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Portland is the home of two Pulitzer Prize—winning publications and a number of smaller tabloid-format newspapers of note. Recently celebrating its th anniversary, the Belmont Firehouse is a beloved landmark to locals. TriMet uses the proof-of-payment system—when you pay the fare, you get a validated paper ticket good for two-and-a-half hours of travel on the entire system.


Underemployment is a rampant problem, and wages tend to be artificially low compared to the cost of living. On named streets, the address numbers correspond to the nearest numbered cross-street, so NE Davis St. Try the Manila clams in a chorizo sausage broth or the whole Idaho trout with artichokes and olive panzanella salad. Adventurous dishes such as veal feet terrine, cured salo thick slices of fatback —the hump of the pig and Siberian pelmeni will have you returning time and again, while the vodka menu, which features more than 50 brands of the tipple is just as impressive. Also, some businesses can validate your parking.

That being said, over , people live in Portland proper, and many more live in the suburbs. As such, Portland has its fair share of amenities, including an impressive music and arts scene and one of the largest collections of zine and independent publishers of any city in the nation. Its relatively large population also means it has some of the worst traffic congestion in the American West, a fairly high cost of living relative to wages, and chronic underemployment.

The city has a lovely blend of historic and modern architecture and many lush parks to poke your toes into. Forest Park and Washington Park in the hills west of Downtown offer a variety of plants, trails, and wildlife near the city.

Vistas of Mount Hood and the Willamette River, stately Douglas-fir trees Oregon's official state tree , and roses and trees at every turn give the city stunning seasonal color. Environmentally friendly practices, such as recycling and an extensive public transportation system, are part of the culture and fuel many progressive city planning practices.

Portland metro, like all Oregon urban centers, is surrounded by an urban growth boundary. This keeps sprawl in check and helps to make Portland a relatively compact city. Unlike most similarly sized metropolitan areas in the country, you can drive about 15 mi 24 km from Downtown in just about any direction and be out in the countryside. Portland is a very fun and welcoming city for LGBT travelers. It has one of the largest and most integrated gay and lesbian communities in the United States, supported by two major LGBT publications and other queer-friendly media.

The first European contact in the area came from none other than Lewis and Clark, who sailed along the Columbia River just north of where Portland lies today in ; after a year of exploration they finally reached the Pacific Ocean just to the west.

The reports from their expedition fueled interest in the area, and settlers came to stake their claim. Two of those settlers were William Overton and his friend Asa Lovejoy, a lawyer from Boston, who came across the spot where Portland now sits and jointly began to build a settlement. Later, Overton sold his share to F.

Pettygrove, a man from Portland, Maine. As of this point, the area was being transformed from a small stopping point between Oregon City and Vancouver, Washington to a formal settlement, and the owners now needed to give it a name. Both Lovejoy and Pettygrove wanted to name the new town after their respective hometowns; so in they decided to leave it up to a coin toss and Pettygrove won two times out of three. In , Portland was formally incorporated and was growing rapidly; its proximity to the rivers, which funneled a trade with San Francisco to the south, combined by the local fishing, lumber, and agriculture industries fueled Portland's early growth.

The railroad arrived in the s, and for a time Portland was the largest city on the west coast north of San Francisco; however the Klondike Gold Rush and the arrival of the railroad to Washington state meant Seattle quickly eclipsed Portland's growth. Portland persisted as a booming railroad, lumber and steel town for several decades. During the s, however, Portland began to gain a reputation for progressive urban planning practices, adopting policies such as an urban growth boundary and constructing new parks in a push to maintain the central neighborhoods as active places in light of suburban development.

Through the 70s and into the 80s, Portland became a center for counterculture, growing into a hub for punk and indie rock music, zine publishing, and activist movements. The dot-com boom of the 90s brought an influx of modern tech companies along with the so-called "creative class", who remained even after the economic bubble burst. By this point, the city's progressive policies and politics had won the city a special status among urban designers, environmentalists, and political activists as a very forward-thinking city, which has only fueled further growth and development of the metropolitan area.

It's said that there are only two seasons in the Portland area: When the summer comes, the clouds suddenly clear and it's hot and sunny, and often quite pleasant. Despite the nice summers, Portland is really known for its rain, which comes between late September and late June. It is more often a menacing drizzle or mist than a downpour, though. There's a myth that most Portlanders don't use, or even believe in, umbrellas, and instead prefer hoods and raincoats.

This has a grain of truth to it, but any stroll through Portland on a rainy day will prove to you that people are not shy about using umbrellas. You shouldn't be shy, either — if it's not summer and you don't want to get wet, pack your umbrella.

Although Portland is roughly at the same latitude as Minneapolis, Minnesota and is in fact slightly further north , snow is very uncommon because of Portland's fairly low elevation and the relative proximity of the Pacific Ocean, but does happen around once or twice a year. As a result, many drivers in Portland do not deal with snow very well; even a light dusting will increase the risk of accidents, and any substantial snowfall or freezing rain can paralyze the city - be advised.

