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More Than a Hookup Pt. 01

how to tell him you want more than a hookup

August 15, at 3: I ask her if she even meant that argument she made about consent, and she says she did. On the other hand, there are people who I meet that immediately make me feel uncomfortable and defensive.

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There is no magic wand. That being said, I have never orgasmed from vaginal penetration. I hope it works out for you guys. Get her in the act. This is a trophy, commando!

His hands stopped, his thumb resting between the lips just where her entrance was. Just a few seconds of motionlessness, when he moved, it was the thumb sweeping back and forth gently, then in circles pressing in deeper as he did so. His other hand began to move as well, but rather than directly teasing, he was rubbing what access he had to the top of her hips, small motions as though he were attempting to comfort her while his thumb applied more pressure.

The combination was both pleasant and terribly arousing as was becoming very easy to tell. His other hand stopped with the gentle petting, apply pressure to the mons, it's own thumb feeling about. He must have had some intimate knowledge of humans before hand as he seemed to know exactly what he was feeling for, as she felt him slowing at the root of her clit pressing in and downward.

Greater pressure was applied to the base of her clit, thumb rocking back and forth as he did so. The thumb at her entrance stretched the fabric guarding her taught, keeping it firm against her but without complete penetration. These actions alone felt more intense than she could have imagined, that building up already taking place. That incredible, tense pleasure was already ramping up, amplified by how he spoke to her and knowledge he knew he could get her off this way and had every intention of doing so.

At some point in all this her nervousness had begun to evaporate, she wanted him to get her off, she needed it. No one else was here, he didn't know her, no one would she was willfully giving in. The first orgasm wracked her body, the first one at the hand of someone else and he hadn't even taken completely direct contact yet.

It was familiar but in some way, better, as unlike with just herself, he didn't grow weak and lose his grip. His hands remained firm and steady, letting her body ride out the ride out the surges of pleasure in a way she was incapable of doing before now. Even as everything began to slow, hearing him like this made her feel chills again. While the comfortable afterglow began to fade, idle thoughts began to surface, how much was he actually going to do, anyway?

Something cut away at the remaining fabric that guarded her, for what little it did, leaving her feeling cold and even more exposed than before.

His thumb gently played with her entrance again, now slick from her climax. Sweeping around in circles, it was a nice sensation, pleasant after the strength of the first climax. That is, until it swept upward, applying the newly slicken digit to her exposed clit. The direct contact to such an already over-sensitive point made her lurch in place, the gears joints groaned at the strain of her sudden attempt to get out of place but she was held fast and the contact remained.

Electric fire of pleasure surged through her from that single point as he circled the nub, still alight from before. Even without moving it inside her, just the sensation of the penetration itself elevated the overwhelming pleasure she was being subjected to. Unable to move from the contact, all she could do was shudder in place as the next orgasm wracked her body. It was so unlike the first climax, it was powerful and intense, forced to feel in ways she had wanted but had been unsure and incapable of bringing upon herself on her own.

It felt like it lasted so much longer than the last climax, mind and body lost in everything happening, even if it was so simple.

As it finally started to fade, it felt so much harder to start processing again, unlike the first climax. All at once the hands left her, the lack of warmth against her was almost at jarring as the first touch. Being left there made her slowly sobering mind vigilant to his sounds again. But as soon as she attempted to focus distraction returned in the form of fingers pressed firmly at her lips.

They didn't remain stationary, she felt them spreading her lips wide, followed by 2 large fingers pressing past her entrance.

There was practically no friction due to her previous orgasms, but there was certainly pressure. Just two and it already felt this snug, how much more was there going to be?

There was no real warm up this time, already feeling around inside her. She couldn't help but shudder as they rubbed against the rough patch he had been searching for, she heard him chuckled when she did, but withdrew shortly thereafter. She could hear shifting, movement, he was preparing something. When she felt thumbs gripping and stretching her lips, she prepared for penetration to follow.

Hot warm breath against her still didn't prepare her for the warm, wet sensation that followed. Soft and pleasant, more like a comfort, for the moment.

After the initial broad stroke, it swirled about her entrance, teasing her before she felt it make its way inside. Soft inside as it was out, it was a welcome change to the roughness a few moments ago. She felt it test inside, pressing upward against her, enough to tease but not enough to rouse. The pressure eased up and the tongue withdrew from her, but didn't quite leave, he was back to treating her from the outside, for the moment.

His mouth was still close though not in contact, but fingers began to pry again. First massaging the from the lips to the mons before resting in place on the mons. A thumb took hold just above, pulling back skin, exposing her apex as that warm mouth enveloped it. Even with the short break she was still on a sensitive high she couldn't help but gasp as she felt the tongue tip first gently caress the sensitive nub. While settling against her clit, fingers penetrated her again, two rubbing upward until they hit that sensitive point.

Her orgasm came hard and he didn't stop, gently sucking her clit to keep her going. Unable to prevent it all she could do is writhe with what space she had in her bind. Up until this point all she had really done was gasp and breath heavily but now whines and moans were audible underneath the steel helmet. The warmth parted from her clit, only for a moment as the broad tongue lapped between her folds, taking in her fluids before returning to her clit.

The gentle caress of the tongue against the sensitive nub with the return of the inescapable suction set her off again. Unable to think straight, lost between reality and the overwhelming orgasm that shot through her wanting it to both stop and continue on forever at the same time. The joints of the suit strained at her aggressive attempts to flail away but held her in place, but the sound of metal creaking was easily drown out by desperate non-verbal vocalizations she had been making, even behind the steel helm.

She was lost to the electric white fire for as long as her assailant wanted her to be. She didn't know when it had stopped, but eventually it had. The stimulation had slowed down, allowing her to catch her breath. He withdrew slowly, but left a hand cupping her loins. It wasn't attempting to stimulate her, it simply rested there, covering her completely while her body still gave residual shivers.

Interestingly enough, it was almost grounding, helping her regain sense of what was happening, and she wasn't entirely sure if that was intentional or not. The hand leaving her crotch however, was very noticeable, leaving it vulnerable to the cold air. Something very different was being ground against her nethers, it wasn't soft, or anything typically fleshy, was it - A slow, singular thrust and she was invaded, she couldn't help but gasp as it happened, and it wasn't even completely in all the way.

To be fair she could hardly tell how deep it was in the state she was in, but it was certainly wider than the 2 fingers in her earlier. Though he still hadn't finished inserting himself in her, the ribbed top of his cock was rubbing firmly against the delicate walls inside and that alone causing a rise in her, again, before any real friction had started.

Just the pressure from the slow, careful penetration inside her made her feel close to climax. Then, she felt it, her assailant's dick edging against her cervix, followed by sensation of the flesh of his pelvis contacted her own, hilting her completely. She heard him exhale, but he no longer moved, just stood steady, holding himself inside. What she wasn't expecting, was to feel his dick squirm.

But before she could process that, he pulled out, only to thrust back inside her again, not nearly as slow as the first time. Another involuntary moan escaped, the attempted back arch restricted by her setting.

Held in place as she was, it made it easy for him to pick up speed. The friction, pressure along with ribbed sensation inside an the sheer aggressiveness against her already highly sensitive passage brought her to another shuddering climax.

It was so surprisingly quick, it had even caught her assailant off guard, as he doubled over heavily onto the bench that had been keeping her up, muttering something she couldn't make out. All the while, still attempting to keep himself steady inside her as she contracted around him.

Once again the build up began, some part of her grateful at being held in place, exhausted as her body tensed up again. The incredible friction inside and return of stimulation to her clit was almost too much, exhausted as she was she was cumming at his hands once again, and this time, he along with her. Pressed tightly against her, cumming deeply inside as all she could do was tremble and moan.

With some of the pressure beginning to relax within her, and the overwhelming warmth following, she slowly began to settle. He remained inside her for some time, just holding himself in place, breathing hard as he leaned over her.

After a few seconds passed, he finally withdrew, which was both relieving and also lonely, in a weird way.. She heard him drop heavily, breathing hard but not exactly panting. When his breath started to normalize, she heard him moving toward her again. Fingers parting her lips again made her jerk in place, but he wasn't attempting to stimulate her, specifically, just feeling along barely along the inside.

They withdrew, and she heard movement again. As weird as it may sound, there are some legit scientific signs of attraction that you may not even recognize unless you know what they are. Sure, there are the obvious signs, like him smiling at you or trying to look better in front of you, but there are also some less obvious ones. Have you ever noticed any of these signs?

What other signs did I miss? Do you think your crush likes you? Tell me in the comments. Follow Gurl, pretty please! Facebook , Twitter , Tumblr and Instagram.

He also sings around more, he watches me and listens when I sing. I have a guy friend that I just recently started noticing. So he took the first step by saying hello and asking me politely how I was doing. Because this is an awkward situation as we both have no guts to take a step or forward when we feel curiousity and attraction for eachother. I just wish there was another way of solution for this.

My boyfriend does all of these!

Imsges: how to tell him you want more than a hookup

how to tell him you want more than a hookup

I had a conversation with him this week because I really wanted to know where I stand.

how to tell him you want more than a hookup

Greater pressure was applied to the base of her clit, thumb rocking back and forth as he did so. May 9, at 1: Just the pressure from the slow, careful penetration inside her made her feel close to climax.

how to tell him you want more than a hookup

But with someone else to manage the account, not to mention the encounters themselves, it was something she started to entertain. I toss it in the puzzle piece pile. He did this a few tsll times before one thumb finally wedged itself between her lips. How is that sexist? December 5, at 5: