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Poisoned spy Litvinenko's widow And it's now been claimed the 'huge' age gap between Jennifer Lawrence , 27, and Darren Aronofsky, 48, contributed to the breakdown of their relationship. Here's the bottom line: To begin the determination of the dating, Joshua seemingly died in ca. There is no cost or obligation. How much older depends on the young lady. And as for historians and archaeologists creating notions that do not exist, I can assure you that we are too busy studying facts and minutia that non-historians and non-archaeologists have no interest in studying, just so that we can provide non-historians and non-archaeologists with information that is relevant to historical events and, in our case, biblical history.

The two eventually married, had two children, and got divorced. Why did this song become a hit? Why do I find myself singing this song in the car? The first lines of the song tell you that Benny is in love with a year-old, and other people rightfully do not approve. Someone get Chris Hansen on the line right. The Police are no strangers here see: Sting is one hell of a songwriter. With that talent, comes a complicated tale that essentially has two different interpretations.

Sting takes on the persona of a curious, young paramour who is wrapped around the finger of an older woman who happens to be married. Eventually, Sting gets hip to the game that his lover is playing and turns the tables on her. Instead of him being wrapped around her finger, she becomes wrapped around his…presumably because of the physical aspect of their affair. That does it for me. This age gap thing has been going on since the beginning of time.

Ugh…I need to take a shower because some of these songs make me feel grimy. Did I leave something off? Let me know your thoughts. There was a time that 10yr age gaps were the norm. Your ladies mature faster than boys their age and are natually attracted to men a bit older. How much older depends on the young lady. I had fun putting this list together, though.

Nicks wrote it after John Lennon and her uncle died. There are some lines, however, that could be interpreted as cougarish. Dennis DeYoung was definitely in his mids when he was writing about this 17 year old girl who was, quote, a woman every night.

I plugged in three terms to Google: You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. This undefined number also may be ignored safely for the purpose of the present study. The final number necessary is 20 years Judg 4: When all of these numbers are added, the total comes to years. This apparent contradiction is resolved simply by understanding that the oppressions and periods of rest, which transpired throughout Israel and at various times, did not run consecutively but concurrently i.

This would mean that the latter event occurred in ca. Because the Hazor of Joshua 11 was destroyed in ca. This is indeed one of the most irksome questions of Biblical research.

If this is true, then Yabin may have been a royal dynastic name of the kings of Hazor for quite a time. An example of this practice of using dynastic titles superfluously, which was common for both biblical and non-biblical authors of antiquity, is drawn from Egypt.

Not until the middle of the 18th Dynasty ca. After recording the words of the king, Moses writes in Exod 5: In answer, the standard practice of biblical writers from the second millennium BC through the exile, beginning with Moses, was to include the foreign dynastic title superfluously e. Abraham Genesis 20 and Isaac Genesis 26 both stood before a king of this designation, though the events transpired over 65 years apart from one another.

This custom of using the dynastic title superfluously shows respect on the part of the writer for the royalty of the monarch and for his native tongue.

Therefore, the two jabins are two different kings of Hazor, separated in their reigns by over years in time. Since the biblical record now is seen to display two separate invasions of Hazor against two distinct monarchs, the archaeological record must be consulted to determine whether a destruction by conflagration might be confirmed as having taken place at Hazor during the Late Bronze Age I ca.

As for what is known of the demise of the Late Bronze I city, the opinion of most is that its destruction, visible both atop the tel and especially in the lower city, occurred sometime from ca. A temple district was unearthed by Yadin in Area H, at the northern tip of the lower city, during the excavations of — His kiln was found, along with 22 miniature votive bowls that were still resting on the floor when discovered.

While much more evidence of the destruction of the Hazor of the Late Bronze I Age has been uncovered in the lower city, perhaps the most decisive evidence of the same destruction in the upper city is owed to the recent excavations on the slope of the tel, as reflected in the excavation reports published by Ben-Tor. This is also attested by a huge pit dug through the paved street, immediately in front of the entrance into the citadel, entirely blocking the access to it.

The nature of this pit could not be ascertained. The pit cut into an earlier accumulation of fallen mud-bricks and ashes: That earlier phase [i. The orthostats forming part of the paved open area in front of the podium adjacent to the citadel, some of them clearly in secondary use, may have originated in this earlier phase.

