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Keitech Swing Impact FAT Swimbait

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Davan with any girl he's dated, though this is largely Informed Deformity. In the Whateley Universe , supervillain Gizmatic is a short, nerdy, ugly dork with a 'shy chin' who has a still-hot wife. Like, every single one? These are terrible baits, they wreck giant smallmouth which are no fun to catch. Between this trope and Liz' complete lack of affection for Dave, it comes as no surprise when she's caught cheating.

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Alley Oop , who looks-wise is your stereotypical caveman, has a smoking hot, devoted wife in Ooola. Works great for a trailer to. Apparently he saved her from an angry waiter and according to a win quote she likes his belly. However, it's implied that this designation is highly relative. You know—blazing lights, fat slob of a director in the room, black dude with a fat cock. Also, Thanos and Death. A Song of Ice and Fire:

The unannounced guest appearance of Curtis Jackson at XS—fucked up as it was—proved to be just the beginning. Taxi Driver ; Rotten Tomatoes: I was still out of my head at this point.

I would have been in a delicate state anyway—even without all the black dicks. Even without what was rapidly shaping up to be my own full-blown personal Kock Krisis. And which scene did I happen to be right smack in the middle of? What was the first thing to come flying out of my laptop and lay a beating on my already crippled psyche in wide-screen, digitally remastered, iTunes-quality HD?

Maybe five minutes elapsed like this before I mustered the energy to roll over again and switch films. I settled on Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers ; Rotten Tomatoes: Though the weather had been stellar for months, a fog moved suddenly into the city, creating an atmosphere of menace and general depression. On my way to work, a gang of boombox-wielding youths followed me onto the subway, flooding the air with rap music as I tried to read peacefully from a book. The text became a blur. The angry voices of huge-cocked black men were all I could focus on.

And upon surfacing in downtown SF: Blaring from every bus stop and street corner. On my skateboard, I began pushing faster, keeping my eyes up.

Not wanting to see who was playing the music, not wanting at all to add their dicks into this whole equation. During my shift that night—a fashionable restaurant downtown being my employer—I was, quite frankly, a mess. Serving the rich, white clientele base with all the precision and charm of a concussed chimpanzee. Squandering large blocks of on-the-clock time in the single-occupancy bathroom, self-consciously checking out my dick from all angles in the mirror.

Well, after work, I shrugged, unzipped the backpack pocket I use for miscellaneous items. It generally contains a loot of a few bucks in coins. But while grabbing and withdrawing what felt like a Sacagawea gold dollar, two other items tumbled out: He descended on the condom like some kind of demonic vulture. Leaving me frozen on the spot with my eyes out of focus, the unwanted gold dollar still held out in my hand.

Afterwards, I went home and tried beating off to black porn, thinking it might help me make peace with the whole situation. The first video I clicked was one where this white, upper middle class father figure watched in severe psychic pain as his daughter was violated by a visor-wearing black. Protesting ceaselessly to quote please stop fucking my daughter unquote, while the black dude, of course, refused to comply, just laughed, kept thrusting, and countered with verbal abuse.

I spent upwards of minutes desperately scanning Youjizz. See, while foraging for a black penis of normal dimensions on YouJizz, it hit me that it was all in the camera work. This led to an interesting few days, to say the least.

Forced to accept that I stacked up about as well with black dudes as a Golden Retriever would stack up against a great white shark in a sea battle, the next mission was simply to convince myself that my dick fell within the realm of normal.

Like, white guy normal. The week that followed has a hazy, dream-like quality to it in my memory, even though I was making a concerted effort to be precise, scientific. Scientifically, Objectively Recording Results. Throwing out the low but not the high score.

Thinking better of it. Keeping just the high score and calling it a day. But the Kock Krisis, previously only clawed, sprouted wings and fangs and a spiked tail after the Internet delivered this little bit of trivia to my lap: French officials have just announced that the thing is now in fact a triathlon. Learn how to run and swim. What a load of cat shit. Especially when that account is even remotely positive. In the weeks after the Vegas trip, a little experiment I liked to do was to go up to friends and people in bars and go: But most guys, when I presented this scenario, were just totally stumped.

Is it a xenophobia thing? Which then got me to thinking: A few weeks ago, I managed to lure a Stanford swimmer girl home from my favorite San Francisco bar.

Feeling a bit bolder with each passing day. She continued fondling me silently for a few moments, contemplating something, before finally looking up and saying: I almost stumbled backwards against my bookshelf. Ripped up and dangling from just this one sentence. Stanford…athlete girl…likely spends a lot of time around…you know. Compliment or no, the whole run-in had me once again pretty fucked up. The week that followed was hellish.

The following week end will likely go down forever as one of the low points in my life. A few days slipped by and then there we were again: Another brassy, dim, elbow-to-elbow affair in some bar. One called the Tipsy Pig, if I remember correctly. Well, tremendously drunk, head once again spinning with questions about my own sexual potency, I was marching up and down the length of the bar with my jeans unbuttoned, thinking: Time to get to the bottom of this thing—for good.

It worked like this: Right there in the bar. I know this probably seems ironic, given the insecurity and the Kock Krisis and all. But exposing myself is a habit about on par with cracking my knuckles at this point in my life: The first group of girls scattered instantly, shrieking as they went. The second group was a little more polite about things, but followed roughly the same blueprint i. Just a few mumbled words and then all of a sudden I had my pants down, brandishing my cock. And then, casually, as if asking what I did for work, she added: All of them were in their mid-thirties, and all but one were married.

Slurring quite a bit, yes, but still managing to hit all major plot points: Vegas, the black guy, the Krisis, the Girth Test, all the dick footage swimming around in my iPhone, and also the relapse I was now in the midst of thanks to a certain coed from Stanford University. Producing my cock at various times throughout the tale as a visual aid.

The only problem was this one brunette in the group who, about midway through, started rolling her eyes at me. Wide eyed now, beginning to panic, I began glancing around pleadingly at the other women in the circle. More from the brunette: If not, you might not hate Home either. It's my newest mini-book, it can be read on your phone , computer , or Kindle instructions below , and it's the most popular thing I've written so far. She was all mine now, though…in my filthy paws at last… But then: While I was in Paris.

In the bathroom, feeling dizzy, I placed a hand against the mirror for support. Then I passed maybe a full minute looking myself in the eyes, slowly shaking my head.

My gaze eventually wandered down the mirror to my groin region. Or, rather, not very good. They will get bit when nothing else will. They are deadly on an Alabama rigs.

These are one of the best swimbaits I have ever used. I use the 3. The only color I use is the Bluegill Flash. I have numerous family and friends that are now using the Impact Fat after watching me. They are not real durable but it is usually the small fish that tear them up by grabbing the tail.

Three to 6 fish is usually the limit. Impact Fat will catch fish when nothing else is working. The only flaw is since the heavy salt content, the plastic isnt very strong, maybe fish in, and the bait wont stay on the hook correctly, but i think it is worth it.

These are absolutely the best Soft body swimbaits I have ever bought. Blue gill flash Is the go tO color. Rigged with a size 5 weightless swim bait hook and go catch some bucket mouths. But as expensive as these swimbaits are you would think durability would be a little better. I absolutely love these baits. I was out fishing yesterday, in the CA delta and brought home a 14 Lb striper that completely hammered this bait.

Didn't rip or tear, I would buy these over and over again. I have noticed that most of the bites come from retrieving the bait and then pausing and allowing it to fall.

They can't stand the tail wag on the fall, thats when you're going to get bit Looks incredible in the water, I can't say enough good things about this bait.

You can rig it anyway you want. I wanted to update my earlier review. I said the 4. These baits are great I mostly use them on a swim jig but I have also used them in saltwater for sea trout. These things are awesome. The tail has a real wide kick that moves a lot of water.

I'm riggin them on a arig or a single swim jighead and gettin bit in heavily pressure fisheries. Thought these were all hype till i gave them a chance, but they flat out work. High quality n best swimming action, love the ribbed body. Truly think it makes big difference. It's great alone but I especially love'em for swim jig trailers and bladed swimbait trailers.

Also great on a nice swimbait jighead. Smallies gobble'em up too. Just got back from northern Wisconsin, fished the Chippawa Flowage with the 4. Got my biggest bass ever up there, 5. That's a big bass for this northern lake. Out of the 15 baits I took, 10 where bite off by northerns or muskies. Never had a bait work so good as this one, there worth every penny! On here now to order more for the next trip.

I would highly recommend these swim baits. This bait does it all. I use it to burn through weeds that are 1ft under water or through scattered weed pockets. A fast burn and pause retrieve drives fish to come up out of weeds and nail this bait. I caught 15 bass and was still using it until a northern ripped the tail off.

Some may tear earlier but to me this bait runs true either if your burning it through weeds or if your just slow rolling it on a-rigs.

