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You probably already gave him head by now since you wrote that back in January but my advice would have been to give him one if you are comfortable. If you don't hear from him by then, you can always try to send a "how are you" text - two weeks from now. Russia rages at 'unforgivable' claim from Boris Johnson

Online Dating Conduct: Do’s and Don’ts For Women

He's, most likely, a player juggling many different "situations. Meaning, they offer a feature where you can let a man call you, without you providing him directly with your number. Hmm, the sign of "continued interest" is elusive to me. Anonymous, I think it's inappropriate. Angela Pitts appeared on Flavor of Love 3. He behaved perfectly well though he had to hold me and my hands to ensure that I don't fall down. Sonia, "From now on I'll try to follow your advice.

A good man looking for a good woman is willing to pay for a service to make that happen. Again, courtship is a process and people connect in an authentic manner via conversation. Men, this goes for you, too. Imagine it this way.

Would you feel a connection with a total stranger that approached you in public, never spoke but gestured for you to join them for lunch? Give him your phone number and invite him to call you. On The First Date: Unless, of course, you want him to disappear the next day. Conduct yourself like a lady. Be funny, be smart, be kind, say thank you and be appreciative of his efforts. If you like him, an quick peck on the lips after dinner is acceptable.

After The First Date: Call him and chase him and pursue him. Don't stalk him or view his profile repeatedly. Don't focus on how often he's on the site and don't stay off the site just because you've had one date with a guy.

Don't start revising your profile or taglines to send subliminal messages to a guy. Don't take your profile down, leave it up and stay active on it. If you begin to behave as desperate, too eager or too emotional, that's exactly what you'll look like to him.

Is he genuinely interested or is he just looking to get laid from easy pickings? And realize, many, many men will fall off and disappear on you after a first date when you do this. Continue to date other men, keep your options open and respond to texts a couple hours later. Do return calls a few hours later or the next day. You want to look valuable to this man. And the only way to do that is to make him understand that you have a life and that others out there are demanding your time as well.

Being too available to men tends to invite bad behavior from them. Accept last minute requests for dates from the man. Remember, how you behave from the moment you meet a man sets the tone for how the relationship will be from that point forward.

If you make yourself too available to a man and accept short notice dates, you will be treated like that by him from that day forward. It will be like opening the door to him taking you for granted from that day on. Accept date invitations when they are requested 3 or more days in advance. Speak not with words, but with your actions. How about Sunday instead? Using the 3 day rule also paces the relationship. The reason is that the relationship was not paced and he has no time to miss you, long to be with you, or think about you constantly.

Men equate longing with love, Ladies. Let them long for you and your time. If a man sticks around and is pursuing you as a genuinely interested man should, you can consider taking it to the next step and sleeping with him after the 7th or 9th date. No sooner or you may play your cards too soon and he may disappear unexpectedly on you. Make him prove he's interested before giving yourself and your power away to him.

Men like the chase, they like to compete and they enjoy a good challenge. It excites them and it keeps them interested. Give them what they want. And realize, you're both dating online. He will date other women and you should date other men. That is, until one of three things has happened: You've exchanged I love you's 2. You've agreed to be exclusive with one another 3. Commitments have been made If none of the above has taken place, both you and he are free to explore options.

And you should take full advantage of that by continuing to do so. This will keep you emotionally healthy and keep you from obsessing over one man. And again, I repeat, lots of men will disappear on you when you follow the above advice. Any men who do not want to do any of the above with you — let them go. So do that and get comfortable with the fact that many men who may seem too good to be true — actually are.

Realize that many men will not go through the efforts of proving themselves to you. I recently read a study that stated that modern day women have to kiss approximately 75 frogs before finding their Prince Charming.

So if 74 frogs leap away from you — know that the 75th is on his way to you. I am a mature female internet dater and feel there are certain things an older dater needs to consider. I have already in my first 4 months learned the hard way. You know why men contact me? I always have my hair up when we meet, then I go to the restaurant rest rooms and return with it down to surprise him- one man almost fell off his chair and was beaming from ear to ear, another pulled out his phone and said may I take a pic of your hair!!

I only search for compatible star signs and Im a numerologist, and have subtle methods for asking someones birthdate early on in our chats, so I have an added advantage in my screeing.

