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Displaying reviews Back to top. In addition to the Brazilian, these original models featured Artist grade tops and if this one is typical, only the finest Artist tops, as well as Artist paisley cases. Earlier non-Mosfet FD2 from prized for its warmth and compression. I want to upgrade to something a little more expensive possibly if it means I will sound more professional. Boosts your signal up to an incredible 24dB.

How Difficult Is This Crossbow to Assemble?

If the lead channel in the amp is the source of your noise, then the Dec In Dec out path of the G String can be inserted into the send and return of your series fx loop on the back of the amp. It's very much a Les Paul feel, but with much easier playability in the upper range, not to mention a wider selection of tones. Can I use Decimator G-String to duck or side track my reverb and delay? Accessories For Orchestral Strings. The Mine-ETune system calls up any one of 12 factory or 6 user presets at a simple strum of the strings. It removed all the hiss from my signal chain when I tried it with guitar and bass and adjusted it to each instrument.

Pickups are P90's which I think are an excellent compromise between humbuckers and single coils. They're single coils but are hotter than most and fatter sounding as well. Other than that, no fret wear at all has seen very little actual playing time and a superb low setup.

It also features a Triad output transformer, which is original spec for Fender's classic tweed amps including the low-powered Twin, Super, and Pro, which is part of the magic of this fine amp. Channel 1 is the perfect clean with crisp highs, fat lows, and a very throaty voice overall.

Channel 2 is the OD channel with excellent sustain with a beautiful break-up. CH-2 reaches full volume at around 9'oclock and from there on it's more of a gain knob, with more overdrive, sustain, and compression as you turn it up.

The tone knobs are very interactive with the volume controls and really act like gain controls as much as EQ knobs. Turn up the bass or treble and you'll notice an increase in gain at the same time. The tonal possibilities aren't as simple as the layout appears but there really isn't a bad sound on this amp, regardless of settings. Rather than the vintage style separate inputs for the two channels, the Galaxie uses a footswitch to change channels, which is a nice touch for live bands, with an indicator light to let you know when you're on CH This features wasn't really to offer an appreciable difference in output rather than different voicings.

Although it has a very slightly higher output, the 40W setting is a bit tighter and slightly more high fi sounding; while the 30W setting gives the amp and earlier breakup. There are a number of good demo's on YouTube including this one by Frankie Starr, playing what appears to be an earlier version with a different layout. Beautiful Blonde Legacy, barely played. Throughout his time there, and even after his departure, the quality has remained top-notch, even as Fender faltered at times.

I have always thought that they're better than comparable Fender models. Specifically, old-factory models when they were actually handmade, easily identifiable with the original small logo and mother of pearl inlays along with more substantial differences. A lot of people incorrectly refer to these as "pre-factory" which would indicate that Paul built over 30, guitars in his garage, ignoring the Annapolis factory which was used '85 to ' These guitars are widely thought to be superior to guitars built at the new Stephenville factory opened in '96, where PRS eliminated most of the hand-crafting in favor of CNC machines and went to cheaper fretboard inlays and tuners.

As shown in the bridge pickup cavity, this one is finished in Whale Blue, but as is typical of all old PRS finishes, it has faded somewhat. Features of this guitar include Dragon Bass and Treble pickups with white paper stickers, 5-way rotary selector, master volume, master tone, wide-fat neck taper, mahogany neck, Indian rosewood fretboard with genuine mother of pearl bird inlays, mahogany body with a "10" maple cap indicated by "10" impressed in back of headstock.

The Custom 22, especially with the fixed bridge, has a stiffer feel than a Custom The 22 has a "shorter" neck, i. It's very much a Les Paul feel, but with much easier playability in the upper range, not to mention a wider selection of tones. Although 20 years old this one's in lovely shape and judging by the near-perfect frets, it hasn't seen a lot of playing time.

Whenever you play one of these older PRS's you can almost sense the meticulous human attention to detail as you're holding a guitar that will likely never be hand-crafted again.

Prices on Annapolis-era Customs continue to rise but they're still a good value, especially when you can get a nice one cheaper than a new one.

These have proven to be excellent investment pieces for the collector - but for the player, it's cheaper than a new one AND a better guitar. Takamine EFSC , front , back , headstock , preamp , case. Haven't had one of these in 10 years. All of the ones I had in the past were older models with either the AccurAcoustic preamp or later GraphX preamp but this CT-4B-II blows them away as far as warmth and overall sound reproduction.

The CT4B II preamp system, matched with the unique Palathetic under-saddle pickup, includes controls for three-band EQ, volume and built-in chromatic tuner. Stunning condition — lovely ash body American Deluxe. In addition to a classic 5-way switch, it also includes the new S-1 switch for an exceptional and wide array of tones. Includes Fender molded case and trem arm. An improved Noiseless pickup, designed to remove hum and preserve single-coil tone and dynamics. Perfect for any style of music, their unique core design and staggered pole pieces retain much of the glassy sparkle and bell-like chime folks want in a Strat.

Making them noiseless is a bit of a compromise but these are very close to the perfect mix. Keeley Multi Echo ME Extremely powerful ADT auto double tracking , echo and reverb unit, in a very compact design. Rather than a long description, let your ears check it out here. ToneRite 3G for Guitar. Back in my day we used to rest a new acoustic guitar in front of stereo speakers to speed up the break in time, i. Specifically, the 3G accelerates the play-in process by using a set of sub-sonic frequencies to simulate the same physics as long term playing.

Just attach the ToneRite whenever you are not playing and expect to hear a dramatic increase in resonance, balance and range after only a week's worth of use. Subsequent treatments will help maintain your new vintage sound. Go to ToneRite for more info and endorsements. Made for Bassbreaker head but will fit other heads.

Made for Mustang 5 but will fit other 4X12 cabs with large, Marshall-style side handles. The solid cedar top features X-bracing and ivory binding, with dark purfling and a gorgeous concentric-ring rosette with wood marquetry.

The set up on this guitar is super comfortable so you can play for hours without fatigue. Includes Takamine case and paperwork. Strat HH Pickguard Assembly. Easy upgrade for your Strat if you need something other than Strat tones.

All new parts including mint green guard, knobs, tip, pots, and switch. Tone enhancing and virtually eliminating string breakage. The Strat Plus made its debut in and had a very successful year run, ending in '99, which was the last year of the American Standard series. When released in '87 the Plus was essentially a deluxe model American Standard, with upgraded pickups and hardware. It featured a trio of the new Lace Sensor pickups, which provided a vintage tone without the annoying noise associated with standard Strat pickups.

The Gold Laces 50's Strat sound on this model are the same pickups used on the Clapton and Buddy Guy signature models and both player toured with their stock pickups for many years.

The Plus also features Sperzel locking tuners as well as a Wilkinson roller nut, both enhancements to keep the guitar in tune, especially for players who use the tremolo to great measure. This is an excellent playing guitar and it reminded me of how much I like the original Lace Sensors.

Other controls are the normal 5-way with volume, tone, and TBX. Prices on these early silver-logo American Strats have been on a consistent upswing for the past 5 years and they're just on the cusp vintage. Includes original case with center twist lock missing, and trem arm. Limited Edition model with British Racing Green covering. The recent AC-4 is a modern update of the cherished '61 Vox AC-4, which was the bottom of the AC line but still a fine amp in its own right.

The AC4C1 captures the vibe and tone of the original with its all-tube Class-A design in a small single" Celestion combo. A very simple design, it features a 12AX7 preamp tube, and an ECC83 power tube, with just gain, bass, treble and volume. It also features a 16 ohm external speaker out in case you want to run into a separate speaker cab.

Play one of these through a 4X12 cab and you'll find the sound is absolutely huge. The look is unmistakable Vox with Tygon grill cloth, classic Vox covering, top vent, Vox dog bone handle, and pointer style control knobs. These are fairly rare and they seem to have been sleepers which I would probably attribute to their competition with the Wolfgang, which was produced during the same era.

The Firenza, which came in several configurations, is similar to the Wolfgang in appearance and, in fact, was made in the same USA factory. They are sometimes referred to "Leakesville Firenzas", made in Peavey's Leakesville factory from and , roughly the same timeframe as the Wolfgang which was also produced there. With a variety of models JX - HSS configuration and string-thru body; Soapbar - P90 pickups, mahogany body, tuneomatic bridge, and the top of the line AX - dual humbuckers with fulcrum tremolo and ash body they were mid-priced guitars and excellent values for USA models.