A sunny day in the rainy season is not typical, but the sun does come out occasionally. The moment it does, some Portlanders have the unusual habit of wearing summer clothing, even if it's still somewhat chilly.

It is a dual-use air force base, which may cause confusion on some maps. Non-stop service is available to most major U. The following airlines serve Portland: After inspection, passengers go back up to concourse D by Gate 9 for TSA screening to access connecting flights.

If Portland is the final destination, passengers will board an airside shuttle bus which takes them around to the general arrivals area in front of the United Airlines baggage reclaim area in the main terminal building. Just catch the To get downtown from the airport by car, follow Airport Way to the junction with Interstate south, then proceed to exit 21B to take Interstate 84 west.

Follow I until it ends at the junction with Interstate 5 , then follow the signs to City Center. Two important notes about returning a rental car at the airport:. Three Amtrak routes serve Union Station:. The easiest road connection to Portland is the Interstate Highway System, especially Interstate 5 , which runs through Washington, Oregon, and California. Driving from the south, you can take exits to the southern part of downtown before I-5 crosses the Willamette River, or you can take the Interstate bypass to access the rest of downtown.

From the north, you can take I over the Fremont Bridge to cross the Willamette River and reach downtown, or take exits A or B and follow the City Center signs. Interstate is a bypass route that splits from I-5 and serves the eastern side of the Portland metro area.

From northeastern Oregon, Boise , and other points east, take Interstate It follows the Columbia River on the Oregon side and terminates in the center of Portland, where it meets Interstate 5. Route 26 comes to Portland from the Pacific coast near Seaside and Cannon Beach in the west, as well as from central Oregon.

As in the rest of Oregon, there are no self-serve gas stations in Portland. Just stay in your car and wait as an attendant does the pumping for you. They can only pick up passengers on the outbound trip and drop off on the inbound trip but cannot transport passengers between two points within the Tri-Met Service Area Portland Metropolitan Area. For example, a CoBreeze bus coming from Bend cannot pick up passengers in Gresham and drop them off at the airport.

They can only drop off in both places on the inbound trip within the Portland area. They can only make limited local pick-up and drop off stops in the Tri-Met Service Area and some can only drop off in the Portland Metropolitan Area on the inbound trip and pick-up on the outbound trip.

Others can pick up and drop off between two points within the Tri-Met Service Area:. No useful boat lines exist, although you can take cruises up and down the Willamette River and multi-day tourist cruises from Portand to Clarkston , Washington. If you are touring the United States without a car , rejoice! Portland is an easy city to bike, walk or use public transport.

However there are topographical features that affect how streets and roads flow, so planning and maps are important for any journey of more than a few blocks. The verdant West Hills slope up from downtown and divide it from the suburbs of Beaverton, Hillsboro and others. Much of Portland is a grid, and fairly easy to navigate.

Portland is divided into five sectors, sometimes referred to oxymoronically as the "five quadrants". If you hear Portlanders talking about Southwest or Northeast, they're probably talking about a sector of the town rather than Arizona or Massachusetts.

All Portland addresses contain their designating sector inserted between house number and street name i. The house address numbers increase per block starting from Burnside Street or the Willamette River.

This should make it easier to figure out where things are. On named streets, the address numbers correspond to the nearest numbered cross-street, so NE Davis St. The streets of inner Northwest Portland are arranged alphabetically starting with Ankeny, Burnside, followed by Couch, then Davis, etc. Below is a list of our most popular cities in the United States.

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Although the characters are fictional, the streets and landmarks are real. There are over species of trees and plants at the Hoyt Arboretum and tons of trails to walk. The Maple trail is especially beautiful in the fall. Multnomah Falls is a popular stop, and you practically park right next to it. Do any of these look interesting to you? Esther and Jacob are the founders of Local Adventurer, which is one of the top 50 travel blogs in the world.

They believe that adventure can be found both near and far and hope to inspire others to explore locally. They move to a new city every year and currently live in Portland, Oregon. Join over , readers! Don't worry, it's monthly and not spammy. Thank you so much for such a detailed list on things to do in Portland.

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free dating in portland oregon

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free dating in portland oregon

Reed College is a top small liberal arts college with a beautiful campus. It is a dual-use air force base, which may cause confusion on some maps. Most people can walk from one end of downtown to the other in 15 minutes—faster than driving at times or bike even faster.

free dating in portland oregon

The house address numbers increase per block starting from Burnside Street or the Willamette Oreggon. Just stay in your car and wait as an attendant does the pumping for you. The first European contact in the area came from none other than Lewis and Clark, who christian dating rules for guys along the Columbia River just north of daging Portland free dating in portland oregon today in ; after a year of exploration they finally free dating in portland oregon the Pacific Ocean just to the west. Romantic Getaways in PA Tourist attractions near my location, waterfalls, vacation spots. The neighborhood also marks the eastern end of the Hawthorne District.