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Sinopsisnya keren banget kak..! Hong Bin as Wang Chi Ang. HMH August 7, at But overall, I still recommend this drama. However, I don't like how the writer wrote her character.


I am getting all sentimental and teary as I replay this drama in my head. The OST of Monstar is awesome! Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Hope they are fine and playing a lot!! Ooops…that was meant for Best Love recap. And she's a higher rank than Taec but was ineffective and scared of a kid jumping off - completely opposite of Taec was.

Smpat mau donlot sih… Tapi berhubung ceritanya agak sad gimana gitu, jadinya kurang berminat. Hm, kamu suka cerita yang agak berat ya? Nice Guy aku rekom deh…. Cepat banget ada DVD-nya padahal lagi airing di korea. Lebih bagus lihat sendiri review atau sinopsisnya soalnya aku juga belum nonton.

Terus lagu yang satu lagi judulnya A Chance Ecounter. Sassy Girl Chunyang 3. Mereka kan slh stu aktor n aktris terbaik korea, lee min ho jga bgs kok di city hunter tpi klo mnrt ku sih krng bgs di bbf..

Kwon Yuri malah msh 23 thn umrnya, msa mau cari yg umur belasan thn abg dong.. Aku gag pernah dengar tentang drama itu. Ntar deh coba aku cari, cuma masalahnya yg main Jang Nara dan aku kurang suka.

Waktu film itu mau dibuat, gw semangat banget mau nonton soalnya yg maen Yoona. Tapi berhubung agak melow2 gimana gt, jadi gw pending dulu. Eh pas mau donlot gag bisa, jadinya sabar2 aja lah dulu…. Naughty kiss 2 yg durasinya gag sampe 1 jam khan? Cerita setelah mereka menikah. Gue nanyak judul lagunya di heartstrings pas park shin hye yang gak jadi pemeran utama pementasan drama terus suaranya dipakek buat lipssing itu apa judulnya pliisss?? Mohon pencerahan… dulu pernah nonton film korea bagus bgt tp lupa judulnya.

Gag sabar menanti flower next door.. Btw pilem jeon woo chi bagus gag? Aku br donlot 1 episod. Hehehe Dong yi gag ada soalnya aku gag suka tema kerajaan gt.. Berhubung aq gag suka genre kayak city hunter, jadi aq kurang tau.

Coba tanya ke mbah Google. Bener banget tu dek, apalagi kalo beli DVD kadang ditipu. Hehehe Kalo kakak sih download-nya dari http: Terus sub-nya bahasa inggris.

Chanel-nya aku kurang tau, soalnya lebih sering download. Kamu bs cari di google. Drama ini udah tamat dari beberapa bulan lalu. I shall be coming back to your weblog for more soon. I am sure this post has touched all the internet people, its really really nice article on building up new weblog. Gu family book udah tayang d indosiar. Hm, goddes of fire ya? Byk sih yg bilang bgs, tapi sayangnya admin gag suka sama pemainnya. Thanks in support of sharing such a fastidious opinion, paragraph is fastidious, thats why i have read it fully.

Wah… kyaknya banyak drama yang kamu sebutin blm aq tanton. Waah keren banget postingannya.. Oya skalian mau tanya donk.. Drakor yg temanya gold digger gt ya? Kayaknya Miss Ripley, Thorn Bird. Aku tw film itu dr channel One di tv cable. Kalau ada yg tw dmn aku bs nntn online.. Ada yg pnya link utk download drama my daughter seo young nggak? Kurang tau di mana. Tapi kalau di https: Aku sih donloadnya yg bahasa inggris di 2drama.

Slam kenal kk … aku baru tau blog ini aku pndtg bru …. Klo mnurut aku sih drama lee seung gi is the best deh … aku udh pnya semua dramanya.. Kakak juga kalau drama dan film-nya Lee Seung Gi selalu ngikutin, walaupun bukan fans-nya. Diatas 20an dg durasi 1 ep 1 jam.. Alhasil akhirnya ak cinta sm drakor..

My Love From Another Star 3. Gu Family Book 4. High school-Love on yg ini lupa pokoe tntg malaikat yg jad manusia 7. I hear your voice. Iya udah nonton, tapi ga ada subtitle jadi kurang ngerti juga maksud film itu.

Menurut aku sih enak. Hehehe Biasa di subscene, tapi kayaknya blm ada yg ngesub. Btw kamu dpt subtitle yg ga lengkap itu dr mana? You are commenting using your WordPress.

You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Beri tahu saya komentar baru melalui email. Beritahu saya pos-pos baru lewat surat elektronik. One Litre of Tears kali yah. Wuih… Pelitnya… Kalo gag salah tu pilem endless love ya? Iya, aq udah selesai nontonnya. Walau pun gag terlalu suka.

