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A geographical Description of ye Kingdom of Ireland. Han gav ut flera kartor, men ingen hel atlas. Working in his official capacity, Bonne compiled some of the most detailed and accurate maps of the period. He became a member of the academy of Paris in Jacobsz Lootsman , Arent Roggeveen and even John Seller with the result that analysis of the various issues cannot easily be simplified. Retrieved 27 August Akershuiske infanteribrigade" och kapten.

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Efter udgivelsen af den meget kritikerroste novellesamling "Dengang med hunden", som udkom i slutningen af marts, udsender Pia Juul hermed en ny digtsamling "Helt i skoven". Archived from the original on 31 July Simonneau, inkallades till Sverige av N. Overall, GDP growth has been fast since reforms—especially those in manufacturing—were enacted in the early s. Avled i Porsgrunn, stad i Telemark fylke. Undskyld, jeg siger det.

Vad vet du om Jesus, kyrkan, bibeln, gamla och nya testamentet, med mera? Du har tre livlinor! Hon kanske har brutit det!

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Jo de kan flyga! Dessutom finns spel och ordlekar. Det finns olika spel och ett illustrerat lexikon. Unga Fakta har en egen julkalender. Bakom luckorna hittar du pyssel, sagor och annat roligt! En webbplats om den kanadensiska ursprungsbefolkningen. Kanada , Kanadas historia , etniska minoriteter , indianer , spel , ursprungsbefolkningar. DNA , arvsanlag , celler , etik , genetik , genteknik , kloning.

Skapa ord som passar bilderna. Kan du skriva ett brev till tomten? Lopporna pratar spanska, franska, polska, somaliska, kinesiska, punjabi och urdu.

Faktatexter, bilder, filmer och datorspel och aktiviteter om planeten Mars och utforskandet av denna planet. I anslutning till spelet finns en faktawebb med artiklar, intervjuer och korta filmsekvenser. Kan ett lejon dela en muffins med en elefant? Prova ett kunskapsspel om boken "Flugornas herre". Dessutom finns det omfattande information om demokrati och diktatur. Varje fredag presenteras ett nytt kunskapstest.

Oliver har ramlat och skadat sig i armen. Det betyder att han skall sova under operationen. Du hittar information EU: EU , Europaparlamentet , Europas historia , Europeiska unionen , euro. Kan du peka ut var USA: Ett fredsspel som heter "the Peace Doves Game".

Sedan kan du spela "the Prisoners of War Game". Utbildningsradions har skapat spelet. Dodoens' herbal Cruydeboeck with images was influenced by that of Leonhart Fuchs. He divided the plant kingdom in six groups. It treated in detail especially the medicinal herbs, which made this work, in the eyes of many, a pharmacopoeia. In his times, it was the most translated book after the Bible. It became a work of worldwide renown, used as a reference book for two centuries.

Dodoens's last book, Stirpium historiae pemptades sex was the Latin translation of his Cruydeboeck. It was used as a source by John Gerard for his Herball. Dodoens is commemorated in the plant genus Dodonaea, which was named after him by Carolus Linnaeus. Doppelmayr, an acclaimed astronomer, was born in Nuremberg in First edition, folio x mm , engraved allegorical additional titles plain , title printed in red and black with engraved vignette, engraved index listing 30 subjects and 30 double-page engraved celestial charts and diagrams, some incorporating miniature world maps or spandrel illustrations of astronomical observatories, in contemporary hand colour and wash.

An acclaimed astronomer, was born in Nuremburg in Pictorial maps - maps with vignette illustrations on top of the geographical content - go back practically to the known beginning of cartographic history: Petroglyph maps dating from the Neolithic sometimes are found combining geographic features with representations of animals, people or dwellings.

Vignette insets or overlays are also found throughout the period of printed maps. But maps richly overlaid with small pictures are more commonly found from the 19th century onwards. A notable exception is the Carta Marina of Olaus Magnus, published in Venice in , which presents a depiction of Scandinavia with more than small woodcut illustrations of animals, real and imagined, and of people pursuing all kinds of activities, such as hunting, fishing, skiing, etc.

Ernest Dudley Chase was an exceptional creator of pictorial maps. Though he worked primarily as a graphic artist and businessman in the greeting card industry, Chase also designed, drew, and self-published more than 50 pictorial maps, each densely packed with detailed vignettes reflecting the areas portrayed.

In this map of the United States, each state's capitol building is shown, as well as many other vignettes of buildings, famous sights e. Niagra Falls, Hoover Dam and pictures of people pursuing outdoor activities fishing, horseback riding, panning for gold, etc. In addition to the vignettes in the body of the map, there are 32 vignettes drawn in the blank areas outside the country's borders, mostly showing famous buildings, and 4 vignettes in the corners showing symbols of the country's natural bounty: Most of Chase's maps display a sense of humor.

Though this map is mostly serious and respectful in its portrayal of the United States, the humor creeps in from time to time, such as the small collection of broken hearts outside of Reno, Nevada. Since Chase published and sold his maps on his own, many of them bear his manuscript signature, as can be seen in the bottom margin, at the left, in this example. The Boston Map Society met on the opening night, and the members were given a guided tour of the exhibit.

Follow the "Internet Links" to see images for the individual maps. A Pictorial Map of North America A Pictorial Map of South America Dell Arcano del Mare. Ses ouvrages principaux sont: Engelsk matematiker och astronom. A new and general Introduction to practical Astronomy, with its Application to Geography New Atlas of the mundane System. Kapten vid Amiralitetet och Ostindiska kompaniet. Son av befallningsmannen Gustaf E.

Ellicott, a Quaker, was raised in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. His father was a prosperous miller whose family founded Ellicott City, Maryland in Andrew Ellicott was trained to be a mathematician and surveyor.

He conducted several large surveys with David Rittenhouse, the Philadelphia astronomer, mathematician, and clockmaker. President Washington in asked Ellicott to survey the bounds of the District of Columbia. The following year Washington asked him to complete L'Enfant's plan for the city. Ellicott made some changes to L'Enfant's plan. He changed the alignment of Massachusetts Avenue, eliminated five short radial avenues, added two short radial avenues southeast and southwest of the Capitol, and named the city streets.

In less than one month Ellicott had a plan ready for the engravers. A few months later Ellicott, like L'Enfant, found himself at odds with the Commissioners and resigned from the project. A bookseller and publisher who reproduced a small number of maps copied from his predecessors. Cartographer and historian, d. Frisia Orientalis, 5.

In , engineer attached to the General Survey office. Grekisk astronom f. Studerade i Trondheim och tog en juridisk examen Son av skomakaren Johan Gustaf F.

Och Brita Ulrika Sundberg. Faggot bidrog till bildandet av tabellverket Fransk kopparstickare och geograf. Var en av de mest beresta av den tidens geografer. Som kartograf var han mycket produktiv. Son av majoren Carl Johan von F. Surveyor on Gotland island. Cartographer and publisher in Philadelphia.

Vance "The World on a Globular Projection New General Atlas , edns. The World on a Globular Projection Under krigen visade han sig som en mycket duktig strateg. Voyage d'un autour du monde par Etienne Marchand.

This is the best of his swedish work. Forssell worked for many years in Amsterdam and Paris and had a fine reputation as an engraver. Frisia, in Winsemius' Chronicle of Frisia Bookseller and printer in Brussels whose major work was a very large-scale map of Belgium and Luxembourg, much copied by other publishers.

Elias Magnus Fries, var en svensk botaniker. Han invaldes som ledamot nummer av Kungliga Vetenskapsakademien. Gemma Frisius was a physician, mathematician, cartographer, philosopher, and instrument maker. He created important globes, improved the mathematical instruments of his day and applied mathematics in new ways to surveying and navigation. Frisius was born in Dokkum, Friesland present-day Netherlands of poor parents, who died when he was young.

He moved to Groningen and studied at the University in Leuven beginning in He received the degree of MD in and remained on the faculty of medicine in Leuven for the rest of his life. His oldest son, Cornelius Gemma, edited a posthumous volume of his work and continued to work with Ptolemaic astrological models. While still a student, Frisius set up a workshop to produce globes and mathematical instruments. He became noted for the quality and accuracy of his instruments, which were praised by Tycho Brahe, among others.

In , he described for the first time the method of triangulation still used today in surveying. Twenty years later, he was the first to describe how an accurate clock could be used to determine longitude. Jean-Baptiste Morin — did not believe that Frisius' method for calculating longitude would work, remarking, "I do not know if the Devil will succeed in making a longitude timekeeper but it is folly for man to try.

A lunar crater has been named after him. Genom detta kartarbete tillvann sig G. Worked at the Survey office, from in marine measurement and production of maps under Admiral Werner von Rosenfeldt. In appointed principal at the Admiralty. In Gedda was appointed director of pilots, taking over von Rosenfeldt's responsibilities for the pilots and hydrographical surveying.

They continued collaborating, and in produced the first printed Swedish marine atlas to provide a correct, albeit very general, view of the Kattegatt, the Baltic Sea and the Gulf of Bothnia. The marine surveying administration described Gedda's death at only 35 as "a great loss". Nicolaes van Geelkercken, one of the lesser-known figures of the highly productive Dutch period at the beginning of the seventeenth century, was active as an engraver, cartographer and publisher in Leiden, Amsterdam and Arnhem.

He was later become the Surveyor of Gelderland. His earliest known work is a world map of Engraver, cartographer, publisher active in Leyden, Amhem and Amsterdam in the early years of the seventeenth century. His maps, though few in number, were particularly elegant. Son av kyrkoherden Anders G. Elev av Johan van den Aveelen o. Antependium i Riddarholmskyrkan, , kpst.

Gerritsz was apprenticed to W. Blaeu as an engraver before starting in business on his own account. He worked closely with Petrus Plancius and his merit may be judged by the fact that he was appointed Cartographer to the Dutch East India Company in preference to Blaeu and subsequently held the same position in a newly formed West India Company. His most important early work was a chart showing Henry Hudson's discoveries in his voyage of Engraver, cartographer, publisher and bookseller, b.

Assum, apprenticed as engraver to Blaeu, Cartographer to Dutch E. Engraved 17 Netherlands ? Engelsk kopparstickare vid mitten av talet. New and accurate Maps of the Counties of England and Wales. Doctor, mathematician and geographer. Hondius pre , Osnabrug, Westphalia, Munster, Hildesheim — all n. Krigs academien, efter J. Broder till Jacob Gillberg. He was related to the Hondius family by whom he was also employed as an engraver.

In he issued a book of maps, the Nieuw Nederlandtsh Caertboeck 4to which was re-issued in and His son, Pieter, continued and extended his father's business and became one of the group of well-known engravers of sea charts active in Amsterdam in the middle years of the seventeenth century. In common with Colom, Doncker and Jacobsz he published a pilot guide, the Zee-Spiegel, basing it on plates obtained from Jacobsz.