If they are incompatible I dont bother continuing. Wise Owl, Thank you very much for appreciating this information and finding it useful. Yes, I believe all of the above applies to any man at any age. However, if you'd like to add something based upon your experiences, please do so here in the comments and it's possible that I can update the piece to include your insights.

I have girlfriends of all ages and there's one in particular that's a great girlfriend and mentor regarding men. She's 68 years old and she reminds me of Judge Judy in her attitude and demeanor with men. She's very black and white, there are no gray areas with her, and she calls it like she sees it.

She's a real spitfire, has never been married, and dates actively, although not online. And you know what? She tosses men around - and they all chase her LOL. Metaphorically, picture this scene. They become intriqued by that. They pursue her and she baps them away, making it completely clear she's not looking for any commitments. They become even more intriqued and continue to purusue competitive. She talks to them on the phone for months before agreeing to a date qualifying them.

They continue to pursue need to win the prize. She goes on a date - and then bolts on them makes them pursue to prove their interested.

They give chase must win. And this goes round and round and round for months - and they all blow up her phone and seek her out LOL. She's not mean about it, but she gives them a real run for their money and they're all so baffled by her that they chase her and probably don't even know why LOL. It's the equivalent of picking a man up, body slamming him and then whacking him in the face with your handbag - and they eat it up for some reason.

Honestly, it's amazing that they do this. And she always says, "I swear, the worse you treat a guy, the more he likes you. It's the damndest thing. I don't want to do it, but they love it, they eat it up. And if you think about it, it's always the men you don't want to talk to, the one's you avoid, that are ringing your phone all the time.

And the one's that you want to call you, the one's you're treating well - they're not calling. So there's definitely something to the "people always want what they can't have" theory, the law of scarcity. I used to argue with her about that, about her treatment of them, but you know what? After witnessing this time and time again working, I'm now a converted believer LOL. And by the time these guys actually get her out on a date - they're treating her like gold because they're so excited she finally agreed.

And these are men in their late 60's behaving like this. Now I'm not saying every woman should start out that extreme - she's got this down to a science and a well oiled process - there's an art to doing this without destroying your chances or the man.

However, playing hard to get and really making a man work for it - makes them appreciate it 3 times as much once they get it. And it also plays on the competitive nature in men, they like to "win. Nice touch with the way you present your greatest asset to these men, too. It's a nice little surprise. Men like to be kept on their toes and a woman who can do that really intriques them. On a different note. I wonder, have you seen this piece here: And I believe I'm a life path number 9.

Have you ever considered writing? If you'd like to consider it, use the "contact" button at the top left of the site, above the logo, and contact me directly. I know you've been following me here and commented on a lot of my pieces - I thank you for that and I thank you for your participation in this community. I think it's awesome to have a mature woman here conversing and participating with younger gals, sharing experiences, asking questions and joining in the community.

And I think it's great that you've grasped the concept of "qualifying" a man before you date him. It's a very necessary step for a woman when it comes to dating. They dont seem to comprehend that is why I am on here- to chat to and to go out and meet lots of men! In the olden days- when he was young, a man met one woman and there was no competition- he slowly got to know her and things were safe for him to persue in his own way and own time.

But with internet dating there are so many available options- a woman is chatting online to perhaps a few or more at once, a coffee here, a movie there.

I have found if I tell a man Im doing this and I stress to him, there is no sex involved with the others they get oh so possesive, and say- well I only chat to one at a time and date one at a time, and another said, well I certainly wont be out looking for somebody better! I have been dumped after 2 real wonderful dates as I had just met a new prospect I wanted to meet To me this is coming from a position of FEAR and a complete lack of self esteem. I feel my intentions are misunderstood.

Im genuinely searching for a life partner, but they are treating me like a floosy. Do I need to give reassurance? How can I teach them the new way of doing things? I am learning not to tell them so much about what Im doing.

Yes I know what you are going to say- do they tell me what they are doing and the answer is YES This may also be a cultural thing- in Australia men have the attitude of if Im seeing you you dont go with anyone else anywhere And mature men, who havnt dated for many years who are now divorced need to learn the new way of doing things.

