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This first sentence says nothing eye-catching about the woman and is very bland, and boring. I sort of remember that I initially posted an incomplete profile, did not pay for a while, but still received daily matches, even before I finalized the profile and paid my dues. I keep getting notices of Winks and then when I log on, they are not anywhere to be found. If you were able to block your own profile from their search results they could easily find out that you blocked them by signing out and then searching for your profile or by creating another profile and searching for your profile. They may be writing to a file on your hard drive, and reading that when you enter their site. BUT yes, when you open email that is sent to your phone, or your private account that is not opening it from match directly, it will and does show as opened from match. If someone hid his profile and you had a link to that profile email, favorites, etc I think you should still be able to view it.

Your Membership

Some profiles listed under the newest members side bar have been on the match site for months. My ex who was a habitual cheater and drug addict who beat on us and emotionally bashed us, ran up big debt and just a horrible person has the most amazing profile. You can either hide it from everyone or have it visible. They actually have to view your profile for you to be aware of anything. Eventually, I changed my outlook and just treated first dates and a mini-adventure where I got to meet someone new. I really miss him and I wish I could go back and fix whatever went wrong.

Often we click on a profile only to discover that the person is not the right match. Private browsing allows you to do this without upsetting anyone. I also hate the Online Now feature. Match is seriously lagging behind some of the other dating sites with respect to privacy and what they offer their members.

I think I may cancel my membership with them and stick with the ones who offer some degree of privacy. I have changed my match. My question is, sometimes I get emails from match. I am NOT and have not changed it back to public status, does match do this on their own from time to time? Hey Annie…my wife actually had the same problem after we had been dating.

The only thing we could think was that she had logged back in at one point and perhaps that had re-enabled her account automatically. Great post, Brad, thank you very much. That makes me nervous. It makes me feel as if I should respond to winks, emails, etc. With the online now feature, it does reveal that a service has a lot of active members. Could he actually NOT be on match but show online? I agree with the comment about match. I think this could have to do with how the web browsers work or just a glitch in their system.

I say this because a few months ago a guy contacted me and he was angry with Match. He was saying this because when he logged in at 5AM before work there were something like 5 pages or people showing online according to him.

My thought is that Match. Even though all you did was open a copy of the match email remotely. I know this because I have a second account I watch from my iPhone and my main account I use on my computer. If I am home on my iPhone, my iPhone is set to use my ISP service first my wifi and it will always toggle my online status.

Something I just thought of and quiet possibly what is happening… I think some WiFi may have a firewall that blocks the receipt back to Match. But when I go to alternate locations away from him via WiFi it has not up me online status. IF SO it maybe possible to setup your computer to block as well…. Tthe images are hosted images by match. When your computer loads them it informs match. The way to prevent this is to disable images within your email account and then clear cookies. Oddly, some images will still pop up, but it has stopped my account from permanently being shown online after opening any of their emails by testing with my non-logged in phone.

Again, this is my best interpretation of the system. Soooooooooooooooo glad I found this thread today. I was cheated on before in a very traumatic fashion, started dating this guy who travels a lot but seems to make every effort to keep in touch with me.

When logged in, click on the Profile link and then click on Photos 2. You should then be able to browse and upload photos. Also, if you have trouble with that Match.

Email the photos to this address: In your email include this information: Your full name, your Match. I searched my Match name and it shows me online now.

I have cleared all information in browser before going to the match site and even renewed my ip address, yet still saw that I was on line now. I think if you read email from match. They may be writing to a file on your hard drive, and reading that when you enter their site. Can they still read e-mails? They are hidden 2.

They blocked you create a second account and surf for them using their user name 3. They deleted their account forever. They created a second account and using that one usually to ditch people. What seems most plausable to me is that they met someone but forgot to take their profile down.

When they saw someone new expressing interest in them it would prompt them to remove their profile. I cant seem to contact those who are online but not on IM. I would suspect that favorites would just be a flag on the profile that you would remove but clearing out who you viewed or who viewed you sounds like something that would stick around. At the top right of the profile, you can see an x icon. Hold your cursor over the x and you will see remove appear when you click the x.

A pop-up box will come up and ask if you are sure you want to remove and it will show yes or no continue. My question is if you mistakenly hit yes and that was not what you wanted to do how do you get the profile back?

