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Online dating providers need to know if someone is trying to get hold of your personal information, asking for money or behaving in really inappropriate ways. Sorry this is the 3rd time I v tried but I m not getting return msg even though the ladies want to meet me could you explain where I m going wrong do I have to pay for every msg I send could you please msg back with step by step how to get my msg through thank you. Well, we were proven wrong. The wait time was horrible, but the agent was rather pleasant. I live in oceanside ca. I just joined this sight and after three days canceled it and that took forever. NO Customer service and very difficult to contact.

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I know the site is active as I am still receiving notifications that others have viewed my profile, plus I have been able to access the site anonymously through another browser; but if I try to log on I just get error messages!! Religion can be a touchy subject, and whether you practice or not, being on the same page as a date or partner can come in handy. Any act of violence or abuse should be reported to your local police. As I have cancelled via my account I expect whatever money you have taken from me since last year. Membership means that the site has to commit to an industry code of practice that includes honest communication with users, protecting their privacy and providing a mechanism for reporting abuse. Search through thousands of personals and photos.

Most members are upper-income with college degrees, and its Fraud Detection ensures no-nonsense dating Friendship, Casual Dates, Serious Relationships. Search by age, location, height, education, ethnicity, and religion.

Offers excellent search functionality and safety features Search by interest, zip code, photos, more. Ready to choose a dating website? See below for a summary of our experts' top-ranked online dating services, along with stats and ratings for each. To try one of these popular sites for free, simply click on the site's name to sign up for a free account.

When my best friend joined her first dating site, like most people, she went with one of the largest ones that was completely free. She assumed she was making the right choice, but within the first day, she regretted her decision. Plus, she had already received 40 or so messages that she needed to read. Online dating become more work than fun. It seems unrealistic for my friend and others like her to look into every single one of them.

What we consider to be the most popular dating sites are the ones that receive positive comments and high star ratings from users — as well as ones that are easy to use and, most importantly, successful. No other dating website has been responsible for more dates, relationships, and marriages than Match. Not only that, but with over Launched by clinical psychologist Dr. Neil Clark Warren, eHarmony. However, not all hookup websites are created equal. BeNaughty is a hookup site that is among the cream of the crop.

With cool features like instant messaging and location-based matching, this site will help you find no-strings-attached adult fun in no time. You can avoid having that happen to you by joining a reputable site like BeNaughty. Finding someone who has the same religious beliefs and values is important to a lot of people, particularly Christians, and one of the best Christian dating sites on the web is ChristianMingle.

There are plenty of conventional sites that are also among the top websites for gay dating and the top lesbian date sites. I signed up to zoosk for one month only and they have continued to take money out of my account for three more months! Has anyone gotten their money back? At first it was fantastic. Each day, more and more matches photos were unabled to be opened. I noticed it got worse everyday. Nothing works, nothing opens.

I spent half the day yesterday trying to phone them number disconnected , get the to call back option, tried for 2 hours, nothing happened. Sent 2 emails, no reply and here we are with still no access. Managed to take my payment without any hiccups thought. Please if you can help me. I have tried to subscribe to Zoosk Dating on 2 occasions and all I receive is free coins. I paid for a 1 months subscription and only received coins, without being subscribed. Then I paid for 3 months and have received more coins, but im still not subscribed.

Ive joined other dating sites like Datingbuzz and have had no problems in being accepted with them, no cons with coins. I am seriously not impressed with Zoosk, as now I have made two payments and still not a member on this site. What makes it worse is I really feel conned by Zoosk and now that I have paid all this money my hands are tied and Im sitting with all these coins that I dont want!!!!!!! My name is Robert palson I joined your sight about 3weeks ago an I think that this sight is a scam just like match.

I paid for 6 months, have only been on 20 days. Seems like there are only a few people on. I just payed 44 dollars to try for a month but I cannot send a message it said subscribe now, and I try to call customer service but cannot reach. I want my acct close after a month. My mate has posted an explicit picture on my account profile pics causing the administrator to block my account.

Would it be possible for the administrator to clear the image and unblock my account? This is outright theft. They are a pack of thieves and wankers!!! How come when you block someone they can still see you? When you accidentally delete someone you cant click on the alert page to view them? If someone wants to meet you and you paid for a subscription why do you have to buy coins?

And why is there no favorites page where you can keep track of how many times someone looks at you?? Why can I not have favorites to see how many times ppl view me or if Im interesting to get to know them.

