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2017 Shahs Of Sunset Reunion Part 1: Secrets, Lies & Broken Ties

golnesa gg gharachedaghi dating

I felt safe with him, so I thought, 'Let me try something new and show him a little bit more of my vulnerabilities, and I'll try this intense commitment. Party-goer who walked in on two Irish rugby stars allegedly raping a woman is 'central to the case' because She is straight up wth the truth. Press Enter to Search. Sounds like you are MJ or some idiot friend of hers!


And you have libeled Asa on this site for the last time. And Golnesa 'GG' Gharachedaghi doesn't hold back when the cameras stop rolling. Susan Sarandon, 71, looks hip in eyeglasses and a leather jacket as she cheers on New York Rangers Veteran actress Not Abbey with your teeth? I make just fast decisions in the moment, and I pay the price afterwards, and I am right now. Did you notice Reza is wearing upside down stars and all red, black and a bit of white? Jess Shears shows off her incredible physique in scanty lingerie

She continued, "Those conversations eventually led into talking about marriage and kids. I think I was forcing myself to see a [future with him]. As you may recall, they started dating in September, and he ended up proposing to her in December in the middle of Times Square.

She continued, "I was wearing ripped jeans and a turtleneck, and he was in sweats. Cute outfit, not for a wedding day! But even in all the excitement of getting married, GG said she knew right away she'd made a mistake.

And my mom is going to wake me up and then kill me again. I make just fast decisions in the moment, and I pay the price afterwards, and I am right now. GG continued, "It was my ego. I had come this far and I made this promise to him and I wanted [to follow through].

However, she admitted that less than 48 hours went by before she realized their marriage was not going to work. I'm typically more of the man in a relationship, so I will never do that, let alone put a ring on my finger for you and then start doing that.

It's not going to happen for me. GG announced she had split up from Shalom on March 2, a little over a month after tying the knot. News at the time. GG said we will get to see all the ups and downs of the relationship play out on the upcoming season of Shahs of Sunset , premiering July Versace Bids Farewell to Fur: This content is available customized for our international audience. Would you like to view this in our US edition?

Would you like to view this in our Canadian edition? Would you like to view this in our UK edition? That game is old and tired and I stopped playing a long time ago. Her first husband was Persian-American. They manufactured and sold drugs together. They divorced; Asa gets most of the money. She got a great opportunity to come to this country and she wastes it by pursing art projects. Jermaine will be taking Asa to court. Asa and her former partner had a hippy dippy herbal supplement line.

One of the this items in the line was marketed as natural ecstasy or some such one of the ingredients was Epheda. Then ephedra was removed from all over the counter supplements by the FDA.

A lot of men flee from the responsibility of having children. And yes, I get that you are judging these people based on what you see but at the very least, be realistic and take into consideration that TV producers have to EDIT most of what they film — all I am saying is: What are we 12? I wait with baited breath…. Beyond that, who gives a fuck?

Time for Shahs to retire. I am just curious as to where you are getting this information? How do you know he is taking her to court? How do you know he is dating 2 other women? I am not doubting you necessarily, but would like some proof to back this up. Jermaine is dating two other women while dating Asa which he only dates on the rare occasion. He also plans on marrying one of his other exes going back to his high school days. She made racist comments about Nigerian headwraps.

Asa can never forgive, give an apology or accept an apology. Persians are, for the most part, racist against blacks as is most of the Middle East sorry to generalize. You are still considered slaves in most parts of the world. Asa is accepted by blacks and so only hangs around them because her own Persian community rejects her she is weird after all. I meant to write: I would NEVER be jealous of someone like Asa because her man wants nothing to do with her; she will be a single mom and Jermaine will take her to court.

Vida has a right to criticize her but Asa wants everyone to bow down to her — a sign of immaturity and selfishness and NOT spirituality.

Again, Asa is nothing special. Asa just needs to always act like she is perfect — and by the way, that in itself is NOT spiritual. To sue her for something? I can see an oopsie pregnancy, but not making and freezing embryos. Also, where do you get your inside info about asa being hated by all Persians?

There are just so many strange and kind of deranged parts to your comment. All middle easteners are racist against black ppl? You seem to care A LOT about bringing asa down. While the others are more mature bc they act immature!

This person is obviously a troll. No one accidently does IVF and the comments like this are simply meant to antagonize. It makes no sense and simply cannot be true. Zoroastrians were the first people in Iran, not Muslim — therefore the hating of blacks etc. It is one of the most ancient faiths in the world — philosophy. I think you are extremely hateful and delusional! Why are you spreading hate and gossip? It is NOT true that Persians hate black people or anyone for that matter.

