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Join Jason on the following adventures: Finally, there is a huge number of campgrounds in Canada. Cities such as Montreal, Toronto, Edmonton, and Winnipeg often pride themselves on their diverse summer festivals. Tea is available in most coffeeshops, with most shops carrying at least half dozen varieties black, green, mint, etc.


While the two are distinct languages, they share a degree of mutual intelligibility. You are unlikely to face health problems here that you wouldn't face in any other western industrialized country despite claims of long waiting lists and inferior care, which often varies by hospital and is usually exaggerated. If you intend to enter Canada using a U. While this list can vary by province and tax, some common examples are: Prairies Alberta , Manitoba , Saskatchewan Known for their vast open spaces and plentiful resources, the Canadian Prairies are a dynamic set of provinces with some of the most stunning natural beauty in the world.

Residents of Greenland, Saint-Pierre and Miquelon, and the United States also benefit from arrangements where applications for work and study permits can be made upon arrival in Canada at the Immigration Office at the port of entry without the need for an advance Temporary Resident Visa or advance application at a consulate.

All potential visitors, whether applying for a temporary resident visa or requesting landing permission at the border must be of good moral character, and under Canadian law this means having a completely clean criminal history. Immigration authorities take character concerns of visitors very seriously and any offence, misdemeanour or felony, regardless of how minor or how long ago it took place can exclude you from Canada for a period of time, indefinitely, or permanently. This also includes US citizens, some of whom had to be turned back while attempting to drive across the border.

In fact, even former U. Bush needed to apply for a waiver to enter on an official state visit during his term in office because of a conviction for drunken driving. There are a few exceptions, and if you are inadmissible because of a criminal conviction, you do have some options.

As a general rule, a conviction for anything more serious than a speeding ticket will keep you out of Canada for at least five years from the date you finish your sentence. More serious offences such as felonies may require you to wait up to ten years, or in the most serious cases obtain a pardon or other civil relief locally before applying for entry.

In addition to criminal convictions, certain "summary offences" which include minor drug possession tickets that are not handled through the criminal system are considered criminal convictions for the purpose of immigration law, even if you were never arrested, charged with a crime or sentenced.

Additionally, you cannot enter Canada if there are current charges pending against you or a trial is underway. Although unlikely as a visitor who meets all other entry requirements, you may also be refused if you have significant unpaid debt, have an active civil judgement against you, or have recently declared bankruptcy. In these cases, you can regain your ability to enter Canada by either paying the debt in full, showing evidence of a payment plan in good standing or after a bankruptcy showing a history of financial solvency over the period of a few years.

Offences committed before the age of 18, parking tickets, local ordinance violations and crimes of conscience such as publishing statements critical of the government in China generally do not result in inadmissibility. Similarly, non-criminal traffic tickets usually do not result in inadmissibility, although if you were ever required to appear in court over a traffic violation not simply going to court to challenge a ticket or you accumulated enough points that your license was summarily suspended or revoked, you may be inadmissible and should contact a Canadian embassy or high counsel for advice.

If you have a single misdemeanor or summary offence on your record and it's been at least five years since you finished your sentence, and your offence would be punished with a prison term of 10 years or less in Canada, you can be deemed rehabilitated on the spot by an immigration officer without formally applying in advance. That being said, you have one chance in your entire lifetime at this type of rehabilitation and the border officer has the absolute final decision on your fate.

The burden is on you, the visitor, to provide proof that you have indeed reformed and are unlikely to re-offend. Possible proof includes but is not limited to:. Bring everything and anything you have that suggests you're living a stable and crime-free life. The more documentation you have and the less the officer has to rely on your word that you've turned your life around the stronger your case is for being admitted.

If you are turned away, or if your offence makes you ineligible to be deemed rehabilitated, you can apply for individual rehabilitation directly to Citizenship and Immigration Canada CIC.

Again, at least five years must have passed since you completed your sentence. While you can compile the documentation and submit the application yourself, both CIC and many who have gone through the process highly advise retaining an immigration attorney to complete and file the application on your behalf.

