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Archived from the original on 26 November As long as we live under the Rule of Man, we will never be free. How do you mediate disputes and insure fairplay? Thank you MH for sharing the knowledge of the year old secret. And he must be well-educated.

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Its a natural law of protection. One dating adviser agreed that love is risky, and wrote that "There is truly only one real danger that we must concern ourselves with and that is closing our hearts to the possibility that love exists. This is why we call this world the anti-civilization, it is always against life. Keep it simple by going for coffee or after-work drinks. Please sign me up for Aish.

Yet here too Prof. Porwancher has found documents that question this entrenched belief. Perusing Nevis parish records, Prof. Porwancher found many examples of children born out of wedlock who were baptized at the time. He also found that Rachel Lavien, who died in , was not buried in a Christian cemetery. Porwancher found himself thinking of that saying. As a lawyer in New York, Hamilton took on a large number of Jewish clients, the only founding father to do so. Hamilton not only defended his client, he issued an eloquent defense of Jews in general: Hamilton won that case, in what was at the time the largest award in American history.

Hamilton also had personal and professional ties to Jews. His children also had Jewish friends, which Prof. This was a highly unusual step at the time: Seixas was the chazan cantor at the New York synagogue Sheareth Israel, and the first Jew to sit on the board of an institution of higher learning in the United States. In the case of Hamilton, this support seemed to go both ways, with Hamilton taking extraordinary steps to make sure Jews felt welcome in the new United States.

In one notable case, that meant rescheduling a major political event. When the new US Constitution was being ratified by the states in , Hamilton led the movement to promote ratification in New York. In July of that year, Hamilton and others arranged a parade to promote the constitution.

Through his Jewish contacts, the parade organizers found that the parade conflicted with a Jewish fast day: Porwancher, these extensive ties with Jews set Hamilton apart from the other founding fathers. Although Hamilton married a pious Christian woman, Prof. Porwancher, notes, he never joined a church or took communion. He was born on the island of Nevis, WI.

If your writer got this simple, and well documented fact wrong I must say I am hugely skeptical of any of his other 'guesses'. Hamilton was a "staunch Christian" but "he never joined a church or took communion.

Having the name Rachel no more made Ms. Faucette a Jew than having the name Sarah makes Ms. The writer spills a lot of ink over Johann Michael Lavien who inexplicably morphs into Michael Lavien. But Johann Lavien was not Hamilton's father. He was no more related to Hamilton than you who are reading this.

The only issue about Alexander Hamilton's purported Jewishness is: Was his mother Jewish, or did he, Alexander, convert to Judaism? The answers from history seem to be No and No. Based on Hamilton's contribution to the declaration of Independence that all men are created equal and his other stands on the rights of the individual, you can relate to his families upbringing after leaving Spain during the inquisition and settling in the Caribbean, the safe haven declared by Columbus for the Jewish people,you can see this Jewish influence in his thoughts and actions.

It is time, yes it is time, to end politicization and regulation of our live and businesses by instituting The Prime Law of Protection and The Protection-Only Budget…. Harry Dolgin A world without initiatory force, wow! The Prime Law is a universal law that will kick out all politicians and Neocheaters from the governing body, and replace them with fully integrated, honest businessmen. How simple can it be? The only purpose of government is to protect its people! So grateful to you Mark Hamilton…..

Time to bring this to life! Remove the power base government once and for all! I am not able to post on wickippedia because my tablet wont let me finish my posts but so far I can post here. Each individual has the inalienable right to his or her own mind, body, and earned property regardless of those benefits that naturally accrue to others and society. Wallace speaka of this in the 87th. Imagine living in neighborhoods safer than Disneyland!

This is just a tidbit of what the Prime Law will bring to our nation. Thank you Mark Hamilton,……… for bringing us the vision of mankind living in total peace on earth! I recently came across Charlie Moore on Linked-in and my old Neothink memories rekindled. The insightful works of Mark Hamilton and Frank R Wallace coupled with enthusiastice clubhouses and the guiding hand of Steve Fagan on many calls played a significant role in my business success. So many literary works to challenge the mind while moving me toward the life I was created to live.

In a world where nearly 55 million people are about to vote for a serial liar, psychopathic and incompetent national leader having left a trail of death in their wake signals loud and clear that the age of Neothink is upon us… or my God help us. You will not be disappointed!

The year old secret, the prime law, will elevate man and promote pure love and pure honesty. Man is flawed and the implementation of the prime law eradicates flaw-filled man and removes man from the equation and gets us to adhere and work towards a higher standard. The year old secret will bring happiness and restore the dignity of the average man because all men will live richly including the poor.

The year old secret not only will get man to be creative and more of a contributor to society; once it takes effect, but will go a long way in reducing, if not completely eliminating debt and providing a budget surplus. Dishonesty, personal agendas and mysticisms will be a thing of the past and we will enter a new paradigm; that will be the civilization of the universe.

When America embraces the Twelve Visions Party, the party for depoliticizing America, three benefits will surface:. Their Friday Night Essence……. In our Twelve Visions World we will have depoliticized our medical industry and biological immortality will be the new reality. The Twelve Visions Party contributes to taking civilization into that brand new dimension never known on Earth. A dimension that will allow all people to experience unlimited wealth, unlimited prosperity and unlimited happiness.

Mark Hamilton is a writer, a teacher, a Mentor. I thank you, Mark for your Videos and your books. Mark does not lead me, I walk with him because I know he is right. I have learned a lot from him. I am glad to be a member of the Neothink Society. I am so glad I saw this video, it truly gave me some meaning and I am so looking forward to more moving forward. The purpose of each individual human life is to prosper and live happily.

Anyone can achieve that when free of force, fraud, or coercion by others. Forbiding initiatory force and coercion is the only political law compatibal with the prosparity and happiness of human beings. Mark Hamilton Thank you for being you. The Primer literature has impacted my life in such a positive way. A new way of thinking , a greater way of experiencing life. Dear Mark, I have the book: Outcompete God and Government: In the book, you have two Bibles: I read all Twenty-One chapters, of John.

I also read in two days, all Twenty-Two chapters, of Revelation. It was amazing to read, people should read the different between the Propagandized bible and the real gospel decoded. This country does need The Prime Law. Thank you for your time. I want to thank you Mr. Mark Hamilton as I have just watched some of your instructional videos and I enjoyed each one. Thank you…thank you…thank you. There is very important information in each regarding the Rule of Man and the Prime Law.

I also want to thank you for sharing your great and wonderful knowledge with our members. Your information brought back memories for me which filled me with great excitement and happiness. Thanks for keeping me Neo-Think-ing. The only movement that will end poverty.

Having a world that is full of abundance and thriving for all mankind! So grateful to you Mark Hamilton for your video of the year old secret!

Mark says, The neotech philosophy is the widest integration of any other ideal system it is fully integration honesty. With neotech new knowledge is beyond the conscious mind only because of time, the time needed to accumulate facts and information for integrations required to fill any understanding gap.

Unlimited knowledge, therefore, is separated from us only by time. Likewise, our own consciousness today and the most knowledgeable consciousness in the universe are both equally capable of understanding anything-even a knowledge a billion years ahead of all current knowledge.

Rule of Man is responsible for poverty, supression and tyranny. How do we get out of having to follow the Rule of Man and stop government from pushing their agendas on us?

We must set up a world living under the Prime Law which will take us into the next dimension lifting us into wealth, health and happiness. When America embraces the Twelve Visions Party the party for depoliticizing America, then three benefits will surface:. The valid purpose of government is to protect its people from those who violate them by using initiatory force against them. Our government has moved beyond its purpose and has expanded its agenda which is crippling us. Let me talk to you.

If it failures, blame me for talking to you about it. I would enjoy a reply on this question? Thank you Mark Hamilton, for taking my suggestion to include contract rights in the Constitution of the Universe, and to change the name to The Prime Law. Good job on the video, too. Mr Mark Hamilton thank you for your loving heart for all of us on this planet earth…. I know thank you is not enough… Thank You Neothink Society…. Thank You MrMark Hamilton for reveille this year old secret ….

Thank you for Prime law and Neothink Society.. Twelve Visions Party is very simple,free all victims by replacing then rule of flawed men with the rule of flawless law,The Prime Law… The Prime Law is t he fundamental law of protection and is the cornerstone of a protection-only Twelve Visions Goverment….

Mark Hamilton said that the rulers have waged war and even starved their own people to keep the secret from being known and that is the year old secret. Thank you Mark Hamilton for th Prime Law, also for all your writings. I use your giudance in my small farm to complete my managing decisions. I am in need of the Prime Law as I have contracts signed and one of which is in danger of fraud.

In the A C the law will drag the legation out for several years. The Twelve Visions World is the only way to live!! Thank you Mark Hamilton.. Life just keeps getting better and better, living by the Prime Law! Law is the fundamental. Law of protection and is the cornerstone of a protection- only Twelve Visions Goverment. Thank you Mark for telling us how this is possible! Imagine a world with no initiatory force, the freedom that we would have.

A world of no regulations. James zeallor from phila hi Charlie we need to fill the executive branch inner mind space with this learned documented knowledge also get these advanced tech buildings going that will effect the numbers mark Hamilton digger fagan are the main platforms. As long as we live under the Rule of Man, we will never be free. Reason as the guiding voice of humanity no longer lives. If it did, we would not be headed in the irrational direction that our country is headed…….

In this world that is full of hate and pain. We must move the world into a mentality shift. The Neothink Mentality shift. We learn to create the mentality shift with the help of the writings in the Prime Literature.

Thank you Mark Hamilton, and you are so right we have been followers for so long and have been programed to obey with out questioning any thing in our lives. I believe that the rule of man is only for the few who have power over the many.

I follow the prime law. I want to thank the neo think society and the Twelve Vision Party for changing my life completely. Thank you Mark Hamilton for all your books and Dr. So much help for my life. You have given me the courage to live as I was meant to live. I am glad to be a member of the Neothink Society and to live with intigrated honesty. Government should lead a nation for protection only.

That is the one valid purpose for a government. We have a government that is constantly using initiatory force on us. It is time to put the Prime Law into the Constitution and deny the government its practice of using initiatory force on us. Let us thank Mark Hamilton for the creation of the Prime Law. I see every indication of the upper class trying to send the world back into the dark ages I see it in politic see it in religion, in Hollywood moves, examples like: Waterworld, Eli, all kind of fiction with a hidden massages, that will decline society back into the dark ages, I see the same pattern when the christian converted Roman to christianity which started the decline and finally the beginning of the year dark age for the whole world.

What was able pull the world out of that condition? That is what we are seen today new knowledge from Mark Hamilton revealing the thousand old secret the prime law. Thanks to Mark Hamilton for this knowledge.

The more rule of man laws a nation has the greater the poverty and chaos. We need the Prime Law the Fundamental of Protection in our Constitution to protect us from the rule of man. Come and join Mark Hamilton in creating a world of natural law. We must do away with the rule of man before it is to late. I want to thank you for putting this up for all to see. I am proud to be one of your students. Rule of Man is used to force the population into obedience. Thank you Mark Hamilton for this 3, year old secret.

The Prime Law is wonderful. The answer to so many problems. Thanks for helping me understand. You can believe the politicians, the talking heads on television, the religious leaders, etc. Or, you can believe in Yourself. MrMark Hamilton thank you for your insight…….. And thank you for identifying the root cause….. It is years overdue…….. So we are flaw-filled humans, throughout history man has found a rule, holding back our freedoms.

Twelve Vision Party, The only movement that will make all the people rich, including the poor! Thank- you Mark Hamilton. Thank You Mr Mark Hamilton for unveil year old secret to a new mentality…. It seems simplistic at first glance. Yet, it seems possible and doable upon further examination.

Mark Hamilton is telling us to remove the rule of man we must remove the fundamental ingredient that nourish the rule of man. That ingredient is initiatory force. Come and join Neothink and work with us the remove initiatory force.

Mark Hamilton vision of TVP and the Prime Law will create the twelve vision world which is just one of the puzzle piece to reach the final goal of biology immortality and Mark creation of the Neothink society is another piece of the puzzle that will make the vision a reality. The Prime Law will set us free from the parasitical elete. I agree with both. The Prime Law is awesome for the human race in the 21st century.

Humans are flaw filled, easily influenced, corupt especially where they are granted or assume power and have their own agendas. This rule of law will be flawless and will govern flaw filled man to the greatest achievements this world has ever known.

Thank you for opening our eyes to the lies and deceit that our leaders control us with. A force backed government will never allow us as Americans to prosper. Thank you for this neothink literature. The prime law amendment to the US Constitution will put everyone in a position to live the life they were meant to live. Thank you Mr Mark. Hamilton for your vision and love for mankind and Thank You Neothink Society..

The rule of man must be replaced by natural law. This will be done by using Neo-Tech and Neothink by all the people. Using the Prime Law will make all the people rich including the poor. The sooner the Prime Law is in place the better.

Rule of Man are using our own money and technology against us. See it over and over again and listen and. Thank you Mark Hamilton for giving us the Prime Law. The Prime Law will lift all of us into a world of wealth and prosperity never seen before. We will remove the disease rule of man. I am grateful for all that I have learned from neo tech and Neothink.

Thank you Mark Hamilton for all that you are doing for mankind. I see differently with a heart and mind full of love and determination to live life fully, No followers, no leaders, a world of limitless possibilities.

The prime law is the ultimate natural law that will bring all of us into prosperity unlike anything we have ever seen ,where government will back off, Which is how the U. Thank you mark for saving my life and the lives of many others around the globe.

Mark has an amazing video, we are all flawed-filled imperfect people. I would be happy if I could find and do my FNE. You people give out Inspiration, Motivation and Stimulation.

You also talk about Open-Ended Growth Creativity. You give people knowledge that they need. This is a very powerful, piece of knowledge, that we all need, for all countries. To Everybody who reads this: Mr Mark Hamilton, I thank you for all your foresight for providing all the opportunities for the Neothink Twelve Visions Party making this land we preside on a perfect place for our freedom and prosperity.

Thank you MARK; The literature has and continues to enable me to improve my life as well as the lives of others. Everything will fall in place when it does.

The Neothink journey is full of many self discoveries.. Being of pioneer spirit, I have traveled over some dusty paths, trail blazing is in my DNA…….

I am in Love with the Prime Law!! I will continue working towards ending the Rule of Man, and Launching the Wealth of mankind! I am living my dreams thanks to Mark Hamilton. Thank You Mark Hamilton, your father and all of the mentors. Today after listening to the year old secret dialog, it was the first glimpse of what it could be like if the TVP and Prime Law were in place in our government and how sweet and nice that could be.

I always thought it would be but today I could see a glimpse of the reality of life with it in place. What a blessing it is and I appreciate you all. Initiatory force is so ingrained in the rulers and in the people that it seems to be natural and unavoidable — that is — until the PRIME LAW becomes the fundamental of protection.

Everyday I think about what the Prime Law could do for mankind. So we must let mankind know about the Prime Law. Thank you Mark Hamilton……..

I will go to the bylaws again to find the website that Mr. Hamilton gave to us in the above. I am tring to keep abreast of the calls to hear of any changes.

Can you imagine the flavor then? Thank you Mark Hamilton for being so courageous in bringing this to the public. So many lives lost because of this year old secret being kept from us. It is very crucial that we replace the rule of flaw-filled man with the rule of the flawless Prime law. The solution has been the same for centuries. Human Beings consciousness have the ability to create or stagnate. We must be part of the solution. It was our childhood dream to end poverty and to prosper and live happily.

Why do adults follow the same responsibilities for years, instead of going into deeper levels of knowledge and going onto a happy prosperous life. This video addresses this age old question and gives us the solution.

It is a cause and effect world. One is either the cause help us end poverty or is the effect. The orginal design can be understood by observing our behavior and our structure of our society throughout an one thousand five hundreds years period. If we could send ourselves back to the time of that one thousand five hundred years ago, we as modern people would be seem by our ancestors to be weird or seeing as weird.

