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destiny nightfall needs matchmaking

Plus they've made a lot of changes to the DZ so that it's actually possible to solo in there. I wish consoles had more nuanced social networking features. At least twice a day every week. If LFG through a very easy to use website is too much of a hassle for you, then I seriously think you should go play something else, because it is literally so simple to do. Helped me get a normal set fairly quickly. I had mixed feelings, when it was first announced that you can only do the Vault of Glass with your friends. That is all obvious stuff.

Destiny Fireteams

If I can get through the nightfall in the allotted time mind you. Only if there's a way to play Solo, because I like to play Solo and then invite people at the end to get them free loot. At the end of the day, you get out what you put in. Outside of trash waves it isn't exactly rocket science. I had to rely on communication a lot to get through. It's a neat feature for new players but doesn't solve the issue.

Therefor if you lower the skill cap and entry barrier then you can encourage casual players to enjoy the game for longer which is really important when they are paying for the game due to subscriptions.

This is a reason why Wildstar among others did so poorly; because the majority of players reached end game and didn't have anything else to do. If Bungie had good game design and was willing to sit down with Blizzard for example they could have easily implemented a good system of progression for casual and players with more time on their hands.

Boom; everyone gets end game progression equal to the amount of effort they invested in the game. This isn't rocket science, this is basic game design Then come Raid 2; you use gear selector to limit path of each type of player.

Therefor LFR gear cannot be used as the light requirement for normal raiding for raid 2. Which was a problem in WoW. This does limit LFR raid 1 to Normal raid 2 cross overs, but that is a fair sacrifice. You're basically just picking a random team off a list to join. How does this magically net you better players? It's pretty asinine that I have to go out of the game to a website not officially affiliated with the game to find other people playing the same thing I am.

I personally don't give two figs what you think. You're allowed to think it. But stop trying to tell me to use a fucking website I don't want to have to use. Even if they don't want us having matchmaking, they should still provide some in game way of finding people. Even if it's just a damn icon over my head indicating that I'm looking. It's shocking just how bad the social elements in this game are. They needed to make these strikes harder So they make us find our own teammates I can kind of see the VoG not having matchmaking But these strikes don't need communication just because theyre harder.

Theyre still the same old strikes just with more hp and deal more damage. Nightfall has a bit more than that. If everyone dies you go to orbit. I like to do it with people I know are capable. That's why its got the modifer "nightfall". It says that very clearly on it. I'm not sure how that would be obvious for someone who had never done one. Maybe if it had the "IfYouWipeYouReset" modifier then maybe a snarky comment would be appropriate but the word Nightfall is not indicative of one group life at all.

Those modifiers have descriptions when you hover over them. I'm not sure what Nightfalls description is though but it may explain it. It's got a really cryptic message of "If all players die, you will be returned to orbit. This is why we need a general chat option in the tower, so we can arrange something like this.

Would be nice to have an LFG board or something. A forum where you can post you're looking for people to do X with the level requirement Y and have them join your fireteam from it instead of 50 vault terminals that are always empty. I understand that people have found work-arounds for the absence of any good communication or group finding systems in the game.

I also like to do it with friends I know can pull their weight. Feel it should still have the option for matchmaking though even if it just gives a warning first time that it is best tackled in a communicating team. Yet we already see pick-up groups from destinylfg. Needing communication is not an excuse for not giving the option of matchmaking. I agree matchmaking needs to be implemented. I don't see the difference between random matchmaking and going to destinylfg.

I was just saying that Bungie's excuse is actually somewhat valid for VoG. Glad someone finally got through. I run the nightfall mission solo every week as a challenge for myself, a goal to overcome if you will. I would be very angry if they took this away from me. It would be nice if when you selected it from the side of the mission selector, by the weekly and daily challenges, it put you in solo, but if you went into the Vanguard playlist and selected it, it went to matchmaking.

What I really don't like though is that when I invite a random to my fireteam, he has to go into orbit before joining me. I mean he was standing right next to me a moment ago! It usually takes me 10 minutes tops to find ppl to run with. I found a group for Queen's Missions yesterday in minutes. But if I only have a few hours a week to play; I rather not spend them dicking around on my PC rather than playing the game I want to play because they disabled features for my "benefit".

All my friends own nothing but a PC and i'm the only one in my friends group that got an xbox one for Destiny, leaving me with no one to play with and being locked out of half of the end game content without trawling the internet for people to add to my friends list -. I can't answer for him but I bought X1 for Destiny. The reason why it was a better choice for me is I owned a PS3 so owning X1 gives me access to the catalog of the in the future like MCC.

The Kinect is great for Xbox Fitness; or dance games with my girlfriend. Either way; Destiny is basically exactly the same on either console. I fully agree, but please have a minimum level requirement. Would love an item level check like in WoW, but level should do in Destiny. Although I completely agree this feature should be in the game destinylfg. I haven't had a problem finding a group for anything since I found the site. It's really awesome check it out if you haven't!

No point sitting around complaining doing nothing. Everyone wants matchmaking for the most part. Just use what we have now and hope for it to get better. I've posted the following here:. This is simply because it's the most extreme anti-matchmaking argument that Bungie has made so far. I had mixed feelings, when it was first announced that you can only do the Vault of Glass with your friends.

On the one hand, it makes a lot of sense. The Vault of Glass needs profound communication and teamplay. That's how raids work. Also, like in general, you will definitely enjoy the content much more while sharing it with your friends. But on the other hand, you'll have to have 5 friends on the same plattform, playing the game and having an appropriate character level or a similar progression like you.

Also you'll have to be available at the same time for at least a few hours. Even with a lot of friends this becomes a pain in the ass. After all, there is a huge chance that a lot of people either will miss this glorious content or have a hard time to prepare for enjoying it at all - and that even with their friends; not to speak of peaople with an empty friendslist.

A lot of folks now try to find strangers on bungie. In my opinion, simple matchmaking like the one for normal strikes shouldn't replace that. As I said, there are reasons for having people to actively come together. This way, you can even find and make new friends by looking for people of the same age or the same nationality. Also, you'll make sure everyone in your fireteam has a mic or speaks the same language.

I think the game or at least bungie. Of course, first and foremost, Destiny should have chat support. But there could also be something that helps you to plan a raid or any common activity. I think of a scheduler app within the tower for your clan or even for optionally inviting strangers. The following summerizes my concept:. And of course there is a lot of room for further improvement.

But I hope everyone gets the basic idea. It is a little inspired by the marketing blabla by ubisoft at e3 for the division. They allegedly planned to implement an intelligent match- and friend-making mechanism that consideres personal attributes like age, profession, nationality, family status, gaming habits and so on.

Nobody can tell me that this is a feature, which wouldn't help everybody, and which would cost Bungie a lot of time and money. If I had some time besides writing my master thesis - however outside of the game as a webapp or something - I'd definitely implement such an application within a few days.

Even if you don't plan on using it or hate randoms for the "harder" dungeons, matchmaking should still be an option! I do not have enough friends to gather for strikes. The matchmaking in there helps me a ton. The weekly and nightly strikes I do with one other friend. However, him and I would not be able to do the raids and other tough missions alone.

We would love if matchmaking was enabled or at least have you the option. We don't really communicate about the game unless we die because we both have been playing for so long that we know how the other likes to play.

An example is that he'll go one direction and take out those enemies while I go another and do the same without saying so. Having matchmaking would make our lives easier so we can start progressing past 26 without having to search for people ourselves. Btw we play on Xbox one so if any of you would like to join just send me a message on here. Toggle on and off is the best thing i've heard of. This devil walker bounty would be much easier solo. But no I can't do it solo -.

But hey I'd definately rather have matchmaking on everything than no matchmaking. I don't know if I could do them with Randoms and no communication. My friends barely listen to the plan as it is. You can have the best communication in the world and be grouped with friends you group with every day and fail miserably at beating a Nightfall Strike when a bunch of randoms that have never played together once and none of which use a mic beat it on the first try in record time.

It doesn't matter if you use communication or not and it doesn't matter if you hand select and built a custom Fireteam out of your favorite friends. Give people the choice, Bungie isn't forcing anyone to use Matchmaking to build their Fireteams in any portion of the game.

It's simply there for people that need or want it and hurts noone that doesn't. So has Bungie released any word on implementing this? Or ANY of the myriad updates that are needed? Either make it easier to join a fireteam with randoms proximity chat, not going to orbit to join, make it quicker to invite, the list goes on and on or just put a matchmaking on fucking everything.

If you need to go to an outside website to do something in-game then that's a failure. Oh, and probably more important than the joining with randos; make a goddamn clan system that means something.

I don't see what the big deal is. Let us have the option of playing in pubs. I'm mainly a solo player and I hate having to use a third party site just to find people to complete content.

People who want to make a custom fireteam with mics are still able to do that. They didn't want matchmaking so we can make friends. But, I feel like i would be more able to make friends by matchmaking. It puts you with random people who you may normally meet and would help those who are timid with making friends. I don't think we need matchmaking for the harder stuff, I think we need voice or some sort of chat system in the Tower.

It'd be cool to see a "help wanted" board when you land. Either that or the post guy could have a notification saying this person is looking to do this and you just so happened to be wanting to do this. I was trying to do the Weekly Heroic solo last night, and I couldn't solo my way past the servitor area LVL 21 - I killed all 3 but then died to adds, and didn't have the heart to go through that time sink again at 2 AM.

It's hilarious how people were so obsessed with not having matchmaking before release and how silent they are now. It's insane how if you even mentioned that you wanted matchmaking people lost their minds on you about how "casual" the game would be.

Like people mention how shitty your groups would be with matchmaking, but every single experience I've had with the vanguard playlist has been fine. This is Destiny, not WoW. Shooting Phogoth in his fanny pack isn't exactly rocket science.

IMO everything should have matchmaking, including Vault. Except Vault should require a 3 man group and should match you with a different 3 man group. It will also force you to not use party chat. I want matchmaking for everything!. Since there is not chat I can't just ask people who wants to play and it really just makes it annoying because I sometimes just want to play with other people.

They said they wanted destiny to be social but I feel very isolated when I play. If WoW can do it, why can't Destiny? Make the match making raid gear just a little lower light level and have 3 tiers. Match making raid gear, normal group raid gear, heroic group raid gear. That way everyone gets to experience end game content without the hassle of trying to go outside the game and find a group.

There is a website available for this, just run a laptop near your. I prefer not to have matchmaking for raids or nightfalls or harder stuff, i'd rather pick people to group with. Think about getting 2 random players who have no clue what they are doing, they dont communicate or participate in the strike.

For patrols or random missions it'd be perfect but I like the way raids and nightfalls are set up now. Yes because picking a random group on a website is totally different from getting 2 random players from matchmaking.

I think nightfalls are doable if we had in game chat. Raids should stay the way they are now because of the amount of time and communication. Not to mention, you'd get paired with random people that may have no similar play schedule, then having to have all those same members to resume the raid the next time would be almost impossible. There's no excuse for the lack of matchmaking on at least the Weekly Strike and Daily Story.

Especially the Daily Story, a total pain to hunt people for a group every day if you don't have a regular group of friends always on looking to play it. If Bungie was going to go this route of leaving out Matchmaking and making players build their own Fireteams they should of at least put the effort into creating some way IN THE GAME to find people that are looking to group for specific tasks. The total lack of in-game communication and matchmaking both is baffling when Bungie provided no more content than they did.

I mean the Weekly Heroic can be played at level 22 without matchmaking, yet much harder level 24 strikes get it? I completely agree with this! I see the value of playing with others and I love going through the missions with other players but I just don't have many friends that play Destiny, definitely not as much as I do. It annoys me that I miss out on a majority of the endgame content, such as weeklys and raids because I don't have friends and because there's no matchmaking. Matchmaking would fix this and I would honestly use it on every mission.

Or a simple system like borderlands. I would suggest that if this happened, a mic would be required and completely mandatory for matchmaking a raid or nightfall. I was disappointed the first time I went to a Heroic and there was no auto grouping. The dev team needs to add that functionality! The system is already in place with the strike list so it only seems logical.

I don't have many friends with the game so I really can't do the weekly strikes and other difficult missions. This times a thousand. Also, the Queen's Wrath needs a way to match people with one another. Unless you're , you're not gonna be able to solo those. Only if they make level restrictions more strict. Why the flying fuck can people queue below the level req? Let them enter with a premade group but don't let them queue into 26 content at There should be matchmaking with everything.

Not implementing it was unbelievably stupid. I'm not going into a strike with Arc Burn active with some random who probably has no idea what the modifiers do, let alone has an arc weapon. Enough trembling in your boots. I was able to find 2 people last night for Queen missions that we knocked out in an hour. Yeah in 3 days I've added like 50 people from there. Amazing place with lots of good people. It's probably not even 10 mins, just speed through the ship and map bit, then kill like the 10 enemies that are actually Has anyone even done the weekly strike: They r really a lot harder then the other strikes or mission, there's times where me and my irl group can still fuck up with team work and communication.

For most people on ps4 they never have there mics, and idk why but I've read a lot of u playing this game have social anxiety and proceed to not talk. Which is vital for at least finishing the weekly nightfall strike.

I mean I also kinda think that hey if u guys want to fail with a group of randoms it's our right as gamers to do so. However this was bungies reasoning and these post are getting annoying and should really stop. Beat the Nightfall strike twice in a row last night with no communication grouping with two people from Reddit that I had never grouped with before.

It wasn't even that hard because the two of them stood at the top ledge shooting down at the Nexus and I stood at the back of the cave entrance shooting the Minotaur in the back when he spawned. If you'll run the Lvl 24 Strikes with Matchmaking a while you'll see that outside of the occasional player dropping out most of the people you get grouped with sort of know where to go and what to do.

Typically people that have invested the time to rank up to lvl have that vested interest in figuring out how to succeed and aren't the retarded Lvl 3 Hunters you see running around in Patrol.

This is why Matchmaking would work as well for the Weekly Strike, Daily Story, and really all facets of the game besides Raid's which take an added level of preparation, teamwork, and a lot of time invested.

The Nightfall Strike is no different than playing the same strike in the Story mode beyond the difficulty and figuring out what tricks work to beat it easily. There's some that are even solo'ing the Weekly Strikes and Nightfalls. Okay, here's where I disagree.

Matchmaking is good for the easy stuff. We don't need 26's from every reach of Destiny to queue up for Vault of Glass, or the Weekly Nightfall. These two things are not something a bare minimum level requirement player needs to jump in on. The weekly heroic I could understand, it's not terribly difficult. Long time WoW player, if you've played it and seen Raid Finder you'd understand. Res people when they die but don't die doing it.

Stay in cover and don't take risks. Retreat if you're getting overwhelmed. Maybe it forces people to start making friends rather than being a 'go in kill shit, leave party' idk that's what I think. None of them I would consider friends but they serve well as decoys for the enemies. I think if they wanted us to make friends, they would have implemented even basic chat functions: You literally cannot talk to someone standing right beside of you.

You need some sort of communication with the nightfall strikes. Wow what an original suggestion, upvoted so Bungie can see this, they probably never thought to include it! You can solo them, they scale up with more ppl EDIT: Literally, every single day this is posted Why on earth would you want to punish yourself like this? Trust me - You really don't want matchmaking for Nightfall.

Heroic Strikes - fine. I understand Bungies thinking on why they didn't do it for Nightfall but you are right, the other ones it's insane not to have it. I do think Bungie should give players more choices though. Why not have matchmaking for Nightfall, but have options before you start looking for groups. Something like, Mic plugged in and gear level.

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Imsges: destiny nightfall needs matchmaking

destiny nightfall needs matchmaking

I like to do it with people I know are capable.

destiny nightfall needs matchmaking

I just won't play if it's a hassle.

destiny nightfall needs matchmaking

VoG doesn't need matchmaking. This destiny nightfall needs matchmaking be welcomed. Everything should have optional matchmaking. Shoot Sepiks in the eyes Speed dating new malden the flayers in the face Res people when they die but don't die doing it. I agree with you that nightfall needs matchmaking but if you want to get needz done use destinylfg. Sign Up for free or Desting In if you already have an account to be able to post messages, change how messages are displayed, and view media in posts.