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Seventy-four percent of members say they have at least some college or a college degree. If you're tired of trying to find casual partners, but always ending up with one foot in the relationship door, AshleyMadison is the perfect site to revamp the way you hookup online. I am currently in the process of becoming a Certified Personal Trainer and helping others achieve their own personal goals. This has become a booming business as more and more people hook up through online dating services and online personals. Laura Hanson- Female Fitness Model. I have eight years experience doing work as a promotional model for conventions, trade shows, and athletic equipment. My website is anissaeve.

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I have never competed or worked as a fitness model but it has always been something I want to experience. Heiorun Siguroardottir- Iceland Fitness Model. Fitness and eating healthy is a huge part of my life. I started in sports and gymnastics at a very young age and loved every single minute. Portable Chargers Updated March 08, I have attached the before and after photos.

Members skew a bit older: Seventy-four percent of members say they have at least some college or a college degree. Most experts agree that Match. Though its interface is busy, the tradeoff is extensive search options that make it easier to find dates that better match what you're looking for. However, if someone catches your eye, you must pay for a one-, three-, six- or month subscription to communicate with other members Est. If you don't find someone during that time, they will give you another six months free.

However, you must comply with certain rules, including communicating with at least five different members via email each month. If you want to try the site for free, email promotions sometimes yield a free-trial offer that lets you have full access for a few days. When you're a free member, potential matches are sent to your inbox, but reviewers and users warn that many of the matches are inactive members, and you can't find out who is an active subscriber until you sign up.

Additionally, more than a few past users report getting a flurry of matches in their inbox after canceling when, as subscribers, they got very few. There's no certain way to know how many members are inactive, but in , a federal judge dismissed a lawsuit alleging that more than half of member profiles were inactive or fake.

A more recent class-action lawsuit alleging Match. The site claims 33 million visible profiles, and while it doesn't publish a demographic breakdown, users skew younger and tend to be looking for more casual relationships, experts say. Zoosk has a cleaner, more intuitive interface than Match. As you use the site more, you'll receive more tailored recommendations. This includes use of the site's chat function. Subscriptions are available for one month, three months and six months Est.

You can also buy or earn "Zoosk coins" regardless of whether you have a subscription to do things like boost your profile visibility and see whether members have read your messages. There is no money-back guarantee. Apps are available for iOS and Android devices. Some reviewers complain that Zoosk sends too many emails and texts regarding activity on the site, though potential members should note that they can opt out of such messages. Many reviewers also say that it's hard to tell whether members have paid subscriptions, leading them to try contacting people who have no way of receiving their messages.

Others don't like being pressured into buying coins for other features even after they've paid for a subscription. As for safety, Zoosk has an extensive online-dating security guide on its site, but says it "does not routinely screen our members" against any sort of database, unlike Match. While many dating sites follow a subscription-based model that requires you to pay to communicate with other members, some allow you to do so for free.

Free sites typically make money via ads or paid upgrades that let members unlock additional features. While free sites have undeniable appeal, consider the flip side: Since it's easy to join, they may attract many users who only want a fling, or worse, scammers who have eyes only for your wallet.

If you feel like too many online dating sites emphasize beauty over brains, OkCupid Free gives you a chance to show off your quirky side in hopes of finding a kindred spirit.

One of its main features is matchmaking questions that sometimes err a bit on the goofier side "Which would you rather be? Launched in , the site had just over 10 million unique monthly visitors in November , according to Statista. Experts say users are looking for a range of relationships here, but are more interested in casual relationships than some other dating sites, such as Match.

Aside from completing its questionnaire, OkCupid also lets you write a profile essay and conduct your own search for others using criteria including age, location, marital status and sexual preference. Unlike sites such as Match. A number of advanced features are available if you sign up for a premium "A-List" membership Est. Reviewers warn that the ability to use OkCupid for free means scammers have free reign -- there are many tales of users coming on strong and eventually asking for personal details and money.

On the plus side, your profile is available only to OkCupid users who are signed in to the site. Unlike most other online dating sites, you can see the last time someone was online, so you can tell if a match has been inactive for a while. Though there are safety tips on the site, OkCupid says it does not screen its members. Another free site, Plenty of Fish free , claims to be "the world's largest dating site" and says it has million registered users worldwide.

That's a staggering number, but how many of those accounts are active is unclear; there were 23 million unique monthly visitors in November , according to Statista.

There is a broad age range: As of , the site said 20 percent of users were 18 to 24, 38 percent were 25 to 34, 22 percent were 35 to 44, and 20 percent were 45 or older. Experts say the large user base sets Plenty of Fish apart, but they warn that quantity does not necessarily mean quality. Users indicate this might be a better place for casual dating instead of serious relationships. Plenty of Fish isn't known for its dated interface. If you can get past that, the underpinnings are solid: There is an in-depth personality test helps provide better matches, or you can use a detailed search function to show potential dates based on anything from basics age, ethnicity, relationship type to very specific criteria personality type, car ownership, level of self-confidence and ambition.