If you are denied rehabilitation, there is no right of appeal, you will not be given specific reasons as to why your application was denied, and you must wait at least one year before applying again. If you aren't qualified for either type of rehabilitation or are turned down, another option is a temporary resident permit , or TRP, is a one-time waiver for an inadmissible person to enter Canada.

This is not the same as a temporary resident visa , but the two can be applied for together if you are from a country requiring such a visa. These used to be relatively easy to obtain with documented good behavior and a good enough reason for traveling besides going on vacation, but today they are only issued for "exceptionally compelling humanitarian grounds" or "reasons of significant national interest.

Terms of the permit are fairly specific as to duration and purpose. Visitors from the U. Thousands are denied entry into Canada each year on the basis of criminality.

Obtaining a pardon or unconditional discharge will generally restore your ability to travel to Canada, and depending on your circumstances you may have much more luck going this route.

If the crime was committed in Canada, there's a centralized process you can go through and odds of success are fairly high if you've shown commitment to turning your life around and kept your nose clean since then. If your pardon or discharge was issued for a crime outside Canada, be sure to bring documentation to that effect with you to the border or when applying for a visa. Canada may consider your credit history as part of the character and risk assessment when applying for a visa or landing permission at the border.

Whether a credit check will occur and what role if any it will play into your admissibility decision depends largely on what immigration status you're applying for. Besides a criminal record, CIC lists a host of other situations that may prevent admission into Canada.

While most of these shouldn't be an issue for the average traveller e. As a general rule, admissibility and rehabilitation decisions cannot be appealed beyond a supervisory review at the visa office or border. The only exception is if you can prove the decision was based on wrong information for example you were acquitted of a crime, but that fact was never properly recorded in Canada's database.

That being said, you are usually allowed to apply again once any specific issues relating to a refusal have been corrected, once the requisite time has passed for rehabilitation, or one year after being denied rehabilitation. If you are travelling to Canada from the United States and you are not a permanent resident of either country you need to be careful to satisfy the U.

Your time in Canada counts towards your maximum allowed United States stay if you are returning to the US prior to your departure from North America.

If you leave Canada to briefly visit the United States and wish to re-enter Canada in a short period of time, you generally may do so without getting a new Canadian visa as long as you return within the initial period authorised by the immigration officer or have a valid temporary residence permit authorising you to re-enter, and you do not leave US soil before returning to Canada eg, not even during a cruise which begins and ends at a US point but crosses international waters in-between.

If you leave US soil for a third country for any reason on a single-entry Canadian visa, you will have to apply for a new visa before re-entering Canada. Many other cities have international airports as well, with the following being of particular use to visitors: Air Canada [3] and WestJet [4] are the country's only national air carriers, covering the entire country and international destinations Note that a number of regional domestic airlines also exist as well as charter airlines serving only international destinations.

Luggage allowance for flights to or from Canada usually operates on a piece-wise in addition to the weight system even for foreign carriers. This means that you are allowed a limited number of bags to check-in where each bag should not exceed certain linear dimensions computed by adding the length, width and height of the bags. The exact restrictions on weight, linear dimension and number of baggage allowed are determined by the carrier you are flying with and the class of service you are travelling in, usually individual bags may be up to 23 kilos 50 lb if traveling in economy class.

Additionally, if you are coming from the United States, be advised that Air Canada on transborder itineraries only - not Canadian domestic service as well as all US based carriers that operate transborder service Alaska, American, Delta, United and US Airways charge checked bag fees. Canada has a land border with only one country - the United States.

See the "from the United States" subsection for more information on what to do when leaving the US. You might also enter the country by road from the United States through one of many border crossing points. Obviously, the same rules will apply here, but if your case is not straightforward, expect to be delayed, as the officials here especially in more rural areas see fewer non-U.

Also expect delays during holiday periods, as border crossings can become clogged with traffic. Drivers of American cars will need to carry a Canadian Non-Resident Insurance Certificate in addition to their standard insurance card and must be prepared to present both documents for inspection. The Certificate comes in the form of a yellow paper card which can only be issued by foreign insurers who are authorized to do business in Canada.

Canada has some of the highest levels of minimum auto insurance coverage in the world: Rules regarding the issuing of this certificate vary widely depending on which carrier you have.

Liberty Mutual and Progressive will only issue a certificate with advance approval for a specific date range, and some insurance companies especially smaller local insurance companies in non-border states will not cover you in Canada at all. If you are planning on driving into Canada, its very important to talk to your insurance company as soon as you know you'll be going so they can print up the certificate if they offer it and mail it to you.

If you are a U. NEXUS allows pre-approved, low risk travelers to use expedited inspection lanes both into Canada and the United States at many land crossings with minimal questioning. You can also utilize kiosks to make your customs declaration and clear the border at major international airports if you opt for an iris scan.

If you intend to enter Canada using a U. The usual speed limit on U. One mile is equivalent to 1. If you plan on renting a car from the U. All three cities provide extensive public transit, so it is easy to park in a central location, or at your hotel or lodging, and still travel in the metropolitan area.

You can usually obtain maps of the public transit systems at airports, subway kiosks, and train stations. Via Rail [6] is Canada's national passenger rail service. There is also thruway service between Seattle and Vancouver. Not many private citizens in Canada take the train as a regular means of transportation. Most citizens simply drive to where they want to go if the distance is short which in Canada can still mean hundreds of kilometres!

If you're traveling cross-border on Amtrak service, you must have your tickets validated prior to boarding. Pick up your tickets from the window not the Quick-Trak kiosk and show your passport or travel document to the agent your travel document information is sent ahead of time on a manifest to border services to facilitate crossing procedures.

Some stations, such as New York City have a dedicated window for international passengers. Rail travel in Canada. Greyhound Canada serves many destinations in Canada, with connecting service to regional lines and U. Be sure to inquire about discounts and travel packages that allow for frequent stops as you travel across Canada.

There is a car ferry from Victoria to Port Angeles run by Black Ball ; there are also tourist-oriented passenger-only ferries running from Victoria to points in Washington. Several cruise lines run cruises between the eastern United States and Halifax. Most freight routes run to Montreal on the east coast and Vancouver on the west coast.

International passengers will be required to pass through customs in their port of arrival. Canada is large - the second largest country in the world after Russia.

This means that you will need several days to appreciate even a part of the country. The best way to get around the country is by air. Air Canada [12] is the main national carrier, and has by far the largest network and most frequent schedules but WestJet [13] also offers a very similar service. For travel between major centres, no-frills carrier WestJet [14] offers competitive fares.

Unfortunately, due to protectionist government policies favouring Air Canada, fares tend to be more expensive than flying similar distances in the United States, Australia or China, and sometimes, transiting in the US could be cheaper than a direct domestic flight. Another reason for why air fares are so high in Canada is that the Canadian federal government is notorious for using airports as a cash cow and levying higher-than-average fees and taxes upon airports.

They can do that because traditionally the federal government expropriates land for airports and then leases it back to local governments to operate them, which contrasts sharply against the US model where local governments own and operate airports, then contract with the federal government for particular services like security and immigration.

While most industrialized governments hit airport travelers with a lot of fees and taxes, the ones imposed by Canada are unusually severe. To save money, many Canadians often drive to US airports just across the border to save hundreds of dollars per flight. Most major airports are served by public transit. This consists of feeder buses running at peak frequencies ranging from five to fifteen minutes or less Toronto, Montreal, Winnipeg, Ottawa.

Service may be spotty or nonexistent late at night or on weekends if you are outside the major centres. Float planes, lake to lake in northern Canada is another way to travel.

It is possible to do this for free. One can Air Hitch above the Arctic Circle by flying out of any of the airports, but the trick is getting access to pilots. When one gets further north, above Prince George say, one needs to hook up with pilots, often delivering mail lake to lake. Often there are general store and post office type places near the lakes. Many air hitchers catch up with the pilots when they stop for a meal or coffee as one does with truck drivers. In the major and regional airports, one can catch the pilots going in or out of the Environment Canada weather offices.

Often professionals like lawyers need to transport documents urgently between cities and countries. Air Courriers negotiate either directly with a professionals or through a broker or courrier agent. In this way many Air Hitchers travel for free between Paris and Montreal, the main difficulty being that one may only travel with carry on luggage. Because it pays so well and there is little work in places like Newfoundland, many Canadians commute from the North Atlantic provinces to well-paid jobs in Northern Canada and Alberta.

Travel by intercity coach is available between most major cities in Canada. Service is best in the densely packed Windsor - Quebec City corridor which includes the major cities of Toronto and Montreal as well as the national capital, Ottawa. Service in this corridor is provided by a number of companies, chief among them being: Coach Canada [15] and Megabus [16] whose main route is the heavily used Toronto - Montreal route, Greyhound [17] who runs the Toronto - Ottawa route, the Montreal - Ottawa route and routes between Toronto and southwestern Ontario and Orleans Express [18] who runs the Montreal - Quebec City route using modern, leather-upholstered coaches with North American and European electrical sockets at every seat.

To the west of this corridor most routes are operated by Greyhound and to the east routes are operated by Acadian [19] a subsidiary of Orleans Express. In Canada, only one company is given a license to run a particular route, as a result there is little to no competition among providers and fares can be unusually high and can be raised without notice.

The only exception to this is the Toronto - Niagara Falls route, which is run by many American coach companies, who continue on to Buffalo and ultimately New York City.

Prices on a U. Routes in the prairies can be extremely long, some of them taking several days; as a result, passengers should be sure they will be able to bear sitting in a seat for 48 or more hours with only rare stops for food and toilet breaks. Despite a recent violent murder on a bus in the prairies, intercity buses in Canada are generally very safe, however travelers should be aware of their belongings at all times and make sure that their valuables are on their person if they intend to sleep.

In contrast to the United States, most Canadian bus stations are not owned or run by the coach companies serving them, they are generally run by the municipal government or, in the case of Montreal and Ottawa, a separate third-party corporation. Also unlike the United States, bus stations in Canada are not generally in the worst parts of the city, in fact, in Toronto, the bus station is located between a major theatre and shopping district and a neighbourhood full of large, wealthy, research-intensive hospitals.

Canada is one of the only two countries the other is The United States to have the world's lowest set driving age. But the legal driving age varies between 14 and 16 throughout the country. Alberta is among the places in the world with the lowest set driving age Of course, many people choose to rent a car. Although somewhat expensive if you are travelling alone, this can be an economically reasonable alternative if you are sharing the costs with others.

However, there are many limitations and drawbacks on car rentals in Canada. To name a few of them:. Basically, if you really want to get around in Canada, except in Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal, or places where there are few or no roads, it's best to have a car.

In some cases, frugal travellers may be able to "earn" budget travel by delivering a car across Canada. The option is not common. Nor does it offer the opportunity to spent much time stopping along the way.

However, it can be a cheap way to cross Canada while seeing the interior. In Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver, public transit is a strongly recommended alternative to driving. American drivers will generally find that their credit and debit cards do not work in gas pumps in Canada due to US cards generally not having "chip and PIN" functionality , although many of the larger chains such as Petro-Canada and Esso can run US cards via magnetic stripe if you bring the card inside to the cashier.

The is an electronic toll road the only privately owned road in Canada , in that tolls are billed to the vehicle's owner based on license plate number, or transponder account. Be sure to check your rental agencies' policy regarding use of this road as some firms have been known to add fees and surcharges that can easily double or triple the original toll.

Many jurisdictions also have red light and speed cameras that issue fines via mail to the car's registered owner, again via license plate when the car is automatically photographed running disobeying a red traffic light or going above the speed limit. The above warning regarding rental agency policies applies to these as well.

Your best bet to avoid this nasty surprise is to simply not run any red lights or speed. If you are set on a road trip, an alternative to car rental is to hire an RV motorhome or campervan. This gives you the flexibility to explore Canada at your own pace and is ideal if your trip is geared around an appreciation of Canada's natural environment.

Costs can also be lower than combining car rental with hotels, however RV rentals usually apply milage charges while car rentals usually don't. Passenger rail service in Canada, although very safe and comfortable, is often an expensive and inconvenient alternative to other types of transport.

