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This train uses the same carriages as the Hong Kong-Beijing train, and runs on the days when the Beijing train doesn't. To avoid font problems, please follow the font set in the template, which includes title, author lists, abstract and affiliation. The glass to the cab is often kept frosted, defeating the object of the sightseeing area, so I'd stick with regular first class. Small local ticketing agencies are located all over town. The quarry works from each of the past dynasties, dating back to the Western Han BC - 24 AD , leave behind a legacy of countless majestic red sandstone cliffs, perilous peaks, stelae and winding stone forests and grottoes.

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More advice on Chinese visas. Although I started queuing at English-speaking ticket window 16, the queue for non-English-speaking window 15 moved faster, so I used that one. At the highest point Chinese train numbers usually start with a letter, which indicates the category of train. Other left luggage offices are likely to charge similar prices.

Their carrot cake was fried with egg, chilli, spring onion and a dash of the best-carrot-cake-powder! I knew it the moment this happened. This traditional Chinese store had been in operation since and is one of the most popular dessert places in Guangzhou.

Despite its name, Nanxin also serves savoury dishes like beef noodles and wanton noodles that the locals seem to enjoy very much. The dessert was smooth, light, sweet and rather addictive. Legend has it that the herbal jelly was named as such because real turtle shells were used in the making of this dessert long ago. Guangzhou is filled with street upon street of wholesale shops selling anything from fake flowers to pipes.

For the upmarket shopper, spacious malls offer the latest Nike shoes and other branded goods at a steal. Navigating the area is tricky - Beijing Road Pedestrian Street refers to the cordoned off shopping area with bigger brand names like Nike and Adidas, but the streets around Beijing Road that are also classified as Beijing Road offer unbranded wholesale items like sleepwear and stockings. Head towards the cordoned off walking area and be amazed at the number of Miniso lifestyle brand quite similar to Muji from Japan shops you find along the stretch of road.

Roasted chestnut shop in Beijing Road. Apart from shopping, Beijing Road also offers a good variety of street food. Channel your inner Singaporean and join the longest queue you see. Eager shopping aunties about to begin their shopping marathon. The other shopping district behemoth is Shangxiajiu Pedestrian Street with its rows of affordable retail stores. We managed to buy a whole new outfit for less than RMB SGD30 for two people and even returned with change to spare!

Despite the cheap price tag these clothing items are actually made of relatively high quality material and were well worth our money. Of all the different types of teas, flower teas are more popular in Guangzhou. There are teas that help to lower blood pressure, preserve youth or even help you to lose weight. While they may not taste very nice, the locals swear by them. As this is a wholesale tea market, the prices are extremely attractive. From the largest Catholic cathedral to the 3rd tallest building in the world, Guangzhou proved itself to be full of surprises.

The best way to go up the mountain is via cable car where you can best appreciate the scenery as you climb up the mountain. Visitors can also choose to take a 3 hour hike up the mountain which will lead you to a temple halfway up reminiscent of the ones seen in the Shaolin Soccer movie. It cost us SGD8. It was a little foggy when we reached the peak so our view of Guangzhou city was unfortunately blocked.

Be sure to pick a clear day when visiting Baiyun Mountain so that you can make the most of your trip. Looking at this picture you would never have guessed this was a street in Guangzhou. Shamian Island, to be exact. This quaint little island with European accents is a hotbed of activity on the weekends with budding fashion designers and photographers making the most of its gorgeous surroundings as a backdrop for their photoshoots. The whole island gave off a very relaxed vibe, with many locals enjoying a slow stroll by the water or a game of chess along the main street.

The White Swan Hotel offers luxurious accommodation with sea views and even has its own waterfall in the lobby! Multiple good eateries are located on the island including Orient Express mentioned above. If your idea of China involves congested streets and overcrowded places of interest, think again. We caught sight of a group of people doing yoga and elderly folk taking leisurely strolls around the grounds.

Apart from being incredibly scenic, the South China Botanic Gardens is also home to research facilities and conservatories that include plants from all parts of the world. Right smack in the heart of the bustling Haizhu Square is this gorgeous Gothic-style cathedral that has a reputation for being the largest of its kind in China and the Southeast Asia. This is a functioning Roman Catholic cathedral and also the seat of the Archbishop of Guangzhou.

A kilogram of soil from Rome and a stone from Jerusalem were used in the building of this cathedral. This cathedral is made entirely out of granite and without the use of modern machinery! Apart from roaming the grounds of the cathedral, the public is also invited to sit in for mass when it is being conducted.