As with OkCupid, it's free to communicate with others, but there's a premium membership that adds additional features Est. Those include getting your profile highlighted in searches, skipping ads, and seeing whether your emails were read.

Again, one of the dangers of free sites like Plenty of Fish is that the low threshold for joining means it's easy for potential scammers to hop on, too.

Reviewers also report another common problem: Many users aren't active and may not respond if you message them. There are safety tips on the site, consisting of basic precautions that anyone on any dating site should take.

Like OkCupid, Plenty of Fish does not perform background checks or screen members. ConsumerSearch editors personally research every product category to recommend the best choices. Expert review sources are heavily weighted, but user reviews, especially those where durability or usability are a factor, are crucial to helping us finalize our top picks. Favorite exercise — Cycling and pilates Favorite body part to train- My abdominals: My details are as follows: Email address- anouk anoukpascale.

Sarah- Female Fitness Model. My name is Sarah! Before becoming a fitness model I played varsity sports throughout my younger years and continue to be very active.

I obtained my BFA in Graphic Design which allows me to create successful websites for the fitness industry. I enjoy spending time with my boyfriend, playing with my dog, working-out, shopping, traveling, watching movies and more! Linda- Aspiring Female Fitness Model. My biggest dream is to become a fitness model.

I have a little part time job on the side to get my bills. Thank you sincerely, Linda Loreno abadia69 aol. Natasha — Female Fitness Model. Please contact me at nwhplife hotmail. Female Fitness Model — Gina. My name is Gina. Rochelle Herrera- Female Fitness Model.

One of my biggest passions is physical fitness and train daily; not just for the bod, but for the mind. I just came across this website and thought…why not? Feel free to contact me. Blake- Beautiful Fitness Model. Fitness keeps me balanced and happy. I am also certified through ISSA. Charlotte Richardson- Hot Fitness Model. I also do runway and fitness modeling. My hobbies are drawing, painting, sewing, yoga, running, love working-out, and ice-skating.

Rock music my favorite type of music and I absolutely love the color red. Thank You, Have a Wonderful Day!!!! Claudia Rivarelli — Female Fitness Model. Amber Jerome- Aspiring Fitness Model. I love fitness and enjoy helping others change their lives like I have done so for myself.

I am currently seeking a Masters in Nutriiton and studying to become a personal trainer. Rebecca Leigh- Female Fitness Model.

Although I have been modeling on and off since I was 16, I have decided to really hit it hard and have now been putting everything I have into my modeling career!

As a Fitness Model I am absolutely passionate about keeping my body healthy and strong. I am currently in the process of becoming a Certified Personal Trainer and helping others achieve their own personal goals. I would love to work with the top fitness magazines and help represent their positive motivation!

Thank you for your support — your site brings me a lot of hits! Nicoleta Chiorean- Ireland Fitness Model. I was born in Romania, but I lived in Ireland for the last 9 years. I am 28 years old. I own a gym in Ireland where I am doing personal training. I started to train 3 years ago, I won twice irish nationals and I competed in world championships. Tatyana- Runway, Print, Fitness Model. Bodybuilding and fitness are a big part of my life. Businesses interested in contacting me for legitimate fitness model or print work please email Best Form Fitness Gear.

Tatyana You will recognize Tatyana from several of the product model shots featured throughout the website. Tatyana is a top model and can be contacted by emailing Best Form. Domanisha Hicks- Female Fitness Model. Puerto Rican, Jamaican, and Egyptian. I hope to be seen in Shape magazine soon. Michelle Candelaria- Fitness Model. Heiorun Siguroardottir- Iceland Fitness Model. My life is great and health is my number one: Never drank or smoked in my life: I work as a personal trainer in Reykjavik and have been competing in fitness for over 6 years: I have won Five times the Icelandic champion Hope to get my pro card this year: My next competition is the World Championship in October: I really want to become a fitness model thats my dream, but that is actually really difficult when you live in Iceland….

But some one said you have to follow your dream…. Linda Castro- Female Fitness Model. I do a lot of print and fitness model work. Sharon Denise- Female Fitness Model. In addition to her fitness model work, She does lifestyle print, commercials for consumer products, endorsing fitness products, pageants and tradeshows.

Jen- Female Fitness Model. If you have a new opportunity please contact me. I had a near death experience a couple years ago that really made me re-evaluate everything. I enjoy training hard and living a healthy lifestyle. I am a single mom and want to be an inspiration to my daughter as well as other women, encouraging them to seek their goals no matter the obstacles in their way! Please visit my photo gallery fitnes.

Lindsey Knight- Female Fitness Model. Somi- Fitness Model from Scotland. I enjoy being able to pay attention to the physical aspect of my life along side the mental and academic aspect. Svetlana Ilovajska- European Figure Champion.

