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Mona Vanderwaal

did aria and ezra dating in real life

Trista and Samara share many similarities. Jenna has always been seen with her sunglasses on. Her relationship with Mike Montgomery was on and off. Then they see Toby's photo flash across the TV screen. Ezra subtly warns Mona to back off, or else. Touched by an 'A'-ngel. When they unzip it, they find a feather.

The group includes Lucas, who was the first member, Paige and Melissa. Good intentions that look like trash. Ali laughs at her. At Noel's Halloween bash, Mona is dressed as Catwoman. Sullivan attends the school in an assembly to talk about bullying, and about people threatening you.

Mona replies that if she can live through Alison, she can survive this anonymous texting. Later, Mona shows Hanna an incident report from when Hanna shoplifted the sunglasses.

The report was put into Mona's mailbox by "A. The next day, Mona reveals that she went to the jewelry store and returned the necklace she stole. The store owners called the police and her mom is working out a deal. Hanna thanks her and Mona replies that she wouldn't do anything to hurt her best friend and her mom.

Mona was reluctant first, but eventually agrees sit together with them. Then she asks if Mona has gotten any new texts from "A. Aria, Mona, Spencer, and Emily all converge on Hanna, who informs them her mom is "hot on the A trail.

Mona has an idea. It requires a big lie and apparently she is terrible at that. She asks which one of them is the best liar and they all point to Aria. Slightly affronted, she asks Mona what lie she has to tell.

Eye of the Beholder. In the hall at school, Mona hands Hanna an old cell phone which will bill to her account and stay off her mom's radar. When she leaves, Spencer makes a joke about Mona's sense of entitlement. Mona makes some jokes and threats about Jenna to Hanna, unhappy about how she poached Noel Kahn right out from under her.

She expresses that Spencer should be grateful she's not with Toby anymore, but Hanna knows how much Spencer has been hurting, she isn't so sure. Mona tells Hanna that Spencer is really smart and helped her through a tough breakup.

Hanna wishes she could get Toby away from Jenna for 5 minutes to talk some sense into him. Mona immediately formulates a plan to remind Toby of who Jenna is. If These Dolls Could Talk. At Hanna's request, Mona and Caleb watch Melissa while in a car. They make awkward small talk until Mona explains that though neither of them want to be there, they are doing it for Hanna.

She describes how her close friendship with Hanna changed once Caleb entered the picture and admits that she had been jealous of their relationship. Emily texts Mona "Showtime," and they proceed to make out as Melissa walks out of a building. Caleb pulls away, but Mona assures him they are doing it "for Hanna" and kisses him again and Melissa takes notice. Mona attends the Rosewood Masquerade Ball with the other girls and later goes with Spencer to the Lost Woods hotel, after Spencer deduces that "A" had rented the room next to the one Alison was staying in.

In the room, they find sketches of a Black Swan costume and conclude that "A" must be wearing it at the ball. She leaves the hotel room while Spencer continues to search.

A few minutes later, Mona returns to the room wearing a black hoodie. Mona admits she's "A" and congratulates Spencer on figuring it out, right before knocking her out. They drive on the road where she offers Spencer to join her or disappear. Spencer gets out of the car and when the others arrive, she attacks Spencer but falls off a cliff. She survives, however, and is institutionalized. She revels on how everything when according to plan and appears to have a partner.

It Happened 'That Night'. We find Hanna has been visiting Mona in the Radley Sanitarium , and that Wren Kingston is working as one of her doctors. Hanna shows up for answers, wanting to know what she did to make Mona hate her so much.

Each time Mona just sits their still and almost lifeless. She has a glazed look in her eyes and remains with a stoic expression. After Hanna leaves, Mona spies as Wren and Hanna speak about her. Later when Wren calls Hanna he states that Mona is making progress and he thinks that it's from Hanna's visits. Hanna tries to get through to Mona again, and asks her if she wants her to keep coming back.

Mona looks over and smiles but is smiling at an empty chair. Mona is actually hallucinating and sees Alison holding her " Lolita " book, wearing a red coat, smiling back. Blood Is The New Black. Mona is still catatonic. Hanna gets frustrated this time and yells at Mona about how she feels about her ruining her life.

Even when Hanna throws a chair across the room, Mona just stays quiet. Wren explains to Hanna what she's suffering is ambiguous loss - the person she cares about is still there, but she's lost them anyway. Hanna finally figures out a way to break through to Mona - giving her a makeover, complete with eye shadow, foundation, and mascara. Mona looks indifferently at her reflection in the mirror.

Mona speaks for the first time since Hanna's visits - "You're getting them again, aren't you? Alone in her seat, Mona slides tweezers out from under her and pricks her finger with it, allowing a drop of blood to bloom. Kingdom of the Blind. Hanna visits Mona again. She is now talking much more and somewhat bubbly. She goes on talking about new pills, water, and gum in a somewhat delusional way.

Mona also mentions her parents had come to visit her but they just stare at her like they don't know who she is anymore. She acts clueless when Hanna mentions the new "A," and bluntly asks "Have they found what's left of Alison? Caleb later visits her to warn her to not mess with Hanna. As she plays cards she taunts him about past events, then flips over the table and starts screaming. Aria visits Mona at Radley. She tells her that Hanna was sent the Ouija board that Mona and Hanna once used to ask what happened to Alison.

Aria asks Mona who is trying to hurt them but Mona says that it isn't her and to tell Hanna that she's sorry. Mona lures them into the Children's Ward. Mona brushes a doll's hair and repeats:. M aya's a way s leeping s weet u ntil G arrett's a ll r osy c ount o n m e.

Mona is then sent back to her room. Later, Hanna tells Aria, Spencer and Emily that Mona was using a code that they had once used to write mean stuff about Alison on her missing flyers. The hospital thinks that Mona has been slipping some of her meds to a visitor. They decide to move her to a maximum-security facility in Saratoga, New York.

Realizing that the girls' chances to get more answers about "A" are getting smaller, Hanna approaches Wren about convincing the hospital board to let Mona stay. Wren tells Hanna that he can't do anything about it, so Hanna gives her own formal speech to the board. However, Hanna throws her speech aside and speaks out as Mona's friend to the board. They decide to let her stay. Mona leaves Radley dressed as nurse. Later, she is seen wearing a black hoodie and taking instructions from someone by phone.

She goes to "A's" lair and reports someone, who also wears a black hoodie, that she changed plans. She tells him about her disappointment that the plans didn't work out as they should.

This Is A Dark Ride. Mona is seen singing the children's song "Teddy Bears' Picnic" and painting a mask, saying she wanted to do it for an art project.

She turns around and a black hoodie is revealed. She says she loves Halloween, because of dressing up and tricking people. She hands the person a mixture of pills and bullets, then says "This is going to be the best Halloween ever.

Later, a person wearing the same costume as Caleb begins to dance with Hanna. Hanna realizes that this person is a fake, and tears off their mask, revealing another mask and a blonde wig, made to look like Alison. Later, a nurse checks on Mona, and she is smiling with the second mask she was wearing on the ground, meaning she was pretending to be Caleb. Mona is released from Radley. Being forced to go back to Rosewood High by her parents, she visits Hanna and pleads for forgiveness.

At school people make fun of her and avoid her, with only Jason having a good attitude towards her. Then, with the creepy Janitor on the loose, Caleb uncovers a secret Mona was never forced to go back to school, in fact, she begged to return. Soon after she gained back a minor amount of popularity with a crying out video. She is shown looking at Meredith towards the end of episode Mona joins the Academic Decathlon, which Spencer is in, taking Brad's place who was injured on that tampered bike.

She later competes against Spencer for title of captain, she would win as Spencer was too cocky. She later celebrates with club at the Brew when Hanna tells her not talk to her ever again.

Since, Mona was blackmailing Lucas and Lucas even tried to scare her by setting the schools shed on fire. Mona is later seen in her "A" hoodie talking to another person on the phone, as she watches Byron leave.

Mona is seen talking to Toby in the "A" lair. She is seen hacking into something on the computer, then precedes to tell him that she doesn't call the shots. At school, Mona is seen meeting a group of people, acting friendly and innocent.

Later, she is seen in her "A" gear and is seen in Toby's apartment, sitting at the table Spencer set up for her and Toby's anniversary, smiling. It could be implied that she placed Toby's Radley I. She could have also changed his locks. Earlier in the episode, Mona said were all set for "tomorrow" possibly meaning that the next day was Spencer and Toby's anniversary , meaning that she and Toby planned for him to be exposed.

Mona tells Spencer that she would hate to see Toby drive all the to the Academic Decathlon competition just to cheer for her. She also says that she's been off her "A" game lately. What Becomes of the Broken-Hearted. Mona is quietly sitting at a lunch table with the rest of the Decathlon members. She doesn't say anything when Spencer accuses her of taking her off the team or when she asked "is there anything else you want to take away from me?

She is at the Decathlon practice and starts to talk to Spencer about her being cray-cray, her break up, and if she has any friends. Spencer snaps and attacks Mona, Mona would get help up and says she's fine. Out of Sight, Out of Mind. Mona, mentioned by Spencer, is in New York during the time Spencer was locked in the sauna.

Mona is at the Brew ordering a latte, when Spencer confronts her about "Deepest Sympathy" wreath. She claims she has know idea what she is talking about, but tells her not to put the orchids in sunlight like she did-they didn't make it the through night- before leaving. Mona is at the Brew again when she gets a phone call and leaves, with Spencer following her. She ends up at the woods and briefly disappears, however, just as Spencer is about to lift Toby's helmet off his head, she reappears and says "He's dead.

Will The Circle Be Unbroken? Ali laughs at her. Ali and Spencer leave after Church they see Mona standing alone at the top of the stair. In realtime, Mona pays Spencer a visit.

She brings cookies for Spencer. Mona tells her she came to visit the nurses because they have treated her kindly and she knows how to pay back a favor. Spencer asks why she killed Toby. Mona says if she'd actually killed Toby she wouldn't want to talk to her. Mona tells her that Alison told her she was never pregnant; she was just worried she might have been. Mona also has all of Alison's diary entries on a tablet and says she has answers to questions "you haven't even thought of.

It is revealed Mona really doesn't know as much as we thought she did. She doesn't know who Red Coat is, and in the end gets a text from "A," implying she may become a victim of "A. Mona gets the chip out of the computer in Wilden's police car showing Ashley hitting Wilden with her car. Back at the Hasting's she plays "third degree" and reveals what she knows and doesn't know. In the morning when the girls wake up Mona has disappeared but then she brings in their favorite coffee drinks and breakfast.

She won't hand over the computer chip but agrees to take them to the A lair. In the lair she tells them that Wilden and Melissa were dressed as the Queen of Hearts on the Halloween train and has a video showing Wilden, but someone hacks and deletes the file before the second person is shown. Mona tries to rekindle the friendship with Hanna and the two go shopping one day after school.

It is clear to Mona that Hanna is just pretending and hands over the computer chip as a gesture of goodwill. She points out that they once did have a true friendship.

They find a cell phone which ends up being Ashley Marin's in Wilden's casket. Mona says no and says she will do anything to prove that all the girls are in this together, so Spencer says to take them to A's RV.

Mona drives up to where the RV is, with the girls in separate cars behind her and is in shock when the RV is gone. Hanna and Spencer leave in their car, while Aria and Emily wait, and they watch Mona.

Mona gets into her car and then all of a sudden, from the back seat, a hooded figure with an Ali mask starts to choke Mona. Later, she is talking to the police to eavesdrop on Wilden's murder case. Mona is eerily absent. The Liars discuss in the opening scene that she was missing from school. Emily points out she's more concerned when Mona isn't around then when she's with them. Mona may not be A anymore but she can still do reconnaissance and has evidence.

Spencer admits what Mona is saying is true. Later at school, Emily goes to Mona saying she "wants in" and wants to know what she found on Toby.

Mona says she wishes she knew and points out that she is not the one pulling the strings anymore and all she has is an empty RV. Since A has proof of everything bad she and the Liars have done, with one wrong move everything could go up in flames. The Guilty Girl's Handbook. Mona is helping Hanna with a plan to save her mom from a conviction, but since Caleb doesn't trust her, she proves her loyalty in an unexpected way by admitting she was the one who killed Wilden.

In this episode Mona sticks to the fact that she killed Wilden. And puts up quite a performance when she is interviewed by a detective. However Mrs Hastings reveals that some of the evidence does not match with what Mona is saying. Mona is later take n back to Radley where she devilishly smiles at a piece of carved writing stating 'will the circle be unbroken'.

The Mirror Has Three Faces. In Radley, Wren passes Mona a sketch of a happy-looking family on a farm and asks for her emotional response. Mona says that it's a happy picture and Wren asks her how it makes her feel. She replies, "happy", and he asks what her response is. She makes a sarcastic comment about the artist's drawing ability. Wren wants to know how she feels about what she's said she's done. Mona says that "Look, those girls used to make me feel bad. But recently I've realized that Mona asks why would she ever be honest with him, to which he says that she used to be.

Mona replies that that was before she realized where his loyalties were. Wren says he doesn't know what that means but he thought that they'd trusted each other when she was first a patient there. Mona says that that was before she found out that he was keeping secrets from her. When Mona's life appears to be threatened by "A," The Lairs begin watching her to make sure nothing happens to her. She hands Mona an envelope. Who's In The Box? In the halls, Mona approaches Hanna, but Hanna rebuffs her.

Ezra subtly warns Mona to back off, or else. When Mona is asked what she is up to, Mona says that Mike invited her. The next morning, Aria catches Mike and Mona talking and laughing in the school courtyard. After they part ways, Aria stops Mona and inquires her about her true intentions.

Before leaving Mona asks Aria to suck up the fact that she is hanging out with a different group. The Lairs watch Mona walk into Ezra's classroom. She comes out with a stack of papers. She later appears in Spencer's film noir dream. Hanna watches Ezra and Mona on the balcony outside his apartment.

She hands him a drink and they go inside. Hanna runs into Mona on the street. Mona asks Hanna if she lost something. Mona calls Spencer and tells her there's a "blonde package waiting for you" at Ezra's apartment. Aria arrives home to find Mona and Mike on a date. Mona asks Aria if everything is okay or not but she goes straight to her room without replying.

Mona then looks guilty or possibly sorry. They see Mike and Mona arguing about their relationship. Ezra also sees this and after Mike leaves they exchange a glance. Mona tells Emily she initially wanted to stop Ezra after Emily confronted her. The deal she made was she'd help him with his book if he edited out the parts about her.

Everything she did as "A" would bring her federal charges that would throw her in prison. Mona admits to dating Mike so she could get closer to Aria. Ezra wouldn't let her out, but she broke up with him to save him. She says Ezra thinks he knows who stole the game from her at Radley. That night Alison left the hospital alone, Mona found her walking along the road. They go to a motel under a fake name, Vivian Darkbloom. She plants the idea of Alison disappearing so "A" would think she is dead.

Mona puts her to sleep and goes next door to her "A headquarters. She tells Mona things to do to make her popular and Mona thanks her. As Alison leaves, she smiles eerily, satisfied that her enemy is gone just as she had wanted. EscApe From New York.

Mona is seen watching a news update in The Brew which shows The Liars , including Alison, as missing. Displeased, she turns to put on her jacket, and tells someone in a red jacket, that "this changes everything". Mona is next seen talking to someone on her cell phone, before telling Lucas that the Liars are not in Philadelphia, they're in New York.

Mona has congregated an army of people who were victimized by Alison prior to her disappearance, to fight against her return. The group includes Lucas, who was the first member, Paige and Melissa. Mike spots Mona outside the Brew, picking up a large box, and runs over to greet her. Upon asking if she needs help, to which she declines, Mona tells Mike she has bought whistles for every girl in school, so they can protect themselves, in case Alison's rumoured 'kidnapper' is still out there.

Aria finds Mike and Mona sitting next to each other holding hands. Mike leaves the room for a brief moment. Aria claims that Mona is doing her 'research' in her house, but Mona refutes this, by telling her Mike invited her over. Mona then hands Aria her own whistle, claiming that she doesn't want what happened to Alison happen to another girl.

Aria interrupts this as a threat, and tells Mona that the Liars know exactly where Mona was on the night Ali disappeared. In return, Mona asks Aria how Ezra is doing, letting Aria know that she knows what happened in New York and that their cover story is a lie. Mona comes up behind Alison at the Mausoleum. She tells her that it was she who sent the threatening text, and that she should of signed her real name, telling Alison that "I don't have to hide, you do. And you're gonna wish you stayed dead," before walking off.

Fitz, and asks "you know what happened in New York". Aria tries to tell her that Ezra was mugged, but Mona innocently tells her that he was shot, but now he is back. Not at school, but in Rosewood. Aria doesn't want to sign the card, but Mona insists she does sign, even if it is for the sake of appearances.

In flashbacks, Mona consoles Hanna over Aliosn's death but at the same, Mona begins grooming Hanna into a popular girl with her expectation.

In the present, Hanna spots Mona in the Brew and approaches her. Hanna tells her that Mona essentially turned her into Alison, but Mona tells Hanna that she wanted the change as much as she did. Thrown From The Ride. Mona and Lucas are in a darkened classroom at Rosewood High, where Mona calls Lucas naive for thinking they can just call everything off.

Mona approaches Paige who is putting some things in her car. Paige asks what Mona is doing as they have nothing to talk about. Mona disagrees and Paige tells her that her answer is still no. Paige again tells Mona that her answer is no. Paige says she not with anyone, but Mona tells her she is but reminds her Emily is with Alison.

At the church, Mona confronts her about New York, claiming that she has proof. She tells her former bully that she wants her to leave town not caring where she goes. Mona says that while Alison may have convinced Hanna and the other girls that she's changed, and maybe she is trying to be a decent person, but it won't last long.

Alison turns the tables and tell her the real reason wants her gone. She's afraid of Alison regaining her former status. Angry and upset, Mona slaps Alison. Recovering from Mona's hit, Alison slaps her back, cutting her face and demands Mona to leave her alone.

When Alison and the other Liars walk into the cafeteria at Rosewood High, Mona and her army band together and confront Alison. What lies has she told you?

Later, she meets with Jenna and Sydney where they discuss how to get rid of Alison. The Silence of E. A dead rat, really? Mona is singing a song, still waiting for her audition, when Hanna snaps, telling her that they get it, she can freaking sing. As Ms Adinolfi calls the next group of people for their auditions, including Mona and Hanna, Mona faints. Regaining consciousness, Mona asks Hanna what happened, and as she tries to sit up, Hanna tells her to lie back down and explains that she fainted.

Later, Mona and Hanna spy on the police where they find Cyrus Petrillo's mug shot. That is the one they're looking for.

Mona later confides in Hanna on how she has suffered panic since Alison came back and is still scared of her. In the movie theater, Mona looks up to Aria when she arrives. As the doors of the theater open, Mona looks over her shoulder and watches as Paige and her date make their way to their seats. As the film is showing, Mona looks adoringly towards Mike. While captivated in the film, Aria leans over to Mona and whispers something in her ear.

Taking a step closer, Aria asks questions her about New York, and Mona says that she knows some things, and she can guess at some others.

Mona says that she has to ask Aria something, and when Aria asks her what, Mona questions if she thinks Mike really likes her. Taking This One to the Grave.

At Mona's house, the Liars visit Mona to ask for her help. Mona is reluctant, but upon learning her army is disbanded because Alison had gotten to them.

They plan to break into Radley to find incriminating on Alison where Spencer and Mona are disguised as nurses. Her and Spencer discover that Bethany Young knew Alison and had threaten to hurt Alison and her mother more than once. To their surprise, Mrs. DiLaurentis had an affair with Bethany's father. After forming a theory of Alison luring Bethany to Rosewood to kill her, she calls Aria to her that Alison is "A" and has proof this time.

However, "A" breaks into her home and attacks her off-screen. When the Liars arrive, the house is a bloody mess. Holbrook confirms that Mona was murdered.

How the 'A' Stole Christmas. In a flashback, Mona and Hanna are at the snowflake wishing tree. Hanna tells her they will, besties forever, she promises. She shows her a past where she begun her habit of lying thanks to Jessica. Later, she shows Alison a future where she is dead and no one has come to mourn her. Through a Glass, Darkly.

Four months after Mona was murdered, a funeral service for her takes place in the Rosewood Church. Later, video footage of her being attacked in her home I recovered by the police. Mona, frightened and injured, tries to crawl away but to no avail. In a flashback, Mona holds a flashlight up to her face as sits on her bed reading to Hanna. And spy on them.

You would have all the control, and nobody would ever know it was you. When they discuss Alison, Mona believes if she didn't recognize anyone as they had forgotten her, Alison would go insane. Pretty Isn't the Point.

In a flashback, Mona is on her phone with Lesli when Mike comes in her room. Mike notices the blood vials and asks what it all is, and after having picked up one of the vials, Mike wonders what the hell is going on. Taking the vile back, Mona tells him not to touch it. The Melody Lingers On. Welcome to the Dollhouse. Inside A's dollhouse, the liars hear a piano sound playing. They enter the room the sound is coming from and see someone sitting at the piano wearing an Ali mask.

When the figure takes off her mask it is revealed to be Mona. Mona had never died, she was just captured in the dollhouse. Mona helps explain the dollhouse to the liars, but for most of the episode she pretends that she thinks she is Ali. It is only while they are escaping when there is no power and A cannot hear them that she reveals that she knows she is Mona and A is forcing her to act like she is Ali. When A is revealed to be Charles and Mona sees his lair, she says "A has a soul.

She, like the girls, was trapped with the girls outside the dollhouse until A lets them back in after days. When A gases the hallways he kidnaps Mona. She appears again in a Candy Stripper uniform and tells the girls that the girls that three rings means go to their rooms or else. Three weeks later, she is trapped in a hole and is emotionally unstable.

She is rescued by the girls and is later seen with an ambulance. Mona returns to Rosewood and reveals to Hanna that she is afraid of Alison planning some revenge, since Mona was the one who sent her to jail. Hanna declares that Alison changed and they all got bigger worries now. Mona states that she also might get punished by the police for trying to fake her murder, but Hanna tells her that they are looking for Charles now.

As Mona is afraid to go to the police department on her own, she asks Hanna to drive her. On their way to the Rosewood PD they stop by The Brew , Lesli walks over to them, she's angry with Mona for being summoned by the police, because they made her an accomplice for the faked murder.

She tells her that all she worked for is now in jeopardy, because she thought Mona is a victim. While Mona listens quietly how Lesli blames everything on her, Hanna steps in, saying that Mona never tried to hurt her and she doesn't like her tone. Mona apologizes to Lesli, but she doesn't care and tells her to never contact her again and walks out. It gets revealed that Lesli stayed in Radley long enough to know Mona and Charles.

When Mona calls Lesli to tell her that she failed getting the files and the Liars know about Lesli's stay at Radley now, Lesli freaks out. She declares that she only asked for one thing, but Mona screwed it up.

While Aria, Hanna and Spencer are at the lab, trying to lure escaped animals back into their cages, the lights go off. A light turns back on and Mona stands in front of the girls. She did it so the campus police won't find them. However, the girls think she is working with A, who they strongly believe is Lesli. Mona reveals that two people escaped Radley the night Alison went missing: Bethany Young and Charles DiLaurentis.

Spencer gives Charles' medical files to Mona to prove that he is dead, but Mona quickly shoots the idea down upon seeing the medications Charles was on. She explains that no one would want his organs and he wasn't an eligible donor. The girls claim that they have a picture which shows that "A" is a girl. Mona says that if they have a picture, it's because A wanted them to have it.

Campus security shows up but the girls stay hidden. O Brother, Where Art Thou. Mona is in her room with Aria, Hanna and Spencer. Even though Lesli promised to be there, she didn't come. Lesli texts Mona, telling her she is afraid this kind of confrontation might set her stability back. Aria wants to drive to Lesli's, because she is sure, she knows more about Charles.

Mona tells her, if Lesli did, she would have told her and Mona would have told them. Spencer asks if she saw a guy, who could have been Charles, the night Alison disappeared. Mona states she wished she had seen somebody, but she didn't. Aria asks her, who she met at Radley and who might have stolen the game from her, but Mona doesn't remember who she was talking to, because she has been on drugs. Mike visits Mona to bring back the dolls from Aria.

He wants to talk to her, but Mona refuses and asks him to leave. She says, she knows what she put him through and she made the wrong decisions. Mona declares she might have deserved to be in the dollhouse. Mike states what she did, doesn't matter to him, because all that matters is that she is alive.

After telling Mona that she has to forgive herself, he takes her hand and asks if she wants him to leave. She shakes her head and they lean in for a kiss. The Liars and Sara follow a person in a red cape, who reveals herself as Mona. She informs the girls that she has been following Alison since yesterday's morning but lost her when they stopped Clark Wilkins , who she knew was a cop. Mona states that she has been snarfing Alison, since she came back to town and that she started receiving texts from Charles the day before.

She finds out that the signal source is coming from the Carissimi group and they go there. At the Carissimi group the girls listen to Charlotte's story. When it is revealed that Charlotte hit Alison, Mona tells the liars that she was the one who hit Bethany, because she thought it was Alison. As they find out that Charlotte brought her family to Radley, the girls rush to get there, but Mona stays and says that she needs to know how the story ends. Five years later, she is present at a rally for Veronica Hastings campaign where she and Spencer talk and she asks if Spencer if she still has nightmare from the Dollhouse because she still does.

Getting Crap Past the Radar: Taken at face value, the show's sexual content is no more extreme than that seen on some mainstream networks and is outright tame compared to similar teen-oriented series such as Skins. Where this trope is applicable is the fact this show airs on a network called ABC Family which generally specializes in family-friendly programming.

Until the name change to Freeform. The girls were this to Alison before her death. She creates herself a new posse after returning to Rosewood. The Glasses Gotta Go: The Glorious War of Sisterly Rivalry: Using the word war is only a slight exaggeration in this case. One each for the second and third seasons. The second season episode was a standalone prelude episode, while the one in the third season picked up right after the mid-season finale.

Hanna's estranged father shows up in the fourth episode of the first season to talk to Hanna about her recent behavior. Also, he has a new fiancee who looks a lot like Hanna's mother, with a daughter who looks like Hanna. Spencer has a specific default: Dating What Daddy Hates. They also tend to be Tall, Dark, and Handsome and very secretive.

As Paige once put it, Emily likes ballsy women. See inverted Savvy Guy, Energetic Girl below. Addison Derringer in the final season seems to have been introduced just to become this; she's essentially teenage Alison with all her negative qualities jacked Up to She is a thoroughly cruel, manipulative bully, who for bonus points is also openly homophobic and casually disrespectful towards adults.

Heartbreak and Ice Cream: In "There's No Place Like Homecoming", when Aria is planning on not going to homecoming, her friends ask her what she will do instead. Her plans involve reading gossip magazines and eating copious amounts of Chunky Monkey. It's revealed that Mona killed CeCe, instead of her committing suicide.

Maybe Jenna too, but like everything else about her, it's hard to tell. Aria after Ezra's mom tells her that's she ruining his life. Spencer when she finds out that her boyfriend Toby is part of the 'A'-team. Emily after Maya is killed, and again after she kills Nate, who killed Maya. It's brief though, as it quickly becomes apparent that CeCe is alive. Her dad says "I'm not happy about this, either.

She tries to be okay with it for a while A is the main antagonist of the show as they constantly blackmail the girls and have even attempted to kill them on several occasions. Their identity still is a mystery. Mona was revealed to be working for somebody who is the real mastermind behind the whole A scheme. Lucas and in flashbacks Mona, who are both Type 2. Spencer used to be one too, according to flashbacks. Rosewood's hot divorcees - Ella, Ashley and Pastor Ted.

The season 2 finale UnmAsked is one giant Homage to Alfred Hitchcock 's Psycho , complete with a creepy motel, a taxidermist motelier, and even an almost shower scene. Even mother makes a reference! The climatic bell-tower chase between Spencer and Ian in the season 1 finale is an homage to Hitchcock's Vertigo.

There's a Shout-Out in Season 3: Emily takes a job at the Rear Window Brewery. After deciding she was A, Emily was sent to flirt with Alison in order to distract her from what the other girls were up to. How We Got Here: Spencer and the other three are taking part in a fashion show and modelling wedding dresses - she heads out to follow someone before it's her turn to take the catwalk, and she catches her veil in a beartrap. But it doesn't mean she doesn't wind up suffering Both "The Lady Killer" and "Taking This One To The Grave" begin in the aftermath of a crime; in the former Hanna is in tears as she and the others see someone taken in an ambulance, in the latter all the Liars except Spencer are outside a house that's a crime scene and receive a message from A saying "It's all your fault.

In the latter case the "it" is Mona's savage murder in her own home; Spencer isn't on the scene because she was arrested for killing Bethany Young. And by the episode it still hasn't revealed who it is. Many problems that these girls face would be solved well ahead of time if they'd just approach things rationally or take common precautions — such as calling the police every now and then. When Aria's realized that Ezra's son has been abducted by someone posing as her, she merely follows the clue the kidnapper leaves for her rather than calling the police.

Maybe thats not the best example. They know that if they follow along, the captured person will be returned safely. If they called the police, then the kidnapped person could be hurt. Actually, calling police in kidnappings is often a challenge, because police may want to put capturing the perps ahead of the safe return of the victim.

Also, remember that A usually had leverage in the form of evidence against the girls like a video tape of them disposing of a body although simply a video of people digging shouldn't be all that incriminating in real life To be fair, the girls know there at at least two corrupt cops on the force, and the newer ones don't seem to be much more professional either.

When one of your options is Wilden, following A's instructions suddenly looks like the lesser of two evils. Anne Sullivan holds it as well in Season 2: Her office completely lacks any kind of security system. Granted, this is seemingly a problem the rest of the population of Rosewood has too, but it's especially striking when displayed by a psychologist who is responsible for confidential patient files. Hanna may well have the Idiot wrecking ball for Season 4. Even though A has gleefully set up innocent people in the past repeatedly , she still steals her dad's stolen gun from her mom's closet, despite her mom telling her she didn't kill Wilden several times, and attempts to bury it.

Cue police arresting her, and finally getting the very evidence needed to arrest her mom. And while we're at it the entire mess with Wilden can be traced back to her "subtly" telling him that she knew his secret and was going to tell everyone.

Nice Job Breaking It, Hero! She does this again in the seventh season, when she kidnaps Noel. While she is suffering from PTSD, it doesn't change the fact that it was a dumb idea. Especially since a she was ignoring calls from her friends, who were already at work to find proof that Noel was after them, and b she was committing a crime and knew it.

Noel escapes with evidence of what she did. It's well known Spencer plays Field Hockey but we never actually see her in games like we do with Emily's swimming. Same goes for Aria's writing skills. The show features her singing and her artistic ventures - photography and sculpture, but not writing, which is supposed to be her number one passion. In Season 5, Emily displays major dancing ability and was said to take lessons from an early age Lucas suffers this badly. Apart from Hanna, he has literally no friends.

Then Caleb comes along and they form something of a bromance.. Mona was also a victim of this in her Loser Mona days. Mona claims that she started the A scheme as a means to get back at the girls, not for their treatment of her, but for the fact that Hannah was spending more time with them and less time with her , even though they'd barely hung out together at all after Alison's death and it was in fact the A scheme that brought them together again.

Justified though, as it's implied that Mona was taking orders from someone else and her claims about her motivations are a lie. When Alison returns, she claims she was kidnapped and the Liars helped rescue her. Eventually, the Liars really are kidnapped and Alison helps rescue them.

Ezra is attracted to Aria who is sixteen, and also his student. Although sixteen is the age of consent in most states in America, and it is not clear where the show takes place, his being her teacher makes the relationship quite illegal. He also chatted with Alison in the past, and may have been attracted to her, although both Alisoin and Aria did lie and tell Ezra that they were college students and older then they actually were.

It should be noted that this does not make him a Pedophile, as Pedophilia is an attraction to children that are in theri preteen years, nor does this make him a Hebephile, which is an attraction to young teens that are still prepubescent.

Allison was at either fifteen or sixteen, and Aria was either sixteen or seventeen. The encounter with Allison would have been statutory rape had they had sex.

Alison definitely crosses into this trope. The reason why she is popular is because she is attractive, smart and charismatic. Jerk with a Heart of Gold: And yet she seems to really care for the four girls. Her appearances in the present that suggest she may be alive seem to indicate she Took a Level in Kindness. Subverted, though not fully, with Sean. When Emily first meets Samara at a cafe.

Did Paige not tell you I'd be here? No, she did, I just didn't expect you to be so Alison to the other Liars near the end of the Grand Finale: For some reason, this feels like the end of the something. Ashley Marin is the most radical example of this trope.

There seems to be no line she won't cross to protect Hanna. Pam Fields defends her daughter from Paige's father. At the time, she hadn't really changed her views on homosexuality, she just had a reaction to someone hurting her daughter. Ella is like this mainly towards Mike, thinking Aria can take care of herself. Toby is one of A's accomplices and Spencer's greatest love. Topped by the reveal that Ezra, Aria's love, is A-ish. A more minor example, though rather heartbreaking example was when Hanna found out in season 1 that Caleb hooked up with only because Jenna paid him.

Lured into a Trap: Spencer goes to meet Toby in the Fun House at a carnival and gets shoved into a tiny space instead. The series lives on this from parents putting up the front of a happy marriage to the Liars themselves going to massive lengths to keep their own secrets. Emily concelead the fact she'd dropped out of college from her mother for years, even going so far as to claim a storm prevented her mom from attending graduation and sending her a photo in a rented graduate's robe.

The Man Behind the Man: The end of "UnmAsked" reveals that Mona is now working for someone. Toby tries to warn Garrett that Jenna is this. A few of these occur: Downplayed , as the promos for "Miss Me x " make very little of the fact that it is the th episode compared to similar episodes of other shows. Instead, it mostly focuses on the upcoming confrontation between The Liars and Team Mona. Two cases right in a row on the night of Alison's would-be murder.

Misunderstood Loner with a Heart of Gold: How Toby Cavanaugh is played at first. Later on, he drops the "Misunderstood Loner" part. And as of Season 3, maybe the "Heart of Gold" part too. In "Unmasked", the liars are walking home, ecstatic that they have finally unmasked A.

Everything goes south very quickly though, when they arrive at Emily's house and discover that Maya has been murdered. Inverted; don't think that male viewers haven't noticed the four leads justify a name change to Gorgeous Little Liars. The other females in the cast aren't exactly hard on the eyes either.

Also played straight; most of the men on the show are plenty attractive enough to keep up with the women which is to be expected, this being made by Alloy Entertainment and all. Spencer drinks a lot of coffee. Emily the barista has shades of this too. Happens with Ezra in season 4 episode 'A is for Answers'. After a brief gun struggle with A Shana ,Aria notices the gunshot wound in Ezra 's stomach before he falls unconscious.

The jump rope song at the beginning of "Through Many Dangers, Toils, and Snares" is clearly about the girls. Aria's Dad, Byron was with Ali the night that she died and goes to great lengths to cover it up Parental Neglect: Spencer's parents are often missing when she needs them the most.

When they are home they tend to neglect her in favour of Melissa. They also allowed Ian to live in their house, despite Spencer being terrified by him. Toby and Jenna's parents are literally never seen and apparently don't mind their teenage daughter dating an older guy. Aria's parents generally mean well but didn't notice Mike's depression or Aria being terrorised by A or her having a relationship with her teacher. Aria was one before Ali went missing. Plot Tailored to the Party: When you factor in the unusually high quantity of lesbians and bisexuals that show up whenever Emily is there.

Seriously, how inept can the Rosewood Police Department get? Although the Liars' regular antics aren't exactly helpful, either. Political Correctness Gone Mad: Invoked by Paige's father. He claims that the only reason Emily won the coveted position of anchor on the swim team is because she is lesbian. Which is ironic because Paige is also a lesbian though she was in the closet at that time.

Alison had been killed before the first episode and she only appears in flashbacks or dreams. The Microsoft Kin phone, Aria used it and showed off its Facebook app. Germain, and Mona Vanderwal for the girls. Also Samara, who is an actual prep student. Put on a Bus: Caleb literally leaves on a bus near the end of season one, after writing a letter to Hanna which Mona is supposed to deliver. In the season one finale, he returns at the request of Lucas.

Put on a Bus to Hell: Maya is sent to juvie camp after Emily's mom finds marijuana in Maya's bag and lets Maya's parents know about this. She returned in the episode before the summer finale.

Raven Hair, Ivory Skin: Emily is portrayed by Shay Mitchell who has mixed Filipino and Irish heritage. In the book, Emily is just plain Caucasian. Her mother even makes racist remarks about Maya. Also applies to Mona who is played by Eurasian actress Janel Parrish. Emily's father is Asian in the show.

Wren is the opposite. He was Asian in the books, but white in the show Reality Ensues: While what happens to Alison and her friends is extreme, it does showcase how someone can snap when they have been mistreated for far too long.

Also, someone who acts like a Jerkass to so many people for a long period of time will end up with a lot of enemies and very few friends, even if they are trying to atone for their actions, as Alison can attest to.

Running around accusing people of crimes is a bad thing. When the girls accused Alison of killing Mona, they made sure to basically tell the whole town and turn everyone against her. Spencer even emotionally backmailed Jason into telling the police that he thinks that she could have done it. However, when Alison was proven innocent, Jason was very angry with Spencer, who had to apologize for it.

Later on, the girls do the exactly same thing to Andrew. When he was proven innocent, he let loose with a blistering "The Reason You Suck" Speech that left the girls feeling guilty.

It seems that the liars have suspected nearly everyone in Rosewood of being A at one point throughout the series. Alison was suspected to be Mona's killer for a while in Season 5, before Welcome To The Dollhouse revealed that Mona was alive all along. Emily and Alison had this. Room Full of Crazy: With a touch of Stalker Shrine , A's room in the finale of the second season. The Liars have developed a habit of this: First, Spencer tried to save Mona from falling off a cliff.

Second, Hanna pulled Jenna out of a fire, then helped Spencer save her after she was nearly drowned. Note that Jenna's villainy is still ambiguous , making these mostly perceived examples on the part of the characters. Third, Aria attempted to rescue CeCe Drake from falling when the rope she was attempting to use to escape snapped.

Though it later turned out that CeCe wasn't a villain. Savvy Guy, Energetic Girl: Alison, Maya, Paige and Samara - all four are more energetic and extraverted than Emily, and try to push her to come out of her shell.

Played straight with Hanna's relationships: Sean, Caleb and Travis are all just trying to keep up with her. The trope also fits her teased relationships- Wren and Holbrook. Emily and Paige after Maya dies. Emily fits this trope with more than a few girls. Emily and Paige have one of these in the first season. Spencer and Toby are forced to pretend they aren't still dating in the second season. Same for Caleb and Hanna. Same goes for Aria and Ezra. Pre-series we have Alison with Ian, Ezra and possibly Shana.

Also Spencer and Ian, and Mrs. Di Laurentis with Mr. Byron and Ella post divorce. Byron and Meredith also fit the bill. Jenna has three in different points throughout the series- Toby, Garret and Shana. A is the identity of who is stalking the girls and Alison adopted an alias which was Vivian Darkbloom. In the pilot, Aria orders a cheeseburger despite being declared a vegan later in the first season.

In the season 1 episode, Keep Your Friends Close , Hanna mentions she spent five summers at fat camp. Then, in the season 4 episode Turn of the Shoe , she states that she spent two summers there. Hanna's mother engages in this to get her daughter out of shoplifting charges. Spencer is seen wearing Toby's shirts almost as often as he is. Which isn't that often, given his Mr. It's even lampshaded in one episode. All the Liars, plus Alison and many other female characters. Invoked in-universe when Ella, discussing a potential outfit for her second wedding to Byron , comments "I may need to borrow Emily's legs.

All but one guess who aren't wearing anything above the waist. Lucas, the kid who falls for the popular girl who gets with the jock like in the 80s Corey Haim movie Lucas. And earlier in the same episode are several things that resemble Psycho , like the taxidermy, the shower scene or someone spying through a wall. Anne Sullivan is one to The Miracle Worker. During one of Emily's flashbacks in The Remains of the A, there is a quick shot that resembles Edward Hopper's famous painting Nighthawks.

Several to Twin Peaks , including an FBI agent named Cooper and a video of Alison that closely resembles in its content as well as its relevacme to the plot one of Laura Palmer of whom Alison is arguably an expy. Appropriately, barring the Deal with the Devil in "Cliffordville", the plots of both episodes involve the protagonists returning to their hometowns after an extended time away. When the Liars' cell phones ring at the same time, 10 times out of 10, it's a text message from "A.

A isn't actually shown in silhouette, but is made to look like it by wearing a black coat and black gloves anytime she appears. A is pretty much always watching the girls as they have access to their phones, computers and seem to know what they are up to at any time. Mona pretends to get texts from "A" and bonds with the girls over it. Then it turns out that Mona is A. Spared by the Adaptation: Although, Mona manages to outlive her book counterpart by two and a half seasons.

She's Killed Off for Real in 5A's midseason finale. Once called Ravenswood was launched in October Despite being dead, she's still constantly in the local news. Jenna has always been seen with her sunglasses on. Trista and Samara share many similarities.

Spencer tries to save Mona this way in the Season 2 finale. She isn't able to, but Mona lives. Mona sure thinks so Things take a turn to Mrs.

Imsges: did aria and ezra dating in real life

did aria and ezra dating in real life

Mike says if Aria tells their parents he hasn't been playing basketball every day after school, he will tell them she has been sneaking off to see her friends. This was to continue into Season 4, but the network panicked, and instead Spencer's stint on the A team was revealed, explained and wrapped up all in the Season 3 finale.

did aria and ezra dating in real life

After Byron leaves, Aria apologizes to her mom for keeping his secret for over a year. However, he explains that it was to support all of his former students. Alone with the Psycho:

did aria and ezra dating in real life

Talking Down the Suicidal: Noel is this in "Wrath Of Kahn" Which is unfortunate for Hanna when she tries did aria and ezra dating in real life get him with a drugged beer. She had her hair brown in darkish blonde ombre. The Guilty Girl's Handbook Mona is helping Hanna with a plan to save her mom teenage internet dating a conviction, but since Caleb doesn't trust her, she proves her loyalty in an unexpected way by admitting she was the one who killed Wilden. Moments Later When Datinf is hospitalized due to her run in with "A" at the end of the party, Mona visits ara in the hospital and apologized, realizing that she was mad at Hanna for a stupid reason. In the morning when the girls wake up Mona has disappeared but then she brings in their how to use hook up sites coffee drinks and breakfast. In the latter case the "it" is Mona's savage murder in her own home; Spencer isn't on the scene because she was arrested for killing Bethany Young.