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I want her to be happy , no matter what that means. And her going with Laszlo will help him do his work better. No matter how sweet it sounds. Monday, October 19, by Richelle Meiss.


Someday you'll understand that. Deanna is just the woman to bring some meaning to your sorry existence, if you're smart enough to take it. I closed my eyes as Jessica leant forward to kiss me. I could not help myself and leant forward, giving her a soft peck on the lips. By the way, don't you think it's good? That may end up with the reverse effect… hello, restraining order. Believe in something good happening and it will.

In one of the side stories of the Shared Universe that is the series, Franz, a downtimer from the 17th century , tries to refuse a confession of love from Marla, an uptimer from the future , even though he loves her back, on the grounds that his left hand is crippled. It's a minor injury by uptime sensibilities, but a major deal breaker by 17th century standards - especially for a former musician. Because I am crippled! I cannot hope for you or anyone to marry me. Your family would not allow it.

I cannot support you. I cannot provide for a family, when all I can do is translate for one person here today, another person there on Thursday, or write two letters for someone next Monday. I cannot give you what you deserve, a husband sound in mind and body.

I cannot protect you from the ridicule that people will heap on you for marrying a cripple! I love you more than my life, Marla, and because of that I cannot do this! It is because I love him that I could never betray his heart. Played in a Lighter and Softer way in Girl Meets World when Farkle, who has a Running Gag of being in love with his female friends Maya and Riley, offers to help Riley learn to flirt so she can win the affections of her crush, Lucas.

When Maya mentions that she thought Farkle loved Riley himself, he says, "I do, and that's why I want her to be happy. Typically, whenever Lana has moved on from Clark and entered a new relationship, Clark will often be seen sadly saying something along these lines. Meanwhile, this is also Chloe's attitude towards Clark's attraction to Lana. Taken Up to 11 in season five, in which both of them complain to her about their sex life , then Clark decides to tell Lana his secret and proposes to her.

Clark thinks Chloe would say they are too young and whatnot, but instead she provides her support and encouragement.

Chloe supportively says "If there's anyone who deserves to be happy, Clark, it's you. Thankfully, everyone involved eventually moved on to much healthier relationships. For the first five episodes of Pushing Daisies , Olive pursues Ned relentlessly , to the point of considering blackmailing Chuck, the girl he's interested in. By the sixth episode, though, she's decided that she just wants him to be happy, even though she's still hoping he'll wind up being happy with her.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Tara tells Willow "you have to be with the one you love. One of the things he wants to know for sure before leaving is that Willow is happy.

This is Angel's reason for leaving Buffy: This is an extreme case of this trope: Angel just wants Buffy to have the opportunity to have a normal relationship. Angel does this again in the comics.

He's jealous over Spike, who was now in official relationship with Buffy and does not approve of it all. Nevertheless, he puts aside his feelings and eventually accepted her decision because Buffy seemed happy with him. He does, however, admit it was easier because he knows they won't last Spike briefly did this to Buffy in Season 9 for the exact same reasons as Angel, ironically enough.

He thought she'd be happier without him in her life and wanted her to be with some normal guy, even though, once again, it was very clear Buffy still had feelings for him. Though, once again , like Angel, he seemed to cast this aside at some point in favor of being with her.

Xander eventually reconciles himself to Buffy seeing him as a friend. In Season Eight, Buffy briefly comes onto him. However, Xander recognizes that she's looking for a warm body, not love, and reaffirms that they are friends only.

Even though Spike was responsible for him breaking up with Buffy in the first place. Angel is jealous of the Groosalugg because he's usurping his role as The Champion , plus Cordelia's interest in him as a Lust Object. Nevertheless, at the end of "Couplet", he tells them to take a long holiday together, "some place in the sun". At the end of the season, after realizing that Cordelia truly loved Angel and not him, the Groosalugg chivalrously steps aside to let Cordelia pursue him.