To us they would be seem to be in a trance, walking around seemingly to be without a soul. And functioning automatically and systematically to their surroundings world. Which sometimes they would be hearing and acting to imaginary voices of their gods. Or be waiting for directions from their oracles or God-Kings. Who would hullucinated the voices from the higher God for the rest of the crowd. These strange people around the modern person would have no sense of self or they would be merely empty shell of automatons with no internal thoughts.

They did not have the linguistic tools that would separate them from the world around them and to think internally as we do today which they had no inner mind space. No thoughts and no judgments which they went through their lives only reacting as other animals do. I love the insight Robert, As you know here in Tucson, I see it here too.

Ever since i became a member and read the literature over and over again. Life is different for me. Never want to go back to the old way. Love to hear from you again brother. It a great video! It horrible to see Hillary Clinton running for president of the U. I would like to know who is running for TVP for ?

I would like to know how to vote for that person? I would like to know when to vote for that person? I would like some kind of information to my questions? Also, do you have enough people to have a chance to vote for who ever is running? The best of happiness for you people, for May you have a great chance to do something.

In this great video Mark Hamilton talking about how to protect individual rights through the abolition of all initiatory force. Many thanks for this creation Mr. The prime law is a great tool! Mr Mark Hamilton Is providing to all of us and now to the world.

The prime law can make any Person realize that we can have the power of making decision for the benefit of our own life and our love ones, we understand the Prime Law , we can show the road of living better with independent manners by using the responsible statements of the prime law. Each book is a treasure to me containing mental tools to carry us into a bright new world.

A world where all the people will be rich including the poor. This book is one of the most important books. I love what it teaches us and I make every effort to put the content into action. I have been searching and searching for years and thought it was me wondering that there is a problem with government, something was off kilter. I could see it and feel it. No person has the right to rule over another, and Prime Law will see that this never happens again.

I will see to it that this site is viewed by many, many people and will even speak about the content of the video. My eyes are open, I am excited, extremely hopeful and encouraged to see that what is stated in this video becomes the reality it should be. When the threat of nuclear and biological warfare on this planet has been eliminated, at that moment we have Peace! This Prime Law as an amendment to the U.

Constitution will bring Pure Freedom to all Americans! Imagine living in a world where everyone is Wealthy, and Poverty is non existent, there are Jobs for everyone, the quality of life for Everyone has Greatly increased, no more crime and terrorism, and there are cures for many of the diseases that cripple us. Dear Mark Hamilton, how did you find out years old secret, the prime law.

Eradicating rule of man on earth will be a great service to all mankind. Why should one man rule over other? It really is a disease. We really need to go into next dimention. Lets make the Prime Law a constitution.

The Prime Law, the fundamenal of protection. The purpose of human life is to prosper and live happily. The function of government is to provide the conditions that let individuals fulfill that purpose. Through Prime Law we can achieve this goal. Its a natural law of protection. Self-discipline a must for everyone with just one vision in life.

Mankind lives in a wonderful society at peace with everyone prosperity everywhere and love for the highest good of all. Needs a restructuring of mind to attain that dimension where initiatory force is absent in the governing body.

Mark, you embodied the Cosmic Law. Thank you Mr Mark The prime low make me Freedom,safe my house for the fraud,becos gowermen wanna still my hous. I em nau sayfty I has a Sikret society,I wana live the live were born to be. I create happy live,healthy end rech.

Neothink pierces the fog of dishonesty created by the parasitical elite class, akin to a life protecting lighthouse atop potentially lethal rocks. Hamilton for sharing such nugget of knowledge.

Who on earth would not agree with you on the rule of man? We are all seeing how, on a worldwide scale, some men in governments rule with greed and have very little regards for Society as a whole let alone the poor. I feel that it is purposefully imposed in order to destabilise the world.

Our generation and the next generations will depend on it to prosper and enjoy life with love instead of fear. Most people are aware and dissatisfied with the present times. Mark Hamilton let us all take note of what you say. Mark thanks for your video on the year old secret.