There was also an entry level "Impact-Firenza" which was a lower priced model. This guitar has a fantastic low set-up and excellent tone via a quality set of humbuckers that look and sound very much like a Wolfgang. The Red Flake finish, which I think is somewhat rare, is a thing of beauty; these pics do not do it justice.

This guitar is in beautiful shape other than missing the back plate. For tone, playability, and quality components, it's one of the best values I've seen in an American guitar. The solution for replacement tuners without modifying your guitar. The universal mounting plate UMP means no extraneous holes in your headstock. Includes 6 tuners and all UMP parts. Sperzel Trim-Lok Tuners 6-in-line. Excellent upgrade for your Strat or other 6-in-line headstock.

Black with chrome shafts, brushed aluminum buttons. Has light up sliders for dark stages, controls for Bass, Treble and a semi-parametric Mid with Shift and Level. Also has volume control and battery check. Fits pretty much any Tak. Includes 4 sets Fender Super Bullets electric. For the Dylan fan or anyone who wants a world-class jumbo.

Specs include jumbo body with flamed maple back and sides, Adirondack Spruce top in Vintage Sunburst finish, multi-ply binding, ornate double pickguards, and traditional moustache bridge. It also features an L. Baggs Anthem pickup, with controls discreetly tucked inside the soundhole.

This guitar has never been gigged, and used only sparingly for a few online videos. It is offered in perfect condition with an extremely comfortable setup and as fine a tone as you could want from a jumbo. Includes Gibson black case with purple lining, certificate, Baggs manual, etc. Ltd Ed model of made. By , Epiphone had been in the Gibson family for 5 years but still putting their own unique stamp on all of their designs.

They were building great designs such as the Casino and acoustic Texan. Only 1, of this model were made, and this is 1,, near the end of the run. Epiphone included a period-correct gray hardshell case with blue lining, which is a very nice touch. This guitar plays exceptionally easy, sounds very nice, and is a great reissue for the money. Jet City PicoValve Head , panel , back , side. Jet City has smartly partnered with various companies, in this case, THD and their unique topology, which you to easily swap out the power tube, nearly any octal-based tube without the need to re-bias, and an assortment of preamp tubes.

Features include a full-tone stack with treble, middle, and bass controls. It's housed in THD's signature steel cage design, which is sturdy and functional. Power amp tubes options include: Preamp tube choices include various 9-pin tubes: The first preamp tube governs the gain and tone of the preamp, while the second preamp tube directly drives the power tube, so mess around with these and you'll find it changes both the tone and "feel" of the amp.

If you go to YouTube you can click on any number of demo's plus a good 2-part interview with Andy Marshall, discussing these amps at length. One of his topics is something I've been pushing for many years: How many times has your soundman told you, "I don't have any control over the guitar sound, because it's already as loud as the front of house sound. The FOH sound should come from a well-mic'd cabinet, giving your sound tech full control over your band's sound.

This amp is especially good for home studio's, where full output at low volume is important. If you're into tweaking, it's worth it for the fun factor alone. Electroharmonix White Finger Compressor. Older version in solid, bent-steel housing with true bypass and featuring controls for Compression, Sensitivity, Pre Gain and Post Gain.

Clean shape in original box with power supply. Noted for its tube-like vintage overdrive, much like a TS Tubescreamer. Superb overdrive and boost pedal. There are lots of Klon Centaur clones out there but this is likely the best, especially when you consider J Rockett was the chosen builder of the Klon reissue, the KTR.

What really sets this pedal apart, other than tone and feel, is the buffer, aclaimed to nail this better than anyone. It won't change the tone of your amp, just make it sound bolder and more alive. Fulltone Fat Boost V1. As players become more attuned to quality sound, I get more and more requests from players for clean boosts. This is one of the best for the money. Blues players with the vintage-type tube amps will never turn this thing off.

Works great in front of Master-Volume amps to kick them up a notch. Made with the best components and other than a small piece missing from the gain knob, very nice shape. Carl Martin Red Repeat Delay. Based on the discontinued and expensive DeLayla, the Red Repeat has a cool retro look while giving you four knobs echo, tone, time, and repeat to tweak your tone.

Nice shape and nice price. Upgraded with a genuine EVH Frankenstein pickup — or stock pickup — your choice. Having said that, the neck is thin and flat and feels very similar, frets are dressed perfectly so it sets up with really nice low action, and the tone, at least with this EVH pickup, sounds excellent.

Features include mahogany body, thin profile maple neck with rosewood fretboard, This guitar has no scratches or wear of any kind. Excellent compact USB audio interface featuring one award-winning Focusrite mic preamp, one instrument input and precision digital converters. Super versatile Strat that despite its name, can actually go from a 50's vintage Strat tone - to an 80's hair metal tone.

In order to help keep this page shorter, I've created a page about these fine HM's. Please click this link for more info. This one's finished in Blackstone, which is black finish with fine gold lines or white lines depending on how the painter felt the day he finished it , emulating the look of granite.

Cosmetically it's in really nice shape with the worst flaw being some brass showing on the fine tuners and the typical neckplate wear. Frets are in excellent condition which, along with a nice straight neck, allows for a low, fast set up. Includes original rectangular molded case in decent shape one hinge broken although it does have stickers on it. Original HM manual and original Kahler manual pic. The amp was extremely clean, never roaded. New, old stock, never installed. Avatar relabels these speakers after putting them through a break-in process, exercising the suspension for 15 hours.

The result is a warmer tone right out of the box. This process warms up the low end and smooths out the midrange slightly. Great speaker for any guitar application, especially Rock and Metal. Large heavy 50 oz magnet. New and never installed. These are highly regarded and hard to find, especially in a new HSS set. Modeled after a Fender pickup but with less magnetic pull and virtually no noise.

RS Guitarworks - easy change to McCarty switching. Includes 3-way, push-pull tone, volume, and capacitor. Easy to install directions included. These are clean, ranging from excellent condition to never installed. Stock set from a Singlecut Vintage design with lower vintage output, 2-cond braided wire and nickel covers.

Stock equipment for PRS Singlecut guitars. Features braided wire plus coil-split wire for use with rotary switches or push-pull pots, or just wire for standard 3-way switch. Upgrade your SE model for not too much money. Jason Lollar P90 Set. Standard wind with cream covers. This TB59N is a 4-conductor and offered in the wider spacing of a Trembucker, usually to match the bridge position but, hey, this is a neck position. Good quality USA pickups for a nice price.

Produced by Electric City Pickups ECP , with the novel idea of selling a good value pickup that the customer can assemble themselves with basic soldering skills. The real technical work, winding the coils and selecting proper wire and components, has been done for you. These were pro assembled and guaranteed no-hassle installation and performance. Both the Alnico 2 zebra set and the Alnico 4 nickel-cover set have outputs of 8.

Manlius "Fat Diane" Set. Holding the classic clarity, articulation, and versatility of the most common vintage PAF's, the Fat Diane offers a touch more output and a warmer grade magnet which results in a richer and warmer response that is very touch sensitive while retaining articulation or clarity, whether clean or dirty.

Finished in classic Alpine White, this G has the look of the early 60's SG and with these upgrades you have a guitar that sounds as good as it looks.

This guitar was originally a Ltd Ed model with EMG's, thus it already had a battery compartment, so when we added the EMG mid boost, which requires a 9V battery, no modification to the body was necessary. The SPC is a killer unit that adds a lot of versatility. It fattens up the mids which can make your tone less muddy. It can also be used as a clean boost - just turn up the knob when you want some extra output, for leads etc.

It provides sufficient gain to drive a tube amp into clipping while adding more harmonic content. The SPC is wired for both pickups; likewise the Tone control. Features include solid mahogany body with set-in mahogany neck, Grover tuners, slim-taper neck has a rosewood fretboard with pearloid trapezoid inlays, with a deep double-cutaway allowing easy access to the upper frets.

Don't judge Epi SG's by guitars you may have played in a store. With a proper set up, they play with ease and the fret ends are perfectly dressed.

Also includes, manual, cable, poster, etc. Martin did a nice job, better than in the neck detail pic above, to make it look regular. Additionally, Martin rolled the fret ends with hemi ends, which feels great, installed a bone nut, and did a pro install of a vintage Fender logo, with lacquer over and under the logo. We installed a set of Fender USA tuners so it holds tune very well.

Pickups are vintage-style stag pole. Stylishly appointed, super lightweight, but underneath it all it's all Tele twang! The original idea for the Thinline in '69 was to provide a lighter body while retaining the that Tele tone. This one's super lightweight at just 6 lbs. It features a light semi-hollow ash body, single F-hole, tortoise shell binding, and polished chrome hardware. Other features include a one-piece maple neck with a "modern C" profile, compound-radius 9.

Electronics include dual N3 Noiseless single-coil Telecaster pickups with three-way switching, and S-1 switch for series wiring in middle pickup position. Fender discontinued this in favor of the Elite Thinline, which I also have in stock, but if you favor the traditional Tele bridge pickup assembly, this is the one. With the compound radius it plays with ease and no vintage radius string buzz.

Includes deluxe case, hang tags, manual, strap with strap locks, polishing cloth, and cable. In these were pretty exclusive and featured a Brazilian fretboard and headstock veneer, thus the "Custom built for USA only" since shipping Brazilian to other countries is difficult or impossible.

In addition to the Brazilian, these original models featured Artist grade tops and if this one is typical, only the finest Artist tops, as well as Artist paisley cases. This guitar came about when Paul decided to recreate his own Private Stock axe. In the Modern Eagle tradition, Paul specified every aspect of this guitar from tonewoods, inlays, pickups, and neck profile to the innovative stoptail bridge design and proprietary finish.

Pickups are Narrowfield 's, noted for exceptional warmth and punch. Each pickup has a mini switch to change to single coil mode. Also, there's no volume loss when switching to single-coil mode. Other features include mahogany body and neck, Pattern Wide-Fat neck, faded abalone "brushstroke" bird inlays, Phase III locking tuners, and new PRS stoptail bridge with brass string inserts.

Includes Artist paisley case, tag, and all paperwork including Brazilian documentation. Lovely old-factory manufacture and one of the coolest models in PRS history in my opinion. The CE is one of PRS's oldest models, first appearing 30 years ago and in production every year since then. Body is 2-piece alder with a figured maple cap, finished in Vintage Sunburst. Pickups are the Vintage Treble and Vintage Bass, controlled by 5-way rotary selector for choice of humbucker tones and inside single coils - and outside single coils.

Cosmetically, is very nice, with the back having some flaking and a few scratches shown here , as well as finish wear on the back of the neck. The fret job is first rate — perfectly beaded and dressed fret ends and a set up that rivals any original fret model. Abalone flag fretboard inlays with the model name at the 12th fret. This guitar is in beautiful condition with a setup that rivals any ESP I've had.

Fender Bassbreaker 15 Combo , top , panel , back , cover. Practically new — just a few hours of home use. It has some modern features, primarily a 3-way gain Structure switch for three unique overdrive levels, as well as as built-in hall reverb. Other features include a Power Amp Mute for recording, switchable speaker-emulated XLR line output and ground lift, as well as ohm selector switch when using external cabinet, and a 12" 8-ohm Celestion V-Type speaker that sounds very good in this amp.

As new, dead mint condition, less than 1 hour of use. One of a small run of Limited Edition models with Surf Green covering for a super cool stage look. The original '65 Deluxe Reverb is a reissue THE most sought after Fender combo ever, considered by most to be the best club amp ever made. Featuring 22W all-tube circuit, tremolo, and classic Fender reverb, you can get the classic Fender clean tone with a wonderful break-up at manageable levels, with lush effects that the original was known for.

Other features include a pair of 6V6 output tubes, one 5AR4 rectifier tube, four 12AX7 preamp tubes, two 12AT7 tubes, a single Jensen P12R speaker, dual channels normal and vibrato , tube-driven Fender reverb, tube vibrato, two-button footswitch for reverb and vibrato on-off, black textured vinyl covering and silver grille cloth over a birch plywood cabinet. Includes original 2-button footswitch, cover and paperwork. The iSeries is the ultimate PRS case and features waterproof injection molded construction of ultra high-strength polypropylene copolymer resin in a gasketed, waterproof, submersible design that is resistant to corrosion and impact damage.

