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I thought this would take them at least an year, but it just looks like a development project with 1 sprint. Along with the rebuilt matchmaker, we also decreased the likelihood that inexperienced players will be matched up against those with a lot of games, and game knowledge, under their belts. Heroes of the Storm , Matchmaking. It's the same reason Blizzard won't specify how they work with the reports or how they ban players. I don't know how he ended up down in Silver rank.

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You can get someone with MMR facing someone at 3k. Also, although some games I may go without a death with tyrael And thank you for the downvotes on all my comments. Even tho they fixed it slightly today its still so fucking demoralizing to end up five ranks below where you finished the previous one. You may have a solid comp for a map like Cursed Hollow but if you end up on Braxis with a sub-optimal top laner you're potentially looking at an uphill battle. You'll click that "Ready" button and you'll get an Illidan that loses duels against a Murky. I went on a winning streak down there, but did not climb back up to gold ranks where I didn't belong.

Yea I recently started playing this season's HL but the matchmaking seems awfully off. Did Blizzard sacrifice the quality of matchmaking for the speed of it? I don't recall seeing any post relating to this. I make my mistakes, but no, i refuse to say i go around alone on the map dying 1v5 and not caring about the objective at all.

I can't possibly say that. Same, seems like it's pretty easy to identify when someone is just not near your rank. They're oblivious to the map and what's going on in it. Badly programmed ai seems right. The matchmaking of all moba games seems impossible to balance.

Idk, whatever they were doing before was pretty decent. All my complaints with match making are from when after they started changing it. It's so noticeably worse than it used to be. Ugh it sucks that it's so bad right now. Like you can just feel when mm fucked up, it's. Bout to quit the damn game, as if there isn't enough proof that it's fucked. I love how even though upvotes, this is no longer on front page.

Reddit must be stroking off blizz, don't want anything negative. HOTS is perfect game. Just won a game our team shouldnt have, we didnt take a healer, but the enemy varian in all his wisdom decided to build tank despite us having the killer of all things fat and keeper of the highest winrate malth on the team. When you take the multiclass hero who can build for damage or being a fat tank and your team still manages to lose to a team with no support theres a severe skill gap between those two teams.

It's like society and technology. We should be smarter and all peaceful. But some weirdos want to create chaos zombies and makes them migrate in the "modern" evolution, for no reason, instead of bringing peace and technology to them.

Sorry if I am not humored. I see where you are coming from, but I don't think it can be implied that the OP thinks lower skilled players are less deserving to play this game or are less human. I think the main point here is that the Matchmaker is not making better matches as time progresses.

It should be getting better with time and it appears to be doing the opposite. One of the primary duties of a Matchmaker is to make good matches, and doing so requires balancing a lot of things, chief of which is players' abilities to play this game well.

How good those abilities are doesn't make them a better it worse human I took a slightly more biological approach to criticizing the meme in my comment up there but you're exactly right. A lot of people don't realize that their usage of concepts like evolution and natural selection are remnants of eugenics. This is an example of that remnant.

It's kind of like the whole "tide pods are natural selection" thing. Asserting that people dying for doing something stupid as some sort of correctional system is saying that anyone that is not above a certain and arbitrary threshold deserves to die -- aka euginics. But people don't take kindly to being called out for making fucked up jokes, especially online.

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Portals Official website Reddit. Gamepedia Gamepedia support Help Wiki Contact us. This page was last edited on 16 November , at Heroes of the Storm and materials are trademarks and copyrights of Blizzard and its licensors. It seems that performance matchmaking is penalizing short games and giving extra points for long games.

Grubby also discovers the new performance matchmaking system. Cris gets PA for after ending the game quickly on Valla. Performance Adjustement punishes you for playing well, and rewards you for playing poorly. I ended last season in mid gold, went in placements and got put in bronze 5? Hero League placement results appear bugged for some. Play at your own risk! Did you guys experience any weird placements?

How do placements determine your base rank in the new system? Placement is the worst experience in HL someone can have. What were your placement results? How have your placements gone? Masters placement turned into Masters after a minute. Is there anyone who actually got normal placements? Let everyone who played placements matches, restart them. Masters play with Golds. Mewn discovers the new matchmaking system actually related to placement bug.

OMG the one thing Blizzard can't do right is matchmaking. It continues to be the worst garbage I have seen in any game.

Consistently, season after season I can't win more than 2 placement matches. At the end of the last season I had finally worked my way up out of Bronze Hell into Silver 5 and I was so excited!

This seems to be my level, I enjoy competitive games there. I am better than bronze I believe, but well out of my depth in plat. I have never got to gold before so clearly there is something still horribly broken. Around 3k games played, so i feel if I was better or worse than silver it would have shown by now.

I had worked my way up from Bronze 5 when I started playing this past March to Silver 5 at the end of the last season, and after going in hero league it put me into Bronze 4. Pretty much just want to quit now lol. So, at start of the season i went 8- 2 while i was playing with and against master player, all of the games were prty balanced and I even enjoyed games i lost.