Subverted in "A Hole in the World". Knox makes it clear that he's not going to interfere in Fred being with Wesley. Turns out he has another fate in mind for Fred, not out of revenge , but because Knox regards it as an honor for Fred's body to be used as a host for the demon god he worships. Understated and not melodramatic in Eureka. Jack Carter wants the best for Alison, even to the point of walking her down the aisle to marry another man even though he thinks she's making a mistake.

It generally doesn't work, though: Sarah Jane, Jo, and Jack were all deeply hurt by him leaving them. He eventually apologizes to them all after decades. Rose Tyler and her boyfriend Mickey both go through this, when they realize that Rose's love for the Doctor makes their relationship impossible. Rose wants to be fine with Mickey dating other women, and Mickey wants to be fine with Rose's feelings for the Doctor, but it's hard on both of them. He pairs her up with his half-human mortal clone and tells them to go live happily ever after like regular humans.

Mickey leaves Rose forever after a sweet goodbye and goes to live his own life. This also turns out to be the reason Amy broke up with Rory between Series 6 and Series 7.

She knew that he had always wanted children, but due to something the Silence did to her on Demon's Run, she'd become infertile. Luckily, the two later reconcile. There's a more platonic take on this between the Doctor and Clara.

It seems to be mutual. Played for Drama in the finale of Series 8, where they both misunderstand and lie to each other in order for both of them to seemingly move on with their lives and start anew.

Though it gets subverted after that Played for even more drama whether romantic or platonic is up for debate, with Word of God offering contradictory views in Series 9 when Clara is killed, but the Doctor breaks the laws of time to extract her from the moment before her death after spending 4. Knowing that the Time Lords will find her if she has any memories of the Doctor, the Doctor plans to erase her memories of him and leave her somewhere safe on earth, never to encounter him again.

Ultimately, this doesn't go as planned and the Doctor accepts the Mind Rape upon himself, allowing Clara to live as long as she wants, albeit without him by her side. This is a recurring theme across both versions of TheOffice. Just about every version ends happily: Tim gracefully lets go of Dawn in the Christmas special, but gives her some words of encouragement.

Pam does something similar for Jim in the American version. He drops a promotion in New York just to take her out to dinner. For the first two seasons, Jim tries to be this with Pam, but ultimately fails due to Roy's poor treatment of Pam i. Ultimately subverted when Jim confesses his love for Pam and kisses her.

A selfish moment on his part, but it does coax Pam out of her shell. Repeated in season 9 when Erin has to choose between Andy and Pete. Erin intends to break up with the less-than-considerate Andy, but Andy convinces her to fake it for his benefit and he'll probably try to be better. She later confesses this to Pete, knowing he'll be disappointed. Pete simply states that he wants Erin to be happy, which prompts her to kiss him and run off to dump Andy.

The episode "Camille" ends with Kryten losing his love interest, the titular Camille, in a spoof of the Casablanca scene. Rimmer as he realizes that Nirvana Crane has willingly surrendered her existence on the hologram ship so that he may get a position in her place.

He immediately turns in his resignation to return to the Red Dwarf, stating that "we won't be apart, we just won't be together" and in doing so quoting exactly a romantic movie he saw at the start of the episode. He instantly realizes this and adds "I can't believe I just said that!

When he finds her hotel room and he sees another man's shoes, he realizes that the groom in the photo is not himself, but the other guy. As he abandons the idea of getting together with her and bemoaning the yuppie type of man she probably married , she opens the door and invites him to meet her new husband, who turns out to be himself from several years in the future.

Freddie for Carly in "iSaved Your Life". Quite an unusual example, because Freddie himself pulls out of the relationship in order to make sure Carly would be happy, instead of potentially taking advantage of a situation where she might not really like him but just thinks she does. An interesting subversion occurs on In Plain Sight with one of the witness couples. They were a very unhappy but very devout Catholic couple when they see a priest murdered.

