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Retrieved 24 June Since this is one of the sites that he used, I thought OK, and I opened it up and started to see what I needed. Living in a Broken World. Less than fifteen minutes later, she ran into our kitchen, quite upset. But if the searcher makes sure to find only people who are committed to living for the Lord, I see how this could work. The ad directed viewers to the organization's website.

Looks like we lost focus!

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Focus on the Family asserts that the Bible lays out the correct plan for marriage and family. I told him that I was going to wait on what our Lord had for me. And God wants some of us to never marry at all. One must have gone "through the fire" and appreciative enough to fully commit to the decisions you make.

Focus on the Family's Wait No More ministry works with adoption agencies, church leaders and ministry partners to recruit families to adopt children from foster care. Since November , more than 2, families have started the adoption process through Wait No More. Focus on the Family's Option Ultrasound Program OUP provides grants to qualifying crisis pregnancy centers to cover 80 percent of the cost of an ultrasound machine or sonography training.

As of October 31, , the program has provided grants to centers in all 50 states and Bucharest, Romania. Focus on the Family began OUP in with the goal of convincing women not to have abortions.

FOTF officials said that ultrasound services help a woman better understand her pregnancy and baby's development, creating an important "bonding opportunity" between "mother and unborn child".

The Option Ultrasound Program reported in that it has helped prevent more than , abortions since A study released in February shows that ultrasounds do not have a direct impact on an abortion decision.

Wade , in the meantime he would like to work with pro-choice groups like Planned Parenthood who state they want to make abortion "safe, legal and rare" towards the shared goal of making abortion less common.

Focus on The Family Radio Theatre is a series of audio dramas adapting classic literature, mystery mini-series and biographical productions, extending its reach to the mainstream as well as the Christian audience.

Radio Theatre began in with a minute radio drama based on Charles Dickens ' A Christmas Carol , which was produced and aired as a broadcast special. It was aired on over outlets, of which were general market stations. It has since become a perennial on some of those stations.

The Cost of Freedom". Over several years beginning in Focus on the Family Radio Theater released an audio dramatization of C. Lewis ' epic novel series The Chronicles of Narnia , with David Suchet providing the voice of Aslan , and over English actors rounding out the cast.

Lewis' stepson, Douglas Gresham , serves as host—sharing his personal stories at the beginning of each audio drama. A full box set of all 7 plays in one volume was released in the mids. Radio Theatre also released an original miniseries, the Father Gilbert Mysteries , which tells of the spiritual mysteries encountered by Louis Gilbert, a cop-turned- Anglican -priest, who lives in Stonebridge, Sussex , and ministers to the people of the town from St.

Nine episodes have been produced in four volumes available on cassette and CD. The audio drama was also accompanied by the release of www. Lewis estate to represent The Screwtape Letters. The website covers topics such as singleness, dating , relationships , popular culture, career and sex.

The Day of Dialogue is a student-led event which takes place April Founders describe the goal of the event, created in opposition to the anti-bullying and anti-homophobic Day of Silence , as "encouraging honest and respectful conversation among students about God's design for sexuality.

The National Day of Prayer Task Force is an American evangelical conservative Christian non-profit organization which organizes, coordinates, and presides over Evangelical Christian religious observances each year on the National Day of Prayer. The website of the NDP Task Force states that "its business affairs are separate" from those of Focus on the Family, but also that "between and , Focus on the Family did provide grants in support of the NDP Task Force" and that "Focus on the Family is compensated for services rendered.

Focus on the Family has additional ministries. Many are aimed at specific demographics including teenage boys and girls, children, college students, families, young adults, parents, while others are aimed at specific concerns, such as sexual problems, entertainment, and politics.

Many have their own regular publications. Focus on the Family's c 3 status prevents them from advocating any individual political candidate. As a c 4 social welfare group, Family Policy Alliance has fewer political lobbying restrictions. Focus on the Family supports teaching of what it considers to be traditional "family values". It supports student-led and initiated prayer and supports the practice of corporal punishment.

Focus on the Family maintains a strong stand against abortion , and provides grant funding and medical training to assist crisis pregnancy centers CPCs; also known as pregnancy resource centers in obtaining ultrasound machines. According to the organization, this funding, which has allowed CPCs to provide pregnant women with live sonogram images of the developing fetus, has led directly to the birth of over babies who would have otherwise been aborted.

