist that. Age of Sentry 5 French court issues mixed ruling in Facebook nudity case A French court has ruled that Facebook failed to fulfill its contractual obligations by closing without prior notice the account of a user who posted The formed the Corps du Chapeau and sent berets out into the universe to convert others to their cause, the berets turning the individual white and grey and making them drones.

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Married Scott and gave birth to Rachel Summers. Sinclair Humanoids were artificially grown in vats and implanted with artificial genes to grant them abilities to perform specific tasks. Earth Medusa convinced Black Bolt to tell a joke. Earth Swarm conquered Earth. When Ultron wins, Kang keeps pulling more armies, disrupting reality and trapping the heroes within a time loop as reality breaks down behind them. Marvel Zombies 3 4. Earth In an unspecified future, criminal Joe Sykes volunteered for hyperatomic deep freeze space travel to the farthest reachest of space in hopes of fame and wealth, but was instead brought to his own Earth, but in a dimension just out of phase with his reality so he could observe Earth, but he was invisible and intangible to everyone there.

Chapter 07 , added Chapter 08 , added Chapter , added Posted on 13 January , Although I'm honestly not interested in the franchise, this is actually quite enjoyable. I liked this a lot. Who is the author? I'll maybe translate this to Spanish: Who translated this comic? This comic strip is made by Korean Artist Guberman.

I wonder he knows that this comic is translated in english.. Also his nickname is called Gooberman. This is pure gold. Hope this continues for a long time. Summoning the Don just to give a point, no girls can resist that. As of the update, le plot thickens. That April Fool could be sooooo awesome. Posted on 14 January , Posted on 15 January , It even has Courtney too, all is right with the world.

I will remember you Gooberman, you won't be forgotten. Posted on 18 January , Goddamn, this is amazing. Imagine if Pokemon implemented a dating sim side-quest like Persona series has. Dating a 10 year-old? What a shameless shotacon! Well, 10 is the age of consent in Pokeworld, after all. That's like hitting a girl who bumped into gf with a metal bat then savagely killed her with it.

The consciousnesses were downloaded into robotic bodies so the X-Men could live indefinitely. Every private school was forced to serve its locational district due to overcrowded public schools. The government asked the X-Men for help in training its teachers to cope with the rising number of mutants in schools.

The retired group of X-men agreed to help, but had no chance against ordinary thirteen year old students. It became a massive failure and despite their old age, the X-Men ventured back out into the world to find and fight villains.

The deposed ruler of Genosha, Magneto gathered group of mutants together to form a new X-Men. Earth Exiles arrived to stop Namor from taking over the world and exterminating humanity.

Some X-Men have died, most are missing and the few left behind struggle for survival. The few remaining X-Men find themselves on a desperate quest for their missing comrades.

Mutantkind no longer are at war with normal humans and the X-Men find themselves battling evil on the same level that the Avengers and Fantastic Four do. By the year , no major villains or conflicts had risen and Jean and Scott settled down with children as a result. A new prehistoric age began, only this time Cerebro was still online. Cerebro detected the presence of Apocalypse and began to gather a group of mutants calling them the X-Men to stop his return. Earth had become an interplant peacekeeping planet achieving a balance between man and mutant.

Colossus, Meltdown and Chamber are the last three remaining mutants alive banded together as the X-Men to stop the Sentinels. Rogue decided to use her powers to become a private investigator. These just happened to be from X-Men Millennial Visions universes. Rick Jones was mind-damaged and in a wheelchair, having betrayed the Hulk in the past. The Intelligencia ruled the entire world. Doom for a court jester, took over leadership of the Eastern world.

They honored their fallen, including Wizard, Klaw, and Hulk. Red Hulk 4 EARTH - humanity has developed ability to communicate as a group mind. Earth Watcher slew Galactus, forced to replace him. Earth Western hero Deadpool Kid Deadpool: Merc with a Mouth 7 Now try figuring out which ones are Centaur, which ones are Malibu, and which ones are both, and who's a hero, a villain, or a supporting character. Like Earth, Earth has various Earths which exist in particularly close proximity, such as Earth a.

