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But very devoted and huge romantics. Not in a disrespectful way, but in jealousy. What have you gotten published? Henry, Filipinas age very well. I know this for a fact as my Asawa is Henry, great blog and excellent writing. If I went on my own, how would I go about meeting women. Personally, I would -not- suggest a romance-tour, cruise or turnaround of any kind. The absolute best thing to do is move here..

As to the Filipina Dating sites, wait until you are here to use one. Instead, you can simply ask for their text number once you are here and in a couple hours be sitting across the table from them in person. Interesting views on May December relationships, as well as the extended rationalization about how cross cultural and cross generational romantic relationships are different in the Philippines. Yes, I have no doubt that the typical 18 year old Filipina is quite different from her American counterpart.

Given the expectations and upbringing of women in the Philippines, I can see how a romantic relationship would more easily thrive over there than here in the States.

Still, while I recognize that love and respect can cross both generational and cultural lines and pass through romance into a convivial, adult relationship, I still feel that…often…and maybe not always…the younger Filipina is trading her youthful allure for a strong measure of financial and social security from their foreign husband. Many young Filipinas might be desperate financially, and the tradeoff for a marriage to an older foreigner is that financial security that a native husband might not as easily provide.

It doesn't negate the fact that love could develop, I suppose, but still—if I had my preferences as a single foreigner in the Philippines, I certainly wouldn't be interested in any woman under the age of I simply can't imagine what commonalities I could share with a woman who was born when I was 20 years old. And I believe that all women, from every country, to some degree choose the man they will marry with security as a major deciding factor.

And a much younger woman is not for everyone. I like the way you answer some of your readers comments. I enjoy reading your daily yourny in living in the phil. I am a dutch man that came down from south africa and love it here.

I try to keep up, lots and lots of comments via the site here, the youtube channel and the facebook page. Can you tell me how to find out the ways that I can show this income?

Is it done by tax filings, bank deposits, or what? Henry i was wanting to come over to PHP to see how life is for a couple of months before moving over.

You can get a lot of information on many topics of living in the PH from the members here on the Forum link here. But the Forum here should be able to get you much of the general information you need from guys who have been living here for years. Greetings Henry, Thank you for taking the time to do what you do. You have me laughing out loud sometimes. More importantly, I have gotten a better sense of the culture and have been surprised at some of my incorrect assumptions.

I will be coming to visit this fall for a few months with the intent of finding a place to settle down. My only concern is lack of Mexican food….. I am 51 and she is She had no kids and never married…..

It did not work out because she is not what I am looking for. She was actually defiant with me on some issues and I've had enough of that with American women. I wanted to marry her, met her parents, asked their permission etc….. I can't wait to go back and meet the right one! I'm a subscriber and maybe I will meet you some day and buy you lunch and some beers! WOW is this a loaded subject, in so many ways. Henry I generally agree with much of what you say.

And there are no reasons that your posting would change that. I would add a few thoughts of my own. This is a hard one for many western men to deal with if they have never experienced what is easily found waiting for them here. As you and many others have said there are 1,s of attractive and available women here, even after you subtract the undesirable ones.

And as soon as you turn your head there is another and another, etc. As soon as you focus on one, there are 20 more in the background clamoring for your attention. Henry you know what you want. This I think is something that many men think about only in a vague way before they get here.

So I am breaking things down in generalities. If you are under 40 and do want children, the Fils may be your paradise with women in the 20ish age range. If you are older than 40 and do not want children because you already have your own back home or simply do not want children then the 20ish option is pretty much not available. Because even if the young woman says I do not want children their biological clock is still ticking. Therefore somewhere around the age of 30 that will likely turn into a demanding yes.

I now want at least one child of my own. If you have been together with the woman by that time for over say, five years what are you going to do? If the relationship is otherwise excellent, leaving it would be very hard to do. If you over 60 then the whole subject may become much more demanding and sooner than you think. You may even really want to start another family or perhaps it is your first family.

And here comes the big but. It is not fair to the prospective offspring. Because the likelihood is that you will be dead before the child finishes high school, which currently in the Fils ends at grade This is not a financial matter which can be taken care of in many ways. This is a matter of doing the right thing for your children. As an example look at the number of women here who have one or more children and no committed husband or father to provide a positive masculine influence for their children.

And it is always there. Of course you could be squashed by a bus the next day but generally speaking you will be around until the child reaches the age of If you are more than 55 I think it is not a responsible thing to do. But that damn grass is so green that it takes your breath away. So if you want children, looking for an older woman who already was one or more of her own would be an ideal situation.

That way you get to bypass the stinky stage say with children less than two years old. And you can start to have fun with your kids right away. If you are up in my age range 65 a woman who is 40 or more could be the ideal match. As many have said Filipinas generally age well.

And by that age usually the youngsters are teenagers or nearly so. So you decide, of course, big head or little. Only remember, your children will pay the price for better or worse. One other point that I have not run across in the discussions I have read is the genes thing. Many Filipinas want to have a child with a foreigner because they believe the blend of the genes produces prettier children.

And this is often the case. Just look at that beautiful smiling face sitting next to you, she is most likely a blend of one or more different ethnical ancestors. Unfortunately many of the younger less educated women do not understand that half the genetic make up of a child comes from the mother. And some of the most desirable genetic traits are recessive. That is why you do not see blue eyed, blond haired mixed children. There are far more pressing matters with which to occupy your life and time.

You left out a major, major problem. Actually even the religions many of the religions you mentioned are affected by that same "You are lucky to date me" mentality and it's slowly creeping to other country through TV and the Internet. I think the Philippines is the last hold out. Many of the western women in those religions just do their best not to act that way or say they feel sometimes say they agree with the old school Biblical type principles but really their actions prove different and they treat men like it's a privilege to even look in their general direction.

Notice I didn't say they were all like that but many are. I think finding a girl with good Bible based values in the Philippines is better because they really believe those values and don't just claim to. I am 74 but look younger, in good health with a family history of longevity. If I marry a woman of 55 and I die after 20 years, she will be 75, probably not attractive, and alone.

The same goes for children, another huge expense. Actually I would hope your opinion would be supportive of my thoughts. Have you ever considered that a woman over 40 from any country is set in her ways and that problems with a filipino woman would be more likely simply because she cannot adapt to lots of everyday things unlike her under 20 counterpart will adapt. Different strokes and all. Two kids, so my perspective is very different, I suppose. I could be wrong, but bully for any couple that finds happiness together despite their age difference.

I love your series and have been reading a lot from you because I am starting an adventure of my own. As the father of 3 daughters, I have found the prejudice of the age gap to be ridiculous. And the American reaction to that is "Aren't they a cute couple. But if they were to date a something guy, he would be attentive, patient, listen to her, dote on her, never cheat on her lest he lost his young girlfriend. He would know how to treat her, never rush her sexually, and put her pleasure over his.

And the American reaction to this is "He's a pervert and he's taking advantage of her. Americans are not very smart, are they? My youngest has learned from the mistakes of her sisters. She is 17 and looking for an older guy.

Henry, I am very glad to see this — the best article on this specific aspect of relationship, as you called a May-Dec relationship. I have spent many, many hours researching Filipino-Western, and May-Dec relationships — on the internet to try to prepare myself to marry a young Ilocano woman. I am 53 she was Sadly her allegiance to her family, her inability to openly communicate on our serious shared issues and something her father did, caused me to stop our plans just a month ago.

Was regretting it very much today!!! I still feel I want to find another young Filipino to marry eventually, had doubts but leaning that way. Reading this pushes me right to wanting it and feeling it would be an excellent decision!!! Of course if I can go through a sufficient process and we get to know each other well enough.

My trouble is I live in France…. American soon divorced, and have an 11 year old daughter here — not sure how I will get sufficiently acquainted but I sure hope the Lord will help me have the joy of sharing life with a young Filipina one day, I will be hoping. As she saw my explanation of the problems she was so disappointed, and wished it had her on the receiving ned of so much trust and affection.

At first I mistook it as if she was ready for me! I myself am 44 years of age,born and raised in Canada of Middle Eastern origin,now divorced and looking to visit the PI with the hopes of finding a nice young girl and a new part-time life overseas.

I just stumbled across your site today and I will be joining your mailing list and following the blogs. Every time I go to a market to buy vegetables I get smiles and flirtation. Yes, they are quite young and have babies. The girls are disgusted and the men are rejected. For you, 2-questions to think through. You can go abroad for business and return home. Most of them them think the girl is fortunate to have you in her life.

If she has kids they think you sit at the right hand of God! I suspect what will happen will make you extremely happy for the rest of our years. Check it out and tell me what you think. Also, you can shoot me an email through the site or through the email here.

I am an american that spent four years in the phillipines. I find the attitude of the women refreshing. Im 63 and had a 37 year old girlfriend. I am back in the states now and would find it difficult to ever date an american women again. Unfortunately i did find it extremely stressful to try to work at my own business as an expat in Manila, I found life in manila extremely stressful.

On the other hand if you go over there with your finances in tact and dont have to work and can live in the province you will have a totally different experience. Im in great shape, very healthy and look 15 years younger than my age. Im planning on saving a lot of money over the next 5 years and along with my social security, plan to go back and probably date a much much younger women.

The women there are more loving, loyal, and less demanding than most women in the states. There was seldom any power struggle. And the women in general in the phillipines are much much better looking than the women in the states.

But from my research and personal experience what works well there doesnt work well in america, i brought my young bride there and got 4 good years of marriage and one year of hell then divorce, i am living full time in cebu now will see how it goes off shore. But what i read is once you bring them to the united states you fall into standard ratios of failed marriages. Even handed reporting here on your part. I admit to some prejudice toward these relationships, though I understand the dynamic of trading love, sex, and companionship for security.

But still…other than the comeliest aspects of a youthful Filipina when the lights are low, I still would prefer someone older and experienced. Your email address will not be published.

Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. Keep me updated on the new stuff! If I ever get there, tho, would love to meet you. Henry First let me commend you on one of the best researched, heartfelt and written blog articles I have ever read. Hi Henry, Very good article. Thank you Henry for your very interesting comments.

I did not realize it has gotten that bad, but i believe it. Well, things will probably work out for you just fine with finding a mate. I eagerly look forward to reading more of your blog. While not all Lock and Key events are geared to a certain age, this one is specifically for those plus, which benefits singles such as year-old Judy Clark. Martin says event attendees typically range in age from and most are professionals looking for anything from a date to a serious relationship. But Lock and Key isn't the only trick in the bag for Tallahassee singles.

Martin, who divorced in , also is the organizer of that group, and she has other plans for Tallahassee singles as well. If you don't take advantage of it, it is on you. But Martin says Tallahassee has a lot more going for it in regards to the singles scene than singles specific groups.

Social networking groups such as Tallahassee Network of Young Professionals and churches with ministries geared toward singles are other opportunities to meet. It's a way to get to know who they are without that pressure of the blind date. As for the best way to meet a mate? Martin says it is about staying active.

What better way to meet them. Contact reporter Amanda Nalley at or abnalley tallahassee. Venue Delux 16 E. We could say that one man has the key to your heart this Saturday at Delux Nightclub 16 E. We could remind you of Maid Marion from Robin Hood Men in Tights Don't even pretend you didn't see it and joke about the key unlocking your chastity belt.

But we'll spare you the cheesy lines, because going out and sparking conversation is tough enough - and no matter how much we jest, there's no denying that the lock and key does make a wonderful icebreaker. Sure, finding true love would be nice, but dude - matches earn you tickets for the prize drawing! There's a good turnout at these events; prior ones have attracted to single professionals, and the age group for this one is 22 to Check-in begins at 7: Don't worry about being left out - each lock or key has two to three matches, and if you don't find a partner, you can swap your lock or key for another.

Consider newer strategies, as well as the more traditional ones, for meeting people. The following is excerpted from the full article: According to Emas, online dating is the best way to meet as many people as possible. It really is the best way to meet the most men per minute, because there are 40 million people dating online. Some people will always be looking online for someone better, even if they are in a relationship they enjoy.

Some popular local dating sites include Jacksonvillesingles. Lock and Key Parties: This is a fun - if not crude - spin on mixers. It goes pretty much exactly like it sounds: Women get locks and men get keys. Then the men and women walk around and try to find their fit.

When you find your match, you get a new lock and get to keep searching. All the while you'll meet many singles in a short amount of time. Find a local Lock and Key Party at Lockandkeyevents. This is ideal for those who don't have much time. They usually take place during lunch hour at a restaurant, so you don't have to give up much of your day. You and a group of men and women rotate a room, each couple spending about five minutes with each other.

At the end of the session, you can confidentially submit the names of people you want to talk to again to the party hosts; if the same men also submit your name, you are a match and your contact info will be given to one another. It's like business networking, except your elevator speech is all about you.

You're in a public place and can go with friends, so it's safe. The time limit is a bonus because you can decide quickly which guy you connect with. Find a local speed dating event at RomanticSpeedDate. There is also ItsJustLunch Jacksonville.

It's kind of like having a personal assistant. Have you attended one? Prepay or RSVP today to secure your spot We guarantee you will meet and talk to more people at this party than anything you have ever gone to before!

Recent parties were featured on CNN. Every guy gets a key, Every girl gets a lock Your goal: You then get a new lock or key and go back into the fray to repeat the process Throughout your quest you'll meet 50, or more people of the opposite sex Check-in at 6: Ways to find a significant other in the city By Tracy Wallach. Meeting romantic prospects in bars, online or on blind dates inevitably starts to grow old.

Luckily, we live in New York, where innovative ways of meeting new people abound. Lock and Key Events Men are given keys, women are given locks, and the goal is for participants to find their lock or key's mate. When a lock is unlocked, both man and woman report to an assigned table to receive a new lock and a new key and a raffle ticket. The evening ends with a raffle drawing, prizes have included bar tabs, white water rafting trips and even cold hard cash, and the coveted Locksmith Award ceremony, celebrating both the man and woman who have been privy to the most matches.

The female recipient wins complementary attendance to upcoming events, and, in a move as funny as you might imagine, the male winner gets to lock lips with the evening's host and Lock and Key Events New York Events Coordinator Donnell Adler.

About 60 to singles attend each event. The Lock and Key concept allows for the ice to break itself, giving men and women the perfect excuse to approach one another, and an easy exit strategy if no match is made in any sense of the word.

The evening is light-hearted and fun with its raffles, prizes and no shortage of lock-and-key innuendos. Since participants can freely choose which events to attend, there is no screening for ages beyond the suggested age ranges.

Lock and Key Parties are a low-pressure, relatively inexpensive way to meet a whole lot of people at once. The concept is quirky and different, and whether or not sparks fly, it is definitely worth a shot. Daters differ over whether the innovative icebreaker game played at lock and key parties truly can help singles find their perfect match. Normally, Alan would be lucky not to get slapped in the face for asking this type of question to an almost complete stranger.

But tonight, his inquiry has Helen saying yes, yes, yes. Alan and Helen are among the approximately participants at this Lock and Key Events party on a balmy, California summer night. In this new dating game springing up at clubs and other venues across the country, women are given necklaces bearing tiny locks.

Men receive ones with small keys attached. The singles mix and mingle as they attempt to find their match. Today, it has local branches in more than 60 cities across the country, many of which throw parties monthly.

Discounts are available for guests who sign up in advance. Some events are open to all daters, while others are designed for singles from certain religious groups or age ranges.

The lock and key party at Aqua Lounge, for instance, is for daters between 30 and Those at the bar or standing around the Aqua Lounge dance floor approach possible lock and key matches at varying paces.

Nor, a native of Turkey dressed in business attire, is having difficulty adjusting to the scene as a first-time lock and key party-goer. She sits on a couch at the edge of the room, watching the action. Anyway, I think it's boring. But success stories abound. Rabago says former Lock and Key Events participants have e-mailed her with news of their engagements or marriages.

Vince Dell, a balding event planner with a bright smile, says that he ended up with a few dates after attending past lock and key parties. Here, it's a wide variety of people. Good venue; good location. Hot women in high heels. Similar organizations include Lock and Key Match. General event planners, like Party Scammers, are also among the companies in L. The tanned young man with a black goatee and sideburns scans the crowd inside Aqua Lounge while handing out locks and keys.

It turns finding someone to date into a game. Of course, the raffle tickets are very important. It's hard to find someone, honestly. Then, I come to these things and get like two girls to give me a try. Companies hosting more traditional types of singles parties also appear to be enjoying continued success, despite turbulent financial times. Yet the overall crowd lacks appeal for Tay, who is making her debut at a Lock and Key Events party.

An attractive woman who keeps in shape by hiking, Tay stands out as one of the younger party-goers at the event for singles who are at least Yet other women, like Barbara and Helen, find lock and key parties to be a great fit for helping to improve their dating lives.

For Warren Patterson it's just another day, and being single doesn't bother him in the least. For Dawn Fortune, it's a time to reflect, perhaps with slight melancholy, about why she is still single and the eventual possibility of love. And for Ray Walters, being single on Valentine's Day is a matter of calculation. So if I'm not dating somebody by February 1st, I probably won't be. Valentine's Day is approaching, causing many singles throughout South Jersey to pause and consider the nature of being partnerless during a "holiday" that pays homage to all things amorous.

And it seems as though many are going to let the Saturday night pass with an unceremonious shrug of the shoulders.

Take Patterson, for example. In between sit-down sessions at a Friday night "speed dating" event hosted by South Jersey Java in Voorhees, Patterson considered what it will mean to be unattached on the night of Feb. Since finalizing his divorce in October, Patterson has been taking it slow in trying to find new love, and there would be no point rushing it now, he said, just to have a date for one particular evening. Believe me, I've got more than enough to keep me busy. Others are little less nonchalant.

Fortune, who hosts a regular South Jersey singles group through Meet Up. And you'd like to have somebody. But I would still say I think of Valentine's Day as a positive thing. You still have to believe there is a chance for love, right?

If national statistics are any measure of that hope, it appears wannabe romantics are the rule and not the exception. Moreover, Hallmark claims V-Day is second only to Christmas when it comes to greeting card sales, with at least half of the U. On the flip side, approximately one in four Americans said they didn't celebrate the holiday at all in I don't go for all that cliche," said Cindy Campizzi, 47, of Washington Township. Having been divorced for three years, she said it was finally time to start getting out and enjoying her freedom as a single individual.

I love where I am and who I am right now. I get to be me. I did the wife, mother, raise-a-family thing, and now it's my time. And I'm having a good time with it. Michelle Mayza, 47, of Woodbury, also attended the singles night at Taylor's and said she is equally comfortable in her single life.

But I'm back in the game now and I'm cool with it," she said. But it's good now. And as long as I'm happy with myself I can be happy in a relationship. At 36, Dianna Dawson of Cinnaminson said that while she is finally at peace with being single after her divorce two years ago, the most difficult part is relating to her non-single friends. Then you become single and it's like you're suddenly in a different place," she said at the close of South Jersey Java's Friday night speed date outing. If I don't I'm good with that, too.

But what about the approaching V-Day? That's when everyone will remind you that you're alone and don't have anyone significant. And that kind of makes you feel a little bummed out," she said. A present to myself. Social party presented by www. Every guy gets a key and every girl gets a lock with the goal being to interact and match the correct keys to their locks.

The process then repeats, giving participants the chance to meet lots of new people. The evening also includes appetizers, cash and prizes. To make reservations, call or email charlotte lockandkeyevents.

Women get padlocks and men get keys, then the phallic-symbol hunt is on to find some matches. Those who find the most matches can win prizes such as a bar tab, hotel stays and cash. To register go to www. Every woman gets a padlock. Every man gets a key. Your goal is to match the right key with the right padlock. Every time you unlock you get a ticket that enters you into the drawing to win great prizes from our party sponsors.

Prizes such as cold hard cash, hotel stays, dinners, tickets to popular things to do and more. After every unlock you get another lock or key so you can get back into the fray and meet more people!

South Bend, IN www. Sometimes sitting around at a bar waiting to meet that someone special or even that someone special enough for the night can be downright depressing. There are a lot of creeps out there, and the only thing worse than being hit on by them is not being hit on by them.

Well, the Lock and Key parties held at bars around town make meeting people a lot easier and pretty entertaining as well. All the women get little diary-style locks and all the guys get keys that they spend the evening trying to fit in the women's locks.

Sure, it's absurdly phallic, but it's also an easy conversation starter that keeps people mingling and moving--which is great, especially if the guy trying to stick his key in your lock is a total bore. Best of all, when we went there were a number of attractive, interesting people in attendance. Oh, and there are also prizes--you know, beyond the prize of potentially meeting the person of your dreams. You can change yours By Jocelyn Voo LifeWire -- For singles suffering from Goldilocks syndrome -- this person's too beefy, that one's too scrawny; this person's too rich, that one's not rich enough -- niche dating may help you find a match that's just right.

Whatever your aim or interest, dating trends such as these go beyond wine tasting events and friend-of-a-friend referrals. At lock and key parties women wear small padlocks and men wear keys around their necks, with the goal being to find your match. Typically, a key fits a couple locks. If a couple finds that theirs match, they get raffle tickets for a prize drawing, but the main point of this gimmick is just to have fun and break the ice, organizers say.

What started as an updated version of a college theme party has become a bona fide business, with parties thrown in more than 60 cities nationwide, many on a monthly basis. And to give this mixer its due, the events actually have success stories: LifeWire provides original and syndicated lifestyle content to Web publishers. Jocelyn Voo is a freelance journalist and relationships editor at the New York Post.

Not the key to her heart, but the actual key to a lock she wore around her neck at a recent singles party. Next month, Miami-based www. Upon arrival, women are given a necklace with a brass padlock; men are armed with keys.

Both sexes work the room trying to match the two to four keys that go with a lock. Heart locket "The locks and keys make for a great ice breaker," says year-old Cloutier who attended the first Lock and Key party at Trocaderos in March. Cloutier, a payroll specialist who lives in Minneapolis, finds the parties less intimidating than the online and speed- dating services she has tried since her divorce three years ago. Chris Pokladnik liked the fact the event attracted mostly professionals in their mids to lates, but he wasn't crazy about the prizes.

They interfered with what could have been longer social interactions, he says. She says participants are forced to take more initiative at Lock and Key parties than at other dating events. They have an hour and a half to find matches. When a cover band starts jamming to Prince songs, that's the cue for the minglers to wrap up and exchange phone numbers if they haven't done so already.

Lock and Key party for singles in their 20s to 40s When: May 19 , Trocaderos Nightclub, Third Ave. Lock and Key events. Here are a couple of tentative dates for future Lock and Key Events. The concept is simple and just perverse enough to grab our attention: At a Lock and Key party, each man is handed a key and each woman is handed a lock.

The curious singles are encouraged to whip out their tools and try to open as many locks as they can in two hours. Every couple who finds a match is rewarded with raffle tickets, and at the end of the night, prizes are given away during a drawing.

Some of the prizes include spa treatments, cold hard cash twenty-five big ones and passes to future Lock and Key Events. Here's the unlocked truth on what happened: Easy like Sunday morning. You enter the room and there's great trepidation because all eyes are on you, you're wearing a nametag and you've willingly put yourself into a pool of singles in quest of someone special.

As all eyes are on us, I think, "What am I doing here?! Suddenly a handsome young man emerges and I forget my unease. Still, others are staring. During the initial minutes, it seems we've forgotten how to socialize, but once armed with lock, key and mission, we commence "small talk. These gentlemen were in good spirits, the wallflowers bloomed into forward types, and being approached with "Hey, Courtney" instead of some half-baked overused pickup line made me feel comfortable.

There seemed to be an even ratio of men to women in the room of around You learn who was born and raised here, the new transplants from the East Coast, Midwest or overseas. For many, me included, it was their first time at an event like this.

Approaching a woman or man is definitely nerve-racking but this event proved an easy way to socialize with a lot of interesting people at once. Though he hasn't made a love connection, he admits his friends have done pretty well for themselves.

He suggests if you simply approach the evening with an attitude of having fun and an open mind, leaving with a new friend, at the very least, is a plus. Here's one lady's total for the evening: Are those keys in your pocket? Our group hit the scene at about 7 p. The crowd was sparse. I ordered a rum and coke; I knew I was going to need it. It must have been pretty strong because I turned around and the room was suddenly buzzing with singles of every age, race and creed.

It was tempting to jump the gun and start mingling, but I waited patiently. Finally, the event coordinators handed out the small locks and tiny keys. Hey, it's not the size of your key, it's how you turn it! It's hard to believe that hardware so small could break down such huge inhibitions. It didn't matter who I was talking to, any apprehensions or thoughts of rejection vanished as soon as my key slid past those tumblers. It was like breaking the ice with a blazing, hot ice pick.

Easy and oh, so smooth. Two locks in and I made my first match: Lara Tucker from Murrieta. Lara and I made our way to the front of the room, grabbed our raffle tickets, new hardware, and parted ways after a brief chat. It's true what they say: You never forget your first. Lara and I would see each other throughout the night and continued to try for another match with renewed vigor! By the end of the event, I only matched two locks total, but I did meet a few nice women, went home with a phone number, and was even searched by a rather frisky girl looking to steal my raffle tickets.

My totals for the evening: Losing lock and key virginity. The night started like a microcosm of my love life. It's not like I had to find someone who shared the same interests, wants and needs.

I just needed to find a lock that fit my key. I tried unlocking the locks of about 30 women in about 25 minutes and didn't find a single match. Some of the ladies were even wearing two locks not quite sure what that says about their sex lives.

I started to think my key was defective, or maybe it's my destiny to be lonely. People around me were unlocking each other like they had skeleton keys. Like most of the women I met that night, she stuck her lock in my face. I stuck my key in her lock, turned the key and BAM!

I felt this overwhelming sense of relief. Does anybody have a light? I need a cigarette. This was the first time Melissa was unlocked, too. This is very creative and it's easy to interact with people. It far exceeded my expectations," she said. After Melissa, my confidence got a boost. I approached every woman again with my new key.

I'll admit that I wasn't attracted to everyone - some were just another raffle ticket to me. The night was definitely a success, even though I didn't leave with a phone number or a lovely lady from the event. I did get to practice my mack skills and had a good time meeting other singles in the no-pressure environment. My totals for the night: Who cares, it's only another night engineered by Hallmark anyway - right? Check out these spots whose mission it is to celebrate V-day singletons.

Libation Ludlow St. You don't have to be a rocket scientist to deduce what comes next. For every match, the couple is given raffle tickets for a chance to score cash, a cruise, dinner, spa treatments and more.

Space is super-tight, so check out www. Doors open at 7 p. The store shelves are packed with chocolates and teddy bears, leaving singles feeling left out during this holiday of love. Census Bureau estimates that more than 80 million adults are single on Valentine's Day: With so many singles, the mission of matching mates has transformed into an industry, finding love for people with different lifestyles, schedules, professions and interests.

Here are some of the services, events and programs to help in making that special connection. Can't see spending an entire dinner or movie with someone that isn't a match? Speed dating was designed to create mini-dates, giving singles several chances for a match in one night. Pre-Dating organizes monthly speed dating events in more than 85 cities across the United States. Depending on the group size, 12 to 16 tables are set up with the men rotating every six minutes to the next table and date.

Each member fills out a match sheet based on their conversations during the dates and at the end of the event each single is given a list of matches. A pre-Valentine event is scheduled at 8 p. This will be one of 85 countrywide meetings that night in an attempt to become the largest simultaneous speed-dating event.

For more information, or to sign up, visit www. Singles will have several minute dates along with a wine and cheese reception. The evening continues with a mingle session and program and every participant leaves with a list of "matches" from the night's dates. JCC speed dating is an exciting, quick and pressure-free evening for daters.

Held at the Jewish Community Center in Margate, the event begins at 7 p. Prior registration is required. For more information, contact Josh Cutler at ext 38 or visit www. Looking to meet people and promote your business? The Atlantic City Singles Networking Group does both with its combination of a social and professional group.

Geared for a toyear-old age range, AC Singles Network offers monthly social events for business people of all types.

Socials include free appetizers, an ice-breaker activity and door prizes. Each event brings in people and approximately one third are casino employees ranging from slot technicians to executives. Events are held from 5: The theme is Ravishing in Red with all participants wearing their most radiant red apparel.

