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Frum Dating and Marriage

frum dating advice

I visited his mother and it was a beautiful trip. June 15, Charlie Harary on the Passover Seder A min class delving into the contemporary meaning of Passover. Two weeks later, around the first of Adar, David called me and asked me to marry him. The relationship was growing, so it was natural to invite her to visit my community.

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I liked his answers and thought there was potential. He visited me on Chanukah. Yes, I know I "turned" my ex frum , but I'm not going down that road again. That first date was quite a doozy. I was looking forward to our next date. My mother is a convert, and both my parents made tshuvah when I was 5. I've met two of the three guys I seriously interacted with so far on Frumster.

On the other hand, I haven't been successful. Of the six matches, I declined three of them with legit reasons, actually and two declined me.

The other is "active," and I'm waiting with utter anticipation praying that perhaps something positive will come of it. Everyone dreads a match "timing out" on SYAS.

It can mean one of two things: You pray for the latter. And then there's the old fashioned "who do you know" thing. That's failed me so far -- after all, I don't have a network of relatives around the world to help in the shidduching. I'll be completely honest: I've never hated dating. People always show up when I'm not looking and I've managed a lot of long-term relationships and romances that have served me well. But things are different now. Being frum means there are certain things you can't do before marriage, and it also means that in communities like this where the amount of frum single people can be counted on one hand that you're mostly alone in your endeavors.

This isn't Washington Heights, folks. There are no singles dinners or groups of girls getting together to keep each other company. Don't get me wrong -- there are, as I said, lots of single Jews in Colorado. It's just being one of those in the frum category that puts you out.

It's like me, as a gluten-freegan, having a job in a kosher bread factory. So much to be had! But so much of which I cannot partake. I'm trying not to get hung up on being a divorced convert. In fact, I'm beginning to wonder if this very blog is getting me down when it comes to the shidduch universe. To the kind of men I might fancy, this can be a huge turnoff. Patience is not a personality trait I harbor. Oh HaShem give me strength. Share to Twitter Share to Facebook. The best thing for you is taking the direct route.

Go on Jewish dating websites. Find some frum single men there and send them a lot of text messages. Maybe you can snare a date with some of them. May Hashem help you find your zivug soon and without difficulty, and give you the emunah and bitachon to get through the whole parshah without getting stressed out!

Log into your account. Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 of 4 total. I hoped that he would. That first date was quite a doozy. Here I am meeting this nice woman for the first time. We had a fabulous Shabbos with the best food I ever had and I met her wonderful loving family. On Motzai Shabbos we were at a romantic outdoor garden on the banks of the Hudson River, sipping drinks, and Judy mentioned that she knew someone I had dated in the past and had some questions.

I answered her questions, but it was intense. I was surprised at what a small world it is and that everybody seems to know each other. After we settled those issues we had a wonderful time and I was really looking forward to getting to know Judy better. This time we got together with his daughter who was in town on Sunday. My younger son came along. We went to a museum together and the four of us had fun trying to find a bathroom amid all the exhibits. Before he left he asked me if I would come to Ann Arbor to visit him.

At that point I wiped my profile off of Frumster. Frumster had done its job. I was very excited about having a second date with a very attractive, warm and interesting woman, who let me know that she was interested in getting to know me as well. Judy had introduced me to her children the first time we met, so I combined a college tour scouting trip with my daughter with a visit to Judy.

The relationship was growing, so it was natural to invite her to visit my community. He paid for my passage to spend an amazing weekend in Ann Arbor over Labor Day. The Hashkafa is similar to my neighborhood. I met his Rabbis. I loved what I saw, what I heard about him, and I enjoyed the community and the shuls, and even though it is very different from NY in terms of access to kosher restaurants and Jewish things, I was able to imagine myself living there.

We agreed to continue evaluating our relationship without touching — which was challenging because he is a very, very attractive man. He took me for a long romantic ride in the moonlight on his boat and we shared a bottle of wine. I loved what I saw. I had a really good time showing Judy the hospitality of the Ann Arbor community. I invited some friends for a barbecue and boat ride and Judy completely took over the kitchen and cooked up a storm. She made a lavish feast for all my friends. Luckily we used paper plates no dishes to wash!

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frum dating advice

This isn't Washington Heights, folks. I agreed to join him. Although, truth be told, the next interested guy better haul himself to me.

frum dating advice

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frum dating advice

What other kind of convert would I be frum dating advice The other is "active," and I'm waiting with utter anticipation praying that perhaps something positive will come of it. I love cooking, and he washes dishes. June 15, I hosted all the meals that Shabbat. So much to be had!