Some of the characters above may exist on one of these Earths rather than on Earth itself, including Earths similar to Earth and Earth Earth Sue Storm married Namor, became Atlantean queen. Earth Real world that we, the readers, live in. Strikeforce Morituri took place on Earth, yes, but it's an Earth of maybe twenty years in the future as of the s, where IIRC superhumans never existed until the title team was created to fight the alien Horde oh, and there were a few "in-joke shots" like seeing Galactus's helmet on the Horde ship, but, really, it might as well have been an Epic series like "The One" or "Brats Bizarre" for all the connection it had to anything else.

As off the s Marvel Universe map as G. Sort of like Earth-Supreme-Power with an invading race as the catalyst for the story developments instead of just the one alien infant, I guess. But there's nothing to say that on such an Earth, the government didn't employ an agent called Maverick and that he couldn't have been under the authority of a guy who looked like Nick Fury. There've been odder juxtapositions, and since Exiles didn't have any problem pulling characters from "far enough in the future" that Nightcrawler, Magneto, etc.

It's the easiest way to explain why the same Earth-number is applied to both concepts, for those few of us who care.

Earth Ghost Rider wrecked on puddle. New Avengers 1 Earth Captain Mexica Aztec Empire never fell. Marvel Zombies 3 4. Blonde Phantom was an Avengers leader, with teammate Marvel Boy, in the early modern era.

Also, Carol Danvers was briefly the Sentress. Cranio, the Man with the Tri-Level Brain, exists in this reality with a tall vertical test tube on his head, containing three brains at least two are alien. The last events in this reality show Void killing Cranio in the late modern era , killing Sentry, absorbing his power and taking his place as the new Sentry, although the rest of Earth's heroes were none-the-wiser.

Earth Superhuman Registration Act and Initiative program aggressive and successfully implemented by Reed Richards; IM uninvolved due to alcoholism, CapA recovered from suspended animation after the program was already in place.

Earth Expanding sun destroyed Earth. Earth Ai-Apaec slain by Morlun Superior Spider-Man 33 Earth Spider-Man scanned this reality not seen from Otherworld.

Shatterstar 2 [3 fb ], [4 fb ], The Last Titan; Incredible Hulk: Earth Daredevil worked as radar detector. Earth Superflow destroyed, White Event presumably prevented. Earth Captain America led all heroes against registration. Shame Itself 1 Earth Superflow connection off-line, White Event presumably prevented. Earth Dimension-traveling Antontio Aggasiz stole a fleshprinter from the palace of the Libervores.

The world authority nukes Canada. Earth - X-Men have no powers, but still help others as doctors. Cat convinced a few Nightcrawler, Storm, others to help cure Captain Britain. Die by the Sword 3. Earth Doctor Strange animated movie Time passed much more slowly on Earth 3 days on Ethera to every nine hours on Earth. Vex and Newton later returned there. Earth Confronted by the Illuminati, the Beyonder incinerated Earth, then remade it, starting with a single man and woman.

House of M 1. Earth Howard the Chicken eaten in fast food restaurant. Franklin Richards is a genius trying to save the world in spite of his unintelligent parents.

Sons of Geniuses 1. Merc with a Mouth 7 ; identified Prelude to Deadpool Corps. Earth Fully irradiated world post-thermonuclear war; Silk fled here from Brix and Bora. Earth Earth surrendered to the Skrulls during their Secret Invasion. Earth - In the future, Mjolnir was found in a train by DJ, who brought it to Harry Wilson, suspecting him of being Thor, but after lifting Mjolnir once, Wilson could not do so again. Earth Ultimate Avengers animated movie Earth Howard the Pigeon grew tired of peanuts, wanted a 10 oz.

AU --[Thor II 34], When the Joker found out he was working for the Red Skull, a Nazi, he tried to end their partnership, but the Red Skull had the Joker knocked unconscious. With the warhead loaded on a plane headed for Washington, D. The Joker awoke and tried to disarm the bomb, but his struggle with the Skull caused both of them to fall out of the plane. Batman and Cap took over the plane, averting disaster.