The corridor between Windsor and Quebec City is a bit of an exception to this generalization. Also, if natural beauty is your thing, the approximately three-day train ride between Toronto and Vancouver passes through the splendour of the Canadian prairies and the Rocky Mountains , with domed observation cars to allow passengers to take in the magnificent views. Make arrangements ahead of time to get lower fares.

VIA Rail is the main Canadian passenger rail company. While never advisable, hitch hiking is still quite common among younger travellers strapped for cash or seeking adventure. It's most common in the far western provinces, where there are generally more travellers.

Hitch hiking in the urban areas of Southern Ontario, and Montreal is not a sure thing as many drivers will not pick up hitch hikers in these regions. Further east, in the maritimes, it is easier and somewhat more common. Ride sharing is increasing in Canada, as well as the United States, due in large part to the internet website Craigslist [23] and dedicated ridesharing sites such as LiftSurfer [24] and RideshareOnline [25].

This method of transport works best between major centres, for example Toronto-Montreal or Vancouver-Calgary. Some tourist destinations, especially those popular with young people, can be accessed via rideshare as well, for example: People sharing a ride will usually be expected to pay for their fair share of the fuel cost, and may also be asked to do some of the driving on long hauls. For best results be sure to post a request listing, and start checking for offer listings at least one week prior to your anticipated ride date.

Backpacker's hostel notice boards are also a good resource for ride sharing. English and French are the only two official languages in Canada. All communications and services provided from the federal government are available in both languages. Most Canadians are functionally monolingual, although some parts of the country have both English and French speakers. Over a quarter of Canadians are bilingual or multilingual. Many people in Montreal , Ottawa , and Quebec City are at least conversationally bilingual.

However, there are numerous francophone communities scattered around the country, such as:. Canadian English uses a mixture of British and American spellings, and many British terms not usually understood and employed in the United States are more likely to be understood in Canada. Atlantic Canada is reported to have the greatest variety of regional accents in English-speaking North America, largely as a result of the isolated nature of the fishing communities along the Atlantic coastline prior to the advent of modern telecommunications and transportation.

A visitor to the Atlantic provinces may have some difficulty understanding strong local accents rich in maritime slang and idiom, particularly in rural areas. From Ontario westward, the accent of English Canadians is more or less the same from one region to another and is akin to that spoken by those in northern US border states.

Education in many other languages is available, such as Spanish, German, Japanese, etc. However, these are rarely taken. Most immigrants learn English or French in addition to speaking their native tongue with family and friends.

It may also be useful to know at least a few basic French phrases in the larger cities, where some attempt by travellers to communicate in French is often appreciated. Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal are home to large Chinese migrant populations, and Cantonese is commonly spoken in the Chinatowns in these cities.

There are also dozens of aboriginal languages spoken by Canadians of aboriginal descent. Almost all first nations inhabitants that speak their native communities tongue are still bi-lingual in either English or French depending on what province you are in. In Nunavut more than half the population speaks Inuktitut, the traditional language of the Inuit.

Two sign languages are predominant in Canada. While the two are distinct languages, they share a degree of mutual intelligibility. Canada is a country with a rich cultural heritage. In Canada, festivals and events are held annually to celebrate the multicultural landscape of this great nation. Each festival represents a single cultural facet belonging to the diverse population of Canada.

These festivals are easily identified by season. In some parts of the country, April and May mark the beginning of Canadian music festival season. Yellowknife in the Northwest Territories celebrates spring with the Cariblues Festival, Halifax showcases chamber music with the Scotia Festival of Music and Ottawa highlights concerts, flowers and history at the Canadian Tulip Festival.

Canada is also renowned the world over for its theatre festivals such as Ontario 's Stratford Festival [27] in beautiful Stratford Ontario and the Shaw Festival [28] in scenic Niagara on the Lake , both of which begin at this time and continue through to the fall. June 21 to July 1 marks 10 days of celebrations in Canada though not all parts of Canada participate in each celebration.