The internet is a whole new ball game, but they are still playing by their old rules. Some have been sitting at their computer for years and they have got nowhere doing their one at a time mentality!! I really believe this to be a mature age problem- younger people are growing up with social media, and are used to going out with others- older men are lost in the jungle. Please mature ladies put your comments and suggestions on here if you have encountered this problem with your dating.

Wise Owl, I agree with you that their behavior stems from fear, lack of confidence and self esteem issues. Those are certainly present.

Because I've seen in it younger generations with men on the Internet, too. They want you to make it EASY on them. And when they realize that YOU'RE choosing a man and you're not sitting back, waiting for a man to choose you - they realize that there's competition and that they're going to have to work at this. They become resentful of that. They become resentful that they have to compete with other men. They get irritated that they can't pluck you off the Net, put a stamp on ya' and lay claim to you.

They're being lazy and they're used to things going their way. And I think a lot of these men lie. Because I meet men who say, "Women get much more attention there. So maybe it's more like this. Yes, they date one woman at a time - until they have sex with her. Then they disappear on her - and move onto the next one. I've met many men who tell me that many of the women they've met online - show up on the first date with an overnight bag.

Regardless of what they blokes are up to, yes, I think you're being too honest with them. I'm not saying you should lie. I'm saying you should just keep some things private with them is all.

So when they pry for information, say something vague and don't elaborate on it, no matter how much they push. Because truthfully, a stranger has no right to your business anyway. Especially when they're only going to use what you tell them to judge you. So when posed with this question, "Are you dating or seeing anyone else?

Or you could get flat out with them and say, "I really don't share personal information like that until I get to know someone. And the reality is - you don't have to answer to them. They have no right to the information they're asking for. Don't play your cards on the Net. Hold them close to your chest. And remember that you don't have to answer to any of them. They're asking personal questions way too early.

They don't need to know any of that information until after about 6 dates or so. Because if a guy sticks around that long, and then he asks that question, it's because he's considering taking it to another level. So that's when he deserves that information. These guys just expect everything to be so damn easy for them there. Look, it's like a grocery store for women. Hmm, I'll think I'll take this one. Bag her up, I'm ready to go.

Gotta' put a little effort into it these days. Women no longer NEED men for financial reasons or living conditions. Women have their own money, their own homes. They're lazy men who just want to pluck a woman off the shelf and dump her in their kitchen because dinner is to be served promptly at 5PM.

Umm, no thank you, LOL. Dear Mirror of Aphrodite, I am a 38 year old man and would just like to say that I enjoyed reading your commentary with regards to online dating.

I hope every woman is heeding advice of this nature. To be honest, I have made some of the classic blunders you describe. I subscribe more so to the old world and are struggling with many aspects of online dating ettiquette. I concur with many of the responses you suggest that come from men. It makes the prospect of having a meaningful conversation very difficult.

I can appreciate that many of the ladies have become suspicious or a simply worn down from the rubbish they encounter. Thank you for creating a document, which gives me this insight and more of an opportunity to find a genuine lady. It's nice to see a man here agreeing and contributing his thoughts. Yes, navigating the online world of dating can be a challenge for men and women both and it's understandable that mistakes are to be made when getting a feel for how to approach it.

But the fact that you subscribe to the old world ways is actually to your benefit. Just use those ways and those old tried and true tactics to approach and communicate with women and you will find a nice one.

Approach it the traditional way with conversation emails first , telephone calls, courting asking for dates , nice gestures flowers and compliments , and showing interest asking for more dates, calling and communicating regularly.

And I imagine it's the same for men - when approaching it in the ways referenced above, many women may disappear on you. If that happens, so be it, don't worry about those women, they wouldn't have made a good girlfriend anyway if they don't appreciate the efforts you're making on their behalf. And it's SO NICE to see a man agreeing that the traditional ways of doing things is actually the way to go and actually the way a woman should behave and carry herself.

Keep your chin up, Simon. Miss Right is out there and you'll find her! I met a guy online on a dating site. We exchanged few emails to get to know each other. His profile is good. His email responses were good. I asked him for his pic. He sent me two pics and one of them is a shirtless pic showing off his muscles. I was taken a back. It kinda creeped me.

Or am I over reacting? I didn't reply to him yet. Anonymous, I think it's inappropriate. I mean, you're strangers at this point - what's the message he's attempting to convey by doing that? It's like saying, "Hey, look at my body, don't you want my body?

If you get to know one another at a later point in time, then I can see it being okay. But to act like that and come off like that right up front, when you're still strangers, making the focus your body or your muscles - it reeks of trolling the Internet for sex to me.

Anonymous, Let me correct this statement "I think it's inappropriate to be sending half nude pictures of yourself, man or woman, to a virtual stranger. It creeped me out and I didnt feel comfortable. Isn't it the same logic-nude or half nude? We are strangers and he wants to impress me with his body!! I feel it is inappropriate and I am not going to respond to him. Is it an over reaction? His profile is good and his responses in our email conversation are good. May be he is good at writing.

Anonymous, It is inappropriate. Like I said, if you'd been in a relationship with him and dating several months he sent a pic, "Hey, look at these guns" then you could laugh and it would be more acceptable. But he's an absolute stranger at this point and it's inappropriate. And no, you're not over reacting. And yes, it does make women feel uncomfortable, which is why men should knock that crap off when dating online. If you were in a bar and a strange man approached you, ripped off his shirt, and stood there, half naked in front of you - you'd think he was a whacko.

Well same goes for the online world. You don't just start showing your body off like that to complete strangers. It's odd and it's inappropriate. And it signals he's got sex on his mind. I tried online dating and was very unsuccessful. My friends told me I didn't have enough pictures online that actually demonstrated my personality. Personally, I just wasn't comfortable online. To be very honest, i felt like a loser!!!

I understand that this is year but could you offer any other advice to meet smart, attractive and a good hearted man???? Mirror, I posted my profile on an online dating site. Exchanged few emails with a guy. From his responses he comes across as a gentleman. I am a 38 year Taurean and he is a 42 year Leo. First time we met for coffee and talked for a couple of hours. During the conversation,when I told him I am learning skating, he offered to teach me and asked me out the next day for skating.

We went out for skating last night and had a good time. He behaved perfectly well though he had to hold me and my hands to ensure that I don't fall down. I found it rather sweet.

While looking for coffee, he said may be I will take to my place and there are lot of good restaurants nearby. I said there is one coffee shop that is open here and lets go there. We sat for half hour and talked about sports. He drove me to my place and before leaving I thanked him and said it was fun tonight and he said call me sometime it would be good to talk again.

He didn't ask me for another meeting. I would love to meet him again but I do not want to initiate at this early stage. Or should it be mutual? He asked me out two times and is he expecting me to do it this time?

Appreciate an advice on how should I approach as I really like this guy. Sorry for the long post. I logged into the site today and found him online. But I am a little confused on this dating etiquette. Should I never initiate any contact in the beginning? Anonymous, No, I don't think it's ever a good idea for a woman to begin pursuing a man.

Once you do that, they become lazy and it sets the tone from that day forward. You'll spend all your time trying to garner an ounce of his. Now realize, he's dating online. So that means he's dating other women - always assume that because that's what they're there for and that IS what they're doing.

So don't start to feel insecure or feel like you have to remind him that you exist. He knows you exist and if he's genuinely interested, he'll come back and ask you out again - just like he did the first two times. You see, what he's attempting to do here, by asking you to call him, is he's trying to make this easy for himself.

Guys try real hard at first and then once they get a foot in the door, they attempt to swing the burden of carrying the relationship onto the woman - so they can sit back and cruise down easy street. And since he's dating online, he knows this and he knows that many insecure women - fall for that crap.

Don't fall for that and don't set yourself up as one of his Plan B's. If you do, you're going to look like all the other women out there he's dealing with right now. And you have to realize, too, that when men do stuff like that - they're testing you. They're testing to see if you're one of those insecure women that will bend over backwards for them.

And many, if they find out you are, they'll start dating you, sleep with you, then disappear on you. I'd suggest holding out for two weeks. If you don't hear from him by then, you can always try to send a "how are you" text - two weeks from now. But that's it, only one text, no more which honestly, I don't even suggest doing.

The thing is, no matter how much you like this guy and how great he appears to be, you need to find out his level of interest. Is he genuinely interested or only half interested? And the only way to do that - is to let him pursue you. If he's genuinely interested, he'll certainly be back. If he's only half interested, he won't - and you will have saved yourself from possibly having the wool pulled over your eyes and being used here. These men who date online are very savvy at the game, dear.