At some point near the end of the war, Captain America disappeared. Back at the Batcave, the two, along with a retired Bruce Wayne, Sr. Earth Daredevil was disciple of Dr. Age of Sentry 4 The End 1 New Exiles. Earth The Bryan Talbot native to this world was interviewed at San Diego Comic Con about his upcoming project Heart of Empire by the reporter Hiram Kowolsky, who had accidentally slipped here from his native Earth, where the events of Heart of Empire were historical fact rather than fiction.

Earth Wolverine married Mariko. Days of Then and Now 1 fb , 1. Book Two Book Two fb, destroyed. Earth Burt Lang avoided meeting vampire Lenore Danton only to be fatally struck by a car.

Earth - Awakening after centuries, an unidentified vampire finds humanity is no longer terrified of vampires and knows how to destroy them. Returning to his human form, he infiltrates humanity in Russia, his age and experience allowing him to progressively achieve a position of power He could survive in daylight in his human form.

Menace 4 "A Vampire is Born". Earth very similar to Earth, in which the Guardians of the Galaxy exist very much like the Legion of Super-Heroes, including dozens of members like the Destroyer, Immortal One apparently Wolverine and Sun Girl the 52nd. Age of Sentry 5 AU --Uncanny X-Men Booth then revealed he was a steam-powered cyborg or wearing expanding steam-powered armor , but Lincoln grabbed an axe and joins Batman in defeating him. Earth Illuminati unleashed Phoenix on the Skrull homeworld after which Reed Richards slew Phoenix to prevent her descent into madness; Illuminati broke up afterwards, but Earth avoided further alien attacks.

AU --Dragon's Claws 1. Great Britain never lost its American colonies, and remained a major power through history. World War I still occured, instigated by the Disruptors, and Britain, covertly aided by same, emerged the dominant power in Europe as well as strengthening its colonial power across the globe.

This is a parallel where ZeroZero has little influence and the Disruptors' control is strong. Days of Future Now. Tales to Astonish 2 Hulkpool prevented the creation of Daredevil, Dr.

Big in Japan 4. Earth Unwilling to share power, Dr. Doom slaughters the Dark Avengers and rest of the Cabal. The Cabal 1 Strange deceased - all living things consumed by a swarm of alien insects, visited by Warren Traveler and Ms. Marvel II 5 [5], 5, [5 fb ], 5. Doom from stealing Odin's powers and using them to take over the world with the Masters of Evil.

Hyde, Vulture , and he can't figure out which side of the bars he is on, so he just keeps climbing the bars trying to escape but can't; glimpsed in a dream by Spider-Man Black and Blue and Red All Over 1 Earth Stan Lee and the Blob were roommates. Stan Lee Meets the Thing 1. Varina Goddard, Gunn, Dr. AU --Fantastic Four I 19, Son of a Genius.

Fantastic Four Earth "" Post Urban Collapse. After a prolonged Second World War, a lack of co-operation between the victorious Allies and the apathy of the vanquished caused post-war recovery from economic ruin to be desperately slow. The Oil War lasted until , drawing in Europe; in the aftermath, Europe expected aid and oil share from America when the oil states were divided between the two main aggressors, but received neither.

Rioting, anarchy and the collapse of centralized government followed. By the s Europe had been a wasteland for a decade, the remaining population returning to primitive feudal systems, serving Petrol Barons in return for protection from roving bandit gangs.

How much of the above is Disruptor influenced is uncertain. A Death in the Family. Sub-Zero for Spidey September 9, The Great Gold Steal. Sentry existed as a being of pure energy moving around Destroyer Darkmass either serving or opposing him.

Energy-Sentry was forced out of that original Earth-Darkmass, and entered another universe Earth Age of Sentry 2 Earth Starhawk Mark Wilde adventured in the 22 nd century. Marvel Super-Heroes II Earth Kwaku Anansi Spider-Man: Army of Darkness 5. Earth Superflow disrupted, eliminating White Events across the megaverse.