Because of their faith they cannot get divorced, even though it is quite obvious they hate each other at this point. To make a long story short, she has found someone else that she likes and they both know this, but she wouldn't dare cheat. He ends up faking his death so that she can move on. She is not his beloved, but she is his wife and he admires her very much, and in order for her to be happy she can't be tied to him.

So he fakes his own death and gets WitSec to help him get relocated again. At the end, the man she really loves is comforting her as he sneaks out the back.

Sam Anders does this, but Kara ultimately sticks with him. Dualla knows perfectly well what motivates this order and is not happy about it, but obeys her husband and superior officer anyway. Patrick from Coupling almost does this to Sally: In your heart, I'm sure you know I'm right. On Guiding Light , Olivia decides Natalia's faith and happiness would suffer if they ever got together, so she decides to talk her into marrying the good man Frank.

Much angst was caused. He even punches Michael when Michael attempts to take Brian's side in the split. Of course, Brian still can't tell Justin he loves him. Special Victims Unit in the episode "Birthright" with a woman and a little girl. The little girl is the woman's biological daughter. As Novak practically harasses the little girl on the stand, the little girl denies that the woman is her biological mother and cries for the mother that raised her.

In the end, the woman loves her "daughter" too much to see her upset so, she quits fighting for the custody of the little girl and moves out of New York. It was a pretty upsetting episode.

On Gossip Girl , Chuck tells Blair he has no romantic feelings for her and is only playing a game, and sends her off to be with his best friend. When Serena asks why he would say that his reply is: And I can't make her happy. He takes things a step further at the end of season 4 where Blair is about to break her engagement with Prince Louis only to have Chuck cut in saying that he had been giving Blair his blessing for the marriage In season five, Chuck spends the entire season doing everything to make Blair happy, almost always at the cost of his own happiness.

Examples include letting her think he's turned bad so she can feel confident in choosing Louis, giving food poisoning to the priest who planned on ruining Blair's wedding to Louis and nearly bankrupting himself to get her out of her marriage by paying her dowry without her knowing about it, even though he knew that she would choose to date Dan Humphrey instead, a guy Chuck hates this after she's made out with Dan in Chuck's bedroom.

In the season finale he finally gets to the point where he can't sacrifice his own happiness for hers anymore. He tells her he's moving on with his life which causes her to break up with Dan to get back together with Chuck but he rejects her in what Word of God suggests is a Gone with the Wind homage. The first scene of the following season depicts them having wild sex in a hotel room. On Dollhouse , Alpha, of all people, does this in the finale, allowing Echo and Paul to be together forever.

On Heroes after learning that Charlie was sent back to , and has lived a fulfilling life, complete with grandkids, Hiro decides not to go back in time to "rescue" her, despite being in love with her. He wins her in the end though. An odd variation of this happens in Robin Hood , in which Marian is coerced into marrying Guy. Robin tries to persuade her not to go through with it, but Marian insists in order to keep her father safe.

Despite the fact that marrying Guy obviously won't make Marian happy, Robin eventually respects her opinion on the matter and leaves her to it. Though of course she doesn't go through with it. The fourth season finale of Friends has Rachel realizing she loves Ross and rushing to London to stop him from marrying Emily. As she arrives at the church, however, she witnesses a tender moment between Ross and Emily. So when Ross sees Rachel and asks why she's there, Rachel replies, "I just needed to tell you They had a child together, so Chandler says he'll walk away so she can go back to her family.

Extra heartwarming as Chandler explains his own parents split up when he was young and he doesn't want any other child to go through what he did. It then gets subverted in their last scene of the episode where Chandler takes back everything he'd previously said and pathetically begs Janice to ignore her husband and stick with him instead. But the sentiment is definitely there and a heart-wrenching moment for Chandler. Richard has this in his final appearance.

After coming back asking Monica to get back together while she's with Chandler even offering her marriage and children , he ultimately bows out when he sees that Chandler is also prepared to offer these things and more willing to have children than he is and that he himself wouldn't even be in the running if he hadn't messed up Chandler's proposal.

You want her that badly? And when you've got her Don't let her go. That's the first bad play I've seen you make. If you can bring happiness into Deanna's life, nothing would please me more. You know, you're really not such a bad sort, Ral. Except you don't have any values—beyond the value of today's bid, that is. Deanna is just the woman to bring some meaning to your sorry existence, if you're smart enough to take it.

I doubt that you are. My breaking heart and I agree That you and I could never be So with my best, my very best I set you free. Bite my tongue, right now the perfect time Do anything to make her happy Even if it means my being miserable As long as she's loving life.

Someday, love will find you Break those chains that bind you One night will remind you How we touched and went our separate ways If he ever hurts you True love won't desert you You know I still love you Though we touched and went our separate ways.

This is our fork in the road. Love's last episode There's nowhere to go You made your choice. Now it's up to me To bow out gracefully. I only want to make you happy And if you say, "Hey, go away," I will But I think better still I'd better stay around and love you. And one day we will meet after everything And we will drink and make amends Raise a toast to your old beloved. I hope he buys you flowers I hope he holds your hand [ So, take good care of my baby Be just as kind as you can be And if you should discover That you don't really love her Just send my baby back home to me.

And yesterday I knew just what you wanted When you came walkin' up to me with him So I told you that I was happy for you And given the chance I'd lie again Just to see you smile I'd do anything That you wanted me to. If he brings you happiness Then I wish you all the best It's your happiness that matters most of all I'll be there anytime You need me by your side. Many tellings of the legend of King Arthur have him tolerate the love affair between his wife Guinevere and champion knight Lancelot because he loves them both too much to see them suffer.

Likewise, Guinevere refuses to run off with Lancelot because she still loves Arthur. This is after they've agreed that a romance is out of the question. This is the central plot of the webcomic Arthur, King of Time and Space. At one point, Arthur had banished Guenevere and Lancelot in the Space and Fairytale arcs, but at least partly because he thought they'd be happier without him. King Solomon's judgment regarding a child in dispute by two women - he proposes to simply cut the kid in two for each mother to have an equal part , and one of the women says to just give the child to the other.

This proved to Solomon that she was the mother, for being that selfless. In The Muppets episode "Swine Song", Denise sees Kermit and Piggy singing a duet, and even though Kermit insists it was just part of the show decides to bow out. Cyrano de Bergerac is about the original Cyrano helping the handsome Christian win the heart of the woman they both love , Roxane. He does this because Roxane is already fond of Christian who's genuinely a decent guy, just lacking in wit , and Cyrano himself believes he's too ugly to ever have a chance with her.

Unfortunately for them both, Roxane does fall in love with Christian, but only because of the words Cyrano gave him to use. She eventually learns the truth, but only after Christian has died in battle, and while Cyrano is dying from a mortal wound, denying it all.

A Very Potter Musical lampshades this trope's presence in its source material with repeated references to the Spider-Man Trilogy. In Martin Guerre , when Arnaud is arrested for impersonating Martin Guerre and sleeping with his wife, a judge decides that Bertrade is still married to Martin, and leaves Arnaud's fate in his former friend's hands.

Martin realizes that Bertrande and Arnaud really love eachother, and frees Arnaud from jail, and attempts to lead Arnaud and Bertrande away from the villiage to start a new life together. Used in Sweeney Todd: Her excuse is that she convinced him his wife was dead for his own good , because due to Lucy's insane state he could never have been happy with her. It's a chilling example of this trope invoked by a character on purpose to whitewash the machinations of a psychotic Yandere.

Unsurprisingly, Sweeney buys into it about as much as the audience do. Viola loves Orsino, but tries her best to set him up with Olivia, the girl he professes to love, instead.

The Phantom of the Opera: Most of the movie, the Phantom tries his hardest to keep Christine for himself, but when she kisses him at the end, he has a change of heart and tells her and Raoul to 'Go now and leave me! All the spares Milo, Henri, and Adam accept they aren't "true loves" and instead let their respective love interests find real romance with each other.

