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Seriously, do you know how this sounds? At this point you might as well dine and dash. An example is I could buy something at Target, or build it for my daughter the Mechanical Engineer in me. No, really, to anything.

Social Skills

Generalizing but of course there are a lot of exceptions , the field attracts people who are more rational, practical, and introverted, as well as more than its share of people on the autistic spectrum. I think a lot of people - not just engineers, but anyone with a problem solving mentality - make that mistake. I don't have the empirical data but given consideration to the variables, I would say efficiency is proportional to stick diameter, velocity, total hits, and inversely proportional to time between hits. Did you like my parents? There is all types of engineers out there and each of them can vary in personalities. An example is I could buy something at Target, or build it for my daughter the Mechanical Engineer in me. Just fill out the form and we'll guide you in the right direction based on you, where you live and what you are looking for.

I once read this description of an engineer in a short story: Communicate clearly and frequently. Don't expect them to infer anything from your behavior or disposition. Unless it's explicitly stated, it doesn't exist.

Let the engineer know that you just need someone to vent to, and you're not actually looking for a solution. This way they won't keep interrupting with suggestions and they won't be offended when you don't take their suggestions. This is stuff from that old classic " men are from mars, women are from venus ". I have less of an issue with people venting I can pick up on that usually. I struggle with rhetorical at least to the asker questions.

I know it's difficult for us, but will severely help improve communication skills. I have horrible interrupting skills. Problem is, I work with a bunch of engineers, technicians, and trades that do the same and it's just normal for all of us. I have to force myself to not do it, and apologize to the speaker when I interrupt them, and ask to continue. Sometimes they haven't and then it can still be perceived as interruption. I know a couple seconds can seem like forever and awkward but it works well and allows you time to actively listen and process what they are saying before responding.

I really had a problem offering too many solutions. I think a lot of people - not just engineers, but anyone with a problem solving mentality - make that mistake. Advanced level-sometimes the engineer's partner did something objectively wrong or acted like a jerk due to circumstances.

Sometimes in these situations the engineer must avoid pointing out the error and just be supportive. I am in a family engineers, but learned to turn that part of engineering off. Now it's frustrating as shit. Of course, and I didn't mean that. What I mean is that the tip you gave is a good tip for a girl who is dating a guy.

I think applies to any man, regardless of whether he is an engineer or not. I tell my girlfriend these things all the time. Literally everything you just said is perfect dating advice for engineers. Now I'm about to marry the love of my life and she's a computer engineer! Needless to say she follows all these principles and I finally understand why I've been so frustrated in all my previous relationships.

I gave this to my fiance a couple of years ago as a joke. Did I mention the gratitude thing? No need to sacrifice small animals or anything, just routine and mindful appreciation. Most of us are funny as hell. Some of the brightest are so funny that they have developed elaborate means of hiding this, as a gift to society.

So don't think the quiet and shy ones are quiet and shy You are just not smart enough to see this. We do like to quantify, and we will look at your boobs as various solid geometric shapes from time to time. To calculate volume and perhaps responses to impulse. We're nothing but bags of water with sticks inside, and an engineer sees not only a human, but a bag of water with sticks inside.

Also, if you enjoy dating an engineer you will enjoy dating TWO engineers approximately twice as much. Be prepared if your SO switches into engineer mode when in an argument. It kinda drives my wife crazy. This can look like:. If you just want to vent a problem and be heard, be explicit about it.

This sketch exemplifies this, but it'll be harder to get him to say "that must be hard" and stop there. If you're going to explain something to me and expect me to accept it, if it's for emotional reasons, fine.

I timed it myself doing it slowly. Just say, 'I'm lazy. Don't try and give me some bullshit logic. Because I'm pretty good at detecting bullshit. Sure, there may be a specific type of person geared towards this profession, but it's pretty far from being a field of homogenous personality types.

When you present a problem to an engineer they will try to help you solve it. We want to help! It's not that we are not capable of listening, or don't believe you can solve your own problems, so don't take it that way. Engineers are problem solvers, it's what we do. When you want help solving a problem, say so.

When you just want empathy, say so up front. Also, this while intended to be a joke, I think has an element of truth. Engineers are human beings. Like other people, they're all different. Like other people, they all have their own quirks that people who don't know them won't know. Generalizing but of course there are a lot of exceptions , the field attracts people who are more rational, practical, and introverted, as well as more than its share of people on the autistic spectrum.

Or you could ask them if they prefer Star Trek or Star Wars, and then whichever their answer is, make that your life.

My whole family is engineers and it's just become a family personality. We are raised to think like engineers because we are all engineers. Somehow, I seem to have learned to turn this off. I'll give you the extreme end of what you could see. Looks like most people have covered the "be direct", "no bullshit". I would say mostof all, specifics matter. Think of us like a computer. We are smart, but we may not think of things you would assume are obvious.

We just won't have the same assumptions. You wanted it done now? Which one did you want? And with a lot of my family, get ready to redefine beating a dead horse. Hell, we might even argue with you on exactly how dead the horse is, and on the pros and cons of continued beatings. And does this qualify as a beating, or just a good sternum rub to see if it's still alive?

One can never be too sure, because horses are expensive. We correct one another over small things all the time. Tiny little inaccuracies that don't even effect our ability communicate the idea. Committing to such a demanding career shows that they are not short-sighted, and this can translate to how they view their personal relationships as well. The myth that engineers are math nerds could not be further from the truth. Engineers actually have to be very creative to come up with solutions for impossible problems on a daily basis.

Your home will never be a boring place. Being with an engineer means you always have a plan. Engineers never really rest. They know there will be a solution — they just have to find it.

This makes them incredible partners because they are willing to put work into solving your relationship problems until there is resolution. The consultation will begin with a simple FREE phone call. During that time a specialist will find out about you and what you're looking for to see if they may be able to find you the type of single you really want to meet.

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Imsges: engineers dating site

engineers dating site

My gf is very good at this.

engineers dating site

Overall, he is the best man I have ever dated and I am happy with him. Jim Valley I agree that it takes a special woman to understand… I would love to have an engineer as a husband, I think they reliable, true and honest. Engineers never really rest.

engineers dating site

Can anyone think of other factors to consider? Nevertheless, datiny solve everyday problems themselves, without having to call a professional. Let's hide the chef's knife in there too while we're at it! He was doomed from the start, although we never pushed him into it. When dating an engineer you have to remember engineers dating site think analytical and practical.