Earth Captain America dying, bonded to US soldier. Marvel II 9] [9 fb, destroyed ]. Vampire Hunter I 1. Earth - erroneous designation for Blackworld, which was a terraformed world with a similar history to Earth's.

England is ruled by the Puritans, under the descendants of Oliver Cromwell. Under the New Caesars Rome rose to dominate Europe during the late 16th century, initiating an artistic and military renaissance.

By the end of the 17th century, this had changed to a tyranny that the Holy Roman Church deposed in However the Church proved sterner masters than any of the New Caesars, weakening and then removing the nobility following a policy of "all men equal under God. More than years of world theocracy followed, with science reserved by and for the Church, few of its benefits reaching the people.

His head back on his body and now in order to get around his head detaches itself from his body. Paradise X 9 Earth Apeslayer Planet of the Apes 1. I 6 What If? II 39, Fantastic Force A Space Odyssey 7. Earth Rick Jones became the Hulk. Battled the Brotherhood, including Magneto, and the growing number of Sentinels.

First Class 8 Tales of Asgard cartoons. Speedball Special 1, Marvel Apes: Grunt Line 1, Marvel Apes: Prime Eight Special 1, Marvel Apes: Amazing Spider-Man Family 3. Earth Dazzler became the herald of Galactus.

I 36 [Untold Tales of the New Universe: Star Brand fb , What If? I 36, What If? Earth All Avengers members stayed with the team permanently. AU --Marvel Tails 1. Earth Beast continued to mutate. Earth Planet Bollywood New Exiles Spdm vs Wolverine 1. Earth Iron Man used flatiron motif. Earth May Parker became Golden Oldie: Marvel Team-Up I The Lost Adventure 1 Earth Robert Drake never born due to time traveling Iceman killing his father, William Drake.

In order to save the universe, the Inhumans drifted in space using their powers to close a rift that could destroy the universe. Earth Iron Man enslaved by Chen Lu. Earth Daredevil killed Kingpin. Earth Kraven killed Spider-Man. Sensational She-Hulk 17 Married Scott and gave birth to Rachel Summers. The Shadow King took possession of Mastermind and forced him to slay "Jean" and steal away Rachel, whom he aged to adulthood and claimed as a new host body.

Upon "Jean" 's death the Phoenix was reborn, and--after destroying the real Jean Grey via her subconscious desire to retain her life--she battled Rachel, slaying the Shadow King and returning Rachel to her true age. Go forward in time where Rachel is about five or six and exhibiting psionic powers.

Sentinels are now hunting those with super powers, and Phoenix end it's threat by destroying all Sentinels. She then forsakes her mortal form to return to the stars where she can do no harm, leaving her husband and child behind. Moon Knight 42 II 25 Quasar Earth Zen-Whoberis virtually exterminated by Badoon; also believed to be the likely future of reality Warlock and the Infinity Watch 11 Earth Mermaid Moon Maid slain, absorbed into Moonshade Thrall of Seth app --What If?

Lar Nyven, Spider-Man - A. Guardians of the Galaxy Last Avengers Story app, OH: Last Avengers Story 1. Fantastic Force 12 Earth Spider-Man killed the Burglar. Earth Storm became Phoenix. Earth alternate Age of Apocalypse; vs. Doom, Fantastic Four, Mr. Earth Shard became modern era mutant hunter.

Earth Evil Banner controlled benevolent energy creature created in gamma explosion. Earth Deadpool traveled back to this time and replaced Spdm in several adventures. Earth Juggernaut became last person after slew X-Men and then Sentinels wiped out humanity.

Earth Fantastic Frank Richards is a super-powered hero. The Humanoids slew the Authority and then spread across Earth, slaughtering all they encountered. I 9, Avengers Forever 5.

