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Couchsurfing’s Sex Secret: It’s The Greatest Hook-Up App Ever Devised

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Can I get an Amen brothers?! That said, Ana's married, and in fact, she is one reason why the site announced a new feature just six days after it's launch. And listening to the kj suggestion above is tantamount to going direct. The following 6 users Like Travel85's post: Having hooked up with about a third of her visitors — some while still single, and others with her husband — she has lots of stories too. In , I was a professional bellydancer and went on a self-organized tour of Canada and the United States. How can you sound so smallminded and uneducated?

How to Avoid Weird Couchsurfing Experiences

Click here to learn more. After all the chaos that I had been through the past 10 hours, and the fact that I was now in Germany — beer capital of the world, that was perhaps the most well-timed beer of all time. For the majority of this time, they will be un-showered and picking clothes out of a suitcase. It seems, however, you don't really understand why it works, for if you did, you definitely would not try Raul's misguided advice. Sure there will be woman that enjoy the casual sex just like the man does.

This is not more convenient than a one-night stand. This is not a first date. This person is living with you for a specified period of time. For the majority of this time, they will be un-showered and picking clothes out of a suitcase.

You are more likely to see them barfing after a few too many glasses of wine than you are to see them seductively rubbing up against your body. Living with someone — even for a short time — shatters any glamorous illusions you have of him or her quickly. Travelers are aware that some people use couchsurfing as a glorified dating site. It becomes apparent approximately three seconds after a host starts boozing you up and slides in next to you on the couch holding a movie about promiscuous young party animals.

This is a great way to make the couchsurfer leave. If the plan is getting to know your couchsurfer, forming a relationship with them, experiencing mutual attraction and then sleeping with them, great. Inviting two foreign women over to your bachelor pad in hopes of bedding them both is in no way a clever ploy. Women often couchsurf in pairs because they specifically want to avoid being sexually propositioned.

It is a safety net that will more likely block your advances than fall prey to them. A lot of girls on the site are DTF but for some reason they feel weird about being so explicit. I don't know any other way to get around the ambiguity.

If the girl says she has a bf, I pretty much say I prefer to hang out with single girls and it saves a lot of time. Say instead "Alot of boyfriends tend to be threatened by me and so i prefer to meet with single girls. Hey, so I just took your advice and replied to a girl with that "boyfriends threatened by me" line.

This is how she replied: CS is the place, where you can find people with the same passion which is world, travelling or cultural differences, not looking for single women and dating opportunities. By the way, you must be very presumptuous to write things like that. Oooh yeah, you "need to understand the philosophy".

I think it's best not to explain why, but if you need to, rather than saying "threatened", say that you once had a scene where the girl's boyfriend was convinced that you were doing something with her and went crazy, so you prefer single people. I guess this just drives home the point that a lot of girls buy into the philosophy that CS is for "cultural exchange" rather than hooking up. Blame the beta guys on the site for reinforcing that vibe. Still, I have had success with it as a thinly veiled disguise for dating.

Of course you don't want to creep the girl out by making a sudden move and getting a negative testimonial, so plant the seeds in a subtle way. The key is to imply as much as you can what the terms of engagement are. Use a lot of instead of Use my tactics and when you're out with her, talk about dating, sex, attraction etc.

Frame it as sexual as possible and see if she goes along with it. She has a point. You violated the cardinal rule: You cannot do it! People hook up on CS all the time, but they like to think that it "just happened" and that it was "spontaneous".

In other words, fucking is a happy by-product, not the goal. Being too direct too early will make those hippy sluts think you're "creepy". You can be direct after you have built attraction, i.

That is why I think that organizing CS meetings is the way to go. First of all, you're the one in charge. You chose the date and the location. You tell people what to bring. You're in a position of power. So, you organize a BBQ at the beach and some 20 chicks show up.

Most of them will be fugly, but if you're lucky there will be some talent. You can now try to build attraction. You also have to use the right words, such as "open-minded" and "non-judgemental", to prove that you and them belong to the same "tribe".

From then on, use standard Game Dontuan, That's what you get for un-reflectively listening to keyboard jockeys like Raul. From the first time I read his suggestion, I knew it was nonsense. And now we have empirical proof that it is crap. I really like your CS approach. It seems, however, you don't really understand why it works, for if you did, you definitely would not try Raul's misguided advice.

Your whole approach hinges on the fact that you do not alert the critical factor of the girls you are trying to fuck. So you come across as a guy who merely wants to know about the city the girl is in, and that you don't want to get her boyfriend upset if she has one, while you are positioning yourself as a harmless beta in her eyes. Thus she get her guards down, which makes it immensely easier for you to later seduce her. I know, I know, you won't present yourself as a harmless beta once you meet her, but for the initial interactions online, your strategy is golden.

The other approach, suggested by our resident KJ, clearly alerts the girl to your intentions. And I agree with Roosh here, direct game, without building attraction first, is way less effective than indirect game.

Moreover, as the girl you wrote rightly points out in her reply, it is very presumptuous to assume that a girl's BF, if she has any, would feel threatened by you. For all we know, if she has a BF, he could be of much higher value than you, i. By using the asinine suggestion by Raul, unless a girl is very dunce, she would see clearly that your goal on CS is to use it to fuck as many girls as possible, which does not bode well for your prospects of doing just that.

Yeah, I know many girls use CS for fucking too, but , given the ASD nature of women, you often have to use under the radar strategy to get into their pants. For instance, telling a girl to come back to your place to "watch a movie", "to have one more drink", etc.

So the lessons here are 1 If you have empirical evidence that something works, be wary of changing it. However before you do, you should reason a priori to see if it makes sense within the system you are already operating. In other words, given the whole premise of your CS approach is to come under the radar, you should have seen that employing the KJ suggestion above would directly undermine and contradict what you are trying to accomplish with your CS approach.

Thus, despite the fact that many uses CS for fucking, going direct on CS is definitely the wrong strategy. And listening to the kj suggestion above is tantamount to going direct. Ha, Icarus beat me to the punch. Same idea as him. Am I supposed to waste hours hanging out with girls who may have a boyfriend all along or only intended to share pleasant stories about culture and travel? I only used RaulValdez's suggestion to test their reaction.

When I used the toned down "You think it would be OK with your boyfriend? And I was able to screen them. That's way more efficient in my book. I highly recommend the creating meetups advice as well, which I've been meaning to do in my area but just haven't been able to yet.

Listen, the times I went out with a single girl on CS, it worked out fine, often ended up making out. But I have also wasted nights out with girls who were taken and thought it was just going to be innocent fun.

I am not in the business of showing non-single girls a good time. Yes, it may end up being only innocuous fun with no sexual undertones, I'm fine with that. But I have to get a sense beforehand that there's a possibility for more and not run into the "I have a boyfriend" dead end. I've seen too many chodes at the club dancing with girls, thinking they're about the get lucky when all along she's already taken. Girls with boyfriends are often the most flirtatious cause they think its harmless.

She gets off on the attention since she's been with the same guy for so long. I prefer not to be be tooled. Threaded Mode Linear Mode How to use couchsurfing to hook up. The following 13 users Like dontuan's post: Icarus True Player Posts: How to use couchsurfing to hook up The joke is that CS is not a dating site, but the dating site "The great secret of happiness in love is to be glad that the other fellow married her.

Mencken This post was last modified: The following 2 users Like Icarus's post: How to use couchsurfing to hook up Yeah it's an inside joke that CS is not for hooking up yet people hook up on it so often. The following 3 users Like Icarus's post: The following 1 user Likes dontuan's post: How to use couchsurfing to hook up Quote: How to use couchsurfing to hook up Anyone ever use it to just hit up local girls for dates?

Roosh Innovative Casanova Posts: The following 7 users Like Roosh's post: RaulValdez Chubby Chaser Posts: The following 1 user Likes RaulValdez's post: The following 4 users Like dontuan's post: How to use couchsurfing to hook up Oooh yeah, you "need to understand the philosophy".

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Laos is like Cambodia. Never invite me to CS at yours!

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You are disgusting asshole.

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I highly recommend the creating meetups advice as well, which Hookup couchsurfing hooukp meaning to do in my couchsuffing but just haven't been able to yet. This guy is such a douche, hahaha. They all have the same body type, and I bet all have the same hopes and dreams and feelings. I had sex with two females I hosted, casually, but I never took any innitiative- they made their move on me, quite strongly. I have fucked some and others no because they didnt want. The idea, says Ana, is, "'You white dating sites in uganda come to my house, you can stay for hookup couchsurfing, and if I hookup couchsurfing you and you like me we are going to have sex, no strings attached.