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Does he want me with him on New Years Eve?

does he want to date me or just hook up

Charice - a couple of years ago Your situation is definitely a bit complicated with a lot of rumors and uncertainties in the air. I also received a penis picture one day and about shit my pants! I did ask one guy WHY he sent me that and his response was he had to have some way to get my attention. I was so shocked once I said to the guy: I was appalled and threw him out.

Does He Show Signs He Misses You?

It is all ages! As he was leaving , we hugged for a very long time , it was one of those embracing , very tight and warm hugs , the one that you take a deep breath when embracing. Dear Ruby, I have to say that I dated an american guy. It has been 3 weeks with no contact. What should I do or say when this happens? Snooze you lose is right! College students are more westernized these days.

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Monday, October 19, by Richelle Meiss. In any event it is clearly a no brainer. I used to feel violated but now I just laugh and show it to all my gay male friends. As are we for unsolicited nudies. Perhaps by the thought of it being shorn to other men you will think twice before invading the eyes of an unsuspecting woman. Too bad for you, Timothy. If you are offensive and disrespectful enough to send an unsolicited dick pic, that pic is now hers and what you would prefer she do with it is relevant.

What she IS going to do is 1 show it to female friends, then they will make fun of you. And you deserve it. And again, you deserve it. Because that is exactly what would be my reaction to getting a dick picture.

I was so shocked once I said to the guy: Then another weirdo sent me very graphic masturbation shots…like 10 of them. I asked him to stop and he said: I started talking to this guy about a month ago still getting to know each other. When messaging moves to phone they always text. I get either 1 An unrequeted penis shot or 2 An inuiry into if I like oral or anal sex. I have never been texted a penis by someone I am not in a relationship with and I am hard pressed to even imagine what my reaction would be.

You would think that in general, men would want to show you their fine specimens in person before attempting to send a photo. I am disturbed to hear that this is becoming common. I would be tempted to just ask a guy what he was hoping to achieve when he sent the photo. If you do decide to ask someone, please, please post the response. Hi, I thought send penis pictures because wanted to hook up for sex…negative attention is better than no attention.

I am glad to see this post! Last year I decided to try online dating. I was excited of the possiblity to meet interesting, nice men. Well, to my surprise after meeting a few guys after the intial emailing one another back and forth.. After a few text messages… I was sent pictures of their penis. Now, I was never sure why either of these guys would send me a picture like this …. However, in sharing these experiences with my girlfriends …they to have had these same types of pics text to them.

But its makes me run the other way…. Just got another penis pic this afternoon on a dating website conversation, to add to the collection. I have had this happen too many times to mention. So when they ask for a reply or pics in return I send them pics of a soaking wet cat and a pair of blue tits. So I blocked him and all the others who send them, men both over and under What is wrong with men?

Happens to me too. I have tried three different Dating websites and the same thing happened to me too. Some also want to Skype with me and watch me naked or do sexual acts as well. Weird and makes me wonder if there are any guys out there that do want a real relationship with me. But I am sick of it and have decided to leave the online dating world alone now. Personally I would be offended and horrified. And it would tell me one thing.

They want sex and they want it now and are trolling for a romp. Fine display your johnson there. Not to normal gals who want to get to know you before being slapped with your junk. No they are trolling and just.. Then he followed it up within 5 minutes or so with his nude dick?

Telling me it was 9 inches long. Saying prior to sending the pics, that he is really looking forward to time together with me. We were going to go to this reunion at a restaurant -bar. I told him that it will not happen now. Dear Ruby, I have to say that I dated an american guy.

His age was 45 and suddenly, when I was spending a weekend with my girlfrends, I got this terrible P-picture on my phone. I could not believe it. The cases that hit the news are indeed of men over Until I learned that two men indeed had sent such photos. I just wonder if the men would have sent those pictures prior the digital age…. Unfortunately I am having the same experience and wonder why do I keep getting cock pics.

I realize some men look at some of us women and judge us on appearances. When I online date I make sure my profile is tasteful without cleavage or inappropriate pictures and I screen the men through email then Skype or face time before I give them my number.

But then BAM after they have my phone number they send these pics, I realize men look at certain women and think because they are pretty and in shape that those women no matter how chaste she comes off should be objectified. That judgment, that men objectify women because he sends penis pix, is not only lacks logic, but demonstrates how skewed you are in making women victims even when they are not. My thoughts about this guy? Then a few days after he sent me a penis pic. To which he agreed.

He was an insecure guy who liked to talk about his money…and had told me that some girls in his past had taken advantage of his generosity. After getting to know him via the telephone calls and texts, to me it was not surprise. After that, I just stopped replying to his texts and he attempted to call twice and I ignored those.

He ended up with a girlfriend and posted a pic of them together. Then he blocked me, which made no sense to me. So I made sure I blocked him. The blocking was stupid on his part as I had no designs on him whatsoever.

Anyway, the point is that YOU the woman, any woman are not the cause or the reason for a guy behaving like this. He behaves like this for HIS reasons. Laugh at the pix. Be offended by the pix. Feel sorry for those penis-pic guys. Frankly this blows my tiny little mind. Out of the blue? I am with MIsha. These men likely just want sex, or at least are completely focussed on it during that moment.

Evan was far too charitable. They only want sex. All you do if force men to manipulate you to get with you. To write a men completely off is not cool. I had no idea I was offensive. Do you think its ok if girls shows their boobs?

That could be offensive. I never ever have any sort of sexual conversations before a first date, or before exclusivity for that matter- I personally think it would devalue me as girlfriend material. By the way we are both under I have gotten a handful of these pictures. I have gotten them from guys over 40 and i have gotten them from guys under They are a complete surpise.

I did ask one guy WHY he sent me that and his response was he had to have some way to get my attention. I replied if he thought that was an appropriate way to get my attention then I was NOT the girl for him. To be fair, these are the minority. Currently in early 30s no one has ever done this to me online or offline.

Makes me think there must be something in her texts or her profiles which indicate that she may be more open about these things. I re-read my comment and I guess I was trying to highlight the fact that it would at least be considered in the realm of acceptable if it was from a person I was sleeping with. I was cracking up imagining Darcy being invaded by the X rated texted peni.

A funny topic indeed!! I have dated from the internet for a long time and never have i had someone send a penis picture unless we discussed it prior to him sending it or i was in a relationship with the guy. I would delete someone in a heartbeat if they sent that without knowing if I was interested in receiving such a photo. Put these guys in their place fast. Does it come in a larger size? At some stage or another they must have got a positive outcome from sending their pathetic little penis pic so they keep doing it.

I had a guy I met online send me headless pictures of himself. It looked like he had a hockey cup proctector in there, it was not a natural shape. However, I think the penis pictures are becoming more common. My wonderful, sweet sensitive boyfriend started sending them after we had had sex, and kept asking for pictures of me.

We had to have two conversations about it. Based on his other actions he was very attentive and caring in the early days and he has remained consistent the last 6 months I decided he simply had a very different world view from me and took the time to explain my reasons and that I needed him to respect my decision. The thing is, he hates calling people. I actually started using them just for him. When we first met, he always asked me out for the next date at the end of the date we were currently on.

However, he does understand that I wish he would call more and if I ask him to call, he will call me. So, there are wonderful guys out there who also communicate via text and think penis pictures or underwear shots are sexy. But they should still be doing other things to show they really like you. My boyfriend did call before we met for the first time and talked for a while.

There was also no sexting from him before we met or even until a few weeks in. But he saved it for when we were dating. Then I read this post. What on earth is happening there? No one has ever sent me a text like this, and I spent three months on plentyoffish, for crying out loud! I texted back to cancel, never met him, end of story.

But even then, there were no pictures. No, this is not normal. No way, no how.

Imsges: does he want to date me or just hook up

does he want to date me or just hook up

After getting to know him via the telephone calls and texts, to me it was not surprise. If a man from Asia likes you, he will want to tag along naturally rather than direct asking out. Email is another story but it has been infrequent.

does he want to date me or just hook up

Which he has already with the kids. Just two days later I found out from a mutual friend he was already on a dating app.

does he want to date me or just hook up

The cases that hit the news are indeed of men over About Does He Does he want to date me or just hook up Me? Charice - a couple of years ago Your situation is definitely a bit complicated with a lot of rumors and uncertainties in the air. I met this young man, long ago as i was a foreign sudent in the US. Well I just think that every one has a beating heart the reason why women ask this q is cause they know ms culture is diffrent i have a Chinese guy uo friend who walks me every he text me every day and he goes out if his way to be with me we both have hade a bad life but we have each other to pick us up he fall I help I fall he help so ja mob???????????????? Most popular topics Topics with no replies. I already have a hard time navigating Western dating, online south african dating sites ha!