This went through many editions in different languages under the startling titles so popular at the time. The later editions of the Zee Atlas were published by his widow who eventually sold the publishing rights of the Atlas and of the Zee-Spiegel to Jacobus Robijn. Dutch cartographer and copperplate engraver based in Amsterdam. Goos also produced works on navigation.

Abraham Goos son, Pieter, continued and extended his father's business and became one of the group of well-known engravers of sea charts active in Amsterdam in the middle years of the seventeenth century.

De Lichtende Colomne ofte Zee-Spiegel. Montreal - Paris A late eighteenth and early nineteenth century French Canadian artist, writer and diplomat, Jacques Grasset de Saint-Sauveur left Montreal in and began his studies with the Jesuits of Sainte-Barbe, in Paris.

His first published book, Costumes civils de tous les peoples connus, dates from It deals with his lifelong passion of chronicling the peoples of other lands, particularly in remote areas. His other works include, Tableaux cosmographiques de l'Europe, l'Asie, l'Afrique et l'Amerique , L'Antique Rome , Encyclopedie des voyages , and Voyage picturesque dans les autres parties du monde Groenlandais Native of Greenland was engraved by Labrousse for the c.

Jacques Grasset de Saint-Sauveur both designed the engravings and wrote the text for all of these publications. Besides being an artist and writer Jacques Grasset de Saint-Sauveur also led an active diplomatic career. He served as France's vice-consul in Hungary and elsewhere.

Costumes civils de tous les peoples connus , Tableaux cosmographiques de l'Europe, l'Asie, l'Afrique et l'Amerique , L'Antique Rome , Encyclopedie des voyages , Voyage picturesque dans les autres parties du monde , Costumes de different pays c.

En av Grimmels elever vid vetenskapsakademin var Mikhail Makhayev. Finskoj zaliv ot Kronshtata do Sanktpeterburga Karta Ingermanlandii i Karelii. Ladozhskoe Ozero i Finskii zaliv s prilezhashchimi mestami. Lacus Ladoga et sinus Finnicus.

Techenije Nevy reky iz Ladozhgago ozera k St. At the age of 28, appointed director later director-general for the National Land Survey. Offices were a room at the royal palace, "but in autumn, winter and spring, maps never could be stored there because of the moisture, snow and rain that drift in through the leaky walls". Wrote poetry with same success - years later the works were deemed "currently unpalatable". In the early s worked on Stockholm's Outer archipelago, until then poorly represented on charts.

For security reasons, the lise of maps was restricted. Lavoisnes "A new genealogical, historical and chronological atlas" A new genealogical, historical and chronological atlas. Beskriven som "Navigator and Hydrograph in Dieppe" Finsk-svensk officer och kartograf. Admiralty lieutenant and pilot officer in Stockholm Had studied map production with the Van Keulen family firm in Amsterdam. A book publisher who started business in Utrecht and later moved to Amsterdam and finally settled in Leeuwarden.

Medlem av "Det kgl. Videnskabers Selskab" i Trondheim och "Det kgl. Detta verk blev emellertid aldrig utgivet. Indbydelse til de Norske Karter. Hans Rudolf Manuel Deutsch was a painter, designer and poet. Probably apprenticed with Maximilian Wischack in Basel in the early s, he often designed for publishers in that city, although he lived in Bern. Less than a dozen known independent pen drawings and stained-glass designs bear dates and the monogram RMD.

He designed greatly acclaimed topographical views of cities for Cosmographia. From he was governor of Morges in the canton of Waadt. Tysk matematiker och geograf. Studerade teologi och matematik, och fick en magistersgrad vid universitetet i Leipzig. Hase gjorde flertalet kartor som gavs ut av Homans arvingar.

Die Professur erhielt jedoch ein anderer. Januar seine ordentliche Professur antreten. Kurz darauf am Die Gliederung des Stoffes in 16 Kapitel ignoriert das traditionelle Schema der vier biblischen Monarchien. Hase hatte schon in einer akademischen Festrede am Pro Loco In Fac.

Fransk kopparstickare, elev av Ch. Simonneau, inkallades till Sverige av N. Simonneau, inkallades af N. Kartverket blev aldrig utgivet. Ett tag var han bosatt i Christiania Oslo som "mathematicus". Eenfoldige Betaenkninger over den Julianske og Gregorianske Calender.

Maps of Silesia and Italy. Svensk kartograf och friherre. Kartor i verket Geographiske chartor. Svea rike och Norrland. Utsigt af ett Wattenfall i Lappmarken. Hill's work focussed primarily upon natural subjects including landscapes, still lifes, and ornithological and zoological subjects. In the s, influenced by John Ruskin and Hill's association with American followers of the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood, his attention turned from technical illustration toward still life and landscape.

Hill was the son of British aquatint engraver John Hill. He emigrated with his parents from London to the United States in , initially living in Philadelphia. In the family moved to New York, where Hill apprenticed in aquatint engraving in his father's shop.

In watercolor and aquatint engravings, Hill employed a stipple technique, building up planes of softly gradated colors made of tiny brushstrokes—a process commonly seen in painted miniatures. Applied to a larger scale on canvas the result was a form of objective realism in contrast with more common romanticized works of midth century American painting.

In , at the age of 17, Hill began exhibiting watercolors and engravings produced in his father's studio at the Brooklyn Art Association and the National Academy of Design.

In , at the age of 21, Hill was elected to associate membership in the National Academy of Design. In his early 20s Hill began work for the New York State Geological Survey, first creating a series of topographic studies and overhead views of principle American cities and towns.

This work was distinct for its accuracy of arial perspective and recording minute architectural detail. These portraits of urban settlement required frequent travel to observe, sketch, and map before creating finished watercolor studies. The completed watercolors were then recreated as color lithographic art and published by the Smith Brothers, a New York City publisher. Part II, Birds published in Like John James Audubon's bird portraits, Hill's were painted with an objective eye, documenting accurate anatomy and colors, and capturing the animal's natural countenance.

The Pre-Raphaelite movement's combination of realism with increased emotional content appealed to Hill. Hill championed Pre-Raphaelite painting methods in the United States, but was less fascinated with their ideals. For the remainder of Hill's life he focussed upon landscapes, mostly of the mountainous areas of New England and New York state.

Utgifven af Carl Linderberg Avled i Porsgrunn, stad i Telemark fylke. Hogenberg, Franciscus was born in Malines, Belgium as the son of engraver Nikolaus Hogenberg, who worked with Jacob van Deventer. He also worked in Antwerp with Hieronymus Cock, and also for some time in England. In he moved to Cologne, Germany, due to political and religious unrest in the Low Countries. There he met again the theologian Georg Braun , who had been a teacher in Antwerp from to Cartographica Neerlandica - www.

Painter, engraver, etcher and publisher, son of 1 Nicolas Hogenberg. He was probably a pupil of the cartographer H. Terbruggen in Mechelen but later worked in Antwerp, producing such engravings as the Allegory with Fortune ; Hollstein, no.

It was probably in Antwerp that he executed several maps for the Theatrum orbis terrarum of Abraham Ortelius, which was published in H His son Remigius Hogenberg b Mechelen, c. The existence of several portraits of Huguenot nobles e. Charles, Duc de Lorraine, H 6 indicates a possible visit to France. Johann worked in Mechelen and Cologne, mainly as a portrait engraver, but he produced a few religious subjects and a series of 12 plates depicting birds and animals H 43— The Grove Dictionary of Art.

Broder till lagmannen och kopparstickaren Johan H. They were also very important as recommendation for potential customers. Homann died in Nuremberg. We begin our survey of the maps with the Americas map, which provides a fascinating snapshot of European knowledge of New World geography in the first decade of the 18th century. Right away we notice the large Island of California as well as an enormous amorphous landmass in the Pacific Northwest - note also Greenland's connection to the North American continent: We see the letter "C" for the insular California, "S.

Note the separation between Lakes Erie and Ontario and river connection from Lake Superior through an odd network of lakes all the way to Hudson Bay.

Note also in the general region of what is now Georgia and the Carolinas a large inland lake, a misconception that originated with Jodocus Hondius who in creating his famous map "Virginiae Item et Floridae" combined data from a 16th century map by French explorer, artist and cartographer Jacques Le Moyne des Morgues with a map of Virginia by John White of Roanoke Colony fame.

Hondius inadvertently compressed the Carolina coast to a significant extent and for some reason elected to show Le Moyne's River May terminating in a large fresh water lake. The lake appeared on nearly all subsequent maps of the region well into the 18th century, bolstered by the bizarre account of one John Lederer of Virginia who published an account of his supposed visit to the lake which he called "Ushery": How far this Lake tends Westerly, or w it ends, I could neither learn or guess.

The Asia map shows an enormous Hokkaido "Y" for "Yesso" as it was known at the time, variant Jesso adjacent to an enormous and of course non-existent eastern island, and no Kamchatka or Sakhalin: Africa follows the conventions of maps of the period with the source of the Nile is located in two enormous inland lakes north of the fabled Mountains of the Moon: The twin hemisp world map with two polar charts compresses all cartographic curiosities of the continent maps into one convenient mappe-monde: The original frontispiece is a true masterpiece of the engraver's art most likely from the burin of Homann himself.

An Athena figure looks on as a geography less Grosser Atlas ueber die ganze Welt. Son till Johann Baptist Homann. Fortsatte faderns verksamhet, men dog redan Verksamheten fortsatte under detta namn till About , shortly before the van Keulen publishing business was set up in Amsterdam, Robijn practised there as a map 'illuminator' and chart seller. After a short association with Johannes van Keulen he acquired publishing rights covering the Zee-Spiegel and Zee Atlas from the widow of Pieter Goos and used the plates to produce his own pilot book and sea atlas.

Apart from a small number of plates prepared to his own order, most of Robijn's work cannot be said to be original: Jacobsz Lootsman , Arent Roggeveen and even John Seller with the result that analysis of the various issues cannot easily be simplified.

Robijn's stock was eventually taken over by Johannes Loots. The brief details given below should be read in conjunction with our notes on Pieter Goos and Arent Roggeveen. This large —scale map, compiled by Janz Douw and Steven van Brouchhuysen and engraved by Cornelis Danckerts, originally issued in , was intended to be assembled into a wall-map in four series of three leaves.

Between and the plates were brought up to date and the cartouche re-embellished by Romeyn de Hooghe and the map re-issued. Alemannia siva Sueaviae superioris Choro.

Plan de la ville de Peking levee en title repeated in Russian. A rare map of the city published in St Petersburg in the early part of the nineteenth century.

The plan shows details of the city walls, gates, streets, waterways, lakes, palaces, buildings and temples. Although mentioned in Cordier, little detail is given, but it does appear to be a source map for a number of subsequent maps published through the nineteenth century. The Russian Ecclesiastical Mission in Peking was founded in According to Cordier a good deal of Scientific and Sinological work was done at the mission. Modern var Anna Rein.

Under tiden Ledamot i K. Waldius, med hvilken han hade 2: Utom det stora chart-verket har H: I egenskap af Kongl. Under de resor i alla riktningar af landet, som H.

Den andre Gustaf Gabriel, f. Professor i Physiken vid Universitetet i Helsingfors, Led. Tankar om Statistik; 3: Appointed engineer at the Survey Office in , but was not eligible for salary until a permanent position became vacant.

In was commissioned lieutenant at the marine measurement corps and made supervisor at the Sea Charts Office. Known for his skill and great modesty. Han var boktryckare och bokhandlare. Anthonie Jacobsz founded a printing and publishing business in Amsterdam in which he specialized in the production of pilot books and sea atlases. As he died at a comparatively early age most of the numerous editions of his works appeared after his death published by his sons, Jacob and Caspar, who took the name 'Lootsman' sea pilot to distinguish them from another printer of the name Jacobsz.

Following Blaeu and Colom, Anthonie Jacobsz was the most important compiler of sea charts in Amsterdam in the first half of the seventeenth century. In his new ZeeSpiegel issued in he increased the number of charts normally included in these books and enlarged them to folio size, which evidently proved popular.

Editions in many forms appeared until and they were copied or reprinted by Pieter Goos, Hendrick Doncker and Jan Jansson, sometimes in competition with each other but usually in cooperation with the Lootsman brothers. Janssonius hade en utbredd verksamhet i Skandinavien. Janssonius var en stark konkurrent till Blaeus firma.

Le Nouveau Phaot de la Mer. In , married one of cartographer Jodocus Hondius's daughters and began working as a publisher in Amsterdam. From until his death, Janssonius published numerous maps of various parts of Europe.

From the s, he worked in partnership with his brother-in-law Henricus Hondius. Fransk geograf i slutet av talet. Engelsk geograf och kartograf. The North American Pilot. Son of Gerard de Jode. Engraver and publisher, scholar. Jode, Judaeis, Judaeus Gerard de Born in Nijmegen, died at Antwerp.

Engraver, printer, printseller, publisher, cartographer. Engelsk kartritare vid mitten av talet. Pieter van den Keere was one of a number of refugees who fled from religious persecution in the Low Countries between the years and 1 He moved to London in with his sister who married Jodocus Hondius, also a refugee there, and through Hondius he undoubtedly learned his skills as an engraver and cartographer.

In the course of a long working life he engraved a large number of individual maps for prominent cartographers of the day but he also produced an Atlas of the Netherlands and county maps of the British Isles which have become known as Miniature Speeds, a misnomer which calls for some explanation.

In about he engraved plates for 44 maps of the English and Welsh counties, the regions of Scotland and the Irish provinces. These maps were not published at once in book form but there is evidence which suggests a date of issue in Amsterdam between and although at least one authority believes they existed only in proof form until when Willem Blaeu issued them with a Latin edition of Camden's Britannia.

At this stage two maps were added, one of the British Isles and the other of Yorkshire, the latter derived from Saxton. To confuse things further the title page of this edition is signed 'Guilielmus noster Janssonius', which is the Latinized form of Blaeu's name commonly used up to At some time after this the plates came into the possession of Speed's publishers, George Humble, who in , the year in which he published a major edition of Speed's Atlas, also issued the Keere maps as a pocket edition.

For these he used the descriptive texts of the larger Speed maps and thereafter they were known as Miniature Speeds. In fact, of the 63 maps in the Atlas, 40 were from the original van den Keere plates, reworked, 16 were reduced from Speed and 7 were additional. The publication was very popular and there were further re-issues up to Den siste av dessa kom De groote nieuwe vermeerderde Zee Atlas ofte water werelt. Flambeau de la mer. De nieuwe groote lichtende Zee fakkel.

In was given special endorsement from the Dutch state to print and publish sea charts and sailing instructions. The van Keulen family's best-known work is Nieuwe Groote Ligtende Zee-Fakkel a world atlas in five volumes, published by Johannes's son Gerard and subsequently by Gerard's children and grandchildren.

As we have noted in other biographies in this chapter, the Dutch produced a remarkable number of enterprising and prolific map and chart makers but not even the Blaeu and Jansson establishments could rival the vigour of the van Keulen family whose business was founded in and continued under their name until and in other names until when it was finally wound up and the stock dispersed at auction. Throughout the history of the family, the widows of several of the van Keulens played a major part, after their husbands' deaths, in maintaining the continuity of the business.

The firm was founded by Johannes van Keulen who was registered as a bookseller in Amsterdam in In he published the first part of his Zee Atlas which, over the years, was expanded to 5 volumes and continued in one form or another until More ambitious and with a far longer and more complicated life was his book of sea charts, the Zee-Fakkel, published in which was still being printed round the year A major influence in the development of the firm was the acquisition in of the stock of a rival map publisher, Hendrik Doncker.

Although the firm was founded by Johannes van Keulen, he was primarily a publisher; it was his son, Gerard, a talented engraver, mathematician, Hydrographer to the East India Company, who became the mainspring of the business which not only published charts but also books on every aspect of geography, navigation and nautical matters.

Gerard Hulst van Keulen was a member of the distinguished van Keulen family, which was amongst the most prolific and highly respected families of Dutch cartographers active between about and While the family was renowned for its sea-charts and associated material, Gerard's arrival in the family business in , along with his brother Cornelis Buys, heralded a change in direction.

More books appeared and there was greater diversification in the cartographic side of the business. Engelsk kopparstickare och geograf. Vid utbrottet av Gustav III: Naval officer, director of pilots, assistant district judge. Father of Gustaf af Klint. Son till Gustaf af Klint. Son till Erik af Klint. Trots sin ungdom gjorde sig K. Vid krigets slut blev K.