How come there is no where to make a favorites page?? Why do you have to buy coins to see who wants to meet you if you have already paid for a subscription!! This site needs a lot of work or Im done. I dont think this site has the best intentions but does want to try and make the most money….

I was using Zoosk for about a month, I was just checking the place out. I Never put a profile pic on my account. The Mobile app constantly was asking for one so I uploaded a picture I took of the sunset so it would stop asking for one.

I have had an authorized payment come out of my account and I have not been able to make contact. Have had to take further action as company has not replied. I had a month subscription once and didnt go on one date. Hi, I paid R Yes you currently have a member who is not You currently have a Zoosk member,35 from Smithfield, NC.

That has a full blown photo of her boob. Are you going to do something about this? Zoosk is a JOKE! Calling Zoosk is also a rip off, empending hold, no answer and hang up on you. I will be calling in the morning,I tried to call and checked my card immediately and no one is at customer service and the money was deducted. Please return it to my account until I am ready to try the service.

All I have on the card is 23 dollarservice and the money was deducted. This was done today February 6, I have paid for it and kindly would like to use your services.

Hello i am trying to get in to my zoosk account and answer some of my members but i cant it seems i am blocked i joined up again through facebook which is weeks and weeks ago and since then i have not been able to get in is there anyway you can help us out with this please i will be very gratefull email me back with a message please thank you very much.

I have contacted Zoosk customer service several times this past week. My question was how do I use Zoosk coins and how many for each use. You answering system is obviously over seas. So, what are my coins good for and how many coins for each contact and does the type of contact different in the amount of coins for each type of contact. Pretty simple question, I think. And the answer is??????????????????????????????? I have subscribed myself in this dating site and have strugled to access to use the service for the week or so, however, for some reson thati dont know, i never could communicate once i try to contact someone, it ask me to became a member i have paid by credit card.

Hi, I paid 3 month subs for a Zoosk subscription hey have no email address where i can send them mail and also i need someone to urgently respond to me as this amount of money is alot to just lose. My account is blocked by the administrator. What can I do to find out why my account is blocked??? I have been trying to pay for a three month subscription with out any success. I have been trying to make contact with Zoosk, there seems to be no contact details to make contact with them, please advise as to how I can get support from Zoosk.

My name is Johan Moller. I am from Johannesburg. I have paid R I made an electronic transfer of R Pls activate my account asap. I hate the fact that there is no option to view yur search results as a graph view.

Now you HAVE to view each individualprofile and send out false alets as if you are viewing them as poteltial interests! Going both ways, it sucks when you think someone is interested in you but was forced to look at your profile, you send a message and get no response! This is the worst dating site I have ever used. I joined up and received a lot of messages straight up. Two days later I paid my joining fee so I could respond to messages and see profiles, completed my own profile and uploaded photos.

On logging onto my email I had received an email from Zoosk customer service confirming that I had cancelled by subscription!!!!. These people are either scams or rip offs as I had definitely not done this straight after paying my money!!!!. I replied to this email with my concerns and questions about all this but have not had a reply. I have not been able to find a telephone number that I can use or email addresses for my complaint and to find out what and why this has happened.

I will be definitely reporting this site and trying to get my money back!!!! If i have been billed i want my money returned. Ihave asked you to delete me off this site. Iagree with Liz this is a rip off. They have taken money out of my account after I had cancel the subscription the same day, which I want back. Hi Zoosk people you have taken money out of my account under false pretence because I have not had any contact with you for so era year so please put the Greetings, I want to get out from this site I would love to help if you are, if you can get me out of this site thank you.

I paid for the Zoosk service 2 weeks ago. Then, when I try appear a advice that I have never paid. But it is in my credit card billing. How can I solve it? I moved to Kenya on 31st January and discovered that the only communication I could receive from Zoosk was that Zoosk does not operate in my area.

I have done everything possible to communicate to Zoosk that since you do not operate in my area, my subscription should be cancelled and the subscription amounts charged on the card refunded.

I have just been locked out of my account after less than a month into a 3 month paid subscription. They say they have no record of me or my email.

I have turned the matter over to the Australian Federal Police in relation to credit card theft, identity theft and general fraud. This site is a scam!! I find it unbelievable to find such a scam with such a high profile web site, right in front of the authorities, who shouild be taking this company down. I bough coins did not receive.

I emailed zoosk to tell them to stop taking payments out of my accounts and they did please return my money. I would not have purchased the service if I knew this. Then tonight I mistakenly clicked on the coin purchase and am afraid my credit card is getting charged. This service seems deceptive and a rip off.