Its molded-in hinge, patented "trigger release" latch system with TSA recognized and accepted locks, four reinforced locking loops for customer supplied locks,comfortable, snap-down rubber over-molded cushion grip handles, secure stacking, and automatic ambient pressure equalization valve earn it a military grade designation.

Interior is platinum plush providing total neck support and protection on all sides of the guitar. Features end handle for 2-man carry or pulling out of a van as well as wheels for easy transport. I would have called it a Custom 22S or something.

I like the blade so much more than the rotary. A few clear coat indents or scratches but nothing through to the wood. It plays easily with low action and with the Fralin pickup it has a sweeter selection of single coil tones. Would be very at home in a modern country band or, of course, rock or blues. Not a 10 top but on another day I think it could have made the grade. Fender American Deluxe Pickup Assembly. Mounted on original Fender mint green pickguard. Quick and easy upgrade for your Strat.

Super clean - modern take on the old Stingray 1, first released in along with the Stingray Bass. By it was gone from the catalog. I think Music Man is among the cream of the crop for American made guitars. Features include African mahogany body with high gloss poly finish, Music Man Modern tremolo with vintage bent steel saddles, 3-play black pickguard, This guitar is in beautiful condition, barely played, and with that great Musicman round back neck, feels perfect in the hand.

It has low action and commendable sustain. Just a nice guitar in all regards. This one also features the new USA Professional pickups, with a traditional Tele in the neck; humbucker in the bridge. Other features include alder body with gloss finish over crimson red, neck with modern 9.

Includes a nice Fender deluxe gigbag. The latest and greatest in the Noiseless line. Even more authentic vintage tone, without the noise. Fairly hot at Fender Vintage Noiseless Tele Set.

The Original Tele Noiseless and a quantum change in Fender pickups and still in production today. This clean used set has full length leads and includes screws and spacers.

Sennheiser e Silver Instrument Mic. The design and specs allow for simply draping over the top and resting on grill cloth if you prefer to not use a mic stand. Also works well with drums. Features include rugged metal body, advanced shock-mount design, super-cardioid pick-up pattern, and hum compensating coil. Includes mic clip and case.

Quality Pedaltrain board with a durable padded gig bag made of cordura nylon, with adjustable shoulder strap and gusseted exterior storage pocket for cables, straps, etc.

The pedalboard is on an inclined plane and includes brackets for mounting your favorite power supply underneath the frame. Uses Velcro attachment included or zip ties remind me and I'll include a handful.

Fulltone FB-3 Fat Boost. It brings back the step detented Gain control that was missing from Version 2 with an additional stage of FET. It features an extra octave of bass coverage, giving a natural sound to your guitar. This Fulltone Guitar Pedal makes you comfortable on your pedal board, and its large Volume and Drive knobs provide easy adjustment onstage. A quality boost pedal at a bargain price. Optical control means it preserves your signal, plus no pot to wear out.

Russian made, built like a tank and clean shape other than Velcro on the bottom. Active control means it will work well with other effects and in effects loops. Another ingenious unit from the geniuses at EH. Not a suppressor, not a noise gate. If you use single coils and a bit of gain, or you use a longer signal chain through several effects you need this. Click here for a 3 minute demo by EH.

Many players agree this is the "Best Gate Ever" for guitar. It's not in English but you only need to listen to the guitar. The Decimator, developed by ex-employees of Hush Technologies, features the latest generation of noise reduction technology, 60dB of noise reduction, Time Vector processing, Transparent operation that will not affect guitar tone, Dynamically tracks the input signal. This thing is built for the road with a heavy polished chrome chassis, almost identical to Boss size.

Even if you have a gate built into your unit, it's not as good or transparent as this unit. Dimensions are the same as a Boss pedal so it will work in existing Boss pedalboard.

A very rare bird indeed and in lovely shape. Adrian Vandenberg was with Whitesnake and was one of the top rock players during this era. He was very involved in the development of this guitar including the very distinctive body shape which is slightly arched top with "fiddle cuts" at the bass and treble waist. The body is a one piece mahogany and the guitar has the neck attached by way of a set-through construction.