If you hover over the gear in the upper right, then pick settings, you should see a section where you can unblock people it should show you the full list you have blocked and you can change it. AWS23 — online now should mean what you would expect it to that they are visiting the website and you should be able to contact them.

Is my unhidden profile searchable for non-members? I sort of remember that I initially posted an incomplete profile, did not pay for a while, but still received daily matches, even before I finalized the profile and paid my dues. I do not have a problem with match. Thanks for your take on that. A few years ago when you went to Match. I just went to Match and tried to do a search as a non-member well, no logged in at least and it looked like it was going to let me search but at the first page of search results it forced me to create an account.

Hi Stefan, thanks for being here for us newbies. If you click that X is will delete them as a favorite. Hi Brad, Lets assume I am not logged into Match. Does clicking on a profile from the Match. Ok I have a match. I have been seeing a guy for a few months. We took it slow but for weeks have both talked about And agreed to be exclusive.

He was upfront about having a match. Imagine my surprise when my roommate is on her 7 day trial match. She said she had emailed him not knowing I was dating him and he had not responded HOWEVER she had also winked at him and he viewed her profile so he was obviously on there at some point. I didnt want to get him all defensive so I just asked him if he was still on the site and he said no but he was getting match emails and winks and even message notifications so he doesnt think he is hidden but he doesnt pay anymore so cant do anything at all on the site and that he will eventually get around to trying to figure out how to get rid of it completely.

I asked my roommate if it would show him looking or being online if he reads the emails and she said no not the free ones. She also admitted that pretty much every day his profile says active within 24 hours and only once since she saw him on there has it said active within 3 days.

Him and I talk constantly and hang out a lot so I doubt he has a lot of time to be actually meeting up with anyone but at the same time it seems weird. I mean how much is there to do for a non subscriber to log on at least once a day??

And do non members still have the IM option on their profile?? Just to alert you and everyone else reading your blog that Match. I realized today that my account had been hacked, my photos been taken down and my profile been changed. I was suddenly transformed into a middle aged female looking for guys! Customer service immediately blocked my account and granted me a full refund.

However, they said this happens from time to time when the associated e-mail account has a weak password — the hacker accesses the profile via the e-mail account, changes the Match.

Just thought I post this as a cautionary tale — needless to say my enthusiasm for online dating is somewhat diminished. Check out this article for my thoughts on these situations:. Always be careful online with your info and dont assume anyone is what they say they are. Some people are just there playing mind games. Same holds true vise-vera. My ex who was a habitual cheater and drug addict who beat on us and emotionally bashed us, ran up big debt and just a horrible person has the most amazing profile.

Know these things when using match. Stefan — I seriously doubt this is an inside job from Match. You can see more on my thoughts on the Romance Scam here: You can read more on my thoughts on this here: HI, my IM on match.

Now whenever I attempt instant messaging the window says: To open Messenger, go to the tab or window with one of these speech bubbles: Could it be that you have to have a message from someone before you can chat with them? The same thing is happening to me.

Just wondering how they can achieve this????? My guess as to how they do this is probably by keeping a cookie for your web browser that will automatically log you in when you view a profile via email.

Is there a way to have private pics that I only make available to individuals Im interested in? You can do this on POF and match affinity. Not a bad idea…anyone ever used something like this on Match? Az — my best guess is that she had her profile hidden and was browsing profiles picking favorites then unhid her profile. Or, are they listed in no particulate order?

Hey Pat — if I had to guess I would think the 4 would represent the new people who had viewed you…so yeah, probably the first four. I have a match. He took down his profile and I did as well. I favorited him and while it still shows his profile is hidden or deleted, every so often it will say active within 24 hours or 3 days or 5 days. What are your thoughts? Hi, I am having problsm uploading pictures. I use the UK match.

Is this just happening on my computer? I think this is even sometimes caused by the emails that Match sends and if you look at any of the Matches they send you it will show you as having been logged in. If you challenged him on it, it seems to me he could challenge you right back. You could try a different computer but you could also download a different web browser like Firefox or Chrome and then try it there.

I know you can block certain individuals from contacting you on Match but when you block them does it also block your profile showing up in their search and having them look at your profile? I am having a terrible time with this blocking policy, because I just found out that all blocking does is prevent messages.