I just wanted to take a moment to let you know that I and Kai Jensen met on Zoosk in March and got married on February 28th of this year. We were both very satisfied with our experience and just wanted to thank you!

I paid for one month membership and do not let me continue, the page ask me for different plan to paid, I already paid, please help me do I need mail box id? I have not joined your dating site and you are taking money at my account. Do not proceed with anything without my authority, no monies are to be taken from my account. Still you billed me R out of the blue on 21 July.

Could you please give me an explanation for this? I joined and the first profile that came up there was no way I could read it without buying coins. That is a rip off. On top of that they advertise on the television that you can join free and that is a bunch of bunk.

I would not recommend this site to anyone. I joined the Zoosk site and paid for 3 months. They took the money off my bank and then they blocked my account saying the payment failed.

I checked my bank statement and the money went off. I had to phone them in America from South Africa and they told me that I have to go to my bank and have them reverse the charges. I send them proof that the money was taken off my bank, but they still refused to refund or reinstate my account. This is a big scame and fraudulent. I have reported them to my bank and they have put a fraud alert on them. So please be careful!

All I want either to unblock my account or refund the money. Personally I would not recommend anyone due to such poor customer service.

I have never gotten the sight to work properly and have always had a communication problem. Every time I want to chat I get a message that I need to subscribe. I thought I did that back in April. I did get your help sight and they sent me a e-mail to my old e-mail address and after I read the coaded crap it said to push the red button to reset my password. I would love to get this cleared up so a phone call would be appreciated!!!!!!!!

I am from the Caribbean and I will like to know how to get a code to get Subscribe on zoosk please. I signed up for an account and made my first payment.. I have sent repeated messages and have not received one acknowledgment from anyone. I Signed up for an account and with no reason or warning was blocked by an administrator. Feeling like some kind of criminal. I have been getting notifications from your sites. I have never been a member or intend to be a member apparently my profile is on your site and I want it removed immediately looks like I may have been hacked.

I did because there were different guys on that website that I wanted to meet. This is the third email I have sent to you, and the issue has still not been resolved. In fact, no one has even responded to my emails. I subscribed to Zoosk many months ago, and the account has been closed for a number of months. Please fix this before I have to take additional steps. Ich warte bereits seit 5 Tagen auf die Freischaltung. It is a scam, a legal scam. Some worse than others. Zoosk is a very sloppy operation.

All smart scammers and con artists do the same thing. Enough to pay all the lawyer and court fees, and then they scram. Money is the biggest addiction of all. Yes, a very sloppy operation for sure. Sex is the second biggest addiction. HEY, everybody is lonely and wants to get one of those broads into bed, right?

I was blocked for no reason please tell me why, if you are not going to let me on stop payment bow please… I was not on your site for one week and you block me not right…. I try all night to figure out how to block this person but unsucessful. Please I need help. Am I doing something wrong. I have my account for about couple years today Zoosk blocked me for no reason they say they dont need give me reason, it make me upset i got couple hundred gifts also some friends there but they block my account the guy told me i earn to much discount and I should open new account no one word explanation why.

Today I finally joined your site? I just thought it was a mistake. I emailed CS to ask about what happens to your profile if cancel or do not renew. Instead of answering my question they canceled my subscription without my authorization — still had a couple of months left.

Now they will not respond to me at all. I could believe one or two not replying but all of them, after they have contacted me. Good evening zoosk, Would it be possible you could get me on line tonight on my subscription.

I will pay next week for a months contract. Please if this will be possible, it will be great. THIS is jrtakeachance i want my name off your dating site. I subscribed to Zoosk three months ago. No one want to date you they looking for sex picture. I will not do that. Please put my money back into my account. I did a payment already on D line. B4 I Make a Cancellation.!!

Today this early eve,I just made a PMT. I filled out completely D Qq? I have cancelled my subscription, however yet again this has been taken. The subscription was cancelle last year. I am not going to ring your number, as have tried before and was not answered. As I have cancelled via my account I expect whatever money you have taken from me since last year.

Well, maybe i am stupid, a made a one month subscription and i thought that was that, one month and business closed, but I was charged for one year until my credicard balance was empty, when i realized. I only enjoy one month of the service, when i met one person, but i was charged for 8 months. So i feel like I have been stolen for this service, total amount: I am a full paid member n use cancel my account.

Do use think that use can still members money bye cancelling there accounts. I need my account cancelled-please and thank you-have asked many times thru email-please cancel asap!!!!