Since its introduction in May , there have been 10 success stories and countless professional contacts have been made. Lock and Key introduces a more outgoing approach to making a match with a party atmosphere at game-like events.

Offering a different feel from formal speed dating, at Lock and Key events women are given locks while the men have the keys. The goal is to walk around and find a fit. Each key matches three locks and vice versa. With more than members at each event there are dozens of match opportunities. Every time a match is made and the set is unlocked, members get a raffle ticket entering them to collect door prizes including hotel stays, dinners, entertainment tickets and even cash.

I am looking forward to the next one. Plans for events in the Atlantic City area are currently under way. Created in and now with more than 90 locations worldwide, It's Just Lunch www. Located in Marlton, New Jersey, the company is a specialized dating service for busy professionals.

With 30, members worldwide, approximately 95 percent of its clients are college graduates and 80 percent have post-graduate degrees. The process begins with an one-hour interview to find what a person is looking for, his or her own interests and what has and has not succeeded in past relationships. This information is then used to pair clients based on personality and physical requirements. It's Just Lunch staffers arrange everything from casual meetings between individuals for a simple lunch or drinks after work.

The client's only job is to show up for the date and call the service with post-date feedback. Over the past 15 years, It's Just Lunch has arranged more than 2 million first dates and is responsible for thousands of marriages.

With millions of people searching the internet daily it is only inevitable there are website networks available to assist in finding the perfect partner. From Yahoo personals to Myspace, there are hundreds of sites designed to connect people together. Online sites allow singles to break the ice before making the jump of meeting in person.

The following national dating sites have strong Atlantic County memberships and love-match success. Neil Clark Warren using scientific research to pair singles together. Clients complete a question relationship questionnaire that is then used for a point Dimensions of Compatibility Matching System.

The system matches singles that share compatibility, using important life traits including values, character, intellect, sense of humor, spiritual views and passion. According to the fall Harris Interactive study, "90 eHarmony members get married every day. Clients simply browse the site's database describing the type of person they are interested in meeting.

Spanning across six continents, 32 countries and in 18 languages, Match. Members fill out a free personal profile including up to 26 photographs enabling other members to find them online. Upon subscribing for a fee, clients can send up to 50 e-mails daily to potential love interests. Let's face it, a physical attraction is important in every relationship and the internet site Hot or Not www.

The website allows visitors to choose "Hot" or "Not" for each member and even rate them based on a scale. Not a sophisticated matching method, the site is run by two guys in their apartment. The site is similar to other services by narrowing searches by age, location and keyword. Under the user's picture is a brief description along with keywords that portray them. Members can then vote whether they would like to meet this person. A match is made when both members click "Yes" on each other's pictures.

Since its launch in , the site has counted over 12 billion votes and numerous happy relationships. Below are five relationship tips to make the dating experience a little easier. Don't stretch the truth to impress your date because sooner or later the real you is going to come out. Relationships should be based on trust. Speak clearly and don't mumble. Ask questions and try not to talk about yourself too much. Be a good listener.

Never bring up old relationships on a first date. Keep your relationship past to a minimum; talking about your ex is the first step to have your date looking for the exit.

Never answer your cell phone on a date. Keep your cell on silent. You have set this time aside to get to know another person, so do it without interruptions. If you say you are going to call, call. Follow your instincts, not "rules," when it comes to the relationship.

We dare you to rev up your love life in February. Take our advice for 28 days and you'll learn how to get a man's attention, land a great first date, even clinch a second. Sure, these tips from experts, real men and editors require a bit of boldness, but as the saying goes, Nothing ventured Get five friends to hook a sister up.

Since the root of each setup will be a trusted friend, chances are you'll at least have a good time - or even five fun outings. Check out a Lock and Key Party. You're guaranteed to meet many eligible men at these events, at which every woman gets a locket and every guy gets a key. Mingling is inevitable because the goal of the gathering is to discover whose key fits into your lock.

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how do you unlock dating on hollywood u

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how do you unlock dating on hollywood u

Members fill out a free personal profile including up to 26 photographs enabling other members to find them online. I uploaded another new story but this one actually isn't a crossover. It was a pretty interesting crowd, a mix of races and ages and levels of hotness that pretty much ran the gamut.

how do you unlock dating on hollywood u

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