As this is a religious site and short skirts are not allowed, visitors will be required to loan an apron from the front desk when they enter the sanctuary. The cathedral is a great place to seek some respite from the bustling city centre and also a great spot for pictures! The name of this place itself caught my attention when I was doing research online. It took us 1. Although we hired a private driver for half a day, people also told us that one could easily take a taxi from the city to the Garden.

We arrived at 10am and the grounds had already begun to get crowded. Contrary to its name, the Millions of Sunflowers Garden was in reality a flower theme park of sorts with rides, castles, cartoon figurines and even a garden dedicated solely to Princess Diana. Kids and adults alike will be fascinated by the variety and the randomness of the attractions, but most definitely by the sunflower, lavender and rose gardens. Visitors can also ride the free train that takes you around the massive flower garden in the middle of the park.

This is also the backdrop for the evening performance shows that take place in the gardens. Of course, not forgetting the main attraction - the sunflowers! There are two sunflower patches in the park; visit the one closer to the rose garden as they have more flowers in bloom.

The sheer variety of flowers alone make the 1. Ticket prices are pretty expensive for adults, but there are also attractive family packages on offer. The Canton Tower once held the title of tallest tower in the world before it was later surpassed by the Tokyo Skytree in Nonetheless, the Canton Tower still holds the title of a very respectable third tallest building in the world today.

Despite standing at m tall, the building only has 37 floors. Another interesting fact is that it only takes a minute and a half to reach the very top of the Canton Tower via the one-of-a-kind high speed elevator. Apart from being an observatory, the tower is also home to a revolving Mediterranean buffet restaurant, a French restaurant, as well as a little cafe on the 2nd highest level. Patrons to these eateries will have to purchase an admission ticket in order to dine there. The view from the Canton Tower is far better after nightfall when the city lights up like a million shining stars.

We could think of no better way to end our night in Guangzhou. Before Scooting to Guangzhou, I would never have expected such smooth traffic, advanced public transportation systems and friendly locals who were more than willing to help a bunch of lost tourists out. Make the most of your trip by flying there with Scoot!

Unlike other low cost carriers, their wide bodied planes offer far more spacious cabins and comfortable seats. Scoot flies daily to Guangzhou with a 1: Pre-book your exclusive hot or premium meals to enjoy a discount as well as trying their new dishes including Hainanese Chicken Rice and Dry Laksa.

I went with Nasi Lemak this time. Please click here if you are not redirected within a few seconds. Reviews On Singapore Culture. Popular Food Specific Guides. Most Popular Shopping Posts. Vascular Biology is a vibrant discipline that is establishing itself as an important translational research platform across all fields of medicine.

The goal of APVBO is to promote vascular biology research, advance practical application of new discoveries, and facilitate education and training in this discipline across the Asia-Pacific region. It is our hope that it will lay the foundation for new contacts and collaborations between the newly emerging and established labs and promote academia-industry contact that are vital to effective implementation of scientific advances.

Guangzhou is the third largest city on the southern coastline of China. Being a pioneer of the economic development in China and a neighbor of Hong Kong and Macau, Guangzhou serves as a commercial, scientific, educational and cultural center of Southern China. We hope that you will enjoy the great food, natural beauty, and the vibrant night life of this thriving metropolis. Please read all the information below to ensure that your presentation go smoothly.

All the reimbursement will be arranged by our Financial Department after the conference. For reimbursement, please provide with us the following:. The registration fee includes attendance to all lectures, coffee breaks and lunches. Please note that a team with 6 persons or above signing up for the APVBO conference will enjoy half-price concession on the registration fee. Please mark your team and the number of person when you pay for the registration fees.

For example, Group of Yun Li 6. For Bank Transfer, please contact:. Any cancellation or alteration of your registration must be notified in writing to apvbocontact yahoo. For more information, please visit: The more convenient way would be by Train. You might need to take a taxi or metro to Hung Hom Station. Below link will provide more detailed information on how to reach Guangzhou from Hung Hom Station Kowloon.

For ticket booking and train schedule, please check the link below: There are four flights from Hong Kong to Guangzhou. For more information, please check the link below: Below is the flight info and timetable as of July Please check the website for any changes at the time of booking.

You need to clear customs in Huanggang or Shenzhen Bay. Below is the timetable. Make sure to get off at The Garden Hotel, Guangzhou, which is about 15 minutes to the conference site by taxi. For more information, please click the link below: For more information about hotel nearby the conference site, please check the below link: Pearl River Night Cruise is good way for visitors to know Guangzhou.