Wouldn't use any other swim bait. Tournaments are won on baits that work. This bait gives u the confidence to do so So glad they have new colors now. Can't wait to use them. They are one awesome bait. Works great for a trailer to. Well worth the buy. I threw this swimbait and the Power Team Lures 4. I caught way more fish on the PTL swinging hammer even though these swimbaits have similar actions so try a PTL swimbait if u like this swimbait. I love these foe swim jig trailers.

No other paddle tail has action this good. Its going to wag no matter how slow your retrieve. That being said the trade off for that action is the softer plastic that is not as durable as one would hope. However they are well worth the buy. Best softbait I've ever used. Not extremely durable though but it catches heaps of fish so can't complain about anything else, can I? I used the 3. Easily my top bait of the week rigged on a weighted EWG hook.

Love the action and so did the fish. Tails get torn off fairly quick and I had ran out of both packages before the first day of fishing. Tried the Zoom swim flukes, Berkley sick fish, and the Lake fork magic shad boot tail Kept these in my bag for about a week after I bought them at Fishermans warehouse Out on the lake one day and had a had a few more hours before it gets dark This is a good swim bait.

Used this at carlyle lake which is stained water. Stuck bass and catfish These baits catch fish and thats that!!! I started using the revenge jig head and it holds the bait really well, not to mention it makes the bait look more realistic. Best swimbait known to man. Fish this over a bed and you're hooked. Amazing action, well worth the money, and somewhat durable.

Im not sure what it is about these baits but the bass absolutely annihilate them! Just rig one up on a screw locked swimbait hook and it will last you alot longer. These are one of my favorite baits right now, I put these 4. The only down side to the bait is that after one fish the Bait is pretty much trashed because the head wont hold to the lead head after its been pulled back.

Just my 2 cents. Diamond Valley Lake CA. I have only used the 4. On the A Rig they are deadly. They swim so good in the water and the fish can't resist them From: These are terrible baits, they wreck giant smallmouth which are no fun to catch. Price doesn't bother me, but the durability does to some extent.

These are loaded with salt, similar to Yamamoto baits. Because of this I feel that they do get bit more than the average paddletail, but at the expense of durability. When rigged on a jig head, it only takes a few fish to tear the bait down off the hook holder. Even with super glue, mend-it, etc.. Packaging is great, action is great, effectiveness is great. This is a great bait!! For all you whiny kids that complain about price, they are worth it!

I used that and caught a 7lber! Very much worth the price. Comes in great packaging, keeping tails straight until use. Great thumping action on the tail. Insane swimming action fish can't resist. When nothing works this thing will procedures fish. Caught few descent size bass on first day testing with 4.

Let peeps keep crying about the price. Cool, dont use em. More fish for me! Superglue the bait to the jig head. These things are the real deal, homie. Best Bag using the 4. The best for me have been the 3. Throw them for smallies on shallow sand flats in the spring and you can't go wrong. Absolutely awesome, caught two citation smallies here in virginia in the past week on the 5.

The action is unmatched, I wont throw another paddle tail after using these. The fish honestly seem to go after the bigger types, A buddy threw the 4. Although we dont have Bass here in Switzerland except in 1 lake i have found these to be my favourite lure for Perch in 2. Got my biggest Pike of 95 cm on a Ayu 4. French Pearl color does not include squid scent. Add To Wish List. Keitech Easy Shiner Swimbait.

Keitech Swing Impact Swimbait. Write Your Review Comments: Favorite bait to throw. The bass just slam these things. All of a sudden has become a confidence bait for me ; From: Will be buying many more very happy with the product From: Thought these were all hype till i gave them a chance, but they flat out work From:

Imsges: fat guy hook up

fat guy hook up

Tried the Zoom swim flukes, Berkley sick fish, and the Lake fork magic shad boot tail Thought these were all hype till i gave them a chance, but they flat out work From:

fat guy hook up

Most of the characters of these classes can't even pair up with the, almost exclusively hot, girls anyways. I'm riggin them on a arig or a single swim jighead and gettin bit in heavily pressure fisheries.

fat guy hook up

Smallmouth and largemouth both eat this thing! Lum's father is stout and rather brutish-looking, her mother Fat guy hook up and Atsuko in Paprika. He is still the only person who could rile me up using just his fingers. Mercedes Fat guy hook up 's Heralds of Valdemar books presents petite, sweet faced, and generally harmless-looking Queen's Own Herald Talia; and the love of her life Herald Dirk who is big, strong, has a lovely voice and at least in Talia's opinion beautiful eyes It should also be noted that the Fishmen probably have different views of beauty than humans.