Compared to the regular model, the neck profile is a bit thinner and the frets are wider. This model also came with an eastern flame maple fretboard which this guitar obviously has. The pickups are both humbucker, installed at a degree slant to run parallel to the tilted body shape which is designed to eliminate the string spacing problem when Gibson pickups are combined with Fender spaced tremolos.

Other features include angled and reverse headstock, Kahler Spyder double-locking tremolo, locking nut, 2pc maple neck with flamed maple fretboard also available in ebony , headstock and neck painted to match body, custom Vandenberg pearl fretboard inlays, 15" fretboard radius, Other than two small touch-ups on the back edge shown here , this guitar is in beautiful condition all around.

One mod has been done: We changed it to a Master volume and tone, with a push-pull on the tone to get single coil tones out of both pickups. Includes tidy original case that hugs the body all around and trem arm. Upgraded with a set of Lindy Fralin "Big Singles". Quality Custom Shop piece for the player looking for the Dot look, tone, and feel, in a guitar that's smaller and lighter. Gibson designed the as a scaled down ES, altering the lines slightly so it doesn't look like a shrunken Dot and from the audience view it pretty much looks like a full size Dot.

The fact is, however, the body size is very close to the size of a Les Paul, both in width and depth, but yet it retains the tone of a Dot. These pickups are powerful, not unlike a P90, with more beef than most singles and cleaner and more articulate.

Fralin describes them as a cross between their P and Twangmaster. They seem fairly resistant to feedback, especially in the smaller body of a It also has vintage style feature such as tulip-head Kluson tuners, nickel hardware, ABR-1 bridge, stop tailpiece, dot fingerboard inlays, and lacquer finish, which combine to give it the appearance of a '58 Dot.

Gibson also made a few subtle improvements such as the output jack, now mounted on the side of the guitar instead of on the top, keeping the cable out of the way. The smoothly polished frets allow for fast and accurate play, with less effort.

This guitar has a wonderful setup and plays as nicely as any I've had, but it's much more comfortable. These were hard to find on the open market 9 years ago, marketed only through a small network of around 7 stores and online retailers. Includes custom shop certificate and custom shop case. Probably the longest model name of any PRS I've ever had and definitely one of the nicest looking, other than a few cosmetic flaws.

PRS sourced some of this "killer quilt" in and did a limited run of of these US, 80 overseas. Finished in "Black Slate", it is some of the nicest bookmatched quilt I've ever seen. The quilted maple caps off a korina body, rather than the usual mahogany, and it has the Artist treatment with bird inlays, gold hardware, rosewood headstock overlay, inlaid shell logo, and Artist case.

Cosmetically, the top is quite clean but there is some buckle wear on the back and two small dings on the headstock front edge shown here and here , as well as light gold wear.

You can have one of the fanciest Custom 24's ever made, for the price of a stock model with no options. Oh, it's a nice light weight for a Custom at just under 7 lbs 12 oz.

Models in custom colors, especially any of the pastel colors, are few and far between and are highly sought after. The only noteworthy flaws are two finish flakes next to the neckplate pic and a little finish touch up next to the strap pin pic.

Neck, body, and pots date it to and all solder joints are original. This is a clean, original V The V57's have a great feeling one-piece V-neck and the cool thing about these guitars is with the thin nitro finish, you'll get honest relic wear on the fretboard as time passes, unlike the thick poly finishes which never wear through.

Many players believe that these first generation cloth wire pickups have the best vintage tones that Fender has produced during the modern era. We can ship with your choice of the 3-way switch, or the later 5-way, with the other switch included. Other features include vintage 7. This model is very hard to find in any of the pastel colors, Daphne Blue certainly included. Includes clean, original tweed case and trem arm. Did I mention that it's 7. Nice light weight for an alder body Strat.

Fantastic Artist in immaculate condition, built with all solid white Korina Limba , top, body, and neck, with gloss finish.

Hamer made their name building classic Gibson styles They soon started incorporating some unique characteristics such as their Artist model with semi-hollow design and single F-hole. Hamer guitars are among the best American guitars in their price range. Their woods are properly seasoned, so all the shrinkage occurs before the guitar is built. If you've never tried a Hamer, I highly recommend you give one a try.

