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List of National Historic Sites of Canada in Ontario

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Manage who you want to contact you. Thistle Ha' Farm []. New South Wales Australia: Adelaide Hunter Hoodless Homestead [4] [5]. Paul's Chapel of the Mohawks [76]. With loads of quality features to help you connect with friends and singles in your area and worldwide. This page was last edited on 6 March , at

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One of the most significant centres of early habitation and ceremonial burial in Canada, with evidence of 5, years of human habitation, including burial mounds from the Laurel and Blackduck cultures; a cultural and historic focal point for the Rainy Lake and River Bands of Saulteaux. The Personalized Matchmaking service is for adults living in Ontario who are interested in quality matches but don't have the time to spend searching for compatible matches or dates themselves. A temple built by the Children of Peace , a schismatic Quaker sect, and its design and aesthetics embody the values of the group; acquired by a local historic group in , and is representative of the early heritage conservation movement in Canada. This page was last edited on 6 March , at All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from December Articles with unsourced statements from March Pages using citations with accessdate and no URL. Obscenity and Indecency in Canadian Law".

A wool mill that was, for a time in the early decades of the twentieth century, the largest woollen and worsted mill in Canada. Former Almonte Post Office [51] [52]. A stone post office with a steep gabled roof and central clock tower ; designed by Thomas Fuller , the building has undergone no major exterior alterations, so remains an excellent representative example of early multi-use federal buildings in small communities. A group of Prairie -style buildings originally constructed as a progressive boys school, and used during the Second World War as an internment camp for German prisoners of war.

Former Brockville Post Office [54]. A stone post office, blending Flemish , Queen Anne and classical elements; a good example of the post offices erected by the Department of Public Works in smaller urban centres during Thomas Fuller 's term as Chief Dominion Architect.

Former Elora Drill Shed [55]. A good representative example of the early stage in drill hall construction in Canada when rural militia units, rather than the Department of Defence , were responsible for their construction , noted for its classical proportions, the fanlight over the door and the oculus in the gable. Former Galt Post Office [56]. A limestone -clad post office, blending elements of Romanesque Revival , Gothic Revival and Second Empire architectural styles; representative of small urban post offices designed by Thomas Fuller.

Former Port Perry Town Hall [57]. A noted example of a municipal meeting hall ; the lower hall was used for village council meetings, and the balconied opera house on the second storey served as the village's social centre. British fort initially known as Fort Amherstburg that served as the principal defence of the western frontier for the period until when it was captured and later destroyed by the Americans , and also served as an important fortification during the border raids associated with the Upper Canada Rebellion in Fort Norfolk Turkey Point [59] [60] [61].

The site of a British military and naval post between and ; abandoned shortly after the War of Fort Sainte Marie II [62].

A Jesuit mission to the Huron-Wendat ; in , remaining Huron-Wendat made their last stand against the Iroquois from this mission before fleeing to Quebec. Joseph was the British Empire's most westerly outpost; destroyed by the Americans in when British forces left to take Fort Michilimackinac ; the ruins of the fortifications and the archaeological resources on the site reveal the complex aspects of military, domestic and commercial life both Aboriginal and European in a frontier outpost.

One of the best preserved nineteenth-century fortifications in Canada, the fort protected shipping along the St. Lawrence River during War of Important North West Company post, now serving as a reconstructed living history site. An excellent intact example of the type of mansion erected by wealthy Canadians in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, with the general layout of the site remaining as it was originally laid out by the Olmsted Brothers.

Gillies Grove and House [69]. House associated with two of the most prominent forest industry families in the Ottawa Valley , the McLachlins and the Gillies; surrounded by one of the few remaining accessible woodlots containing significant stands of old growth Ottawa Valley White Pine.

House designed by architect Thomas Hanley for J. C Phillips, a wealthy Belleville banker and financier; an excellent representative example of the Second Empire style popular among the upper middle class in late 19th-century Canada.

Large cairn erected by the Glengarry militia to commemorate the services of Sir John Colborne , commander-in-chief of the armed forces during the Upper Canada Rebellion. Site at the junction of the Nottawasaga River and Marl Creek, where in the Glengarry Light Infantry Fencibles , under the command of Lieutenant-Colonel Robert McDouall , constructed a flotilla of boats to relieve the British garrison at Fort Michilimackinac and to effect the subsequent capture of Prairie du Chien during the War of Guelph City Hall [74].

A two-storey, limestone building built in the Renaissance Revival style, it is an excellent example of a multi-functional city hall , which contained the market, fire hall , police office and jail , library , a reading room, a large public hall , along with town offices and a council chamber; symbolic of Guelph's midth-century confidence following the arrival of the Grand Trunk Railway in the community.

Hamilton and Scourge [75]. Lake Ontario 11 kilometres 6. The USS Hamilton and USS Scourge were two merchant schooners pressed into service by the Americans in the War of , both of which capsized and sank in a sudden squall ; the ships are in remarkable condition at the underwater wreckage site and are rare examples of surviving War of vessels.

Paul's Chapel of the Mohawks [76]. The first Protestant church in Upper Canada , now the oldest surviving church in Ontario, and one of only two Royal Chapels in Canada; symbolic of the important role played by the Loyalist Mohawks in the development of the province. Now operating as the Koffler Museum of Medicine, an excellent example of a Picturesque house in the Gothic Revival style.

A two-storey fieldstone residence built for Dr. Solomon Jones , a prominent Loyalist ; the house reflects the lifestyle of a prominent rural professional in the early 19th century and its design uniquely melds the Palladian style and the rural architectural traditions of nearby Quebec. Huron County Gaol [80]. A distinctive octagonal jail design in the Panopticon style of prison construction. Joseph Schneider Haus [82]. A house museum associated with the migration of German Mennonites from Lancaster County, Pennsylvania to Waterloo County in the early 19th century, and illustrative of the typical Mennonite house plan from the period.

One of the most significant centres of early habitation and ceremonial burial in Canada, with evidence of 5, years of human habitation, including burial mounds from the Laurel and Blackduck cultures; a cultural and historic focal point for the Rainy Lake and River Bands of Saulteaux. Lansdowne Iron Works [85] [86]. The first ironworks in Upper Canada , destroyed by fire after a decade in operation.

The home of Lucy Maud Montgomery when she wrote 11 of the 22 works published during her lifetime; the house and its immediate area figure prominently in her posthumously published journals. Leeds and Grenville County Court House [88]. A landmark building set on a hill at the top of the historic Brockville town square ; one of the most grandiose district courthouses built in Upper Canada.

Excellent example of a modestly-sized house in the Neoclassical style; located on a rise overlooking the Lynn River. Built for Roderick Matheson , a local merchant and politician, the house is a good example of an affluent, pre- Confederation residence; it occupies a key position in one of the best surviving historic streetscapes in Canada, and now serves as the Perth Museum.

The largest rock art site on the southern Canadian Shield and the only major pictograph site in Southern Ontario. McCrae House [93] [94]. Built for Daniel McMartin, a member of Upper Canada 's Tory Loyalist elite; an example of American federal architecture that was elaborate for the time and place of construction.

A relatively large, British-designed blockhouse , considered an excellent example of the structures erected for the defence of the Rideau Canal in the 19th-century.

Archaeological site related to the Middle Ontario Iroquois. Middlesex County Court House [98]. A very early and nationally significant example of the Gothic Revival style in Canada; associated with the early government of the province, as the site of the building was proposed by John Graves Simcoe for the provincial capital.

Destruction of Saint Ignace II and nearby Saint-Louis sealed the fate of the Huron- Wendat confederacy, leading to the abandonment of their traditional homeland. Mnjikaning Fish Weirs []. The site of the largest and best preserved wooden fish weirs known in eastern North America, in use from about B. Moose Factory Buildings []. The site where the Norfolk volunteer militia routed a band of American marauders who had been pillaging area farms and terrorizing the country, an exploit that inspired the British military forces and the people of Upper Canada during the War of ; now the location of the Nanticoke Generating Station.

Napanee Town Hall []. An early Ontario example of a combination town hall and market, and a rare extant example in Canada of a town hall in the Greek Revival style; symbolic of the development of local government in Ontario in the 19th century. Nazrey African Methodist Episcopal Church []. A simple fieldstone chapel, now part of the North American Black Historical Museum complex; it has an important association with Bishop Willis Nazery, the first leader of a wholly Canadian denomination the British Methodist Episcopal Church founded by Underground Railroad refugees.

The site of an early 19th-century Ontario iron smelter. Old Hay Bay Church []. Old Stone Church []. A small rural fieldstone church; a particularly good example of the few early stone vernacular churches surviving in Canada.

Old Stone Mill []. A three-storey stone gristmill which played an important role in the settlement and economic development of Leeds County ; one of the oldest surviving mills in Ontario. Old Woodstock Town Hall []. A two-storey, buff-brick, Italianate -style town hall building ; an excellent example of a Canadian colonial adaptation of a British town hall. Oro African Methodist Episcopal Church []. A log church with an unmarked cemetery; the last built remnant of a community of Black Canadians with United Empire Loyalist roots.