Jean Valjean is also a parental example of this trope for Cosette, as in the novel. The Misanthrope gives you two for one. Both are equally fine being the runner up to their beloved's preferred suitor. Angelica Schuyler has this platonically for her sister Eliza. Trapped in a loveless marriage, it's implied that she's considered an affair with Hamilton, but he's married to Eliza and Angelica would never hurt her like that.

In the original Miss Saigon , the signature song of Ellen the woman Chris the titular character's lover marries after returning home from the Vietnam War makes it clear that she intends to fight to keep her husband.

But in the revival, it's been changed to indicate that she'll give him up if that's what's needed for him to heal from his trauma. In one of the Cristina Memories of Assassin's Creed: Cristina had been Ezio's girlfriend 2 years prior Both Bianca and Nera in Dragon Quest V do this with the main character when he chooses either of them, or Deborah.

While not quite the same, Colette cares so much about Lloyd , that's she's willing to give up her life so that the world will be Regenerated, so that he'll be able to live happily in a peaceful world. Because Light Is Not Good , meaning what the Big Bad wanted would happen , and her "death" would hurt Lloyd more than anything- so he stops the salvation of the world by killing an Angel , fighting a former ally , however, his luck runs out against the Big Bad.

Until Yuan's organization interferes. After she's restored to her former self, she never considers doing that again. It's more out of guilt than anything — Camus decides to leave Nyna be, probably feeling too guilty about what happened to Hardin, her husband This actually backfires, as Nyna is so fed up with the utter shit that her life has been that she decides to pursue him and try having control of her own life, leaving Archanea in Marth's hands.

They have this in mind when leaving her, but she winds up sad anyway Cordelia in Fire Emblem Awakening seems to want this at first for Chrom , as she feels unworthy to be with him. Bad thing, some of her quotes in-game related to Chrom are not re-written to reflect this Played for Laughs after Chapter 13, if Chrom's wife is Olivia. She sees him hugging a beautiful girl and believes they're in cahoots , prompting her to step in and tearfully declare she will not stand between him and his Second Love.

Once Chrom explains what's going on, Lucina and Olivia share a hug. In Final Fantasy VI , Locke's beloved Rachel returns to life just long enough to release him and tell him to be happy with his new love, Celes. Snake's jealousy of Naomi for her relationship with his best friend is quite clear in Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots , but at the same time he becomes furious with her when she breaks his heart.

Rise of the Sinistrals , Tia tries to talk Maxim out of being a warrior, because she cannot endure the thought of something happening to him in battle. She decides to give him up when she realizes that this is a part of Maxim which makes him happy, surrendering him both to his passion for battle and his future wife Selan. Tali says this to Shepard if he tries to pursue a relationship with her due to her quarian physiology. I can't do that. No matter how much I I could get sick, jeopardize the mission.

Tali, if you're scared, I don't blame you. But I don't want anyone else, [takes her hands] I want you. And I'll do whatever I have to to make this work.

I wouldn't blame you if, but You don't know what that You going to be okay? I know working with the geth will be difficult-. Because I respect you, dammit! You think I don't want you to come with me? I don't know how much time we have left. I don't know if we can beat the Reapers. But whatever happens, I want to be with you. Traveled half the world to find you, but I never intended to force anything on you. The Kyou route revolves around deconstructing this trope, showing just how awkward and painful it would be in reality.

In the game's last route, Sakura is shown to be resigned to Shirou and her sister, Rin, getting together, and is surprised at Shirou reciprocating her feelings. In almost all endings to Frozen Essence , Zareh helps Mina be with her chosen love interest and bids her farewell in spite of having been in love with Mina for a thousand years and being the one who unsealed her from her prison in the first place.

This is the most prominent in Rune's path where he tells Mina that she will never be happy if she doesn't see Rune again, risks being captured and exposed to let Mina reunite with Rune, and tells Mina in the Light End to let go of him and focus on her future with Rune instead. What really makes this sad is that Mina doesn't even realize the full significance of this because she's lost all her memories of her past - and by extension, Zareh - so she doesn't even know who this person comforting her in her dreams is.

However, this is subverted in Zareh 's own Dark End where he snaps after being rejected by Mina and keeps her captive to prevent her from leaving him. Katawa Shoujo , this is the reason why Misha helps Hisao get together with Shizune in the latter's route.

The big twist here is that her beloved is not Hisao but Shizune. Eventually however, especially after the first time Hisao and Shizune have sex, her feelings start to come to the surface and put a strain on everyone's realtionships with each other. Torahiko Ooshima in Morenatsu is shown to be this if you don't pick him.

He is known by fans as the "Canon" Route of the story. The sad thing is, you can't pick his storyline yet. Every route in Princess Waltz ends with this. And in the second half of the game, Arata and whichever partner you choose fall in love, but that girl ultimately steps out of the way so he can be with Chris after she is saved.

Rather surprisingly , Saya in Saya no Uta displays this at one point: If Fuminori says that he wants it, she willingly does it even though she's visibly saddened by how this will effectively force her to separate from the one human who she could truly connect to forever because his normal human senses wouldn't be able to bear the sight of her true Eldritch Abomination form. Ambrosia and Arsenik do this for each other at various points in War: Near the beginning, Ambrosia succumbs to blackmail in order to keep Arsenik out of prison.

In one ending, Ambrosia is framed for murder and Arsenik decides to take the blame for it. Happens in backstory of Phoenix Wright: Iris was dating Phoenix for 6 months while pretending to be her sister Dahlia to get a necklace Dahlia gave him earlier, which was piece of evidence that could put Dahlia in prison.

During these 6 months she really fell in love with him , but Dahlia became impatient and tried to kill him to get it herself. After Dahlia was arrested Iris dissapeared without telling Phoenix the truth, because she felt she caused him enough pain already and he'll be better of without her. Also happens in Azumi's route , when Yamato helps Azumi confess to Hideo. At the end of the strip, however, Alisin and Rikk care too much about Rumy to let her sacrifice her own happiness for them, and they convince her to join them in a three-way relationship , which works out well for all of them.

Gay Justin is in love with straight Elliot, and isn't quite sure what to do about it. She approaches Elliot to warn him about her Manipulative Bastard ex-boyfriend trying to woo Susan.

Despite liking Elliot herself, Ashley acts while believing that Elliot likes Susan. The subversion comes when Elliot explains he and Susan are Just Friends , and the scene ends with Elliot asking her out. Sarah and Susan's reactions to Ashley are straight examples of the trope. Although in their cases he's not exactly "my beloved", more "the person I've concluded probably isn't my beloved although we're still friends" and "the person who I might consider being my beloved if anyone was going to be, which is unlikely", respectively.

Happens to Ping as she is programmed to help lonely young men gain confidence with women and support them in forming relationships. She briefly attempts to 'protect Piro from being hurt' and tries to convince him that a relationship with an android programmed to provide emotional support would be much safer, in the end however she is forced to stand aside for Kimiko.

Also in Erika's Back Story. In which the person actually makes his beloved miserable by deciding he's not good enough for her. And eventually it turned out that was all bullshit, and he was just a Manipulative Bastard. It's unclear why he was even with her in the first place. Okay, there are at least two reasons In Namir Deiter , Twofer Hispanic lesbian Gabby tries to fix her best friend, main character Tipper Namir, up with her Jerk with a Heart of Gold cousin, partially to ease the tension developed after Gabby confessed her feelings for Tipper and Tipper gently put her down.

Resolved later when Gabby hooks up with a fellow Twofer art student to whom she'd confided the previous situation. And Gabby proceeds to go through it again , when she endures Jacinda's Anything That Moves attitude, before finally getting fed up with being taken for granted and breaking things off herself.

Occurs fairly early on in Questionable Content: Faye finally explains to Marten why she's been putting out such drastically mixed signals towards his romantic overtures and why she can't have a relationship with anyone right then, especially the kind Marten wants. She agrees to seek help for her issues, but only on the condition that Marten doesn't try to wait for her. There's an example in the form of Karkat Vantas.

He doesn't have a very good relationship with Dave at that time , but when his love interest Terezi chooses him over Karkat, he accepts it despite initially protesting and does his best to just be a good friend to her.

Almost inverted with Dirk and Roxy. Roxy is in love with Dirk. He's gay and can't reciprocate — but he considers having a relationship with her anyway because he loves her platonically and wants her to be happy. Fortunately, he realizes that this would be a terrible idea. Torg has had a crush on Zoe for most of Sluggy Freelance , but he never tells her how he feels, and at one point even resolves never to speak to her again, because he's worried that Oasis a crazy jealous , immortal assassin will kill Zoe for getting between her and Torg.

Currently, Torg is actively searching for a way to permanently stop Oasis, in part so that he and Zoe can finally be together.

Zig Zag isn't so much in love with the title character as she's infatuated with her. And she knows it. Zig would settle for getting Sabrina to come out her shell and enjoy life. In General Protection Fault , Nega-Ki is shown developing some feelings for Nick, having been repulsed by Nega-Nick's cruelty, and after charging him to distract him and getting mortally wounded in the process , tells her counterpart to love him and promise her they will be happy together.

In The Order of the Stick , Therkla confesses her love for Elan , who's already dating Haley , though she's been missing for months and may well be dead. Therkla says that if Elan will be with her now, she'll willingly step aside if Haley ever comes back into the picture.

Elan still declines , however. PeeJee actively helps Jhim go to D. In the second case, however, Jhim is gay , and oblivious to PeeJee's feelings. It happens often in Sonichu where Chris-Chan and some other characters say that.

During the celebrations after the battle, HWGuy spies on them Bowser, despite his many attempts to win over Princess Peach. Finally decided to let her go and allow her to marry Mario because he wanted her to be happy. Bittersweet Candy Bowl has this in numerous characters; many members of the secondary cast, such as Sue, are okay with Mike being happy with someone else, but object to his long-distance relationship with Sandy, wanting him instead to date their friend Lucy.

Lucy herself has this to some degree with Mike, though she still wants him as a friend - something he is now resisting after having the idea put in his head that Lucy was just using him rather than being clingy and Tsundre because she is in love with him.

Augustus has this for Daisy, who in turn, like Sue, likes Mike but wants him to be happy with someone else - but preferably Lucy if not herself. Abbey expressed similar sentiments to Daisy before they started dating, though Daisy herself may be dating him to make HIM happy, as well as to have someone for herself - but she doesn't care for him the same way she does for Mike. In Cucumber Quest , Lettuce. Unfortunately, this means she thinks Parfait ought to be grateful for Tomato's attentions , because she does not want his beloved to be happy, only him.

College Roomies from Hell!!! Margaret does this with Dave. As much as we had sent pictures to each other, I had yet to see her naked in the flesh. The thought turned me on and at the same time made me nervous. I had never had a problem with guys, and knowing Jessica as I did, I definitely didn't have a problem with her.

The thing was to me there were boys and girls, I had had fun with both. I had never been with a ts before, I knew it was no biggie, I was just nervous. The day arrived, and I had arranged with my parents that they would be out the house when she came around.

They had agreed with me it was something they would rather not be home for. They decided to go to a restaurant and not get back till late, by which time Jessica and I would have done the deed. Jessica arrived at my place about eight thirty wearing a sexy revealing dress and thigh high socks. She looked amazing and I got hard right away. I took her to the living room where I opened a bottle of wine for us. We drank and talked, kissing each other every few minutes. It was about nine thirty that we realised that we had finished the whole bottle and she suggested to take her to bed.