The festivities begin on 21 June with National Aboriginal Day and celebrations across the country continue on 24 June with Saint-Jean-Baptiste Day, in honour of the patron saint of French Canadians, on 27 June with Canadian Multiculturalism Day, and culminate with Canada Day with parties everywhere on 1 July Ottawa has the best Canada Day celebrations on parliament hill. In addition to this, summer is peak season for festivals of any kind in Canada. Cities such as Montreal, Toronto, Edmonton, and Winnipeg often pride themselves on their diverse summer festivals.

Others are cultural or multicultural events, such as Caribana in Toronto, Folklorama in Winnipeg, and Caraquet's New Brunswick Acadian Festival, along with the many well-attended gay pride festivals across the country. Summer is also when the Calgary Stampede takes place, one of the most popular festivals in all of Canada, which showcases the Canadian ranching culture of Southern Alberta and Saskatchewan.

Fall is traditionally a time for literary festivals and film festivals. Kitchener-Waterloo hosts the largest Oktoberfest celebration outside Bavaria. This nine-day festival features numerous cultural and entertainment activities.

Many local venues are converted into biergartens Beer Gardens and take on Germanic names for the duration of the festival.

Kitchener-Waterloo Oktoberfest attracts over , visitors annually. Fall is also a time for families to enjoy the autumn splendour of nature in fall festivals or in simple activities where one enjoys the beautiful countryside. If you go bowling in Canada, you will find that small ball bowling games such as candlepin, five-pin and duckpin are more dominant in Canada.

Tenpin bowling is available in larger metropolitan areas. Across western Canada, most of Ontario and Newfoundland, five pin bowling is the dominant type of bowling. Candlepin is the dominant type of bowling in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. Duckpin bowling is common in Quebec. Tenpin bowling is dominant in Sault Ste.

Marie , select areas of Southern Ontario and select areas in Quebec. Some bowling alleys offer tenpin on a convertible lane, which uses a specialized string-type pinsetter.

A work in progress. Cornwall ON - Woodlawn Cemetery mostly 47 tombstone photos with transcriptions. Follow the arrow links immediately below the photos through the 4 pages. DO NOT use the search box at the top of the page , as it searches the whole picture website, and you'll end up with photos of drunk students, etc. Deseronto ON - St. Cemetery Transcriptions of Tombstones - Elgin Co.

Cemeteries Currently cemeteries and over 41, names plus free lookups and offer of headstone photos for expenses Lanark Co. South Fredericksburg Township Cemeteries This is one frame from the "South Fred" website , which is well worth perusing. The available transcriptions start later and extend to the s. Website is in French only. Includes a good photo or 2 of the tombstone and a map locating the burial plot. Whatever you do, you always have to click that long Click here for Further Information button.

Peterborough ON - Lakefield Cemetery Search strange order to name search utility -- surname is 2nd box, between first and middle names?! At first, I wondered why my smith test turned up nothing. Charles, Spanish, Warren, etc. Toronto ON - Don Jail Ongoing project to identify and expand information for prisoners buried at this historic jail.

Graves are being moved as the property has been sold for development. Patrick's Roman Catholic Church Burial Extract taken from the death registers, only information from burials lacking a tombstone. Includes some related obituaries. Brudenell Cemetery Charlottetown PE Crossroads Christian Church Cemetery Highfield Cemetery transcription of burials from as early as s to over years later Marshfield Pioneer Cemetery 5 Mile House Burial Ground a come on for a book to be published after page not updated since , but useful for a few burials listed along with related names.

James Catholic Church Cemetery St. In Quebec, cemetery plots are by law not purchased, but leased for 99 years. At the end of the lease, a notice is published in local newspapers, listing the surnames of the plots about to expire. If no one comes forward to renew the lease, the deceased is dug up, reburied a few feet deeper and the plot is available for a new burial. The inscription on any tombstone is sandblasted off and will be reused in situ. I have no idea what this means in terms of burial records, but would hope these "transfers" are recorded and the early burials remain documented.

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free dating sites in new brunswick canada

Also, please send me the URLs for any other sources of cemetery plot plans, tombstone transcriptions, and burial registers that are available on-line at no charge. Penalties in the U.

free dating sites in new brunswick canada

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