The Last X-Man 1. Danny Rand comes out of retirement and using a cybernetic exo-suit becomes the new Power Man while Misty Knight gets an upgrade on her bioic arm to become the new Iron Fist in order to get revenge. Earth Gods wore Hotpants; Zeus traveled to Reality, cloned numerous Deadpool variants to fight. Earth Skrulls succeeded in their Secret Invasion, progressed to Skrull conversion of humanity; Norman Osborn married Veranke and was converted.

CapA Barnes slew Osborne. Secret Invasion 1 Planet Hulk animated film Earth Hiro-Kala destroyed the Microverse in his efforts to kill Galactus via the destruction of planets containing the Old Power. Son of Hulk 3 Earth D ecades in the future, Iron Man disappeared for a month, and the Avengers and Pepper Potts wondered what happened to him. A month later, they found a monolith built by Stark in the desert, but no one could penetrate it, not the Avengers and not the villains three seen, none identified.

Decades later, Pepper Potts, dying at age 94, made her granddaughter promise to find Tony and make him come outside. She broke into the monolith and convinced him to see that his inventions had changed the world. As he lay on his deathbed, he had another idea. Indomitable Iron Man 1 Earth Matsu'o Tsurayaba regained his severed body parts and was reunited with Kwannon; glimpsed by Matsu'o via Psylocke showing him mercy before killing him.

Many of them attacked Doop, revealing their hidden criminal natures. Nation X 4 Earth - In the future, Iron Man creates a weapon that Ultron uses to throw a holocaust on the world, killing most of the population.

Doom, Photon, Hercules, Ms. Marvel, Magneto with him to fight Ultron and his forces. When Ultron wins, Kang keeps pulling more armies, disrupting reality and trapping the heroes within a time loop as reality breaks down behind them.

They send Immortus, dressed as Kang, in the past to elicit the help of the Avengers on Earth, but he lies to them and tells them their children are the enemies.

They explain the situation and send the Avengers back to Earth to change the future. Earth Polemachus destroyed by Krona. Earth Earth Apocalypse and his Horsemen Spider-Man, Hulk, Wolverine, Scarlet Witch traveled to Earth to battle Avengers during temporal disruptions caused by Kang's continually drawing more armies through time to battle Ultron Earth James Jaspers - Furies were grown as a surgical strike force designed entirely to kill superhumans.

They wiped out superhumans on their world we see a scene of a charnel pit surrounded by Furies and full of what looks to be DC heroes -- I recognize what looks like Robin, Wonder Woman, maybe Batman [front of skull is missing] and maybe a blue-skinned Superman , except for James Jaspers, a reality-jumper, who escaped.

When he tried go home again, the Furies detected him, and began pursuing him from reality to reality. Xenogenesis 3 ], 5 Earth Thor the Mighty Avenger 1 Earth Deadpool Corps existed in a scenario mirroring a Hawaii episode. Deadpool Corps 5 Earth Puppet Master and Machine Man acted as angel and devil-type advisors, sitting on Deadpool's shoulders.

Deadpool Team-Up Earth Deadpool battled horrific version of himself in the mindscape. Earth Kitty Pride was a collective of talking felines. Loki is kind and noble while Balder, Wotan and Thor are bloodthirsty. Magik quickly fell in love with Leah of Battleworld. Earth Iron Man lost Civil War. Earth Skrulls' Secret Invasion remained secret ; cleric warned Veranke to maintain absolute secrecy, not revealing existence even in death; he replaced Norman Osborn.

World War Hulk War of the Kings. Spider-Man House of M Earth Kidpool Xavier Institute is a school for young male students. Prelude to Deadpool Corps 2 Earth Nova stayed with Namorita instead of breaking up with her, stopping her from dying in the battle with Nitro, meaning the "Civil War" never happened.

Nova was then able to warn Mr. Emma Frost killed him. Magik then tracked down a reanimated Witchfire and killed her with the Soulsword. Following a lead on her bloodstones to Limbo, she saw Cannonball, Magma dying due to a sword through her chest , Warlock, Pixie, Storm, Namor, Colossus, Wolverine, Angel, Cyclops, Sunspot, Moonstar, and Cypher battling demons before being slaughtered by "elder gods.

New Mutants 9 Earth New York and all of its heroes destroyed in unspecified events; shows Cap Bucky , Black Widow, and Thor all seemingly dead, a mysterious figure with a mysterious object, and giant floaty octopus things. Marvel Super-Heroes Dark Wolverine 82 Earth Relative future armored Annie traveled back in time to Earth's modern era and attacked Protector Noh-Varr while he was on a date with her past self, intending to test his readiness for battle.

Realizing she was in the wrong period, she departed to find the right timeline, telling him he had a lot to learn over the next few thousand years. Banner killed the Hulk and married Betty, fathered Skip and Laurie.

Incredible Hulk Earth Approximately 25 years in the future, Roxxon dominated not only Earth but had a presence in space as well; a Resistance led by a mysterious General led Roxxon to send their Peaceloks aka Deathloks -- corpses of human criminals bonded to sentient computers as cyborg warriors -- 25 years into the past to exterminate any hero who might become the General. The General, in response, had his agent Miranda L. Bayer send visions to her own past self to help oppose the Deathloks.

In the modern era, one of the time-traveling Peacelok computers bonded to a unidentified sociopath's corpse took over their collective body upon developing connection to human emotion, slew the other Deathloks, rescued the sociopath's young self, and transported away to experience life. This Deathlok eventually became the Resistance's General, and following his past self's actions, he guided Bayer to send the rescued boy to Danmar Orphanage, where he would grow up to become a serial killer, mirroring his human self's own past.

Weapon X 11 Earth Deadpool trapped in a vast nothing. Earth Firelord joined the Guardians of the Galaxy, then participated in the Council of the Guardians of All Galaxies to try to mend events in the past. Guardians of the Galaxy 25 Earth Becki, a girl saved by Rescue Pepper Potts , grew up, got married, and had a daughter who became president.

Blind Science 1 Earth Galacta transformed Wolverine into an Ego-like planet, so she could feed off him indefinitely; glimpsed during dream by Galacta. Daughter of Galactus 1 Earth Elsa Bloodstone used her powers for evil and made men bow down to her; glimpsed as a dream by Elsa Earth The superhuman Civil War was a lengthier conflict on this Earth.

Superior Spider-Man 32 Lady Deadpool 1 Earth Divergent Earth; in the future, Iron Man creates a weapon that Ultron uses to throw a holocaust on the world, killing most of the population. Based on advice from Avengers, Ultron allowed himself to be defeated to prevent Kang from further disrupting time in efforts to defeat him as per Earth Kang dismisses the heroes to their timeline and leaves frustrated.

Earth Mandarin lost his ten power rings when a Maltese swallowed them, then the dog fell into a chocolate vat and was turned into candy. Deadpool killed Bob a second time, then ate the chocolate Maltese and gained the powers of the rings before fighting the others. Earth Tony Stark designed a replacement heart and then other parts, leading to his armor taking over his form; the armor, calling itself Tony, began uploading other people's minds into robotic shells and planned to remake Earth as Starkworld until Pepper helped Stark sacrifice himself to shut down the Tony armor.

The Rapture 1 Earth Logan raised son, John, by Itsu, attempting to shelter him from his violent past but eventually forced to slay corrupt John, then committed suicide. Earth Kenji Uedo devastated Tokyo and then lorded over the city. Generation Hope 2 Earth - group of superhumans took in James Jaspers and killed a Furies team; another Furies were sent in and turned that world into a wet rock.

Demon in an Armor 1 Loki aged Jane to ancient years. Thor managed to shake his influence, defeat the giants, and send Loki to Asgard for judgment. First Thunder 5 Earth Toro was struck down by Onslaught, who had also killed Mr. Onslaught Unleashed 1 Deathlok, where a group of Deathlok cyborgs were sent to kill all super heroes starting with certain Avengers, FF, and Defenders and bring them back to the World, where they were converted into controllable Deathlok soliders, aka Weapon Infinity collectively.

Earth's autonomous Deathlok helped the X-Force black ops team stop them. Uncanny X-Force 5 6 fb , They traveled throughout the time stream, righting wrongs, and eventually grew up to become the Avengers. Kang and Stinger became a couple, as did Quicksilver and Hawkeye pregnant with twins , and the Vision voluntarily gave up his emotions. On the planet Moord, after the Avengers killed the Brotherhood of the Badoon, Iron Lad of Earth's Young Avengers tried killing another Kang in an attempt to stop himself from turning into Kang, but the Avengers attacked.

They revealed to Iron Lad that years before, during the conflict with the Avengers over the Scarlet Witch, the Young Avengers had escaped into the timestream and had reworked history briefly. Iron Lad rushed off and the Avengers hoped he would destroy the Avengers in the past.

The Children's Crusade - Young Avengers 1 Daredevil Reborn 3 Earth Son of Namor and Abira traveled back to modern era with aid of female Dr. Doom to guide Abira to become the Logomancer, ending her relationship with Namor and preventing his dark future from coming about. The First Mutant 9 Moon Knight 1 Earth Corpses of the police murdered by Cole came back after him.

Daredevil Reborn 4 Fearsome Four 1 Astonishing Thor 5 Earth Adam uses Ghost Rider Alejandra to burn sin out of mankind, rendering humanity unable to think for itself. Ghost Rider 2 Fearsome Four 4 Earth Volstagg bested the Serpent in combat in his youth, but Odin cast a spell making everyone, including Hogun and Fandral, forget the victory. Odin built a death-ray, and after the Ms.

Journey into Mystery Strange time-traveled and prevented this Defenders incarnation from gathering. Behind a mass of Starhawks, Kang came through a time portal, summoning Star-Lord, fixing the age of the Guardians. Guardians of the Galaxy 18 Earth Johnny Storm was the Hunan Torch, pelting foes with hot and spicy sauces.

Earth Spider-Man slew Kraven, descended down violent path until stopped and blinded by Arana, who became new heroic Spider; Parker gained prescience, replacing Madame Web. Grim Hunt 1 Earth World was overrun with water at the melting of the polar ice caps. Our Word of the Year in reflected the many facets of identity that surfaced that year. In , we selected xenophobia as our Word of the Year. Fear of the "other" was a huge theme in , from Brexit to President Donald Trump's campaign rhetoric.

Despite being chosen as the Word of the Year, xenophobia is not to be celebrated. It was a year of real awakening to complicity in various sectors of society, from politics to pop culture. From our Word of the Year announcement:. Our choice for Word of the Year is as much about what is visible as it is about what is not.

We must not let this continue to be the norm. If we do, then we are all complicit. Everything After Z by Dictionary. Change It wasn't trendy , funny, nor was it coined on Twitter , but we thought change told a real story about how our users defined Tergiversate This rare word was chosen to represent because it described so much of the world around us.

Bluster In a year known for the Occupy movement and what became known as the Arab Spring, our lexicographers chose bluster as their Word of the Year for Here's an excerpt from our release that year that gives a pretty good explanation for our choice:

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Earth Adam Warlock gained absolute power, transformed all reality into a state of constant death and resurrection. Deathlok, where a group of Deathlok cyborgs were sent to kill all super heroes starting with certain Avengers, FF, and Defenders and bring them back to the World, where they were converted into controllable Deathlok soliders, aka Weapon Infinity collectively.

Earth After killing Kingpin, Daredevil went into hiding for years, training the adopted Tim Urich as his successor; dying in battle with Bullseye, Daredevil uttered the word "Mapone," leading Ben Urich to investigate Daredevil's final days before being slain by Hand despite efforts of Punisher and Daredevil Urich battled dating someone from okcupid Hand. Report says radioactive monitors failed at nuclear im dating a team magma grunt chapter 7. Stone tools from Kenya give early glimpse of human behavior Stone tools from ancient sites in Kenya are giving a glimpse at the emergence of ggunt key human behaviors. Earth Hulk discontinued message to Manhattan due to datkng commercials. Incredible Hulk