In conclusion, if you want play the new styles of metal with all the gain and start-stop, buy the isp decimater g-string or pro rack g. See all my reviews. Ask me a question. Bottom Line No, I would not recommend this to a friend. Was this review helpful? This pedal does what you need folks. I use a ton of gain and this thing just keeps everything nice and tight. This will take a bit for me to explain, but this will be VERY helpful.

Set the Threshold to 3'o clock and use the volume knob on your guitar to control the amount of gain you want and you're set. Just turn the pedal on and leave it alone! If your using a high gain amplifier, or running your guitar through a series of pedals, than you need to do your band mates and your audience a favor and use a noise gate. Bottom Line Yes, I would recommend this to a friend.

This pedal is great if you use it well. I found that there are 2 ways to use it: The second option is much better because you can really control the threshold and decay you want. On my research I saw that this is the most versatille pedal for the money and bought it. So far it is doing exactly what I expected from it. Bottom line this is a great noise gate. I still can't seem to figure out what people are talking about when they say this thing sucks tone.

I've had mine just over a year now and I still wonder how I ever got by with out it. The bottom line is that it does exactly what you need it to and nothing less. If you play guitar and love having lots of unnecessary noise and feedback, you could probably survive with out one.

But for everyone else, get the NS-2! You wont regret it. After reading the comments on this pedal and checking out the videos of it in action on Youtube, I decided to try it out. IF they were smart enough to read the instructions Admittedly, the instructions could be better. Looks like they were written by someone for whom English was not their primary language.

If you're still not sure how to get the most out of it, check out Youtube, they have some great vids showing how to use it properly. So do what the instructions tell you to do, adjust the Threshold and Decay knobs properly, and you'll have no problems with your tone.

This pedal works great with guitar, bass or keyboards. It removed all the hiss from my signal chain when I tried it with guitar and bass and adjusted it to each instrument. From a tube amp! The pedal comes with a "wall wart" so you can plug it into your power strip and don't have to use a battery all the time it comes with a 9V battery already hooked up so all you have to do is plug and play, just don't leave the cables plugged in or it will drain the battery.

Bottom line - Great pedal for the price! I never had one for the first six months and now im kicking myself wishing i got one 6 months ago. Before i got it, you had to be SO good at muting all strings.

Owner of 4 years of this pedal. I play high gain death metal and never had any problem with it. I use it at my band's practices, for recording and live performances. It will suck up your tone only if you turn it all the way up.

You do, however, have to find the right balance of gain from your amp and the level of the pedal to make it work at its best. Once it's done, it will never leave your pedalboard. A good noise gate is a key element for your rig, and the Boss NS-2 is a great candidate.

Boss has been known for great pedals, and this is one of them. I never wanted to practice because i could never get rid of the static and hum coming from my amp and now I have never practiced more. Very simple to use and i love the mute option for tuning. This pedal does exactly what it suppose to do, cuts out line noise. Not shipping to Belarus? More Ways to Shop. Open quick view dialog for Rogue Starter Acoustic Guitar. Rogue Starter Acoustic Guitar 4. Rogue Rocketeer Electric Guitar Pack 4.

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Imsges: decimator g string hook up

decimator g string hook up

Compared to the regular model, the neck profile is a bit thinner and the frets are wider. Many players are doing exactly what you are looking to do by putting the Decimator noise reduction in the effects loop and then putting their delay and or reverb in the loop after the Decimator.

decimator g string hook up

Lyons Classroom Guitar 4. Fender Vintage Noiseless Strat Set.

decimator g string hook up

As players become more attuned to decimayor sound, I decimator g string hook up more and more requests from players for clean boosts. Unlike most gg which use only a maple veneer, PRS chose to use an actual maple slab mounted to the mahogany body, and then put best dating site for senior citizens veneer of flamed decimator g string hook up on top of the maple cap, plus a flamed veneer on the back too. Original vintage frets in near perfect shape. The Dragonfly is featured in the G. I think this is the first New Hartford CT Guild we've had and talking to folks who have them, most believe they're as fine as Guild has ever made.