Archaeological site of the principal village of Bear Clan of the Hurons. Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception []. Influenced by the medieval cathedrals of France, the church on a hill is an exceptional example of the Victorian High Gothic style in Canadian architecture. Oxford-on-Rideau Township Hall []. A two-storey stone building with a cupola, this small town hall is representative of early local government in Canada.

The first major Palaeo-Indian habitation site reported in Ontario, consisting of concentrations of stone artifactual material distributed over 6 hectares 15 acres. A residential estate developed between and by Canadian industrialist Samuel McLaughlin ; among the finest and most intact surviving examples of Canadian architectural and landscape design, featuring the work of Pearson and Darling , Frances Loring , John M. Lyle , Florence Wyle and others. Penman Textile Mill []. The first and most important plant of the largest knitting firm in Canada, the Penman Manufacturing Company.

Perth Town Hall []. A two-storey stone building topped by a layered cupola with clock, symbolic of the role and importance of local government in the 19th century. Built in the Romanesque Revival style, the armoury is representative of the third phase of drill hall construction in Canada — ; one of the largest and best designed examples from the period.

Peterborough Lift Lock []. A large boat lift along the Trent-Severn Waterway designed to lift boats An outcrop of exposed marble inscribed with hundreds of realistic human and animal forms, as well as numerous abstract and symbolic images; one of the largest known concentrations of pre-contact petroglyphs in Canada.

Pic River Site []. A site comprising four archaeological nodes: Point Clark Lighthouse []. One of six Imperial Towers on Lake Huron ; noted for its distinctive lantern and the quality of its architecture. Pointe au Baril [] []. The "Iroquoise" and "Outaouaise", the last two French warships that navigated Lake Ontario , were built on this point.

Port Hope Capitol Theatre []. An important landing point for a succession of explorers and travellers of the 17th and 18th centuries, marked by a cairn commemorating events including the landing of Adrien Jolliet in during the first descent of the Great Lakes by Europeans and the encampment by Isaac Brock and his troops in the War of Port Talbot [] [].

Founded in by Thomas Talbot , the settlement was one of the most prosperous of its time in Upper Canada , noted for its good roads, with Talbot keeping out land speculators and securing hard-working settlers; Talbot's authoritarian control of the settlers led to his downfall at the hands of colonial authorities. Prescott Railway Station Grand Trunk []. A small, stone train station , typical of the smaller stations erected for the Grand Trunk Railway during the first construction period of the GTR line between Montreal and Brockville.

Built for the British government by Lieutenant-Colonel John By as a defensive work in the event of war with the United States , the canal is the best preserved example of a 19th-century slack water canal in North America, with most of its original structures intact. Ridout Street Complex []. Comprising three midth-century residential and commercial buildings, the grouping is representative of the appearance of Ontario cities in that period and of London's early residential and commercial architecture.

Rosamond Woollen Mill []. At one time one of the largest mills in Canada, it is characteristic of late 19th-century textile mills in Canada. Royal Flying Corps Hangars []. Raphael's Roman Catholic Church []. An estate with a Greek Revival villa, laid out by David Thompson ; associated with the transformation of Upper Canada from a "settler" to a "settled" society. Sainte-Marie Among the Hurons Mission []. The reconstructed main Jesuit mission to the Huron-Wendat ; over ten years, it grew into a sizeable colony, but was abandoned in due to disease and conflict.

Sandwich First Baptist Church []. One of the oldest Baptist churches surviving from this period in Ontario; representative of the churches in border settlements built to accommodate the communities created by Underground Railroad refugees. Sharon Temple [] []. A temple built by the Children of Peace , a schismatic Quaker sect, and its design and aesthetics embody the values of the group; acquired by a local historic group in , and is representative of the early heritage conservation movement in Canada.

An archaeological site on Manitoulin Island where successive aboriginal peoples quarried quartzite , leaving behind artifacts spanning approximately 10, years of occupation. Sir John Johnson House [] []. A wooden house of typical 19th-century Ontario vernacular design ; associated with noted Loyalist Sir John Johnson, 2nd Baronet.

Smiths Falls Bascule Bridge []. A bascule bridge over the Rideau Canal ; an early example of distinctive design in movable bridges, it is the oldest surviving structure of its type. Now serving as the Smiths Falls Railway Museum, the station's distinctive turret , polygonal waiting room and substantial construction were a departure from the usual practice of building cheaply from standard plans; representative of Canadian Northern Railway 's efforts to compete directly with the Canadian Pacific Railway.

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