Viceamiral blev han och ordf. Sweden's best-known hydrographer and cartographer. In the decades around the tum of the 19th century, af Klint led several marine measurement expeditions. Son of Eric af Klint and married to a daughter of engraver Fredric Akrel. Han var medlem av "Det kgl. Han blev officer i Trondheims infanteribrigad och major och brigadintendent. Pilot director and commander in Karlskrona. Married a sister of Olof von Rajalin. L'Enfant was born in Paris where he trained to be an architect.

He came to America in , and served George Washington as an engineer during the Revolutionary War. L'Enfant designed a city similar in layout to the then French capitol city of Versailles.

The Capitol in Washington sits in a position similar to that of the palace in Versailles, the White House originally called the President's House in the position of Grand Trianon, and the Mall is like the Parc. The Commissioners of the City of Washington wanted to have a printed copy of the plan when they began to sell building lots.

L'Enfant irritated them by working slowly and releasing only sketchy plans. On instruction from President Washington, Thomas Jefferson on February 27, wrote a letter to L'Enfant dismissing him as city planner. L'Enfant died penniless and was buried on a friend's estate.

In his remains were moved to Arlington National Cemetery on a hill overlooking the capitol city. Cartographer, publisher, map and printseller born Besancon in Burgundy. Partner with Salamanca , and continued alone until his death in Succeeded by Claude Duchetti.

Catalogue of his publications in One of the first to issue collections of maps in atlas form, variable in contents; to the later examples he added a title page. Cartographer, publisher and printer of maps and graphic art. Born in France, Lafreri moved to Rome in where he launched a business in His great triumph came in with the publication of a catalogue including a reduced copy of Olaus Magnus's famous Carta Marina.

Engelsk kopparstickare i slutet av talet. Pettys "A geographical Description of ye Kingdom of Ireland" The Theatre of the Empire of Great Britain. A geographical Description of ye Kingdom of Ireland. Son av snickaren Johannes L. Langenes was a publisher in Middelburg about whom little is known except that he was probably the author of the text and publisher of the first edition of a very well known miniature atlas, the Caert Thresoor.

After an uneasy start - some maps were missing from the first edition - the atlas acquired new life in Amsterdam with a re-written text and eventually with re-engraved maps which prolonged its use and popularity for about half a century. Mathematician and astronomer to King of Spain. Maps for Blaeu Brabant, Louvain, Antwerp, Mechlin. Son till Pierre Lapie. Atlas Universel de Geographie Ancienne et Moderne. Fleuves de l'Europe for La Harpe Maps for La Harpe Oldest known map of Hungary known as Lazar's map Austria , 4 sh.

Fransk geograf under mitten av talet. Topographie des chemins de l'Angleterre. De Leth is better known as an artist and engraver than as a cartographer although his historical atlas of the Netherlands was a very popular work. Chief surveyor in Hudiksvall. Hans far var finsnickaren F. Hans verkstad tillverkade kistorna och han kunde offerera "I.

Van Linschoten, born in Haarlem, is heard of in the service of the Portuguese Archbishop of Goa where he spent five years between and On his return to Holland he produced a History of his travels, important for the inclusion of maps from Portuguese sources, at that time rarely available to Dutch - or any other - cartographers.

The maps including a world map by Petrus Plancius engraved by van Langren, are highly decorative with large cartouches, the arms of Portugal, compass roses, rhumb lines and sea monsters. Some are illustrated with views of prominent places or islands.

Fransk geograf och kartograf. Guillaume De L'Isle is probably the greatest figure in French cartography. Having learned geography from his father Claude, by age of eight or nine he could draw maps to demonstrate ancient history. He studied mathematics and astronomy under J. D Cassini, where he received the grounding in scientific cartography, that is the hallmark of his work. His maps of the newly explored parts of the world reflect the most up-to-date information available and did not contain fanciful detail in the absence of solid information.

De L'Isle's work was important as marking a transition from the maps of the Dutch school, which were highly decorative and artistically-orientated, to a more scientific approach. He reduced the importance given to the decorative elements in maps, and emphasised the scientific base on which they were constructed.

It can be fairly said that he was truly the father of the modern school of cartography at the commercial level. His major contribution was in collating and incorporating this latitudinal and longitudinal information in his maps, setting a new standard of accuracy, quickly followed by many of his contemporaries.

Han var med och stiftade Royal Scottish Academy. Les Forces de l'Europe. Joannes van Loon was an accomplished mathematician and astronomer. His first cartographic involvement's were with Theunis Jacobsz during the s.

Van Loon was a mathematician and engraver who contributed charts and maps to various pilot books and sea atlases by Jacobsz, Jan Jansson, Johannes J anssonius van Waesbergen and Robijn. In he published a sea atlas which was popular until the end of the century. Klaer lichtende Noort-Steer ofte Zee Atlas. Ca gav han ut en atlas med 36 kartor och "Nieuwe groote Spiegel".

For a time he was in partnership with an engraver, A de Winter, and an author of text books on charts, Claes de Vries, who had ambitions to publish a very large sea atlas of some charts but this was never completed on the scale contemplated. Some of their charts were sold to Gerard van Keulen and others were used in a sea atlas published in Charts by Loots also appear in a number of other pilot books and sea atlases of the time.

Het nieu en compleet Pas-kaert-Boeck van de Noord- en Oostzee. Paskaert van de Straats Davids. Bror till Jacob Theunisz se denne.