This lets people know that the rule of man is the beast. We are being set free! We the People are only one vote away from total, prosperity in every area in life! And we will happily, do the rest because we know that any honest, Candidate armed with the Prime Law will remove all non-valid aspects of government; which is everything that does not have to do with protecting its citizens and their property and more…!!!

Even in a relatively free democratic country the rule of man is still pervasive. The populace is still controlled and exploited by the ruling class as they are in tyrannical nations, albeit at a more subtle level.

The pernicious taxation and regulatory policies of modern western governments have resulted in a loss of competitiveness, leading to declining standards of living for countless people. Such policies are always touted as being for the social good, for example to fund a stream of entitlement programmes and to justify destructive foreign wars.

Throughout history women have often suffered to the greatest extent via the rule of man. Culminating for example in the deaths of many thousands of innocents in Europe during the Dark Ages.

Mark, a new breakthrough here!! I recently replied back to Lisa… I wrote a very long message.. It was positive but very serious, I felt good but exauted after writting it. Well I wrote two sentences that says it all Mark… I have no copyright on it.. Have you noticed that all NTs are extremely good looking?? There you have it Mark… your message is evident.. Hey… why not have a NeoThink Pet Site.. Actually this brings me to a true story here….

I was a product developer for 30 years.. At the time I honestly believed that I would capture. A large Corp… warned me I could not do it without them. I was eventually wiped out by Sept o9… I give myself a lot of credit though…. Perhaps others can but not me… I now rather have fun in creating silly little fun thingnys. I know for a fact that I will never become a competitor again…. I came here to live in abundance and I do miss my little jaggy so much and the home with all those rooms… Ah… lets just have fun… but our cat does miss his sushi..

Thank you Rita I have a neothink dog. His name is NeoZon. He is six months old He is a KyiLeo. I have never seen anything like these dogs. I befriended a lady who is 80 years old and have been lucky to run across these dogs. For almost five years I have been freely care giving, I think she has only seen her daughter twice a year and the girl lives five miles away.

All Fran waants is to live out her life with her dogs and all Lila says is it is time to give up her dogs. It is a long story. We have two puppies that are one week old today. I want to see them go to Neothink homes. I would love to give one to Marks son but I just started this journey. I read the books and just got a computer a week ago also. I would love to have a Neothink pet store lol.

Thank you for this inspiration. Me and my son who are N. T have been searching for a a new friend. However, for over a hundred generations man — contrary to his true nature — has been increasingly conditioned by ruling class elites to conform. The height of conformity is initiatory force and threat of force.

When done to a global population an anti-civilization has been created. Like a mafia that forces a man to pay for protection or have his legs broken, governments force people to pay for its protection or be put in jail. Jail is the politically correct term for cage. Taxation is the politically correct term for theft. In other words, government gives the illusion of protection while doing the opposite.

Actions speak louder than words. Man creates and produces more than he consumes. Otherwise slavery would be impossible. Second, as man increases his understanding of the laws of nature he increasingly controls nature to more effectively and efficiently preserve and protect conscious man — himself and others. The true nature of conscious man is that he is a self-governing, non-conformist, essence-driven creator of values.

He lives a creation driven life. He could be creating a new musical ensemble, building a house, knitting a sweater, working a farm, creating a cure for human death, creating a new way to detect life on other planets and etc.

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Imsges: hamilton dating ideas

hamilton dating ideas

Reason as the guiding voice of humanity no longer lives. We need a relationship with ourselves one that takes us within as our own authority. He was surprised at seeing everyone treat me like I belonged.

hamilton dating ideas

We all have suffered. I long for the CivilizTion of the Universe where everyone will be rich, even the poor, but I long for love and honesty more. Many people spend too much time living in the past.

hamilton dating ideas

To my astonishment, he often took that as a cue to ask me out again. I study your literature and my fifteen minutes mini day daily and dating places in pampanga improves my memory. Want to learn why and how we got into this mess? What a blessing it is and I appreciate you all. Once The Twelve Visions Party is in office the government will be a protection only service and everything that protection involves such as justice, courts, police, prisons, hamilton dating ideas defense. I thank mark Hamilton for his works but for the t. I want to thank Hamilton dating ideas Hamilton for sending me the books.