I don't care how nice they come across. They're on these sites pulling stunts right and left and you need to filter out the one's that are genuinely interested from the one's that are only interested in sweet talking and charming their way into your pants.

And again, the only way to know - is to see if he'll pursue you. And with him saying, "Call me sometime, It'd be nice to talk" - that would signal to me that he's about to place me in his rotation as a Plan B while he continues his search for "the one. I should add that in the meantime, your dating life doesn't stop simply because you've met this one guy. You're dating online too, just as he is, and my suggestion to you. Don't stop living and sit around waiting for a guy to come to his senses.

Mirror Jan6, Thanks so much Mirror. I will sit tight and date other men. My life doesn't revolve around any guy. In two weeks if I don't hear from him I should get my message that he is not interested then why bother texting him after 2 weeks. I would appreciate your response on how to handle this - suppose he contacts again after few days and says he didn't hear from me or something to that effect-how does one handle this without saying it applies to you as well!

I searched for him on FB. I didn't send him a friend request or anything like that. But now I feel I shouldn't have done that either. Because sometimes FB suggests friends you may know and I don't want to appear on this list for him! I shouldn't have done that. Anonymous, Yea, Facebook does that so just don't do it again is all. You say, "Hey, it's great to hear from you! I'm sorry, I've just been so busy. I had a few things pop up unexpectedly.

And it's funny, I was just going to contact you today - but here you are, LOL! He's not your boyfriend, husband or lover - you don't have to answer to him it's none of his business. And when women pose those questions to men, they get the same generic answer - which by the way - men feel women should accept. I say - what's good for the goose is good for the gander. You apologize for not calling. You acknowledge that you intended to call. You provide a generic excuse as men do in these situations.

And you show that you're pleased to hear from him. And if he asks you out on a third date - before he even gets the chance when the time is near that the date is ending - you end it by saying, "Call me, I'd love to do this again sometime. So don't feel the need to try harder to win his attention, just let him go because that indicates he's only half interested and the only thing he IS interested in - is keeping you in his rotation.

Wow you are amazing Mirror. Thanks for the advice. I would have accepted 3rd date immediately if I hadn't read this! He is more of calling guy than texting. So may be I should let the call go to voice mail when he calls and I should return the call after a couple of hours..

LOL or am i being too mean? Anonymous, Yep, you're getting it now ;- Don't come off too eager. Men read A LOT into that type of behavior from women and all it does is set the woman up - to become a perfect victim. People can only use you - if you permit yourself to be used. You do exactly as you're thinking here. When he calls, you let the call go to voicemail and you return it a hour or two later.

That way, he knows you're not sitting at home, waiting for him to call and jumping on the phone, sounding out of breath LOL - because he finally called. This is "the game" honey. Women don't wanna play it, but men insist on it. And believe you me - he's testing you right now. That's how they find out if the woman is: Men are very competitive and they like a good challenge. So why not give them what they want ;- And if you don't believe that this shit is a test, read this below, written by a self-proclaimed player: Look at it this way.

Maybe he is trying to see how much you needed him or how much you will miss him if he is no longer there. And your behavior now might make things either worse or better for you. Hence my advice is never to panic or over react. Keep your head to avoid sending the wrong message. I am just testing you to see how suspicious you can get. I am just interested in knowing your depth of your interest and commitment in the whole relationship.

Instead, show him how it's done, LOL. If he wants to play the game - you be the coach. Mirror Jan 6,, 3: Unfortunately, I have not dated many men and wanted to understand few points: In the beginning of dating, how often one should expect a guy to ask you out? The reason I am asking this is, we had two really good dates and then I haven't heard from him. It has been only two days since the last date but I am just wondering what are a guy's timelines?

If he is testing me, then how long would he wait before contacting me again? The first season, Flavor of Love Girls: Charm School , premiered on April 15, , featuring 13 contestants from the first two seasons of Flavor of Love.

Season two, Rock of Love: Charm School , premiered on October 12, , featuring contestants from Rock of Love. The first season's winner was Nicole "Hoopz" Alexander. The second season's winner was Angela "Myammee" Pitts.