Up in my room, we lay on my bed kissing. We held each other close as our hands roamed each other's bodies. I pulled down the zip at the back of her dress and slid my hand over her bare back. She pulled away from me and slid out of her dress. She looked amazing in her underwear. I could see the bulge in her panties, which only seemed to make me get harder. We both stripped out of our clothes and lay together naked. Her soft breasts pressed against me as her cock pushed up against mine.

We kissed as her hand wrapped around both our cocks and stroked them both at the same time. Her lips left mine as she started to plant kisses down my chest and over my belly. I felt her lips wrap around my cock and I groaned loudly. She was an amazing cock sucker and seemed to know every trick in the book. Her tongue slid over the underside of my cock head, giving me maximum pleasure. I had never sucked a cock before, but I wanted to suck on hers. I nodded at her and she stood up in front of me.

Her cock was bigger than mine and I seemed to salivate as I took it into my mouth. She groaned as I started to suck her cock, her hand resting on the back of my head. I sucked her hard, paying close attention to the underside and her pee hole.

She seemed to love it and started to fuck my mouth. She made me gag as her cock hit the back of my throat. I felt her ass start to jerk as she fucked my mouth and I knew she was going to cum. I tried to pull my head away, but she held it in place as she fucked my mouth hard. She groaned loudly, and I felt her hand let go of my head. She came in my mouth. Jets of thick gooey ooze shot from her cock into my mouth and I by mistake swallowed some of it.

It didn't taste as bad as I thought it would, in fact, it tasted good. I lapped up the excess cum and sucked the tip of her cock clean. She lay back on the bed and smiled up at me. I lay on top of her, kissing for what seemed an age.

She rolled over giving me a full view of her feminine hairless butt. She looked so amazing and I don't think my cock was ever so hard. She spread her ass cheeks for me, and I pushed my cock against her waiting hole. She groaned loudly, pushing herself back against me. I started to fuck her butt as best I could. It was the most intense feeling I ever had. My cock was made for that ass. It was not too tight but not loose. I pounded her butt as best I could, making her groan and whimper into my pillow.

I could feel her arse clench around my cock bringing me closer to the edge. I pushed her down and lay beside her, spooning. I wrapped my arms around her, cupping her soft breasts. She groaned and pushed back against me as I groaned in sheer pleasure. It didn't take long for me to go over the edge. I slammed a few more times and shot my load deep into her butt.

I held her close feeling her body shake next to mine. I slowly pulled my cock from her butt, seeing some of my cum ooze out with it. She wrapped her hand around my cock, squeezing out the last drop of cum from my cock. She then licked her hand clean which almost made me cum again. Can I fuck you now? You're the only person I have ever been with and have never fucked anything before. I would love it if I could feel your tight ass around my cock.

I couldn't refuse her, she just looked too good. I was about to roll over when she grabbed my legs to stop me. I want to see how you look whilst I'm fucking you. And I want to be able to kiss you. She took my pillow and placed it under my hips. She sort of pulled my legs apart, moving as close to me as possible. I could feel the tip of her penis push gently against my sphincter. I closed my eyes and braced myself as I felt her push forward. With one hard thrust, her cock was inside me. I couldn't really talk.

It felt like I had the wind knocked out of me. It wasn't so much painful as u comfortable. She started to slam her cock into my ass, pulling all the way out and then slamming it home. After a minute, I felt a strangely pleasurable feeling. With her every thrust my pleasure seemed to increase.

Imsges: i want to hook up with my best guy friend

i want to hook up with my best guy friend

That may end up with the reverse effect… hello, restraining order. I really need some help!! To make a long story short, she has found someone else that she likes and they both know this, but she wouldn't dare cheat.

i want to hook up with my best guy friend

Him and I usually talk through email.

i want to hook up with my best guy friend

During these 6 months she really fell in love with gybut Dahlia became impatient and tried to kill him to get it herself. I really need some kind of help. Top Posts Of The Month. Try to stay away from Facebook or your phone or anything like that so that you can just have a break, and when you come back from this break start over. The eyes are the window to the soul. Walks me to my classes and pakistan best dating site and calls book the time.