I live in Latvia and would like you to visit my fitness model photo gallery fitnes. Maureen Meehan- Female Bodybuilder. Gabrielle Young- Beautiful Fitness Model. She can provide the scientific knowledge of old school medicine in the form of a new school bombshell Not only is Dr. Diva one of the most intelligent women that you will ever lay eyes on, but also one of the most beautiful fitness models; for every ounce of intelligence there is beauty to match.

As well as being an accomplished physician, she is a former fitness competitor. One part is an amazing doctor the world will come to know, another part is pure sex symbol, and little bit of moxy; she is truly Dr. Diva, the fitness model with it all. Make sure to follow the path of this rising, shooting star and watch it light up the sky; and lay witness to the rise of this supernova.

Bridget Flynt- Female Fitness Model. With a starting bodyweight of 99 lbs. Coincidently, my father passed away around the same time so I focused on weight training as a release.

I love the total control exercise and nutrition give me overy my appearance as a fitness model. I enjoy variety and challenging myself to achieve new goals i.

Elayne Loy- Female Fitness Model. Please review my pics and bio: Chicago I look forward to hearing from you. Respectfully, Elayne Loy layneeloy yahoo. Fitness and eating healthy is a huge part of my life. I enjoy training hard and leading a clean, healthy lifestyle. Bust 34D Waist 26 Hips 33 Height: Just wanted to post for a chance of being noticed.

Thanks Ginie Izombard https: Nancy Nicholson- Female Fitness Model. I live in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and enjoy mountain biking, kayaking, cross-country skiing, ice skating, roller-blading, hiking, rock-climbing, running on sandy beaches and occasionally simply climbing trees! Dana Posey- Female Fitness Model. My name is Dana Posey. I can best be described as a determined, ambitious, intensely competitive, and passionate person. I enjoy pushing myself to the limit both mentally and physically.

I always find myself embarking on some type of new adventure. I enjoy every aspect of the fitness industry and I hope to spread my enthusiasm to others to commit to be fit. Please visit my website at danaposey. Katie Mclin- Female Fitness Model. Got a new opportunity? I look froward to hearing from you! Kansas Measurements and Stats: On season lbs. Kelli Barnes- Female Fitness Model. We will be publishing more about Kelli and her fitness modeling soon.

Madonna Grimes- Fitness Competitor, Model. She already had an incredible career as an internationally-known choreographer, dancer, and actress. And as far as publicity, MaDonna had been featured prominently in television, feature films, music video, and magazines.

Tara Thatcher- Female Fitness Model. I am a natural Figure competitor and fitness model. I have been competing for 2 years now. I have a unique look and would love to represent your company! I am available as a fitness model, spokesperson, print work, trade shows, and bikini model. I enjoy leading an active and healthy lifestyle. Soon to be featured on bodybuilding. Just wanted to say that I recieve a lot of traffic from your website. Audrey Dippenaar- Female Fitness Model.

Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa Height: Dixie Reynolds- Female Fitness Model. I have blonde hair and blue eyes. My contest history is as follows: Stay fit and healthy! Kandace Richard- Female Bodybuilder. Never give up your dreams and goals…. As a teen heavyweight female bodybuilder I competed at lbs. My contest history includes: Shawn Rene Zimmerman- Fitness Model. I also work as a fitness model in many ads for supplement companies and packaging labels.

My titles include NPC Ms. December 19, Size: Blue I look forward to hearing from you! Warmly, Shawn Rene Zimmerman Contact me by my web sites or my email at: Larissa Reis- Brazilian Fitness Model. I am a Fitness Model, personal trainer and figure competitor. Hipocrisy, lies, dishonesty and arrogance Hair: Workout, pose to photos, music, skate and Buddhist books Strongest Body part: Figure amateur, Ffitness Model Hometown: Miami, Florida Place of Birth: Brasilia —Brasil I love being a female bodybuilder.

Michelle Poulin- Female Fitness Model. We hope to have more information on her soon. Theresa- Female Fitness Model. We will have more info for her shortly. Fitness is a huge part of my life and I train hard and lead a clean healthy lifestyle and I hope to become a fitness model and inspire other women to seek there goals and achieve the best they can. Bust 29 Waist 26 Hips 33 myspace.

Terri Jett- Figure and Fitness Model. Morgan Padgett- Female Fitness Model.

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fitness model dating sites

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fitness model dating sites

I have blonde hair and blue eyes.

fitness model dating sites

My training philosophy; be the very best you can be for yourself both mentally and physically. I can best dating without marriage ost described as a determined, ambitious, intensely competitive, and passionate person. Fitness model dating sites am currently in the process of becoming a Certified Personal Trainer and helping others achieve their own personal goals. As a Fitness Model I am absolutely passionate about keeping my body healthy and strong. Got a new opportunity? With over 60 million members, hundreds of thousands of new photos added each week, and the always-favorable option to join for free, Friend Finder-X is one hookup site that actually fitness model dating sites up to its name. What every best Dating Sites has: