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The Appalling Responses To A Woman Who Wore A Fat Suit To Meet Her Tinder Dates

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Not all women are like that dude. I have polycystic ovarian syndrome and yes it does affect us in that way. THEN they want more than the most attractive, most exciting men because they are now divorced or unmarried and time is running out. Cindy Crawford, 52, is sharp in pinstriped suit as she poses with Stranger Things star Dacre Montgomery, 23, for Reserve 'Her boobs aren't big enough': Or research on how fat women fucks your chances … This is just stupidity. Men are fed up with your bitching and self entitlement and one by one were starting to catch on, smile and chunk the duce.

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Your mom was a horny fatass. If he's wearing a baseball cap, a sport coat and gym shoes, do not expect him to pick up the check. No man wants to be challenged by a woman. Like I said most girls where I live are bitches or good ones are taken.. Great job internet, and well done morons! Mama June weighed an incredible lbs before she underwent weight loss surgery.

The WE tv show started strong, earning the fourth spot on Twitter's trending list. The show's premiere had tons of viewers, with the hashtag MamaJune rising to number four on Twitter's trending list, according to a tweet from June herself. She also thanked fans and urged them to tune in again, saying 'Thanks for watching n hope u watch next wk at the same time' while also tagging her agent MsGinaRodriguez in the tweet. The first episode of Mama June: From Not To Hot shows the reality star struggling to find motivation to stick to her diet and forge healthy habits.

The reality star had trouble staying away from old favorites like biscuits and friend chicken while trying to start her diet. In the show's premiere, the charismatic young Alana 'Honey Boo Boo' Thompson told her mom she likes her 'just the way you are' but said she understands why her mom is ready to make a change. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline.

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So, go ahead and take the name as a suggestion instead. Well if you are fat your chances of landing a rich guy are slim anyway so you argument is invalid. I specifically said it was just an example. Being fat is not a superficial trait, it is a disorder and should be treated like that, a sickness. Not to mention all the diseases and complication that is sure to come. Im over weighted and I know many rich guys! My dad wifed my mom with 5 beautiful kids!

So this artical is wrong how can you blame anyone for you lack of game. Or research on how fat women fucks your chances … This is just stupidity. This is not an intelligent comment. If you want to be funny or rude for no reason at least come up with something witty or something that has an actually valid fact. Miserable people get satisfaction from causing others to be miserable with hurtful comments or actions.

If there is no response, there is no satisfaction. The only thing their left with, is misery. You stay beautiful and healthy baby. Stop lying to this girl. If you think being fat is healthy then you are fucking retarded. What is this, ? Buy a prostitute because that is what it sounds like you are looking for. You should take your long winded writing and give them gym a try. Being healthy is a good thing…. Hahaha, you guys are hilarious.

Oh, by the way, when I was 16 I could run faster than all my skinny friends. I lived on calories a day of healthy food, never drank soda, and worked out like an athlete. I never got below lbs. Sorry honey, but if you grew up in another country you would not be fat. It is not in your genes, it is in the food. I hate to break this to you sir but I live in one of the poorest areas in Africa and you know what?!

These people plough the fields and sow the seeds to the healthy food they eat and yet…your argument on a persons geological location being a determining factor is now proved quite wrong. So maybe before making assumptions try understanding that different people have different bodies, due to different reasons and maybe be a little open minded?

Like I said everyone is different. Everyone unto their own. Also I know many men who have dated both fat and skinny women happily. BBW please stay positive. Obesity as you know is unhealthy and can be life threatening.

That should be your number one concern and reason for doing what ever needs to be done to help yourself. You owe it to yourself and you deserve it. You deserve to be healthy, happy, actively living an exciting life. But keep in mind being healthy is key. You be blessed and keep your head up not down and move forward with confidence. Thanks for the encouragement. And by the way,, I am one of those attractive men not overweight that prefer bigger women.

Very, very well said. Keep your head up lady! He should invest in a long rifle and a sports car to alleviate the lack of…. Yes, you are affecting others. Almost everybody can get not-fat. Almost nobody can get rich in a capitalist economy since the game is rigged. That is the ain difference.

Men like most young not-fat women and guess what, everybody gets a chance at being young. The opposite is not true. To make the dating game easier, men must have a wider selection sinc it is so difficult for them to make a nice lady like them.

Fat people are making things worse without any benefit for themselves. Start your change today. You make it very clear that you are aware of what the root of the problem is. Weight loss is painfully simple. Eat less, move more. Bring an iPod, cellphone, etc. I use to be Lbs than one day a Brazilian coworker told me to lose weight and fast. That day I decided to change my diet.

I stopped eating fast food, candy, snack treats, and soda. I started learning to cook meals from scratch and would not eat anything I did not make myself. I made a rule if I wanted soda, candy or such I would have to make it at home. I also started walking to work which was 5 miles away instead of taking the bus.

On my days off I would walk to the beach and along the way would pick up bottles and cans. I went from to 90 in 6 months time. I went from not being able to walk down the stairs to being able to walk 15 miles without huffing and puffing. Now I eat what I cook and cannot stand restaurant food or prepared foods. I make my own pasta, soda, cheese, candy, pastries, sauces, breads, and anything else I want. Not only does my waistline thank me but so does my wallet. Now I cannot gain weight if I wanted to.

This is probably the most ignorant and stupid article I have ever read! You should probably die in a basement somewhere… The world is a better place with out you in it. He speaks the truth as I have traveled to many countries with low obesity rates. The beautiful women really are much more approachable. Whether that is because they do not have toxic attitudes due to culture or because there are less fat women around therefore more competition is up for debate.

Depending on the country they are either thin because of the more organic food there, or because its third world and men get to eat first in the household. Furthermore men treat a lot of their women like crap. What is your point? Your rant has nothing to do with my comment. The world is a more sustainable place without the hefty carbon footprint of obese western women. Hell, even their hybrid vehicles are rendered less efficient due to bonus cargo.

Uneven tire wear, lower battery stamina…just a sad situation across the board…wow, just wow. Is see that you failed to respond to the article, beyond simply disagreeing with it. Your picture is ugly… Please get plastic surgery ugly black fucker. I hate when I see these girls with beautiful features and awesome personalities and they have destroyed the chance for us to have anything by being overweight. Writing articles like this is just a way for him give back to the world. Because you are wrong.

Being a white knight will no get you laid btw. And luckily, is reversable, it can be cured. We know youre not a white knight, you just want to hit it and quit it and lie in the process. And leave Onion alone. Everyone has a right to speak up in here.

I feel sorry for all the ignorant people who agree with you. Its people like you who make women feel poorly about themselves. Every body is built differently, not every body can whatever body you think they should have. This is by far the dumbest piece of garbage. Ow dear, just blame your genes, such an easy excuse! The main problem is nobody runs in your family!

Hahahahhah actually no fuck you it does …, having the mind set that you need food as a comfort tool is genetic.

Having a shitty metabolism is genetic so fuck you cunt. If it would be genetic, how come the prevalence of obesity is on the rise so hard?

Hardly angels, many women are. The problem is that men who like curvy or fat women I realize there is a difference are SO ostracized or mocked in US society that they never admit it.

Now — how do we deal with the problem of making the world a better place by ridding it of superficial, cruel assholes like you?? There are more men under 35 living with their parents than any generation in recent memory. Get your lazy, unambitious, socially mal-adjusted ass off the couch and leave the house and socialize. Take a look in the mirror before you decide what kind of girl you deserve.

Oh yeah, and get a damn clue. My passions are adventure and women. Wow, I think your fat girl hate is akin to homophobia, or racism. Why put so much effort into hating an entire group of people? Really, why do you even care if someone is fat or not? Great job internet, and well done morons! Who the fuck are you to decide what people should be attracted to and not.

You are selfish and think every other man has to agree with you just because you have a dick between your legs. Dont try and make it seem like you care because you dont. Seriously you just insulted men and women. But you do seem to think he whole world does or should live by those attractions. The world or fat women or anything else does not owe you that. Are you two attracted to each other? Seems odd, since you have both been agreeing with each other for how long?

God, this page is full of so much discrimination. I hate to say this, but not all foreign women in low fat countries are humble. Some of them just want a rich American. Some simply want what they think is a rich American. I mean if you are tring to go after someone who degrades who then maybe they are not the best person? Everybody is entitled to their preference.

I had once really liked this sexy guy in my college class I would always smile a him, say hi he would ignore me or talk my friend who was pretty much a barbie, of course I got sick of the attempts that lead me no where, so I moved on to my current boyfriend, and we all met up to get lunch and once he saw my boyfriend everything changed, he texted me, he would go out his way to get me a coffee and would even say hi before I walked in the door.

Sorry for the rant, my point being have confidence in yourself, not every hot guy will like every sexy, fat,ugly or pretty girl that walks into the room. If you do not like your body change it.

You want to be healthy and happy. Wish the best to those who are trying!! But being obese is naturally not attractive to men and having relationships with the opposite sex is a psychological necessity. From everybody working out and getting in shape, the states would be a much happier place for everybody. Actually people were naturally attracted to fatter women because it meant that they were able to survive. You make a great point about obese populations tipping the scale and making hot girls vain but you un-empathetically go on to blame this frustration on the overweight women rather than the smug skinny bitches and the drooling men who put them on pedestals.

Obesity is a huge problem pun intended but morons like you have no idea how to constructively understand or deal with it. Deep down you just wish every girl was attractive so that pretty girls would be more statistically inclined to give a shit about you. Acting all funny or big and bad behind a computer. The internet was molded by trolls and people who enjoy fucking with people like you.

Pointing it out is still feeding a troll. Being butthurt by them in any way is feeding. You are a lesser mind in the eyes of the internet. How was he suppose to voice his opinion go on national TV and talk this is not cyber bullying just stating the facts. I am here to give testimony on how I got my husband back. My husband left me for no reason 3 years ago. He moved in with another woman, I felt like killing myself, my life became very bitter and sorrowful.

Then 1 day, a friend of mine told me about a great spell caster that is very good and, he said he gave him some lucky numbers that he played in a lottery and he won. I used the spell he gave me and the next day I received a call from my darling husband Thomas last month. He apologized and came back to me. He even gave me 10,USD as a means of compensating me. Even worse the rate that you burn calories at when you exercise goes down. And unfortunately this effect can last for up to 6 years.

This is part of the reason so many people lose weight and then they gain it back. If more people really understood how this works then maybe people would be realistic about how they attempt to lose weight.

Latest science shows that in fact, when you lose weight, you have a window of opportunity to lose more and keep it off by properly listening to hunger cues.

When you first start exercising and counting calories, you wont get more hungry, but less. You should listen to this and eat only to appetite. But most people are conditioned to three meals a day and snacks. Once you are obese, you have made changes to your genes.

Latest science says, dont put off dealing with weIght gain. Not everyone that is fat is lazy or eats poorly and doesnt exercize. There are several things that cause rapid weight gain making it extremely difficult to lose.

Hypothyroidism, birth control, polycystic ovarian disease and many more things that some people have no control over. Then theres people like you with your disgusting remarks towards overweight people. How the hell do you think that makes them feel? Some people are so depressed from being overweight they try killing themselves. If more people- both men and women- took better care of themselves, the world would be a happier, healthier, less excessive and whiny place.

Hypo causes weight gain. Hyper causes weight loss. Try doing a little reading yourself. Your not only wrong about a certain disease, you misunderstand an entire prefix to many words containing hyper and hypo. What the fuck is your problem? You had an opportunity there to constructively educate and support another person and you chose bullying and shame. Jesus Christ develop some accountability. We would all starve to death without GMOs. Are you living in ? Fat people just prefer it, preferably from a trough or feed bag.

Actually Dan, you present a very narrow minded viewpoint of obese people. Why are active kids larger than kids just 40 years ago? Because I am living in and the differences in what kids ate in the 70s and the numbers of fat kids as opposed to what kids are eating today and the numbers of fat kids are highly disproportionate.

Stop fat hating and attempt to solve the problem. Here is the solution. The only carbohydrates aka sugar that you should be consuming is from vegetables. Low-Fat these days equals added sugar because foods low in fat or zero fat food takes like crap.

But in all fairness there are areas in America where you literally cannot buy fresh produce: People have to drive or get on a train to a large supermarket…so at best, they have to get frozen veggies to last til next time, and this is not ideal at all.

Hence poorer people are fatter. They have to grab food while they can and American food is too high in sugar and size. I dont like the whole fat positive thing but I do see some people are in a bind. Still, it shouldnt be glorified and called beautiful. BTW, author, women have lives apart from men. Even if they are sweet and feminine, their mission in life isnt to make you happy. Women want mostly what men want: And I say this as a woman called sweet, feminine and beautiful all her life.

However, I do sort of get why the US men would be turned off by these loud-mouthed fat types who are ruining feminism. Please bear in mind, feminism wasnt supposed to be like they have made it, with their foul mouths and utter lack of allure.

Oh shut up with your feministic dribble. And in order to do this even if you are not Christian, it is normal to marry anywyas and most people want to , a woman has to take care of herself so she can look decent for he man and vice versa, but to a lesser extent for a man since women arnt as visual as men. Agree, that women should keep themselves looking good. Outrageous to marry and just let go. All I said was, be aware some people are so poor or hardworking, they can get fresh food: Can you even read, or are you the type hat does TL;DR?

When the gorgeous muscles of the husband start to vanish under couch-sitting fat,. I am just being honest. And plenty often, they are screwing that guy. Dont ever mistake what women say for their real feelings. Its only shallow when women do it. I have learned its useless.

This is assuming quality healthcare If any is available to them right? Sounds like your just to lazy to apply empathy to the process…the gym does not fix mental sloth.

You people are just looking for something to yack about. I take my meds and I make it by fine. Fat people are just too goddam lazy to walk to the pharmacy too. My childhood friend struggled with being a bit heavyset since childhood, despite diets, working out, playing sports. Why is that funny rto you? I find it quite frankly sad and disturbing.

But just take a look at the high percentage of obesity. Such a high percentage is not caused by these things. If they are depressed they should get their ass up and develop a plan to reach their dream body. If you have never been obese or dealt with obesity I think you should have no say in the matter or be able to judge someone who is. Producing too much testosterone would make it easier to build, muscle, no?

I think many people who label themselves fat or obese are not fat or obese at all. Misty, have you ever gone to an American Restraunt or burger joint and observed what the typical American eats in one setting?

What you will observe most of the time is that the typical American is eating an entire burger, along with fryes, a huge supersize me Coke, and a desert. And their Coke should be substituted with something like water or at least a mix of half water and half soda or half lemonade and half water. Secondly, the typical American is gulping down fast food instead of eating more healthy.

That being said is perfectly legitimate to hate fat people if one wants to. My name is tucker stacey. This is a very joyful day of my life because of the help Dr.

Trust has rendered to me by helping me get my ex husband back with his magic and love spell. Trust email on the internet on how he help so many people to get thier ex back and help fixing relationship. He always want to be by me and can not do anything without my present. Trust is truly a real spell caster. He is the only answer to your problem and make you feel happy in your relationship. But fatties are responsible. They are the only lazy asses in the formula.

Everyone else actively works to improve themselves and as a direct result, makes the world a better place. How a person improves themselves is entirely subjective.

We all have preferred traits that we are attracted to, but they are different for everyone. And we are all entitled to define that for ourselves. I am not fat. My mother is between us in weight. Yes, it is much harder to be fit with this issue, down right discouraging at times. Diet is crucial, and exercise even more so. The difference between us three is our motivation to be fit.

You need to weight train honey. If you build muscle, the muscle in turn will burn the fat. I burn more calories than I eat, I follow the paleo diet and eat nothing processed, no starches, or anything with sugar. I do cardio, I have an active job an occupational therapist, I stand while my co-workers sit on stools, I weight train. Some of is have more trouble than others with PCOS, because we are all different.

I am glad that some of you with PCOS are thin. Not every fat person is a pig over stuffing themselves with twinkles and pie. Mird is right, sort of. Adding muscle will help burn the fat, but it is often best to balance the weight training and the cardio rather than work on just one or the other. Ignore anyone who gives you dirty looks or talks down to you for trying to better yourself.

The only carbs that should be consumed are from vegetables. Up your protein and also your dietary fats olive oil, nuts, salmon, etc….

And your life must be so successful. Its people like you that make this world a living hell.! You done taking out your personal issues on random people? The calm, rational adults are trying to talk.

Fatbitchessuck Who the fuck do you think you are? Calling Alice, Fatlice, There are sicknesses out there that prevent people from losing weight, or even trying. Ur such a bully, and one total troll, i really HATE people like you. Your the reason why this world is CRAP! Yes I feel better now. Yes i forgot all skinny people are healty. Wake up people this article was written by a not so attractive, not so successful guy who thinks he deserves someone who looks better than him.

Anorexics and drug users have mental issues. The person who wrote this article is obviously a self conscious, uneducated, loser. If you truly believe this shit I feel terribly sorry for you.

I hope someday something horrible happens to you, something that makes you feel so much pain and embarrassment that you hide away in a pit of your own self loath.

Your a worthless human being and you should be ashamed of yourself. I too have never seen an anorexic I find attractive. So no overweight person has EVER had mental issues?

This is insane 1 Depression drugs often contribute to obesity 2 Birth control often contributes to obesity 3 genetics contribute to obesity 4 Greed has nothing to do with weight, health, or physical appearance.

Greed is a attribute independent of the body, though potentially influenced by it. Plenty of small people are greedy.

Plenty of large people are greedy. Plenty of people are greedy. Weight indicates nothing, it barely indicates habits. Some people have a genetic predisposition to developing lung cancer. This really pisses me off, until I turned 14 I was slim and athletic, I was in many sports teams and I loved gymnastics but then I started to get depression, anxiety, bullied, sleep paralysis and other issues including mental ones.

People would throw mouldy yoghurt on me and I had a traumatic experience. Very similar to my experience. I used to receive abuse on a daily basis when I put weight on in my early teens.

Deep down they all despise women. A woman only needs to be a few pounds overweight before she starts receiving the most disgusting verbal abuse which has a profound affect on her, mentally. But then again, there is a sickness where people, no matter what they eat, or how much they eat, are obese. My cousin has this sickness.

So she stopped eating for three whole days, only drinking water and excercising. She had to go to the hospital because of that. No one goes to the hospital after not eating for only three days. Your fat cow cousin was obviously lying about what happened.

No one ever seems to put a name to it. Who the fuck was talking about anorexic people? You mean normal sized humans or actual people who are too skinny? I never see a planet sized ham beast over-eating grapes or broccoli. You wanna binge eat? Eat some fucking carrots. Ok so your saying that even though I work out days a week 2hrs a night and compete in powerlifting competitions and have set multiple lifting records and even though i eat and love vegetables including carrots, that its pretty much in my head and that its not a genetic issue even though I do have a genetic hormone inbalance disorder that affects my metabolism and screws up my whole body?

At least I am trying to fix my problems where as you think bringing other people down justifies yours. You are clearly uneducated on such matters and the world would do better without your harmful and simple minded imput. Just remember that two can play. I really hope I never meet you in real life Jody … because even though I am anti violence I think I might beat the crap out of you for your ignorant remarks.

But a few years ago I broke an ankle so badly it is screwed together. This makes it hard for me to exercise so I have put on weight even though I eat very healthy.

Shut up fat fuck. Awwww you broke your ankle years ago. What a pathetic excuse for being a lard ass. Calories in vs calories out, not complicated.

Who cares about their contributions to society and their more superior brain power…. It takes an hour and a half of cardio to burn off a large coca-cola.

Cardio is not meant for losing weight. It is intended to increase heart health. Diet is meant for losing weight. I could have 2 broken ankles and still lose weight if I wanted. God supposedly passes ultimate judgment as to whether you can enter heaven or not.

That is very different from a person exercising good judgment decision making , or voicing a helpful opinion on such, on what is healthy or not based upon their experience of life using the brain they were blessed with — that is for that very purpose. If you want to distort the true meaning of words into that which they are not then I suggest you educate yourself better. Freedom of speech is the most important freedom of all, as with such there is no way to safeguard any other type of freedom.

HAHA i dont work out , and I eat fast food left and right and am in great shape. They had to eat twice as much and be twice as lazy to get the same size.

I suggest you look up something called Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome. I know women with it who work their asses off at the gym, and eat very healthy. But most people 30 years ago had a different lifestyle and the FDA standards were different. That affects like what percentage of the population now? Also, humans do not need carbohydrates to survive. We only need protein and dietary fat. The only carbs we should be consuming comes from vegetables and only because vegetables have very low carbohydrates and very high vitamins and minerals.

Actually many women including myself and a lot of other women I have met at work or school have it its just not talked about very much and is a lot bigger problem than most would think. I live with and have to deal with it on a daily basis and its also genetic being passed down from mother to daughter some have it worse than others. I wouldnt wish it upon any woman. I have polycystic ovarian syndrome and yes it does affect us in that way.

Its a genetic hormone imbalance disorder that affects our metabolism and we produce too much testosterone making it extremely hard to lose weight. Iam a powerlifter who has competed in competitions over 5years now I work out days a week 2hrs a night and some times twice a day when o was in college and I love sugar free protein bars over candy and like almost every vegetable and I am still obese.

Maybe for men, but not for many women. Many women have various situations that may affect the way our body changes. Men should really not speak on the subject. People have different bodies. Yeah, some people may be more sensitive to gaining fat, that is not valid as an excuse to become obese. They may need to work harder to achieve the same goal but this applies to both men and women alike. Moreover this applies to other goals in life as well e.

Umm… Hate to rain on your parade, but there are many statistics to back up what people are saying about gender hormones, do your homework before pouring your haterade all over the place.

Gender hormones and non vegetable based carbohydrates. Just remember, gender is only one part of a bigger equation. Butt out and do some research you might actually learn something. The body begins to think its starving and then proceeds to hold onto those calories. The best ways to lose weight include Eating smaller meals more often eating less is generally bad if unbalanced. Drinking primarily water Figure out the sort of diet a body needs.

Some people need high protein diets others may need high fiber to really begin slimming down. The general thing is smaller portions and more light snacks. I cannot stress that enough…also steamed chicken is like some bland ass white people food if I ever heard it. Most importantly find exercise you enjoy. If someone hates something even if they lose weigh the result will be unhappiness. Its more important to be happy for yourself than to be miserable for everyone else.

I honestly think dancing is the best work out for people. The gym is often a space to show off and it is very public and uncomfortable for people. Dancing is so active and it can be done alone or with a partner.

And…some people will always be big unless they are starving themselves. They assume a person is unhealthy and has absolute control over the size of their body. Plenty of male and female body builders are heavy set without being muscular. Some people are built to carry a lot of weight in their thighs and hips, but have tiny waists others are short and squat so they carry a lot around their middle.

That was my point. As I said there are many reasons why some people are large…not the least of which is people liking it. Personally the thought of being skinny is upsetting to me. Not to mention eating healthy consistently is so expensive. The cheapest things to buy are pasta and rice. Near where I live the hardest things to find can be fresh fruit and veggies. Takes less time to cook, lasts longer, etc. Losing weight is a choice, but you have to contextualize those choices. Tons of people lose weight every year and they gain it right back.

I just hate articles like this. At the least people could stop lying about that. The central studies linking weight to a number of issues such as high blood pressure have come under scrutiny recently due to over emphasizing the significance of their relationship. Last I read some medical professionals were deeply concerned about the number of average and smaller people being under diagnosed. Not to mention a recent study found that being too thin relative to an individuals has the same effects as being obese.

I know heavy set track runners who exercise four times a week and walk almost everyday. I know scrawny dudes who almost eat only out of college vending machines, drink booze on the regular, and adore pizza as a weekly part of their diet. Meanwhile a large person of any size goes to a doctor for a sprained ankle, bronchitis, etc and doctors feel the need to give a lecture about their weight.

I know someone who damn near died of a respiratory infection because her doctor insisted it was weight induced asthma. What percentage of that weight is muscle though…. Your mom was a horny fatass. I bet she was single because she was so fat. I bet you were adopted.

Who would fuck a fat person except for the desperate. I was thinking the same thing. You make a good point, and while some of his thoughts are perfectly reasonable he is painfully un aware that its people like him that put overweight people into devastation causing them to stress eat therefor enhancing the problem. Except the people who exacerbate that issue. Individualism exists only within the vacuum of society. Why was this comment necessary, are you doing anyone any good by saying that, do you feel better?

This guy is a classic misogynist. Let women drop everything and cater to men and their desires. But first of all I am a feminist. I make it my mission to use and abuse men in any way I want.

They get what they deserve. I pride myself for not thinking with my dick and I grew up with only sisters and all my friends have been women so I can see right threw little girls like you who they think they control men with the simple ideal of just sex, and surr fat women can be nice but a friends level only.

God damn your fat ass and your idea of feminism. FYI, feminism is a range of movements and ideologies that share a common goal: Anyway, you sounds like a little insecure fatty xx.

If you work two jobs and have seven children, you have a lot more to be concerned about than obesity. You have a disease that makes you lose one vital nutrient: Not by any means..

But you know how many girls look the other way because of this fact??? At least most fat girls have only their lifestyle to blame and can lose weight…. I have hooked up with taller girls.. But where I live single girls are few and far inbetween to begin with..

I said many girls not all.. How about you spend your time more constructively instead of posting over 30 comments on stupid web article…. Like I said most girls where I live are bitches or good ones are taken.. And I do feel the article has some bit of truth to it.. I would have had more girls to choose from.. I only spend but about a minute or two replying, actually. The rest I spend studying or doing something else. Also, this is entertaining.

It is all a matter of them being attracted or not. Which 40 years ago there was the pressure of actually marrying to be financially secure. How does working on yourself have more societal value than actually doing shit that matters to other people? Like finding the cure for cancer. Sincerely, a guy who chooses not to be a judgemental asshole. Of course someone who directs their attention to a cause outside of themself is admirable, but lets be realistic here — not everyone can go on to change the world.

Its far more reasonable and achievable to change yourself than to change everything around you. At the end of the day if you had a choice between a slim girl and a fat girl and it was based entirely on innate male perspective looks we all know what you would choose.

But at the end of the day its not as simple as are you fat or skinny, the are many other factors to look into, at least if your an adequate human. Better that then being married to someone whose a jerk.

Funny how hypocrisy works. Judged yes, but to be fair the scenario he set up is a choice between curing cancer and working out at the gym. Here is a thought. Why no do both? Or are they mutually exclusive?

Curing cancer AND working out. I love to meet u one day to beat the living shit out of u. You live in some middle class suburb somewhere with a fat wife. You left out the home number in the address so you are dumb. You are offended by the article so you are probably fat, and you live in the hood so you are most likely poor.

Wow, you will make some girl really happy someday. I hope you reproduce too so that there are more of you in society. Did you know, a tumor in the brain can cause severe wait gain and no other symptom to show cancer at all?

Sounds more like a case by case situation so stop blaming shit on one stereotype. So maybe we should learn some problem solving skills instead of just quitting so easily.

Statistically, the poorer an area is, the higher the obesity rate. This is because people with limited financial resources have to resort to buying what ever they can afford to put on their tables and most of those are processed unhealthy foods. Then there is of course those who have genes that actually make it so much harder to stay slim.

Not only are they lazy, they probably have 3 kids thereby limiting their ability to go to college, so they are also stupid. Everybody has the opportunity to make good choices. Men and women at all ages are exhausted and cranky. Too tired to go out, unable to have sex anymore. BOTH genders are like that. It will tell you how good your future fun with that person is going to go.

Do you personally know every fat person around? Would you consider a mother who used that body to have kids then runs around all day chasing them lazy just because she has extra weight.

There are skinny people out there that can get their asses handed to them in any physical activity by someone who does hold weight but actually moves. You can be thin and be lazy and a lot of thin people are. No fat does not mean active and does not mean healthy. Your assuming all skinny girls or hot? This is why women fat and skinny are getting pissed on here. He even points out that not all skinny girls are attractive.

He really makes excellent points, he just does so like an asshole. Fat is horrible, fat is disgusting, fats kills. If you are fat you already eat too much and move too little its simple. You are putting more in your mouth than you are burning off everyday. It adds up quickly. Fat wraps around you heart and your liver and impairs their functioning. Fat is lazy, fat is greedy, fat is useless to society. You take up more space, you stink, you eat crap food, you require far more healthcare throughout your life taking places from genuinely sick people.

There is absolutly no benefit to oversized greedy people consuming enough to feed a whole family. Big is not beautiful, but getting up off your fat arse and taking action, having a zest for life is. How many overweight animals do you see in nature, none. The only oversized or fat animals are domestic usually cats and dogs from my experience and usually are over fed by oversized owners.

Overeating shortens your life, its a proven fact. Obesity is an eating disorder. All in all makes a great point about the whole thing. Fat people DO in fact cause more stress on the medicare system, it is not a myth, those countries with it already in place have this. BUT along with them though…. With ALL of the mentioned above.

There is no other way to constructively understand or deal with it other than firing home a few hard truths. The issue cannot be sugar coated and obviously many obese people will take offense. That being said however, my opinion is that the reason fat people get so much hate, especially in the US is down to this american culture which glorifies being fat as something beautiful, I ve seen videos of obese women boasting about that they actually want to be like that.

As a guy I have no problem with fat people, but obese people come on dont give us the genes or the glands excuse, they are just greedy, through and through, and when I think of all the starving children in the world cannot help but hate on them.

Just stop stuffing your face with sugar and processed carbs. Was that so hard? When i read a testimony online on how dr.

I just let the post pass by and move on the forum. To my notice under again, Some person posted and said tested and trusted spell caster. After reading through the mail it was this same dr.

So i have no other option than to really check up how he works. I was totally devastated when my beloved lover left me. It was like my entire world vanishing into sorrow and pain.

I know it sounds weird but out of all the spell casters I contacted, he was the only one to give me that impression of being so true and trustful. More than his words,He brought my lover back and he made all my wishes come true.

He is now loyal, pays attention to me, he offers me flowers every Sunday, and we often go out at the cinema and the restaurant. I will be forever thankful for turning my life from hell to heaven! May God continue to use you to save broken relationship.

Men have very base pursuits. Getting a good job? Well you need money to attract women. Being in good shape? Gotta look good to attract women.

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Plenty of small people are greedy.

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Responses ranged from quizzical to angry.

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His whole career gone with one false allegation. And you get to decide what to do with yours — which is why an article by some signs it was just a hookup pride girl stating that men like you should just give in to the trend of fatter women would be equally ridiculous. You waste your time in beautiful countries, in bed shacking up with every skank who is within a 10 mile radius of you. I stopped eating fast food, candy, snack treats, and soda. I have polycystic ovarian syndrome and fat suit online dating it does affect us in that way. Statistically, the poorer an area is, the higher the obesity rate. Instead of drinking a diet soda or soda onlinne you do with every meal, start drinking water and go from fat suit online dating.