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Just a joke, but you in fact opened my eyes when you sad: Geologists have discovered a great mystery—tiny black circles, called radiohalos, formed by polonium decay. Also would know to prove your point no matter how far fetched somewhere where it counts instead of on social media cause your just writting alot of time wasting mumbo jumbo for yourself! Destroying our industrial capacity by forcing UK companies to close whilst companies in other counties emit more CO2 will have no net impact on CO2 emitted on the planet — which really ought to concern you.

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Muslims debating on a tv show about what circumstances make it OK for a husband to kill his wife for adultery… And on and on it goes, one crazy messed up thing after another. I will keep my eyes open for your future growth with great interest. Tell him Tommy Murphy gave you the info. June 10, from Answers Research Journal. I want my kids to grow up in an environment where my generation is not being cursed for using up the worlds resources. Yet few people know how radiometric dating works or bother to ask what assumptions drive the conclusions. We can make it for ever, and we can make it ourselves.

I am so glad that you are looking into building windmills along transport corridors as you mention in one of your replies above. So often the biggest excuse for not building wind turbines is that they are blot on the landscape. So the obvious solution in my view is wind conditions permitting site them where there is already a blot on the landscape. Along motorway corridors, beside electricity pylons and so on. Congratulations on your success and for inspiring us all to run a business and do good at the same time.

In building windfarms we are blotting the landscape. Having a National Grid is a mistake; it needs to be scaled-down with a view to being phased-out. The National Grid is a stick to beat us with. I work as the mechanical design coordinator to retrofit a mw coal-fired powerplant with emissions control equipment here in the US.

Your challenge to install a wind turbine on an automobile intrigues me as I have been telling the boys I work with about designing something like this for almost two years. Every time I bring up this conversation at the lunch table, I get laughed at by all the other engineers I work with. My idea of this kind of car goes well beyond just wind.

There are other efficiencies that I would add to this in addition to just wind. But, on all your videos, you have not made any mention to the addition of the wind turbine itself?? Are you just keeping us in suspense?

If you make this car a success, I will proudly display your video to all my nay-saying co-workers!! Thanks for getting back to me. Yes, our Solio competition is open to all. If you want to give it a go, we would love it. As an spanish computer science engineer, I love new tech gadgets and I take care about our world. US electricity consumption took a dive in September. We just have to keep emissions falling when the economy rebounds by deploying more of your wind farms.

I saw the article in various publications about the Severn Barrage proposals, and I decided to find out who you were. I have to be completely honest at this point.

I think that what went into print about that, as your view, was unbelievably irresponsible and naive. I stand by that view. I think the opinions expressed in the media a couple of days ago were …well…as I said. I would like to think we could actually enter into a dialogue about barrage technologies, and see where the evidence really does point, because I also went through Turning the tide as my starting point, and I dismissed it as inadequate and misleading.

Wish you all the success in the world pushing through with your ideas for Tricorn House. The town and the district needs people with your kind of vision. I have been following your company and you via your blog and through the press I may add for a while now. I am very inspired by your ability to drive and motivate your ideas.

I am a relatively young entrepreneur I am looking for someone to mentor me, to help me work out how to realise some of my own grand ideas. I guess you have a lot on and are probably too busy to do such a thing, but no harm in asking.

I just wanted to drop on here to say you are my role model at this point in time. Well I eventually found out you had the exact same thought as me only you had it way before. My grand plan was to set up wind turbines all along the west coast of Ireland yes, I know, its not easy to set this up but I have time on my side, still in college and have the project finance itself by ploughing all profits back in.

Just like yours it seems. My hopes of being the first to do this were dashed when i read the article about you in the Times. Not that it was a bad thing. So now my plan is to setup a company like yours in Ireland. I have thousands of the right books around. Any particular books that could help me on the way? Would really appreciate the help. My problem is — the house has an air source heat pump with underfloor heating, but to make the house carbon neutral I need ecotricity.

Not sure how I found your site here, but glad I did. Sustainable energy production and sustaianable transportation are coming together in amazing ways. Witness the many companies getting involved with electric vehicle recharging stations powered by wind and solar. EVtransPortal is a nonprofit organization devoted to helping people find sustainable transportation through electric drive vehicles.

We are working to help the renewable energy industry find partners with electric transport developers and providers. Hi Kristen , sorry I think we missed the deadline. Hope it all went well. My big focus is on harnessing a large generation scheme like the barrage for the public good — in this case to eradicate fuel poverty and save us all Billions paid to the big six each year in the current futile attempt to do so.

The concept works equally well for a tidal stream scheme, or reef — even offshore windpower. My focus is on the economic side, government becoming a generator again, cutting out the middlemen and bringing long term sustainable benefits to society. I appreciate your comments. Good luck with Capel Mill. I read the article on you in the Times at the weekend and it seems we share a number of ideas and character traits — both from norfolk, both startied as long haired hippies with a simple idea, and both still passionate and excited about sustainability.

I set up liftshare. We now have , members, take 40, cars off the road every day and save a fair bit of CO2. I note that one of your areas of interest is transport and wondered if you had come across us or given thought to the 38 million empty car seats on UK roads every day and the huge potential they have to solve our transport issues. Are aliens or intelligent flying octopii interested in wind turbine technology? Why did they only take a blade? As I have said elsewhere on this site, I think we have the same goal.

And I know how the press tend to find the story they want in something which might have an entirely different meaning.

We are an Architectural Practice in London, specialising in sustainable developments. Recently we have been working on a Government research paper to develop planning guidelines for sustainable suburbs. Our hypothesis for the study being that the infrastructure is fundamental to a truly sustainable community, and if an innovative, adaptable system is implemented from the start then good quality housing and new businesses will follow and communities will thrive.

When we speak of infrastructure we include energy, transportation, water recycling, education and community facilities. Our intention is to create a collaborative network of public and private partners to deliver an infrastructure, which will allow communities to adapt and evolve as they grow.

We are planning to put together a team to prepare development proposals for various sites and we would welcome the opportunity to meet with you and run through our ideas in more detail.

The proposals would benefit greatly from your input and we imagine that Ecotricity could be ideal partners for future developments. We are a new network established by the University of Bath to build an active community in this sector and establish impactful links between companies and universities. Low Carbon South West will make it easier for companies, entrepreneurs, investors and researchers to meet and exchange ideas and opportunities.

The network will also provide a showcase for low carbon technology innovation. We are currently creating our database email, tel etc to update everbody about the nesw and what we are doing. You are the one of the important names that we would love to keep in our database. You may be interested in coming or speaking to our students or researchers. The best thing is that you dont have to go to London to do these things! Bath is a beautiful local city.

Grateful for the thought and the invite though. I was wondering if you would consider including mine in your list of links. While this is an automated blog, it is totally non-commercial. My intent is to interest people in the potential of zero-carbon and to provide them with plenty of resources to study.

Dear Dale, is your company Ecotricity purely a wind-based company and philosophy, or would you get behind another green-energy company that compliment Ecotricity e. I am very interested in the electric car project. You are proving the opposite. I would welcome your collaboration in developing energy efficient buildings and in particular your home turbine project for cities.

I am a Brit expat stay at home Dad ex-hippy living in Bavaria, Germany. My main focus down here at the moment is growing my own food but I am getting into energy efficiency. Saw your article in the Sunday Times.

I have slightly hippyish roots — went on the hippy trail in Kathmandu and Manali and met my wife in Mongolia whilst staying in a ger or yurt there. I lived five years in the Arabian Gulf mapping coral reef habiats.

Will you add me to your list of blogs? I am a trustee of Stroud Court Community Trust at Minchinhampton where we look after about forty autistic adults. Stroud Court was established in in 17 acres adjoining Longfords Mill including some listed buildings.

We now have to develop new buildings with much improved heat and light and sustainability. We have advanced plans to develop partially underground pods to accomodate most of our residents.

But work remains to be done on the choice of heating and other issues. We are in an AONB and very much interested lo learn whether we have any sustainability options open to us. Last year I came upon a very interesting development in Canada where a study of the nodules on the tailfin of a humpback whale has led to it being applied to the leading edge surface of the blades on a wind turbine. Please see the attached link to site: I read on another site that tests from the Wind Energy Institute of Canada should be completed shortly.

Hi Paul , There are no books I can recommend and I have very few tips to offer, sorry to say. Should be easier to get this kind of thing off the ground now mind you, the times they have a changed somewhat. Good luck with your venture.

Hi John , sorry about this. Would also be happy to collaborate where we can. Thanks Roger , would be very happy to list your blog. Hi Sean , thanks for this.

Our Urbine is still a year or so away from being ready I think. But come the day, assuming we get it to work well enough, would be happy to collaborate on that. Hi Jeremy , would be happy to.

Micro wind might work where you are, and will be far more economic than PV if so — and actually planners are pretty relaxed about that even in AONBs these days. The wood fires I burn all of course send smoke through my chimney. That of course is a current of hot air. Now is it possible to either:. Jeremy — your idea is similar to this idea: I suspect that the natural convection in the chimney will be insufficient to drive a turbine and produce any useful amount of power at all without causing a big pressure drop and basically blocking the exhaust air flow..

You might be interested in these heat engines though: I suspect that it would have to be a very big chimney, with a huge fire underneath, for it to generate the flow rate needed to produce meaningful quantities of electricity. The trouble is that a turbine within the flue would constitute a partial blockage and would thus impair the efficiency of the whole wood burning system.

It might also be very difficult to keep it working in such a hostile environment — with soot and temperature as the primary impediments to smooth uninterrupted operation. If anything is put in the way of the flow of emissions from a chimney it will cause smoke to hang about at a lower altitude than would otherwise be the case. Taking energy out of a system, be it kinetic or in the form of heat, has consequences. It is fairly usual to have a fan mounted on the chimney-pot which works on the Savonius principle but this is turned by the wind to generate an updraught in what would otherwise be a lazy flue; in effect the opposite of the system you propose.

In many respects a chimney is the ideal site for a Savonius turbine as it does not need to turn into the wind as a horizontal axis machine would. For power generation, Savonius turbines — from what I have read about them — tend to be used in a vertical axis orientation and work best in lower wind speeds and are self-starting.

Darrieus vertical axis turbines are the better option for higher speeds and are more efficient but do not self-start.

Not being affected by wind direction means that the proximity of the roof and other nearby building features is less of an issue with vertical axis turbines. However, the fact remains that the interruption to the airflow caused by such features of the locality will necessarily reduce operating efficiency. The only option would be to go higher — but that might cause planning problems and put more stress into the structure of the chimney. With regard to your final paragraph, perhaps we should see the free moving hot air not as being wasted, but actually as part of the efficient working of a wood burning system.

Just to remind you, this is lowcarbonsouthwest network team from The Innovation Centre, University of Bath. Thank you for your reply. Please have a look what we are doing from the link below. We have got more coming! Would you be interested in visiting us for one of our event and to speak for University of Bath? I am norwegian journalist who after almost 20 years in television have left a safe job, to work on more meaningful projects.

I have read your story and it seems to me that you have made the impossible possible? I therefore wondered if we could invite you to the festival to talk about your effort and ambitions to make a zero carbonista.

There is quite a few people coming to the festival who done the impossible possible and the whole idea is to inspire people to leave the main road and challenge themselves life is short etc!

I do not know if this mail finds its way through cyberspace, but I cross my fingers and hope to hear from you. Dale — as you are a Green entrepreneur in the South West, would you be interested in helping us oppose the unnecessary expansion of Bristol Airport? It aims to increase flights causing an extra , tonnes of CO2 to be emitted each year with around double that impact , and assumes someone else will pick up the tab for the damage done. We need respected business people to state that they do not require the airport to expand in order for their own business to succeed, and we could really do with your help.

I have been hearing about your company for a long time but have only recently found your blog. I am always incredibly inspired by companies like yours. Recently we began publishing small blog pieces on our site and through it, people like you, have captivated a fairly large audience of green-minded readers. Over the months we have had stories from authors, inventors and ecologically minded business-people. I wonder whether we could post something about you as an inspiration to others and as a nice way to introduce your company to our readership which includes a great many investors in green energy.

I have only recently discovered this site after reading a press interview with yourself. So much material here and so interesting, it really makes Ecotricity feel like a community, as opposed to just a company. I write a blog which is dedicated to the subject of offshore wind energy. Depthcharge my blog , talks about the social, political, economic and technical aspects of offshore wind energy. I believe these issues need to be explained clearly to the public, as the the environmental message is sometimes easily dismissed all to easily by certain sections of the business community.

Please take just two minutes to read a story on my blog and if you think its ok, please could you add a link from Zero carbonista? Hi Dale Just been looking at your project for an houre now, and i think it is very very cool.. I am studying Automotive Design and would love to learn more about your product and ideas, are there any way that i can contact you and your crew?? As a property developer I always seem to come up against nimbys and the like.

Is it not possible to make an efficient olde worlde windmill? Where I live in the Chilterns, original windmills are sought after properties. Surely the only objection to a modern windmill can be a aesthetic one. The planet is choking. The imports are coming from more volatile countries.

F1 budgets are being slashed and regulations tightened all the time. These teams fight clever. A olde worlde windmill would be a sucker punch. After working on your own e-car for awhile now, how do you see this prognosis? Love to hear you current thinking. Great to read your blog and learn a little of the man behind Ecotricity — very inspiring! Firewinder visualises the wind as a mesmerising spiral of light.

Hi Tom, thanks for this. Happy to take a look at the firewinder and discuss ideas. I live on a different continent so unfortunately cannot use Ecotricity but would if I could. Glad that the wind share is increasing. To be a new entrant into this rarified publication is quite an achievement in these times.

If you cast your gaze across that river you may just spot us in the Forest of Dean. Otherwise we are activists and advocates for social business encouraging government to invest in social enterprise, for example:.

Good luck and if we can be of any assistance with any Lotus related technicals or component manufacturing, please drop us a line. We hope to massively increase the amount of cusumers who opt out of paper billing. To have a positive environmental effect. We know from our initial research that most utility companies, only have a small percentage of customers who opt for paperless billing, the number one reason for this is the inconvenience of logging into several websites.

It has been said before here and you have probably already looked at this. Many will not have the battery capacity to take journeys on motorways but people will begin to attempt short journeys. Motorway areas are already considered to be a blot on the landscape and there is a constant rumble of traffic which would easily drown out the light whooshing from any wind turbine.

Do you have any future plans to build wind turbine EV refuelling stations by motor ways? The idea to me is compelling. You could dispense the energy directly at the site meaning no actual need for grid connectivity and the expensive infrastructure that goes with it. It would kill a flock of birds with one stone and if you got in there early Ecotricity could be the future of re-fuelling stations on the motor way.

I should also add, that one of the current problems with the economy of renewables is the storage of large amounts of electricity from renewables for later use. If the model worked it would almost definitely be copied around the world. Dale, I worked with Ecotricity for about a year in I am looking at starting a wind gen company in South Africa and would like to get advice on this.

From what I see Ecotrocity has been going from strength to strength, quite impressive. A few months ago an acquaintance of mine hired me to run a new eco company he and his colleagues were in the process of setting up in Gibraltar. The directors have a combination of 40 years air-conditioing and electrical contracting experience.

We are the first renewable energy company to have set up here so our learning curve has been vertical but interesting to say the least. Gibraltar has huge insolation possibilities for solar power due to its geographic location as well as large wind resources in the straits area.

Power generation is diesel and the grid is unable to accept input from micro generation so subsidies or net metering cannot be considered and there is as yet no government policy. A new diesel power station is being planned BUT no guarantees of an anode system so we could be in the same situation in several years time when it comes online. Having said all of that we are still getting enquiries for alternative energy so there is a market to be had though it is for stand alone systems.

Nothing is so bad as to think about suicide. It may seem it now but regardless of what happens, the sun always rises and sets and there is always another day to start afresh. In the future, you will feel better again and then you can move on. I was pointed towards your site through a contact who knows a Peter Stevens?

This was my major project in the final year of my course. Take a look at my animation of the concept http: Basically the Solo is a rented, rechargeable, one person transport system.

I have a lot more detail about the vehicle and what it is about. Let me know what you think. Hi Dale, congratulations on getting the entrepreneur awards. I was just idly wondering: How you made it? How you knew or found out the economics stacked up?

How the economics stack up in future? Where entrepreneurial skills were needed? Where the financial challenges were? What areas are still left for budding green entrepreneurs etc?

Keep up the good work. The financial success of ecotricity is just as important as its environmental success if the environmental success is to continue. Hi Jeff, thanks for this. Would love to write on green entrepreneurship, just a struggle to find the time. However, am currently exploring a book possibility ghost written…. The forum is brilliant for great minds alike to communicate.

Having said that, the third in a series of Low Carbon South West events, Burning Rubber, which address specific sector challenges in transitioning to a low carbon economy, is taking place on 2nd October I think Greenbird has a lot to say and it chalenges to other alternatives.

Dale, it would be a fantastic opportunity for all of us to hear about this more. Would you be interested coming and present Greenbird Project? My conatct detail is below and I can happly send you a draft flyer if you wish. My email address is p. Really, really an inspiration.. Grateful to your initiative. This is exactly the kind of green fairy tale I like to read and read to my children too.

Dont be a follower, dont wait for the fashion to start to embrace it! My kids, both 7 twins are building their first mini wind turbine…it is proving challenging but they want to crack it by teh time school starts.

Will post the video when done. Dale, well done for being a true forward thinking leader! Hi Hessia, thanks for the encouragement, really appreciate it.

I would be so proud, you must be. In fact before my fired, I was very sad with coorporate life, remember to bless your military-truck on the road and the time on the road instead a being employed. Just a joke, but you in fact opened my eyes when you sad: Hey Bruno, thanks for this, really appreciate your comments.

Get yourself an old truck if you get the chance…. I love the work you are doing, and seeing the results of your struggle makes the light at the end of my dark and dingy tunnel seem much closer.

My name is Mark Davies and I am the only Director at Solar Legacy, a social enterprise designed to raise awareness of global warming and encourage people to take personal responsibility for their co2 emissions.

We are supplying renewable energy products and I have found a way to make all green energy even greener. I have teamed up with an organisation who have planted over 50 million trees worldwide. A by-product of the work we are trying to achieve is that each tree will remove around 50lbs of co2 from the atmosphere each year.

We sell renewable energy products and any of my suppliers carbon neutralise these products along with us carbon neutralising the building to which they are attached by facilitating the planting of enough trees to guarantee the job is done! It would be great if we could chat at some stage. Thanks Mark, good to hear from you and thanks for your support.

Meanwhile I wish you all the best with your venture. I know you are not a fan of carbon offsetting and nor am I really. Carbon offsetting as it is used generally today is a form of passing the buck and covering up or balancing the books. What we are trying to achieve at Solar Legacy is to help people to realise that through planting trees they can actually ABSORB co2 from the atmosphere and not just offset it. This is what I would call taking action.

We live in a world where it is not possible to immediately stop using fossil fuels and this is why it is important for each and every one of us to think about what we are doing now and how we can change things for the better.

Planting trees is the best possible solution to deal with the co2 which we cannot avoid right now. I would like to take you up on the offer of hooking up later on Dale, in the meantime perhaps you would get somebody in your marketing department to call me as I would like to dedicate a page on our website to Ecotricity and link to your website in order that we may encourage people to switch supplier and purchase CLEAN power.

No strings attached, all yours for free.!!!! My office is now powered by you guys and I have planted enough trees to absorb the co2 emitted in the past. Hi Dale I have the possibility of being able to use sites for wind generators all over Europe.

Perhaps we should meet. If you fill in this form — Paul will forward it to my PA Helen. The series is being run in partnership with 2Way Development.

We have three events coming up in the autumn, one of which is about careers in sustainable development with different sessions focusing on renewable energy, fair-trade and ethical sourcing, and climate change. The event is aimed at both new graduates and people looking to change their careers and our approach is to have several speakers giving a broad overview and their experience of working in this field. I wanted to know if this might be something you might be interested in getting involved with?

If you have any questions, please let me know and I would be happy to provide you with more information. I hope to be in touch soon! Hi Neva, thanks very much for those kind words, always gives me a boost to hear that the work we do has such support. I have developed a unique public relations concept that Ecotricity can use to raise its profile and put itself in an even better light. This is corporate social responsibility with genuine substance that will also help grow the business.

I now have a total of over 40 varied ecological innovations waiting to be rolled-out and this one starts the ball rolling. I did leave a message with your PA but I have to pop-out right now. I did eventually manage to get through to your marketing team in the hope of arranging a meeting to discuss the concept.

I trust the promised return-call will still be honoured. Should Ecotricity have any any further interest I will be happy to make full and proper disclosure of this and other ecological innovations, with business plans including reports, designs, costings, etc, provided that matters regarding intellectual property go through formal procedures.

We live on the tops around Chalford and travel to places like the Yorkshire Dales, full of wind but not many generators. Thanks v much peter. I think Vertical axis wind turbines are interesting and especially have potential in urban or more built up areas. Not actually because of lower visual impact, though you may well be right about that — more for reasons of efficiency in low wind speed areas. The first generation of micro turbines were horizontal axis and were rubbish, attention has turned to Vertical and I think it can be made to work.

They are one of the most advanced in Vertical Turbine design in the Uk if not Europe. They had a turbine at Glastonbury this year. Their brand name is Skyrota. Their website is http: He is the MD. Tell him Tommy Murphy gave you the info. Hi Dale, I respect your concern for the planet, and give you props for the lifestyle sacrifices you make.

I have a question maybe you could help me with. Maybe we can agree on this: No matter how green you are, there will always be someone greener. As a human, there is no way to exist without having an impact on your environment. If your true success in life is to have less of an impact on your environment than people around you, what have you really accomplished? After all, every person on this planet is greener than someone who is less green than them.

My focus is on sustainability and one of the biggest issues coming from that, which is of course climate change.

I think that the solutions required are possible, we need good information, applied technology and behaviour change to get to where we need to be. This blog site is about trying to pull together good information which can lead to technology being applied in the right place and to behaviour change. I will stay tuned for future developments. Ps — if you are interested in cutting costs, have a look at Ubuntu, an operating system that is free, user friendly and secure. Hi Dale, it is great to be reading your success story especially in my office with the sun poring through knowing there are people like you that will help this continue, I love the sun.

I too have a technology that will help shape things to come in the recycling world. Please look at my website and call me if you would be interested in a partnership. To say I would be ecstatic to have someone like you who has the same passion and drive that I possess working with me would be an understatement. Alvin Edyvane — alvin eminentuk. Hi Dale, I hope all is well with you. I appreciate you must get bombarded by a number of individuals stating they have some great solutions but everyone I have introduced this process to in the Environment sector agrees that this is a new and very unique solution that the World let alone the UK needs.

All I am asking is for a chance to meet with you to give you an over view, if then it is something you would like to get involved with then great, if not no harm done!! The concept of Ecotricity just goes to show us that our friends across the pond are miles ahead of us in America.

Just switching our business over to Ecotricity. Would switch home over but we are already off grid. Just a thought which you may well already have had yourselves! Hi Dale, Merry Christmas and all my best wishes for a happy new year to you and your family. We have successfully tested our patented compressed air engine motorbike on a range of km and are currently making the car prototype to show the world in a few months time.

Our technology is different from MDI who have achieved a range of only 7. We also patented a new compressor which has a superior efficiency than the ones on the market.

This compressor will not only be useful in reducing the 80 Terrawatt of electricity used in European industry today for making compressed air but will be most valuable for the storage of energy in the form of compressed air from windmills to be used later for electricity generation to guarantee a stable supply to the grid.

This storage is most important when we know that more and more renewable energy is being fed onto the grid and the intermittency of same due to weather conditions.

Pls advise your contact details to discuss these with your esteemed company. Dale I have been reading about Ecotricity over the last couple of days having seen the label on that marvelous turbine at Reading. Well done for opting back in and setting off on an exciting adventure building Ecotricity. You have a great vision and appear to be building a fantastic business. Looks like you have chosen your bank well too — Triodos are a good fit.

I wish you well in I am sure that the right result will be forthcoming soon — Stroud is a great place and needs to retain a business such as yours. Excellent news well done and best of luck! We are planning the next Bluebird Electric Car as well! Over the years I have followed your career with much interest. They obviously thought I was crackers at the time however I learnt recently that the US is to enforce electric car makers to create noise for pedestrians. Have you heard of small scale cavern batteries being used with off-peak wind energy?

Do you think there is a market for it? I am very pleased to find out about this project as it is something very close to my heart. Since you are interested in sustainable living, I have been following several developments very closely…. Zaragoza Ecociudad to see my a quick video. However, of late, there has been little debate and a lot a mutual backslapping and people trying to piggy back the success that ecotricity and Dale have had.

Could I suggest we get back to discussing actual problems and proposing solutions? But I would love to see a broader, more general, though obviously still Renewable Energy focused, forum. We have also been talking about setting up some kind of forum system where users can create and respond to topics themselves… I am just ironing out the thinking behind that with Dale and others.

I reckon I will probably need to run a survey on here to get some valuable feedback from you all — so keep your eyes peeled for that soon…. I may also start closing off older posts for comments after a period of time so that we just need to focus on responding to comments for a handful of posts — rather than for hundreds as time goes by….

Records at Companies House show he has not paid himself dividends in recent years. What I found interesting is that you have not paid yourself any dividends recently, only the salary.

Is that an ethical decision? I suppose you have decided not to take that route? Congrats on your success as a business. You mention Ecotricity is a social enterprise. I understand that organisations such as Fifteen, Divine, Hackney Community Trust, Turning Point all call themselves social enterprises.

Can you explain how Ecotricity is one? I appreciate you dont have shareholders, although i was just wondering why you call Ecotricity a social enterprise. Its just out of interest really. Hi Nick — currently looking to fix up a date — best guess is in about three months time — long lead item seems to be the record verifying people, who need three months notice. I was looking to catch some more words with you this year.

Why not publish an article about the car with some actual cost data as there are many of us who would be interested to read about it. Cheers mate and keep up the good work with the charge points. I bent a few motorway service station companies ears a year ago for not having any. Think of all the food we will eat whilst topping up!! And, most people disgust, or dislike, another because that other has somthing you dont.

His photo is often in the local newspaper and i moon over it and generally drive my two boys crazy. Thanks for your wishes anyhow. Keep up your good work,. Indirecty it is the voiceless people at the bottom, — poor education, poor diet, poor housing-, who pay the price for the greed of the fat cats.

Vince financially salvaging a football club in the heart of a low cost housing area, which brings a whole host of benefits across the board to the local community is a very worthwhile social venture, and must be lauded.

The best of luck to Mr. Vince, Forest Green Rovers, Ecotricity, and whatever other businesses or social organisations he is involved in. I think Forest Green Rovers should wear a forest green kit. I love what Vince has done with the club in terms of getting the players to forgo red meat, surely adding years onto each of their lives as well as a few months for the fans who eat at the park.

I do wish the Rovers were a bigger club so I could follow them from over here. I follow Villa, but FGR would really be my team of choice, especially if they wore dark green jerseys as their home kit. And I also love the fact that Mr. If I were a millionaire, I would invest in both Ecotricity and Forest Green Rovers and try to help both become more successful. Hi Scott, A couple of points. Is there not an equivalent green energy supplier in the US that you could subscribe to?

Even though I fully support Mr. Organically produced free range meat is excellent and very healthy eaten in moderation. But just like coffee and alcohol and sugar, and lots of other potentially good food, people tend to abuse them, and give them a bad name. A dark green away kit, I think for FRG would be cool, if they painted their faces green and brown too, that would be even cooler joke.

I was wondering if you accept guest post for your blog. If you do, I would like to submit a few. I can write on a wide variety of topics and am sure you would be happy with the quality. Please email me back if you are interested. Thank you for your time. My beef, good pun is that everything connected with Ecotrictiy is basically fraudulent. A deep-seated sense of superiority and egoism being the driving force behind the whole enterprise. For instance, it is significant that the car developed by you, Dale Vince for the RAC FCC was a massively powerful sports car representing macho prowess and unrestrained self-indulgence.

Unfortunately, this is what I believe Ecotricity is all about; pride. If Ecotricity was the real deal, you would swallow your pride and dedicate your time and money to developing a car which people want and can afford. A car which uses fewer resources and runs on less fuel and produces less CO2 than any other car on the road.

Remember the Reliant Robin? So here is a challenge for you, Mr Vince: Against this, Ecotricity, with all its ideology and resources, should be able to beat us; all you need is to ignore the hype and get to work on a vehicle which is consistent with your ideology, ie, modest, environmentally friendly and practical.

If you are unable to do this, my accusation of insincerity is proved. It also came 5th out of 50 cars listed in order of energy usage. And has been on the road daily for more than three years. At least it was spent in this country. So Justin, I really hope your car will be built for fun and not another low powered milk float copy.

Please refer to the blog posting guidelines. The Nemesis was conceived of, as an idea, four years or so ago, before it was possible to buy an electric car for the road except perhaps the G Whiz. Our aim was to build a car that used the latest technology, looked awesome and performed better than not just as well as or close to the equivalent IC car.

The building of an everyday car for mass adoption is not something we ecotricity are best placed to undertake — nor do we need to, all the major motor manufacturers are entering the game now. What we were well placed to do was to build an early technology demonstrator, to stimulate debate, open eyes and wins some hearts and minds.

To do that we needed a bit of a supercar in our opinion. I note your post slags us off for building our supercar and also slags off Gordon M for building his everyday car — can anyone win in your eyes…? I think you are probably right — my inadequacies do make me rather rancorous. My problem is that entrepreneurs very often dissipate their resources simply to gull money from ill-educated politicians who are dazzled by people like you, Gordon Murry and many others. Entrepreneurs should be getting down to making things that people want and are prepared to buy.

I admit, not being able to dazzle people into give me money is probably another reason for feeling bitter and inadequate but most of your readers would agree with what I am saying. For instance, I could probably get funding to develop a patented fuel tank for commercial vehicles which saved valuable down-time by being able to be filled with fuel in 20 seconds. Oh yes, the funding agencies would be delighted with my beautifully made prototype models and computer generated images but in reality, I know that to put litres into a fuel tank in 20 seconds would require a fuel-pump the size of a shed and and nozzle that no-one could lift.

Right — like a shed and also too big to lift. My grievance is against Government funding agencies, particularly the TSB. Some call it a conspiracy to keep SMEs from competing with the big-boys. Any re-engined car will do. Hang on a minute. Are we talking about 20 seconds or 20 minutes? If my example was ambiguous, I apologise.

I was merely trying to emphasize the unworkability of some funded research projects. Fully charging a EV battery in twenty minutes is just as practically impossible as filling a fuel tank in 20 seconds. Justin, To fill a 20KWh battery pack in 20 minutes, it would only require a 60kW lead.

At v this cable would be required to carry less than A which is not too large a cable, especially if it has concentric cores, but arguably not one that the average lady driver would wish to use. The battery swap station is far more workable if only the manufacturers could agree on a standard cell pack. Not very likely though is it. And the Nemesis did not dissipate our energies, it actually started us on a path, that has led to more.

Such as the Electric Highway. I think Gordon Murray did exceptionally well to engineer a new car the one you sneer at on the budget he had. It was enough to produce a high performance technology demonstrator — which we did. I am glad you understand the principle of manufacturing stuff which people actually want, rather than stuff that simply attracts public funding — like wind turbines or micro cars designed for Noddy and Big Ears.

You did well to come 5th last year in your Lotus S1. Our aim is to replace the engine of a popular 5-door, the biggest sector in the auto market and win by using the least amount of fuel.

Thanks for the description of your engine. It sounds a very interesting concept and I look forward to seeing it. Personally though I see the electric drive as being the ideal as electric motors are unbeatable for pushing cars down the road. No clutches, gears or servicing required but loads of starting torque. The only drawback being the electricity source.

Whilst not very happy using an oil burner, in the short to medium term the very high concentration of energy in oil does allow for conventional driving with electric hybrids. OK, Politicians are not ill-educated but they are ignorant.

In my fairly broad experience, politicians, local government officials, film stars, media celebs, sportsmen, bureaucrats, — are pretty ignorant on the whole. Surely you must have noticed that? It might be hurtful to say so, but the Modus Operandi for most of the young middle-class bods leaving University, is to gull money from the Government. Some, like yourself, use their educational and social advantages to create useful businesses, employ people and generally contribute to the economy but on the whole, the young educated middle-class use their talents to get money from the Government in order to do whatever they want to do.

If a skilled tradesman has to borrow money from a bank to do something worthwhile, like setting up a small manufacturing business, how come the educated classes simply use their skills to get their money from the Government, buckshee? Yours was a prototype; a one-off. Half a million pounds is more than enough to produce a prototype. The question is, what was it a prototype of? Or was it, be honest now! When I showed them my engines, the VCs that is they looked at tme and the technology very carefully and decided to invest.

Essentially, the TSB, the Research Council and other funding bodies exists to funnel money into industry by the back door in order to side-step the European restrictions regarding subsidies to industry.

It is virtually impossible for small businesses to get funding from the Government unless they are collaborating with the established OEMs. To this extent, politicians DO preside over the grant-making process. Ideally the panels would form the roof rather than tiles etc to bring down costs. What a good idea. Farmers, being subsidised by taxpayers, pick up their pay-cheques from DEFRA without even having to farm all their land, so why would they bother?

Ever seen the state of most farms? How did you get to be so cynical? I know many hard working farmers, open to new ideas and initiatives, and definitely living on nobodies labours or subsidies but their own. Have you any plans to do anything on the Green Deal in Oct? Trying to make the company as ethical as I can and trying to give things away for free as much as I can.

Would love to do some work for you in the future if you go into Green Deal. We have some significant reservations about the scheme and also as currently proposed it will be a considerable burden for small suppliers. A huge congratulations to Dale Vince for his ethical Guardian award. Well done him, and everyone else involved. I am an avid reader of your blog. Dale, I have been reading a bit about you of late, and I have also been building some new propositions at work — Suddenly the two things collided.

I have also been a Forest Green Rovers fan for 8 years. Im excited to see where this approach takes the club in the long term and would one day dream to work on such a project or with such an ambitious company. This is kind of off topic but I need some advice from an established blog. Is it tough to set up your own blog? Do you have any points or suggestions? Its really simple to use. Firstly, I must say what an effort you have given to help provide homeowners with renewable electricity, standing up to critics and providing an alternative view from which people see energy consumption.

I to look forward to your image of the next industrial revolution. Secondly, I am currently working on a renewable energy newsletter for the county of Dorset. It is a collaboration between the following to voluntary sites:. I was thinking about including a page on yourself, and Ecotricty, to show the work you have done on a local and national scale.

Florida is basically a giant sand dune. Acid rain melts the limestone and you suddenly have holes in the ground. This occurs all over Florida and mostly swallows houses and cars. But what if there are places like that sink hole and creatures from other times are trapped in these places. They continue to live in these little sunken valleys in a natural balance with nature. Occasionally one breaks out. These holes in the ground would be temperature controlled The heat of the Earth itself would keep the temperature at an almost exact constant temperature.

If it is deep enough or close enough to volcanic activity the temperature could possibly be anywhere from degrees F. The platypus is one such creature in a remote place like Australia. It was considered a hoax originally. They were on the verge of shutting the group studying them down as a fraud. Someone managed to bring a live one back. The fraud charges of course were dropped but scientists often lack imagination.

Truth is often far wilder than any science fiction we are likely to write. I have enjoyed Stargate for that reason. It is full of conjecture. A critter out there taking over human beings and then giving their bodies extremely long lifespans? I agree that the mainstream history of what we been told for so long is rampant with inconsistencies. The only thing I disagree with this article in saying people have not been able to explain the strange hieroglyph depicting modern day aircraft.

Michael, if you have never looked into his work, I recommend it. Thanks Michael for all the work you do, you are a great writer and I appreciate all that you do. Another explanation could be biomimetics or biomimicry. People sketching ideas of modern like machines by observing birds, fish, insects.

That is where mankind gets many ideas for inventions- jet-propulsion by observing a squid, hover crafts from bees, armor from tortoises, and so on. But the more detailed the depictions are, the weirder it gets.

There are only two explanations: The surface was covered over and THEN reused. My original article they quoted from is here http: Yes, I hope that people will check your fine article out. I linked to your article and to your YouTube video in the article above. Hopefully this will give both of them a lot more exposure. I noticed that… thank you so much Michael and many, many blessings to you! I do appreciate all you do for everyone by the wonderful, and outstanding time and quality you put in to all of your writings.

I was unaware of the stones. Either these are fakes or man actually lived among the dinosaurs. Every culture has a legend of a large, fierce, flying reptile that breathes fire.

These creatures known as mythical dragons were none other than dinosaurs. They had to be. The coincidence is too strong. As for the depictions of modern aircraft, who knows. That is a question among questions. I have my theories, but if I voice them I might sound crazy. Dinosaurs were taken on the ark too. They were not excluded. They did re-populate after the flood, but men hunted them down to extinction eventually.

Only those that had a split hoof and could chew the cud were clean. There were 7 of these in the ark and only 2 of the unclean. You really need to read your bible more clearly. Noah was to take all the animals on board that could not survive the flood otherwise. In other words, there was at least 1 pair of each kind of dinosaur on the ark. You quote and believe in the ramblings of men and so your theories and beliefs will always be flawed accept by you and your self based intellect!!

Wow, the intellectual superiority of your rebuttal has stumped me. Did you get your education at the Codswallop university?

You do realize the exact size of the Ark was given in Genesis right? On Brontosaurus would be 90 feet. Two Brontosauruses would be larger than the entire Ark. Not possible to put two of every kind of dinosaur on them. No, you could not Mike. Allow me to educate you. Numerous witnesses to its provenance and the events depicted within it have given us equally pure testimony which exists to this day, along with the secondary testimony of those who knew these people.

His family are well known and due to the rich and long history of intellectual and civilisational achievement of the Arab people we have a wealth of cross referential material to check the details of so many aspects of the events and people involved that it would make a CHristian scholar green with envy, since very little of any such things exist for it.

You believe in a book of lies and foolishness! The only way anyone could fit all those species on a boat is through DNA. And if they did … how in the world did they round them all up? Enki is the one who saved us from the flood. Have you done the calculations? Do you know how big the ark was and how much room it had to house the animals?

Do you know what their average size was? And did you not read in the bible that God brought the animals to the ark? I suggest you read it. You can read this yourself in the Bible. This is feet. There is absolutely no way that even two large species of animals could fit since Genesis 7: Your statement above is merely a statement of dis-believe. You have not done the calculations to determine if it was possible, you merely assume it was not possible.

Did you not know that prior to the flood animals ate vegetation only? Besides, in the conditions that animals experienced in the ark being tossed about on the waves, dark inside the ark most of them would have gone into some state of hibernation.

Furthermore, since God was bringing the flood, and since God commanded Noah to build that ship, God would do the things necessary to ensure the success of the mission. That could easily include suppressing the appetite for flesh that the T-rex might have had. Through Jehovah all things are possible! It also says that not man but God brought him the animals. The size of the Ark is given in Genesis 6: This is far too small to include even one species of dinosaur.

There are more species of ants that cannot mate with each other that could not fit in the ark by themselves. Not to mention that you think all species that ever existed existed then. Just one species of dinosaur would fill up the entire boat. Oh and the Bible mentions Unicorns as existing Job Read your Bible right now. Do you not realise the ark had 3 decks? Or, since he was clever enough to build such a huge ship not boat that he was also clever enough to take young adolescents of each kind, who would come into sexual maturity soon after the flood had finished?

The ark contained representatives of each kind of creature, not each species , so the number on board was less than you imagine.

Those black and white rhinos, for instance, may no longer be able to reproduce TODAY, but they are of the same kind. There are other examples where members of one species mutate in such a way that sexual compatibility with other members of that species is lost, and this causes the mutated members to be re-classed as a new species. They are still of the same kind though. Would a new flood come around, God would not bring to a new ark every species of pigeon, but only the root kind which is likely the rock pigeon because every other pigeon can be selectively bred from it.

Another thing is that not all species were on the ark. No water-dwelling species were on the ark. No plant species either. Other than that used for food. My understanding is that no insect species were on the ark either, other than those who happened to hitch a ride in the same way that insects tend to invade and find living spaces in just about every nook and cranny.

The rest of them survived on floating vegetation outside the ark. The unicorn you mentioned is actually a mistranslation of the wild bull. This is obvious from the other information in the verses which talk about the animal ploughing your furrows.

Perhaps the animal concerned is the type that has the massive horns that appear to be one piece across the skull, rather than the smaller distinct horns on some other bovine species. The Titanic was by 92 feet in size and was able to carry people along with all their food and drink, and shedloads of cargo. If you look across all kinds of animals ie: The evidence of the flood is imprinted on the world, in the form of huge deposits of sedimentary rock layers containing the fossilised remains of all that perished in the flood.

The evidence is out there: Human footprints alongside dinosaur footprints. Man-made objects in supposedly ancient coal deposits. Many ancient Icca stones depicting man and dinosaur and scenes of life showing man doing things like surgery. Human legends of dragons aka dinosaurs. Ancient accounts of dragons in biblical as well as secular writings. There are no such stories. No dinosaur skeleton looks like what a dragon has been depicted as.

In all cultures dragons are depicted as being fire breathing, which no dinosaur or any other living creature was, and no dinosaur looked anything physically like any dragon drawing.

Chinese drawings looked like snakes, no Dinosaur looked like snakes. European Dinosaurs looked like crocodiles and no dinosaur looked like that either. No dinosaur skeleton has ever been found near in the same rock layer as a human one, which makes it impossible that they coexisted. Also this does not explain other things like mammoths or Saber tooth tigers. This does not explain the many plants and animals besides dinosaurs that existed.

Why then is there no drawing or tails of Dragons that look like Triceratops despite the fact that they were so common skeletons found? Why if they coexisted has there been no talk of lizards with feathers by ancient people, despite the fact that scientists have proven that many dinosaurs in fact had feathers?

If the world is only five thousand years old why are there written documents that talk about histories older than that?

No the world is not 5, years old, and no person with any knowledge believes that. Even most Christians believe that the world is much older. Even the book of Psalms says to God a day can be a thousand years which actually means any amount of time so the six days he created the Earth in could have been billions of years long. The bible says the sun was created on the fourth day.

There was light prior to that, as light was created on day 1. A day is the rotation of the Earth through degrees. If there is a directional light source, this will cause there to be an evening and a morning for each rotation.

All Jewish scholars agree that the clear intent of the writer of Genesis 1 was that the days depicted are literal 24 hour days as we know them, with an evening and a morning. Little quiz for you… which of these phrases refers to a literal 24 hour day: There was a sixth day creation according to The Word of God, not until Jesus created Adam did a man have a living soul. Sixth day creation did not have a soul. Do voice your theory, in this page nothing sounds crazy.

Besides you might be right, so please share. I may once this topic comes up again. Thanks for your support. Hi Kim, it is nice to see people like yourself actually thinking and sharing their thoughts with the whole world.

What planet are you talking about? Only stupid scientist believe that bs! The earth is less than ten thousand years old! Believe them though……they still believe in evolution too smh! University Of South CarolinaSummary: Radiocarbon tests of carbonized plant remains where artifacts were unearthed last May along the Savannah River in Allendale County by University of South Carolina archaeologist Dr.

Albert Goodyear indicate that the sediments containing these artifacts are at least 50, years old, meaning that humans inhabited North American long before the last ice age. What a idiotic moron! A simple search and you will find way more studies than not about how carbon dating is very inaccurate when done on almost anything past years and even the man who invented it was very disturbed and upset by this fact! If you want I can also give you the links to several different sites about the inaccuracy of carbon dating…….

Jo Brown has likes cause he wrote some truths you still refute smh! Go back to the university of weirdos where you came from…..

The only evidence you have once again is that your a ignorant fool! Your the only one that believes in your own garbage jibberish! Go try teaching again……. Blah blah blah over and over again is wasting time you should be spending doing something more meaningful! Your a waste of life and a useless speck of dust! A fool hates correction and is wise in their own head lol! Im done wasting my time with your foolish ignorance……….

Ignorant ramblings of an imperfect man that believes they know something when in fact it is ALWAYS foolish to put your trust in the sayings and beliefs of another man or men cause all are imperfect! Thanks but I have a higher authority to learn from and not from your opinions based on your own emotional ignorance……. I pray that one day u grow up and take the frustration of being single and lonely and master it so that you can live a normal balanced and simple life!

Good luck lil boy hopefully you will be a man soon and have a family instead of wasting time on social media sites with your useless nonsense! Go help people with your same problem when you get wise and understand OK! The impression on your pants outlines your camel toe! Must be angry that your menstrual cycle started and your favorite dildo is out of batteries!

Read up on your history. There are references to historical killings and wars and guidance given for these instances but except for a specific class of blasphemous Muslim the Wahhabis are largely the ones who misuse this to spread hatred whilst ironically it seems to be referring to them there is no suggestion that violence or killing should be used in the name of God or His religion. Except in self defence. Read the article Jason linked to below.

The koran itself, and history too, both testify that Islam is a religion of violence, not peace. They are asserting something, by way of selected quotes out of context…that is a world of difference between testifying to something, pea brain. You try and try to paint the religion as something good, but your people decapitate others with the Quran in hand. The modern and recent pretence it is violent is just a self fulfilling lie told by the sort of liars who have fed your delusions.

All five schools of Islam have rejecte them as Muslims hence their claims are utterly devoid of merit. The very actions you decry are committed by these idiots against our religion as it is in the Noble Quran for all to see.

The idiots also carry out such horrors mainly against moderate and true Muslims like me you dribbling cretin. If they were anything but a weapon being used against Islam by its enemies why is it allied with Islams enemies and mainly killing Muslims? You are such a LIAR! The Quran absolutely teaches Muslims to spread Islam by fear and violence.

There are 79 verses in the Quran in which Allah commands the faithful Muslim to do so. Stop trying to BS us with your lying denials: We have a Quran. The Bible in both the old and new testament commands murder many times. BOTH those religions have a history of violence throughout. Neither is a religion of peace in practice. And Christians commit pedophilia every day. Christianity is not a religion of peace and has killed more people than any other thing in history.

You know nothing about the Bible or Christianity, nor about history. To insist that a Holy God would command His followers to commit murder in His name is so outrageously false, it beggars belief.

The murders that took place in the first years of Christianity were committed by pagans against Christians. Oh yeah, sure, we see that on the news every night. You make that claim that Christians have killed more people than anything in history. The two are very different in many ways. In fact, many of the victims of the Great Inquisition were Christians who refused to bow to the Pope and refused to say the Word of God had to submit to the Vatican and there was no salvation outside of Rome.

Bloody Mary Queen is a shining example of a Christian killer. She put to death thousands of Christians in her 5 year reign. As for Islam, the terrorists are following their Quran exactly as it is written. They are NOT radicals, lone wolves, or renegades. They are faithful Muslims who do as the Quran and the Hadith tell them to; and as Mohammad did during the final 23 years of his life.

The Quran and the Bible are as much alike as cheese and motor oil. Your error is that you believe that because muslims were falsely blamed for , that therefore all attrocious behaviour by muslims as reported in the media is also false. Someone else also made the same claim, and I challenged them to provide NT verses.

I subsequently debunked all the verses they claimed commanded violence. Perhaps you should just recant and admit that the NT does not command murder. Therefore I am entitled to conclude that you made that statement without any evidence whatsoever, and probably that you made it knowing it to be a falsehood. So you should compare like for like. Book with book, not book with religion. Christianity has its new testament, which tells followers of Christ to be like Christ, loving everyone, harming no one.

In contrast the koran tells its followers to strike at the neck of unbelievers behead them. But when comparing their books, there is a big difference between the two. Under which system would you rather live, Christianity or Islam? Both religions are full of holes left and right. No doubt both are highly manipulative. That center is really everywhere, it is within each of us. By whose authority does he speak? Jesus spoke by the authority of his Father, the Creator, and he proved it by the many miracles he did, as well as the many prophecies his life fulfilled.

If you need help understanding it all, see if you can get hold of the seminars by guys like David Asscherick, Doug Batchelor, and Shawn Boonstra. You do make good points. With reference to quoting Black Elk and not needing Scripture to know the truth, it does say in the Bible in the letters of apostle Paul that what can be known of the Almighty God can be seen in His creation from the beginning of the world, so the peoples who do not have access to Scripture or the Christian religion can still know God through their conscience.

Yet you can not prove any of the miracles he claimed he did. Or at least prove that he existed…. Unless Doozie was present to personally hear Black Elk make that statement, he would have almost certainly received it in written form.

Yet be sure of this: The kingdom of God has come near. And it will be that every soul that does not heed that prophet shall be utterly destroyed from among the people Acts 3: He was not commanding people to do this. So how could this be a bad reflection on Christianity, or are you being wilfully stupid? There is no command here to sin or commit violence. In fact, a contrast is drawn between what such persons deserve and what they may receive in the end if their return and persevere in the faith.

If only you had read past these two verses and on to verse 35 you would know that. Out of love for mankind, God will ultimately act to root out all those that sin and all that causes sin, so that peace, love, and joy may once again gladden the heart of man. God has been waiting patiently, giving everyone an opportunity to repent and turn to him for salvation.

But man actively reject God and his salvation. Eventually they will have to face the consequences, for the sake of the meek who do wish to live in peace and obedience to God. God himself will deal with them. Are you really suggesting that the verses you just quoted prove that Christianity is a violent religion? But now that he was about to be arrested, a new phase in their ministry was to begin, and they would be sure to encounter hardships, so he prepared them for that.

As for the need to buy a sword, Jesus even explained the reason for it in the verse you quoted! It was to fulfill the scripture that said he was numbered with the transgressors. When the disciples said that there was a sword among them, Jesus said that that was enough. He never gave any command regarding its use.

In fact, when Peter used that sword a short time later to cut off the ear of one of the men in the group that came to arrest his Lord , Jesus instantly told him sternly to put his sword away.

Once again you got it wrong. The purpose of the sword that Jesus wanted them to have was not to attack the transgressors who were besieging him, but that they needed to have a sword so as to be perceived as trouble-makers, as revolutionaries, as transgressors. Having a sword in their possession would be enough to allow those labels to be applied, thus fulfilling scripture. Oh the irony of an ignorant, backward, barbaric muslim trying to tell me my comments are tautological and amateur semantics.

You can laugh and mock all you like about how silly it is to have a sword and not use it. The fact remains that Jesus wanted there to be a sword among his group so that scripture would be fulfilled that he would be seen as numbered among a transgressor.

A revolutionist most likely in this case, because people were constantly rising up against the Roman occupation, and they hoped that this Jesus would be the great leader who would set the Jews free from Roman oppression. If you have an issue with that, perhaps you should take it up with Jesus the Messiah rather than with me. But the scripture he was fulfilling was Isaiah For he bore the sin of many, and made intercession for the transgressors.

Just looking at the way muslims treat people says an awful lot about them and about their so-called religion of peace. You might fool yourself with this ruse, but others reading this will see it for what it is: I accept your defeat. But hey, ignorance is bliss I suppose. Yep, just as I thought. Your failure to address these attrocities is akin to you claiming that all these people are lyinging. And look at the hubris in your post: I suppose you ARE the authority on this subject here because you have certainly been disregarding evidence of muslim attrocities, like the proverbial ostrich with its head in the sand.

A fool shall always be right in their self proclaimed intelligence and will never be man enough to stop being so prideful! Might learn if listened more! Jo browns reasoning is sound and yours just……. Learn how to interpret. Or the Jebusites be out of Israel when they were still there in later verses? They were the one with elongated skulls. As it was in the days of Noah so will it be in the days of the coming of the Son of man.

That anunaki were gods had me going but please research this its real Jesus is great. I was full blown atheist most of my life intill I pieced the truth together. Also in the days of noah they were more advanced then use they stole history from this and if you read the bible it says this.. Plenty of them so your the one that needs to do his research and stop believing what u find on the internet…….

I happen to study one……. The morality of Muhammad is not under any question. He was universally recognised as a man of the highest character and I have answered the perverted imaginings I suspect you also are referring to like other verminous types. Women who are gang-raped by muslim men, and dare to report it, get stoned to death for adultery.

I guess she should have single-handedly fought off all of her rapists. A young boy of about 8 years old, who stole a loaf of bread, has his arm crushed by driving a car over it. I saw an interview between a muslim woman the interviewer and an ex-muslim woman. The ex-muslim wore a veil, out of respect for her family and to maintain some anonymity.

The woman interviewer did not wear a veil. The interviewer woman was rabid hard-core muslim, and wanted sharia law in place everywhere and that would make the world a better place. She was a raving lunatic! I saw a panel discussion, where an imam or whatever was saying when it would be acceptable for a husband to kill his wife for adultery. A woman on the panel said that when the husband married the 2nd wife, the guy performing the ceremony must give notice to the 1st wife.

Imsges: how does carbon dating work yahoo

how does carbon dating work yahoo

Can you explain the biogeographical distribution of species? You have posted all of your gripes and issues here, in public, and so Paul has responded to them — quite rightly. You are the idiot and the moron in this debate.

how does carbon dating work yahoo

My name is Mark Davies and I am the only Director at Solar Legacy, a social enterprise designed to raise awareness of global warming and encourage people to take personal responsibility for their co2 emissions. Yet be sure of this:

how does carbon dating work yahoo

If your true success in life is to have how does carbon dating work yahoo of an impact on your environment than people around you, what have you really accomplished? The wood fires I burn all of course send smoke through my chimney. These artifacts have been proven to be real. September 8, at According to the commonly accepted version of history that is taught in high schools and colleges all over the United States, ancient man was a very simple creature with extremely limited knowledge.