I am a paid user and I do not appreciate being told by a representative that i have to PAY for feeling invaded and uncomfortable. That is not fair. How is that sane or reasonable? What are they even thinking? This is news to me M — how did you confirm this was happening? If you email me on the contact page, I can give you my account name and have you block me and I could confirm.

If they are indeed no longer a member of the website and I were to send an email, would they be able to read it or would they have to re-subscribe? Would I be able to tell if someone is searching for me, finds my profile using the search tool but does not view my profile?

Even if you were subscribed and then someone sent you and email, to read and reply would require membership. They actually have to view your profile for you to be aware of anything. When I confronted him about this one month ago he showed me his account. He clicked on an email from match which was the profile of an interested member. Her profile was visible but it was limited and he could only view it further if he re-subscribed.

He shows me the match emails he is still receiving. Sometimes he deletes them but if he opens one, his status changes. Louise — an unsubscribed member will still show unless they hide their profile or delete their account. Hiding the profile is very easy though. If I remember correctly, you just go to the account settings and change the visibility status. A match rep with whom I spoke clearly stated a few points.

This was in the discussion of paid subscribers. If a subscriber then opens a match. This means a subscriber does not have to log into match. It updates, many times unbeknownst to them, by virtue of opening correspondence. The content of a match. Opening anything from match will reflect activity update time frame. Gets many into trouble if they have agreed to not visit the site. Updated activity time frame will NOT appear under the same circumstance if a subscriber has hidden their profile.

When logged into match, saved or non deleted former correspondence will show the hidden profile picture, but the account bio is invisible. Be aware that this is a common problem for people who have deleted their profile. Match has often showed people as being a subscriber when they have been long gone. This tells more about the truth. A few scenarios may be the culprit: Match did not remove the profile though the subscriber deleted it. Let says- The active within period displays the user as being active within 24 hours, 3 days, etc.: Then- The subscriber is still opening emails from the match.

OR the subscriber has logged into match OR or someone has gained access to their match account. OR someone has hacked their associated email account and is opening match correspondence through that means or logging into their match account from the email address OR your exclusive significant other is full of you know what. There should be none of that if two people have agreed to stay off the site.

The only way to know why a profile is active after deletion is to call match directly and insist on a clear, concise answer.

Ask them to send an email to follow up as proof of your concern. As many people that are brought together, a significant portion are broken up by match sneakily updating activity feed or failing to remove a profile that has been deleted.

Trust is essential in any relationship, but match is contributing to its violation when employing dishonest practices to boost their membership count in their success.

Hiding the profile is easy and can be done in a couple of seconds. Deleting profile should be. But often is not removed thanks to match. Pictures can remain years after expired account or those that have not been removed by match. Active within period would be more accurate for discerning your exclusivity — even if match is at fault for not removing the profile once the subscriber has deleted the account.

Can I hide my profile from one viewer e. This would prevent him from seeing your profile if given the option to block from search or block from contact, choose both of those options. I told him he was full of crap…. Tough to deny being online at that point. I also had a similar issue with a now recent ex. He was also showing up as being active in last 24 hours, which I was uncomfortable with when I went on one week to check after many weeks away from the site.

He claimed it was because his ipad automatically logged him in…. When you put yourself in unavailable mode can you surf profiles and they dont see? Have never been sure about that. Also I want to hide my profile as really do not want to be coming up on searches at the moment, nor found by anyone as needing some space.

I would rather hide, than suspend my account. I used to see this about 6 months ago but Match changed a bit. Hey Jess — if you hover over Profile at the top then click on Settings, you should be able click a radio button to make your account hidden. Do you just mean not visible? If I go back on to their profile page and hit the block from search and block from contact buttons will they still see I viewed the??? Also, I believe the list of people who have viewed you drops people off the list after 2 weeks so you could also just wait a while and be sure to not look at the profile again!

Have I been blocked by this person? I have someone added as my favorite. When i click to view my favorites it says I dont have one selected. When i do the search, she is viewable and it says she is a favorite.

I am assuming that means she is not hidden, but also I am not blocked? I want to go back to Visible with my profile, and start being active again looking. On Match, I am not a paying customer, but I have my free active profile. When searching, I made one person a favorite who has an active paid profile.

