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how do you hook up two amps to one sub

So after month of experimenting I believe I need some help. And which cabs would you recommend? There is so much that people need to know, as the non prepper is sadly so ill prepared. Do you have some recommendations for big muff settings which could work a little better without getting so thick and muddy?

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It is pages of pure information that I would recommend to anyone trying to start and maintain a survival garden. Would the amp be overworked? I had bought two of the twelve inch version of this speaker. The Pro jr is going to take a trip down the road. I will be practicing with a full 5 piece band next week so it will be at normal rehearsal-room volume….. And when the offset is added back into the dimensions of the wood you are cutting it comes out the right size.

I then round over all of the external edges. Then, I countersink the holes and reinstall the screws. If done properly, you can't tell that this has been done even after being covered. This is by far the hardest part of finishing the speaker baffle. Making a good circular cut is quite challenging without the proper tools. There is always the tried a true method of using a reciprocating saw by hand. If you are good with the saw, this works fine.

Go slowly and follow the line. The driver needs a slight amount of play in the hole so that when the screws holding the speaker to the baffle are tightened, the frame of the speaker does not warp. If you check with most suppliers of speaker building equipment, they sell a contraption to which you can bolt a router. It has a center alignment pin which screws into the center of the speaker cutout, and you simply drag the attached router in a circle to make the cutout.

I borrowed one from a friend and they work excellent, and make a perfect circle for a truly professional job. For covering the cabinet, I use the industrial black carpet that is backed by a thick coating of a rubber like material. This covering wears very well, and can hide defects in the wood you are using. It is very easy to apply with 3M spray contact adhesive. It is also relatively inexpensive.

Take your time and use pieces which are as big as possible. I used to have problems of the light colored wood showing through the places where the carpet is cut and edged together: I solved this problem by painting every corner side black you can do this the same time as you paint your baffle wood.

This yields invisible seams. I also place small black staples at the seams to ensure that they will never pull up. If you like natural wood finishes, you have two options. The first is to simply stain the birch veneer that covers birch plywood.

If you are careful when you build the cabinet and use mitred corner joints, as the end grain on butt joints looks terrible stained this can look every bit as good as any quality home furniture. Wood veneers also work well, especially if you are using very ugly plywood. You can also use a popular covering called Toulex. It looks like black that has some surface texture applied to it.

Crate and Marshall cover their cabinets with this. It wears well and looks good, although the seam work is a lot more difficult to pull off cleanly. Buy high quality strap handles. Good ones will have a metal reinforcement bar inside of them. Use a bolt and T nut to hold them in, because you don't want to have the handle pull out of the cabinet sending your prized cabinet tumbling down a flight of stairs spoken from experience.

Marshall uses recessed handles that mount to the side of the cabinet. I don't like these because they require a large cutout in the both sides of the cabinet, which reduces the strength of the cabinet and is another potential source of air leaks. To each his own, however. Just make sure that if you buy some, that they are metal not plastic.

Cabinets tend to get beat up with use, and the corners are the weakest areas and the first to cave in. Corner reinforcement spreads impact force along the sides of the cabinet making it less likely that the corner will cave. I have used both metal and plastic ones with good success.

If you are building a full stack, there are special ones that interlock and prevent your top slanted cabinet from sliding off the bottom one. I really like to put high quality casters on my cabinets. You can get 3 inch locking casters which support up to lbs.

Your back will thank you for it. Keep in mind that you only want to put them on the bottom cabinet of your stack, as you don't want the top one rolling off in the middle of a gig although buying locking casters alleviates this problem. For grill cloth, there are several options.

I like to use commercial grill cloth because it is cheap and easy to use. I have also successfully used screen door wire available at home improvement stores. The metal stands up to abuse more than either the plastic variety or cloth, however if it is stretched too tight it will hum and make rattling noises. I have also been informed that commercial sheet metal companies sell an industrial grate used in making tractors and other heavy equipment.

It is very heavy, but can withstand just about any abuse thrown at it e. You can buy it by the linear yard, although I'm not sure of the cost. It is very reminiscent of what SWR uses on their Goliath cabinets. A note on acoustic stuffing: I highly recommend that all sealed and vented. You can buy this by the pound from Part's Express, or you can use the fiberglass insulation made for insulating homes.

Stuffing actually increases the apparent volume of the cabinet, and helps compensate for volume lost by driver baskets, handles, crossover components, etc. It also helps break up standing waves inside the cabinet. Use high quality silicon wiring of at least 16 gauge for connecting up the speakers. Make sure it is of the braided type, because it has higher current handling capabilities, and is easier to bend around internal obstructions.

Also use a high quality speaker jack on the back of the cabinet. My favorites are the heavy duty binding post type terminals, where the speaker wire actually fits in a hole in the post, and there is a nut to lock it to the terminal. I absolutely guarantee that these types will pull out during a gig! Also solder all wiring connections. A lot of speakers come equipped with push on connectors, but don't use them.

If it vibrates loose you'll have to tear the cabinet apart to get at them again. Also be sure to seal the terminal with caulk or Liquid Nails to eliminate air leaks.

Also be sure your speakers are phased properly before you button up your cabinet. A quite way to check is to take a 9V battery, and touch the positive and negative leads to the respective speaker leads e. All of the drivers will move to a fixed offset.

Make sure they all move the same direction. If one woofer sucks in while the other speakers push out you have it out of phase. Fix it now or the sound quality will suffer. Many a would be speaker builder has miswired the speakers and ruined perfectly good amplifiers.

Keep in mind that solid state amps and tube amps react very differently to mismatched speaker loads. A solid state amp will still work with a higher impedance load that it is rated to drive. So if you wire your cabinet as an 8 ohm impedance and your amp is expecting 4 ohm, all that will happen is the output volume will suffer. Due to the fact that solid state have a very low output impedance, if you try to put a 2 ohm load on your amp from a miswired cabinet, it will try to source too much current and something will give usually the fuse, but maybe your power BJT's?

Tube amps are a different story. Efficiency is assured by the correct output impedance being reflected onto the primary of the output transformer, which in part determines the amount of current flowing through the output tubes.

It can also cause transformer flyback and tube socket arching leading to a quick death to either the output tubes, cathode resistors, or the output transformer maybe all! In short, DON'T mismatch cabinet impedance with a tube amplifier! The RCA jacks to input a music source is fine, but the rest of the mixer section is not so great. I would not push the individual channel volume, or the bass or treble pots past 12 o'clock.

Push the main volume farther if you need more power. They get a bit of hiss going at higher volumes. Great value, but for me, I need more power and have to go with more high-end and high-priced powered speakers. See all my reviews. Clear sound, excellent bass response, and budget friendly. These speakers will get over your drummer, keep up with your bassist, and cut through the mix quite well. So I'm blasting Pantera through these, and the bass kicks come out clear as a bell, no distortion, the floor and walls are shaking, the guitars are clear, the bass is clear, there's no buzz or distortion, and I can literally feel the music through my entire body.

For , you can be loud enough for weddings, clubs, parties, live performance, etc. Bottom Line Yes, I would recommend this to a friend. Was this review helpful? I bought a pair of these on sale, with hope that they actually put out a majority of the claimed wattage. Many years ago, my friends and I were very disappointed when manufacturers began to use "peak power" as the rating standards, rather than rms.

For those who don't know, peak power is obtainable only when the unit is cranked up into pretty bad distortion. Sure enough, these speakers start distorting badly at about the equivalent of watts rms. A second misleading part of the ad copy is the claim that other speakers can be ganged to these units. There is no speaker out, for example, to have one unit drive an unpowered monitor.

Rather, one of these exact units can be joined to another, which saves a speaker cord, but other than that, has limited value, and certainly does not afford the versatility which could be possible with a more intelligent design.

I wonder about the positive reviews of these speakers. Either they are fake, or buyers really have no idea how loud watts are. MF would be better off and retain more customers if they would insist on more accurate product descriptions, but until they do, it's buyer beware. Bottom Line No, I would not recommend this to a friend.

Ask me a question. I was in the market for an affordable speaker. I had bought two of the twelve inch version of this speaker. I got them on sale. I called to get another one and the sales person that helped me with this was able to give me a good deal and he gave me an extra cable at no charge. Back to the point. I haven't had to use it past half way except once which was outside. I heard it for the first time when I got it and was pleased.

Just used them a school event. The speakers were great. Clear loud and no clipping. If you are a budget minded musician just starting a band, or playing for years it's hard to find a better value.

I am really happy with the sound, power, and clarity of this powered speaker. It has an easy to use eq and plenty of bass for most applications. Sounded good right out of the box and didn't require "break in.

We used this with medium volume 5-piece band just last evening and it sounds great and has plenty of power. Two things for gigging musicians to keep in mind: If you are playing small venues such as wineries and small pubs you might want something easier to haul and that takes up less space. Overall, I am happy with the purchase and am considering the 12 inch version for smaller venues. I love this speaker. I am a beginner mobile DJ and was looking for high quality speakers that weren't too expensive.

I found these and saw that the reviews were good so I decided to give them a try. Well, reviews don't do this thing justice. The sound is clear and just one speaker at low volume is loud enough to fill my apartment. Play in heavy metal band and these speakers handled awesome! Great speaker for the price. Would defintly buy again. I bought these for a church install the sound quality straight out of the box sea surprising good for the price.

Bass is clear and deep. Surprisingly I found the 42 pound weight very manageable and the cabs fairly easy to manipulate however just to be safe I did order a pair of On Stage crank speaker stands to replace my current stands - I am in my 60's and had no problem lifting these cabs on to the crank speaker stands.

These investments would certainly be handy during a short term outage but are they really worth the money? This really depends on two things: The next consideration is the probable length of the emergency.

Many people in New York and New Jersey had generators, but only enough gasoline for days. Depending on the generator and what appliances are being powered, 5 gallons will supply hours of electricity. When you do the math, in the event of a long-term emergency complete with fuel shortages, a gasoline generator is not going to be a long-term solution for most. Consider your environment before investing in these systems in order to purchase the one that will be most in line with the area in which you live.

So what can you do? First, check things out at your home or retreat. Make a list of the items that you use every day that require electrical power. Then, look at your list and scratch off the items that are absolutely unnecessary — the television, the video game console, the microwave in the kitchen, etc.

If you have those things — we downsized a great deal before relocating here. See what you have left. Of these items, how can you supply your needs without electrical power?

Anything else, we can really live without. These are the things which are vital, and the solutions are all long-term. Now, apply this to your own situation. Find as many solutions as possible for the issues you would face if going for weeks or longer without power. You must stay warm, eat, and drink. Everything else is a bonus. They live in an apartment, they rent, they have a limited budget….

The fact is, by realizing these things are necessary and refusing to face them and find solutions for your particular situation, you are setting your family up to suffer, and possibly even die, when it could be avoided. I like the convenience of turning on a light at the switch, of putting ice cubes in my water in the summer and watching a movie after making popcorn on the stove.

But will I die without those things? Anything electrical that is vital to life has a back-up. This article has been contributed by Daisy Luther. Read by 36, people Date: November 30th, Website: This content has been contributed to SHTFplan by a third-party or has been republished with permission from the author. Please contact the author directly for republishing information. Just be ready and stop trying to sell everyone else on being prepared.

Oil lamps, wood stove and a literal forest of trees to feed it at the end of the street , a metric ton of books… I think I can keep things warm, lit and occupied. User is educated in use. I Yes face book can make the most reliable 9mm short gun possible.

If I follow all I have read at the library. AR 15 I like them for travel More knock down and range. Harder to carry for the under trained. Will be for area security while doing daily work. I know carry the heavy you can Ar Will have over look from OP at all times from 50 or Plus Binos and Radio. Area is well know to all. Educated on 19 starting at 12 years. All bullshit aside best area available weapon for daily carry is my?????. Let get serious Let educate.

The looter that takes all of your stuff because you thought your mind was prepared. The line between a madman and a genius is a very fine line, but you have managed to cross it and validate my first impression of you. Would you risk the others to bring the body back of the fifth. Read Revelations, again, with a new eye. Read what the actual revelation is… too many look at the gloom and doom, and bypass the glorious message. Quit listening to preachers, listen to your heart. Infinity is not in opposition to itself.

Infinity is at perfect peace in Chaos, as all things even those things which appear to be in opposition work together for OUR good. I KNOW that the doctrine of vicarious atonement is true, because I have experienced it in my meditations. My certainty is made possible by my personal relationship with Him and not by what any preacher has ever said. I have been out of the body and face to face with the Living Word of God.

That experience is available to everyone who diligently seeks Him. Not everyone is given that experience. It comes by grace and is not earned. The first experience of divine knowledge is the connection of all things in Him when they transcend this world and experience the next.

So the Holy Spirit is indeed, within all things. And it is in Him that I live, and move, and have my being. So do you, and so does everyone else whether they understand that or not; or whether they believe it or not. You see sir, you are not the only one who has had this experience…the spirit, methinks, is working overtime to prepare mankind for the energy shift towards the dark magnetic.

The only way through it, is to hang on to Him, and Love. Now place them in tension, and provide the Causal tangent force, or the Invisible spirit of the Gnostics…. The truth of those words is subjective and relative to YOU. Something no non believer will ever accept, simply because you have no objective proof. Sir, I believe you need a tissue… Your link has verbal vomit dribbling from it.

How bout we give reality a whirl? With no external energy inputs,how do you account for parasitic losses from friction and heat? What could it power, other than itself? I love these boobs with their perpetual motion, energy from nothing fantasies.

Nothing in gives nothing out. There is a comment ability on the blog, for those willing to take up the peer review challenge, or for those wishing to prove me wrong or to simply ask question. This is for those with eyes that see. All the primary theoretical foundations of electricity were laid down in the 19th century. Do you think they might have missed something? Every motor, every generator, built since the time of Tesla, has been built with the same basic geometry.

The picture of the Ver 1. I read your first page, Piper Michael. Alas, I must come the hard place of recognition that I am after all is said and done, what my wife of 41 years has not so secretly tried to drill into my brain: I assume, perhaps erroneously, but I will give you the benefit of the doubt, that you know of which, what and where of you speak write.

Because, like the God from which you have sprung, your wisdom is hidden from this simple man. Once again I am left with only partially lit eyes and a space between my ears that only echoes now, my own but pure ignorance. And so I will say, as I say to my own Creator; Speak plainly, do not hide your wisdom in the heights of your knowledge.

Or, lower amidst the faded interpretations and suppositions of ignorant men. Speak plainly, that i may learn. Speak plainly so i may teach others. Rather it is the ability to explain it in such a way that it is not lost when one passes from this realm. What legacy will you leave?

Thought such as this, when captured through communication, provides the doorway to a path leading elsewhere. Many will not open the door. Even less will walk along the path. And very few will make the long journey.

Is the doorway an obstacle or is it merely different than those you have seen before? Thus big rocks rise above little rocks, into layers… stars burst in 6 pointed patterns and particles and waves are One.

The unified field is that which hides the demon of chaos. As long as man refuses to put God back in the calculations, he is stuck in the laws of man… but if given freely, as little children, he would not appreciate it, he would abuse it after he kills the messenger and the message. Then, those who have eyes to see, and God in their hearts, will see the Light.

Do not worry, all the brotherhood of men are redeemed if they but want it. It is not so hard to understand Spiritual Relativity, love thy neighbor as thyself, what is so hard? You speak well in the language of the flower. I simply prefer, in these short times and in these hard times…. Time is the enemy here not your pretty words.

Please accept my humble appology for any offense. For the spirit is clear, do not cast pearls before swine… but it must be given to all… yet it is only for those with eyes that see, for only they will see with their hearts, and hear the song with their eyes.

Again, pretty words are nothing but words… to be used for or against knowledge. Mystery is a doubled edged sword, those with their hearts in mammon, cannot see.

If you have the wisdom, disprove the math, which is the language of the Universe, or go away, your philosophical prattling sounds too much like the Church Fathers of Rome.

Fits in with your existing electric pump, can be stored in your garage until needed and put together by a couple of people in less than an hour. That is strange that nobody mentioned diesel fuel and diesel generators. There are many advantages on this solution: Diesel fuel can be stored for years2. Diesel fuel is not so dangerous as gasoline or propane. You can make biodiesel by yourself at home. Diesel engines have less parts, so they are more reliable.

Diesel can be used to in the burner to heat your home. This is just my personal opinion, though. I have done this and use the panels with a grid tie inverter. If the juice goes down, I also have batteries and a controller to switch to off grid operation. You still need a supply of filters though and you need to change the filters regulalrly to get reliability. For one thing, the heat it takes to make it would happily run a steam powered generator for quite some time.

I dare you to ask me how I know that. If diesel fuel it gets water in it, the pumps and injectors can be destroyed by rust in a very short time. Looking back at the big stationary engines that were so common in my area of the Appalachian oil fields in the pre-electricity period, 19th century to , you will not find even one that ran on diesel. Gasoline or natural gas, but never diesel. This one is going to have to be on the feature list for the next update which should be soon if all goes well.

Old Coach Are you afraid to leave your first though out for reveiw. First impressions are the usally the best. Bio-diesal is not the only option. Peat is another source of heat — Ireland still has lots of properties heated by peat. Dried seaweed was used by the poor in times past as a source of both food and fuel.

Animal dung was dried for fuel by the Saxons. Dung is still used in parts of the 3rd world to great effect as fuel for heat and cooking. Any of these fuel alternatives sound a better option to me than getting myself killed scavanging the last available petro-fuels over the course of a long emergency.

Few horses in the UK are trained now to pull a cart or buggy. Yet horse power may the best transport solution in a long emergency. Powerbee do a range of lights for sheds, outbuildings etc that can easily be adapted for internal household use. Baby stores often sell ready made blackout blinds for those who cannot sew.

I prefer to rely on more old fashioned methods. For security we have a dog. If your dog cannot be trained this way it will be poisoned by the first wrongun that comes along. Jack Russells are fearless ratters, very local and fierce but do not require lots of stored food like the large breeds. The English and staffordshire terriers are medium sized breeds that may also be an alternative to the large protection breeds that appeal to many preppers.

I want people to think of alternatives that suit their personal situation. My Great Grandmother kept a small flock of geese on her farm instead of large dogs for protection. NOONE could get onto her land only a couple of acres without her say so.

She also had a tiny heinz57 terrier in her old age I remember. She died at 98 without having to deal with the constant fear of dodgy visitors that haunts so many old folks in these times. Not many can overcome an attack from the air and the ground at once. Her Geese were pretty self-sufficient in terms of food.

The only thing I will say is that their mess in the yard was revolting. Damned planned product obscelence mean many modern models only last years nowadays. Have several ways to make fire. Have several ways to purify water. You need a lot of redundancy in your preps for making fire and cleaning water. My sister never lost power in NJ because her generator ran on natural gas. You can also have a generator that runs on either gas,propane,or natural gas.

I agree about diesel generators we used to use diesel generators to power our ranch wells. We used Yamar diesels they had no starter just a big flywheel and a compression releas. We would just fill them with diesel get the flywheel spinning release the compression button and they would fire up and we would let them run untill they would run out of fuel, they would pump hundreds of gallons of water with just a couple gallons of diesel.

They did eventually wear out and we replaced them with miller bobcats which werent half as good. Self-Reliance Network on Facebook has graciously hosted a copy of the book on docs. I wish, in a way… we all had to have UserId registered, and you could click to see who they were…. How about pretty much no elecricity at all?

Our solar system is only big enough to run a few lights and charge the laptops. I can do laundry with a laundry plunger or a washboard. You can find out how to make one on the net. I did a test one and it worked. Will build one for real come spring and use it.

If the electric goes out, I may not even notice! I have a blog at http: I have lived off grid for 12 nonconsecutive years 2 years I lived in town, after 10 off grid, then moved back home 2 years ago and I know how to live off grid quite comfortably with little to no electric at all. As far as my neighbors go, I will be sitting in the dark just like them. I will have the ability to black out all windows and have enough fuel to cook light meals indoors for a few months.

Plenty of oil lamps, candles, matches and solar outdoor lighting that can be brought indoors. I have one neighbor that I trust completely who will be prepared as well. Pour slowly into cardboard in can, let it soak in, continue until it fills. This is cheap and easy, you can make many.

Here is what I have for my family….. Spray until you cant see in or out. You would be surprised the amount of heat this produces. It can also easily be removed with a razor blade. It would also keep your lighted room from being seen in the neighborhood.

From the outside it just looks like tinted glass. She posts interesting information. Not my type of Canuck! If this is who I believe it is, I have to admit, the comment is somewhat deserved. We engaged in a rather heated discussion a while back and I said some things that were not very nice and personal rather than on-topic.

Anon, that you saw my apology for my intemperate words during that discussion regarding hungry children. I was mulling over this comment last night, though, and believe it may be from someone I was admittedly rude to during a disagreement regarding a subject that is dear to my heart. We all live in glass houses, be careful with where you throw rocks, they have a tendency to be like boomerangs. Daisy, thank you for the article.

I learned of the Berkley while vacationing in Africa. I saw raw street sewage water go in it and drinkable good water come out. We lived off it for a while. I still use them the black filter are the best but nothing wrong with the white. When in the wood I only Carry one extra bottle with me. Except for the Lifesaver Can I have never use anything better for large amounts of water. At one place I stay when in town I even have a little Berkley. I meant Survive its Death. Use the sump water if all else fails, pass through the berkey and hit it with some chorine for good measure…..

I am at the foothills of the Blue Ridge range. Thus, if water-table levels sink or drain after such an episode…those having a well may not be able to access existing sub-surface water. Am I correct to assume that such an outcome is possible…or likely?

Were here in the Golden corner. But… because of other commitments it will have to be the next round. Have a great evening.

I just tried ordering one off Amazon, and got a message that they could not ship to my address in Canada?? Anyone else from Canada have that problem?? Braveheart; when you get your Berkey, many remind you to get extra filters and forget to remind you to get extra spigots. Kerosene lamps are a source of carbon black?

I doubt that even our EPA carnivores will bother us here. None goes into the atmosphere. Alphabet soup bureaucrats and agencies, along with their betray-us groupie whores, are dedicated to the idea of destroying any thoughtful, sovereign individuals for the sake of their criminal power.

They are calling it thoughtcrime. Tainter, Canbridge University Press. Expensive but worth it. By AD the land supported only a few nomads.

Same was true of much of the North African coast. Obama is NOT the antichrist. The antichrist is European. While he is alive and lurking in the background, he is not American. He is about 50 years old and the son of a high ranking captain or admiral naval officer of a foreign power who was attached to NATO and involved in military planning; thus his knowledge of war gaming since a child and connections to the world elite. He was well educated at the best schools in Europe in history, philosophy, and economics.

He is good looking , dark haired, and charming. The charm will become charisma as he steps upon the world stage. Think JFK jr only much more intelligent, and you can see it in his eyes. He is presently in the background in Europe but will emerge when events come together in time. But not far away either. He will perform and mirror Christ. Do you merely wish to survive? If you are older, share your knowledge now….

Most likely what you say is true. The sick part is that the Stupid party has set themselves up to take the blame. I expect whites in general and white men in particular will become the fall guys for all that goes wrong. Wonder if they will make us wear five pointed stars. For the most part my preps have been based around not having electricity.

When I was getting ready for Sandy, I filled up ten five-gallon buckets and stacked them in the corner. They were mainly for flushing, and washing. I usually have about two to three months of purified water on hand. One thing I keep telling people to keep in mind, your water heater is a forty to fifty gallon reservoir.

My house has a very efficient wood stove and I will never live anywhere without one. For lights, oil lamps are great, just learn how to use them and have plenty of oil.