Hehehe Cuma sekedar informasi drama dan film yang udah aku tonton. Endro aza aza fighting, Endro fighting!!! Kalau saya sih sukanya Endless Love and Full House sama juga nggak? I get so giddy when I see you have posted a new one. I am off to listen and enjoy. Javabeans and girlfriday, if either or both of you come across the pond, I hope you'll have an afternoon to spend with beanies in the UK. I'm following all the dramas you've mentioned except NINE and Cyrano Dating, those two i dropped after the first episode.

I'm liking I hear your voice at the moment, lets see how it goes I wish I was 3 years older so I couldve made it to the meet up: It broke my DB-loving heart! I hope you guys have another one in NYC when I'm of age to attend! I was thinking the Seyi Monstar , is different, as you mentioned, and a bit hippie- ish.

Definitely a hihg school Bohemian in the making. Is there a term Korean or otherwise that describes that unassuming hippie style for the 21 century? Kind of the polar opposide of idol. Loved when Idol walked away from her saying how can you understand what I mean when I don't uderstand myself right now? Seyi bridges the different personalities, not only to herself, but with each other.

It takes someone with her unaffected personality and non-agenda to do that. Alternatively, you could get an add-on to your browser that allows you to download the media content, I think?

Awww, I am so sad that you don't love Heartless City, for me, I think the show is going to turn out to be one of the best kdramas I've ever seen. It's such a rare gem. I hope the show continues to do well. I went into Cruel City fairly excited because everyone was buzzing about it on OT, and it certainly lived up to the hype for me - episodes 3 and 4 had endings that had me gasping out loud, and that has not happened in ages in a kdrama!

I was afraid Nam Gyuri would turn out to be the one sour ingredient after seeing her in the first two eps, but once she's integrated into the story proper, she really works.

As for Jung Kyung-ho His character makes me shiver, I will probably never look at him the same way again. I went into Heartless City not expecting anything, because of Nam Gyu-ri. But she had such few scenes in the first few episodes, that by the time she does get into the story proper, I didn't mind it. She does work and she has improved. He is so scary and a very tragic character, I think. Yay, wanted to add more love to heartless city. I've caught up to the recent episode. It really is well done.

Also, i have yet to see a k-drama that focuses on the drug market so i was already interested going in. Nam Gyuri was the only thing stopping me from watching but i have to admit i wasn't much bothered by her yet. I appreciate that she took on this project and that she's improving. With shows like this i think if we get any more sentimental it just kind of throws off show's groove. I just feel like it's out of place for a show that dark.

I like how we get just enough bits to care flashbacks to his childhood, his connections to the other drug lords, his unexpected relationship with kyung mi our heroine's older sis , etc.

If this show keeps on the same path, i think it'll be one of the best made k-dramas this year. And the true underdog. Totally agree with you about how too much sentimentality will throw off the show. I have to confess I'm a bit disappointed that the drama went and undercut the Doctor's badassery with the flashbacks.

It works to humanize him, but at the same time I just want an unflinching, complete anti-hero, not a watered-down one. I still love his character so it's ok for now, but no more softy past memories please!

Shi-hyun totally rocks my socks and world. The thing about Jung Kyung Ho is that he's not that physically attractive, but his acting, and the way he carries himself as a MAN makes him so hot. I love guys like that. Kind of reminds me of Joseph Gordon Levitt, who is plain looking but such a sweetheart. On the other hand, some actors like Mr. Hand Towel Song Seung Hun are visually gorgeous but I can never get behind their characters and connect emotionally.

It's the way Jung Kyung-ho carries himself in the drama that makes Shi-hyun so riveting, and he doesn't even have to do the tough, machismo act. I just can't take my eyes off him when he's on screen, and when he's not, I find myself anticipating his next appearance. Jung has been explosive in the drama so far and I'm loving his interpretation of Shi-hyun. I can't imagine another actor playing the role.

People like Hand Towel can't bring myself to call him an actor are just scraping by because they can't act and can't connect emotionally with their characters. Actually, I don't even find Hand Towel good-looking. Thanks for the podcast guys! I do agree on GFB, the first two episodes were so gorgeous and epic that I hoped the drama would keep that tone, but I feel like it doesn't balance its fluffier, lighter moments and its weighty dramatic ones too well and there's also the problem of the non-action re: And the same goes for Park Min-young too, though she's somewhat better as an actress - it just feels too surface sometimes.

I Hear Your Voice - I'm glad this one is getting some love, I've said it before but it's definitely the best show on network tv right now. I wasn't expecting anything but fluff, but this feels like it won't be completely predictable, and I adore all our lead characters so far, which is good.

It was still clunky in places, yes, but I do think ditching the lovelines gave us a show that deserves to be counted as great. I love love LOVE the vibe and characters of Monstar, and I hope its quality holds steady all the way through because tone-wise, it does feel like a step on from School and I really like the performance of the two rookie leads so far and I hope we'll see more of the side characters, but maybe that is too much to hope for with just 7 episodes left?

Maybe it'll grow on you when more episode come out? It's really interesting how differently you guys view Kim Nam Gil's acting in comparison to how the Vault views it. Since the part of his acting you like is what the Vault abhors and the other way around. I think Suzy is an okay actress, but I'm not watching this drama, just reading the recaps, so I haven't really seen her in action. When I decide to watch it, I'll probably like it more.

I'm not giving up on this drama, but I haven't watched any of it since ep. I really enjoy it, so I'll continue with it, no matter what. Such a great show. Jung-hwan is awesome, and my favorite character. I really hope he doesn't end up like Prosecutor from City Hunter. That's my worst fear. I'm enjoying this show a lot, but it started off really slow. It's getting better as it moves into the main story, but there are a lot of characters, and a couple have already died off or lost relevance.

I'm mostly interested in the male lead, because he has a very well thought out back story, and there was a twist to it that I did not expect, revealed at the end of episode 4. If you're watching it, you know what I mean.

I'm gonna continue with this show, too. Monstar is a surprising in a good way show. I didn't expect much from it, because of the idol male lead, and it being a musical, but I am happy to say that I love it.

Even the character Seol-chan is starting to grow on me. The idol who plays him really fits the role, too. The female lead, Se-yi, is cute and quirky and just adorable. The ending of episode one really got me on board with this drama, too. I'm still watching Barefoot Friends. It doesn't really have a concept, or it's abandoning the one it started out with, and, while that does irritate me, I don't really mind.

I just enjoy watching it. I love the cast members, and I like Eun Ji-won, so if he joins, I'll be happy. I laugh a lot watching this, so I'm continuing with it, too. I agree that Heartless City started off a little slow in Episode 1. Character introductions were scattered and spastic in the first episode, so I wasn't sure at first who's side I was supposed to be on. And totally hot, but that's not really important, is it? Oh who am I kidding! It's not a bad show, yet.

But the slow bits are so slow and the balance of cute to angst has gone completely off kilter. Also, there are too many foolish characters getting too much screen time, which can be a bit nails-on-the-chalkboard. You know what or who jun ho and his focus only on soon shin reminds me of most?

Han kang in 49 days. That guy also had nothing to do but to figure out what was happening with the female lead. And he was supposed to be this great architect and owns a restaurant that no one else bar the characters in the drama patronized! I don't know what happened but I felt disconnected from it. I like Monster so sweet but I can't seem to like the male lead. His ego just rubs me the wrong way. But I really love the female lead. All the bad comments on suzy's acting i dont get it.

And its annoying cause it kills the viewing pleasure since i dont really notice the flaws. Shes actually an okay actress for an idol-actress. Not very good but not bad either. I'd have to disagree with your comparison of Suzy to Park Min Young. I'm not saying Suzy's super, super awesome in Gu Family Book. But she is better and more compelling as an actress than PMY. Suzy's definitely doing more than just getting the job done, IMO. I don't like Park Min-young's acting, but even watching her is less of a chore than watching Suzy struggle with all modes besides 'cute'.

Loved that you covered so many shows in this, and selfishly, coz I haven't gotten around to so many of the new shows I liked that it was very spoiler-light. I also just wanted to take a moment to salute you ladies, for doing what you do for us, on top of living your probably very full lives.

Thank you so much! Of particular interest to me was the fact that you lectured at Wesleyan University just before you had the get-together in New York. I wish that you had announced it here on DB - Wesleyan University is only 10 minutes from my home. It's been a number of years since I've audited a class. You guys just missed having me as a stalker for the day! I have been listening to some old ones last days I'm not watching GFB. I saw pieces here and there and it just didn't interested me enough.

Thus I can't comment on Suzy's acting there. But from her former works I personally prefer her to Han Ga In. I think Suzy and Park Min Young are quite similar.

They both have some inner cuteness which can balance their weaker acting moments. I don't find that in Han Ga In. Lee Soon Shin felt like they changed the writer in the middle.

I still hope the cuteness and original characters come back. Heartless City — I watched only first 15min. Not sure if I will continue, I'm more a rom-com person. I Hear Your Voice is slowly winning my heart. I'm still a bit confused about the rules of the mind-reading, though it is not a big issue. What I like on this show is that I like to have all the characters on my screen, even the evil ones. And I totally ship Suha and Hyesung.

Their dynamics is just perfect. Monstar was a surprise for me. I just tried because I needed some lighter stuff in RL and I totally fell in love with it.

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download k-drama dating agency cyrano

We have the same taste in romcom. Dewi MamiTwin 06 Mei, Naughty kiss 2 yg durasinya gag sampe 1 jam khan?

download k-drama dating agency cyrano

Bride of the century, Queen in hyun's man, or Secret garden?

download k-drama dating agency cyrano

Btw i am k-drrama agree with u about kim woo bin. ChapSean Kot August 12, at 6: Theresa June 4, at 2: As a teen, Shi Won was obsessed with a boy band. She's quite unlucky though.