However, eventhough I can not see their profile by general, random view, they still show as a favorite of mine, and I can go into their profile. Their profile still shows active, however, the profile does not show any pictures available, and it shows that they have not been on the profile, at the time of this email, for 3 weeks.

What is the situation here?? Again, what is the situation?? Still…I think it could be better to talk with her about this!

Here is the text from the match. They will no longer show in your search results or in your other lists. If you were able to block your own profile from their search results they could easily find out that you blocked them by signing out and then searching for your profile or by creating another profile and searching for your profile.

I guess that makes sense Sam in regards to them creating a new profile. But looking that the help, I do see you are correct.

Thanks for pointing this out! Tracy — I believe that if someone you have added to your favorites hides their profile that you would still be able to see them in your favorites.

Ive been dating this guy from match. I noticed his morning his profile said active in a week. Later on it said active in 2 weeks. Is this a glitch in the system or could he be changing the programmed script to read something else? Please help, very confused!

Maybe the automatic counter went past 1 week in between the time you viewed him that day. Not sure if I should try to contact him again or not. Can any explain how you are viewing the profile? We could always experiment if someone wanted to email me their user ID and then block me!

I have someone listed as my favorite and I can no longer see their profile so either they blocked me, hid their profile or are no longer a member…not sure which. I hoping they hid their profile overall since we have met and all seems to be going well. Additional Profile Information Unavailable — this happens when someone deactivates their profile hidden. I have also IM the same person this morning, and the text was blue, when i logged back in it had turned red and has nowdisapeared completly?

BTW I have subscribed to the mobile package, as i cannot always get onto a desktop. Tracey — is it possible that all the further communication is being tracked under that first email you sent? The same thing happened to me. His picture is still there, but I cannot click on his profile at all. He still appears in my favorites, yet he is the only person that I cannot check out his profile. Since he had already sent me an email I was able to respond to it, but I would not be able to send a new e-mail.

Has he hid his profile or blocked me? I just stupidly opened up my very old match. He was still on my blacklisted list.

It said he was online from my blacklist and I clicked on him to see his profile! Will he see I did this?! I really dont want him to — he scared me quite a bit, but curiosity got the better of me. This may be a silly question. When searching for people on match do they appear in order of when they were last online?

Hey Lucy — to me, it looks like the searching does favor people based on when they were last online. I have been searching random people on match. I have no profile set up. Do you happen to know if my email address or anything that would identify me come up? I am a completely normal person who is actually a little nervous to go back out into the dating world.

My email address I used has my name in it. What do you think? No, Dee Dee, they can only see what you share in your profile. The only way they would get your email address is if you specifically told them what it was. When a person has been blocked, will they know it? What if there has been correspondence? Does a notice appear they have been blocked?

My boyfriend of 5 years and I broke up. I found out that he signed up to be on match. I had to find out for myself if it was true, so I made an email address but I did not do a membership or anything. I am able to see his profile to see if he has been active to or not. Will he know that I have viewed his profile and how many times I have viewed it? I have the match. There is one I want to delete so I go the button for change photos and they are all there but displaying as the same icon so I never know which one is the right one!!!

I think changes you make in one place will also show in the other. Hey- are there any defects in the email read notifications?? Yes, you can read Match email that sends a copy to your private account. It toggles it was opened but may not put you online status. My theory is that if you are opening your email from iphone away from your ISP service possibly at work or using wifi elsewhere it wont put you as online status.

BUT yes, when you open email that is sent to your phone, or your private account that is not opening it from match directly, it will and does show as opened from match. Has anyone else run into this issue?

However, some people disable the IM feature so not everyone who shows as online will show the option to IM. How is this possible since they just sent something to me. Steve — I believe that would happen if they have hidden their account or if they had blocked you. Or is the changed information treated like a new account and the prior account history is not shown? My boyfriend and I have been dating for over 6 months and we actually met on match.

He told me he deactived his account 4 months ago. Recently, our relationship is going thru some tough time, and my six sense told me to check his profile activity status on match again. I had his profile saved in my favorite. Does it mean he logged on within the past 4 months? If that is what it means, I will confront him and break it off. So if he was active last month or last year, in both cases I believe is shows that.

When I search for a match. Does it tell you when someone deletes their acccont by saying user account has been deleted or user account is closed. They may not want to point out that people are deleting their profiles. Hi there How can I tell the last time someone was online without clicking on their profile? Hazel — I thought when viewing search results or your favorites it shows the last time they logged in without you having to view their profile.