My personal performance was solid and after each win i felt quite satisfied. Now, after 2 weeks i logged in, queued up for ranked Well done with ranked mode reset. Started vs gold 3 in placement won winning first 4 games, no matter if i won or lost i still played with and vs gold 3 players, landed in gold 3.

For some, placement did too much, for me, it did absolutely nothing. Please, give us back the normal ranked MM, we don't want this messy idea that you thought it is so smart blizzard.

Remove performance based mm. Please don't give us normal ranked MM. We like to try new ideas and want them tested out before we cry of how bad they are. People keep complaining that they're ranked wrong from win-based ranking to performance-based ranking Well of course they are going to be. What was effective for winning and in the old system is going to be drastically different to performance based matchmaking- especially with a low sample size.

They lowered my TL ranking from Plat 1 to Plat 2 from the correction they did. Don't really care, its just amusing how random they are scrambling to make changes.

The system is so completely broken at this point. Your reply and opinion are greatly appreciated, i have been waiting for 3 days for an acknowledgement and i can honestly says i had trouble sleeping the last few nights.

I hate to say i've delved into self medicating to fix that intense feeling of depression i have felt because of this. So thanks for replying, i will gladly bend over with a smile on my face and grind through at 20 minutes a game so basically 33 hours going teaming with people not on our level making everyone on both teams a horrible experience. Thanks for that magnificent piece of wisdom i probably could have missed without that reply.

Was talking about people complaining about moving down from plat 4 to plat This is actually less rare than people think. The main reason for a loss without a healer is that people tilt over the draft and throw the game.

If you just play it to your best and especially avoid teamfighting early, it is completely feasible to just play the map for such a lead that the lack of healer no longer really matters as you initiate each teamfight with a blowup or two. Went in my placements and got Bronze 5. What the hell is with that bullshit? Come on Blizz, you have to figure this shit out sooner or later.

I've finished Gold 3 once.. If you need to be carry by silver players, you are not really gold or plat. Its gonna take you a while, but is not impossible if you are really in that level. I was playing my sister account - she is silver 4. I'm the same man. I just finished a game in Silver 3 in which I lead every stat, died only once, and yet we were stomped before even hitting level I can't play ranked until this is fixed.

Aragiel apparenly got lucky with good teammates My suggestion of PBM is to turn it down and only help you instead of harming you then people will like it. Was placed in Plat the last two seasons, went in placements and got placed in Gold 2.

I think I should qualify for getting my placement fixed. I spent a year grinding from Gold 5 to Plat 4 and now my progress is lost. Played placements ended plat 5. Then they fixed me to plat 4. After 50 games im back at plat 5. In most games kills are something like 30 to 1. In same game there are ppl with 2,5k mmr and 1,5k mmr. This makes games horrible to play.

I have decided to stop playing hots untill blizzard understands how bad games are atm. And do something about it. Ranked is largely bullshit I was able to rank up preseason but since they've put in this bronze to master system I do a constant one up one down never budging from my placed rank.

Yeah I was rank two most of the time with the preseason stuff. Played it all the time. Many hundreds of character levels. Took like a year to barely play it off and on and started to get back into it seriously about a month ago. Low rank matches to start with because I haven't played in a while mmr decay?

Is that a thing in hots now? Made sense to me. Like it's just randomly putting me somewhere and wants me to stay regardless of performance. Have they thought about using a system simular to Rocket League? I know the system is still jacked up but I feel over time this will slowly right itself as players migrate towards there intended skill tier. Then Blizzard just has to figure out how to deal with Smurfs, boosters, and griefer accounts Lol, I know Rocket League ranking in general is trash. But at least the between season ranking system makes it slightly bearable.

If you think plat and gold can't hit the ball, god save you if you pair with silvers Anything would be better. They simply copied LoL and forgot that Riot actually put in a ton of work into their mmr system and designed it for year long seasons. The sad thing is that the team that got the task to fix it only did so because they used a buzzword with machine learning and simply believed in the magic that often isn't there yet and will take at least years for this use case.

That's very spot on. Just throws the while system out if wack and adjusts how people play. Can we get an update on when we can expect to see PBMM come back? Im awfully tired of smurfs ruining my game experience. They hadnt announce anything yet, but it will not be possible until next season. I doubt that they will implement it during the middle of the season.

I'd be fine grinding my way out of Silver if I was being rewarded for overperforming, and not punished for disconnecting teammates. Is this even live? Anyone knows what gives? Is this some sort of mechanism trying to push me to one stat or telling me simply not to play the game?

There's an internal rank that it doesn't show you that the system thinks you're supposed to be, so it adjusts your points accordingly. If you keep winning you'll push it up, if you lose you'll fall back towards it. Think of it as a bungee cord around your throat choking the will to play out of you.

I severly dislike this system. Why can't we just have something like dota has or had, I heard something got changed. Anyway, used to be in an even match you'd get 25mmr for winning and lost 25 for losing.

If mmr was a little higher on one team, they'd lose a few points more, gain less and vice-versa. But it was always just that. You could be a 2k player pushing up towards 5k and the only thing trying to stop you were your enemies. No behind the scenes system that was like "nonono, bad boy you're supposed to be back there", no. I just feel that blizzard's system makes things so much more frustrating with its abstract mmr and rank points and the bts supposed rank billshit; instead of being able to look at your last game and say "oh look, I went from mmr to mmr with that game".

And thank you for the downvotes on all my comments. Rational thoughts offend emotional arguments. However, because I lost my first 4 games, for every win I lose points and for every loss I lose an additional points. That means if I'm at a promo game and lose once, I now have to win twice to get back to the promo game.

I know this is standard practice for HotS and extremely frustrating , but I can count the number of times I've seen a positive rank adjustment on two hands I was hoping PBMM would help correct the issue, but who knows when that's coming now. See, I'd tell you to go and pick up dota - I've looked it up, they didn't change how mmr works, no, they just gave it hats - but I wouldn't wish that hell on anyone at this point.

It's so much time one could spend better by doing almost anything else. So what you're saying is I gotta go full JoJo-Pally-Artanis-Hokuto-no-Ken on that bungee noose and stretch it out with my ultra-manly neck to the point where my neck has got its exercise for the week? I knew they would fuck up. Called it right then when it was announced Blizzcon but the drones downvoted me to oblivion.

When trying to mendle with algorithm who takes so many variables into account, it's bound to be broke on the first try. They needed more testing before going live in production. Now there's the wait to resolve this We doing such a drastic change to the calculating mechanism of the only thing that affects how fair games are, but without major testing and without implementing fail-safe mechanism. I remeber when they released 2. Is there noone sensible left in charge? I thought this would take them at least an year, but it just looks like a development project with 1 sprint.

In other words - rushed. It really fell apart and I don't want to imagine what would be like now in their team. I say roll it back and leave the old system on the rails but if only it was that simple I see more and more people go "ehh, it was fun c ya". You do realize it was rolled back after 1 day and that PBMM has not been in effect for the entirety of the active season since the last reset?

The rolled it back because they didn't want to confuse the unrelated initial placement bugs with any issues with PBMM. Any complaints people have about the current ranked play are about the old system.

You shouldnt be ranked high You should be really playing unranked draft and learn what works and what does not. Diving in head first as a new player in HL would suck for you and your team. This is my first hero league season.

I just know how simple game mechanics and map awareness works. You master that and you are auto diamond even if you have no arms. Have you never used hotslogs or hotstatus?

Lmao I'm literally playing with people who deserve to be in gold and they are absolutely bad. MMR is not helping people like myself under these circumstances Hotslogs MMR is bullshit. Blizz already acknowledged the difference is big enough. There is too much missing information for it to work, besides a different equation. Hey, it's Dec 24th. I don't think you fixed it Blizzard. This community has tried to beg and plead for a fix for anyone who plays this game competitively in ranked modes.

Most have committed countless months becoming a better player, spending money in the shop to help support your game, and now here we are feeling like our progress means nothing. I'm currently sitting at Diamond 4 playing with people who were Platinum 5 last season.

That's a huge skill cap difference. That's your ranged DPS playing in front of your tanks. That's your healer not rotating to the team. That's your solo not soloing. And last but not least, your team travelling to the same place a teammate just got killed at to a 5v4!

Uploaded is proof that you haven't fixed your mistake. We appreciate you making updates to your camera system and unlimited ammo on structures, but what's the point of all that if we can't enjoy? I may have a bunch of game knowledge from my high account level, but I'm not good at reacting quickly in team fights, and I tend to tunnel vision too much at times.

I'm getting random drops in ranked lobby for the 4th time in a row. Anyone had same experience like me? My internet is perfect, I never had any problems with it so its not about that. Experience in the first 10 games were good. Had a russian bot once but otherwise it was just fine.

I get two extra points after winning even though I'm MVP and have the top stats around the board. And you still lose more points or remain at a stagnant points lost, even if you have some top stats in the game. If you win many in a row, it will add points when you win, and vice versa if you lose many in a row. Because your "hidden MMR" is in discordance with your rank. In other words, like it always have been in Blizzard's games. This ranked system is still messed up.

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heroesofthestorm matchmaking

They needed more testing before going live in production.

heroesofthestorm matchmaking

Ended up plat 4 with 8W-2L,

heroesofthestorm matchmaking

I doubt that they will implement it during the middle of the season. This is an example of that remnant. That will toss ya down by at least 3 divisions in MMR. Is that a thing in heroesofthestorm matchmaking now? I finished in my placement matches. I heroesofthestorm matchmaking in placements and i get put in plat 1.