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Louis Cathedral, the Lower Ninth Ward, and city cemeteries. Was visiting New Orleans for a few days and received a pass to the Athletic Club from the hotel where I was staying. I thought it was a sign, did it, and nothing happened! The brisket and the burnt ends were fantastic. Everyone should go to one of the 10 best Italian restaurant in New Orleans when they visit the Big Easy. I usually hang out around the toilet on Friday evenings and have always gotten lucky. Whoever described this as a cruisy park has a vivid imagination.

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Right off Bourbon St but worlds away in atmosphere! Twelve Mile Limit 8. It can be very busy with tons of hot students. Now if you like food and music and are importing your own talent New Orleans is an excellent place for a trip. Whoever described this as a cruisy park has a vivid imagination.

Boris and I made a brief visit there recently and are happy to announce that the party in New Orleans is still going strong. Amazing food, lots of live music, and plenty of heavy drinking make New Orleans a vacation destination worth visiting. But, New Orleans is not a great single dude travel destination. You can still make it happen there, but there are other places even in America that are much better choices as to where you spend your hard earned money and vacation time.

Do not, under any circumstances ,stay outside of the center of town. Everything takes place in the center and you do not want to be driving drunk or wasting money on taxis — central New Orleans is very walkable.

The most famous street in New Orleans and one of the most famous party streets in the world is Bourbon Street. Nightly the street is thronged with drunk kids, fat American tourists, confused foreign tourists and conventioneers looking for the party. On Mardi Gras the street is absolutely impassable and filled with screeching drunk college kids, floppy nasty boobs, beer bottles, and all types of human excrement.

The bars on Bourbon Street, especially close to Canal Street are super douchey bars with ultra loud crappy hip hop and Sweet Home Alabama cover bands, really trashy strip clubs, foam cowboy hats and airhorns. The strip clubs are fun though. A good tip is if you want to pick up strippers go to the bars and restaurants just up the side streets, and catch them before and after their shifts.

Just for the love of God, be careful. Bourbon Street is also home to some of the most overpriced drinks in America. You can easily go into a shitty bar and spend 7 dollars on a flat Miller Lite draft in a plastic cup. Go have a drink and move on. One more warning, Bourbon Street is home to the worst mixed drink in the world, the Hand Grenade. This is the first time I have ever seen Boris not be able to finish a drink.

Another formerly great street is Frenchman Street. Located just outside of the Quarter, a couple years ago it was an oasis of cool places with great music and smart alternative cute girls. Today the music is still good but the neighborhood has been absolutely taken over by hipsters. I went with Boris into my favorite bar there from years ago, The Spotted Cat , and the place was absolutely filled with losers in skinny jeans and ironic footwear with ironic mustaches and no life ambition outside of being too cool for everything, having the same tattoos as all the other hipsters and liking shitty emo bands that no one else has ever heard of.

You can still make it work on Frenchmen, but the odds are much, much worse than they were in the good old days. Serving modern American and Cajun fare in a hip, airy setting in the burgeoning Warehouse District. Good for seafood lovers and wine connosieurs.

Serving barbeque and other southern staples in a relaxing, youthful environment in the Bywater district; very down-home NOLA. Good for meat lovers. Serving Cajun and seafood dishes in an upscale setting in the gorgeous Garden District. Good for a night evening out. Make sure to make a reservation. This NOLA landmark has been serving up hot chicory coffee and beignets, hole-less donuts covered in powdered sugar, since Stop by after a night of drinking it's open 24 hours or before your day starts.

Where to Lay your Head in the Big Easy. To call New Orleans a melting pot would be an understatement. This crescent by the Gulf passed from French to Spanish and back to French hands before becoming part of the States in Plus, it's always had a strong connection to the Caribbean.

This sumptious beauty, currently undergoing renovations to make it even more gorgeous, is in the heart of it all; sandwiched between the French Quarter and the Central Business District. The central courtyard is made for romantic assignations. Also, don't forget brunch in the expansive dining room.

The rich and famous have stayed here and it's believed the Sazerac was born at the Roosevelt. Wait, are we in Paris? You could be fooled with this gorgeous property, built in , during the Gilded Age. The exterior is breathtakingly beautiful and the interiors are just as gorgeous. Located in the CBD, so very convenient if you're doing business in the city.

An affordable respite from the Quarter's craziness and close to Woldenberg Park and Jackson Square, the Bienville House has a cozy lobby and a convenient restaurant and bar inside. Historian and writer Glenn Louis DeVillier epitomizes New Orleans, with his debonair flair and hunger for good food, good drink, and good stories.

Glenn will give you an insider's view of NOLA's rich gay history on his walking tour, including the deadly fire at the Upstairs Lounge. Visit two neighborhoods, two cemeteries, two churches, and a haunted bar in the Vieux Carre. Participate in an special tribute at the tomb of Voodoo Queen Marie Laveau. It ends with you making and getting blessed your own voodoo doll. Small boat tour not airboats of the preserved wetlands with locals guides.

Get up and close with a variety of animals, and you can also try the tour at night. Two-hour tours start from 9: Call to arrange a pick up at your hotel, more info Jazz Cocktail Tour: Enjoying learning the history of jazz by going to four music venues with live music. Drinks guaranteed at each venue! All done in the lower French Quarter. Friday and Saturday evenings 6: Louis Cathedral, the Lower Ninth Ward, and city cemeteries.

Starts at 10 a. Wet your whistle at one, or all, of these New Orleans nightspots. The most infamous gay dance club in New Orleans, and possibly, the South.

With a sizeable dance floor, a second story that overlooks the action below, outdoor area, and hot bartenders, Oz is the place for gays to party down on Bourbon Street and is the epicenter of gay life during Mardi Gras and the Souther Decadence festival see below. Also, lots of album release parties and live performances.

Right across the street from Oz, the Bourbon shows hilarious videos on numerous TV screens that help attract a fun-loving and usually inebriated crowd. The 42nd event happens in , from August 28 to September 2.

While VIP passes are sold out, regular admission is still available as of July. One of my favorite places on Earth is dismissed by New Orleans natives as a tourist trap but you'd be hard pressed to have a bad time there. Pat O'Briens is a French Quarter institution, a giant entertainment complex that is broken into three sections — a classic Cheers-style bar, a courtyard restaurant area, and a kick ass piano bar.

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hook up spots in new orleans

Better luck in Bienville Hall! Rawhide is in the French Quarter; The Phoenix is not. Excellently designed tiki cocktails.

hook up spots in new orleans

Did we mention that Cougars love to keep in shape? One of my favorite places on Earth is dismissed by New Orleans natives as a tourist trap but you'd be hard pressed to have a bad time there.

hook up spots in new orleans

One visit here was jook too much for me. Located on top of the Trade Center, this club offers a degree view of New Orleans. Large clean bathroom with good recovery time and layout. Chicken live pate was good too. NO Pitbulls or Rotwielers. Buxom beauties can moscow dating hook up spots in new orleans hitting the trails, enjoying the scenery or taking in one of the many concerts held throughout the year.