The fourth winner was Mindy Hall. The canceled third season winner was Ryan Jenkins, but it has never aired. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Paramount Television original Debmar-Mercury syndication, present [1] Worldwide: Also, nearly halfway through the season, 4 new contestants were brought to compete. On episode 8, Flav split up the twins. List of Flavor of Love contestants. I Love New York. Retrieved 25 July The New York Times. Retrieved 21 February VH1's still loving 'Flavor ' ". A Living story about TV ratings Thursday incorrectly stated that the finale for "Flavor of Love 2" had the highest ratings this year among non-sports, basic cable networks, using information from VH1.

Archived from the original on 30 January Retrieved 28 April Retrieved 8 March The Surreal Life franchise.

Life as I Know It The Legend Hunters A Family Business — Flavor of Love Girls: Undisputed Eddie Griffin: Fame Games The T. My Life —17 Mario Lopez: Chicago since Family Therapy with Dr. Retrieved from " https: Views Read Edit View history.

This page was last edited on 10 March , at By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Cris Abrego Mark Cronin. Charm School I Love Money. What could be more British than the bathroom boast? It would be fairly immodest to have any photos of achievements, luminaries that members of the house have met and the like displayed in more public areas, but the loo seems the best place to discreetly place the old school photo, or the sideways shot of The Queen presenting you with your gong.

Obviously, the more points you score the more senior the royalty; ditto if the school photo is an Eton group school than a Rugby group one. Twee little crocheted rhymes are never seen in better class premises. Mats in the bathroom remain a slippery topic when it comes to determining whether someone is flushed with social success.

Thick pile bath mats seem to appear in first or second houses of young middle classes and usually washed with too much fabric softener rendering them far from absorbent. Whatever social rung someone is, as they get older they seem to see the light and use tighter pile mats. A special mat that hugs round the cistern of the lavatory is prissy. Thick pile bath mats seem to appear in the houses of young middle classes but a special mat that hugs round the cistern of the lavatory is the height of prissiness, says William Hanson.

Top houses tend to favour bars of soap while the younger generations use liquid soap. William says Jo Malone is seen in the upper-middle houses while brand Molton Brown belongs to the middle classes. Older generations of the PLU set will always have bar soap. Really top houses seem not to care about whether this soap is as dry and cracked as old boots, just so long as it is bar soap. According to William, Floris soap pictured is very upper class, while Bayliss and Harding belongs to the lower-middle classes.

But younger generations have now switched to liquid soap, although there remains a class hierarchy within the pump-action league. Floris is very upper notice the warrant ; Jo Malone is seen in the upper-middle houses; Molton Brown belongs to the middle classes, Bayliss and Harding to the lower-middles and the bottom will usually use a supermarket own brand.

Towels folded up is a tad middle class but thoughtful for more hygiene conscious guests often middle class who may recoil at the thought of using a hand towel that half the guests at the party have been using all night. It is never acceptable to have a Dyson airblade installed in a private house, as one London property magnate I know has.

The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Friday, Mar 16th 5-Day Forecast. Choose old-fashioned soap, ditch the air freshener and never say 'toilet': Etiquette expert reveals what YOUR lavatory says about your social standing William Hanson gives advice on what your lavatory reveals about you He warns loo paper should roll over and to never call it a 'toilet' Soap is for upper classes and cleaning products by the bowl are a no-no By William Hanson For Mailonline Published: Share this article Share.

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etiquette dating a millionaire

Anonymous, Yes, I would stop initiating contact with him and I would wait to see if he comes to you. For example, a guy has been on and off exchanging email and text messages with you over a long time with very few occasional requests for meetings, but most are not on the weekends or when he happened to be near you. In the show, each contestant is given a nickname by Flav and is referred to by that nickname for as long as she remains in the competition, as Flav says he can remember nicknames more so than real names.

etiquette dating a millionaire

They're attention whores and they'll take it from wherever they can get it. His email responses were good.

etiquette dating a millionaire

He took many more bathroom breaks than I did. Thick pile bath mats seem to appear in first or second houses of young middle classes and usually washed etiquette dating a millionaire too much fabric softener rendering them far from absorbent. And dear God, do not put provocative photos in your profile. I think people just seek dating advice because etiquette dating a millionaire all have our fair share of bad luck and want validation for our feelings and life experiences. And then you take it a step further with a question like, "What do you miss about being in a relationship.