The results of these further excavations in Area M during the following summer represent a much more extensive portrayal of the end of Late Bronze I Hazor than was visible after the season of An earlier pavement, differing in nature from the later one, was revealed. This earlier phase ended in a conflagration, similar to the one that brought an end to the later phase. The ceramic assemblage associated with this earlier phase, albeit meager, seems to place the date of this earlier destruction somewhere in the Late Bronze Age I 15th century B.

Evidence of this conflagration is visible in Area M on the northern slope of the tel, thanks to the excavations of and Various sections of the burnline and residual burned areas, which measure half of a meter in some places, have been preserved since the excavations in this part of Area M ceased in This burnline, visible throughout the excavated area, reveals the unmistakable signs of a great conflagration.

Admittedly, the scope of this conflagration has yet to be determined fully, due to the relatively few spots on the site that were excavated down to the level of Late Bronze I.

Once excavations begin again in the lower city sometime in the future, a far clearer picture should become visible there than can be found in the upper city, since the outward expansion of a tel was virtually impossible, and since later rebuilding—especially on a tel—often included the removal of underlying dirt and debris in order to lay foundations and accommodate successful building operations.

In the first half of the 15th century BC, during the nearly year-long reign of Thutmose III, Egypt reached the zenith of its imperial expansion, receiving tribute from nations as far away as Assyria and Babylon. The record of his exploits in neighboring Palestine clearly makes him prime suspect number one, but does the record warrant that he can or should be dubbed as the figure most likely to have destroyed Late Bronze I Hazor? Thutmose III is credited with initiating the ANE custom of listing the Asiatic and African peoples whom he conquered, or over whom he claimed dominion.

In the Temple of Amun at Karnak, three of his lists bear inscriptions with the names of conquered peoples. Which of these two options is correct, though? The answer seems to lie with Amenhotep II ca. Archaeology and epigraphy answer all of these questions. Evidence related to the reign of Thutmose III. Thutmose III is far more likely to have subjugated Hazor than actually to have destroyed it. In support of this conclusion is the parallel that exists with several other cities that were destroyed or subjugated by Thutmose III and Amenhotep II.

Relevant among these cities are Aleppo, Kadesh, and Tunip. Kadesh, which is considered to have been the most powerful city in Syria and was mentioned already as being the focal point of rebellious opposition to Egypt at the outset of the reign of Thutmose III, is the closest of these cities in proximity to Hazor.

However, Pritchard notes this about the invasion of Kadesh: Even Kadesh, the fierce enemy of Thutmose III that led a rebellion against Egypt at the outset of his reign as sole regent, was not razed or burned down by this pharaoh.

A central part of the Egyptian campaigning policy in Palestine was to provide food for the troops and horses. Evidence related to the reign of Amenhotep II. This conclusion is based on both archaeological and epigraphical evidence. Since Amenhotep II mentions Hazor on the conquest list of his Year-3 campaign, the city cannot have been destroyed by his father and then abandoned throughout the entirety of his own reign.

There had to be an occupied city of Hazor for Amenhotep II to conquer! Important archaeological evidence exists in the form of a royal scarab from the reign of Thutmose IV ca.

Thus the cave was in use during the years shortly before ca. The stratified, royal scarab of Thutmose IV cannot be considered a later reproduction or a mere family heirloom that was passed down from one generation to the next.

We can therefore conclude that the cave was first used sometime during his eight-year reign, from to BC, or immediately thereafter. Due to the subsequent occupational gap after the destruction of Late-Bronze-I Hazor, which was discussed above, the city could not have been occupied during the modest reign of Thutmose IV if Amenhotep II truly had destroyed the city.

Epigraphically, one piece of evidence that argues conclusively against the destruction of Hazor under Amenhotep II is Papyrus Hermitage A, which contains a list recording the allocation of beer and corn to messengers from Djahy, who are envoys to cities such as Megiddo, Chinnereth, Achshaph, Shimron, Taanach, Ashkelon, and Hazor.

This list, which demonstrates the trading relations between these southern Canaanite towns and the Egyptian government, is variously dated to the reign of Thutmose III, to the coregency he shared with his son, and to the sole reign of Amenhotep II.