They are originally of Zoroastrian faith or philosophy and it is established on love, light, doing good, thinking good things, and saying good things at its very basic ideology. It is the first monotheistic believe in one God faith in the world and and you cannot be converted. This nonsense about racism which is not a national mindset may have entered into Persian called Persian not Islamic Republic of Iran when Arabs invaded Iran and did genocide. I learned 2 very important life lessons in kindergarten that have stayed with me my whole life.

First is tell, tell, you smell. Nobody likes a tattletale. The other is that boys are stupid. I think he looks better without the mustache. In think sherv looks worse with all his facial hair.

Did you notice Reza is wearing upside down stars and all red, black and a bit of white? He has blatantly sold his soul for entertainment or one of the shlls bc he keeps emphasizing his jewishness.

GG made me so mad in her attitude about Israel. Well, she WAS wearing camo. So someone said something—big deal. Meanwhile Iran kills and persecutes Jews and Christians. Muslims can walk around freely in Israel—not so for Jews and Christians in Iran. Israel is more tolerant and free. Gays on the other hand…. Now she is complaining about how hard motherhood and breastfeeding are.

She wants everyone to bow down to her, as if she is the only woman to have had a child. She is desperately keeping that connection alive. Asa is completely over it. You think Jermaine, Jr. They all just used Michael and his money, bunch of low lifes. There are hundreds of Jacksons running around. Spouse and I watched the reunion on dvr late. Your recap is dead-on. I am 56 and she is if I recall She is 11 years younger than my tired-old ass. If she got pregnant today, when she is 56 or so, she will have an 11 year old.

MJ likes a cute baby. Vida is exactly like every non-US mom I know. She is straight up wth the truth. My grandmother told my mom that had she been able, she would not have had even half the 16 live births 12 to adulthood.

Planned babies is a luxury. I would so watch that. I feel for Asa. She has a lot on her plate, and doing a reunion yes I know she signed a contract is probably the last thing she wanted. Spouse said she probably has nannies. But still, this is a human life she is ultimately responsible for.

Last piece of wisdom from my Polish grandma. When more boy babies than girls are born in a time period, that means war is on the horizon in 20 years. She had a run of boy babies before she got healthy girls, so I can believe Asa had all boy embryos. What just because MJ is wanting to do IVF that means that nobody else in the whole damn free world can do it too.

I had no idea about so much information that was in the recap, it was really great. I can see how it could be offensive. But can see how the show probably changed that an awful lot. Thanks again, great recap. I definitely stand by enjoying the things I was blissfully unaware of, and can live just fine with that. My take on this is that Andy likes to knock people off the pedestal when they place themselves upon it and Asa is the queen of that.

She comes across as smug. He goes after Luann in a similar way. But Bethenny goes on and on about her faults and Andy just loves that. KaraW, my intention was to say that it is unfair for Asa to get asked questions, Bethenny probably would not have been asked. My only problem with Asa, is being unable to end the question. But seems to have been removed. Asa is more smug than Reza or Mike for that matter?

He never goes after them though. He is the most arrogant of all people. I agree with Cheryl B. These people are mean spirited. I have had the same closest friends for over 40 years. I love them to death. But there are some things that are just between my husband and myself.

Asa is happy, however her baby got her is between her and her partner. Honestly, I have been captivated by this series from the outset. Over the years since, my treasure has been to watch these kids grow and grow and grow.

But Tamara, the best part has been your reporting. It would be like me wearing a bathing suit to tour the Vatican…. GG knew exactly what she was doing. I remember reading something about Jason not wanting Bryn on RHONY and thinking that was interesting considering he was totally fine with her on TV as an infant during Bethany Ever After while he was in front of the camera also.

Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. Notify me of new posts by email. She is such a jealous selfish bitch!!! MJ is ugly like Phaedra is ugly, inside is rotten to the cure.

That is fucking delusional. That is NOT a fact. And you have libeled Asa on this site for the last time. Sounds like you are MJ or some idiot friend of hers! I thought the same thing when I read that post. Who is Via to criticize anyone? These are kind of derogatory and inflammatory statements you are making. The lunatics have excaped the assylum! I was astonished that Vida likes Tommy! Tamara, I watched the show first, then read your recap: Thanks for the recap, girl.

True, I just liked how TT made the point. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

Imsges: golnesa gg gharachedaghi dating

golnesa gg gharachedaghi dating

But even in all the excitement of getting married, GG said she knew right away she'd made a mistake.

golnesa gg gharachedaghi dating

Mike says he does, everyone else thinks she used an embryo and Reza is the last to answer.

golnesa gg gharachedaghi dating

When she tells them she did not have to use her embryos why not accept it. Oh, the warm glow of seeing the return of the fillies in fur: Reza says that he was floored when Asa shared that she golnesa gg gharachedaghi dating used IVF. I am not doubting you necessarily, but would like some proof to back this up. Relieved Elizabeth Hurley heads to London airport