Tysk astronom och fysiker. Cartographer and Professor of Mathematics of Rostock. Son av landsgevaldigern Israel L. Swedish priest and writer. Between , Olaus Magnus studied at German universities, earning a master's degree. Later served in a number of ecclesiastical positions in Sweden and as a diplomat under King Gustav Vasa.

Forced into exile when Sweden became Protestant, he kept his lifelong love of his country. In he published his great Carta Marina, a considerably improved mapping of the Scandinavian countries. Olaus Magnus wrote the first comprehensive description of Scandinavia, History of the Nordic peoples Historia om de nordiska folken , published in Rome in Smolenskoye, Vereysky district [now Moscow region], ; d. St Petersburg, 25 Feb Russian draughtsman and engraver.

He was the son of a priest, and from he studied at the St Petersburg Naval Academy. In August he was transferred to the instrument-making department of the Academy of Sciences, where he helped to make land-surveying instruments, including theodolites a training that was of value when he later came to sketch views of St Petersburg ; he also learnt how to carve moulds for dies under Georg Unfertsagt ; and he studied drawing under the two members of the Academy staff, Ottmar Elliger II and Elias Grimmel In June Makhayev was made director of the cartographic and die-carving section of the Academy, and he was employed there for the rest of his life.

Together with his pupils he helped to produce the Atlas rossiyskoy imperii 'Atlas of the Russian Empire'; s ; in addition, he provided inscriptions for diplomas for honorary members of the Academy, for porcelain snuff-boxes and for a large silver shrine at the tomb of Aleksandr Nevsky early s; St Petersburg, Hermitage. It has been suggested that his background as a teacher led to his being concerned with entertaining his readers.

This concern manifested itself in the charming harbor scenes and rural landscapes that he included beneath his description of astronomical concepts and diagrams.

Mallet himself drew most of the figures that were engraved for this book Bland arbeten: Les travaux de Mars, ou l'art de la guerre. Inskrevs vid Uppsala Universitet Han invaldes i KVA Matematiska institutionen, Uppsala universitet. Katalansk kartograf som emigrerade till Sicilien Cartographer, lawyer and mathematician.

Limburg for Mercator-Hondius, also used by Keere , , Baptized October 7, in Haarlem, died Dutch cartographer and traveller to Moscow. Isaac Abrahamszoon Massa was a Dutch grain trader, traveller and diplomat, the envoy to Muscovy, author of memoirs witnessing the Time of Troubles and the maps of Eastern Europe and Siberia.

Massa's experience in and knowledge of Muscovy transformed him into a Dutch "Kremlinologist. Isaac Massa was born in a wealthy silk merchant's family that relocated from Liege to Haarlem before his birth.

His ancestors could have been Italian huguenots who fled their homeland in the beginning of the Reformation. The family surname was also known as Massart, Massaert. In Isaac left Haarlem for Moscow to assist the family trade. Isaac has been witness to the second half of Boris Godunov's reign that evolved into a civil war now known as the Time of Troubles. Massa compiled an account of events Dutch: Een cort Verhael van Begin en Oorspronk deser tegenwoordighe Oorloogen en troeblen in Moscovia totten jare presented to Stadtholder Maurice and reproduced in print in the 19th century.

His notes on his various travels have been published in conjunction with maps by Henry Hudson. These articles were translated and reproduced in European languages anonymously, because the author's name was removed in early Dutch reissues.

The most complete translations were issued in Russian in reissued in and in English in Massa's writing was based on an underlying concept of indispensable punishment for sins.

Godunov, False Dimitri and the nation itself all paid for their mortal sins Massa was confident that Godunov killed Feodor I and the real Tsarevich Dimitri. Russian sources consider him the least biased of contemporary Western witnesses, and a very well informed one his comtemporary, Jacob De la Gardie, characterized Massa as "extremely artful in learning other people's secrets".

Massa is credited with five published maps of Russia and its provinces, the last ones compiled around , and two maps of Moscow city, including the schematic account of battle between Vasily Shuysky and Ivan Bolotnikov's armies. Retrieving original muscovite maps could have been dangerous for Massa himself and fatal for his Russian sources.

Massa's rendition of the Siberian coast represented an advance in geography and for decades remained the only map of this region. In Massa returned to Moscow, this time accompanied by his brothers, as an envoy of States-General of the Netherlands to obtain an exclusive trade agreement similar to the recent Dutch-Ottoman treaty, as well as investigate the trade routes into Persia.

Not only had the Dutch been keen to purchase grains but also persian silks. These had, equally so, been exported via Archangelsk. At the time Russian people showed great interest in artillery compounds such as lead and gunpowder. An average of 30 ships sailed each year to Archangelsk, a harbour near the White Sea - unfortunately during a fire broke out and destroyed the city completely, thereby ruining Massa's inventory.

Additionally, upon his return Massa's ship encountered a heavy storm near Lapland. However, his appointment proved to be a controversial one and drew serious opposition.

He then made successful efforts to gain the interest of Gustaf II Adolf of Sweden to pursue trading grains with Russia. While nourishing the relationships between Russia and Sweden, he was knighted by the Swedish King in for his arduous efforts.

One year later, in , he attempted to gain exclusive rights on the trading of grains out of Russia. Massa promoted the idea of setting up a trading cartel similar to the English Muscovy Company, but internal problems in the Netherlands delayed consolidation of traders into During his next voyage, in , he travelled to Moscow to pave the way for his friend Elias Trip who by then had initiated a consortium. By doing so he attempted to tarnish the reputation of his competitors and personal opponents.

Because of the ongoing war between Sweden and Poland no grain could be exported through the city of Dantzig. One of his opponents, Klenck, himself a wealthy merchant trading in caviar, was given Russia's permission to export 10 or 12 cargo loads of rye meal.

Meanwhile Trip feigned to act on behalf of the Swedish Monarchy. In the price of grain remained extremely high due to increasing competition. Albert Burgh tried to ensure a monopoly for the City of Amsterdam. At the same time, countries such as Sweden and England endeavered to do the same. Russian merchants tried to curtail trading by limiting import and export exclusively via Archangelsk. For the next two decades Massa combined diplomatic service with his own business.

Massa has been the subject of two portraits by Frans Hals - solo and with his wife ; the latter is considered unique in composition for the period; the novel composition was probably Massa's own design. Massa owned a country house near Lisse, next to his brother-in-law, Adriaen Maertensz Block. He was the protector of Johannes Symonszoon van der Beeck, a painter from Haarlem. Major vid fortifikationsbrigaden Flyttad till Stockholmsbrigaden och fortifikationskontoret Adlad introducerad under nr Vistades en period i St Petersburg.

Atlasesse kuulus ka siin eksponeeritud Tallinna kreisi kaart. Theologian, physician and cartographer of Halle. Son till Gerard Mercator. For nearly sixty years, during the most important and exciting period in the story of modern map making, Gerard Mercator was the supreme cartographer, his name, second only to Ptolemy, synonymous with the form of map projection still in use today.

Although not the inventor of this type of projection he was the first to apply it to navigational charts in such a form that compass bearings could be plotted on charts in straight lines, thereby providing seamen with a solution to an age-old problem of navigation at sea. His influence transformed land surveying and his researches and calculations led him to break away from Ptolemy's conception of the size and outline of the Continents, drastically reducing the longitudinal length of Europe and Asia and altering the shape of the Old World as visualized in the early sixteenth century.

Mercator was born in Rupelmonde in Flanders and studied in Louvain under Gemma Frisius, Dutch writer, astronomer and mathematician. He established himself there as a cartographer and instrument and globe maker, and when he was twenty-five drew and engraved his first map of Palestine and went on to produce a map of Flanders supervising the surveying and completing the drafting and engraving himself.

The excellence of his work brought him the patronage of Charles V for whom he constructed a globe, but in spite of his favor with the Emperor he was caught up in the persecution of Lutheran protestants and charged with heresy, fortunately without serious consequences. No doubt the fear of further persecution influenced his move in to Duisburg, where he continued the production of maps, globes and instruments culminating in large-scale maps of Europe , the British Isles and the famous World Map on 18 sheets drawn to his new projection All these early maps are exceedingly rare, some being known by only one copy.

In later life he devoted himself to his edition of the maps in Ptolemy's Geographia, reproduced in his own engraving as nearly as possible in their original form, and to the preparation of his 3-volume collection of maps to which, for the first time, the word 'Atlas' was applied.

The word was chosen, he wrote, 'to honour the Titan, Atlas, King of Mauritania, a learned philosopher, mathematiciar, and astronomer'. The first two parts of the Atlas were published in and and the third, with the first two making a complete edition, in the year after Mercator's death.

Mercator's sons and grandsons, named above, were all cartographers and made their contributions in various ways to the great atlas. Rumold, in particular, was responsible for the complete edition in After a second complete edition in , the map plates were bought in by Jodocus Hondius who, with his sons, Jodocus II and Henricus, published enlarged editions which dominated the map market for the following twenty to thirty years.

Atlas, sive cosmographicae meditationes de fabrica mundi. Tysk kartograf son till Gerard Mercator se denne. Frisia , used by Hondius and Blaeu. Middleton, previously a captain in the employ of The Hudson Bay Company, was financed by Arthur Dobbs to explore the north-western extremities of Hudson Bay in search of a north-western passage.

Dictionnaire Hydrographique de la France. Ephemerides coelestium motuum ab an. New and complete Atlas. A System of Geography. Fluvii Albis Elbe nov. Emery Molyneux was an English Elizabethan maker of globes, mathematical instruments and ordnance. His terrestrial and celestial globes, first published in , were the first to be made in England and the first to be made by an Englishman.

Molyneux was known as a mathematician and maker of mathematical instruments such as compasses and hourglasses. He became acquainted with many prominent men of the day, including the writer Richard Hakluyt and the mathematicians Robert Hues and Edward Wright. Davis probably introduced Molyneux to his own patron, the London merchant William Sanderson, who largely financed the construction of the globes.

When completed, the globes were presented to Elizabeth I. Larger globes were acquired by royalty, noblemen and academic institutions, while smaller ones were purchased as practical navigation aids for sailors and students. The globes were the first to be made in such a way that they were unaffected by the humidity at sea, and they came into general use on ships. Molyneux emigrated to Amsterdam with his wife in or He succeeded in interesting the States-General, the parliament of the United Provinces, in a cannon he had invented, but he died suddenly in June , apparently in poverty.

The globe-making industry in England died with him.

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The original frontispiece is a true masterpiece of the engraver's art most likely from the burin of Homann himself.

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Skapa ord som passar bilderna. Bellman og hans omtumlede liv fra vugge til grav i tallets Stockholm. In the mids, Martin came back with a more rock-tinged sound and produced major hits with artists such as Kelly ClarksonPink and Finlands svensk dating Perry. The right to stand outside any finlands svensk dating denomination was formally established in the Law on Freedom of religion in Throughout the s and s Sweden was seen as an international leader in what is now referred to as the " sexual revolution ", with gender equality having particularly been promoted.