I want to know who the hell is running this two bit shit site. I met a great guy on zoosk 6 months ago and we both cancelled our memberships. We are still together and happy but in the last 2 weeks I have started getting messages from zoosk members again so my account must have been made active again. Could somebody in customer support please can my account again or email me and let me know how to do it and how it came to be active again. Could somebody please explain how my account has become active again when I canned it 6 months ago.

Recently I have started to receive messages from zoosk members again. Sorry this is the 3rd time I v tried but I m not getting return msg even though the ladies want to meet me could you explain where I m going wrong do I have to pay for every msg I send could you please msg back with step by step how to get my msg through thank you.

I advised them that my credit card had been hacked and asked if this was an issue with other users, they now have cancelled my subscription with no refund and blocked me from signing into my account 3 months subscription and that money now gone, how disgusting is that for customer service — feeling ripped off!

I contacted you on November 19, , request to stop taking out money out of my account and you did not do it. Alexander sent to me a confirmation that the account was closed.

So what you can do is send that money back to my account. Thanks very much ZOOSK you have cost me my six year relationship as I cannot explain how after being in a happy relationship for six years that I have out of the blue created a dating profile and am getting multiple emails a day from other men!!!! I am so distraught and extremely angry!!! How dare you take my private information and create a profile without my approval!!!

You have destroyed my life and you deserve to be shutdown for this. Never use this site as I unsubscribed to it 2 months ago and they are still taking money from a site I am no longer on! I have even just yesterday had to go to my bank and they have put a stop on it. So I will wait till next month till I receive my bank setatement to see if they have succeeded!! I can not even begin to express my frustration. I have been a valued customer of Zoosk on and off for a number of years.

Every payment ends with 4 different numbers from my credit card, and I can assure you I did not buy these coins. I find it unacceptable that this is happening and I am appalled. I feel like I pay enough for my monthly subscription which is of course my choice This matter needs to be followed up urgently and explained to me otherwise I can assure you, you will lose a valued customer and I will spread the news of this nonsense.

Please reply asap so that I can rectify this mistake. I just got billed from Zoosk and I did not ask for an automatic subtraction I do not wish to continue using their service I need my money back. I have had no service.. Since May 28th I have called customer service for them to deactive my zoosk account. I have been blocked by some company not allowing me to access my zoosk account. I tunes subscriptions must be changed where the auto renewal is always OFF until the subscribing customer turns it ON….

I see a class action lawsuit!!!! There was a charge made to my credit card that I did not authorize and I want it reversed immediately! Just as bad is that there seems to be no way to contact your customer support or a help line, If you are not a member. I have been trying to deactivate this account for quite sometime, you send emails telling me to do this and nothings works. I am more than fed up and disgusted found a whole lot of creeps on this site.

I want my account gone. I did made payment last week it is now more than 7 days and my subscription is still not active how will this take? Zoosk com and associated websites and Zoosk, Inc.

Customer Service Market St. San Francisco, CA Due with some of my friends recomended to tried your website, I have tried it but I did not find it usefull for me and I have switch off my profile in all of your website. Any Company or Any institution or any individual using this site or any of its associated sites for studies or projects and furthermore for any public relation and commerical activities related, you DO NOT have permission and do not have authorise to use any of myself photo and my photos and my profile photo and my pictures photos and videos if any in any form or forum both current and future.

If you have or do it, it will be considered the violation my privacy and will be subject to legal ramifications. Due with some of my friends recomended to tried your website, I have tried it but I did not find it is usefull for me and I have switch off my profile in all of your website. Any Company or Any institution or any individual using this site or any its associated sites for studies or projects and furthermore for any public relation and commerical activities related, you DO NOT have permission and do not have authorise to use any of myself photo and my photos and my profile photo and my pictures photos and videos if any in any form or forum both current and future.

If you have or do it, it will be considered a violation my privacy and will be subject to legal ramifications. I have tried to ring zoosk. I think my number has been blocked. I will be trying again if I still cant get through. Trust me I will be blasting it all over Facebook and twitter. You have no rights to treat people this way.

I take its because of my comments. EG I get some one wants to meet me this has happened twice. I click on the tab thinking that will take me to the person. But no it just gives me a load of faces. I then expect it will be in by emails but again no. I have no idea what game you are playing. But trust me I am not impressed. In fact I am very angry. Why should you be allowed to do this to people. Its certainly not right. I cant get help right now to get back on the zoosk dating site and Iam a paid member!!

I tried to change my password as had it a long time and wanted new one well its not responding to the new or old one and its wkend when theres no help!!!!!! Even rang the customer service line, but got no help there, had to leave a message. I need to cancel my subscription. Please reimburse me immediately. I did not have an option to confirm. I use my emaill address on other website, but could not use this email address on this website.

It is so strange. They have agreed to reimburse my NSF the I told them that their mistake should not be mine and I was sorry I had went with this dating site. I asked if I could talk to the manager and they said this was their policy.

I am sorry for doing business with them. They may have screwed you also. Please remove the notifications from my fb acct. I have been trying to get my profile down due to the fact someone stole my picture and are using it for a match. Please advise how I can remove my profile from sites that I have never subscribed to.

I have problems to activate my account.. I have a Capitec saving account — if I want to do my payment with my debietcard.. It show my card had expire or something is wrong… My code and my expiring date is Why can I do not use my card.. If I do a bank transfer how long do it take to active my account. Please because I cannot answer my messages.

I receive a message to say Tom Dick or Harry sent a message I try to retrieve it and up comes on the screen it wants me to send a message!!! I understand that you will not debit my credit card at all, as I am now not a member. I see that you have charged my credit card, now I demand you to reverse these charges. I except to see this credit within 5 working days, as I am a pensioner I can not afford to have you take this money from my account.

I cancled after my first payment so why have u robbed my money from my account I want it back now or in sewing. Gymriz is a user on zoosk that is harrasing me and my mom calling us names and saying very negitive things and very immature he needs to be kicked off no one needs to deal with that.

So far I think you are just out to take advantage of seniors!!!!! But it does not go thru. To plse guide me tthru steps. And very expensive for nothing.

So, I find that they already took my money when they closed, the day before my subscription is due to renew. I will fight this!! I have been on and off this site for a few years now I want to know why I have been blocked from this site? Upon trying to log into my account my username is LikeFineWine is received a message that my account had been disabled by a Zoosk administrator.

I also received the email below. My account has been hacked! I contacted google and found out that someone from Ghana reset my ggole password and accessed my email account.

I have since created several layers of verification to avoid this happening again. I contacted Zoosk customer service but have yet to receive a response. I would still like to be able to use my username LikeFineWine and create a new account. To help your new photo go live…. In my search I had selected max 20 or 30 miles. The carousel with men living over 50 miles is wasting mine and their time. Any chance of applying the filter?

It has been impossible for 4 days to get any responce from Zoosk. I am locked out and have been a paying customer for 3 years now. Noo one has even responded for 4 days, I have been locked out and I am pre paid for a year and no way to get into this system anymore. I would like to remove my information from the Zoosk SA site and ensure that no further money is debited for this service.

For some reason I am unable to access the site. Please could you help me with this? Dear Zoosk, while I am quite impressed with your dating site! Dear Zoosk I am unable to find a zoosk program that works with windows I also know that zoosk has had a few problems over the past year I would love to rejoin but until You have a program that I can use on the laptop I regret that I will not.

I also dont have a clue as to how to use the app on the phone so I will not be using that either I did find someone on zoosk but they passed away something that happens to old people.

If you have any answers regarding windows 10 and Mcaffee then please reply best wishes john kimber. Just read 10 or so of the above comments I dont think I will bother zoosk seems to have changed quite a lot in two years.

I want to join your date side but no one answered me please help need speak or I try somewhere else thanks. Need to ask a question. Because to date I have winked at many ladies and had nobody reply showing interest, so I am probably wasting my time. From your experience what kind of honest answer can you give. Zoosk gonna block me after i paid for three months i demand a refund i font need a bunch of atheists.

I find such sites to be inciomprehensuiible and therefore uselesss. I resent finding a possibility and being unabole to follow it up without paying yet more money. Hi I am enjoying your dating site and would like to join But I do not have a Facebook or twitter account So I am finding it extremely difficult to download any photos from my mobile reguatds.

Hi, i signed up for an account and then i subscribed. After doing that i try to message people but the response i get is i have reached my daily limit.

But if i look at the number of contacts i have made it is just less so i am wondering why i get this message. Someone is using a photo of me as their online dating profile picture. I will be taking further legal action if this profile is not taken down immediately!

I only send one message and its says i have reached my daily limit i would like to know why is that. Can you please change my Country to Germany? Apparently, in Zoosk only the administrator can do this. Please help me change countries. Got me too the bloody mongrels.

Only way you can stop it is cancel your credit card and order a new one so they no longer have your details. Feeling totally disadvantaged as I cannot afford to subscribe! I might actually be missing out on meeting someone genuine due to this.

Hi I deactivated my zoosk account 6mths ago and im still popping up on the website would you be able to check to see why this would occur. I called the company a week ago and told them I was charged for 6 months and I only wanted 1 month…I never received my refund.

Way back in March I was given a special price on my monthly subscription to Zoosk. I would like to know why you are charging me more than we agreed on. That is not good PR! I am not so satisfied with this. Ever time I click on something it tells me to upload a new picture to continue. I wish to cancel by subscription with Zoosk. I am very unhappy with the choice I have to choose from. I got to the end of the 6 month period and found I had been debited for a further 6 months.

I require a full refund. Delete my account ure site is discusting and ure customer care is crap and ure number is wrong cant contact no one plus u stole my money fi my bank when i cancelled out. This is a terrible site. NO Customer service and very difficult to contact. And they do not respond. It asked me for pin validation and request for my mobile number, After sending my mobile, no text was received on my mobile number.

The customer service number is also an invalid number. I have been trying to subscribe but a prompt keeps telling me my card is declined. I have tried three cards, all with high limits and low balance and they have all been declined. What can you offer to solve this issue?

I just subscribed to your free 30 day trial and have decided not to subscribe to it. Please take me off of this free 30 day trial immediately. I do not have an e-mail address that is working. What can you do to let me know to confirm that you have gotten this message.

I do have a Facebook account if that will help confirm to me that I am off this site Facebook is under name of: Thank you for your cooperation in this matter. I have tried to delate my account since may I can not able to do it. Today Is the fourth day of October and I have NOT receive any form of notification,of my 3 previous e-mail contacts from your office. I also have mailed this Bank money order In the form of a registered mail….

Further more,I also Faxed you a copy of the said money order. Have you run out of my money. Cheers Jackr WA Australia.

I was only subscribed for not even a full day, hoping I receive my money back. I thought I was ready, but I am not. Please re-instate my account. It is Nov 5th. I opened up a zoosk account on Nov 2nd. I cancelled on Nov 5th within the 3 day Wisconsin cancellation limit.

Please credit my account the charge for subscription. I cancelled my subscription in December but you are still talking money from my account I would like it reimbursed please. It has been awful trying to get rid of this site. It pops things up constantly. I was on once long enough for my sister and I to see if someone we knew was on there. I have deactivated it but I want it gone. I will never activate it. They just send you all over the place and you never get deleted. I never had an app or anything.

The mail that kept popping up has caused severe problem in my life and my future. It has to go. Yes, ya have closed my account, for no reason, would like a reason, and have my site restored, have not said anything wrong or bad to anyone on site, someone maybe made false statements about me, so they could get me kicked off, maybe ex-wife, don,t know? I found someone and we are both very happy and I unsubscribed a little over a week ago and I want a refund from the subscription that was notified in time to not draft any money from my account.

So I will be sure to pass on what I think of the way your dating site works. I allready sent this problem the the costumer service of paypal. Please can you refund the overpayment to my bank. I would like to know how to delete an automatic introduction line for example when I send someone a heart….

I cannot find how to delete this. Also how do I delete some people I no longer want to see coming up time and time again as matches? I subscribed to Zoosk and see the charges on my bank account but every time I tried to send a email to a person I am asked to sign up again. I need help My name is Werner Sanders.

I want my money refunded immediately. The message says that I need to subscribe. My Wells Fargo says this is a reoccurring payment and this is the second time this has happened to me. I want my subscription cancelled and remove the reoccurring payment. I see many similar complaints to mine on line.

Please refund , cancel subscription, and reoccurring payment which I never authorized.

Imsges: how safe is zoosk dating site

how safe is zoosk dating site

I would still like to be able to use my username LikeFineWine and create a new account. But it does not go thru. I got to the end of the 6 month period and found I had been debited for a further 6 months.

how safe is zoosk dating site

You just have to learn how to let it out so others can see it.

how safe is zoosk dating site

No satellite in my area??? Please do not bill zoossk how safe is zoosk dating site card to keep me on this site!! I contacted Zoosk customer service but have yet to receive sitd response. I also know that zoosk has had a few problems over the past year I would love to rejoin but until You have a program that I can use on the laptop I regret 3 months dating questions I will not. Way back in March I was given a special price on my monthly subscription to Zoosk. They took a week to review such, uploading my new pictures, but losing my new updated profile!