They sell wicks by the roll. Learn a musical instrument like an acoustic guitar or harmonica or some other woodwind, brass or stringed instrument. It will go a long way for entertainment. I find there is nothing better than solar outdoor lights for providing light indoors at night. Store up some 2 liter bottles, add sand or dirt for weight. Buy the kind that have circular stems that fit the opening of the bottles.

Leave them out during the day and slide them in the bottles and place around the house. Easy 8 hours of usable light; with no fuel. The biggest problem with those solar outdoor lights is the majority of them have rechargable batteries with a shelf life of maybe 3 years, used or not.

Point of this is just a recommendation to make sure you pick up replacement batteries every two to three years. I have the set that is a frying pan and a sauce pan that locks into each other the frying pan acts as a lid. When you make bacon, save that fat and store it in the back of the fridge.

And hey, cast iron does add a smidge of iron to your diet as well. Just remember to avoid acidy foods, like tomato sauce and lemon juice; it will leech too much iron into your food and give it a mineraly taste. For that stuff, use your stainless steel pans. Solar is in place, a generator with two fuel options, lots of wood handy, and plenty to get by. I only worry about it not coming back online…permanently. Almost off-grid already, I bugged out three years ago. Wood heat requires no erectricity.

Solar panels and batteries to drive an old APC uninterruptable power supply for computer and satellite link, batteries are cast-off car batteries that still have life left in them. LED lighting if lighting is needed. Have nearly gallons of gas in steel farm tanks for the genny. Collect rainwater for sanitation. My biggest problem, like E. A real good sleeping bag is a must if you have no heat.

Once I had to stay put for three days, snow in Wyoming halted I at Rock Springs and never once felt cold. Everybody, even city dwellers, should have a small rocket stove, and a micro-wok. The wok evolved because it uses very little fuel. Amazing how little wood, and scrappy stuff at that, will heat water or cook food with that combination. Live north east of there today. If the power goes out I probably wont even notice it until I get bored and drive into town.

Many underestimate the importance of a Stanley-Aladdin.. What will I do when the lights go out? You have to pull up the well pump and piping to use it, but in a long term situation it would be invaluable. That is my plan as well Old Coach. We use Aqua Bailers for sampling groundwater monitoring wells. I think the 3. They also make smaller versions to fit down 2 inch wells that hold approximately 1 liter. They are fairly expensive, but work nicely. For long term, especially on the 3.

It was a nice unit, stainless steel-self priming unit. It will fit on your existing well casing and not interfere with the in place submersible pump. You will need to measure your static water level in the well to determine if you need a shallow or deep well hand pump. After that there is nothing else i need electricity for.

The little that I have, that I produce is a bonus! They are power hogs and produce mostly heat. You will need a huge battery and solar panel array source to keep them lit. Better re think your plan and go LEDs.. You might think that could provide amps for 1 hour. Actually, the AH rating is based on taking 20 hours to discharge; so you can draw 5.

Three of those batteries can then provide a continuous No chance in hell of running a fridge from an inverter. Now you need to recharge those batteries. How long do you have sun? If you suck out amps, you have to replace that much. You have 10 hours to do it. That means 33 amps coming out of your PV panels, or more or less watts. More typical would be about a total of 8 hours in a hour period.

These work great and refills are fairly cheap, plus clean burning. I also think up to hr refills. This is a nice article. You should see some of these individuals that have not prepared for anything react when the electricity goes out because of a thunderstorm.

You would think that someone has nearby candles, a working flashlight, something to give them light just so they are not crashing around and tipping over themselves and objects in the road.

Imsges: how do you hook up two amps to one sub

how do you hook up two amps to one sub

Still a very dangerous period until Dec. I got them on sale.

how do you hook up two amps to one sub

For one thing, the heat it takes to make it would happily run a steam powered generator for quite some time.

how do you hook up two amps to one sub

I would play with this combination only at low oje level! Eric on November 13, Reply Question: The Webers are very bright and has a huge headroom. I have to say. You might want to add a dating vintage postcards off tone if you keep the volume low. I really appreciate the thoroughness of your reviews and articles.