But there is no reason to believe that Thutmose III was still alive and reigning at the time. Aharoni attributes this to an underlying diminishment of Egyptian power: What ancient people, apart from the Egyptians, may have destroyed Hazor? Certainly no Canaanite ruler—and probably no neighbor of Egyptian Palestine, for that matter—would have dared to launch a destructive attack on powerful Hazor during Late Bronze I.

Can a case be made for Joshua and the Israelites as candidates on the exceedingly short list of potential destroyers? To date, there is no archaeological evidence to link the Israelites with this destruction conclusively.

Yet the city-wide destruction and conflagration attested by the remains of the Late Bronze I city coincide perfectly with the account given in Josh Moreover, the violent destruction of the temples provides strong corroborative evidence. In actuality, several other clues exist to substantiate that Joshua absolutely is a plausible choice for the destroyer of the Hazor of the Late Bronze I Age.

The first clue is the uncommonly large occupational gap from the end of Late Bronze I to the beginning of Late Bronze II, which Yadin reported from his findings in the lower city and Ben-Tor reported from his findings on the tel.

No signs whatsoever of occupation exist in the accumulation and debris between the two eras, testifying to a complete and lengthy lack of inhabitation. The currently-popular solution advocated by Yadin and Ben-Tor, namely that Joshua destroyed and burned down Hazor in the middle or middle third of the 13th century BC, can neither account for all of the historical elements in Joshua 11 and Judges 4, nor satisfy the correlation between the archaeological record and the Bible.

The usual solution is either to debunk one of the two biblical accounts as non-historical or to change the order of events through interpolation, as did Yadin. However, the view that Joshua burned down Hazor in ca. The post-conquest Israelites are well known for their semi-nomadic lifestyle, [92] ingrained in them by 40 years of wandering in the desert Num An examination was made of the destruction of 13th century BC Hazor, which has become the trendy era of choice for the conquest of the city described in Joshua The material evidence for the destruction of the Hazor of this period clearly points to the Israelites as the culprits, due in part to the distinct, ritualistic desecration of religious and cultic objects.

However, chronologically this destruction fits into the era of the judges, and the context of Judges 4 bears out that not only was the king of Hazor killed, but the city was destroyed and, in large part, burned down by the persistent Israelites. If Hoffmeier is correct that Hazor provides the only possible evidence for a conquest in the 13th century BC, then late-exodus proponents are officially left without any conflagrated cities that lend support to their view.

With all of this established, an examination of the archaeological record of the Hazor of the 15th century BC was made, in order to determine whether evidence exists for a fiery destruction that can be harmonized with the date of the Exodus and Conquest as determined by a literal interpretation of 1 Kgs 6: Evidence of such a great conflagration was found by Yadin in the lower city, and by Ben-Tor in the upper city, the latter of which occurred during the seasons of and Ben-Tor attributes this destruction to Thutmose III, but for several reasons this pharaoh effectively can be eliminated from contention as the actual destroyer: No other rivaling nations or Canaanite city-states are legitimate possibilities for the attackers who decimated Late Bronze I Hazor, so ANE history can judge the Israelites only as a perfectly plausible option.

Therefore, the only tenable solution for dating the destruction of the Hazor of Joshua 11 is to place it firmly at the close of Late Bronze I, as the biblical narrative matches perfectly with the archaeological evidence that relates both to Late Bronze I and the transition into Late Bronze II.

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formula dating age gap

And Never Want To Leave. The destruction of Hazor under Joshua transpired in ca.

formula dating age gap

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formula dating age gap

Things can get super "tricky" out in the real-world with women… and that's exactly why I've chosen formula dating age gap most difficult formula dating age gap guys go through, tore them apart and showed how you can easily turn the tables and get those "problems" working FOR you. Evidence related to the reign of Thutmose III. However, 25 years suffices for the time that would be needed for Hazor to be rebuilt, then quickly become reestablished as the most powerful city within the land of Canaan. Your skin starts to formuls soft and supple after a few months usage. Cindy Crawford, 52, is sharp in pinstriped suit as she poses with Stranger Things adhd dating site Dacre Montgomery, 23, for Reserve 'Her boobs aren't big enough':