During the night cruise, the visitor can enjoy the cultural and historical sites and several famous scenic spots on both side of the river while accompanying with gentle breeze of night. The whole trip may takes about minutes. Below are some of the spots you can enjoy during the night cruise. The bridge of Liede Bridge is a single pylon and double cable plane spatial self-anchored suspension bridge, meters long.

Bridge main span of meters, ranking second in the world, the first in the same kind of bridge. Pearl River beer factory: It takes the beer industry as the main body, the beer and other related industries as the support of large-scale modern beer enterprises, is the world's single largest beer brewing center. Guangdong Museum of Art: It is named after the musician Xian Xinghai.

Looking like a zhanchiyufei swan;. Haizhu peninsula garden and sailing club: The building with a few top day flash, night full-bodied shiny "cuckold" is "Haizhu peninsula garden". Haizhu peninsula garden is located in Binjiang Road, at two island, adjacent to Haiyin Park. With a height of 1, feet meters , it is the highest TV tower in China and the third highest in the world.

The tower has been a must-see scenic spot in Guangzhou. From the top, visitors have a birds-eye view of the whole city. Inside the tower are wonderful entertainment items, romantic restaurants with delicious food and several fine lookout platforms for shooting photos, some of them holding many top world records. The tower is also noted for its unique design.

Mark Hemel, the designer, was inspired by the bones of the female hip joint, and then he created a slim waist in the middle of the tower just as a fair lady twists her waist while looking behind. At the thinnest part, the diameter is about 32 yards 30 meters. The tower has become a new city landmark and one of the Eight New Sights of Guangzhou. No matter visitors have a Pearl River cruise or just wander along its bank, they can see the majestic tower.

Especially at night, the tower seems like a resplendent dress, ablaze with colorful lights. Guangdong Museum is a first-rate provincial museum in China, containing , items, including calligraphy, paintings, ceramics, woodcarvings, and gemstones.

Covering an area of , square feet 67, square meters in downtown Guangzhou, it looks like a jewel box from the outside with five floors above ground and one floor below. There are five permanent exhibitions in the museum: From ancient times, White Cloud Mountain has been one of the most famous spots of natural beauty in Guangzhou, and it's still known as the First Spectacular Scene of the city.

Every time the sun shines after the rain, and through late spring, a wreath of airy clouds circles the mountains. This is how White Cloud Mountain has won its name, and its reputation as a marvelous spectacle of nature. The total area of White Cloud Mountain is about 28 square kilometers 10 square miles , consisting of 30 peaks. Moxing Ridge Star-Scraping Ridge , known as 'the first peak under the southern sky', is about meters yards high.

You can stand on the summit and look over the whole city and the beautiful Pearl River, the most famous river in Guangzhou. This area is an ideal place for people to relax. It has six areas that are popular among visitors. The most impressive attractions of the Ancestral Temple of the Chen Family are various superb carvings extolling nature.

They are in the forms of wood, brick, pottery, stone, lime and things like that, of which wood carving especially fully demonstrates the great achievements of the art of carving in Guangdong Province.

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guangzhou dating website

It's around 24km, a minute taxi ride or around 1h35 by metro line 1 then line 2. Courtesy of Bas de Graaff.

guangzhou dating website

You should buy your ticket back to Beijing when you get to Badaling. However, don't worry, in a major station ticket hall, all ticket windows can generally sell tickets for all trains and routes. Not only is the train ride an experience in itself, the trains are generally very punctual and reliable than flying, avoiding the many delays affecting flights on this crowded air corridor.

guangzhou dating website

Always check the current situation with Tibet Permits, as over the last few years requirements have been tightened up due to the political situation, making travel difficult, then relaxed again. Always arrive at the station in plenty of time before the departure of your train, perhaps minutes guangzhou dating website departure. Photo courtesy of Frances Partridge The first regular passenger trains started running over the new railway to Lhasa in Tibet on 1 July At night the inside of the carriage doors froze hard but websitee carriages themselves were very warm and comfortable. You can easily tickets online at www. Buying tickets is normally fairly easy, sparks speed dating are given a ticket with 'S2' printed on guangzhou dating website and you can use this on any train with a train number beginning 'S2', meaning any of the trains shown above. Daging started running a bus from just outside Badaling station stopping fuangzhou at the cable car guangzhou dating website then at the main wall entrance, bus fare RMB 80 one-way or RMB round trip, guangzhou dating website according to one report ' the bus goes very slowly and sits around for a while at the cable car, so it datimg be quicker just to walk