Is that not the case? If someone has blocked me from contact, will they show up as who viewed me? Anyone have an idea on this? So when I came to work today.. You actually have to view it through the area where you edit your profile. Rest assured though, as long as your profile is visible it will be in the search results.

Kelly — with the email, I believe that they could still contact you. Someone tried to contact me but I was busy and now i realize that he blocked me. Today i sent an successful email!! Will he receive my email?? My question…if my profile is hidden, my viewed me counter is at say , then , how did it go back down to ? I have some questions with the online now status. I know she has an android phone. Could it be she gets logged in whenever the app for android gets something like a profile view or wink?

Also, just from my own experience, their cookie for their website is pretty aggressive about keeping you logged in even when I change the setting it sometimes still seems to default to keeping me logged in and I continue to use Match because I review profiles sometimes so this happened recently to me.

Although can everyone see when an email has been opened? Additional profile information unavailable. I can see her in My favorites, her active status and home photo. Is this a block or some other matter. When searching for profiles on the right there is a side bar listing newest match members.

Some profiles listed under the newest members side bar have been on the match site for months. Does this mean they just renewed their subscription? For example my husband is on there. I believe when reported, Match. I have two questions… If I have someone show up in my singled out match of the day do I show up for their singled out match or any of their daily matches?

Same question if I have a hidden profile. Recently, I could no longer see a profile that I used to be able to see. However, when I did a google search, I was able to view the profile that way.

Any ideas on how that happened? Hey Brad, If my profile is hidden will I show up in other people matches? They added you as a favorite before you hid your profile 2. The two of you communicated by email. Is their account finished? I suspect whoever your viewing has hidden their profile, some of the data is not shown until the un-hide it.

Someone I have been dating says he no longer has an active profile. However, he is still in my favorites and when I checked it, his picture shows up, says he was active within an hour yet I cannot view any other details. Can you tell me if he has hidden his profile or has he deleted it? What does a search for someone look like if they have deleted their profile? May — that sounds like a hidden profile to me.

I had addded someone to my favorites list while hidden.. I could still view their pic and profile while being hidden.. A few weeks later they hid their profile as well, but I could still see them in my favorites when they were hidden..

Is it possible that they deleted their entire profile account from match?? But do these things really explain who you are or show your personality? Some have been good, others, well, not so much. As you write your own profile, use them for inspiration and keep these tips in mind. If you like all three, you could just be the love of my life. ToniaGoesWest, 29 I like my artsy with a little bit of fartsy. I love Sundays spent drinking massive amounts of coffee and lingering over newspapers and comics yes, I read comics.

And my Friday nights? What can I say? I love that damn mouse and always had a thing for cowboys. The fort I made in my basement when I was LetsGo, 33 You know that person in your group of friends who is always planning something but maybe gets a little too crazy about it sometimes? Putting together experiences for people is great, but I like to create my own too! Perfect dates are going for a hike, followed by a visit to a new local brewery or trying a new dinner spot and taking a walk nearby.

I work hard during the week, fill my weekends with activities, and definitely can be a big ball of energy at times. Out of all our tips, my number one for men and woman is to add details to your profile. One makes you sound like everyone else, the other makes you stand out. Give Them an In This next tip is especially for women—If you add a question or a conversation starter for the person looking at your profile to message you about, it can really help someone break the ice and message you first.

So help people out! What truly horrible lives they must lead. Do you have an odd laugh? Freak out at scary movies? Are you blunt and to-the-point?

Use a Quote If you have a favorite quote or song lyric, add it in.

Imsges: good advice for online dating

good advice for online dating

I live on the East Coast and travel to West every week for work. Block from contact Block from search Report a concern The top two links are the two block features.

good advice for online dating

Does it means this person is not a subscriber?

good advice for online dating

Can Datkng hide my profile from one viewer avdice. Again, what is the situation?? I am NOT and have not changed it back to public status, does match do this az dating websites their own from time to time? I read good advice for online dating of these comments. It is free of fluff and very compelling for a guy who can appreciate this type of no-nonsense attitude good advice for online dating a person:. I have tested it because it has been making me crazy. When we first started dating again we were both still showing up in searches because we matched so high in what we were looking for.