Focus on the Family broadcasts an eponymous national talk radio program. Focus on the Family has been a prominent supporter of the pseudoscience [43] [44] of intelligent design , publishing pro-intelligent design articles in its Citizen magazine and selling intelligent design videos on its website.

In the U. Prior to the election, a television and letter campaign was launched predicting terrorist attacks in four U. This publicity was condemned by the Anti Defamation League. As the Independent reports, the Focus-sponsored ads were aired in about a dozen Georgia markets.

The commercials were produced in the weeks after Focus laid off employees — some 20 percent of its workforce — because of the national economic crisis. Focus on the Family works to preserve its interpretation of Biblical ideals of marriage and parenthood, taking a strong stance against LGBT rights, including same-sex marriage.

Dobson expressed great concern for the institution of marriage in a letter to the Christian community. In reference to the same-sex marriage movement, Dobson says that the institution of marriage, "is about to descend into a state of turmoil unlike any other in human history. Dobson supported the failed Federal Marriage Amendment , which would have defined marriage as a union between one man and one woman, preventing courts and state legislatures from challenging this definition.

In the same letter, Dobson says that traditional marriage is the cornerstone of society, and he states that the goal of the gay and lesbian movement is not to redefine marriage but to destroy the institution itself. Focus on the Family views allowing same-sex marriage as "…a stepping-stone on the road to eliminating all societal restrictions on marriage and sexuality. Focus on the Family asserts that the Bible lays out the correct plan for marriage and family. Dobson says that "God created Eve to complement Adam physically, spiritually, and emotionally".

Dobson also uses the biblical figure Paul to affirm his views on marriage. He states that Paul maintained that men and women mutually complete each other, and to exchange a "natural relationship for an unnatural one is sinful". In reference to same-sex marriage and same-sex couples with children, Dobson states, "Same-sex relationships undermine the future generation's understanding of the fundamental principles of marriage, parenthood, and gender.

Sign up for my weekly e-newsletter. Family and Home Tags: It's NOT safe to follow the example of those men and women who went against God's principles. That's one of the cool things about scripture - it doesn't gloss over man's poor choices and the tragic results.

Sadly, many people don't get the lesson In fact, for our time it's pretty orthodox--if by "orthodox" you mean "Orthodox". But a better example of deception during courtship might be Jacob and Leah. We don't get to see how Abraham and Sarah got together but we do see a good bit of their marriage. They seem happy with each other but the marriage is uncomfortably open.

She tells him to have sex with Hagar, he tells her to have sex with Pharaoh and Abimelech. So, perhaps it's best to not take dating and marriage advice from the Bible. I'm not sure that I agree with the idea that God has a plan for everybody. But if she does, I'm certain that it's not the same plan for each of us. Some are supposed to marry young, some old. Some get to marry both young and old. And God wants some of us to never marry at all.

Dobson several years ago, concerning sending our children to college - we had taken his advice, and it turned out to be the absolute worst thing we ever did for our daughter.

We're all still paying, in many ways. She didn't just 'wander' away from the Lord at the "Christian" college, she RAN, and it's taken many years to work out the problems. One summer, I steered her to a website that FotF had set up for young people, and here's the response, as related in that letter:.

She decided to check it out. Less than fifteen minutes later, she ran into our kitchen, quite upset. In fact, when I read it myself, I found not one mention of God, His timing or plan for marriage, or waiting on Him. All that to say, even the best-intended 'tools' can work against themselves when God is left out.

Then I think about Isaac and Rebekah, and countless other stories about how God brings people together in unorthodox ways, and I realized that maybe I need to be open to circumstances outside my box. My husband and I were determined to raise our children according to biblical principles in all areas, but over the years he decided that he wants them, especially our daughters, to "have fun" and do the American Dating scene. So there's been alot of heartache due to abandoning sexual purity.

They would have found one way or another to wander from the Lord, but it's pretty obvious, even the them, that getting involved in dating hastened it. Our oldest, now in her thirties, is making her way back to the Lord, and has decided that Christian dating sites may be the way to go. I'm a bit leary, but am learning to pray more and let God do His thing. The Biblical way to reproduce is to have your parents purchase for you a nice wife if you are from a wealthy family, Isaac, or you work hard and purchase one or more for your self, Jacob.

This system has the nice feature that you marry off your daughters when they are young and in their childbearing prime to an older, financially stable husband.

It is also a really, really ugly institution that is best left behind. We were separated by 8, miles and 14 time zones but we made it work. God used the distance and time difference to develop and refine our relationship.

Because we chose not to meet for 5 months the distance forced us to talk to one another and to get to know one another without the physical attraction getting in the way. It is the way God wrote our love story and if a relationship is in His will then He can shrink time and space for you too. I had a party and one of my guests ran into my husband on the way there and brought him along. I've also seen some desperate people meeting others online with poor results.

But if the searcher makes sure to find only people who are committed to living for the Lord, I see how this could work. There was no internet dating service when I met my husband in If there had been, we might both have used it.

I think it's very important not to be desperate. In faith, trust God to lead, and then mistakes will not be made out of self-deception and need. Be willing to be lonely as long as it takes, and stay sexually pure until marriage.

Pray until you have true peace about the relationship. I can live without electricity, cell phones and big macs, but I cannot live without GOD and I chose to live by his word. I would question whether the concept of "dating" is even Biblical. As I look at marriage in the Bible, finding a spouse appears to be done within the context of families and communities.

The "Lone Ranger" attitude of finding a mate "out their somewhere" appears to be risky and full of heartache and heartbreak. I know we can't turn back the clock, but I think even older adults seeking a mate need the accountability to family and friends as the seek discernment in their relationships. Nowhere in the bible does it speak of dating. People didn't have trial runs, their intent was marriage. My children were raised to value courtship, getting to know someone through family gatherings with the intent of marriage.

Show me where in the bible it speaks to dating. Humans were not designed to have their hearts repeatedly broken through dating.

It has proven to be a God-thing. We had both had gone through extensive recovery counseling from our own destructive relations and had regained enough courage to explore relationships again.

In fact my wife, Wendy did not even own a computer. That was 15 years ago. Both of us agree that God is in the middle of our relationship, which grows better and more fulfilling everyday. Both of our lives and families have been restored because of His faithfulness. I don't recommend dating online for the sake of loneliness. One must have gone "through the fire" and appreciative enough to fully commit to the decisions you make. You have to have the full confidence in faith that God's will and timing is perfect and you are waiting on the Lord, not chasing after someone to fill your loneliness.

Let Christ fill your emptiness before pursuing a Godly relationship here on earth. A lot of sturm und drang has been made about the rising age of marriage, young men supposedly not "manning up" and marrying women in their prime childbearing years, etc. While I don't want to turn this into some sort of battle of the sexes, I think a lot of this is not the problem of the man, but women and men, but women in particular expecting to have to do nothing and God will just drop their "soul mate" on their front doorstep.

Problem is, it just doesn't work that way. I speak from experience, because that was me. I thought if I just went from home to work to home to church ad infinitum, God would bring the right person along. But both my job and my church were primarily populated with older married adults - not exactly a good dating pool. Once I decided to break out of that routine, improve myself in as many ways as possible and put myself in situations where I could meet eligible single women including online dating , lo and behold I found myself with more dates than I could handle and was married within two years.

Both men and women, if they are interested in marriage, have to work to make themselves as attractive as possible, both physically and spiritually, and get out in the world and meet people - whether that's online or in person. On August 18, my husband and I will be celebrating our 12 year anniversary.

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Imsges: focus on the family dating site

focus on the family dating site

Uncover a number of ways to teach children responsibility! Just because it's new, scary technology and has been known to lead to disastrous consequences shouldn't keep someone from trying to find a mate through new and different means.

focus on the family dating site

We courted long distance with the intention of marrying, and have just celebrated our 5-year wedding anniversary! By September , after years of layoffs, they had employees remaining.

focus on the family dating site

I met more than one Christian man on the focus on the family dating site and then I met my husband. It has proven to be a God-thing. I've also seen some desperate people meeting others online cocus poor results. And God wants some of us to never marry at all. Social scientists have criticized Focus on the Family for misrepresenting their research in order to bolster its own perspective. School prayer Corporal punishment Pro-life Intelligent design. On August 18, my husband and I will be celebrating our 12 year anniversary.