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Regularly checking to make sure your chemical levels are adequate and your above ground pool water is balanced is vital. An unexpected storm came through and collapsed part of our pool wall as we were trying to fill with water. Once you've enabled Javascript, please refresh this page. Now you can take that savings and do something with it for yourself!! What would be the best pump and filter set up for this project? Especially if you are using a cork gasket. Doing so will improve water flow for better performance.

From the inside push a screw through the liner and the screw hole in the pool wall. For an above ground pool, you may be able to use a small-size sand filter, mid-range for small pools around 15, gallons, and large filters for large pools above 25, gallons. TJ, Depends on whether or not the pool wall was creased or not. I recommend the up-sell. He decided to close it down and not worry about it until spring when it was empty and he could get to it. The cyanuric acid acts as a sunscreen for your chlorine, and helps with the effectiveness of it. Followed your instructions to the letter.

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Above Ground Swimming Pools. That seam is welded at the factory and depending on the liner warranty, that seam should be covered for the duration of the lifetime regardless where you put the inlet.

The important thing to remember is to use a very sharp razor knife and make the cut as smooth as possible. Be sure to use silicon on both the inside and outside gaskets of the inlet. But like I said, if you have to have it there you should not have a problem. What would you suggest the outside temperature be for installing a liner? I know it needs to be warm and that helps the liner stretch better as you install it.

The key is to take your time and work the liner in sections. If you have help it goes quicker. I find this very helpful. We are about to attempt to replace our liner. The difference is, ours has a center bottom drain too. Any suggestions would be helpful. Janet, Glad the guide was helpful. I am certain the process is pretty much the same. I would also think that it would be best to cut the hole a little smaller than the opening and trim what you need.

Sir Lerxst, We have discovered a new problem. There is an area on our pool wall that has been attacked by rust. The rust is covering about a 3 foot area. The area still seems very sound. What is your suggestion? Thanks again for your fast response. Provided the walls are still sound and not severly pitted the fix is easy. Get some sandpaper and sand the rusted area. Once sanded wipe the area clean. It should feel smooth.

If not keep sanding until it is. The important thing to remember is the rust should be gone and the wall should be smooth when done. Any imperfections will show through and possibly damage the liner.

Once you have a smooth surface take a clean rag with rubbing alcohol and wipe the sanded area down to clean up any residue. The liner will prevent exposure to water and air … any rusting that takes place would be minimal after the new liner is in.

If you are still concerned you can take a clean cloth and rub a little vegetable oil on the area. A very very light coating would work. If the surface is pitted and you cannot obtain a smooth surface after sanding all the rust off, your only other option is to buy a foam liner that gets sandwiched between the liner and the pool wall.

Some folks will say this actually helps the pool retain heat … I disagree. Thank you very much. It is not looking so bleak. We are in SC and will be working on it this weekend. We would love to have you! Plans for the weeknd? I just need to was the stairs and set them back into place.

Well I need to work on the deck around the pool too. Replacing a liner is one thing. Replaceing the metal pool walls which punctured my liner is different. No one I have asked on line even knows where to purchase replacement walls. Michael, Replacing the walls is the same as putting up a new pool.

You could probably call and ask them if they sell replacement walls. But to be honest they will probably take an above ground kit and sell off the parts. You might be better off replacing the whole thing.

What caused the puncture? If so get out some sandpaper and sand down the rough spots. Along one side of the long walls has developed what looks like a line about ten feet long a few inches up from the bottom of the pool with periodic rust spots growing under the liner. One place looks like it is about to puncture the new liner. To answer the question depends on who and how you paid to have the liner installed.

If you bought the liner from a pool store and paid the pool store for both the liner and the installation then the answer is maybe. You can always dispute the charges and let the credit card company deal with them depending on your credit card company.

You may only have 30 days to file a dispute …. If you paid the pool store for the liner and then paid an installer separately chances are they took a check or preferred cash and you will have little recourse. And at that point they would have told you there is an extra fee to repair the rust damage.

What it boils down to is this.. My guess is no. If yes there may be a clause that clearly defines your rights. If you did have a contract you may want to read it to make sure that when you signed off on the completed job you may have removed all responsibility from the installer and the pool company. What is the design of the liner called? And wear can i get a similar one for my own pool. By any chance do you know the name of your liner pattern?

If you in or near Dayton, Ohio you can find the exact liner at Knickerbocker Pools. We removed the old liner, installed wall foam, then added new sand. We filled the pool with water. Nick, By excess material do you mean it is taller than the pool walls? If your excess material is overlapping the wall I believe you could convert to an overlap liner provided you can remove the channel your beaded liner is supposed to fit in.

Anything that could snag or tear the liner needs to be removed. You would need to pick up enough liner coping strips to circle your entire pool. And then follow the instructions here. But before you get into that I would check with the place you ordered from and see if they shipped the wrong item.

I know it sounds silly but measure your pool walls as well. I was wondering if you can install a new above ground pool liner without taking the old liner out.

I know you would still have to take the water out. The bottom is fine and I thought it would keep the sand and everything in place. What do you think? Simple answer is no. There are a dozen reasons. Your logic kinda makes sense but not really. You have had thousands of gallons of water pressing down on the sand and it is fairly compacted.

I just bough a pool that we had to take down. It is the kind with the catwalk around it and white panel fencing around it. The liner we pulled out was beaded. Does that mean we have to put a beaded liner back into it? Or can I go cheaper with a overlap liner? Jodi, Good news kinda.. Most J-Channels slip over the top of the pool wall. If this is you case you can remove the J-Channel and buy an overlap liner AND the coping that holds it in place.

The J-Channel is on the decking itself. When we took the pool down, we had to pull the liner off of the decking first, then take the wall down, then take the decking down. Im just hoping the decking is not going to stop us from putting a overlap liner on it. Thanks for the info. By chance, do you know what the brand name for this pool is?? I cant find it anywhere and would like to find a manual for it. Here is a link to a picture of it. No idea on the brand name. If the J channel is on the deck then you should be fine to do an overlap.

Carefully prep the edge of the pool wall. If it is still rough after sanding get some duct-tape and cover the edges. You will need to buy new vinyl liner coping strips. These plastic, non-corrosive clips hold your overlap pool liner in place on the pool wall before re-installing the top rail.

Can someone give me advice on removing a beaded liner. I am moveing this pool from one house to another so I cant cut the liner off. I know it hsould pull up, but seems to bee locked. I owuld appreciatre any help today and would lovee it emailed to me at Coorsdawn1 aol.

Glen , how old is the liner? I would recommend replacement. If it is newer than 5 yrs the liner should just lift out of the channel provided you have all the water out and have broken the seal the liner has to the wall usually removing the skimmer will do the trick. Start at the section the skimmer is on and work your way around the pool. Jodi , the simple answer is no. But if you have a handyman who can rework the plumbing you might be able to make it work.

Why are you asking? We are in the process of installing our 1st above ground pool. Every step so far has been trial and error. We are now at the point where we are installing the liner. Robin , After starting the overlap of the liner according to the mfg directions in my case the overlap was 4 inches and I had a tile pattern across the top as a guide put a piece of the plastic clip over the new liner to hold it in place.

I used my plastic clip. As for disturbing the sand … walk gently, in socks inside the liner, not on the sand. Wow, thank you for taking the time to write all this out. Your information is so helpful. I am going to be replacing my beaded liner this weekend and this is just what I needed to read!

One part of our wall section is maybe and inch or two higher than the rest of the pool. I hate to mess with it and wreck everything. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! If you would take the time to even things out I think you will be happier with install and the way the liner sits if the walls were leveled out. If it were me doing the replacement I would take the time and do it right.

We are installing our liner this weekend, and I have found your site to be very helpful. I have a question about how high the cove should be, and how deep. What should the angle of the cove be. The cove should come up high enough to cover the bottom retaining ring for the wall at a minimum.

The highest you can go without any problems is about 3 inches. The angle should be about 30 degrees. Is this a new install or are you replacing an old liner? If this is a new install your sand should be about 2 inches deep all around. If you have the extra money I would recommend the foam cove strips. You can pick them up at any local pool shop. They make the install really easy.

But to be honest the sand works just as well. Good luck this weekend! You picked a great weekend to do it at least the weather will be nice here! We just got done trying to install a beaded replacement liner for our 15 x 30 oval above ground pool.

I am afraid to fill it up only to find out the liner is too big. Or is it too tall? Beaded liners are different than overlap liners. Overlap liners are a little more forgiving since you overlap the wall. But a beaded liner has to snap into the channel.

The stretching of a liner only happens when your material is slightly smaller than the pool. In your case you would need the liner to shrink. And that is not possible. The liner is too big.

I have also ordered wall foam, a bottom liner, and preformed cove. When we installed the pool, we used the proformed cove, but had to add quite a bit of sand on top of that in order to make the liner fit. If we smooth that sand out, and use just the preformed cove, should the liner fit? What order would you install the wall foam, bottom liner and preformed cove? Thank you in advance for your help! The purpose of the sand is to give the pool a softer bottom and to protect the liner. Your Liner will still need to be stretched to fit.

You should still pull a vacuum on the liner as well. By the way, I tarred the sides and added 8 mill black plastic to it several times to prevent any rust. I put in a floor drain as well. Anyway, on to my question……. I had planned to raise the liner off the sand floor and begin to fill with water. I thought this to be my best chance at having the liner smooth out to the pool floor in the dug out middle.

I planned on using the vaccuum for the sides. I think it would work provided you were very very close in lining up the liner. Once you put water in it will be hard to move around. Thank you so much for all the tips! I had been searching the whole internet for help on getting my liner squared away, and finally, this seems to be the right place! My situation is a little bit different. Over the winter our beaded pool liner came off. As we were taking the pool cover off to begin the process of opening the pool for the season, more and more of the liner came out.

So we drained the whole pool, and snapped it back in…or so we thought. I began filling the pool back up, and the liner popped off again, and the water that was already in the pool started flowing over it, and took almost half the liner off! Also, when this happend, a lot of the sand underneath washed out too! Thanks for all your help! You may not know it, but there are a couple things that happen to vinyl liners as they get old … they shrink and become brittle. I am wondering how old this liner is.

For it to keep popping off i have concerns that the vinyl is being stretched too much or it has started to shrink. I would start off by putting more sand in and re-forming cove. Yes, all the way around. You are better off doing it right once instead of doing it wrong 2 or 3 times. Since the liner is not torn, cracked or punctured it may just be stretched too much or shrunk a bit.

By adding sand you will bring the liner up a little and it might keep it in place. I have a new overlapped line installed. Can I cut the portion of the line which is on the outside wall? If yes, how high can I cut it and when.

Liner was replaced yesterday. Alex, If the pool is full and the liner is in place you can trim off anything that overlaps by more than 4 inches. You need to keep that 4 inch overlap just in case you need to take it down and do other work. Thanks for the quick response. How high is it safe to cut it in this case. It looks really ugly with the blue strip on the outside wall which is light brown. I should have gone with beaded liner and I have those J-channels. Alex, you can safely go as little as 2 inches.

But what I would do if it were is is leave 4 inches. That liner will settle out a bit this first season after that it is set until you remove it. BUT what you can do is leave 4 inches and then fold the liner up on the outside of the wall. It takes a little time and an extra set of hands. It will just be a little harder to roll it behind the columns.

I have these support columns around the pool wall. Judy, Nope … I did have to crawl underneath it to remove the screws from the top rails …. I have an above ground that measures 18 feet x 34 feet , that is including the 6inch rail, i also have a dep end it goes to 8 feet half the pool, how do i order a liner, what do i ask for ,.

Thanks for theinfo on the liner install. Question, What have you found to be effective in keeping grass from encroaching under the pool area and coming up through the liner? Connie, I have never had grass grow up through a liner in 12 years experience. If a pool is properly installed on a bed of sand the weight alone should keep any plants from growing up through a liner. I have see a root poke through but only on a pool that was installed near trees and the roots were not cleared from under the pool.

You can try spraying around the outside edge of the pool with Roundup and it will kill anything. If you are putting a new liner in and that is a concern you could go with the foam floor pad and foam coves. We just had a 24 ft round installed. At one point, the installers ran out of sand and went to a nearby farm to get sand. The owner of the pool company came by after the guys had put the sand in the pool, and said that it had lime in it, and he would have to sift out the lime because it would eat the liner of the pool.

The next day, the crew came out while I was gone, and just put a thin layer of mason sand on top. I asked them about the lime, and he said the owner changed his mind and told them to just put the mason sand as a protector. Maybe I am worried about nothing? I did some checking and could not find any information about liners being damaged by lime.

Lime will however damage concrete and steel there should be concrete blocks under each pillar and of course the channel and walls are steel as well. Chances are you will replace your liner before then.

And when you do you can inspect everything. If you are still worried call the company that manufactured your liner and ask if lime in the sand will damage the liner. Remember the purpose of the sand is to provide a smooth, soft surface for the liner to rest on. They will eventually wear through the liner. Enjoy your new pool! Using warm water for the first 1 — 2 inches. If not you may have problems, keep in mind that as vinyl ages it tends to get stiff, brittle and shrinks.

I would think if you used warm enough water it might work. I would check with the manufacturer of the liner to see if that application would void your warranty. My biggest concern would be the extra strain on the walls. I put an overlap liner in my pool. Then we realized that the water is going to constantly going out of the pool because we dont have the normal top rails that the other pools have.

We have the pool with the catwalk deck around it causing a inch gap between the pool wall and the deck. Is there something we can buy to push the overlap liner into the Jchannel on the deck so that water cant go out of the pool?? All the chemicals test ok but we cant seem to get the water to clear up after many bags of shock and algecide. Your site is very helpful. Jodi … overlap liners will not work in a j-channel. As for clearing up the water I have just the thing.

I use this on my own pool and any pool I open. The best thing about it is it lowers the amount of chlorine needed to clean the water. Of course regularly back flushing the filter helps as well!

You can buy all you need from a GOOD local store they should carry it if they are worth anything or buy from the folks at http: I tried patching a couple of times and it works for a month or so then begins leaking again. If I drained the pool to keep my lawn dry, is there anything I can do to keep the walls from collapsing until I can replace the liner next year? Is there anything you recommend I could do outside of replacing the liner this year?

We had a new liner installed last Monday and by Thursday we noticed it had sprung a leak and now it sits almost drained with the pool company not responding to our concerns. Not sure if it was poorly installed or a defect in the liner. Does anyone have any advice on how to proceed since they seem so unwilling to correct the situation? Could I do a charge back on my credit card or file a claim with the BBB? We are at the point with this company that we want them to take their liner back and give us our money back.

Francis, Most patch kits work real well if properly applied. Get a scotch-brite pad and scrub the area you need to patch.. Go to your local pool supply store not some mega-mart. Cut the patch material about 2 inches wider than the hole you are patching. Round off the corners. Apply a very liberal amount of adhesive to the patch.

Cover the whole thing. Count to 30 then dive under the water and apply the patch. Smooth it out then stand on it for 2 minutes.

Jimmy, patch it for now. Follow the instructions I gave Francis above. Then call the installer. Tell them if they do no respond in 24 hours you are going to call your credit card company and request a charge back unless they respond to your request to make it right.

I would also tell them that you are planning to call the manufacturer of the liner and register a complaint with them about the faulty install. Can you find the leak? Does it look like a puncture or slit? I have helped install liners and have people say they sprung a leak and they blamed me. There was no way that we had caused this as it was installed on a Monday and the leak was noticeable by Thursday and no one had gone in or near the pool besides me and I only turned on the pump.

We had tried to call the company on Thursday and Friday but they are not even answering their phones. I guess I will have to make another trip there tomorrow and give them the 24 hours to repsond.

In regards to the leak, any advice on locating the leak? Hi there, I am getting ready to install a new liner and I was told we needed to soak the liner in a kiddie pool or bathtub before installing it. Is it a necessary step? Let me know if anything about that sounds incorrect to you. Hallie, There is no need to soak the liner. Have extra hands available to help. Have you already ordered a liner? If not measure your pool widest part and measure the depth and then take a photo of the pool, go to a local pool supply shop, take all your info with you.

Discuss it with them and see what they recommend. If you have already ordered it then start with step one.. I am here to testify to how great the information on your website is. We have had problems with nutgrass, and took your advice from a couple of weeks ago and went with the pad and cove liners. Worked like a charm!! Our only problem was… we did not put the silicone caulk on the skimmer gasket, thinking the rubber one would be okay.

We will be using the silicone caulk today and refilling late tomorrow. For all of you considering taking on this task. Way to go Connie! That was the goal of this entry, to help someone out. Glad you were able to save some money..

I am concerned about just patching it as it is not installed correctly and it seems that the ground will need re-levelling. I think we may have to remove and redo the whole installation. I have not heard from the store after numerous messages so I will start the process to try and recover some of the money that we spent.

Jimmy, Does the store have an answering machine? I would call and leave a message. As soon as possible I would write them a letter and explain the situation, send it via registered mail so you get a receipt with a signature. Explain that you are going to give them 3 days to correct the problem after that you will file a claim and ask for a charge back with your credit card company.

As soon as you drop that in the mail, call your credit card company. Explain to them the situation and that you have sent the company a registered letter offering them one last chance to resolve the problem. You want this information on file with the CC company as soon as possible. Once you receive the signature back from your letter should be within 2 days if the company is local expect a call.

You will need to forward them the dates and times you tried to call the pool store, a copy of the letter and the signature receipt along with the receipt from the original purchases. Let them deal with it. Now as for the pool matter. I have a feeling you are going to be left high and dry by the pool company. That means you either need to spend some cash and have it redone or do the job right by yourself. If you are going to do it yourself lets look at a few things first, is the pool level?

Get a 3 or 4 foot level and put it on top rails of the pool … go all the way around. If not then you are right, you may need to start over. Replace the liner and center it up.

You may have to get on your hands and knees and inspect every inch of it to find the hole. Follow the instructions here for pulling a vacuum on the liner and start filling.

Thanks for the advice, I just finished speaking with my CC company and they advised faxing a letter to them with the details of the situation and they would investigate. Another issue that would cause problems is that if the skimmer and jet holes are cut out then you can center the liner. I guess it would be a matter of trying to of working with it where the holes lie? We had our pool replaced a few years back and until now everything has been fine. One of my neighbors drilled a hole in the wall of our pool about 3 inches from the the ground yes I am being totally serious.

However, it did end up leaking so we put a patch over it and it seemed to do the trick. Well it it leaking again and I noticed rust on the outside wall and I assume the inside wall is the same or worse. I am sure we could replace the liner ourselves but what are your thoughts on patching the hole on the wall? Its a very small one. Did he do it to be malicious?

If so take him to small claims court and make him pay for it to be fixed or replaced. If you have no proof or he was helping you do something and he did it by accident then I would fix it. Remove the liner just enough to fix the pool wall. To fix the pool wall I would just sand the rust off and then get some of the aluminum foil-tape and carefully apply it to the wall covering the hole.

Then I would apply a patch on the outside of the liner and on the inside. Replace the liner and refill. You should be able to enjoy the liner for several more years … take your time and get all the air bubbles out of the foil-tape and the patches. You can find the foil tape in just about any mega home improvement center.

It also works great to patch a leaky muffler on your car.. We just finished our liner replacement this weekend. I read every word on your website. The filter system is shot. We are thinking of upgrading to a sand filter system. Which one is best for our pool? Plus, do we have to change hoses and connectors? You may need an adapter to install this system to your Intex pool, since Intex pools are designed very uniquely, and for this you will need to contact Intex directly.

I would like to purchase a saltwater system for the pool. What is your recommendation the right size system I would need.

It is designed for above ground pools up to 18, gallons, and can connect to flexible hose if your above ground pool does not use PVC piping. Both systems will be able to easily sanitize your entire pool. For more information, please feel free to contact us. Thanks for you help. Please feel free to contact us for immediate assistance. I appreciate any assistance in this. Hi Tim, if the cartridge elements in your filter are requiring more frequent cleaning, are not coming clean or have rips, tears or wear, it may be time to replace them.

That said, to assist in removing the dead algae from your pool, you can use a product like Super Floc Clarifier , which helps clump the dead algae together so it sinks to the bottom of your pool and is easier to either net or vacuum out.

If you have further questions or would like immediate assistance, please feel free to contact us directly. We are also using Baquacil instead of chlorine and it seems like the fight for a crystal clear pool is never ending. I had a hayward DE filter that was sold to me with the pool in I had a lot of trouble with it and was not impressed with the DE filter system. What would you recommend for this pool. Thanks for your help. You can also try Super Sparkler Clarifier 1 Qt. Hi Janice, the Intelliflo VF is a great pump that automatically adjusts its flow to accommodate your pool size and will work with any type of filter.

I was under the impression that above ground pools could not use a salt water system due to the salt eating away at the liner? I see a comment below so now I am confused?? Hi Kerry, installing an above ground pool can vary from builder to builder. It will also depend on if you decide to contract your entire build or just part of it.

The best thing to do is call around to local builders for a better idea. Most above ground pools are made of resin plastic, and nowadays, certain chlorinators are designed specifically for above ground pools.

Please feel free to let us know if you have any further questions. We have a 27ft round x 52 or 54 inch tall pool. The sump no longer pumps all the time which means I do not have the suction to use the vacume. The filter system is cartridge. Thank you for any suggestions. Someone from our Customer Support Team will be contacting you shortly to get some additional information and help you find a solution.

Hi Kim, One HP will be fine for your pool and will save you money on your electric bill as well! There are a lot of different options as far as pricing. I will have someone from our sales team get in touch with you regarding pricing and options. I did some research and the 1. OR an I an idiot and completely mistaken? Thanks for your help! Our pool is a intex 24 x 52 pool. Will this work for our pool? How much motor power is recommended for a gallon above ground pool?

If you prefer more circulation, you can definitely use a larger pump. Let me know if you have any questions. I have a 10 thousand gallon above ground pool. I am moving the filter 50 feet from pool. Is this a good choice? Pool is level with my deck. Hi Michael, Do you have the model numbers of both your pump and filter? Hi Bill, Either one of those pumps will do the trick for you though I would recommend sticking with the 1 HP.

The 1 HP is plenty of power for your pool and will use less energy than a 1. Let me know if you have any questions! The motor quit working , so I would like to go to a smaller 1 hp 2 speed motor. Would that be ok with my current cartridge filter? I am looking at a hayward E pump. Do you recommend any others? With a cartridge filter there is no need to backwash so losing some horsepower is not a problem.

The pump you are looking at will be fine. Let me know if you have any other questions! A 1HP pump would be sufficiently sized to circulate the water in that size of pool.

Now we would also want to know what size and media filter it is that you are using? Feel free to let us know on here or contact one of our sales reps directly at ! Hayward 40lb maybe it is a big one will check under the deck for sure tho soon. I have a above ground 15x 30 with a pro series haywaed sand 1hp habe all the correct xhemicals but still cloudy maybe the pp is to small for the pool? Our friend Matt over at SwimUniversity has an article dedicated to exactly that situation!

Check it out here: The pump is dying and needs to be replaced. Assuming you have the Power Flo LX, then here is a link to the same pump you currently have:. Feel free to give us a call at if there were any other pumps that you had questions about or were interested in.

Hi there — I love that you have this site to answer questions! Chlorine is good, I vacuum, it gets used…. What sand filter would you recommend for our pool? We have not much debris from trees, with the exception of some cottonwood floaties. We are here to help with any questions about your pool that may come up! A sand filter is a very low maintenance choice and requires just a simple turn of a valve handle to clean. The larger the filter you can afford, the better it will be for you!

If you wanted to order it as a kit with a new pump then you can visit the following link:. There will be a few different brands available but Pentair is my personal preference as I believe their equipment is high quality and reliable. Feel free to give us a call directly at to run any questions by one of our trained sales reps.

If the filter does keep cracking that is a sign that the pump is either too strong for the filter size, or that the pressure is being allowed to build to a very high level. Once the pressure on a filter rises roughly 10 psi above the starting level, then it is a sign that the filter cartridge needs to be cleaned off. If the cartridge is several years old then it will slowly start to become too compacted and will require replacing.

The first question would be what model pump and filter is it that you currently have? Any model numbers and brand names would be helpful, a picture would be great also.

Feel free to give us a call directly at if you needed quick assistance selecting a new unit. Is a 1 horsepower enough for the size pool we have? Above ground filter and pump systems do come as a package, which makes sizing them fairly easy. A 1 horsepower pump would be an appropriate size pump for your pool, and the next question would be whether you wanted a sand or cartridge filter.

The PSI number would not be important when deciding which system to purchase. Later, once the system is installed, the PSI number will tell you when the filter is dirty and needs cleaning. As for an automatic pool cleaner vacuum , it will depend on what kind of style cleaner you want to go with. Next, you have suction side pool cleaners which would attach to your skimmer, and whenever the pump is on the cleaner will move around the pool and suck up debris. Finally, you have pressure side cleaners, these attach to the return water jet and when the pump is on and running it will collect debris in an attached bag.

I have a 33 foot round pool above ground with the Pentair Sand Dollar SD60 filter system that has had an alge problem for the three years I have had it. Any thoughts before I spend even more money doing this? To begin with, would you have the numbers from your water testing? Especially the chlorine and the cyanuric acid levels. The water in the pool needs to turn over at the minimum one time per day, what model pump do you have? And how many hours out of the day are you running it?

You can try running the pump for longer during the day to turn the water over more, and get more filtration. The chlorine levels average 3 ppm cyanuric acid average 28 ppm.

Not sure myself but they tell me this is an acceptable level? I changed the sand this year and cleaned the tank with bleach. The first year I had it I used chlorine the second I used baqucel with no change in alge controll went back to chlorine this past summer so I did a total clean out and started fresh. The pump say it is 1 and a half hourse power. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. You could try raising the cyanuric acid level as your 28 ppm is a bit on the low side. The cyanuric acid acts as a sunscreen for your chlorine, and helps with the effectiveness of it.

Around 50 ppm might be a more ideal level for you. How do you add chlorine to your pool currently? Chlorine tablets should generally have cyanuric acid already built into it.

Do you get a lot of leaves, grass, or other material falling into the pool? If so, this may raise your phosphate level which would encourage algae growth. Raising the cyanuric acid level and lowering the phosphate levels should help to reduce algae growth. I am trying to determine which would be the best sand filter for this pool. When it comes to filters the larger the size that you are able to go with, the less maintenance that will be required.

Now with above ground pools, a lot of people choose to order the filter and pump as a combo to realize some savings on each piece of equipment.

If you have any further questions about sizing, brands, certain models, etc. Have a good day! Hello, we installed a 24 ft x 48 inches above ground round pool last summer and had nothing but problems with pumps and filters. It had been a used pool so we initially started out with a cartridge and it turned green and had algea build up. Then the pump broke so my father brought us a different pump and a sand filter, which we used brand new sand.

We still had problems keeping the pool clear of algea even though we were constantly getting the numbers checked at the local pool store and everything was fine.

We are looking for a new system completely and are unsure which will be the better decision between a DE, cartridge, or a sand filter. Please help with any recomendations. All three of the filter styles that you mentioned will have their own advantages and disadvantages. Let me briefly touch on each one. Does require the DE being replaced each time it is backwashed.

The filtration quality will be the poorest of the three choices. Sand filters are popular for above ground pools due to the easy maintenance and relatively cheap pricing. For cleaning you simply remove the cartridge and hose it down to wash it off.

Filtration quality will be in the middle of the options. Also a filter style that is popular with above ground pools. Ultimately for a recommendation, I am more of a fan of cartridge filters and would generally recommend cartridge first and sand second.

If you are running into issues with algae, it may require running the pump for a longer duration of the day, and more frequent cleaning of the filter. If you still happened to have a chemical level readout I would be happy to take a look at the numbers and give you my thoughts.

The chlorine levels, CYA, phosphate, and pH levels would be especially helpful. Dylan, Thank you for the response. We like the Hayward xstream 1hp and also the hayward easy-clear 1hp. I know the hayward xstream is the better but it looks to be a lot of power and im not sure if we need that or if the easy clear will be sufficient. The XStream and Easy-Clear are definitely great filters. Both would definitely work for your pool, but the major difference you will see is in the longevity of the filter.

I would recommend it over the Easy-Clear. I have a 16 X 32 oval pool with a doughboy sand filter with 1. Have to vacuum daily due to greyish stuff on the bottom of the pool. Filter runs most of the day but does not get rid of the stuff on the floor of the pool. It drives my husband crazy he wants to replace the whole filter system?????

To try and eliminate this build up on the bottom of the pool I would suggest taking a few steps: This is a basic algae control regimen that you can attempt to get a hold of the situation. And then afterwards ensure your chlorine levels remain at the proper levels, otherwise algae may find its way into the pool again.

As for switching system, a cartridge filter does have slightly finer filtration than a sand filter, and may be a bit better at collecting debris that passes through. Also, do I need to go with a Hayward filter to be compatible with the Hayward pump? The sand filter and pump that came with the pool when I bought the house seems to be in need of replacement. I am considering changning to a cartridge filter, and a new pump but have no idea which one to select.

I would like to change to cartridge for ease of cleaning, and use. I am trying to avoid the sand filter backwash, and now the filter seems to be releasing a lot of sand back into the pool. Thank you for visiting our blog. We have many great cartridge filters to select from. It may be best to take a look at our pump and filter packages because you are looking to get both. You can see a list of our cartridge filter packages at:. For your pool size a great filter would be the Pentair Clean and Clear This is a very popular model and it works with just one filter cartridge inside.

That will make for simply cleaning and a cheaper replacement cost. Feel free to give us a call at if there were any other packages that you had questions about or were interested in. There are a lot of great options that you could look into. You can see all of our pump and sand filter combinations at:.

We have a really great deal worked out for the Sand Dollar with lbs. Please give us a call at if there were any other packages that you had questions about or were interested in.

We have many great agents that would love to help you out! Thank you for visiting! Both of these will provide the large filter capacity that you are looking for. I have one that filters 20 sq ft , I was told I need at least a 34 sq ft one. DE filters can get fairly expensive, costly over time, and a decent amount of work to maintain. I mean, granted, for the level of cleaning you get out of it it makes sense. The work required and cost required for these cleaners is not really seen as worth it, for smaller pools and smaller filters.

Who would want to be cleaning their filter so often when they can only swim about a month of every year right? I would say you would want a larger filter for that size pool. I have a Hayward ec 65 de filter which originally had a 1 hp motor. It should be able to turn over your pool just fine! Thanks for checking out the blog! Hopefully some of the information was pretty useful. If you have any further questions give us a call at or contact us on Livechat!

Imsges: how do i hook up my above ground pool vacuum

how do i hook up my above ground pool vacuum

Hand out the ladder or steps. Also will the liner dry out and get brittle when it is drained or will it be ok.. The larger the filter you can afford, the better it will be for you!

how do i hook up my above ground pool vacuum

The cove is not that big of a deal. Only our liner was folded like a parachute. Regular shock treatments will also kill resistant algae in the water.

how do i hook up my above ground pool vacuum

We are now at the point where we are installing the liner. A 1HP pump would be sufficiently free dayton dating site to circulate the water in that size how do i hook up my above ground pool vacuum pool. Pressure side cleaners attach to the return port, and a vacuum is created to pick up dirt and debris. Elaine — Sand works perfectly. I have an above ground that measures 18 feet x 34 feetthat is including the 6inch rail, i also have a dep end it goes to 8 feet half the pool, hoe do i order a liner, what do i ask for .